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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 18, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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san francisco from san bruno mountain. another beautiful day in the neighborhood. christina loren tells us it's going to be cool today, starting to rise heading towards the weekend. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelly. >> i'm marla tellez. we begin with breaking news that's happening right now in san francisco. all this information brand new in our newsroom. we're getting word of an officer-involved shooting in san francisco. this is at washington and davis. a block off the embarcardero right by the embarcardero center. we're told auflszers responding -- were responding to reports of a stabbing at pier 17 and then they found the suspect at washington and davis. now, we understand that suspect has been shot and is now heading to the hospital. we are still gathering information and we have a crew on the way to the scene. again, this is all happening in san francisco right near the embarcardero center at
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washington and davis street. we will bring you more information just as soon as we get it. >> also happening right now, strange but true, an invasion of zombies to go along with a little michael jackson music disrupting the uc regenting meeting this morning in san francisco. nbc bay area's bob redell is live there right now, the bay campus where students protest in very dramatic fashion. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. it will uc board of regents is back in session but not after getting an earful from those students and a live demonstration of their dance moves to michael jackson's "thriller." >> made the declaration of unlawful assembly. >> reporter: hard to hear the music over that ruckus, but they did have that song playing, attempted to dance to it. students interrupted the meeting, some wearing zombie makeup, to say that they are back from the debt, in their words, the debt they've acquired
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attending uc, and to protets what they say is the death of higher education due to possible fee hikes. police cleared the room, no arrests were made. they're expected to significantly raise fees for professional programs and could raise overall tuition in the spring. now, interestingly today, the board is expected to freeze tuition hikes for a year in exchange for $125 million to the state, also expected to endorse governor brown's tax initiative for an additional $215 million. however, if that proposition fails in the ballot box, uc loses all that money and might have to make it up in the spring with that aforementioned 23% tuition hike. angry student who is spoke in front of the board this morning don't get it because they see plenty of money for things like new buildings and administrative salaries. >> we will no longer be told there's no money, no money. there is money! we are here and we will continue
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to be here. we reject any proposal for a contingent fee hike. as your decisions kill our institutions, we will not be put to rest. >> we've filled a lot of the budget shortfall through administrative efficiencies and cults, programs have been cut, but, you know, quality is an issue here at this point. we cut so much without affecting quality. >> people are protesting, they're frustrated. heck, i feel like i should join them. >> that was lieutenant governor gavin newsom, who is one of the regents. he's frustrated there hasn't been much discussion among his colleagues on the board to find alternative tolles the proposed hikes. the former mayor of sf said he will vote no on those fee increases later today. that vote is expected as early as noon. live at the mission bay campus in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. the csu system is also fighting its own budget battle. csu trustees are trying to
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figure out what they'll do if the governor's tax initiatives are rejected in november. higher student fees and reduced enrollments are two possibilities if that measure fails. nevertheless, the board just approved salary hikes for three campus presidents including lesley wong at san francisco state. wong will now make $325,000 a year in addition to her car and housing allowances. and new at 11:00, they normally deal with violent drug cartels and mass murderers. this morning, two federalis from mexico city are getting crime fighting advice from oakland police. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live at the eastern substation where she had the rare opportunity to go along on patrol with those officers. stephanie, it sounds like a very interesting setup there, but the question is why do the federalis choose oakland? >> reporter: john, that is a good question. it began when a federal court interpreter met two of these mexican federal police officers
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known as federalis and they said their interest was first piqued when they heard of the march 2009 tragedy when four police officers here in oakland were killed in the line of duty. and so they related to that high sense of crime and danger and requested to come to oakland. the ride-along this morning to the fruit veil area didn't turn up too much, but federalis say they are most interested in learning how oakland police officers communicate and also sbrelsed in learning from their technology, for instance, the shot spotter, which can differentiate between gunshots and other sounds like firecrackers and more importantly pinpoint where gunshots have gone off in the city. now, there is an issue here. opd is very short staffed. chief howard jordan says ideally there should be 320 more officers. even so, the chief says dedicating resources this morning to show these federal police officers around is worth it to put oakland on the map. >> you know, sometimes you've got to really make sacrifices in order to get something out of
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it, and my hope is that we are now being seen in other countries as a premier law enforcement agency, and, yes, there could be some response time issues, but i'm willing to take that chance just so people know the work that's being done here. >> chief jordan says the department is doing well and has been accomplishing a lot with human resources. he adds he is looking forward to showing how police here solve crimes, get community engaged and the way they use their technology. and, in fact, there's already discussion on how to further develop this relationship. the hope is to eventually send some oakland police officers down to learn from the mexican police. for now live in oakland, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi's wife back in the bay area ready to defend her husband. she's testifying this afternoon before an ethics commission which will decide whether her husband will keep his job. that is ross mirkarimi facing
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official misconduct charges after pleading guilty to false imprisonment for bruising lopez's arm during a new year's eve argument. mayor ed lee suspended mirkarimi and now wants him removed from office permanently. and convicted killer hans reiser being told to cough you have $60 million to care for his children after he murdered their mother. a hayward jury ordering reiser to compensate those kids with his assets and his future earnings. it was the culmination of the children's wrongful death suit against their father. he, of course, was convicted of killing nina reiser back in 2006. today the court begins tracking down reiser's assets. he will return to prison where he is now serving 15 years to life. would you be willing to pay a tax for every mile you drive? it might sound far-fetched, but that's exactly what the metropolitan transportation commission is con9'ering. under this proposed system, drivers in the bay area would be taxed between just under a penny
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to ten cents per mile. the miles would be tracked by gps devices installed in vehicles. the mpc says the goal would be to reduce traffic and pollution while raising much-needed revenue. drivers say this is not the answer to a greener environment. >> ten cents on the sign right there makes me feel uncomfortable about stopping at a certain gas station. >> reporter: any additional money. >> any additional money would just sort of make me mad. >> you're kidding. it's already bad enough, gas prices and wear and tear on the consider. so i've never heard of anything like that. just seems out of the ordinary. >> well, the pilot's still in the early stages but could raise as much as $15 million a day. >> ten ten cents a mile adds up. staying at home isn't cheap either. rents are hitting their highest-foot level history in the bay area.
