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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the giants take a 2-0 games lead, over the tigers, thanks to a gem by pitcher madison bumgarner. >> game one, we had fireworks. game two tonight, more of a chess match. defensive brilliance, strategy and patience. bottom line, the giants are sitting pretty. and the ball just seems to be rolling their way. >> we have live team coverage for you. more on bumgarner's big night. first, jean elle on how the fans were kept on pins and needles all night long. >> reporter: they were. and the george had to feel that energy. inside the ballpark, outside the ballpark. the fans kept it up all night. they had to wait for victory. but they never gave up. this is the giants victory dance they are living to perform. giants fans had to do a lot of cheering before san francisco got on the board in the seventh.
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and the flores family never gave up. >> i cheer for san francisco. >> we won, baby. >> reporter: with two games under their belt, giants fans all over the bay area, can taste a world series win. 42,000 at the ballpark. >> let's go, giants. >> reporter: and thousands more inside bars, outside in alleys and cruising in mccovey cove. beating detroit is personal. >> i'm born and raised in san francisco. so, it's a local pride thing. >> reporter: fans are taking pride in their players. pablo, the panda sandoval is the top request. >> hitting three home runs yesterday. >> reporter: now, all about a team effort on the road in detroit. but not everyone is looking for
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a four-game sweep. >> giants in six. they'll come back here. they'll win it in front of the fans. they didn't do it in 2010. >> reporter: wherever they win, giants fans are counting on enjoying that moment. i talked to a lot of giants fans tonight, with big dreams about going to detroit. we'll have to see how much orange and black shows up at the stands in michigan. not only was tonight filled with suspension. it was filled with inspiration. bryan stow was at the game. the giants welcomed stow and his family, with a brief message on the scoreboard. he did not want to have a ceremony or a special occasion. >> like the magical run in 2010, this time around, things are working out perfectly for this team. the giants will meet tomorrow morning and board their flight
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for detroit. madison bumgarner declawed the tigers. scott, this is a player that was struggling. all of a sudden, he's golden. >> reporter: yeah, raj. that's the way it's going for the starting pitching staff, who has not only won five-straight games. but they've given up a total of two runs in the process, just the starters over the five-game stretch. the magical run and madson bumgarner was that tonight. this is a guy that had an e.r.a. over 11 in the postseason before today. he has 15 scoreless innings to start his world series career if you go back to 2010. that's tied for the fourth-longest such streak of all-time. what a difference a series makes. >> the difference between tonight and the game before, is the ability to make pitches. we got that done tonight. buster did a great job. defense did a great job.
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they hit some balls hard. we had them positioned right. and it worked out. >> reporter: coincidentally and perhaps metaphorically, the lights going off in at&t park as we speak. it might be for the final time this season if the giants can wrap things up in mowtown. tonight's game had a latin flare, thanks to a fan who travelled from another continent to cheer on his veteran. just yesterday, sandoval got a shoutout from the president of his native country, venezuela, after his historic three-homer game. >> reporter: the giants heading to detroit, up 2-0 in the series. that's the story line starting to e lerj. and at the top of the list is the international impact. >> there's no doubt about that.
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pitching and defense. that's what we've been doing lately. we're going to detroit. and keep doing that. >> reporter: this 2012 world series features more foreign-born players than any in history. venezuela is the country most notably represented. >> we have nine guys. they are doing a great job. it's special. >> reporter: a contingent of venezuelans coming to san francisco to be part of it all. and the players are noticing it. >> to see here in the world series. and putting venezuela on the top. >> venezuela people love baseball. they give you great support. people back home, happy for us.
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>> reporter: now, the action and the international spotlight will shine on the motor city. we'll be there tomorrow. >> thank you, lawrence. get ready for cold weather. gloves and long johns for the journalists and the players. game three is saturday night in chilly detroit. this is comerica park. also ahead, we'll tell you about the link between one of the giants' star players and the marine who threw out tonight's ceremonial first pitch. developing news right now. alameda sheriffs tells us they've arrested someone for killing barbara latchly. firefighters found her body. investigators believe someone beat her and set the house on fire. sheriff's investigators will not elaborate on who was arrested tonight or the relationship to the woman. they are expected to brief the media tomorrow morning. off the streets.
