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tv   Today  NBC  December 28, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PST

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♪ ♪ hey, i wonder why they're chasing that rig. i don't know; we better check and find out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, that's john medford in that rig. i don't recognize the men with him. they just seem to be talking. maybe it isn't any of our business after all. why don't you leave me alone, dude? i told you before: i don't want anything to do with you.
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why johnny boy, is that any way to treat old friends? ha! i just stopped by to have a friendly chat with you. might be very interesting if the president of the mineral city bank were to know that his most trusted casheer, john medford, is really john merideth, a jailbird and a murderer. i paid for the mistake, dude, and made a fresh start. heh. oh, johnny boy. you wouldn't want anything to happen to that nice little wife or kid of yours, would you? would you?! alright, what do you want? you already know that. this visit is just to make sure. have that bank vault open for us tomorrow when we come in. i won't do it, dude! you won't do it? well this is a sample of what you'll get if you don't. ♪ hey, what's going on here?! you keep out of this!
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oh no you don't, stranger! ♪ ♪ ♪ now john, maybe you can tell me what this is all about. ♪ just a misunderstanding. a personal matter. why don't you keep your nose out of things that don't concern you? maybe i made a mistake. i guess maybe you did, and i aim to correct it later. this doesn't change things any between us. ♪
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who were those men, and why were they after you? i'd rather not talk about it. i appreciate your help, and it's not important, really. ♪ ♪
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i'm sorry the baby was asl
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you and john must really be happy with a nice little daughter like that. oh, we are. everything's just perfect. i saw john yesterday; he seemed to be worried about something. is there anything wrong? well... no, i don't think so. i thought maybe i could help if anything was wrong. well thanks roy, but i think you got the wrong impression. well tell john i dropped by to say hello. i will, and you come back again. thanks! say, saw that new herd of yours, cam. mighty fine bunch of cattle. they sure are. see ya next week. just relax, everybody, and you don't get hurt. get your hands up! you can't just walk in here like this! can't we?! get to work. ♪ just a minute, mister. are you following me? who, me? yes, you,
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and i don't exactly take to that. oh, mister, you're mistaken. i never follow anybody. nevermind that. i just wanted to go in the bank, that's all. i'm gonna straighten you out about something. ♪ ♪ come on. hurry up. we haven't gotten all day. ♪ ♪ come on! hurry it up in there! ♪ ♪ hurry up! we gotta get out of here! alright, i'm coming! sorry, dan. i tell ya for the millionth time, i haven't been following you! you shouldn't get so hot under the collar, mister. you better cool off.
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help hey, sid, let's get out of here! ♪ help! help! who turned out the lights?! where am i? in a tunnel? the bank's been held up! ♪ ♪ just a cotton-picking minute, bullet! can't you trail them an easier way? what, you think nelliebelle is a mountain goat? well pat, i thought nelliebelle could go any place. well don't you ever worry. they ain't nobody out-trail nelliebelle yet. here comes sid. and he's in a hurry.
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there's a posse coming. you must have been trailed here. how could they? they got that dog of rogers's with them. rogers, huh? gather up this money. we'll give them a nice warm welcome. there are the horses. they must be inside. stay here, bullet. ♪ ♪ ♪ we're just wasting good ammunition. if we can keep them away from their horses, we got them pinned down. maybe, but if they can hold us off till dark, they'll make a break for it. ♪
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where you going, roy? keep 'em busy! pat, you're an old tank driver. head nelliebelle right straight for the cabin! wow, this reminds me of the battle of the bulge! ♪ ♪ ♪ let's close in on them, men! they're closing in on us. sid -- trap door! turkey, you're last.
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throw those shells in the fire just before you follow us. ♪ ♪ ♪ sounds like a battery of guns. ya!
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let him clean us out and get away. why? i don't know; i just couldn't. this is a breach of trust and looks very suspicious. either that or you're a coward, john. which is it? in any case -- if you can't protect the interests of this bank, you're not worthy of a position of trust here. but mr. prescott, my job...! you're through! get out. ♪ ♪ they trace them yet, roy? we trailed them to their hideout, but they got away. roy seems to think they're the same men that stopped you the other day. it kinda looks like you were working with them. we don't want to turn you over to the sheriff unless you've done something wrong. but you know those men. now who are they? i guess i should have told you before. i know them as dude dalheart and cherokee tim. there's another one they call sid.
