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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 26, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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against the detroit tigers as the world series comes into focus. >> and giving you a live look. that is san francisco, sfo, where the giants just left a bit ago. the news at 11:00 starts right now. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. it wasn't hammer time that we saw in game one with the bats, but the g-men get what counts. the game two world series victory using small plays and smart strategy. the giants heading to detroit with the 2-0 lead. >> we have team coverage in two time zones. we have jamie sayer at comerica park and we begin with bob redell at at&t park where he caught up with the team as they left this morning. bob, i know somebody was late getting to that bus today, huh? >> reporter: we will tell you about that in a minute. delayed them by a half hour.
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good morning, marla and jon. the san francisco giants are already on the way to where jamie is right now on the way to detroit. they left sfo 15 minutes ago on two chartered united airlines. firefighters honored the team with giant plumes of water as they taxied out heading east to detroit. fans were here at at&t park as they boarded the buses for the airport. the giants sending 600 to 700 people to game three. not just tim lincecum and the rest of the players and coaches, but much of the front office and players' spouses and children which doesn't happen during the regular season. the team feels it is important to share with families and also they have the emotional support they need to play considering so much is on the line.
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the players were reserved this morning as they were when they headed off to houston in the 2010 world series. coaches and management spoke with us, including brian sabian. he tells us he is not happy the guys have today off considering they have been playing so well the past few days. the key is stay focused and eye on the ball. >> keep your emotions in check and you have to play clean baseball. that's why we won these two games and starting pitchers will step up. we have a chance with vogelsong. we are prepared to have a good home series. >> we are excited. guys got rest last night. we will have a light workout and relax tonight and get set to go the first game there. now we like where we are and we have a lot of work to do. >> they will get home and get a lift. we were ahead 3-2 in anaheim in 2002.
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we remember that, also. we have to keep our wits about our self. >> reporter: the fans are out here this morning cheered as the chp escorted the buses to sfo. they were supposed to leave at 8:30 and they did not leave until 9:00. sergio romo blazed in and got on the bus. we assume the flight to detroit will be restful and quiet. this was the flight on two virgin american airlines from sfo. passengers cheered on the giants. my wife was on a flight when the giants took game one with
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sandoval. she said it was a party at 30,000 feet. reporting live from at&t park, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. thinking about the last minute flight, the cheapest tickets you can buy for games three, four and five are on stubhub after $265 for standing room only. a luxury box behind home plate will cost you $15,000. >> you have to pay the baseball piper. the tigers have their work cut out for them. >> our team coverage continues with jamie sayer in detroit. are you warm, jamie? >> reporter: i am. it looks like the workout will be a clear forecast and tomorrow. as you mentioned, a 2-0 series
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lead. it has a similar feel to 2010. i'm sure the giants hoping it has similar results. madison bumgardner picked up right where he left off in 2010. he was bounced from the nlcs rotation, but he bounced back nicely extending the scoreless winning streak to 15 innings. >> definitely feels a lot better and less stressful. we can't stop pushing or we'll find ourselves in the same position. >> reporter: meanwhile, a scary moment for tigers pitcher doug fister who took a line drove off his head in the second inning. it was reminiscent when brandon mccarthy suffered a concussion on may 5th. he answered all of the concussion questions and retired 13 of the next 16 batters he faced. as for game three, it will feature vogelsong and sanchez.
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you guys, i know everybody was excited about the rally before his last start. i'm sure a lot of giants fans will be making those again tonight. >> jamie, i follow you on twitter. i see you are a chef, too. i'm sure you have your own recipe to cook up. >> multitalented. >> reporter: that is the one i put on there last week. >> thanks, jamie. >> full service here. >> the fans have to get adjusted to the new ballpark out there and much colder temperatures. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. >> the chance of showers we could see in the games in detroit could clude snowshowers. let's show you the light rain passing over detroit. you see the frontal system moving on by. a bit of good news.
