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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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mother. >> that is right. his name is hans reiser and he is at this point acting as his own attorney and let's say he's creating a strange courtroom drama and this has been happening all week long. christie smith is live at the hayward haul of justice. the jury could get the case today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he has taken the stand twice here in hayward. and the judge has warned him several times the about his explanation for why he killed his wife nina reiser. hans reiser admitted that he would never have led police to her body if he had not been found guilty of murder a offered a lighter sentence in exchange. reiser is representing himself and being sued by his own kids for more than $15 million in damages for the loss of their mom. the kids are in russia with family and they believe may have hidden assets there. their attorney forced him to admit the kids suffered
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wondering what happened to their mom. he shows a sketch the son did the night his mom disappeared. >> this little boy saw his dad carrying his mom in a bag down the stairs on the night she disappeared. and he remembered that and will remember that the rest of his life. >> reiser called himself as a witness and suggested that he killed his wife to protect his kids, that she made up ailments that the kids didn't have but he also admitted that nina reiser never hurt them. the judge ordered him to stop speculating on his wife's alleged disorders. closing statements could begin today. he has six hours to present his case and so far has only taken about one hour. >> san jose's fire accident about to get a boost financially. it's getting an $8.6 million grant to hire 27 new
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firefighters. the grant will be announced at a news conference this morning. chuck reed and representatives mike honda are expected to attend. >> it was a wild night but all is quiet on the streets of l.a., clashes with hundreds of protesters. lapd said it was caught offguard. this all started over a sidewalk chalk drawing protest. two officers were reported injured but the streets were cleared after several hours. the city of oakland reeling after seven murders in seven days. the mayor and the chief believe they have a plan. the chief is restructuring his department moving his gank task force officers out into the field. he is also looking at ways to redeploy forces in the most violent neighborhoods. >> as a department we have to be
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more pro active and not reactive. we're pretty reactive now because of our limited resources. >> the city does have two academies filled with prospects. the department is hoping to have more officers on the streets in two months. >> a heroes memorial today for a redwood city marine who died six decades ago. 19-year-old tech sgeant james was missing after his plane crashed in world war ii. the search parties found it decades later. yesterday as you see here, his remains arrive at sfo and will be buried at golden 8 national cemetery with full honors. >> new details, jpmorgan revising its losses after that huge trading scandal. scott mcgrew is in the newsroom breaking down the numbers. >> what's worse than losing 2 bill john is 4.4 billion.
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jpmorgan chase had to redo its financials. it lost twice as much money as it first thought in the first quarter due to bad trades. you add it it's almost 6 billion now. it discovered its traders were actively hiding how much money they lost. that's why executives needed to recalculate the figures. jpmorgan chase still is the biggest bank has had jamie diamond call the scandal a tempest 18 tea pot. he will face investors in a meeting later today. lots of bay area folks are chase bank customers, ironically after their bank washington mutual failed and chase bought it up. your bank accounts are fine. jpmorgan chase says it made a profit of $5 billion to the
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quarter. both washington and mom and pop customers should have a reasonable expectation the biggest bank knows how much money it has. >> one would think. thank you very much. it's 6:05. the number of evacuations growing where a wild fire continues to grow. some 300 people have been forced from their home as the blaze spread to more than 800 acres. right now it's only 10% contained. more than 1,000 firefighters are battling the fire and they are working to keep that fire from jumping a river. >> a lot going on. we check it out with rob mayeda. getting ready for the weekend. >> yes, and the weather through this friday it's going to be much like we'll see this weekend. big change if you join us from the tri-valley you're not waking up to 70-degree temperatures. mid-50s a good strong sea breeze
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pushing in the cooler marine air. good news for air quality it's not a spare the air day. things improved considerably there. around the rest of the state we're watching scattered showers across southern california, south of lake tahoe. look out if you head up to yosemite or south. heading out to the coast, doesn't look like we're going to see sun. we could see -- the all day sea breeze continues. nowhere near 100 degrees. by live ear more, on the coast, chilly 50s and low 60s. and you may have fog and mist which could slow your drive. >> rob, we're watching fog and mist. we talked about the fires that is in the forest hill area around auburn. 80 is open. it's west of the freeway but listen for traffic updates. approaching interstate 80, the commute direction is affected.
