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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 10, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> reporter: he was convicted of killing their mother. now hans riser is being sued by his own children. i'm christie smith. in a live report, i'll tell you why he got emotional during jury selection. trying to stay cool. i'm bob redell. we'll take you thrive the eagles bay where temperatures today could hit 100. that's one reason why we have a spare the air day in effect. that story coming up. and fast-food chain chick-fil-a hoping to move into the bay area, but for some that plan is not all that appetizing. we'll explain why coming up. and you just saw what it looked like in livermore where bob is. here's what it looks like along 680 in sunol on this spare the air day. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. let's put hit the way -- today is a good day to stay indoors, kick back on a la-z-boy and watch nbc bay area. those smoking-hot temperatures causing the first spare-the-air day since the official start of summer. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in livermore with more on the heat that's truly and seriously unhealthy out there. bob, good morning. >> reporter: this is the second hot spare-the-air day this year, and tomorrow we could see another. the reason, you've got places like livermore we're at right now which are expected to see temperatures as high as 100 degrees today. these kids have the right idea, their bathing suits, lots of water, a mom who's giving them free reign and what's expected to be a large crowd here at the fountain later today. are you used to the heat. >> yeah.
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it's pretty hot all the time. >> reporter: what do you do to deal with it? >> i have a pool so i'm taking care of it. >> reporter: you'll be swimming later today? >> definitely. >> reporter: what are you going to do to stay cool? >> drink a lot of water, hydrate. >> reporter: a lot of heavy lifting. >> maybe take a nab. >> reporter: your boss okay with that? >> absolutely. >> reporter: a hot cup of coffee? >> yeah. the heat hasn't started yet. >> reporter: she's absolutely right about that. the morning is still cool out, but by the afternoon as i mentioned temps could peak in the low hundreds, forcing more people to head for the shade, especially in the east bay. many hillsides in the bay area are already dry. this hot spell only makes it worse. hence the reason the cdf has raised its fire level danger to high in places like the lexington reservoir. the bay area air quality management district has called for a spare-the-air day to combat the high levels of unhealthy air that's expected. cut down on driving, car pool,
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or use mass transit. if you need to fill up, wait until after sundown when gasoline vapors are less likely to add to the smog. wouldn't mind being in the same situation as those kids. my question to christina loren, our meteorologist, is this going to be the hottest place in the bay area today, livermore? 100 degrees they're saying, right? >> you are in for it out there, bob redell. extreme east bay will be the hottest. and of course that's where we're expecting the worst air quality, as well, where you get that air in, that high pressure. take aing a live look at oakland,his is another reason why. progressively more and more commuters on the highway. as we hit about 5:00 the heat of the day, that's also simultaneously when the air quality is at its worst. let's talk about air quality across the bay area. in the good to moderate range just about everywhere except for the east bay. as we head through tomorrow, likely sparing the air, probably for thursday as well, with really no significant improvement in terms of onshore flow until we hit friday into the weekend. it's already 80 in gilroy, 80 in
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sunnyvale, and we have now hit 76 degrees in livermore headed towards a hot one. if you're looking for the cooler weather, just head to the west. 63 in san francisco, but you, too, even in the city getting close to 80 degrees today. your full forecast in just a few moments. back to you. >> christina, thanks so much. happening in the bay area, a software engineer convicted of killing his wife is back in court at this hour. hans reiser is defending himself in a wrongful death suit filed by his children. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at the hayward this hall of justice with latest. he got emotional today, huh? >> reporter: yeah. you know, good morning to you, marla. this has already been a very unusual morning and we're only at jury selection. at one point, hans reiser got choked up and started to cry as he told the courtroom about what he perceived as his negative experience with lawyers during his criminal trial. as he asked potential jurors a
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series of questions about whether they could separate someone from protection. he has to be here representing himself. he said i'm ind cent gent, i'm a prisoner, but he also said in this opinion this is not about getting money for the children. he said earlier in court documents that he killed his wife to defend the kids from harm. his two children filed a multimillion-dollar suit against him for damages caused by their mother, nina reiser's murder. he was convicted in 2008, but the judge made it clear this isn't about rehashing the criminal trial. >> the court has ordered there be no testimony or evidence of the alleged justification for this act. there certainly isn't any objective reason for anyone to think this was in any way justified. it will be interesting to see if mr. reiser complies with that order. if he doesn't, we'll be ready to defend knnina and her memory. >> the children are now 12 and 11 years old living in their