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they got some kind of a hold on you. yes. i killed a man once, back in kansas. my name was marideth then. how did it happen? man was responsible for the death of my sister. she killed herself. i went out of my head, i guess. i hunted him down and shot it out with him. did you stand trial for it? i was convicted of manslaughter and served ten years in prison. oh, so you're not wanted for any kind of a crime now? no. when i got out i came west. changed my name and married. i have a home, a wife, and a child. i built a good life here, until dude dalhart came along. ... and threatened to expose you as an ex-convict, huh? it would disgrace my wife and baby and tear down everything i built for them here. that explains a lot of things, john. even so, i meant to stop the hold-up, but i kept seeing the man i killed before and i couldn't shoot dude. i couldn't kill again. now they think i'm a coward... and worse. there's one way you can make up for all that, john. how? tell us where we can find dalhart and his men. but i don't know that. even if i could help capture them,
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they'd still expose me. that doesn't matter now! you've paid for any crime you committed in the past. ... alright. i'll do whatever you want. but i don't know where they are. you'd better stick close to home until we get a lead on them. ♪ ♪ ♪ relax; it's only medford. mary! john, dear...! welcome home, johnny boy. john... pull up a chair; relax. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ come on, bullet. thank you. come back. you know, dale, sometimes i get fed up with scrubbing these floors and washing on those dirty dishes. i was meant for better thing. an executive type, for instance, where i sit with my feet up on a desk and... well, you certainly look like a merry little ray of sunshine. i just saw john medford loading a lot of provisions in that buggy of his. he avoided seeing me. roy, you don't think dude and his men are hiding out at the medford home, do you? yes, i do. and i should tell the sheriff about it you can't do that, roy! they're probably holding mary and that baby prisoners in their own home. yeah, if we take the sheriff out there somebody's liable to get hurt. well we don't want that to happen. no... say i've got an idea! why don't i go out there and pay a little social call on mary? but you can't go out there
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alone! well it's a cinch that neither one of you can go. and besides, what looks more innocent than one woman paying a call on another. and you two could be watching from outside! oh dale... too much could happen if that gang is there. i could find that out, and without giving it away. and if mary doesn't let me in, we'd know! now listen, you stay out of this! i'll figure some other way. dale! where you going? well hello, mary! gee, it's been so long, i just had to come see you and the baby. how's johnny? oh, he isn't here right now. i don't feel very well. oh, that's too bad. i was out riding the other day and i saw john. he looked just fine. my, aren't you lucky to have such a wonderful little baby? it's a girl, isn't it? yes, she's asleep right now. oh, gee, that's too bad. i wanted to see her. i'd be quiet.
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just quiet as a mouse. well... she's been so cross lately. why don't you come back another time? oh, isn't that the baby now? no, no, she's she's sound asleep. shut up, you bawlng brat! well it is! the little darling's waking up. i've just got to see her. no! i... i'll see how she is. you wait here.
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there there honey. it's alright. dude and his gang must her in the house. hey. medford's coming back. hey, if he goes in there he's liable to mess things up for dale. we'll head him off before he gets there. what are you doing there? alright, get back in that closet. go on! a shot! he heard it, too. let's go.
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hold it! drop those guns and back up against the wall. mary! mary! rogers, whether johnny lives or dies depends on you. drop your gun. don't try to follow us. remember the gun in johnny's back. get the horses, sid! dale! dale, you alright? yeah, we're alright, roy. what have you done to my wife and baby, dude? are they alright? don't come any closer, rogers. i'll let him have it. if you've done anything to my wife and baby, i'll get you, dude. i'll follow you no matter where you go. son of a...! i'll kill ya! do you hear me? shut up, johnny boy. nothing's happened to your wife and kid. but you double crossed us, johnny, and something's going to happen to you.
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♪ trigger! ♪ hey, phinneas! ♪ mary, you and the baby alright? here, take this. one of them is still in the closet. the bank money's here. i'll be able to return it in the morning. ♪ the bank money's here. i'll be able to return it in the ♪orning. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ alright, dude. you're about to start paying for all the trouble you've caused. get going. ♪ ♪ ♪ dale, what are we going to do with you taking chances like that? oh, that was no chance roy. i knew you'd be around when the trouble started to take care of things. supposing i hadn't had made it? go on, dude. you're the funny man that got your enjoys dunkin' me like a donut, aren't ya?
