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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 6, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the city council voted to turn this flat grace grss space into turf field, including a soccer field, a softball field, and new led lighting. here's the rub. the project includes what is called a joint use agreement with archbishop midi high school. it says midi will pay $375,000 to build the field here and to get exclusive rights to the park on week days between 2:45 and 5:30 p.m. >> this is an improvement to this park that many neighborhoods have been being for for years. they're paying over $300,000 of investment into the field. and in exchange for the rental fee they will be doing the maintenance of the entire park. >> reporter: neighbors say not a chance. >> it is a local park, the residents around the park should have a say in what is happening to the park itself. i thought it was wrong. i wanted to take action. >> reporter: another neighbor filed this injunction saying the project violates city charter. >> we just won't have any
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community space and open and green space for everyone to use unfortunately, sadly. >> the city has the audacity, if you would, to in essence turn around and privatize something that really belongs to the public. >> reporter: now that eighth grader gathered 1200 signatures in a petition. i'm looking at that petition here online, telling the city that this is, in fact, a bad idea. the city attorneys told me he had not been served as of yet, so i sent him a copy of that injunction. he says as far as he can see, this project will continue on august 13th, it will commence on that date unless he has a court order ordering him to stop. live in west san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a developing story we have been following all afternoon long. an amber alert in san hjoaquin county. they believe her kidnapper could be her father and heading to the bay area. 30-year-old jonathan martinez took his 1-year-old daughter.
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he was last seen in a white shirt and jeans and an a's baseball cap. his daughter was seen wearing pajamas with yellow and green polka dots. keep an eye out for a 1999 silver gnc yukon with the california license plate on the screen, 5gmw656. we will continue to follow the story and bring you more information as we get it. new details on the deadly shooting of an east bay teen. the high school football team is grappling with a huge loss tonight. one of their teammates was dwgu downed in richmond. now some friends are asking the color of his clothes cost him his life. jodi hernandez is live with more on this 16-year-old boy who was killed. >> reporter: a very tragic story, that 16-year-old boy we are told put everything he had into playing football. today was supposed to be first day of football camp with double
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day practices scheduled for later this week. instead, his coaches and teammates are left to grieve. >> the best description i can give you is his smile. i hope i have a picture on my desk somewhere of him smiling and i won't need to say anything else. >> reporter: that's how the coach describes ulysis grivalja. >> we're trying to fathom what happened last night. >> he's a real good kid, football. he put all his work into football. that game stuff. just tough it had to happen to him. >> reporter: richmond police department shot technology captured the sound of the gunfire that killed him. they don't know the motive but they say the suspects are known to have game ties. >> there was some exchange,
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words exchanged. i don't know if it was an altercation or a conversation. but the suspects did speak to the victim before shooting him. >> reporter: those who know him say he walked the straight and narrow. they say his focus was family and football. and he never got into trouble. >> everyone just loved him. that's why it is shocking. something we weren't expecting at all. >> what do you want him to know? >> that i love him. >> a tough day for his friends and his coaches. now friends and family say ulysis was wearing his school color, a red pullover sweater at the time of the shooting. some are speculating that may have led or played a role in this shooting, but police say so far they don't know if that in fact was the case. now so far police have arrested one suspect. they are looking for a second man, a man in his 20s. reporting live in richmond, jodi
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hernandez, nbc bay area news. oakland police investigating a deadly robbery at a duplex that housed a marijuana grow inside. after 4:30, three men broke into a gated unit on seventh street in oakland's china town. exactly how they got in is still unclear. caretaker was the one who actually called police after the shooting. he said one of the men opened fire, shot his dog and he fired back. >> responding officers found a decessed person inside one of the residences. suffered from a gunshot wound. the homeowner was detakened as being interviewed by homicide investigators to determine what in fact did take place. >> police say there were is 00 pot plants inside the home. the caretaker showed police paperwork suggesting the house was a sanctioned operation. but that hasn't been confirmed. they're searching for two other suspects in the shooting. here comes the drop.
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alex morgan has done it. >> a nail biter in women's olympic soccer today. team usa against canada, the score tied at 3 before going into extra time and that's when cal's own alex morgan took the crossing pass off her head and into the goal. the 4-3 win put the us us into the gold medal game against japan on thursday. now, the second week of competition is very exciting. phil rogers is live in london with the very latest and a good late evening to you, phil. >> good evening, janelle and jessica. we do have another athlete who has failed his drug test. but this time it is an american and this time he admits his mistake. another first for the london olympics in team usa, but not the kind organizers wanted. american judo competitor nicholas delpopolo stripped of his credentials. he's the first athlete here in london to fail a post competition drug test.