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mother's native russia with family. the family believes reiser, a computer programmer, may actually be hiding money here in the united states or in russia. after jury direction it's on to opening statements and then witnesses. the children's attorney plans to call nina reiser's friends to the stand. live in hayward, christie smith, nbc bay area news. down in southern california, a doctor charged with murder in death of a bay area college student was back in court today. dr. sang is charged in connection with the deaths of three men in their 20s including joy rivero of san ra ra moan. prosecutors say he wrote prescriptions for xanax and other drugs after they made a brief visit to her southern california office. sang has pleaded not guilty to 24 felony counts and could face this 45 years to life in prison if convicted of all charges. a second suspect in the bay area triple murder is facing extradition this morning. wilfredo reyes is in the rowan
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county jail right now in north carolina where san francisco investigators say he has been hiding out for four years. he is wanted in connection with the murders of tony bologna and his two sons back in 2008. the victims' family is relieved to hear of this arrest. >> it's been very hard for them that one of the individuals responsible was still out there. so to hear this news is was a great relief. she was really pleased. >> reyes' alleged accomplice, edwin ramos, was convicted last month in the bologna murders. he claims reyes was the gunman in that shooting. the san francisco d.a. is looking to bring reyes back to the bay area to face a list of charges including three counts of murder. and new this morning, investigators still trying to figure out what caused a second fire at a bay area home known for its annual christmas lights display. here's a look at the original fire in martinez back in january. those flames destroyed the house and the family was forced to move. firefighters believe a wood stove may have started that fire. now this morning at about 4:00,
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according to neighbors, that house caught fire again, but this time around the fire spread beyond the home. >> we did unfortunately have damage extended to two of the residences on either side of the main structure, which is is unfortunate part. the main building was already getting ready to be demolitioned. they were actually due to start that today. >> crews were able to put out the flames, but some natural gas burning off was causing om flare-ups there. the homeowner had been putting up the holiday lights display for more than 20 years. and right now, firefighters in the central valley still struggling to control a wildfire north of sacramento. more than a thousand firefighters there working the front lines in coe lucia county. five fires have blackened more than 3,900 acres or six square miles. crews have it 60% contained. firefighters say they don't think the fire will spread much today, so they are focusing more on strengthening that
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containment line that they've already bill. >> a rescuer becomes the rescued. the chp helicopter crew was trying to help a hiker who had broken his leg near big bear lake. this is in the shasta trinity forest. after the chopper landed and the crew got out to help, one of the helicopter's main rotor blades hit one of the rescuers. that's when the injured hiker, who happened to be an air force medic, stepped in to help. the medic and three other hikers from santa cruz and sunnyvale performed first aid and helped with the medevac. right now that chp officer is in critical condition in a redding hospital, but he is alive. >> wow. turning to politics, president barack obama making another fund-raising trip to right here in the bay area. but for the first time since taking office he's going to be in oakland. the president has made a lot of trips to the bay area over the past several months collecting millions of dollars of donations, but it's only been in san jose, the peninsula, and in san francisco. in two weeks from today, on july 23, he'll be hosting three
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separate fund-raisers in oakland, including a stop at the historic fox theater. tickets will range from $100 all the way up to $35,000. well, it is official. in spite of protests from occupy the farm, albany city leaders giving the go ahead to develop a plot of land called the gil tract. uc, berkeley, owns that land. the protesters moved in and planted crops this spring. they're now demanding it be converted to an urban farm. >> i just want to say that i would rather have you be remembered for many, many years of doing something inspiring that would get global attention, of feeding the people and saving some land rather than paving it over. >> the development project still has more hurdles to clear including an environmental impact study. it could be tough to get a cab in santa clara tonight. disgruntled drivers are planning a work stoppage at 7:00 tonight.
