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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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that big night. good evening. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm janelle wang. tonight live team coverage on the eve of the summer games. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd spoke to a bay area man back home after carrying the torch. a scary experience. >> raj mathai is there. he spent some time with brandi chastain. so good to see you, raj. so good to have you there. >> yes. good to see you. and a good morning to you, jessica and janelle. we're halfway around the world and the last few days we've been here we've bumped into so many people from the bay area, a lot of families, a lot of fans, a lot of business people all here for the big three weeks ahead of us. and of course there will be a lot of dignitaries here as well, a lot of heads of state. but there is one notable exception. president obama will not be here. instead his wife, the first lady, michelle obama, is here. she arrived in london just a few hours ago. and at the opening ceremony she'll be sitting with a very familiar face from the bay area.
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usually, when we talk about wardrobe with brandi chastain it involves, well, her sports bra. but tonight's wardrobe a lot different. the bay area soccer legend was invited by the white house to sit with the first lady. >> i am so excited. although i'm paranoid as can be about what to wear to the opening ceremonies to sit in the first lady's delegation. because you know, usually for the opening ceremonies they just give you your uniform and you wear it. so you don't have to do any thinking. so it's a little stressful trying to decide what to wear next to michelle obama. >> reporter: chastain will be part of michelle obama's delegation, which focuses on getting fit. >> i'm going to tell her about the bay area women's sports initiative. i'm going to tell her about how awesome it is that there's a woman in the white house that gets how important activity in young girls and young kids' lives. and anything i can do to help with that is important to me.
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>> reporter: always nice to see brandi chastain, the now retired soccer star who's now based and lives in san jose. you're going to come out here to london to join us for the opening ceremony you'd better bring your money. tickets for the opening ceremony go up to $4,500. that's u.s. dollars. if you want to convert that to the british pound, that's about 2,500 pounds. it's a closely guarded secret. but we do know the opening ceremony is called the isles of wonder. sir paul mccartney expected to perform. and david beckham, the soccer star, says he has a surprise role at this ceremony. so we are ready to go. and yes, we mentioned it is friday morning. take a look. this is the "times" of london. a simple headline with a beautiful sunrise. "let the games begin." and that's exactly what we're going to do. our coverage is just beginning for this newscast. jessica, we'll see you a bit later. we'll send it back to you on a, what, thursday night in the bay area. >> yes, that's true. raj, you've been in london lots of times before. tell me a little bit about what it feels like to be there during this experience. >> reporter: i've been coming here, because i have family here, for the last 20 years.
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and i'll tell you what, this is not the london i know. it's remarkable. the whole city has been energized, re-energized, and transformed. so it's an amazing time to be here. we saw so many -- we've seen so many bay area families here. they are really enjoying it. and the games haven't even begun yet. >> well, jolly good indeed. thank you very much. we'll see you a little bit later. and you can see the opening ceremonies tomorrow night right here on nbc bay area. our coverage starts at 7:30. coming up in about ten minutes as raj mentioned we'll be back to talk about how london beat out the bay area in the competition to host these games. and right now our team coverage continues. cheryl hurd live in fremont. and cheryl, you spoke with the young man who carried the olympic torch and then got robbed? >> reporter: that's right, janelle. he's a uc berkeley junior. set out to change the world. but you could have knocked him over with a feather when he got that opportunity to carry that torch in england. but thieves tried to take that joy away in rome.
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>> my dad and i were trying to chase these guys. they got away. >> reporter: they got away with his precious olympic memories. an olympic torch bearer from fremont who got the opportunity of a lifetime in andover, england. >> just running i realized that oh, my gosh, that's the bag that has the camera, the video camera with all of our pictures and video, stuff they'ven't even seen yet. >> reporter: an ipad, passport, money, and credit cards that belong to his dad were also in that bag. the family got robbed in rome. they traveled from england to rome, making his torch-bearing experience a family vacation. it turned into a bad dream. but nia says he never lost sight of why he was there. >> you're there to not only carry the torch but you're really there for those people who are there. they're there to watch that moment. >> that moment was captured on many cameras along that 300-meter run. and when news about the robbery spread worldwide, people
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responded. >> i've been getting e-mails from the people there. and been able to get some pictures. got some videos. and just really nice and kind e-mails from them. >> reporter: he was a torch bearer you couldn't forget. he did a flip during his run. many spectators uploaded that video on youtube. >> i'm just so honored to have this opportunity to have gone through this whole journey. >> reporter: you might be wondering about nia's uniform and torch. well, they are both safe. he's expecting them to arrive in the mail tomorrow morning. reporting live in fremont, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> okay, cheryl. thanks so much. new at 11:00 tonight, bright nights ahead for the new bay bridge and for drivers who may feel like they're cruising on a nascar track. new lights unveiled tonight. however, they will make the bridge safer for drivers. nbc bay area's gotten a look at
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the changes and why it's going to be a one-of-a-kind experience. jean. >> reporter: jessica, we are standing at what will be the westbound lanes of the new span of the bray bridge, and i want to show you why this lighting system is so unique. take a look. imagine you're driving west here on the road and you look up at those light poles. you can't really see the lights. they are lighting the area in front of you. but if you turn around and look behind you, you see all kinds of lights. now, that is by design. drivers will just see a wash of light, creating a safer driving experience. when all the light poles are up, there will be 48,000 l.e.d. light bulbs. each l.e.d. is expected to last 10 to 15 years, which saves energy and maintenance costs. designers from iowa say these bridge lights are like nothing else in the world. >> l.e.d.s, which are individually named and individually visored. and so you create basically the ability to paint the roadway surface as opposed to just kind of throwing a bunch of light at it.