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game three and four, saturday and sunday, cool and breezy. look at the game time temperatures starting out in the mid-40s. by the time we get to the ninth, we are in the upper 30s. monday is the day we see more moisture and a system that could toss sleet or snowshowers toward the latter half of the game. if these games go on as scheduled, game three and four, look for game five with the increasing chance of sleet or snowshowers on monday. all this after our bay area weather is about to make a turn for the 70s and 80s. we will talk about the forecast coming up in a few minutes. it will have to be a polar bear. game three set for detroit tomorrow. the first pitch is 5:07 our time. >> we will have continuing coverage of all things giants throughout the day on
11:08 am check out our home page for the latest world series news. we're following a developing story out of castro valley this morning. the kind of case fear and nightmares are made of. that is how the alameda county sheriff's officers describe the woman who was found dead burned in a house. two teens are now in custody. they are both accused of killing barbara lachley. a relative of the younger boy tipped off police. they say the 18-year-old admitted to the killing. investigators say the teens beat her and set the house on fire. firefighters found lachley's body after responding to a fire on october 18th. a new york couple with strong ties to the bay area are devastated after their children were found stabbed to death by their nanny. kevin and corinna krim moved to
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new york a year ago. she walked into the apartment last night to find their 2-year-old son leo and their daughter, lalcio dead in the bathtub. >> on the floor of the bathroom is the nanny, who apparently had inflicted wounds in her throat. >> this morning, that nanny is in critical, but stable condition. be neighbors never saw or heard any problems with the nanny. the 3-year-old daughter who survived because she was with her mom at the time at a swim lesson. >> that story is numbing to say the least. grief counselors are on hand at an east bay high school to help students deal with a death of a classmate. cathy qiu's body was found at san gregorio beach near half moon bay.
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the coroner identified her body yesterday. qiu was a senior at albany high school and honor student and member of the tennis team. school officials say qiu had been missing since last month. police right now are trying to determine whether she was kidnapped or if she ran away. a suspected serial rapist is in jail this morning. san jose police say ulysses rios offered a woman a ride in his car and took her to an area and raped her. the woman got the license plate number and helped police track him down. >> this is what we don't want walking around the city. he is dangerous. he would have struck again. >> investigators say rios did try to rape another woman, but she escaped. he is on probation for felony hit-and-run. the protests commemorating occupy oakland's one-year
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anniversary rolled in and out with no real troubles. protesters left the plaza this morning before police had to make them and push them out. several hundred people marching last night one year to the day since occupiers were kicked out of the plaza. a total of two people were arrested, but otherwise the protest was peaceful. b.a.r.t. is celebrating another major milestone as it works on an extension project. b.a.r.t. to san jose. crews have completed the subway section of the extension. that extension is a 5.4 mile track south from the existing fremont station and ending in another part of fremont near the alameda santa clara county line. it is expected to create thousands of construction jobs. the station should open in 2015. time now to see what is happening. still ahead, they hit the ground running with 11 days to go where the candidates are focusing on
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efforts for the race for the white house. a disappointing day for a consumer electronics giant based here in the bay area.
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i guess it would be appropriate to call it a sour apple this morning. for the first time in three months, investors dropping the stock below $600. it missed expectations for latest quarter and warning profits in the holiday quarter would fall from last year. apple shares have lost $100 from the all-time peak of $700 five -- $705.07 on september 21st when the iphone went on sale in the u.s. and eight other countries. when ipad mini was announced, it was announced that the apple 4 was released. specifically for anybody who bought the ipad 3.
