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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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hit. that ends it! giants take a three games . the giants take a three games to nothing lead. >> another flawless performance by the san francisco giants. now the team is just win win away from another world series title. the team's second in three years. good evening. tomorrow it could be time to break out the brooms. the cold weather in detroit didn't seem to bother the giants a bit. they're now up three game to nothing. we have team coverage of the big win from comerica park from detroit to the bay area. we begin in the east bay. fans cheered on the home town hero. the giants shortstop brandon crawford. kimberly tere spoke with the fans and a former coach about crawford's rise to the top. hello. >> reporter: hello, everywhere we went around here in pleasanton, people were about brandon crawford and that rise
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to the major leagues. it's a dream come true for brandon crawford who is now part of the team. he grew up rooting for. >> i think he just like a great player. >> reporter: the shortstop who is in the giants' world series lineup has made a name for himself in major league baseball. >> a home run for brandon crawford. >> reporter: in pleasanton where he grew up, people have been watching him for years. >> this is his sophomore year. hs his junior year. >> reporter: his baseball coach, foothill high school where he graduated in 2005 said crawford just kept getting better and better. >> he was one of those athletes, everything you could give him he would take and then take that instruction and process it and develop it. so like the next day be ready for the next part. >> reporter: his coach said as he great athlete but it is his instinct that's make him a
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standout. >> reporter: at a senior softball game, players have the world series on so they wouldn't miss a thing. they say it's great to see a local boy make good. >> he has been hitting even better. >> his parents have been season ticket holders for many, many years. now they get to see their son play on the giants. >> i think it inspires every young little boy who is a baseball player that the dream can come true for him, too. >> a grand slam homer. >> reporter: tonight, crawford had an rbi single in the second inning, giving the giants a 2-0 lead which was actually the final score 2-0. his parents and his three sisters were all there to see it in detroit for the world series. live in pleasanton, kimberly tere. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the champagne is on ice. no team has ever recovered from a three games to nothing deficit in world series history. the two runs in the second inning and that is all they ended up needing.
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final score, 2-0. the giants will go for a series sweep tomorrow night. and jamie sire, comcast sportsnet has more on the big victory. >> reporter: for all the time the giants spent playing catch-up in the first part of the postseason, they picked a perfect time to put their foot on the gas. they have not trailed since the end of game four in the nlcs and now they sit just one win away from a world series title. >> growing up, that's exactly where i wanted to know. being one game away. we're going to take it one game at a time. just like we have all postseason and going into tomorrow, 0-0. >> you have to keep going about your business as usual and come out tomorrow ready to go. and don't think about where you're at. but go out. try to win tomorrow night. these guys have done a great job of that. whether they've been down like we have, 0 zsh 2 or 3-1. we're up. but there's still a lot of business at hand. >> to be able to take the first
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game against them. we're at 3-0. they've got to beat us four times in a row. do i like our chances? of course. anything is possible so we won't sleep on them. >> reporter: how good has this pitching staff been over the last two game? this is the first time since 1919. they've had back to back shutout in addition world series. reporting from detroit, nbc bay area news. >> since it is possible the giants could win the world series in detroit tomorrow or monday, san francisco wants people to enjoy the game tomorrow night and possibly celebrate a win. so the city plans to host a viewing party at civic center plaza. mayor is he lee says the city will set up a jumbo tron so the fans can see it here like back in 2010. the hero of tonight's game was ryan vogelsong. tonight nbc bay area's lawrence scott talked with his biggest fans.