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there is a car repairing a flat. it's sticking out in the hov lane. i'm wor whiched about the people fixing the tire. no slowing and live looks south looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. the cash lane is back up. the south bay, the headlights, easy drive at the 880/17 interchange. 101 starts the traditional spot. that and more coming up. >> 6:08. a controversial plan to connect plains to trainings. bob joins us live with the latest on b.a.r.t.'s half a billion with a b dollar project. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after more than 20 years of planning, back and forth and budget fights, we're finally
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getting a glimpse at what the airport connect ser going to look like. many of us are familiar with the concrete pylons at hegenberger. in the past 24 hours workers have been installing the gourder that will make up the track. there will be over three miles of track that run both ways over to the airport. running above the road will be a new people mover, the one every four to five minutes. travel time 15 minutes. this will replace air bort. it's not that the airport connector hasn't escaped criticism. when the project was proposed the prodetectives cost. today it's quadrupled. 484 million to be exact. b.a.r.t. likes to point out this has created more than 500 jobs, the majority of those coming from right here in the bay area.
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going to workers who live here. there will abceremony around 10:00 this morning to commemorate this milestone. remember, the guys are going to take time. this airport connector is expected to be finished, by spring of 2014. reporting live. bob redell. >> after handing the guy about 20 million a year for his contract the giants may have a lack of pay shens. >> he has been struggling to find a rhythm. he's scheduled to pitch on saturday against the astros. manager bruce bochy says if lincecum struggles this weekend the giants will consider skipping his next start. >> we seed him. then you have a couple of enough starts on the ruse.
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>> he added he is confident that lincecum can get back on track during the second half of the season. the right-hander has a 6.42 earned run average, the highest of any starting pitcher in the league. >> it has been rough. >> the giants series against the astros starts tonight here on nbc bay area. 7:00. going to be at at&t park. you can catch all of the action on air. good night for baseball. >> tim lost a lot of weight so maybe that has something to do with it. >> the family of joe paterno reacting to the scathing report on the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. >> reporter: and the line continues to grow. it's now wrapped around the block, these people waiting in line for a chance to get a free school back pack. the story coming up. >> plus, a scandal over a bagel.
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we'll look at that coming up. >> taking a look at facebook, you can always find us on line nbc bay area is the station or we have individual accounts as well. love to hear from you.
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>> welcome back everybody. it's 6:14. all of the details come out and this story gets harder to believe but joe paterno's family executing a scathing report on the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. the report accuses paterno of helping cover up sandusky's abuse of children and for many, many years over a decade. the family of the late penn state head football coach says they believe it's impossible, they aren't accepting it. they say it's more likely more people misinterpreted what was happening. sandusky convicted last month of
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molesting at least 10 boys. >> much better news, 6:14, some parents waking up early today to simply get the chance to get their child a school back pack. it's an annual tradition that helps hundreds. marla tellez is live in san jose with what you need to know if you want to get in on the giveaway. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the need for basic school supplies, i'm talking something as simple as a basic back pack, is so great and you can see that need for yourself here. you're looking live at this line of people, at least 100 people outside sacred heart community service center. san jose, alma and south first street. these people have been lined up here since last night, many of them, many of them got here this morning, though, they are here to sign up to get a free back pack filled with school supplies. now they tell us without this back pack give away their
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children would not be prepared in the classroom. >> when you have to go to the store and buy all of this stuff and it's hard to sometimes you don't have enough money to buy it. >> time three because you have three children. >> a back pack and a lot of school stuff in it, like markers, crayons and all that. >> reporter: you heard from a little vanessa going into sixth grade. the registration process benefits kids k-12. jou jay is with sacred heart. this is great stuff you're doing. >> it is. wonderful morning but a lot of work to be done. you can see by all the people, a lot of kids to help. >> you've been doing this 10 years. that first time 10 years ago you gave away 150 back packs. this year what is your goal? >> 2,300. even 300 more than last year. really since the height of the recession, our numbers have gone up. the number of people coming to
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sacred heart has not shrunk as the economy has supposedly gotten better. we increase our numbers because the number of people coming for help. >> this is just the registration process. once they register the back packs will be distributed. >> that's right. about right now we have about 300 back packs so we have a long way to go to our goal. and what's great is the community all parts of the community come together to make sure these kids can start school right. >> that's great. thank you so much. if you want to make a donation you can do that by simply logging on to their website. sacredheart if you want to come out to sign up to get this back pack you can do that. this is sacred heart community service center on alma and south first street. the process is from 9:30 to 3:00.
