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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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good evening and welcome back. i'm diane dwyer. we begin the 6:00 hour with two ballot measures on the california ballot. the two propositions both raise taxes. one helps just schools. the other has broader goals. and there's plenty of controversy with both of them. today the head of the california public schools weigh in to nbc area on the debate and kimberly tere has more on propositions 30 and 38. >> reporter: diane, state superintendent for public instruction tom turricsen wants voters to say yes on both measures. we caught up with him, but with the election so close, education and these propositions weren't far from his mind. he carefully considered both prop 30 and 38 and says both
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would help get more money into public schools. >> now, i'm equally strong on both, and i believe that they'll both represent a major rescue plan for the schools. without the passage of either one of them, our schools face more devastating cuts. possibly a shortening of the school year by four weeks. this would make it one of the shortest school years in the modern economy, the modern global world that we are in, and it would hurt our students' ability to compete. >> reporter: so what exactly do the measures do? governor jerry brown's prop 30 asks for a 3% increase in income tax for people making over $250,000 a year for the next seven years and an additional quarter cent tax increase to all sales tax. prop 38 backed by civil rights attorney molly munger will last 12 years and increase personal income taxes using a sliding scale. diane? >> kimberly, thank you. in the race for the white house, president obama, there we go. all right, president obama is
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clearing his clenpder for the next three days to prepare for tuesday's debate. he used his weekly address to take credit for the rejuvenated auto industry. >> more than a million jobs across country were on the line and not just auto jobs but the jobs of teachers, small business owners, and everyone in communities that depend on this great american industry. but we refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. we refuse to let detroit go bankrupt. i bet on american workers and american ingenuity and three years later, that bet is paying off in a big way. >> mitt romney and his running mate are both in the swing state of ohio this weekend. romney spoke to a large crowd, you can see there. hammered the president on china, job creation and the taxes. >> and then, of course, he says he's going to raise taxes. does anyone really think raising taxes on anyone helps get more people to work? the president's plan is status quo. more of the saime.
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he calls it forward. i call it forewarned. >> paul ryan was also in ohio today. he told voters in that manufacturing state that the president's china policies have cost the country manufacturing jobs. and in denver, police confirm a shot was fired through the window of president obama's downtown campaign office there. they say their investigation includes video from city surveillance cameras's they described the investigation of friday's incident as active and ongoing. people were inside the office when the shooting happened yesterday afternoon. no one was injured. and we have new information on the bachelor party on the bay that ended with a coast guard rescue. a group of would-be partiers are safe onshore after their charter boat hate rock off alcatraz and started taking on water. the captain of the party boat "neptune" radioed for help after 9:00 last night. luckily the coast guard and san francisco fire boats got there in time. crews rescued 22 people part of that bachelor party. the groom-to-be was taking it
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all in stride. the damaged boat was towed to a sausalito shop for repairs. wyche the boat hit the rock, marked by a buoy, is still under investigation. after a ten-hour standoff, holster police they roved a body believed to be a missing mother heather carroll. they found the body inside the home of david jose quarter ez, he's being held on murder charges after a standoff that ended at 3:00 this morning. heather carroll is a holster mother reported missing on wednesday when she didn't pick her son up from school. the suspect told officers where to find her body during interviews after his arrest. the standoff began friday evening. police were on their way to interview him when they got a tip he was suicidal and armed. he refused to come out for ten hours finally surrendering early this morning. if you live in the south bay, you will soon have to dial differently adding a few extra numbers when you make a call. santa clara's county plan to provide new phone numbers for its growing population. one week from today callers need
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to dial 1 plus thea area code then number even if calling another 408 number. then on november 20th a new 669 area code will be introduced. customers who request new service, add additional lines or change service may be assigned that new area code. well, it is the end of an riera for a san jose business and holiday tradition. the ray street fish and poultry market closeds its doors tomorrow. the owners say it's time to retire. this means customerless have to look elsewhere for the 10,000 pounds of fresh dungeness crab purchased every christmas week and hurns of turkeys bought at thanksgiving. the market opened back in 1947. the seafood kitchen, by the way, next door to the market, will remain open. it has been weeks and a winning lottery ticket sold in pleasanton is still unclaimed. check the tickets. it's worth $220,000 and was sold at kohl's market for the
