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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 24, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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good morning, everybody. very happy could stop by and join us. i'm jon kelly. >> i'm marla tellez. we begin with developing news in the east bay. a young couple is dead after an early morning fire in pleasant hills. it happened at the briar apartments on donegal court. nbc bay area's bob redell has been at the scene all morning live. bob, the fire department says this fire was survivable. that was the case, huh? >> reporter: yes. good morning to you, marly. the fire department said the two young people who were killed here early this morning could have survived this fire if they had a working smoke detector. a young cup who will had recently moved in with each other, both in their early 30s, died along with one of their pets when their unit caught fire around 3:00 this morning at the briars apartments. the fire department can't tell
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us the smoke detector did not go off because it needed new batteries or it was nonexistent. based on where the bodies were found, it does appear the couple did try to escape their second-floor bedroom, but they died before gettinging out of that room. the investigator tells us he had a pretty good idea of what caused the fire but won't release that information. too preliminary, he says. only that they do believe it started downstairs. not sure if it was in the kitchen. when the fire department arrived around 3:30 this morning, the entire unit both upstairs and down stairs was fully involved, meaning that that fire could have been going for a good 30 minutes before someone called 911. >> oh, my god. i know who's in that apartment. and i hope she's not home because she usually works nights. and then i was hoping that her boyfriend wasn't there and i was hoping that the animals weren't in -- you know, hoping -- just having hope, basically. >> we don't think there were working smoke detectors here. smoke detectors are your first line of defense, and they can
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absolutely save your life. so if people can check their smoke detectors when they get home from work tonight, make sure that they're working and replace the batteries as needed. >> reporter: and replace the smoke detector itself if it's over ten years old because the fire department says at that age it won't work anyhow. the fire did destroy that one unit, damaged at least three more. there are 18 people who live in that building who are still evacuated. red cross has been helping them out with temporary living arrangements. it does appear that the building inspector is on scene right now trying to evaluate when some of these units can be released back to their tenants. bob redell, nbc bay area news. and new at 11:00, a second suspect in the murders of a father and two sons enters a not guilty plea in san francisco's courtroom this morning. wilfredo reyes had been hiding out in north carolina before authorities found him earlier this month. reyes stands accused in the
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death of anthony, michael, and matthew bologna in a daytime drive-by shooting four years ago. prosecutors say reyes and his alleged accomplice, edwin ramos, mistook the bolognas for a rival gang members. ramos now serving a life sentence for those murders. president obama is on the road again or should we say back in the air. he left the bay area within the hour bound for portland and for more fund-raising. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at sfo where air force one just took off. christie, you've been covering him for the last couple days. you getting some up-close and personal looks at him? >> reporter: yeah. you know, we saw him. he just took off about 45 minutes ago. i can tell you that president obama's departure here was quick and organized after a packed schedule in the bay area. he essentially crammed in three fund-raisers in just one day in the east bay. he made a whole lot of money, just came back here to sfo, and it was wheels up in air force one as president obama was on to
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his next stop. he went up the stairs and gave a quick wave to the media as e this always does. this after his second night in san francisco that included a quick trip to reno and then back to the east bay at two fund-raisers guests paying up to $38,000 a person. the highlight, though, was at oakland's fox theater where a packed house of about 2,000 people cheered the president on, some of them channing "four more years." during his visit, he called out the presumed gop presidential nominee mitt romney and the republican party when talking about moving the country forward. >> it's what's going on in washington, this uncompromising view that the only path forward is to go back to the same top-down economics that got us into this mess in the first place. >> reporter: but protesters outside also called the president out, including medical marijuana advocates upset with recent federal crackdowns on bay