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marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> nice to see. everybody likes new crayons. >> hot new back pack going to school. >> that's the fun part about going back to school. >> not for the parents. the bills are high. >> free ocean air conditioning. that's the good news. we had the heat and the bad air quality. eve seen big changes. we have low clouds inland in a few areas and a big drop, not only the day time highs but almost 15 degrees cooler in livermore. so yes, the cooler marine air made its way to the altamont pass out to fairfield. you see the weekend, look at that. southwest at 26 miles per hour. this is like you turn the air conditioner and put it up to 11 or something. you can see the winds gusty. look out around the benicia bridge. gusty conditions across the inland and delta county. the benefit when the winds pick up the air quality improves. it takes the air pollution and
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disperses it. satellite radar view is interesting. if you head into southern california don't be caught off guard by rain. areas south of lake tahoe yosemite could see showers. yes t the low clouds have filled in on the coast. the marine layer is going to deepen up. that will provide a list of the clouds. the drizzle and mist you'll see. look at the cooling we're going to get inland. the heat is in the rearview mirror. low 80s, mid to upper 80s still a little hot toward morgan hill. mid to upper 80s around the tri-valley. cool on the coast, where it's going to be tough to see sun i think over the next few days. 70s around the north bay. the temperatures cool off, mild start to the weekend, sunday looks warmer, and then cooling down again as we head sue the
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beginning of next week. >> we're looking to the south bay. we're following 101 and 87, both showing slowdowns. we've seen the speeds around 50. i've seen them down to the yellow. a lighter flow on a later start on a friday. 880, 680 smooth toward this funnel on mission. the drivers are fine unless chp catches wind you are cheating the speed limit. looking at an easy drive out of the altamont pass, 18 minutes. slowing into livermore. not a big deal over to the dublin interchange. the congestion has started. keep that in mind. let's get a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights but we have backup in some of the cash lanes. fog, visibility is just fine so far but the low clouds may play a factor north from here.
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back to you. >> there are more indications this morning that facebook advertisers may not get their money's worth, this after a sting led by bagel. scott mcgrew, explain. >> did you say bagels? yes, he did. good morning. reporters from the bbc set up a fake company, a bagel shop and gave it a facebook page and then advertised the bagel shop through the facebook ad system and got thousands of likes. but, the bbc says there were two problems with this. one t likes almost always came from far away like the philippines which made no sense to them. why would huge numbers of filipinos like a store in great britain. let me remind you this is a store that doesn't exist. the bbc did more digging into its new fans, fans it paid for these bagel customers. found many of them clicked thousands of likes on pages and had suspicious profiles like a
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man born in 1997 who claimed to be an executive. i'll do the math f. that person exists at all, he's 15 years old. wall street unnerved by news that the largest bank in america lost billions more than they first thought on bad trades. 4.4 billion in the first quarter. you add it to the latest, the losses in the recent quarter you're to almost $6 billion. i told you about that yahoo! hack. you may have heard warnings that pass words were divulged. gmail and other services weren't hacked. i want to call your attentiontha subtle point. some use their e-mail to log into other services like yahoo!. if you use your gmail pass word for other sites than g mail,
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it's no longer secure. hack ares may have posted that. to clarify, hackers only access yahoo!. bottom line, don't use the same password for every website. >> it will be obvious if you know you are hacked? >> gmail called it to some people. they got a look at that and they know who was using gmail and an actual g-mail pass word as well. >> good to know. >> careful on that world wide w web. the sharp new olympic uniforms, drawing criticism from capitol hill. why one lawmaker doesn't not only like them he wants them to be burned.
