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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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he said, and i said don't talk to me that way. >> reporter: lopez said mirkarimi did grab her and leave a bruise on her arm. she videotaped that arm with her neighbor. tonight she said she asked madison about custody laws and madison scared her. madison told her if she divorced mirkarimi, she would lose custody of her son because he was the sheriff. >> after our conversation, she make me feel even more scared, because she also say as a sheriff, this is an old -- she used the word old boys network, and they will -- you know, cover each other and so you have to make an evidence. >> so we are hearing a very different story from lopez compared to other witnesses in this case. it's up to the commissioners to decide what the truth is and
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then tell the board of supervisors if they believe the sheriff should be permanently removed from office or be reinstated as sheriff. back to you. >> before you go, i want to ask you a quick question, the sheriff and lopez haven't seen each other before this time, but here they are in the courtroom together. what was mayor mirkarimi doing this, what was his reaction as his wife, eliana, was testifying? >> reporter: she was having difficulties with language and understanding some of the questions and communicating. he seemed a little restless in his seat, a little uncomfortable. he did spend a lot of time looking forward and looking down, he didn't want to look at eliana lopez. he wouldn't comment how he was feeling, but i did ask his attorney, it's a very difficult situation, he hasn't even seen her in person since march. situation.kward in a very public >> that is it. all right, thank you very much, reporting for us. of course, we'll continue to follow this story. if you want to find raw video of
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eliana's testimony tonight, go to and search "mirkarimi." again, a local sheriff's deputy celebrating his 43rd birthday got an unexpected present, he saved the life of a 1-year-old boy. george talked exclusively to the man everyone is calling a hero. >> reporter: she came close to losing her 1-year-old son antonio. >> i was very scared. >> reporter: antonio went into a seizure on sunday, he had swallowed his tongue, causing it to block his airway. in seconds the little baby boy was unconscious and wasn't breathing. >> translator: i felt i was going to die. >> reporter: he was four blocks away when he got the call. >> when you hear of a baby that's in that kind of a state, unconscious and not breathing,
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it makes you want to get there quickly. >> reporter: he got there in 60 seconds. the family ran out to the front lawn, where they handed antonio to elzi, hoping for a miracle. >> held him face down to the ground and gave him three blows to his back, so whatever was in his mouth, the blows would cause it to dislodge. >> reporter: after the third pat on the back, antonio gasped for air. the fellow deputies helped to slosh the baby's tongue from his throat. >> continued to pat him on the back. the baby started crying, and at that point we realized it was going to be a good ending. >> translator: i was very happy to know that my son is still alive and can live. >> reporter: sergeant elzi, an 18-year veteran, says this is the first time he's saved a baby. the family says he's a hero, but the sergeant is too humble to call himself one. >> people say, you're a hero, i'm just doing my job, doing what i was trained to do. >> translator: he's a hero. he saved my son's life.
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and i thank him for that. >> reporter: turns out the sergeant has saved the baby's life on his 43rd birthday. he calls it a pretty good gift. in redwood city, nbc bay area news. new tonight at 11:00, beware of the burglar with the suitcase. police are asking for help tonight identifying a bag-carrying suspect. the man stole jewelry and electronics from a home yesterday afternoon. what you're looking at is video of the suspect captured on a neighbor's security camera. you can see him pull out in front of the house and come out with a suitcase. investigators say the suspect drives a blue or green two-door mercedes with large chrome rims. out to lunch. now missing for almost a week and he may be carrying a handgun. this is a picture of matthew tuvian. he left work in mountain view for lunch last thursday and has been missing ever since. here's what we know.
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he has no medical conditions, his passport is missing and he may be in possession of a glock .9 handgun. an outburst of road rage left a 1-year-old in the hospital, a mother battered and stunned, and a driver jailed. the mom and her two young children struck by a speeding car in fremont. this started at 11:00 this morning when two drivers got into an altercation and started racing. one of the drivers accelerated right through the intersection of peralta and fremont boulevard, the car jumping the curve where the mom and son were standing. witnesses say it was a horrible sightseeing the baby stroller crushed. the mom and son had been released in the hospital, but the baby girl is being kept overnight for observation. officials say it could be much, much worse. >> first officer that responded, looked like a war zone, people screaming, debris everywhere, people laying in the street.