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area marijuana dispensaryings. there were also anti-war activists out there and a number of others. mr. obama had a rather large motorcade here. we're told that will be shipped out and there is already one of equal size at his next stop in portland. live at sfo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. happening right now, we give you live pictures from reno, where president obama's republican opponent, mitt romney, has just stepped up to the podium to speak. he's there addressing the vfw convention, the very same convention the president spoke at yesterday. both of the candidates defending their support for the military and programs to find jobs and homes for veterans. >> incoming national commander john hamilton, incoming auxiliary president leon lindley, adjutant general kemp, executive director bob hall,
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distinguished guests and mers of the vfw -- >> once again that is mitt romney, the republican presidential candidate, in reno, nevada. he is addressing the vfw talking about defending the support for the military and the jobs at home for veterans like president obama did yesterday. we'll keep you posted on both of their tours, campaigning all the over the country and the world. well, this morning one person is in custody after a 12-hour police standoff in oakland. officers and s.w.a.t. teams surrounded to a home in the 2300 block of east 24th yesterday afternoon. it was believed two suspects wanted for ramming and shooting at a chp cruiser saturday were hiding there. it's unclear if the person in custody is connected to that incident. the standoff ended just after 2:00 this morning. here's a very interesting report. a brand-new one finding hundreds of gas line activists across the entire country could have easily been prevented, this according to an associated press
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investigation which identified at least 270 natural gas accidents since 1968 that could have been avoided or diminished by valves that cut off leaking gas. now, these are truly devices that only cost about 10 bucks, but nearly 90% of the nation's gas lines are not fitted with those valves. as far as the gas industry is concerned, it says those types of valves are unreliable and they cost too much to install. well, it was a tragic end to a summer weekend trip at national park. a vie nisha man falling to his death while mountain climbing in the grand teton national park in wyoming. that is 27-year-old justin bell vin. he was descending a 12,000-foot peak with two friends on sunday when he fell. park rangers spotted bell vin's body a thousand feet down that mountain. all kinds of thunderstorms preventing officials from recovering his body until yesterday. drug companies could soon foot that bill for unwanted medication in the bay area.
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more bay area cities. alameda county board of supervisors will vote today on whether to make companies pay for the disposal of pills. now, currently the county is on the hook for that, paying $300,000 annually to discard unused medication. the lawmakers there want to shift that burden away from taxpayers. san francisco, for the record, has been running a similar program just like this for more than a year. a half-cent doesn't sound like much, but san mateo county leaders say it could raise $60 million a year. today the board of supervisors will consider asking voters to approve a half-kren sales tax high in the november election. if approved, the measure would increase the sales tax in most cities from 8.25% to 8.75%. the tax revenue would be used for county parks, health clinics, youth programs, and jail staffing. it would expire after ten years. and in san francisco, supervisors are expected to vote today on a plan that would shrink the minimum size of an
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apartment to just 150 square feet. the apartments would be smaller than most college dorm rooms and would have just enough space for a fold-out bed, a kitchenette and a bathroom. no word on how much they would go for. >> they'll be able to fold up everything. >> for 150 a month. >> take it with you. but if you had a small apartment or big one, another nice day to get outside. >> yeah, if you can reach in your mini fridge and pull out a lemonade because it is cold in some cities but not in the east bay. temperatures are running nice and mild right now, and it's going to be hot later on. this is one of the cooler spots, your coastal cities barely starting to break into the mid-60s at this hour. taking a live look from high atop san bruno mountain where you can see the entire span of the city by the bay. 11:10 now. let's get to your temperatures. they are starting to warm up pretty nicely but still holding on to the mid-60s in san francisco, santa rosa, and novato. that's where the clouds are hanging out. same for santa cruz.
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the 70s just starting to pick up your temperatures in the east bay where it will be hot later on but not for long. we'll cool you off throughout wednesday and continue that cooldown all the way through friday of this week, only to ramp your numbers right back up as we head through the weekend. an up-and-down swing. we'll sort it all out for you, help you make those outdoor plans. you might have those kids home with you. we'll let you know which beach cities will be comfortable for them. >> more or less a mother nature seesaw. >> teeter-totter. >> thank you very much. stories of heroism and selflessness emerging days after that colorado movie massacre. we'll be hearing from the families of the shooting victims when we come back. also a first in u.s. church history. a catholic priest learns his punishment for covering up sex abuse claims. free tuition from one high-tech company. i'll tell you which one coming up in business news. >> and a live look at the san mateo bridge.