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but how many women did he cross paths with. san jose police say they are nabbed himself a rapist. but is he a serial rapist. his m.o. is always the same. offer a ride to a woman in need. and then attack. george kiriyama has more on the arrest and the search for victims. >> reporter: this area right here, blossom and snell, is where san jose police say the suspect picked up a woman, took her to a location, raped her and brought her back here and dropped her off. she wasn't the only victim. and san jose police fear there could be many more out there that have not come forward yet. layla said she would never go into someone person's car. san jose police say this man offered a woman a ride. she accepted. and detectives say he took her to a remote area and raped her. >> never, ever. no. >> reporter: debbie said she would call a friend if she needed a ride home. she works at the plant shopping
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center in san jose. police say that's where he tried to rape another woman. investigators say the woman tells him he attempted to rape her two months earlier but she escaped. and never reported the crime, until he tried to pick her up in a strip mall again. >> they frequent the aim areas. and he saw her in the same area where he saw her the first time. and again, tried to get her to get into the car. >> reporter: both victims were able to get his license plate. and after more detective work, officers arrested him after connecting him to a ticket police issued him on october 17th. >> i'm glad they caught him. i feel safer that they did. but still, you should always be aware of your surroundings, always. >> this is exactly what we don't want walking around our city. this person is dangerous. he would have struck again, absolutely. >> reporter: now, right before he was arrested, san jose police cited him for urinating in
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public. he was on probation for felony hit and run. it was one year ago, and about this time of night, that there was tear gas, chaos and confusion. downtown oakland looked like a war zone. tonight, they don't want that to happen again. it's the one-year anniversary of the occupy protests and riots. the group had a different tone and a different message tonight. cheryl hurd joins us from oakland to explain. cheryl? >> reporter: well, the protest is winding down considerably. at this point, there's more police officers in the plaza than protesters. but there were hundreds here to mark the one-year anniversary. several hundred people marched to the beat of the drum down broadway, to mark the one-year anniversary of police raids on the occupy encampment in front of oakland city hall. >> there's a lot of people out here tonight. that shows that the passion and
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the fire that people had a year ago has stayed. >> reporter: some feel the movement is still going strong. there was one man in the crowd that wants occupy to disappear. >> this is a worthless movement. they're in the gutter, now, by their own hands. and the sooner they fade away, the better. >> reporter: no chance of that happening tonight. after a day-long rally, the marchers started at city hall, up broadway, and towards lake merritt. >> it's not as strong as it was. we had 100,000 people with us on november 2nd of last year. we are trying to rebuild. >> reporter: rebuilding after the oakland occupy movement grabbed headlines when they stood up for the middle class, referred to as the 99%ers. oakland police kicked everyone out of encampment and that sparked protests. it turned violent. police fired tear gas and bean
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bags into the street. marine veteran, scott olson, was struck in the head during a confrontation. he was at the march tonight. >> i think this is a great turnout. i think a lot of people care about holding opd accountable. >> reporter: oakland police is keeping a close watch on protesters, by following along in special jeeps, on foot and in vans. banks and businesses boarded up their windows just in case there was violence. overall, the occupy protest was peaceful. reporting live in oakland. >> thank you very much, cheryl. coming up, children working in our fields, picking fruits and vegetables. >> i was shocked. now, renewed efforts in washington to change child labor laws. also, in the bling of an eye.
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a man robs a local jewelry store. we have video that shows the whole thing. scary moments for tigers pitcher doug fister. we'll let you know how he's doing after the game. good evening. a lot more sunshine today. temperatures warmed up a little bit. and that rainfall is on a push here off to the north. so, here we go. high pressure moving in for a warming weekend that even has 80s in your seven-day forecast. we'll let you know about our next storm system and rain coming up.