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you actually can be much more sophisticated in what you're trying to do. >> reporter: now, the light poles are also unique. they're made in nebraska. they are fivesided pentagons designed to look like the centerpiece of the new span. the self-anchored suspension tower. while artsy, the base of the poles are two inches thick. built to stay standing during an earthquake. so now if you are driving across the old bay bridge in the coming days you'll see the lights here coming on and off. caltrans is beginning lighting tests while crews continue to install this very unique lighting system. reporting live on the bay bridge, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> very cool. thank you, jean. people who use a popular bike trail in palo alto are on high alert tonight after police say a man robbed a bicyclist at gunpoint. nbc bay area's george kiriyama is live on that bike path in palo alto. and george, this is a very popular trail. what are people saying? >> reporter: well, you know, people are concerned. when we told them tonight -- in fact, a lot of people didn't know that this incident had happened. right now this is the bike
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trail. we're going to show you a little bit of it here. it runs the length of pal alto. this part right here behind the town and country village shopping center right here in palo alto. police are looking for someone who robbed that cyclist at about this time on tuesday night. we did talk to people who use this trail and a few told us that they're going to bike somewhere else. it's a well-traveled path. popular with cyclists and walkers. but the bike path behind the town & country village in palo alto may not be the safest place. >> it doesn't feel like the sakest place, especially when it gets dark. >> reporter: and the trail became a bit more dangerous after a cyclist was robbed at gunpoint tuesday night. police say the man woonz his way home when the robber stopped him and demanded he empty his pockets of a cell phone and some cash. rose says she'll be finding another way home from now on. >> i don't know if i'll be taking this route anymore. because that's -- have they caught the person at all? no. see, that makes me more uncomfortable i would say. >> reporter: police just released this sketch of a
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suspect. he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans at the time of the robbery. miriam oncos rides his bicycle on this trail almost every day. >> it's surprising to hear that there's somebody held up at gunpoint. that's somewhat disturbing, i guess. i'd better be watching next time what time i go. >> reporter: and police say if you have any information give them a call. we're live in palo alto tonight. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thanks, george. still ahead an nbc bay area investigative exclusive unit. how a local woman got a $65,000 check and was saved from bankruptcy. plus we're going back to london to see how that city beat out the bay area to host the summer games. then -- [ screaming ]. >> a close call as heavy storms sweep across the east coast. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. we'll have a look at the radar and we're also tracking a little bit of warmling air in the
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forecast as we head into the forecast. we'll talk about a much hotter seven-day and when 90s will return. coming up.
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tonight an update on an investigative report. it was a car deal gone bad. a local family accused a san jose auto dealer of stealing $65,000. they received no help from law enforcement. so they turned to the nbc bay area investigative unit. chief investigator tony cove levski is here with a resolution to the investigation. and tony, without the money the family was considering closing its senior care facility in santa cruz. >> reporter: you might remember this one. you can't forget this family.
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they were fced to sell their collector's car to keep their family business money. now good news. they got the money they should have received several months ago. so you've got the money. the care home stays open. >> yes, it was. >> reporter: the checks tell this story. $65,000 flor madsen thought she would never see. >> i thought i was going to go bankruptcy. the reason i sold the car is because i need the money. >> reporter: a year ago she was forced to sell this collector's car, a purchase she made as an investment. but like the investment, the sale did not go well. >> you've stolen money from my mother. >> if you want to call it stolen, ma'am, i'm getting back to you as quick as i can. >> reporter: with our hidden camera capturing every moment, flor's daughter confronted the owner of steven's creek auto mall. >> my mother runs a reputable business taking care of elderly people. you have put us in a position by
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not paying us money on a car -- >> reporter: the contract clearly said the owner of steven's creek auto mall had to pay flor madsen within 20 days of selling her collector car. but the dealership sold the car and kept the $65,000. no promise to pay. until the nbc bay area investigative unit started asking questions. >> when we last sat down, you said you were going to pay her. she got her money. >> yes. >> did you learn a lesson? >> well, it's just -- i don't know if i learned a lesson. it's just part of doing business. you know, it was a glitch in the system. >> reporter: ron batistella owns steven's creek auto mall. he's a car dealer with a checkered past that includes problems with the irs and the state of california. he admits the glitch was his responsibility. >> was this a bit of a wake-up call for you as a businessman? >> well, it's -- like i say, wake-up call. it was a wake-up call to have the negative publicity, yes. that was a wake-up call.