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september 10th drawing. it matched all five winning numbers. 25, 33, 36 and 11, but missed the mega number of 11. the actual winning ticket must be presented to lottery officials for the prize to be claimed. and san francisco is getting ready to host the giants big playoff game tomorrow against st. louis. some fans are hoping to get think hands on tickets for tomorrow's game. nbc bay areas monte francis is at at&t park to tell us what their chances might be. hello, monte. >> reporter: good evening. chances are pretty good, if they are willing to pay the price. you cannot buy tickets here at the giants box office, but you have to go online. now, the manager of stub hub tells me right now there are more than 4,000 tickets available on their site for tomorrow's giants game here at at&t park, and ticket prices start at about $120 each for standing room tickets. if you want a seat, pay from $140 to $1,000. now, the giants division series victory is no doubt going to
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translate into big business for bars and restaurants here near the ballpark. we talked to the manager of pete's tavern who said it means tens of thousands of dollar, in additional revenue for his establishment. >> if you, on a regular game day, start getting packed say two hours before the game. we're expecting tomorrow to start getting crowded around 10:30 in the morning and last throughout the evening. really looking forward to it. >> reporter: it's also big business for stores selling giants' gear. a manager at the dugout store at the ball pork told me they just received a shipment in today and merchandise is already flying off the shelves. now, stub hub says you can also buy tickets for contingent games, even for the world series if the giants make it that far, and if they don't, stub hub will provide a full refund. live in san francisco, monte francis, nbc bay area news. of course they're going to make it that far. thank you, monte. and scary situation at at&t
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park. giants back on the field preparing for tomorrow's gail. first base coach roberto kelly hit in the back of the head by a line drive off the bat of buster posey. eventually he was helped off the field and taken to the hospital with concussion-like symptoms. we'll have the latest from at&t park coming up a little later in sports. and coming up next at 6:00, every year hundreds are killed by trains in california. are investigative unit checks the track record and how your tax dollars are spent keeping people out. the space shuttle "endeavour" headed to its final resting spot, if you will. a live report there. and closer to home, clear skies. beautiful start to the weekend with temperatures still in the 70s outside, but coming up we're talking about a warming trend despite the fact what you see here on the satellite. what you'll be surprised by in the seven-day forecast is jut how hot things get in the valleys. we'll talk about that when we come right back.
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as we've been reporting tonight, the space shuttle "endeavour" is inching its way through the streets of los angeles to the california science center. ted chan from our sister station in l.a. joins us with incredible pictures of the slow-moving shuttle. hello, ted. nice to see you tonight. >> reporter: hi. good to see you, too, diane. inching is correct because right now the shuttle is four hours
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behirnd schedule and moving very slowly, but still there's a lot of excitement along the route. in fact, right here on martin luther king boulevard, you see some crowds beginning to gather to catch a glimpse of the shuttle and see the street is ride open, which means it's still going to be a while before the shuttle actually gets here. one factor as the shuttle moves down the boulevard are the trees here. the city took very great pains to make sure that the shuttle had a clear route. they had to cut down some trees in order to do it. they also had to preserve some trees because they were planted in memory of martin luther king and they not want to cut the trees down. show you video of the shuttle now and talk about the journey that started late thursday, early friday morning. the shuttle started inching its way from los angeles national airport eastbound on its way to its permanent home at the california science center. this morning it made its way to inglewood, and this afternoon it started making its way north to the crenshaw district here in los angeles, and then will proceed east to usc and the
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california science center in respect have been huge crowds all along the way, but hangups as well. it was delayed for an hour because of some logistical issues involving one tree, and so there have been all sorts of delays. you're talking about moving a structure that is five stories high and that has a wing span of more than 70 feet. they have to be very careful moving this along, and it doesn't always move in a straight line. sometimes they have to kind of shift the shuttle. it doesn't always move in a straight, forward direction, and they had to ma you'neuver aroun trees, sometimes having to take light poles out and sometimes power lines. a delicate $10 million slow-moving trip to its final resting place, if will you, at the california science center near uk ksc. back to you. i have to ask, looks like a parade route out there. folks with their chairs out there. and tents.