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not old enough to legally ride a bike or scooter without a helmet. but old enough to work in the field? it's the harsh reality facing
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many migrant children. tonight, an nbc investigation, in child labor is prompting a new push to change the law. a california congresswoman is calling for a new law for kids who work in agriculture. stephen stock is back with the story. >> reporter: in a political season where the presidential campaign is gathering all the attention, there is a quiet movement starting on capitol hill right now to change the law governing children working in our fields. but even supporters of that proposed law admit that nothing is likely to happen quickly. and any change faces a tough political opposition. harvest season is pretty much over in california's central valley. only a few grapes and raisins left to pick. most of these migrant warm workers and their families are packing up and moving on. following the crops north to oregon and washington. 3,000 miles away, in the halls
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of congress, the issue of child labor in agriculture has gained new attention. >> i was shocked. i really do believe this is one of our country's dirty little secrets. >> reporter: that's why, after watching our investigation documenting child labor here in california and in north carolina, los angeles congresswoman lucille roy ball alard is calling for change. >> there's today in this country, children working under deplorable conditions that are not equally protected under our child labor laws. these are the children who work in agriculture. >> reporter: and you want to change that? >> i want to change that. >> reporter: congresswoman has introduced in congress once again the care act, legislation she first pushed her 12 years ago. >> the care act introduced in order to give children in agriculture here in the united states, the same protection that children have in any other
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industry. >> reporter: there are others here in congress who are not so eager to pass new legislation to protect children working in agriculture. >> there's no need for it. >> reporter: senator charles grassley of iowa, is the co-sponsor of a bill that would do the opposite. it's called preserve america's family farms act. it would prevent changing the rules for children in agriculture. >> it wouldn't be unusual to put in 14-hour or 18-hour days. there's probably no difference between dad putting it in and a 12-year-old boy putting it in. >> reporter: why is agriculture exempt? that same kid couldn't work in the dunkin' donuts or the family clothing office, or in your office if he or she was 12. >> i think because of the family being involved in it. and working side-by-side with mom and dad. >> reporter: other co-sponsors of the preserving america's
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family farms act were less eager to talk. jeff denim and devin nunes canceled at the last minute. and representative tom latham of iowa, said he was too busy attending to the needs of his constituents. back in california's central valley, there's little debate about the families on large farms. for them, it may be complicated politically. but it's simple economics. while the parents may not want their children to have to work the fields, most families have to have them there in order to make ends meet. >> they'll do what they have to do. >> reporter: connie knows the migrant farm worker life firsthand. she worked the fields. and she's seen children as young as 6 years old, out in the field. >> the little ones get the bundles. give them to the older ones. and they dump them in there.
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and they're pulling the paper. >> reporter: the congresswoman acknowledges the quandary that her bill puts migrant workers in. >> the children that the care act protects are employees of large, corporate farms, not family farms. >> in your investigation, is mom and dad working beside the 12-year-old. >> reporter: oh, yeah. they make so little money, they need the children to help them make ends meet. >> reporter: when put into that context, even senator grassley seemed to back away from the current rules. what do you think? >> as long as i've not been in those fields, i better not answer. >> reporter: we reached out to a dozen different corporations that package the produce these children are picking. none would offer an issue. we also contacted the california farm bureau federation to talk
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in depth about this issue. we have yet to hear back. >> thank you very much, stephen. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or end us an e-mail. let's bring in jeff raineri. we need two forecasts. right? one for the bay area and one for detroit, michigan. >> three. far halloween. isolated 40s as we continue tonight. and temperatures dropping in san jose to 51 at the current moment. all storm activity pushing off to the east. that's the great news. at this time, we're going to say good-bye to all the cold air we had earlier this week. that was the coldest of the week. and we're going to see numbers rise over the next 72 hours. in the 80s for san jose. and livermore, a 20 to 25-degree jump. let's take you outside.