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>> all right. we are with ryan vogelsong's mom and dad. as parents, tell me about this. what this means. his biggest game in his life that keep getting bigger and bigger. now another win. >> the dream come true for him. a lot of hard work. and it's unbelievable. >> to see your son persevere like this. how does it feel to be here? >> very satisfying. he just show so much confidence out there. and it is easy to watch now. it wasn't always that way. but now it is easy to watch. >> it is a wonderful story. we're so glad to see it. >> back to everybody in the studio. >> it is easy to watch. our giants coverage continues. still ahead in this newscast. we'll introduce to you a fan from the bay area who spent the entire baseball season in a cave. why she has been let out to watch her favorite team in person on baseball's biggest stage. and this just in. a tsunami warning is in effect
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for much of the west coast tonight, including northern california and hawaii. the warning follows a magnitude 7.7 earthquake that hit off the coast of western canada. and meteorologists keeping track of it for us. >> we were just watching from the pacific coast tsunami center. also the one in alaska putting northern california under an advisory. this is about 80 miles northwest of san francisco. so for reference on the coast that is close to point arena. the history of this tsunami so far around british columbia has been seeing reports of about a half foot to a 3/4 foot rise. so thankfully this does not look like a major tsunami event. however, it is being treated very seriously across the pacific where there is a tsunami warning for hawaii where some larger than expected waves of maybe one to two or three feet will be arriving at 1:00 in the morning our time. for the bay area know it looks like after midnight, we could see a quarter foot to a half foot along the coast. that may get extended toward
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santa barbara. as happens in these events. if it hits an inlet or the bay, sometime it can bring it to a foot or so. so places like crescent city may see some issues tonight. some change in those typical tidal currents that we'll see for three to four hours tonight after midnight. sub sighing slowly as we head into tomorrow morning. we'll keep you posted should any of the advisories or warnings change. we're following another story. a hurricane could hit by early tuesday morning. the biggest concern is that the hurricane will join forces with the winter storm there and turn into an 800-mile wide system. people from the carolina to maine are preparing for the winds and rain and airlines are offering to change people's flights for free. nbc bay area is at sfo with the look at flights that have already been canceled. >> reporter: the airports and the airline are trying to be
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proactive in handling the situation. that's why they're already canceling flights this weekend here at sfo. >> we got the alert our flight was canceled tomorrow night. we were supposed to leave. so we came tonight to try to see if we could get out. >> reporter: they had to cut short their vacation and are trying to get back to new york. it hasn't been an easy trip for them coming or going on virgin america. >> they canceled our first flight and put us on the next flight. so we're just trying to get that by coming here and flying now. >> reporter: the airline are tracking the storm to decide which flights to cancel. some including virgin, jet blue and united are offering to waive penalty fees if someone wants to change their flight or cancel flights from certain airports over the next few days. >> right now they're trying to see what the major impact will be. which airports will be affected. and then try to reduce the amount of impact on their
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passengers. >> reporter: the advice from airport officials for anyone planning to fly the next few days is to keep track of the storm and keep checking the airline' website for change. another option is to set up automatic alerts to your phone or e-mail changes. >> to find out where are they going, are those airports impacted. >> we'll to go philly if we can. >> you'll try in a around about way to get home? >> yeah. >> reporter: another thing for travellers to keep in mine, even if you're traveling three or four days after the storm passes, keep cheg for cancellations and delays. it will take the airlines about that much time to get back to their normal schedules. live at san francisco international airport. art you a arturo santiago. and we'll have the latest on the tsunami warning for much of the west coast and more on hurricane sandy as well. plus, a look at how the hurricane is us. the race to the white house ten
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. we're learning more about that nanny in new york city accused of killing two children with ties to the bay area. friends and family of 50-year-old yoselyn ortega say she's been having financial and emotional problems but still don't know why she attack the children. the mother of the children found her 3-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter stabbed to death in the family's manhattan apartment on thursday. police say ortega was lying nearby with self-inflicted stab wounds. the krim family previously lived in san francisco for seven
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years. the children's father is a yahoo executive who currently works for cnbc. we're back after the break with more on that tsunami warning in if he can for much of the west coast and a change in the forecast for halloween as well. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the orange and black took a giant step toward winning the world series. game three was played tonight but a change of scenery did not change the momentum in this
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series. let's go out to motown for the action. top of the second is where we'll begin. a runner on with gregor blanco. they are having fun before the game even started. blanco triples off the wall in right center. hunter pence scores. it is 1-0. bounces in front of austin jackson. blanco scores. and then bottom of the fifth, bases loaded. two out for miguel cabrera. popped out to short. that was huge to end the inning. and that was the tigers' biggest let the of the game. g-men win 2-0. they now lead the series 3-0. >> our confidence is one game at a time. just getting prepared. and focusing and playing the game like there's no tomorrow. ing good it is going to get redundant. backs against the wall. >> i think we do a good job of taking it one game at a time.
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even though we're up 3-0. >> we cannot be confident. we have to go out there and be like warriors, you know? we'll go out there, let's do this. that's the mentality you have to have. this group of guys, we understand in the situation we've been in the past series and we want to get it done. we are not going to waste no time. >> all right. time for some college football. 17 ranked stanford looking to aroid the upset. hosting washington stayed. fourth quarter, drops back, picked off by ed reynolds. 25-yard interception return with a td. 24-10, stanford. 11 seconds left. second and goal and there is the sack by henry anderson. stanford goes on to win 24-17. how about the earthquakes and the san jose forward. just one goal shy of a single season record of 27. 24th minute, there's juan to tie
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the record. 1-0. san jose. and then to break the record. no! just a little bit wide. game ends in a 1-1 draw. but 27 goals for him. there's something to brag about. and utah wins in college football. 49-27, the bears are 3 and 6 overall in the pac-12. nothing to jump up about but however, giants, you could celebrate tomorrow, giants fans, with the world series victory. how about that? will that make you happier? >> that will help. you did not have to end with that cal score. thank you. we're going to check in with meteorologist rob mayeda on what's going on around the world the country and the world. we're watching what happened around the coast of british columbia. much of the coast on a tsunami advisory.