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delpopolo said he unknowingly ate food laced with marijuana before the games began. the u.s. picked up another bronze medal today, matt emmons in the 50 meter three position shooting. and u.s. hurdles sensation lolo jones won her first heat in the hurdles seeking redemption after her stomachible in b her stumble in beijing. >> it is hurdles, it is fair game. got to get over all ten. that's what i love about t don't ever bet on the hurdles. it is a terrible thing to bet on. >> tossing a bottle at a track meet is not a good idea either. but that alleged move landed a 34-year-old man in court today after it nearly interrupted the start of last night's 100 meter final featuring gold medalist usain bolt. >> not just unacceptable at the olympic games, unacceptable in any sports venue. >> he places a public order
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charge. the incident had no effect on the race. >> he's still the king of the 100. >> it set off jubilant celebrations in london's jamaican community. he tried to add gold in the 200 meters beginning tomorrow. this is the jacket u.s. athletes are wearing on the medal stand in london. some wondered why it is gray. the answer is that it has a special reflective coating and then when it is hit by camera flashes, and there are plenty of those here in london, it actually lights up almost like it is electric. of course, u.s. athletes will hope it keep lighting up the medal stant in london in six more days of competition here at the olympic games. that's the latest from the olympics. i'm phil rogers, nbc bay area news, reporting live from london. >> we have wondered about that. nice to have the answer. thanks so much, phil. it appears the olympic distractions are going to cost some employers big time. the games are being shown on tv
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and streaming live online and on mobile devices. at the office, experts estimate it will result in a $1.4 billion loss in productivity. workers put their jobs on hold to tune in. still to come at 5:00, prosecute a prosecuting pharmacies, du. hitting close to home, the new target as protesters try to get the attention of california's governor. turning the dream act into a nightmare. the unintended consequences of a change in federal deportation policy. good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. warm temperatures to start off our monday. 87 in concord. 90 in livermore. 91 in gilroy. this warmer weather has that cone starting to spike up there. we'll talk about the possibility of 100 degree heat coming up.
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new information surfacing about the man who opened fire inside a sikh temple this weekend. seven people are dead including the shooter who has now been identified as wade michael page, a 40-year-old military veteran linked to the white supremacist movement. a southern poverty law center says wade was the former leader of a racist skinhead hard rock band. >> who he is, what he has done in the past, and the possibility of his being in other records of other law enforcement around the country are things we're still pursuing as of this time. a number of people of all faiths are gathering in milwaukee to pray for the victims of this massacre. president barack obama is in connecticut tonight, but he's not looking for votes. he's looking for money for the third straight month, mr. obama trails republican challenger mitt romney in fund-raising. in july, the gop says it hauled in more than $100 million compared to 75 million raised by the democrats for the president. in 2008, mr. obama set an old record bringing in $750 million,
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mostly from small donors, but the supreme court changed the rules in 2010 so large institutional donors can pump virtually unlimited funds into presidential campaigns. in nine days, tens of thousands of young undocumented immigrants will have a chance to apply for a work permit and protection from deportation. a new study from the washington, d.c. based immigration policy center estimates though that 65,000 young bay area immigrants to qualify under the proposal. that's double the number of immigrants expected to apply in the entire state of arizona. with that number comes a warning, immigrant rights groups today called for immigrants to be aware of scammers looking to cash in on the process. the district attorney's office is pooring through the phone books and newspapers from the counties so that newspapers from counties diverse communities looking for people who may be promising legal advice and services they're not licensed to
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offer. >> it is a very, very important you go to someone who actually knows what they're doing and how to do it and do it right. >> to do it right, you'll have to pay a $465 application fee for the work permit and for a background check. immigration right activists are telling people not to apply before august 16th when the application will become available. to make sure to consult with a license the immigration attorney. save the homes, that's a goal of the new occupy sacramento movement outside governor jerry brown's home. the group is trying to pressure the governor to declare a state wide foreclosure, moratorium in california. the protest started this morning and is expected to continue throughout the night. protesters say they don't plan to end the demonstration until the governor agrees to their demands. san francisco museum workers may soon be using their art skills to make picket signs. 115 union workers have now voted to authorize the strike. for the past 11 months, the workers have been in
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negotiations with the san francisco fine arts museums which runs the two museums. the workers which include front desk staff and art handlers say the organization's wage offer is too low for future hires. they also say the organization wants them to pay more for health benefits. >> frustrated by what they're offering which is a lot of take aways that we hadn't really ever considered were possible. >> a spokesman for the fine arts museum says he's surprised the union is walking away from a double digit pay raise in these tough economic times. no future negotiations are scheduled and no strike date has been set yet. want to check in with jeff ranieri watching the weather all day long. and about to get a little toasty. >> it is. going up here as we head through the next 24 hours, and we'll have more than olympic forecast coming up. right now, it is about the warming wind out of the north for san mateo, san jose and concord. that's what helped temperatures