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well i'm-a fixing to get my enjoys now. come on, boy. ha ha! john, i think it's wonderful that mr. prescott retird and made you the manager. thank you, dale. congratulations, johnny, or maybe i should say, "mr. medford." yes! roy i'll never be able to thank you enough. it'll always be johnny to you and dale. that suit...! what in the world are you dressed like that for? no more washing floors and scrubbing dishes, dale. like i said: i'm fed up with that mopping and scrubbing. i came to take that new job. that new custodian position that mr. medford offered me. where's my office, john? right over there, pat. ♪
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♪ pat brady, chief custodian. ha ha... ah. ha ha ha ha ♪ happy trails to you ♪ until we meet again ♪ happy trails to you ♪ keep smiling until then ♪ happy trails to you ♪ until we meet again
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♪ the lone ranger! ♪ hi-ho silver! a fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty "hi-ho silver!" the lone ranger! ♪ watch out, he's got a gun! no, don't! let me go! what is it, hanley? butch cavendish, warden. someone must have sneaked him a gun. i was just letting him out for exercise period when he pulled it on me. butch cavendish is the last one i'd want to escape. tell the guards to shoot him on sight. i can't. why not? your son johnny was on his way
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up here to see you just as butch broke out. he grabbed hold of him; he's got a gun on him now. johnny! what's cavendish doing to him? nothing yet. he says he wants to talk to you. i think he's got some kind of a proposition. tell him to come in. yes sir. ♪ here he is, warden. i'm sorry, dad. he grabbed me when i wasn't looking. that's alright, son. let him go, cavendish. i'm giving the orders here now, warden. you'll never get out of here alive! well if i don't, your kid won't either. i'll use this gun on him, and you know i mean it. what's your deal? i'm taking him out of her with me. you'll get him back safe and sound on one condition: that you let the rest of my gang go free. don't do it, dad! i couldn't do that if i wanted to, cavendish. your men aren't here now. they're out to the prison farm. i know that, but you let them go free and they get back they can meet me at one of my old hideouts. how will they know which one?
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don't worry, they will. if they're not there by noon wednesday you'll never see this kid again. you'll never make it. your guards won't shoot. they know how crazy you are about junior here. come on, you. i'll get that cowardly rat. don't lose your head, warden, he'll kill johnny for sure. they're letting him out alright. they don't want to risk hurting the boy. what can i do hanley? you've got no choice, warden. it's the cavendish gang or johnny's life. let those outlaws free to harm innocent people? no, hanley, i can't do that! but warden... johnny! we'll have to find some other way to save him. but how? nobody but the cavendish gang knows where those hideouts are, and they'll never talk. there's someone else who knows: the man who captured the cavendish gang years ago. the lone ranger! if we could only get word to him. oh, that's impossible, warden. no one ever knows where he is. whenever a crime is committed, he knows somehow. he finds out. if he could only learn about this before it's too late. ♪ ♪
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you're back eary, tonto. where are the supplies? me not get them. no time for food now. what's happened? word come through to town butch cavendish break jail. cavendish? our worst enemy. him take warden's son as hostage hold him at one of old hideouts. he say him kill boy if cavendish gang not free by noon wednesday. i know the warden is much too honest to release those outlaws even if the boy's life is at stake. we ride fast, maybe still time to save him. not a chance, tonto. cavendish had too many hideouts. he could be holding the boy at any one of them. we don't have time to check them all. if we split up we cover more ground. yes, but that's trusting too much to luck. what we do then? you ride to cavendish's closest hideout. if he isn't there go on to the next one. maybe you'll reach him before i do. but where you go? to the prison, tonto. that's the only sure way i can think of to find butch cavendish.
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but what you suggest... i don't know. i realize it's risky, warden, but it's better than letting johnny die. besides, you won't be freeing the whole gang. just one man. but one is as bad as all! besides, this dooley is no fool, you know. what makes you so sure that he leads you to where cavendish is? i'll try not to let him know i'm following him. but if you get to the hideout, it's two against one. it's bad enough having cavendish at large without letting his chief henchman go too. you've got to do it, warden. not only for johnny's sake, but we must get cavendish back again. alright. we'l risk it. you better wait in the closet.