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now, this is the same time the city council is expected to vote on an ordinance to open up the doors to new cab companies. the president of yellow cab of silicon valley says there are already too many cabs and it will only hurt the income for current drivers. well, looks like a new fast-food chain is leaving a bad taste for some people. southern california-based chick-fil-a wants to expand into mountain view, but local gay rights groups are very upset over donations made by that company. several organizations which oppose gay marriage have received money from chick-fil-a's foundation in recent years. mountain view leaders who do not share the restaurant's view say construction will still continue. coming up, a shocking story. airport security workers find a baby hidden in luggage during an x-ray scan. where this happened and why parents were trying to hide the baby. plus, it's all-star night in the world of baseball. the giants do something they've never done before. we'll explain.
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plus, don't like your car? bring it back for a full refund.
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a couple trying to smuggle their baby into the united arab emirates inside a piece of carry-on luggage. the infant showed up in an x-ray scan. they were arrested an charged with child endangerment. authorities sese thai shad visas but their baby did not. the first major group going ahead for with the blessing of
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same-sex marriages. the episcopal church governing body approving an official prayer service for same-sex couples. it next goes before the church's house of deputies for final approval and that could happen late they are week. the episcopal church has some 2 million members right here in the united states. airports are quickly becoming a junkyard for expensive high-tech equipment. a new survey from a security firm says passengers left behind more than 8,000 smartphones and laptops last year. now, the majority was never picked up at tsa check points, but the survey also found you stood a bert chance of reclaiming your gear at sfo than other airports. and about what deal? chevrolet offering a very unusual deal to get you to buy a car. if you don't like it, scott mcgrew says just take it back. >> good morning. slave says you can treat your new car like a sweater you bought at nordstrom's. keep it for a bit, try it on for
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size. if you don't like it, bring it back for a full refund. a couple rules. you have to keep the mileage below 4,000, no death penalties or damage, and there is a 60-day limit to the deal. isuzu wants some of its cars back, as well. the car company recalling 11,000 amigo suvs from 1998 to the 2001 model year. and rodeo sport suvs from 2001 and 2002. parts of the rear suspension apparently can rust and break-away from the frame. the former head of barclays bank will give back more than $30 million in bonuses after barclays was caught monkeying with a key interest rate called the libor. bob dimond will get a year's pay and severance, though. the chairman of the company who resigned in the scandal testified this morning before british lawmakers. speaking of cheating, a wall street law firm says a quarter of the financial executives it surveyed said cheating was necessary for success.