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we're expecting for the northern california coastline, down the mendocino coastline, to eureka. we could see a quarter foot to a half foot rise here. and as is the case with events in the past, sometimes coastal harbors inland can act like a gutter to a bowling alley and funnel in that energy. the fact that we're under an advisory should tell that you the folks at the alaska center expecting wave height rises of less than a foot. this is not an outright warning but still some coastal fluctuations in sea level are possible. any time after midnight to 3:00 in the morning and very likely this will get extended down the central coast, too. so use caution. if you're out at the harbors, you could see some unexpected rises of sea level of slightly above a foot in some of the coastal inlets and bays. 50s and 60s around the bay area. not much of a sea breeze yet.
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after we wrap up the week on a pretty warm note. high pressure has been keeping us very sunny and dry. we'll see it probably through at least monday. and this pattern breaks down, opening up the door for a weather system come wednesday that will bring us a chance of seeing some rain at this point. it still looks like we could see it rolling in around halloween, trick or treat time. during the day tomorrow, very sunny until late in the day. here come the coastal low clouds and fog. the air conditioning is coming back. one more warm day inland for valleys and tuesday we'll see the temperatures coming down with more clouds. tomorrow, temperatures mostly mid to upper 50s. tomorrow's highs, probably the warmest day. closer to 80 degrees in upper 70s around san jose. the tri-valley locations should be in the low 80s and around san francisco and oakland, should see number in the low to mid 70s. 70s to near 80 degrees around santa rosa. we're wrapping up the weekend. feeling more like summer in some spots inland and then the
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changes come tuesday into wednesday. let me point out wednesday into thursday. we've got rain over trick or treat time. halloween. one of the latest trends in the models has been to push this storm into thursday morning. i hope that's the case. by tomorrow night, we can push it back 24 hours but right now, some mid-week rain and then clearing. >> that's all we need. just 12 hours. >> thank you. when we come back, we'll go out to detroit again and check in with lawrence scott and he'll introduce us to a diehard giants fan who spend the last six months in a baseball cave. we'll explain. plus, hurricane sandy has not made landfall just yet but the storm is already having an impact on the race to the white house. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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. hurricane sandy is changing the campaign plans. the president is slated to visit florida and ohio on monday before he returns to the white house. also, as a precaution, mitt romney has canceled all of his rallies tomorrow in virginia. instead, he will be heading to ohio as well. as we've been reporting, the giants are to win the world series tomorrow night in detroit. nbc bay area lawrence scott is in detroit with a preview of a story of a bay area woman who spent the last six months watching giants games from a cave. >> reporter: you've had a perfect game this season and been in the world series spotlight before. game four starter matt cain. he is a big game pitcher. and some of baseball's luminaries explain why. >> he has learned the right way. he came to the big league with plus stuff. he had the right attitude.
11:25 pm
just a combination of his talent, his experience and the desire that he has to compete. >> he is like a human metro nome. that consistency. he never gets excited. and he executes and he has great coordination. his delivery is so good that nothing phases him. >> reporter: following along here in detroit is a huge giants fan. she has been following all of the team this season. take a look. when the giants fan ashley chavez was a child she named several of his stuffed animals, will clark. now she is on the world series field. a hayward native made her way to the big apple to live in a cave. the mlb fan cave. >> the fan cave is basically a giants social media hub located in manhattan, in the village. it is a really fun space that we can film fun skits with the ball players. have awesome concerts. have celebrities stop by and share great stories and show off their personalities and where we
11:26 pm
can watch every single major league baseball game. we have the cave monster that is 15 giant tvs on. >> it is something like mtv's real world. fans live together watching every baseball game of the season while tweeting and sharing a love of the game that for ashley come full circle. >> the giants and the world series is the most ridiculous thing. now that they are here and i'm at the world series, it will take me like two years to be like, no, this was real. this was not a dream. it is not a story. this is real life. it couldn't get more perfect. >> reporter: you would have to be living in a cave to not follow game four tomorrow. we'll be here with the giants are up 3-0. back to you in the stood over. >> all right. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the giants' quest for the second world series title in three years. we'll have the report in the morning and you can go to nbc bay area dogt. i want to check in with rob one more time on this tsunami
11:27 pm
warning. >> we're starting to get reports. a little reassuring to me. just over a half foot. crescent city historically has seen energy from tsunami that have occurred in other parts of the pacific where it is one of the places on the coast with the biggest wave height rise. the energy goes in, gets funneled in. .6 feet and likely moving down the coast within the next hour. so just use caution if you're around the harbors and bays. >> thank you, rob. thank you for joining us for nbc bay area at 11:00. saturday night live is up next. so... [ gasps ]
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