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>> time to strike up the band and the olympic games are almost upon us. the games haven't started. already controversy for team usa. not over the games themselves but the clothes they are going to wear. >> brian mooar joins us live from washington where one senator says they should be burned. good morning, brian. >> reporter: pile them up and burn them of course that's what harry reid said about the u.s. olympic uniforms that our athletes will wear in london in just two weeks. here on this nbc station. there's a big controversy here in washington because the u.s. olympic uniforms are going to be made in china. actually they have been made in china. they have been packed up and
6:26 am
ready to head out even as we speak. this is an issue that has brought together people like senate majority leader harry reid as well as house speaker john boehner and nancy pelosi. this is a big, big brouhaha here in washington, but the people behind it, the united states olympic committee said they are privately funded unlike some other teams and they are happy to have a sponsor like ralph lauren. they will wear these proudly. the price tag, $800 for the blazer for the men, the pants $300 for the women, the skirt is $500 t blazer $600. jon and laura, if we're spending, buying chinese clothes why don't we go to tj max and get a discount. >> they won't all match. >> but diversity. come on. celebrate. >> brian mooar on top of things. >> my chinese made tie, i'm
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outraged, i tell you. >> in front of the u.s. capitol. brian mooar. thank you. >> you did have red, white and blue on. >> it's tough to find things made in the usa. >> outsourcing. >> got to look. let's not get too political. let's talk about the weather. isn't that always a safe topic. >> we've got american made bay area made fog coming in right now. bringing cooling. temperatures looking good. 70s and 80s inland. low 60s on the coast. watch out for misty skies there. next couple of days, approaching the weekend. >> we were made in america as well. we don't want to talk to our parents about that. east shore freeway, the disabled vehicle blocking the hov lane. be careful about that, folks. a smoother drive and slower through antioch. pretty light, it's friday, we'll send it back to you. >> 6:28.
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>> reporter: a major milestone for the oakland airport connector. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. >> reporter: closing statements expected today as convicted killer hans reiser takes the stand. he's being sued by his own kids. i'm christie smith. coming up i'll tell you why the judge keeps giving him warnings. >> and from one extreme to the other. the heat wave is done. now the cooling begins. very cool temperatures for this time of year coming up this weekend. a look at your forecast. >> some of the reasons for the cooler temperatures is the fog and the mist. that's what you're dealing with. we'll show you where there is slowing and what you can't see coming up. >> we'll show you 880 in oakland now. what you can see, some traffic. starting to fill up out there. as the flood gates open up to the weekend. that is right. it is friday, july 13, friday the 13th, "today in the bay."
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>> a good friday morning. the time is 6:31. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's a half a billion dollar project that had its critics. new concrete, evidence that travelers will soon take b.a.r.t. to the oakland airport. bob is live with the really big milestone that's marked this week. good morning. >> reporter: this morning, good morning to you. we're finally getting a glimpse of what the new oakland airport connector is going to look like. we're here on hegenberger you can see in the past 24 hours workers installed the first section of track that will run on the pylons above the roadway. there are hundreds more to go. it won't be until the spring of 2014 that this project will be up and running. there will be two sets of tracks when it is, running more than three miles between the oakland coliseum b.a.r.t. and the oakland airport. on those tracks will be a new
6:32 am
automated people mover that will run every four to five minutes, a travel time of 15 minutes to get between the airport and b.a.r.t. this will replace air b.a.r.t., the bus connector that has been criticized, not popular, because it's been criticized being unpredictable. it's not that the new airport connector will escape criticism. when the project was proposed more than 20 years ago it was projected to cost over $100 million. today it hit $484 million. that's a quadrupling in the price. b.a.r.t. likes to point out this created more than 500 jobs, the majority of the workers are from in the bay area. the city will commemorate this milestone 18 few hours around 10:00 this morning. reporting live here in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> a jury could start deliberations today in the wrongful death case against a computer programmer. hans reiser being sued by his own children for murdering their mother. christie smith is live in
6:33 am
hayward with more on the trial that has the definition of serious courtroom drama. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. drama is the word. hans reiser is acting as his own attorney, he's taken the stand twice, expected back on the stand first thing this morning. he gave an unusual explanation of why he killed his wife nina reiser. that got several warnings from the judge. today, a closing statements are expected this morning, he never would have led police to her body if he had not been offered a lighter sentence. reiser is being sued by his children seeking $15 million for the loss of their mom. they are living in russia. he suggested he killed his wife to protect the kids that she made up ailments that weren't true but also admitted she never hurt them. >> she never did anything to
6:34 am
harm the children then explain to me why you decided to choke her to death and bury her in the hills. >> he's not a lawyer but even somebody representing themselves i would give him a d-minus at best. >> reporter: reiser was ordered several times by the judge to stop speculating on claims about his wife's alleged disorder. the kids' attorney said outside the court the more he talks the more he digs himself into a deeper hole. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a bomb scare aboard a flight out of jfk airport forced evacuation of more than 200 passengers. a passenger reported strange wiring in the bathroom on a delta flight headed to madrid. an hour after take-off the plane returned to jfk where it was met by a bomb squad and fbi agents. no explosives were found but the wires did not belong on the plane and they don't know where they came from. >> reality we live in a world you can never be too safe.