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welcome back, everybody. the man accused in the nation's worst mass shooting is back in jail in colorado, that being james holmes. he'll be back in court next week for a formal arraignment. meantime, more stories of heroism inside the aurora knew vie theater that night continue to pour in this day. lea leann gregg will tell us how they're trying to comfort and inspire a grieving community. >> reporter: 24 hours after suspect james holmes appeared in court, there are more questions than answers about the suspect's state of mind. demonic. that's how one of the family members described him. >> there's something wrong with that man. >> given the nature of the charges, you are currently been held on a no-bond hold.
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>> reporter: during a brief preliminary court hearing on monday, the 24-year-old seemed dazed, bizarre, and lacking focus. some legal analysts expect an insanity plea. >> the question becomes mentzly did you understand what you were doing and should you be held accountable. >> reporter: david sanchez was also in the courtroom for his daughter, katie medley, who couldn't attend because she was about to have a baby. >> i was putting off looking at his face and eventually i had to get past that and see who the killer was. >> reporter: monday night katie was in labor while her husband, cal caleb, remained in a coma after shielding her from gunfire. there are many other stories of heroism. 26-year-old alex died protecting his girlfriend, amanda. >> i'll just tell you he protected me, you know? he didn't -- maybe he didn't hesitate. i was very confused and he didn't hesitate. >> reporter: alex's father spoke
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about his son and the grief he's now feeling. >> he was one of the best sons any man could ever have. and i've been honored to know him. >> reporter: the community now waiting for answers and justice as the legal process gets under way. the judge scheduled monday for the filing of charges, but it could be a year or more before the case goes to trial. leanne gregg, nbc news, aurora, colorado. a high-ranking member of the catholic church is headed to prison. monsignor william lynn is the first u.s. church leader branded a felon for covering up sex abuse claims against priests. the 61-year-old was sentenced in philadelphia this morning for a child endangerment conviction. he is the former is secretary for clergy at the philadelphia archdiocese. well, breaking news right now out of chicago. we are just getting word that the man convicted of killing jennifer hudson's mother,
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brother, and nephew has just been sentenced to life in prison. william balfour was convicted earlier this year of first-degree murder in the 2008 jennifer hudson was in the courtroom for the sentencing. balfour was married to hudson's sister. prosecutors contend he shot the family members in a jealous rage because she was dating another man. america's biggest company will open its financial books to investors in less than three hours. our business and tech reporter, scott mcgrew, has a look ahead at apple's quarterly report. well, good morning. some pessimists do expect a decline in iphone sales, not because iphone isn't cool but because people aren't buying the iphone 4s because they think the iphone 5 is just around the corner. now, that said, at&t does say better than 75% of its smartphone that it sells are iphones. ipad sales may hit a new record. iphone and ipad together make up three-quarters of apple's revenue. new charges this morning
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against former executives at news corp. former news of the world editor rebecca brooks there and former adviser to the british prime minister, a guy named andy colson, as well as six others face new conspiracy and hacking charges. you'll recall they're accused of hacking into hollywood stars' voice mail as well as the voice mail of a young murder victim, millie dowler. happier news, says it will pay for its warehouse workers to go back to school. up to $2,000 a year for tuition but only if the employee is willing to take classes in a skill america needs more of, like nursing or aircraft carrier mechanics. amazon is opening a big warehouse in paterson. employees there won't be eligible right away. you have to work for amazon for three years to qualify, especially imimpressive when you consider the fact that amazon is essentially paying its workers to discover a new skill they wouldn't use at amazon. they'll leave. yet they're still paying the