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i mean, it's unfortunate it happened. but it's fortunate that we got it done and complete. and i think everybody's happy and we move on. >> i guess he got scared because of the news. and he didn't want it to -- you know, to ruin his name. and we all make mistakes. and i hope he learned by his mistake not to make anybody feel so uncomfortable like i have felt. >> reporter: so here's what else we've learned. san jose pd did review the transaction and the santa clara county district attorney did not file charges. both saying the issue was a civil matter. the california department of motor vehicles continues to investigate the details of this deal. now, two things to take away. the car dealer did pay as he promised. but if it happens again, we'll return to ask more questions. janelle? >> good work, tony. thanks so much. and if you have a tip for our investigative unit, just give us a call at 888-996-tips. you can also send us an e-mail to
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okay. our countdown to the opening ceremonies for the 2012 london games continues now. and you are looking live at london, just hours away from those ceremonies. nbc bay area's raj mathai is live in london. and raj no, question about it, london is a fabulous, first-rate city, but the games could have been in san francisco. >> reporter: they could have. and it's amazing. ten years ago, i remember, back in 2002, we all flew out to chicago. the united states olympic committee hosted a news conference. and at that point they said san francisco and the entire bay area was a final candidate in terms of the american bid to host the 2012 games. and at that point we thought 2012, that's so far away. but 2012 is here, and san francisco was obviously shut out by london. with its history, style, and culture it's no surprise that london is hosting the olympics for a record third time. but it wasn't supposed to be this way. it was supposed to be the 2012
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san francisco games. >> we were extremely disappointed. i think surprised is the wrong word. so we were very disappointed because we really thought we could win in the international phase of the competition. >> reporter: ann cribbs is a palo alto-based gold medal olympian. she's also the president of the bay area sports organizing committee. you might recall back in 2002 with the help of about 400 bay area olympians and a colorful mayor they tried unsuccessfully to host the 2012 games. >> the games of the xxx olympiad in 2012 are awarded to the city of london. >> i was behind all the u.s. bids. but once london was chosen i was very happy about that as well. >> bringing together the world's greatest event with one of the world's greatest cities is just a phenomenal combination. i think london and the games together, you couldn't do much better than that. >> reporter: so while london takes center stage this summer, the bay area will work backstage
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for its turn in the international spotlight. >> we've told the usoc that when they're ready and want to discuss a summer bid we'd love to talk with them. but right now everybody's kind of in a holding pattern. >> reporter: yeah, it is a holding pattern. so what's next? when might san francisco and the bay area host the summer olympics? it could be 2024. it sounds like years away. but time flies as we discovered in terms of 2012. and speaking of flying, jessica and janelle, we can get two tickets for you. it's a quick ten-hour flight from sfo here to london. we'll save two seats for you at the opening ceremony. we'll see you later. >> you're picking up the tab, i'm flying. thank you very much, raj. let the games begin. well, tomorrow is the start of our olympic coverage on nbc. and if you're wondering where and when you can watch your favorite events, head to, click on the olympics tab, scroll down, then click on the viewing guide. you can look up events by sports
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to find the viewing time and online listings. again, back here in the u.s. heavy storms rolled across the east coast tonight. one new york woman went outside to record the show and got a little too close for comfort. >> oh! [ screaming ] >> that lightning bolt appeared to hit right next door. the woman says it was so close she could actually feel the heat from the lightning bolt. >> that is so scary and unnerving. let's turn to jeff. luckily we don't get a lot of lightning strikes out here in california. >> yeah. only just a few months back that we had some of that and also across lake tahoe this past week. i do want to give everyone a quick view here if you're doing any traveling over the next 12 to 18 hours, let's say tomorrow morning, we've cleared out from that strongest rain in new york. but if you're flying to washington or baltimore, another line of storms looks to be headed your way. that may impact your travel if you are leaving in the morning, let's say. all right. otherwise, back here across the bay area, temperatures in the low 50s. real cool up into the north bay. not so bad for tonight. we do have the fog.