6:35 am
rob, what's it looking like for another weekend? >> we're kicking off the weekend early with the sea breeze which picked up yesterday, cooling us down. fairfield, livermore in the 50, and it's windy. especially through the solano county. mist along the coast. the wind is good news, we don't have a spare the air day so air quality is back around the bay area. if you're looking for sunshine you may be disappointed on the coast and probably again tomorrow. watch the futurecast toward the evening the fog is spilling back in around 8:00. so the temperatures through the day it's jacket weather. still 70s and 80s, hottest temperatures of the day around 3:00 should see low 80s, then cooling as we head to the evening as more fog and mist move back toward san francisco. >> we're looking to the peninsula south of san francisco. southbound 101, reports of sheetrock in a couple of lanes
6:36 am
around sierra point parkway. i'm going to warn you about that and potential traffic break. we don't see slowing. all smooth for 101 and 280. couldn't see the golden gate bridge from the last shot so there it is, a smoother drive across there as well as the bay bridge. a look at the north bay, san rafael, some sun peeking through. you're close to the submit. the metering lights have turned on. approaching is okay. back to you. >> thank you. it is quite the week. today is no friday the 13th and a lot of birthday this is week in the world of food. how about this. spam, turned 75. 7-1185. and chrispy cream celebrating. congratulations. the donut chain famous for the hot glazed donuts started out in 19 they 7 as a single shop in
6:37 am
north carolina. the donuts were made in the shop and sold to grocery stores. the sweet smell kept people coming into the shop. they wanted a taste. so the owner decided to start selling hot donuts through the window. krispy kreme has three new birthday donuts. more new great donuts. splet with sprinkles and frosting. >> now. >> where's the samples that we can show you. >> give us a call. >> 6:38. up next on "today in the bay," a pair of olympians going for gold. one stroke at a time. >> and growing concern over a wild fire burning out of control in placer county. ♪
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>> we know what that music means, yes, the road to the london olympic games, the countdown continuing. we have a clock there. you can see this says 14 days. 12 hours, 48 minutes and 38 seconds. to the opening ceremony. >> exciting. becoming an olympic athlete involves intense training. raj mathai introduces tuesday two local olympians who pull their weight. >> stroke for stroke, the women's lightweight double skulls are heavyweights in the
6:41 am
water. totally in sync. they may look at ease gliding across the water rowing is no london cup of tea. >> i think it is deceptive when people watch they think it looks so beautiful and fluid and you don't realize how hard we're working. we're killing ourselves. >> it takes a lot of hours of training together to try to make everything match perfectly and make the flow of the boat flew the water feel like it's working the way that we want it to. >> reporter: julie and her partner kristin teamed up more than a year ago and trained in the east bay with cal's women's crew coach dave o'neal. >> nice and easy, nice and long. >> reporter: a key component involves main training a certain weight. >> kristin and i together have to average 125.67 pounds. and neither one of us can be over 130 pounds. >> reporter: the students talk
6:42 am
about their waet like a precise mathematician. >> we have our target weights and weigh in two hours before a race so it sets up a nice routine for us. and becomes systemic. >> they hope it will lead to the medals podium in london. >> we're in trouble if we have to have a combined weight. >> i'll put you to about 250 right now. >> for extensive and exclusive olympic coverage head to our website, down to the london 2012 link on the page you find a wealth of olympic stories, including profiles of our local athletes. you can find it now at and remember the camera adds 10 pounds. >> i like it when you think it is. we'll be right back. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today.
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>> this is one we continue to follow a. wild fire burning north of sacramento tripled in size this morning. >> at this point hundreds of people have been evacuated. more than 100 homes threatened. let's get the latest from may. how is it looking? >> reporter: jon, looking pretty bad as the winds pick up. let me give you perspective how much this has grown. there were 200 firefighters here yesterday. now there are more than 1800. brought in from around the state including strike teams from the bay area. napa county and southern california. 1,157 acres have burned. nearly 200 homes have been evacuated. this fire has been the worst fears realized dealing with not only steep terrain, now the winds picked up causing the fire to spread into unexpected areas.