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they're just hanging out waiting for it to show up? >> reporter: yeah. that's right. you know, i said earlier that it kind of feels almost like a tailgate party. this particular family has been so gracious to us. santiago and rodriguez family actually had a little barbecue, so it's kind of like a pregame tailgate atmosphere out here while people are waiting for this big, massive shuttle to come by. >> how was the carne asade? good? >> delicious. >> i'm a little jealous. checking in with jim of comcast sports net with a look at sports. i bet you're gel jealous you didn't get any either? >> a little bummed, but an excellent follow-up question. the best part of the report pop i wanted to know the exact same thing. from the affinity sportsdesk, a busy college football saturday but all the attention in the bay area is on the baseball diamond. preview of game one of the nlcs that begins sunday at at&t park.
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we go and hear from the giants as they prepare for the st. louis baseball cardinals that is next in sports.
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good evening, everyone. i'm jim koez mohr. for the first time ever, winners face each other in the income ls. the giants host the st. louis cardinals and it begins sunday at at&t park. manager bochy named the starters in the series. madison bumgarner will go against lance lynn. giants had a workout at the ballpark earlier today. aim gutierrez was there and more on the giants preparation.
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>> reporter: well it is fair to say most folks counted the san francisco giants out of the postseason. heading into cincinnati down two games to none in the nlcs but the giants miraculously sweeping the reds to move on to the next level. the giants are a confident bunch and a motivated group headed into game one of the nlcs versus the st. louis cardinals. >> pretty much everybody counted us out and we were able to fight back and that was, you know, just another reference point of watching the cardinals last night. >> both clubs at some point had the their backs to the wall. we did going into cincinnati. had to win three straight and they're down a couple runs in the ninth, found a way to get it done. so i think it says a lot about the two clubs, the character of the clubs and how hard they fight and this should be a really hard-fought series here. >> it's huge. i mean, it's very uplifting and motivating. you see what they were able to do for themselves. they're riding high. confident. the series we had, come back and
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everything we did as group, huge. so it's definitely going to be a battle. it's going to seem, you know, who's the better group? who's the best people really. >> reporter: the giants first base coach, roberto kelly struck with a line drive during batting practice was aided off the field and accompanied to a local hospital with a giants' trainer and team doctor. he will undergee standard ct scan to check for bleeding, and it is likely he has a concussion, but he was doing well considering. from at&t park, amy gutierrez for nbc bay area news. thank you. as for the opponents, the cardinals are truly an incredible story. came back from a 6-0 deficit last night against the washington nationals. beat the nats 9-7 and win the nlcs three games to to. and a home run in the game-winning hit for the cards. >> brian and the ownership group near san francisco has done a great job of setting a great foundation for what this organization is all about and
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the fan base has been phenomenal in their support, but it's a nice play to play and i definitely learned a lot of things. >> reporter: to it college gridiron. this one hotly contested. 17 stanford, 7, notre dame. into overtime an a notre dame score. stanford tries to punch it in. stopped. fourth and goal, for the game. is he stopped? does he keep going? over the line? the call on the field. a little misangle. is it a stop? the official says, he's down. no touchdown. this one ends with notre dame wirning by a final of 20-13. college football locally. san jose state. 28-20. aggies kirwin williams breaks one off and goes untouched. 86 yards for the house. utah state pours it on the second half winning 49-27. spartan spartans lose for the second time this year. and for now, everyone preparing for the busy sports
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day in san francisco sunday. 49ers host the football giants at 1:15 at the stick. giants hosting the cards, 5:17 p.m. good luck drives in the city, everybody nap will do it in sports, diane. back to you. >> have fun with that. maybe b.a.r.t. a good idea, or caltrain. >> good call. let's check in with rob my aida with the weather for tomorrow. anything like today, it's going to be very nice. >> should be outstanding. looking at temperatures around candlestick probably closer to 70 degrees right around mid-afternoon. then a few patchy, low clouds coming in. later in the evening, again, giants and cardinals, game one of the national league championship series. first pitch time may actually be close to 70 degrees. picking up, the sea breeze, like now. and monday the weather looking very nice. maybe a little warmer for game two in san francisco out at at&t park. right now, 65 degrees in san francisco. 67 in san jose. the late-day sea breeze reaching into the santa clara valley now cooling everyone down after a