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you can bring dooley in now, hanley. dooley, i'm asking you for the last time: where is cavendish hiding out with my boy? i wouldn't know but if i were to let you loose, you would know. is that it? i might. alright, dooley, you win. i'm gonna let you go. what about the rest of the gang? one at a time. i'm not gonna let you out in a group to raid the territory. alright warden. that's good enough for me. one at a time. but get this straight: if any harm comes to my boy, you and cavendish are gonna have your necks stretched. understand? sure warden, sure. i get it. alright then. on your way. not so fast. you must think i'm an awful fool. what do you mean? i know what your game is. it's a trap to catch cavendish. five minutes after i'm out of here half the guards in this place will be on my trail. i give you my word of honor that no guard will follow you out of this prison.
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and what difference will it make if they did? i know where i'm going. they don't. i could lose a thousand guards by the time i reach cavendish. now, you still want to let me go? i want to save my boy at any price. ok warden, i'll go. but on my terms. i ain't trekking around the country in this outfit. i want new clothes, a horse, and a gun with bullets just in case someone should try to follow me. take him out and give him what he wants, then let him go. thanks warden,, you sure do treat us prisoners nice. he's a tough customer, warden. i hope i've done the right thing. but if he gets away for good, i'll have betrayed the honest people who put me in this job. don't worry i'll pick up his trail as soon as he leaves. but i don't trust him. he's liable to lead you on a wild goose chase. i don't think so. dooley's too sure of himself. but we've only got until noon wednesday. suppose dooley doesn't get to cavendish by then. you've forgotten, warden, i'm not your only hope. tonto is also looking for cavendish too. he's had time to reach some of his hideouts by now. for all we know,
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he's already rescued johnny. if i could only believe that. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you know kid, i was loco not to think of this idea before. now i don't have to watch both doors at once. what are you doing now? just making sure that nobody takes up by surprise. they try that door over there they're going to get an awful headache. they try this one, they're going to get a bullet in the belly. you can't scare dad into letting your gang go free. he'll never do it. he will if he ever wants to see you again.
7:39 am
well i guess i won't be needing these anymore. dad would be cheating the people who trust him if he let those crooks out of jail. i wouldn't want him to do it even if he could. shut up!
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you yap too much. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ well i thought you was never coming out of it, injun. say, where is that masked man you used to work with? me not know. don't lie to me! where is he? well i've got other ways of making you talk no! wait, me tel him in town. him have business there. me not know where him is now; that truth. eh, i wonder if i can believe that. probably not. i'm gonna go outside and take a look around, just in case.
7:43 am
and don't you worry kid; i'll be back to take care of you. time's running fast do not be frightened; there is still hope. don't try to fool me, indian. we don't have one chance in a million. who are you anyway? me tonto. your friend. you not forget: one chance in million better than none. i'm sorry you risked your life to save me. now we're both gonna die. you give up plenty easy. we not dead yet. we're as good as dead. i wish he'd do it now and get it over with. what if someone on way to rescue us? who? nobody can find us here. friend of tonto maybe find us. you mean... the masked man cavendish was talking about? that right. oh, what's the use? even if he did get here in time, he'd be trapped same as you. you not be too sure. him never say die. you mean... you really think there's a chance for us? there always chance if you not give up. well injun, i guess you wasn't lying. there's no sign of that masked man.
7:44 am
sure hope you boys wasn't lonesome. we're doing alright. well i'm glad to hear that. 'cause there's nothing like spending what time you got left being happy. and you haven't got much. well, reckon i better set my little trap again just in case that masked man comes snooping around. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ effie, ain't you found them plum preserves yet? here they are! they wer behind the pickled cucumbers. ah good. i'll wrap the preserves and we'll leave as soon as you're ready dear. land-a-goshes, who can that be? why it's some poor man who looks half starved. come in stranger, and rest a spell. thank you, ma'am. this is right kind of ya. oh, nothing like being friendly we always say. we were just going to take some vittles to a poor sick neighbor. do you come from these parts? no ma'am, i've been traveling a long way. oh, you sure look it. would you like some nice hot soup? to warm your innards? well no ma'am i'm awful sorry to bust in on ya like this but i just had to hide somewhere. hide? w-w-who from? well i had a suspicion for the last couple of hours that i've been followed by a bandit. a bandit, effie. oh how awful! that's right ma'am, a man wearing a mask. he was probably
7:46 am
after my hard earned wages. oh, i'd like nothing better than to get that ornery skunk. and i'll kill him, too, if you ladies will help me. us? help you catch a bandit? d-do you think we could? you just tell us what to do, mister, and we'll do anything you say. oh, good. now look, i'll pretend to ride away from here. now it's my hunch that that masked man comes knocking at that door, try to find out if i left my money with you. don't you worry mister, we'll get rid of him somehow. but i don't want you to. you gotta find some excuse to keep him here. and i'll circle around the back and sneak in the door over there and we'll catch him red handed. i think that's a lovely plan. you can count on us mister. we'll keep him here somehow. that's fine ladies. well, i'll go now. believe me, the law's going to be mighty greatful to you for helping to catch this bandit. ♪
7:47 am
♪ ♪ it is a masked man, just like he said. and he's coming right toward us. i beg your pardon. oh, effie, we have a visitor. do come in. oh thank you. do you always welcome masked men with such open arms? why shouldn't we? you have an honest chin. besides, we always say it's a man's own business to choose what he wants to wear. i wish more people thought that way. the reason i'm here... oh effie, the man looks hungry. offer him some soup. thank you very much. i'd like to stay but i haven't time. you see i'm trailing a man who just stopped here. i thought he might have harmed you. that nice man? he wouldn't harm a fly. i'm afraid he would, ma'am. he happens to be an escaped convict. oh he couldn't be. why all he wanted was some food for his journey. did he drop a hint as to where he was headed?