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you'll see clear conditions. no fog at all. and the flag above the embarcadero building is throwing to the west. that's a sign of the offshore flow that's developing. next 48 hours, the jet stream that brought us three storm systems in three days is going to push off to the north. that's going to take a good slice of that cold air with it. here we go. high pressure buildingoff shore. we're not going to call it hot. it will be a mild situation. do not expect a major hot beach weather coming for the weekend. we'll go with 50s and 60s. 70s for the interior valleys. sunny and warmer for friday. and this weekend, it will stay dry for you. as for the morning hours, 44 in santa rosa. 46 in napa. 47 in concord. and 48 in livermore. 47 in san jose. and 48 in los gatos. daytime highs will be warmest in the interior valleys, with 76 in santa rosa. 75 in walnut creek. 73 in san jose.
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and 75 in the almaden valley. how about prediction for the world series, not when it comes to sports but weather. we have huge changes for the giants and any fans heading that way. it's going to get colder on saturday in michigan. a chance for a show shower. throughout sunday, it will be clear. the wind will kick up. and temperatures could be into the 30s by the end of the game on sunday. by monday, we'll have 30s. but winds about 75 miles per hour. you may get snowflakes by the end of the game on monday. huge, traumatic changes coming our way. chance of rain out here, as we head throughout the game on saturday, a 1% chance. and there's huge detroit weather headlines will be the colder, drier air, the wind and also possibly that snow, as we head throughout monday. on our three-day forecast, no snow coming our way. but a warm-up by sunday.
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low-80s inland. low-70s at the coastline. increasing cloud cover by tuesday. for halloween on wednesday, we'll call it spooky showers. spooky showers. a change to evening showers. by thursday, some rain. the heaviest rain will be on thursday. this is better news for trick-or-treaters at this point. we'll see what we can do to get all this out of here for halloween. >> she's not talking. back in a moment. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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police in san rafael hope that surveillance video will help catch a crook they say stole two watches from a jewelry store. >> police say he asked the store clerk to show him the watches, valued about 10 grand. the store clerk turned away for a moment. the suspect ran off with the watches and into a waiting gold
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. in the history of the world series, 50 teams have taken a 2-0 lead. 40 of the 50 have gone on to win the series. that's 80%. the giants are up 2-0. the 41st team to do so. their chances are looking pretty good. tigers and giants, world series game two. giants up 1-0. and madison bumgarner on the hill. austin jackson is looking. omar infante, he's swinging. seven innings, two hits, no earned runs. he struck out eight. doug fister on the hill. gregor blanco hits off fister's head. he stayed in the game. and he seemed okay. he met with the media postgame
11:28 pm
said he was fine. no problem. bottom eighth, giants up 1-0. this is a problem for the tigers. hunter pence, sac fly to right. 2-0, san francisco. omar infante pops up to first. game over. giants win 2-0. lead the series 2-0. but they know their job isn't finished. >> have to stay on the gas. this is the world series. this is the best of the american league. the best of the national league. we have to stay focused and continue to play good ball. >> this is excited to be 2-0. you don't have the pressure. we are happy. you know, satisfied. we're going to get out there. and we have to play our game. >> it feels better and a lot less stressful. we can't stop pushing or we're going to find ourselves in the same position we've been in. we have to keep pushing until it's over with. >> we've been playing well for a couple weeks now. we're tough on the road. so, we're pretty confident going
11:29 pm
into detroit. >> can't sleep on those guys. any guy in their lineup can hurt you. and you look at the starting pitching, unreal. you look at the task we have at hand, it's an uphill climb. even though we're in a good position, we have to go in their place and do it at their park. it's going to be interesting to see how they bounce back. i'm very confident in my team's ability. >> game three, saturday in detroit. i'm dave feldman. thirty-eight.s the logp schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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one final note. marine corporal nick kimmel threw out tonight's first pitch. he lost both his legs and his arm while on a second tour of duty. he's involved with barry zito's charity, strikeouts for troops. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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