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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 27, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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we'll show you how halloween mask sales have consistently picked the winner four elections in a row. >> nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening. 60 million people across the east coast are prepare for high winds, high tides, drenching rains, and even flooding. all courtesy of mrn sandy. the powerful hurricane is expected to come ashore early tuesday morning. officials have already declared states of emergency in eight eastern states and washington, d.c. people who haven't already evacuated are packing up, boarding up, and getting energy supplies. forecasters say sandy will impact an 800 mile wide area from the carolinas up to maine.
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but they're not the only ones to feel sandy's impact. santiago sans us from the airport to show us how sandy could affect the airports here, as well. hello. >> hello. dealing with storms has been evolving over the last several years. airports and airlines have learned that preplanning and prestaging is something that's beneficial not only to passengers but to the industry, as well. now, airlines will be working with travelers. they're keeping an eye on the storm. they're determining the availability of flights and they're working on changing the structures of fares and fees for people who may have to change their travel plans. in some cases they're going to waive certain fees for changing flight plans. they're also trying to see what the major impact is going to be and which airports are going to be effected by the storm. then from there, try to reduce the amount of impact on their passengers. now, as for air travelers, the best thing they can do is stay informed not only as to what's happening with their flight, but
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also keeping up on when and where the storm is going to have a significant effect. >> then i would go on the internet for their particular airline and look out for any types of alerts that they have and see if there's anything that they can do in being proactive. you certainly don't want to fly if the bad weather and you don't want to have your plans canceled. whatever they can do based upon what the weather is shea they've should be starting to think about that right now. >> reporter: now, as for the airport itself, they continue to monitor the situation and main role, if there are a t lot of cancelations, would be to find space to put the planes that may end up being stranded here or parked here. again, the main advice for travelers is to stay informed. information is power, especially when flying. live at sfo, nbc bay area news. >> always good to call ahead. thank you. and let's check in with meteorologist for a closer look at hurricane sandy.
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rob, much of the concern is how massive sandy is expected to be, right? >> yeah. the size of the storm on this satellite view kind of shows you how it's larger than texas, affecting the east coast there of florida. now all of the way up to washington, d.c. the very latest on this system, category 1 hurricane, winds of about 75 miles per hour, moving northeast at this point. that path is going to change by the time we get into monday and tuesday. it's going to make that left hook towards the coast of new jersey and just south of long island. some of the sorm itorm impacts be severe flooding. areas from north carolina up to washington, d.c., into parts of southern new jersey where we could see rainfall totals getting above 12 inches, so a foot or more of rain could fall down over a large area. wind is also a problem. power outages. look how this wind field will bill pacting the major airports by the time we get into monday and tuesday. washington, d.c. up towards the atlantic city, new york, and south of boston we'll see wind gusts getting above 60 miles per
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hour. all the wind will be pushing the wall of water. the storm surge that may be five to six feet on the coast there around new jersey and even perhaps towards long island. so we're looking atlanta least two days of some really strong winds. flooding rains, and long-term i'm impacts of air travel. diane? >> all right, rob, thank you very much. and just ten days remain before election day. that hurricane is also affecting last-min t it campaign for both candidates. nba bay area's brian mooar explains. >> ten days, new hampshire. >> in this tight presidential race, even tiny new hampshire is a big prize. and as president obama stumped there, republican challenger mitt romney was trying to nail down support in florida. >> we are going to win this. you know that. we're going to win. >> reporter: going into the last full week of the presidential campaign both candidates are reaching out to undecided voters. >> i'm asking you to compare my plan with governor romney's. i want you to know what we're
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proposing, each of us, and see which plan is better for you. >> four years ago then candidate barack obama spoke about big things. now he's reduced to talking about small things. he is shrinking from the magnitude of the times. >> reporter: while early voting is under way in several states, the threat of hurricane sandy is throwing both campaigns into disarray. governor romney and running mate paul ryan were forced to cancel events in virginia and instead turn their attention to ohio, the state that's looking more and more like a clencher. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. speaking of crunching, halfway there. the giants have a 2-0 lead going into game three of the world series tonight against the tigers. nba bay area is in detroit with more for us. >> reporter: greetings from detroit and game three of the world series where the giants are looking to take a commanding
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3-0 lead in this world series but it won't be easy. detroit back on their home field here. the jints sending out the man who just keeps impressing every single time he goes out on the mound, ryan vogelsong, every game he pitches and the biggest game of his career, now certainly the very bingest. the giants getting amically mated last night and getting ready to colder weather here in detroit than they usually face in san francisco. i'll tell you this. a little run through last night, a chance to warm up, let's put it that way, as they bundled up and setting the scene for what we will see here tonight. we will keep you posted throughout the night. check out our reports at 11:00. i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> you got it. aerial drones similar to the ones used in the military is considered by the alameda sheriff's department. a drone can get a bird's-eye view of an area and send back a live feed to people on the
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ground. today's demonstration in dublin was held at the security and his office would only use the drone during emergencies and proactive policing such as spotting illegal marijuana growth. >> so the tools and appliances available aren't really much different than what we already have. it's just giving a different vantage point to a dirty, dull, and dangerous situation that arises. >> not everyone is a fan. the aclu wants them only deployed when there's a warrant. the group is worried drones would violate people's privacy. the suspect in an arson fire at a law office may have had an issue of the owner of the office. invest daters say they linked mod love to the september fire at the law office of davis. along with a june fire at a mortuary and church fire in july. a search warrant of court records shows the suspect and mayor davis may have illegal connection. a plaintiff by the name of mod love is listed as having filed a
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case against davis in small claims court in 2005. two years before davis became mayor. details on the case or who won it were not available, but police say the investigation is not yet finished and that love is in jail at this point. and coming up next, we'll talk with the high school coach of giants shortstop brandon crawford. plus, a different kind of presidential election poll that starts in halloween stores of all places. we'll show you how sales of the candidates' masks often reflect real world votes. and the trial providing hope for an autism cure.