6:46 am
yesterday the fear was the flames could threaten forest hill and colfax. it's now threatening the yankee gyms area. >> looks like we lost the signal there with her but we continue to watch this area. we've been talking to mike inouye about it as well because so many take i-80 up to the tahoe area. he says this is east, right? >> a little east of there, yes. >> just background information should you think there could be delay as to that area we haven't seen. but they are going to continue to try to fight that fire. it's only 10% contained. >> you can probably smell that smoke. we'll keep you posted again only about 10% contained. >> it's 6:47. in other news, the news is far worse than first reported, jpmorgan chase. >> this morning we're learning the company's trading loss was about $4.4 billion, that is
6:47 am
twice what the bank announced earlier this year. the news as the bank releases its quarterly earnings and its ceo jamie dimon meets with the analysts to report what he is doing to try to protect the bank from future losses. dimon's appeared before congress two times, as lawmakers investigate those massive losses. >> the "today" show coming up in a few minutes. matt lauer stepping in to look at what they are working on. >> good morning. coming up on friday on "today" madrid-bound flight from jfk airport forced to return to the airport amid fears of an explosive device on board. we're live with the big scare. also ahead, a new report that former secretary of state condoleezza rice is near the top of mitt romney's running mate list s. that true. we'll talk to former president bill clinton about the state of the presidential race. and the florida teen who lost his arm in an alligator attack speaks out from the hospital in a live interview. those stories and a live concert from the gamy winning zach brown
6:48 am
band. as we get started on a friday morning here on "today." >> sounds good. thanks, matt. and rob sin for christina bringing cooler temperatures. >> my assignment, cool off. >> we appreciate it. >> we did it. for today. things have cooled down. speaking of cool, if you're going to head to the giants game you can catch here starting at 7:00 our at&t park forecast, orange friday, madison bumgarner taking the pitch. temperatures in the low 60s as you watch the giants beat the houston astros later on this evening. some clouds. 40s and 50s right now. the big change is livermore, yesterday you woke up to 70 degrees so 55 now, the sea breeze has hit you there. and you can see the winds out of the southwest up to 26 miles per hour in fairfield. so yes, the sea breeze the big story around the bay area.
6:49 am
lake tahoe, windy so we'll watch that impacting the fire you heard about. also showers there in southern california and a few showers between lake tahoe down to yosemite. for the bay area, all of the low clouds, just kind of sticks on the coast. back in the east bay as early as 8:00 this evening. that's good news for our temperatures. the heat is done. seeing 70s to mid 80s inland. tri-valley, maybe 80s, closer to danville, much more comfortable. 60s around san francisco and 70s around the north bay. your weekend forecast looks pretty good between the two days, sunday, should be warmer, then cooler again approaching monday. >> good morning. a little cool off for my niece there is in livermore. they are grateful. we're looking at northbound 87 and 101, typical spots now speeds half of what they were so the volume suddenly kicking in for the two routes and expect to
6:50 am
build in the south bay. a little slower throughant wok over to the ridge. and slowing in pittsburg and bay point. the livermore valley, overall a 20-minute drive. no accident, great for 580 approaching the dublin interchange. five canyons parkway, the accident cleared. a live look at the san mateo bridge, sun's coming up. back to you. >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, it is friday, friday the 13th, it's also gadget friday. in a rare move, scott mcgrew is asking for expert assistance on this from our proud mother of triplets. >> i figured i needed the expertise since it's been a while since i had a stroller. i want to show you this gadget stroller. we have some video, i believe.
6:51 am
there it is. look what it does. it pops right up all by itself. then our gadget friday baby lily. we've been having a great amount of fun. it has headlights, it has a speedometer. >> and it will tell you it's 68 degrees here in the studio as well. and then show the good folks at home. >> the pretty amazing thing is that you turn it, hit this and that's what instantly takes it down. can you see it out of the frame. it's so compact. then when you're ready to take the baby out for a walk, all it does is pop it up. >> there is one disadvantage. this technology makes it heavy. >> it is. >> also, it's $800. >> right. pretty penny. but it is, it's got a lot of pluses for moms and dads, if you're jogging it's very smooth.