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fortunately, you saw, they are sitting here in a car and going to go home tonight. >> the driver of the speeding car, 21-year-old joseph ancario of union city, police say he will face charges for reckless driving. a deadly shooting right in the heart of san francisco's financial district, a stabbing in a chocolate factory near the embarcadero. a female officer approached the suspect, he lunged at her with the box cutter, she shot him twice in the chest. he later died in the hospital. he was a temporary employee at the thco chocolate factory. police searching for a pair of shoplifters using pepper spray to give cops the slip. a man and woman were caught shoplifting at the kohls earlier this month. when store police tried to arrest them, the woman sprayed the officer in the face with pepper spray. authorities say they struck
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again yesterday, this time stealing from a safeway on lincoln road. same m.o. too. when confronted, the woman sprayed the officer with pepper spray before getting away in a black chrysler sebring convertible. it may be the middle of summer, but they are talking football on the cal campus. the clock is ticking. the bears' first home game is about six weeks away, but will their new home be ready? cheryl herd is on the campus tonight with answers. as you know, this has been a dicey situation for cal. >> reporter: it has indeed, and you may remember, raj, that demolition started here in november 2010, and if you're a hard-core cal football fan, you know that the entire season last year had to be played across the bay at at&t park, but come september 1st, cal football is back. the cal memorial stadium may not
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look like it will be complete by game day on september 1st. athletic director bob mallano says it will be close. >> 90% of the seats are in, you see the goal posts are up, they are starting to lay the field in a couple weeks. >> reporter: this $320 million dream is about to become a reality. it was built under a cloud of controversy, but the stadium is almost to the goal line. >> we fixed the things that didn't work very well from the 1923 stadium, restrooms, circulation, better food and beverage, better audio system and left the things people like. >> reporter: the breath taking views. the new stadium will have 125 tv monitors, more than enough restrooms and stands. the old charm will be here, but millions of dollars worth of seismic upgrades are in place. >> these trays actually are allowed to slide and move
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without breaking. >> reporter: engineers even kept the proof the hayward fault runs right through the stadium. you can see here how the ground has shifted over the years in section k. >> i hope long-time fans, students, alumni, are going to say it looks like the old stadium, historic facade, shape of the bowl, coloring of bowls. >> there's a lot of memories, like the play back in the stanford game back in 1982. come september 1st, more memories will be created here. so again, the target date for completion is september 1st. now, engineers and construction workers may have to put finishing touches on the stadium, but they are hoping the football team and the fans won't notice. we'll wait and see. reporting live in berkeley, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. still ahead at 11:00, a stunning story of cruelty, a man
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under arrest for allegedly killing a neighbor's dog. why he says it happened. also tonight, the man accused of killing trayvon martin speaks out for the first time. what he's saying about that fateful night and the backlash against him. and paying per mile? a unique tax for drivers up for a vote tomorrow. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a few showers across california. not only that, a much warmer weekend coming your way. we'll tell you when we'll talk instead of 70s, 90s, in just a few minutes.
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he's at the center of a controversial and polarizing story, and tonight he's speaking out. george zimmerman, the man who shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin, gave his first interview. zimmerman told fox news his side of the story. he's nbc bay area's brent cannon. >> reporter: his message was clear and direct. >> i'm not a racist or murderer. >> reporter: in an interview, the first time he's talked to the media, george zimmerman discussed in detail the night he shot and killed trayvon martin, saying it was the unarmed teenager who initiated the deadly confrontation. >> he started bashing my head into the concrete sidewalk. i was -- as soon as he broke my nose, i started yelling for help, so i was disoriented. >> reporter: it was during that fight, zimmerman says, both he and martin reached for the gun strapped to his waist. >> at this point, i realized
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that it wasn't my gun, it wasn't his gun, it was the gun. >> reporter: a gun he fired one time, taking the teenager's life. zimmerman said he did not regret following martin that night or carrying a gun and there was nothing he would have done differently, but later in the interview he seemed to stray from that thought. >> but i do wish there was something, anything, i could have done that wouldn't have put me in the position where i had to take his life. >> reporter: zimmerman did apologize to martin's parents. >> i am sorry that they buried their child. i can't imagine what it must feel like, and i pray for them daily. >> reporter: as he now prepares for what is sure to be an explosive and emotional murder trial. brent cannon, nbc bay area news. >> trayvon martin's parents quickly released a statement in response to the zimmerman interview tonight. in part, martin's mother writes, "zimmerman said he wouldn't do anything different and concluded it was god's plan.