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gorgeous day with highs 70s. bay area wide. the satellite view. no, looks interesting. a big system here that is aiming at a lot of rain to the specific northwest. deflecting all of that rain and keeping the pacific ocean garden hose away from the bay area. thank goodness. high pressure off to the west of us. high clouds coming in from time to time between now and tuesday and wednesday this ridge of high pressure kind of expands across northern california. so underneath that ridge you're going to get sinking, warming, dry air aloft. north winds working into the bay area, too, which means at least our inland valley should see a chance of low 90s around thursday and friday and then cooling as we head towards next weekend. the summerlike pattern breaks down by next weekend. tomorrow morning, heading out to the nike women's marathon tomorrow, could have low clouds and mist for the morning, and then the patchy low clouds bow gak to the coast through the afternoon, and a few low clouds at times going towards 4:00 and 5:00. again, low clouds backing offshore, which means even the
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coast by mid-week will see numbers in the 70s and 80s. tonight 40s and 50s outside. probably as far inland at pleasanton and livermore. patchy low clouds and tomorrow's highs running a couple degrees warmer than today. mds 70s in san jose. low 80s towards morgan hill around the tri-valley. numbers in the 70s to low 80s. pleasant afternoon. pleasanton, 84 tomorrow. 73 in oakland. 70s and 80s across the north bay. three-day forecast, a mild bump up in temperatures next couple of days. the big change wednesday. high really starts to build in, getting towards thursday and friday feeling like summer. not just the valleys but coast and peninsula seeing 70s an 80s. next weekend cooling as more clouds start to spill back in for next weekend. >> all right. thank you, rob. >> sure. coming up, hundreds are killed by trains in california every year. we'll check the bay area's record and how your tax dollars are being spent.
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an investigative unit report.
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just last week dozens of people were injured in two separate train incidents in the central valley. here in bay area from b.a.r.t. to caltrain tracks are everywhere. investigate ib reporter take as look what's being done to make sure the tracks are safe. >> reporter: yeah, we found local railways spend millions every year to prevent the tragedies dut despite the efforts it's still happening and there's no easy solution to stopping it. >> we'll stand right in front of the train and wait for you to come. >> reporter: it's a reality of the job, for those at the helm of a train. >> once you see them, there's basically nothing you can do. it's already too late. >> reporter: they're not the only ones impacted. take this caltrain crash back in may. a man walking along the rails in
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south san jose was hit and killed by a 200 ton train. halting service for nearly an our. the federal railroad administration tracks accidents happening on interstate rail lines. since 2004 nearly 900 people have died in california. about a seventh of those happened in the bay area. the problem isn't just interstate rail lines. we looked at our local commuter rails, since 2004, more than 200 people have died. >> do you think it can ever completely prevented? >> i don't know the answers to that. i would certainly hope so, as i've said before, the safety is a community issue. >> reporter: aleash kushner, nbc news bay area news. and more on the investigation on our 11:00 news cast. when we come back, an
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11-year-old boy, the envy of just about every adult golfer. we'll explain.
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for most golfers getting a hole in one is a feat. kai brown znder is 11, a hole in one on an oregon government course governmelfing with his m. hole 6, from 141 yards out, swung sort of like that and sank it in one shot. >> i was thinking, oh, my gosh. i don't believe it.
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i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, and then my mom screamed, you hit a hole in one! >> so just how big of a deal is it, you ask? the golf course sees a hole in one about once every 9,000 rounds there and never by a golfer as young at kai. not bad. yeah. pretty fun. thanks for choosing nbc bay area at 6:00. "tech now!" is um next. see you back here at 11:00. until then have a good night. we leave you with a live look at the space shuttle "endeavour" making its way through los angeles. good night. coming up on "tech now!" a tech giant wants to change the way you watch television. facebook ceo mark zucker berg talk answer the future of his company. we'll show you the next wave of high tech start-ups and how they want to make your life easier and why so many companies are making money off the new iphone. from the


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