6:52 am
for me it's not large enough. i need triplet one. that's another story. i know that's a rare occurrence. >> it has kind of like daytime running lights. another set comes on as well. >> it doesn't have the snap-in that you can take it in. >> you point out with lily she was nine months. >> she's already hanging out. >> for $800 you would hope it would last longer. still, let's do it one more time as we throw it back to you, jon, just for fun. >> you want to be the coolest parent on the block. >> that is awesome. >> nice team effort. a good excuse to see laura's cool looking high heels. you never get to see them. b.a.r.t.'s half a billion airport connector in oakland continues to take shape. bob redell has the progress. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon.
6:53 am
talking about the oakland airport connector that's been with more than 20 years of planning back and forth and budget hikes. we're starting to see this here on hegenberger. the concrete pylons have been starting up. we've seen workers beginning to install one of those girders that will make up the track for the new oakland airport connector running on top of those. there will be over three miles of track, down hegenberger to the airport, running above a new people mover running every four to five minutes to get to you the airport. this will replace air b.a.r.t. t current bus connector. not everyone is happy with it. it's not always timely. when the project was first proposed the cost was first over $100 million. today it's around $484 million. b.a.r.t. does point out this
6:54 am
project has created over 500 jobs, the majority of the workers are from here in the bay area. in a few hours there will be a ceremony at 10:00. the idea is have the connector to the airport up and running in the spring of 2014. reporting live here in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 6:55. it's the definition of courtroom drama in hayward. christie smith is live at the hall of justice where convicted killer hans reiser will be back on the stand today defending himself in the wrongful death sooxt good morning, christie. >> good morning. this has been short but all drama. hans reiser has taken the stand twice, one time he offered an unusual explanation of why he killed his wife that earned him several warnings from the judge. he is expected back on the stand
6:55 am
this morning to present his case. he has a total of cyst. he has been sued by his own kids for damages tied to the murder of their mother nina reiser. reiser admits he would have never led police to her body had he not been offered a lighter sentence. he suggested he killed his wife to protect the kids, that nina reiser made up ailments. the judge warned him that to stop speculating on his wife's mind-set since he has no medical back kbround. closing statements could begin today. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a rough night in l.a., all is quiet after a violent clash with police. hundreds of occupy protesters confronted by lines of riot police. this started as occupiers were staging a sidewalk protest riding and drawing pictures with
6:56 am
chalk. the confrontation coming as police attempted to move them out of the blocked intersections. two officers reported injured in this. the streets right now clear after a few hours. >> a heroes memorial for a redwood city marine who died six decades ago. the 19-year-old was missing in action after his plane crashed during world war ii. search waters found the wreckage decades later. and yesterday as you see here, his remains arrived at sfo it he will be buried at golden 8 national cemetery. >> 6:57. hundreds of families line up for a shot at a free back pack. the annual event that represents the financial struggle a lot are going through. >> reporter: good morning. we're in the middle of summer and these parents and their
6:57 am
kids, they are thinking about next school year. they are waiting in line to sign up for a free back pack filled with all of the essential school supplies, rulers, calculators, all of the goodies, thanks to sacred heart community service. helping out low income families for 10 years now. some waited in line since last night. they all say they do not know what they would do without this program. >> there isn't anything extra to spend, you know. it helps me get the things i need for my kids clothes and everything. it's just a huge help. >> reporter: you do have to come down in person to register. this is again sacred heart community service center in san jose, registration is officially under way as of 9:30 this
6:58 am
morning, it lasts until 3:00 this afternoon. they are hoping to be able to give away 2300 back packs this year. you can come down here, wait in line if you want to make a donation you can do that on line by logging on to the website that is sacred heart >> makes a big difference. >> great scene there. rob, take us on friday and beyond. >> the friday forecast looks like the weekend. nothing scary about this friday the 13th forecast. cooling inland, 70s to mid 80s, 60s and 70s around the bay. foggy and limisty. seven-day forecast keeps us with the mild temperatures a little warmer there as we head to sunday. >> that means the morning commute lighter but the south bay kicking in all the way up past the airport.
6:59 am
now through highway 87 picking up the volume. the bay bridge, the metering lights are on. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us as well. we'll have a local update at 7:25. >> happy friday the 13th. scare in the air. a passenger jet forced to return to kennedy's international airport when a passenger discovered a strange wire in the bathroom. this morning the emergency call from the crew that sent the bomb squad and fbi racing to the tarmac. could it be romney is closer to naming his running mate? there's a new report former secretary condoleezza rice is near the top of the list.


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