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about the same percentage, 1 out of 4, said they had personal knowledge of someone cheating on wall street. all this comes, of course, as regular investors, mom and pop investors, leave the stock market in record numbers. back to you. sad, cold, hard reality. thank you very much, scott. well, you know, it is a spare-the-air day. this means air quality not so good. >> stay inside. >> meteorologist christina loren, what's your advice for people? >> my advice to people is try to go ahead and limit your outdoor activity, especially if you suffer from resrespiratory issu or asthma. the only county we are seeing the unhealthy quality is the extreme east bay. other wise, good to moderate air quality. but if you can postpone the trip to supermark, go ahead and do so until the evening hours, past 5:00, the heat of the day. starting out with the live look at the transamerica pyramid here, what's left of those low
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lowe clouds, our natural a.c. fading quickly. we have a warm day on tap inland pap live look at san jose. you can see that haze now. we'll likely be sbaring the air tomorrow and thursday as well. if up to find out for sure, just tune in to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. he'll be on on the at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. 76 degrees right now. 76 degrees in livermore, but the big winner is gilroy. 84 degrees. it's only 11:18. our days are so long. we don't even see starlight until about 9:00 p.m. that's the reason for the warmer weather. days are long, sun's out in full force, 2:00 p.m. at the san francisco marina, up to 70 degrees. 75 at 4:00 p.m. when we're talking about the mid to upper 70s in san francisco, you know it's going to be a hot day inland. try this on for size. 100 degrees in fairfield today, 100 degrees in livermore. i had to boost up gilroy's temperature to 103 degrees. so you work outdoors or getting ready to head out, grab that water bottle, stay hydrated and
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seek shade. another hot one on tap for wednesday. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, just hugging the coastline at that point, not even going to get that cloud cover over the bay. so a hotter wednesday ahead, just a little preview, stop the clock at noon tomorrow. already 96 degrees in livermore. temperatures are going to continue to heat up as we head through tomorrow. then we'll start to drop off a touch as we head through thursday, friday even more so. finally getting back to our single averages saturday into the upcoming workweek. monday, finally back to average. but, hey, what do you do when it gets too hot out ther do you just drink water, pour it all over yourself? jon kelley, what's your trick? >> all of the above, yeah. >> crank up the a.c. right? >> take the shirt off, splash. >> all right. let's focus. focus. the mlb all-star game goes down tonight in kansas city with five bay area players in the mix. giants pitcher matt cain will be the starting pitcher for the national league with buster posey behind home plate. >> thinking back on it, starting the world series and the playoff
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games, how fun that was, but to be able to start this all-star game, the first one i'll be able to play in, will be really fun. i'm looking forward to it. >> it will be really special. yeah. we found out yesterday, and we're both fired up. you know, cain's a fun guy to catch, so looking forward to it. >> i love our giants. besides cain, sandoval and melky cabrera will be starting in tonight's game. that's the most in giants' team history. >> very cool. >> as for the green and yellow, ryan cook, his loan a's representative, he's come out of nowhere to become the a's closer and one of the premier relievers in the american league. good for him. >> should be fun to watch. the bay area finally remitted. still a lot more to come, including a san francisco restaurant that may have figured ow a way to get around that foie gras ban. we'll show you how they're doing it. and top of a london high-rise.
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what a judge decided when residents demanded they not be installed. and if you want to join the discussion, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. it is a spare-the-air day. a live look from atop our san bruno mountain cam.
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marking your calendars and if you're not, it's 17 days until the summer olympics kick off in london. >> and organizers are promising these will be the greenest games yet. yeah, when they razed land, crews made sure about a fourth of the new space became wildlife
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habitat. >> nice. >> thousands of new trees have been planted. the urban project is one of europe's biggest in 150 years. >> very nice. well, this morning a judge clears the way to use a london rooftop as a missile base during the olympic games. the 17-story london tower is about two miles from olympic park. residents claim the missile battery could make them a terrorist target. the judge rejected that argument saying the missiles are not a threat and are an important part of olympic security. well, despite a movement to change things, an upscale bay area restaurant putting foie gras back on the menu. the presidio social club on federal land claims it is exempt from the state's foie gras ban, which took effect july 1st. the law prohibits products derived from force-fed birds. restaurants that break this rule could receive a $1,000 fine. this saturday, how about this, the presidio social club reportedly plans to introduce
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foie gras sliders. >> that's what you call a loophole. >> exactly. work right around it. coming up, some advice for young parents out there on how to have a healthier baby. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network,
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we all know the saying dog is man's best friend. >> i guess it's not a bad idea to make a dog your baby's best friend either. a new study out of new finland said infants living with dogs were healthier and had fewer ear infections. "the wall street journal" reports children with dogs were healthy 73% of the time compared to 65% of those kids who had zero contact with spot. now it seems all that dirty dog in the bacteria that the dog brings in may help strengthen a baby's immune system. very interesting. >> i grew up with mandy and woos.
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