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to warm up 5 to 10 degrees from what we had this weekend. here is a look at some of that increase. we had 98s in livermore for last week. and then, of course, temperatures also warming up for today. we have 67 in san francisco. also 68 in san mateo and low 80s in sunnyvale and 77 in san jose. we'll take you out to that live hd sky camera network and we have a view here of some very clear skies in downtown san francisco. not that much in the way of fog developing and that's the great news as we head throughout the next4 hours. if you're sick of the fog, we'll clear things out. south bay, very blue skies in san jose. look at you back to the weather boards, over the next 48 hours, we're tracking rainfall throughout the four corners. typical monsoonal moisture. won't see any of that for us. the region of high pressure that is fueling the monsoonal moisture will move to the west and that will start this conveyor belt of heat. will get going here as we
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continue through tuesday, wednesday, thursday, even friday. potentially into saturday and sunday. we could be looking at one of the longest stretches of summer heat that will be in the 9 s to near 100. as far as tuesday goes, 60s and 70s at coast with the fog. 80s and 90s inland. wednesday, that's when things start getting get going up there and you'll be feeling quite a bit of hot weather. as for tuesday, a little bit above average in the south bay, 87 in san jose. also 85 in sunnyvale. 84 in palo alto. east bay, some of the hottest weather from pleasanton to concord, also walnut creek at 94. 73 in san francisco. 77 in berkeley. 79 in oakland. london olympics here on nbc, for tuesday, a little shower activity, temperatures in the upper 60s. and we do have some beach volleyball going on as we continue into tonight, also into wednesday. we'll also find showers for wednesday. then we're clearing for thursday and also friday. here's the interesting thing
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about beach volleyball in the women's, there have been two teams that have now made it from usa into the semifinals, so if both of those teams win here for tonight, we could be seeing a head to head match with team usa. never happened before in history, but if it does, that could secure the gold and also the silver. we'll see what happens. of course, kerri walsh will be involved in all of that action and by friday, we have 100 on the seven-day. >> thanks, jeff. &
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an update on the developing story, the amber alert. we just learn the police are
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looking at a vehicle parked at the stone ridge mall, off 680, that they say appears to match the vehicle suspect's description. jonathan martinez took his 1-year-old daughter from a home in tracy. he could go to 580 to 680 and park at the mall. he was last seen with his daughter last seen wearing pajamas with yellow and green polka dots. keep an eye out for this car, which is what they believe they may be at the pleasanton mall. a 1999 silver gmc yukon with the license plate, 5gmw656. pleasanton police are looking at that car and that suv to see if it matches the same car. in health matters, walgreens is facing new accusations of improperly disposing of hazardous waste. alameda county joined a lawsuit claiming that 600 walgreens
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stores sent hazardous materials to land fills over a 6 1/2 year period. the materials include bleach, paint and other toxins. walgreens took short cuts into disposal protocols to cut costs. the company also allegedly did not dispose of confidential customer medical information properly. no comment yet from the company. out of the box, or just out there. starting today, an experimental san francisco program will pair homeless people with stray dogs in the hope of improving the lives of both man and beast. the pilot program will pair dogs who need hopes with qualified homeless men and women. in exchange for getting a dog and taking care of it, the homeless guardian must promise not to pan handle and must enroll in a city funded living program. politics a applicants are screens to make sure they're fit for the program. peta propo opposes the program. the city says it has no plans to
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change their plan. still ahead, the woman making history on the football field. that's next.
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football season is right around the corner w it comes the nfl's first female referee. shannon easton will make her debut and will make history at the chargers/packers exhibition game this thursday. she's one of the replacement officials that are now filling in for the locked out referees who are in a collective bargaining dispute. she has 16 years experience revving for high school and smaller college football games. so this is her big nfl debut. >> exciting. >> that will do it for us. "nightly news is next." we'll see you back at 6:00. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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[ grunts ] [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver, only from at&t. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. on the broadcast tonight the tragedy in wisconsin and what we've learned about the man accused of killing six people at a sikh temple. tonight the group that came forward and said they've been watching him for quite a while. also a successful touchdown on mars. the incredible images that nasa's rover is beaming back from the red planet as unmitigated joy breaks out at mission control in pasadena. here in london, tonight we'll slow down the fastest man on earth to try to see how he moves so fast. and the runner the whole world has been talking about finally gets his chance on the track. "nightly news" from london gets his chance on the track. "nightly news" from london begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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good evening from london. once again we begin in the u.s. in suburban milwaukee. shaken by a horrible outbreak of violence, another mass shooting. this time inside a sikh temple. tonight stories are emerging about the loss of life there, heroic acts of ordinary citizens, and about the man accused in the terrible attack, who he was and what the possible motive was in this shooting that investigators are still treating as a possible act of domestic terrorism as they put it. we have all of it covered tonight beginning with nbc's john yang at the scene in oak creek, wisconsin. john, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. a little more than 24 hours after the shots rang out in the sikh temple here investigators still have more questions than answers. they search for a motive. one thing we do know, there were heroic acts that kept the bloodshed from being even worse.


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