7:48 am
not a word, mister, and we're not the ones to pry. then i better be after him, fast. oh, before you leave... i'm sorry, i really can't stay. oh yes you can. reach. drop them guns. easy. oh thank goodness you got back. we were afraid we couldn't hold him for you. you done fine ladies, just fine. you're even lower than i thought you were dooley: taking advantage of two helpless women. i take my advantages where i find them. now turn around. come on. i've been itching to do this for years. oh! mr. dooley, you had no right to strike him. it wasn't hurting you. shut up, he thought he could trail me to the hideout. now get in that closet, both of you. in the closet? that's what i said, unless you wanna stay here while i blow his brains out. oh, effie, the masked man was telling us the truth. we trapped the wrong outlaw. you sure have and by the time you two old beetle beaks are out of that closet i'll be with my pal cavendish
7:49 am
and that hombre will be dead. don't kill him in cold blood. come on, quit your stalling and get in there. you too. oh, my soup. my soup is boiling. whatever will i do with it? i don't care what you do with it so long as you get rid of it, now come on. whatever you say, mister! call us beetle beaks, will you?
7:50 am
7:51 am
take it easy. it's fine now, thanks to you both. you keep looking at that clock. is there anything the matter? that boy i was telling you about, we don't have much time. dooley, i'm asking you for the last time, where is cavendish holding johnny? why don't you let me go and follow me? i know you'd never lead me there now. are you gonna let that innocent boy die? that warden's kid don't mean a thing to me. i've never seen a meaner man. maybe if you give him a few jabs with this he's be more gossip-y. no thanks, i don't believe in torture. there must be some other way to make him talk.
7:52 am
supposing i did talk, how would you know whether i was telling the truth or lying? that's easy. whenever effie tells a lie, she blushes. oh elsie, hush! you do! wait a minute ladies, you've just given me an idea. lots of people blush when they tell lies. it's their hearts that give them away. they pump the blood faster. mister, i ain't the blushing kind. you don't have to be, dooley, to give yourself away. i see what you mean! his pulse! that's right, ma'am. oh do let us help you. it's a long chance ladies, but it may work you keep your fingers on his pulse while i question him. you're a fool if you think i'm gonna tell you what hideout he's at; i'm saying no to everything. go ahead mister, we're ready. where's cavendish hiding? silver canyon? no. twin forks? no. eagle pass? no. dead man's gulch? no. try him again on that one, mister. dead man's gulch? i said no! oh my, yes, that's the one. it must be: his pulse is racing like a house on fire.
7:53 am
it's worth a try ladies, but dead man's gulch is a long ride from here. take the shortcut, over willow bridge. much quicker. i only hope i can make it in time. you ladies keep this outlaw tied up until i get back. you've both been a big help. thanks. oh, what a nice man. and just think, effie, we've captured a real life outlaw. oh, this is the most exciting time we've had since grandpa won the horse shoe pitching contest. ♪ hey! pull up there! you sure in a fine hurry, mister. what's the idea of the roadblock? what's the idea of the mask? this mask means the same to me as a badge of office means to a law man. why s the road closed? bridge ain't there no more. river washed it away last night. is there any other way across? not a chance. look mister, i've got to get to dead man's gulch by twelve noon. if i don't a boy is going to die. there must be some other way across the river. well why didn't you say so?