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do you know what's in the food you eat? supporters say proposition 37 will help inform people and today they held a rally at a farmers market in san francisco. >> this is a critical time for transparency in our food system. you may have seen advertise ms about prop 37 saying that it will hurt farmers. today, we have some farmers here gathered to tell you that this claim is not true. >> a new group calling itself farmers, is gathering today saying some farmers support simple clear labels on food sold in this state and that's where prop 37 comes in. it's the genetical engineered food labeling initiative. if approved it will require that food made with genetically
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modified ingredients say such. the chamber of commerce is not a campaign contributor but says prop 37 would be bad for california. >> it exposes people to litigation, unnecessarily, without any gain on any scientific basis. >> according to the no on campaign the proposition will raise food prices by $400 a year for the average family and it would not properly inform people of what's in their food. and coming up next, hometown pride in pleasanton. giants shortstop brandon crawford's coach takes us back to the field where it all began. and speaking of pleasanton, we saw highs today in the low 80s. outside right now, if you have evening plan, still, 80 degrees out by livermore. 70 in san francisco. santa rosa, 82 degrees. we have clear skies right now. but rain is coming back. your seven-day forecast.
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we'll let you know when it's going to arrive when we come right back.
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1 in 88 children born in the united states has autism. but there may be some new hope for families effected by the disorder. as nbc bay area shows us stem cells from core blood are breaking new medical ground. >> reporter: researchers hope what's inside cord blood can reverse the impact of autism.
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>> now i feel great. and i don't have any pain and i don't have to visit the dra doctor all the time. >> reporter: after all, a core blood treatment cured her sickle cell anemia. it's on the forefront of the first fda clinical trial of its kind investigating whether the stem cells in cord blood may be able to cure autism. >> this initial pilot study will accept 30 children between the ages of 2 and 7 who have a confirmed diagnosis of autism that's not known to be caused by a genetic factor. >> reporter: those children will receive infusions of their own stem cells, which they cannot reject. they were collected in their cord blood banked when they were newborns and stored in the registry. the research will be done at the center neuroscience institute in sacramento. the theory is the stem cells participants receive will be able to regulate their immune systems and stimulate neurological repair. >> stem cells may have an impact on regulating the immune system
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or regulating the nervous system either directly or indirectly. >> the hope is the new stem cells that have not been exposed to infection or chemicals will be able to get patients' bodies to rev up their own ability to repair damage. nbc, bay area news. right now we want to check in with meteorologist with a check on the weather around here which is lovely. cold in detroit and a little scary on the east coast. >> here we certainly have the best weather in the entire country. still in the 70s and 80s right now p. santa cruise looking good at 71 degrees. after 5:00, still at 80 in livermo livermore. a little bit of an offshore breeze in contra costa county. you see the southeast breeze there in fairfield. weak sea breeze for now. tomorrow evening, the winds will pick up off the ocean and lead to some cooling baz we head into early next week. meantime, 70s an 80s inland.
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another round of it come tomorrow. monday, one more day inland. and things start to change. unfortunately around trick or treat time. as you see here on the satellite view, active pattern. the jet stream which was over the bay area this week is across seattle and portland. high pressure keeping us dry. the jet stream here, the boundary and mild temperatures here across california underneath this ridge of high pressure. it's not going anywhere. at least throughout monday. between now and then, more 70s and 80s inland for most of the day and the inland valleys. maybe 80s in a few spots tomorrow. we'll see the sea breeze picking up and cooling temperatures come tuesday that eventually chances of rain. hour by hour with the cloud cover tomorrow. some low clouds on the coast hanging offshore p but then approaching the coast by tomorrow night as the sea breeze turns a bit stronger. mostly sunny skies during the day tomorrow. mostly sunny probably in into monday and those mid week changes arriving with cooler
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temperatures. tonight, we should see lows in the 50s. tomorrow's my highs, close to 80 around san jose. low to mid 80s to the southern end of the santa clara valley. some of the warmest temperatures from the pleasanton, close to 84 degrees tomorrow. 83 in livermore. 82 in fairfield. walnut creek in the low 80s for tomorrow. san francisco to oakland should be in the low to mid 70s. 80 degrees in santa rosa. 79 for sonoma. this is the nicest part of the forecast if you love 70s and 80s. we got it going through monday. tuesday, notice more clouds. and then really not the best timing her. the best i can say for halloween is this plan on some rain towards the evening. the morning looks dry on halloween. just around trick or treat time it does look like we will get that rain until skies clear again heading towards next weekend. it's almost like there's a bull's-eye around halloween. hopefully the timing pushes back. >> right on halloween. >> looks that way.