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rental prices are being pushed up by demand as that job market improves. the report also says the lingering housing recession is pushing people over to rent instead of buying. this year alone in san jose the average apartment rent jumped about 10% to around $1,800 a month. oakland rents rising about 14% to $1,835 per month. and in san francisco, a 12% jump taking it all the way up to about $2,700 a month. a $7 million makeover coming to san jose international airport. the money is a federal grant to fund an ongoing runway improvement project that began in 2009. the airport says the improved runways will result in more business travelers choosing to fly into san jose international instead of other bay area airports. well, full speed ahead for the state's controversial bullet train.
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governor brad will be in san francisco this afternoon to sign the high-speed rail funding bill. it provides almost $8 billion to start construction. the line will eventually link the bay area to los angeles. critics call the bullet train a boondoggle and a waste of money. brown will sign the bill as the future transbay transit center. >> how often do we use the word boondoggle? not enough. >> that's the first time i think i have. >> strange word. it's clear the weather will be cool but temperatures rising higher and higher. >> much clearer than the definition of boondoggle. in san jose, not very clear, in san francisco forcing flight delays yet again. this is the third consecutive day. now we're in the midsection of the week and still dealing with those delays for people trying to get out of town, even coming into town. low ceilings shouldn't be a factor as we head to the next half hour or hour. temperatures this morning in the 60s, even 70s in gilroy and sunnyvale. that's when the sun is breaking
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through. we're getting that yellow contouring. that's where the sun is. throughout the afternoon, we had some interesting things happening. this area of low pressure, the remnants of fabio, a tropical cyclone that developed out in the pacific, it's going to kick some moisture our way, and we could actually see some thunderstorms in the south bay. that's interesting. i'll describe that coming up. tomorrow waiting for the warmer weather, we have that for you, 5 to 10 degrees tomorrow, more sunshine, then the summer sizzle returns for the seven-day forecast. we'll show you when. >> summer sizzle, a romance, sex appeal. when you have fabio in i, all of the above. >> he's got nothing on you, jon kelly. >> you sure we're talking act weather here? >> i don't know what we're talking about. thank you very much. we'll check back in. >> christina? two olympians to watch in london. meet two sisters making a splash on the u.s. women's water polo team. how the family played a role in getting their sport careers under way. enough fabio. this is the sexy.
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halle berry unfortunately injured on the set of her upcoming movie. we'll have an update on her condition. another cell phone company adopts the family plan.
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right now, breaking news in san francisco, an officer-involved shooting in the city a block off the embarcardero right by the embarcardero center. we're being told officers were responding to rourts of a stabbing at pier 17, and when they got there, they found the suspect at washington and davis. that is when the shooting took place. apparently that suspect was hit and has since been take on the hospital. we're also now learning that that suspect may be a co-worker of the victim who was stabbed. we do have a crew at that scene. and we will of course keep you updated. we're hearing the police chief will be there in a short time for a news conference to be held. we'll get you all the information as we get it. well, developing news now this morning out of syria.
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two high-ranking government leaders have been assassinated by a suicide bomber. the country's chief of staff for the armed forces was quickly sworn in to replace the murdered defense minister. he was killed during a security meeting in damascus along with syrian president bashar al assad's brother-in-law. today's attack is the harshest blow to the syrian regime since this uprising began. we can tell you at&t is moving to a family data plan for consumers and customers. scott mcgrew says this one is similar to a plan verizon pioneered. yes. good morning. the content fairly simple. instead of paying a separate bill for each and every phone you have, you pay one bill and you can divide your data mopgs your devices with a free for every device you add. so your phone, your spouse's phone, your child's ipad all run off one data plan. bank of america, head en be
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fed, will be back on capitol hill today. his testimony yesterday gloomy but it indicates the made may take further action to spur growth. a new report from a bipartisan committee led by a former fed chairman says california's state budget would be in crisis even if there were no economic troubles in the world, even if we were in a boom. the pensions would be underfunded and the state would be paying more than it brought in for medicaid. five other states are in the same boat according to the study. this is worrisome because while california government is in trouble now, one tends to think it should get better someday, but the report is saying no, it wouldn't. back to you. all right, scott, thank you very much for the update. this is wednesday, right? >> it is wednesday. >> hump day. >> closer to the weekend. >> cool outside right now. >> chris, you were out there. i wasn't. >> it was chilly this morning. meteorologist christina loren says the sizzle is on its way.