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we must worship a different god, because there's no way my god would have wanted george zimmerman to kill my teenaged son." the martin family will sit down with matt lauer tomorrow morning in an exclusive interview on the "today show." a man is facing felony charges tonight, accused of beating his neighbor's poodle to death with a brick. the poodle was euthanized in march after a neighbor allegedly smashed it in the head with a brick. that neighbor was in court today facing felony charges of animal abuse. the dog's owner, natalie salazar, said she was home alone when he told her to come get her dog from his yard. >> the first thing that i did was went running over there, and i saw him throw on the floor and the white part of his eyes was covered, like, in blood. >> salazar said he told her that he kicked the dog because it was biting him, but she says she doesn't believe him.
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in any case, the peninsula humane society said no past trouble explains abusing or killing a dog. imagine getting taxed for a dollar for every mile that you  drive. that could be the future for bay area drivers. the proposal is a long way from becoming reality, but transportation planners say it's an alternative to raising the gas tax. gps trackers already installed in most cars would allow bay area drivers to tally their travel. the vehicle miles traveled or vmt tax would provide more money for improvements to local transit and freeways, but some local drivers just aren't buying it. >> i think that's ridiculous. we get taxed already out of our paychecks and state tax, and to drive? >> if they are going to do that, why don't everyone gets everything for free in our whole life and just bill it to the government. >> the spokesperson for the transportation commission tells us the pay-per-mile idea is not
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a new one, but just an option to reduce traffic and pollution in the bay area. not for you. looks like the ban on frogwa will stand for now. until a lawsuit over the legislation's constitutionality is resolved, the statute stands. the canadian trade organization that brought the suit wanted a temporary restraining order, citing the ban was costing the company $15,000 a day. the judge said their arguments didn't rise to the level of urgency that would warrant calling off the ban. the controversial law which outlaws force feeding of birds for the purpose of enlarging their livers and the sale of those products at restaurants went into effect july 1st. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it's been an odd first part of the week. maybe things will be changing. >> today, a lot of sunshine out there, really spectacular, one of the best days so far this
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week. right now, 60 in san jose, currently 62 in gilroy. let's get you that hd sky camera network. two, three nights ago you couldn't make this out. tonight, some excellent visibility all the way back to the golden gate bridge, so the big question is, will we be fog-free for the morning hours? it does not look like that. patchy fogs against the immediate coastline, also the peninsu peninsula. thursday, starting the warming trend. a few 80s coming your way, but if you want the real heat, you'll have to wait until the weekend. over the past four days, though, it's been about this area of low pressure. it's been sitting in the same spot and hasn't moved, but today you noticed some of that sunshine. that's a sign of that system starting to kick off to the east and also weakening. that's going to make room for this area of high pressure, and here's the thing about this. it's not going to move directly
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on top of california. that would produce triple-digit heat, record-setting temperatures, it's going to be just offshore. we'll be just in between, the goldylocks forecast. we're not going to get rid of the fog on the coastline. widespread 50s and 60s. interior valley, 70s and 80s, and into friday, start to get some 90s. as for the morning hours, fog here across the san francisco peninsula. as we head throughout the noon hour, 1:00 and 2:00 p.m., some of the sunniest skies so far this week. not a bad way to end up the work week. plenty of low to mid 50s across most of the bay area. not too much fluctuation with the air pretty consistent across the south bay. as for your daytime highs, 79 in san jose, 80 in los gatos, 85 in gilroy, that's one of the hottest in the south bay. for the east bay, a round of
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upper 70s to near 80 degrees. as you head back by the bay, 69 in alameda, 73 in hayward and also 75 in fremont. heading to san francisco, still need the jacket, 68 expected there, 72 in oakland, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s in santa rosa. on your three-day forecast, start to get in on mid 90s through the upcoming weekend. that's going to stick. sunday, low to mid 90s, even monday and tuesday looks great inland. 70s and low to mid 80s by the bay, and by this weekend, we may have a little bit of beach weather mixed in, low 70s is not exactly bathing suit weather, but some people in the bay area brave it in the shorts and bikini in low 70s. >> we wear anything around here. >> you want to do it, the weather's there. >> thanks, jeff. well, coming up, homes in the bay area selling for a
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dollar, what? we'll explain. and a home fit for a hero. the amazing gift for one bay area veteran. stay with us.