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>> all right. thank you, rob. let's check in now with henry willford of comcast sportsnet. we're hope that there won't be a ball game here on halloween because we will have wrapped it all up there in detroit. >> that would be very nice, diane. coming up in sports, the red hot giants are playing in chilly detroit. are the g-men continuing to motor in the motor city? we'll have a score update for you. speaking of the giants, we'll explain why their star catcher buster posey shared a special moment with one of the greatest players of all time, hank aaron. stay with us. sports is next.
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walnut creek back to nbc bay
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area. the giants are trying to move forward in motown. the g-men lead the tiger s-0 in the world series. game three is being played right now in detroit. me have a score update for you. still scoreless in game three. however, giants had a shot, a little shot in the top of the first. the panda, the only guy to get a hit for them. however, detroit is up right now. we'll have an update for you coming up at 6:00. speaking of the giants, their star player buster posey won the hank aaron award, best player in each game. tigers miguel cabrera won it for the american league. hank aaron presented it to them before the game. >> first of all, i would like to thank the fans, the hall of fame panel, mr. aaron for voting for me. it's -- i'm just -- i'm humbled that hank aaron knows who i am. you know, growing up in georgia, he's a legend everywhere but
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even more so there. and, you know, it's -- it's just humbling. it's a great honor. i thank you very much. >> congrats to buster posey and cabrera. slide over to college football. ucla and arizona state. this one goes down to the wire. 1:30 on the clock. taylor kelley connects with foster for a seven-yard touchdown. asu up by a point. time expires. the true freshman kicks a 33-yard field goal to win it for ucla. 45-43 is your final. what about number ten, usc at arizona? the trojans were up by eight. matt barkley to lee for a 44-yard touchdown. this guy was unbelievable today. 345 receiving yards and two touchdowns. wild cats however storm back. arizona down just two. fourth quarter. seven-yard td run.
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can't take the lead. they hang on to upset the tenth ranked team in the country, 39-36. by the way, 9er ceo and his wife danielle became parents today. danielle gave birth to jackson edward born just over seven pounds. congratulations to them, as well. diane, a lot going on. much, much more on the baseball game coming up at 6:00. >> all right. thanks a lot, henry. the east bay is typically oakland as territory, right? but tonight in pleasanton, it's all about giants shortstop brandon crawford. the 25-year-old grew up in pleasanton attending foothill high school cheering on the giants. today his childhood dream has come true. not only is he playing for the giants, he's playing in the world series for the giants. you better believe his family, friends, and neighbors in play san on the are rooting him on. coming up, we'll tell you a story and hear from one of his high school baseball coacheses, as well.
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the presidential election comes on the heels of halloween every four years, of course. here's a statistic you probably haven't heard. political mask sales of spirit halloween stores nationwide predicted a winner last four election cycles. that's since the company started keeping tabs. bedid an unofficial polling of our own inside one of these stores. >> which one do you like? >> obama. >> obama. >> more attractive than the mitt romney. what do you think? >> this one is scary. >> okay. scariest. >> definitely. >> obama. >> obama. >> why? >> it's a great mask. great likeness. i love the ears. >> the ears have it. okay. >> all right. there you go. right now, the obama mask is leading romney 60% to 40%, but
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the latest rasmussen poll showing obama trailing romney while the new york sometimes shows just the opposite. in other words, we'll find out on election day. because halloween could be rainy, some folks are celebrating early. we have a couple of ideas. the eke land zoo is holding another boo at the zoo tomorrow with a costume parade, face painting, candy, and pumpkins and goodies for the animals as well. the san francisco zoo is holding a similar event. and then in the south bay, you can always check out a haunted trail and pumpkin patch. the moreland woods in san jose, there will be food trucks, baked goods, games. admission is free there. and right now one more check of what we're doing to expect for the weekend and halloween. >> i'm going have to give out extra candy this year. >> absolutely. >> the seven-day forecast is showing no problem for halloween events for the weekend into early next week. the weather is going to stay dry. fairly warm. but it does look like starring off wednesday morning, hall
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screen morning in the north bay, start to see the rain and pushing southward into 10!ing. looks like right around 3:00 to 6:00 on wednesday. hopefully that timing gets pushed back because it's the only time in the seven-day forecast we have rain in the evening. right now it doesn't like like halloween. plan on umbrellas and maybe showers into thursday. and clear out for next weekend. >> that is a terrible forecast. >> it is. >> all right. thank you, rob. thanks for watching "nbc bay area news." more local news on nbc bay area at 6:00. see you then. good night. on this saturday night, states of emergency. 60 million americans brace for impact. tonight, the latest hurricane track and dire warnings as a monster storm takes aim. october surprise. the super storm sends both campaigns scrambling. how it's already impacting the final ten days in the race for president.


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