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>> it is, and all of the exercise enthusiasts like you, marla tellez, yeah, unfortunately hot weather will return so, you have to make those exercise plans just a little earlier if you want the best weather. mostly cloudy in san jose, just about a half hour, 45 minutes ago, and now we are mostly clear. as we head throughout the day, we're expecting those clouds to return as fabio, the remnants of what once was tropical storm fabio starts to creep up from the south. so for today it all works out like this. we still have a pretty fair amount of cloud cover hugging the coastline. slight delays out of sfo. the clouds are clearing. we'll get more sunshine today and a warmer afternoon overall. temperatures today at about 66 degrees in san francisco, 78 redwood city, and 68 degrees down in santa cruz. you'll get better beach weather. we have an interesting setup to talk about. you look just to the south of california, just off the coast of baja, that big green blob with some yellow in it. that is the remnants of fabio.
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as we head throughout the next 24 to 48 hours, that's going to creep up to the south. that's going to bring in some tropical moisture. whenever we have that tropical moisture coming to the bay area where it's been cool and dry, instability certainly possible. if we get any lift, could see some thunderstorms around the bay area, so watch out for that today. it all works out like this -- low pressure takes a hike for the next couple days. as it does so, temperatures will climb. san francisco has been complaining all over my facebook page about how cool and cloudy it's been. you'll get the best weather this weekend. 83 degrees in san francisco. hottest day probably sunday. 93 degrees inland and temperatures will be nice at the coast for your beach plans. back to you guys. >> all right, christina. thank you very much. all you hall bee berry fans can breathe a little easier. yes, she was hospitalized after shooting a fight scene in her upcoming movie "the hive." she suffered a minor head injury last night, but she's a former cat woman, a former bond girl,
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she's okay. she was taken to cedars sinai medical center in l.a. as a precaution but she got a clean bill of health, she was released a short time later and yes she will continue filming as planned. >> just gorgeous. okay. it is hard to believe there's just little more than a week to go before the london olympics. >> that is right. it is here. for one bay area family, two daughters representing team usa polo. >> from danville to london, these two were practically born in the water. nbc bay area's raj mathai introduces us to them. >> reporter: not many babies pose with a water polo ball, but for maggie and jessica steffens, the pool was their playpen. >> i grew up all around the pool, my sister, my mom and dad swam, my dad obviously played water polo. >> reporter: fast forward 17 years and the pool is still their playpen, but now the world will be watching. >> good idea, mags. good idea. >> reporter: first came jessica,
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and now kid sister maggie, a sister act for team usa water polo. >> to be walking through with my sister is going to be a completely different experience. i mean, how many people get to do that, you know, together and talk about it at the dinner table later? >> four years ago, maggie watched from the stands as jessica helped the usa capture the silver medal in beijing. maggie was not only kapt vatded but inspired. her dad, a water polo star from cal in the 1970s knew it was just the beginning. >> she was sitting right next to me and i looked at her, she looked at me. i said now it's your turn to go get the gold. i was trying to test her. she said, yes. >> watching her play was really a kick-starter for me and my motivation, and so now being able to play with her is so fun, it's so awesome. it's definitely competitive like you were saying, there's no doubt any sibling rival vi definitely there, but at the same time we have that great connection. >> reporter: it's a connection their parents couldn't be
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happier about as they prepare to cheer on two of their daughters in london. >> we're just so thrilled. i mean, honestly,/6ñ you can't imagine how it feels to have two kids on the same team doing the same thing. it's just awesome. >> reporter: awesome and comforting for mom, who's happy that their oldest and youngest daughters are joining forces. raj mathai, nbc bay area news. >> that is just awesome. talk about a talented family. maggie, she'll be starting at stanford in the fall, jessica's alma mater, and the sisters have a brother and another sister, cal. they can all do it. >> they like the pool. >> i'd like to be at that picnic. >> well, best of luck to them. great idea. so we'll switch to u-verse tv and internet...
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between alcohol and alzheimer's. ucsf releasing alcohol consumption and cognitive decline. the study finds heavy drinking early in life increases the risk of cognitive decline. those findings were similar among people who drank moderately later in life ore/+ engaged in binge drinking. a new study finds giving birth to big babies may double a woman's risk of developing breast cancer later in life. researchers say women who have babies weighing at least eight pounds tend to have higher levels of estrogen and the other hormones associated with breast cancer. but breast-feeding, having more than one child, and following a healthy diet and exercise plan can help reduce the overall cancer risk. all right. still ahead, home at last. yes, a family of manatees released back into the wild. we'll have that story next.
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well, three rehabbed manatees were released back into
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the florida keys. two were hit by boats but a the florida keys. two were hit by boats but a third was not hurt but stay with its injured mother.
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