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we'll take to you that live. hd sky camera network. and out here along the embarcadero you can see we are fogd in tonight. we can't even rule out a little bit of drizzle up against the immediate coastline. now let's take you to london. we've been taking you there for the whole show. and what you'll find here is there is some haze. we're going to have more on this changing forecast coming up. all right. back here on our weather board as we continue throughout at least the next 24 to 48 hours what we're following is some hotter air back out across the southwest. and then we also have another region of some warmer air in the pacific. we're going to be sandwiched in between both of these and that's going to really help to bump up our temperatures as we head throughout friday and also saturday. the thing about this heat wave, it's not going to be hot for everyone. we'll still hold on with this cooler area right along the coastline with 50s and 60s. then back here in the interior valley 70s and 80s. i think it's not going to be until the weekend when a lot of you notice the numbers going on up. low 50s in the north bay to start. 58 in san jose and also 54 in los gatos. all right. for your daytime highs on friday
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you want to listen up down here in the south bay. we'll have 79 in san jose. 79 also in sunnyvale. a little cooler in palo alto. 80 in walnut creek. 76 in the castro valley. 60s near the bay. back in san francisco, 64 for you and also 75 in santa rosa. so the opening ceremony of course is for tomorrow. right here on nbc at 7:30. you don't want to miss it. chance here at some showers. forecast looks still to be holding out. of course they probably planned for some sort of shower activity. then as we head throughout the first day of competition on saturday it will stay dry with temperatures in the low 70s. and speaking of that opening ceremony, did you know that london has now held the olympics three different times. 10,000 olympians in that opening ceremony. 206 countries represented. and that's going to count for a cost at the opening ceremony of an estimated $42 million. so it's going to be a can't-miss event right here on nbc tomorrow night. all right. for this weekend upper 80s to low 90s. and as we head throughout the rest of your forecast
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temperatures will be warming up into the low 90s for next monday, tuesday, and also for wednesday. so i know there was a lot going on over here, but did you guys hear exactly how much that cost is? >> $42 million. >> 42 million. >> crazy. >> you're like an encyclopedia for the olympic games. >> i know. just call me encyclopedia. >> we will. coming up, japan's hottest store is coming to the bay area, and it's bringing hundreds of new jobs with it.
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looking for a job? a new department store is opening in san francisco bringing with it 500 new openings. uniqlo will open its doors this fall on powell street just one block from union square. the store's very popular in japan. in fact, popular throughout all of asia. right now new york has the only u.s. store. the new san francisco store will be 29,000 square feet. tomorrow morning at city hall the company will announce a $25,000 donation to the bay area chapter of the red cross as well.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. every nfl owner would love to get their hands on the super bowl trophy. but it doesn't come at a cheap price. big-time players demand big-time salaries. and the san francisco 49ers put the money on the table to find their franchise player, dashon goldson today. it's not a long-term deal but the pro bowl safety signed a one-year tender with the san francisco 49ers worth $6.2 million. it was either take the cash or sit out the entire season. goldston had 52 tackles, six picks last season, in 14 games. >> no-brainer, man. i owed it to my teammates. those guys have been working extremely hard. i missed a little bit of the off-season earlier. and i didn't want to miss another part of this training camp. to come back out here, pick up
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from where we stopped last year. i don't want to come out to a slow start this season. no hard feelings. like i said it's just one of those things. i mean, it ain't bad money. the most important thing is being out here and getting the season started. over to baseball. giants have the day off. but they don't have a long time to rest. tomorrow they play host to their rival los angeles dodgers. not only are these teams rivals, they're also the top two teams in the nl west. the giants realize they're in for a tough series. >> you know, you're going to see first place teams play against us. we're going to do the best. we want to play our game. we're very serious right now. that's what we're going to do. >> they've gotten some help. and you know, we're going to play our best ball. you know, they're a solid club. pitching, offense. you know, they're having a good road trip. but you know, nothing changes.
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it doesn't matter who you're playing, whatever, you've still got to go out there and find a way to win. over to the a's and blue jays. bottom of the sixth a's up 4-3, but travis snyder has something to say about that. lays down the safety three. kelly johnson takes tommy "bad to the bone" milone deep. and the blue jays go on to win 10-4. by the way, g-men have the day off but they extended their first place lead in the nl west. dodgers lost to the cardinals. l.a. is now three games behind the giants. and don't forget, olympic ceremony tomorrow right here on nbc bay area. that'll do it for now. we'll be right back. hey parents, it's a big year. i'm not just teaching music.
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♪ so call me maybe the u.s. olympic swim team between practice laps and warm-ups they made a "call me maybe" lip-sync video. ryan lochte, michael phelps make an appearance. natalie coughlin helped choreograph that airplane part of the video. very nice job. >> oh, look. even a little underwater synchronized swimming action. >> very cute. >> thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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