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it is brand new for the most part. apple announced that back in march. people are bitter now their technology is outdated after months after the purchase. scott mcgrew is hearing apple will extend the return policy from 15 days to 30 days. they will exchange the ipad 3 and now tired and old worn out technology for the ipad 4. microsoft released windows 8 and now a tablet computer. it is designed to make desktop and laptop computers work more like tablets. microsoft will release another version of windows 8 for smartphones. microsoft surface hits store shelves today. the service starts at $499 and run a modified version of
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windows 8 and the display is slightly larger than the ipad. the countdown continues. 11 days left before voters can officially declare a winner. president obama and governor romney working very hard for their money and votes in the battle ground state of ohio. we have tracie potts with the latest on the race for the white house. >> reporter: president obama is back at the white house this morning after hitting eight states in two days, including something we have never seen before. >> you are right. >> reporter: a president voting early. >> it means you don't have to figure out whether you need to take time off work to figure out how to pick up the kids and still cast your ballot. if something happens on election day. >> reporter: if there is any doubt which state could swing the election, the president wrapped his tour in ohio. >> i have come to ohio today to
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ask you for your vote. >> reporter: governor romney spent all day in ohio. >> now that's an ohio welcome. thank you! >> reporter: and paul ryan launches a bus tour in ohio this weekend. >> the choice is yours on november 6th. >> reporter: today, governor romney is in iowa talking about the economy after greeting a crowd of 12,000 at a concert last night in ohio. >> this campaign is growing. the momentum is building. we're taking back america and it's coming soon. >> reporter: new polls show a tight race in colorado where the candidates are tied and in nevada, the president leads by three points among likely voters. governor romney's campaign says they have $169 million left. that's $45 million than the president and democrats. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. from politics to details regarding hurricane sandy, which
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cuban authorities are considering the deadliest storm to hit the country in years. the hurricane left 11 people dead in cuba as the rains ripped off roofs and toppled homes. sandy weakened to a category one storm last night. in all, the storm is linked to 29 deaths across the caribbean. sandy is now on a path that could see it blend with a winter storm as it hits the east coast early next week. >> that is rough out there. the complete opposite out there. rob mayeda is here to tell us we are looking real nice. temperatures here at least into the 70s and maybe some low 80s this weekend. first let's get you up to date on hurricane sandy. information just in from the national hurricane center. winds have dropped a little bit at 75 miles per hour. moving north at 7. here is the problem. big s big surf and coastal beach erosion. it will turn back to washington,
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d.c. or new york, perhaps monday into tuesday. as you heard, combined with cold air from the north and becoming a hybrid nor'easter and maybe a category one hurricane next week. this is a big weather story we are tracking the next few days. closer to home, 60s outside right now. not much wind. you will notice we have north winds today and the north winds are helping to really clear out our skies. the jet stream is moving to the north. high pressure is the reason why we're going to get the clearing today. warmer temperatures with the slight offshore wind pattern. breezes in the hills. 70s and 80s for highs tomorrow. no rain drops with that. it will filter out the sun at times. for the north bay and east bay valleys, cooling for the evening. the coast will see 70s on
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saturday. cooler next week. the next chance of rain, for now, will arrive close to halloween. back to you. >> boo! scared me a bit. all right. great looking weekend. still to come, trapping time in a bottle. the message that traveled 6,000 miles and landed in california. and when will the agony end for sharks fans? the latest on the nhl lockout and how it has the local electronics company making some last-minute changes. thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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the latest in line for the nhl lockout and still no deal. sharks fans are now waiting to find out how many more games could be canceled. they could get word today. the electronic arts has adapted the nhl '13 video game to
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reflect the lockout. many players have gone to the european league to play during the stoppage. >> that's pretty cool. art imitating life. a san diego county kayaker has found a message in a bottle that floated 6,000 miles from australia. >> sandra pulled two bottles and inside messages written by two 10-year-old new zealand boys. one letter was intended to be a time capsule with the greeting "hello future." they were tossed out in may as part of a school project. >> the boys in new zealand must be excited as i. i haven't heard from them yet. >> how could you not love her? she says she plans to write the students back and set them up
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and pen pal students in oceanside. it will include her 9-year-old grandson. >> love her accent as well. >> when you kayak, you get one of those. just ahead, the city by the bay and the motor city. >> two cities with two very different tastes. there is evidence at their ballpark. we will explain what we're talking about with hops and barley.
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just a minute ago, we talked about the nhl. we just learned the league has canceled its games through november 30th. not good for sharks fans out here in the bay area. >> can't get a deal. to finish up here, how about detroit and san francisco? two different cities with different taste and styles. the best example is the beer. >> in at&t park, fans with choose from 56 different beers domestic and imported. in contrast, fans at comerica
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park get a couple locally made beers on tap. detroit is a blue collar beer kind of town. >> that is a thinly veiled backhanded slap. i like a variety. >> thanks for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. we will leave you with the giants flight that they took to detroit.
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