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bill. back to you. >> very interesting, scott. thank you very much. meteorologist christina loren joins us now with a look at that forecast. >> hey, yeah, you know, we've got some changes on the way, no consistency in the weather department, but the bearer of good news, no extremes either. we don't have any extreme heat or cold to report. in fact, some cities are going to get room-temperature readings later on today, down right perfection, especially along the east shore. those are my pick cities today -- oakland, fremont, beautiful conditions, mid-70s. this is san jose. taking a live look here, completely clear. a little hazy out there. we still have good air quality. open up the windows. it will be another warm day, not quite as warm as yesterday. let's get to your numbers this morning. 66 in oakland, 65 degrees in san francisco. near the water you're holding onto the mid-60s. inland, you want to do any outdoor activities, a couple more hours before it gets hot. 70 right now in san jose. you'll be at about 80 degrees at 2:00 p.m. rounding out the day at 82 degrees in san jose. a little warm in the heat of the day but not too bad. take a live look at the
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satellite imagery. let's look at the clouds, pacifica to san jose, some midlevel and high clouds out there, but they'll clear out, high pressure still in control. that will keep us nice and warm. area of low pressure arrives for tonight ushering in a deep marine layer tomorrow morning, a strong round of onshore flow so a little drizzle on your way to work tomorrow morning. plan on that. but we'll also get cooler weather out of that onshore flow, so that's the good news, staying nice and mild as we have for the most part so far this summer. 82 degrees in san jose, about 79 degrees in los gatos. giants back at it tonight. 7:15, taking on the pads. going to be nice at at&t park. crisp conditions. 57 degrees at about 8:00. catch that game on our sister station comcast sports net bay area. by thursday, the low 80s, hold onto those for friday. then we ramp the numbers back up. back to you. coming up next, the finishing touches for the summer olympic games. we'll take you to london where
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athletes are already practicing those events. plus, this is pretty cool. virgin america giving one lucky loyalty member a huge gift that you can say is simply out of this world. and here's a live look off in the distance, yes, that is 680, the sunol grade. nice clear blue skies. christina says the 80s are on their way for the weekend. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] consider the journey of today's athletes. their training depends on technology. and when it takes a battery, there are athletes everywhere who trust duracell. they rely on copper to go for the gold. duracell. trusted everywhere. and soon...even more reason to trust duracell. duralock power preserve. it locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. guaranteed. duralock. coming soon to every duracell battery. ready or not -- >> here we go. get ready for the rings and the olympic opening ceremonies in london. that is set for friday. >> from the athletes to the venues to security, everyone is putting the finishing touches on their preparation. >> very busy. britain's security minister visiting the hub for police forces during the games, and he
11:23 am
says that location will be critical during these games. thousands of officers will be having their meals and briefings there over the course of the next three weeks. golf balls were flying on the river thames as u.s. golfer justin johnson and spain's sergio garcia practiced their shots from a river barge. how fun. >> very cool. >> the event was to promote the return of golf to the olympics in 2016. it's not been included in the london games, not included, i should say. the last final golf was part of the olympics was in 1904. >> yeah, i remember that. the tennis stars andy murray and venus williams returning to wimbledon. not with racquets this time. they have the olympic torches. both off the tournament last month and will soon be back competing for that gold medal. just three days to go before the opening ceremonies. you can catch all the action right here on nbc bay area. >> we suggest you check out our website. all sorts of cool things. photos and profiles of your bay
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area athletes. logon to, look for the london 2012 section of our home page. raj mathai will be there reporting live throughout the olympics. >> he's probably sleeping right now. >> probably. needs some rest. the ultimate frequent flier reward, that story when we come back.
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welcome back. virgin america wants to send one of its frequent fliers into space. >> yeah. i like the sound of this one. the bay area-based airline revamping its rewards program and blowing it up large, going all galaxy. this is part of a plan to send one frequent flier into space. the person who scores the most points between august 8th of this year and august 7th of 2013 gets to go intergalactic on the virgin galactic. the chief, richard branson, was planning to start blasting tourists into space next year. if you rack up the miles, you get to go into outer space. >> i'm logging on to united to
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