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who says there isn't affordable housing in the bay area? i want to show you two homes being sold for, get this, a dollar each, in downtown berkeley. yes, $1. of course, there's a catch. the houses, built in 1905, are on the side of a proposed development, so as part of the review process, the developer is required to try to sell the properties before demolishing them. the buyer must then pay for the homes to be moved to another location by next year. a former u.s. serviceman and his family are enjoying their first night in their new home. brandon is a purple heart veteran from san jose. today, look at all the smiles there. he opened the door to his new home in antioch. this is the first home donation in northern california through
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the partnership between bank of america and homes for wounded heros program. >> i mean, i really don't know what to say. there's very few times in my life where i've been speechless. one of them involved one of the worst times in my life, but this is the best time in my life. just no words can explain what's happening here right now. >> very happy for his family. the program provides mortgage-free homes to soldiers injured during combat in iraq and afghanistan. a second home will be donated in antioch later this year. >> we hope they enjoy it with true happiness. dramatic night for the a's and the giants, just think torture. mindi bach is next.
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. a great outing by ryan vogelsong as he notched his 16th quality start this season, conceding only one run to the braves tonight. but another troublesome outing by reliever santiago casilla
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nearly cost the giants a win and could cost casilla his job. second game between the giants and braves. straight to extra innings. in the bottom of the tenth with two outs, santiago gave up a two-run shot to brian mccann. that's his fifth blown save in the last eight opportunities, and the top of the 11th, brandon crawford hit a three-run home run. that's his first home run since april 11th. gregor blanco added another three-run shot in the same inning. giants do win 9-4. >> coming out here in the humidity and the heat and the rain delay and keeping on through, i think, it was 11 innings and coming out here and putting some runs on the board, i think that's huge. expected a few out of me since april. i've been feeling good lately. hopefully, i can get the barrel on a few more. >> yes, hopefully. the division-leading rangers at the a's. bottom of the ninth, game tied at three, brandon hicks leads
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off with the first home run of his major league career. it's also a walk-off hit. that's the ninth walk-off win of the year for the a's. he gets a customary gatorade shower and a pie to the face. >> this team has a lot of heart, you know, we've shown it quite a bit of times this year, just the time i've been up here. i mean, it's good whenever you know everybody's going to battle until the end, it's exciting. >> well, he avoided me, and i got the side of his face, so don't avoid me. you're going to get it eventually. and alameda county district attorney has charged marshawn lynch with driving under the influence. the former cal football star, who now plays for the seahawks, was pulled over saturday. his attorney feels he'll get the case thrown out. either way, raj and jess, he has a court date on august 14th.
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he'll be in training camp with the seahawks, unfortunately for him, he'll have some legal issues to deal with this season. up next, she is a big part of team usa, and it turns out she's not even an athlete.
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that dramatic olympic music. with all due respect, the athletes do not want to see her at the olympics, but still love her. a bay area is headed to london, she's the doctor for team usa. this is cindy chang, her normal job, a doctor at cal services center, but this summer, she's the chief medical officer for team usa. how about that. she's going to oversee 80 other doctors. her rate, free of charge. dr. chang arrived in london a
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few days ago. dr. chang is already there and we're almost there. eight days until the opening ceremony. we have your exclusive olympics coverage here on nbc bay area. eight days, gosh, 19 hours, 58 minutes -- exactly. >> four days, 57 seconds before you leave to london. it's going to be fantastic. >> we have some sunshine there in london. >> forecast is improving next week. finally, the sun. >> thanks. >> bye-bye.
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>> jay: newt, i'm glad you're here. do you know nicole "snooki" polizzi? >> you mean the guidette who's gonna have a meatball with her fiance, jionni? who's gonna end up doing g.t.l. and t-shirt time? you bet. >> you're so cute. >> jay: wow.
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