7:54 am
follow the stream up here to eagle pass. the river's not to deep; maybe you and your horse can swim across. thanks a lot! ♪ dead man's gulch at 12 noon. ha ha! that darn fool won't come anywhere near making it. i never figured that a father could care so little for a son. my gang should have been here by now. i told you he wouldn't let them go. and i told you i'd kill you if he didn't. i reckon we both meant it. how much time? one minute. ♪ still doing alright, kid? you not forget what i tell you. you never say die. that's good advice injun. too bad you can't take it. i'll never give up, cavendish, not even after you pull the trigger. you die hard, kid with less than a minute to live and both doors tricked up so nobody can break in and you still
7:55 am
figure there's a chance somebody might save you. oh, i get it. the masked man. still thinking about him, huh? he's gonna pull a miracle, sneak in just in the nick of time. him come if him can. from out of nowhere i suppose. that's right, from out of nowhere. ♪ you're too late, injun. you've been dreaming up fairy tales. i just hope the kid here didn't believe you. because this one time they're not coming true. your time's up, injun. i'm gonna let you have it first. and there's no masked man standing by to save you. alright, cavendish, i'll take that other gun. ♪ ♪
7:56 am
♪ caught in his own trap. gee, tonto, you were right. he came from out of nowhere. and then, he kicked the door open, and cavendish fired, and then the ranger jumped him and knocked him all over the place. i'm afriad jonnhy's exaggerating, warden. that mr. cavendish sounds just as bad our mr. dooley. that horrible man. and when i think of how we trusted him... the importnt thing is that cavendish and dooley are back in prison. neither of them can hurt anybody again. the most important thing to me is that you saved my boy's life. and for that i can never repay you. we not work for pay. we work for justice. he's right, warden. and justice needs no pay. well tonto, it's time to go. if you ladies would like, we'll put you in your carriage. oh what a nice man, and so polite. you sure you won't let us take just a peek under that mask?
7:57 am
it's not his face that matters, it's his character. and he's just oozing with that. you ladies have a good deal of character yourselves. so long, johnny. goodbye. bye warden. bye-bye. gee dad, i've never met a man like him before. that's because he's one in a million. he's the lone ranger. hi-ho silver, away! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪
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@@@@@@@@@@úú@@ ♪lassie ♪lassie ♪starring june lockhart ♪hugh riley, john provost ♪as timmy and of course lassie ♪ alexander the great. he's only a ginny pig. what's so great? can he do tricks? no. but the great? that means something special. well...he is. what? because i raised him myself and he's black and white...with blue eyes. that's nothing. and he's been on a special diet.
8:00 am
see how shiney his coat is? let's do something. like what? i don't know but i'm tired of kid stuff. ♪ why don't we explore out there? maybe we'll find buried treasure. in those rocks? sure. or maybe a wild animal? take your wagon just in case. come on get your wagon. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ listen. i hear something. look! that's only an old squirrel. yeah but he's wild. he's not wild enough.
8:01 am
listen to lassie. sounds like she's really found something. ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! boy! that's more like it! a parachute! bet it's the first time you ever saw a real parachute. lassie has found something else. let's see. boy oh boy! what is it? i don't know.
8:02 am
but it must be valuable. was tied onto the parachute. nothing like what i ever saw before. maybe it's measurer? a what? you know...something they send high up in the air and when it comes back they take its temperature. just to see how cold it's gonna be. yeah well whatever it is let's take it back to your house. help me. do you think we should? why not? well... okay. ♪ something's inside it. ♪ ♪ are you afraid?
8:03 am
no. neither am i. come on. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this end is loose. what are you gonna do? see what's in this thing. be quiet lassie. go ahead. look in it. ♪
8:04 am
♪ ♪ it's a monster. run. ♪ ♪ ♪ is it coming? no...what kind of monster is it? the kind that's dark and... fuzzy... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's gone. that's good. who wants to tango with a monster?
8:05 am
boy didn't i tell you we would find something special out here? help me lift it. maybe we'll get some reward for finding this...whatever it is. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lassie! we're going home and get our reward. come on! ♪ ♪
8:06 am
8:07 am
8:08 am
well the rocket was fired the day before yesterday. how far into space did it go, colonel? nearly 14 hundred miles...when the rocket was halfway across that band of radiation that surrounds the earth, a signal from our installation caused the rocket to eject the nose cone. why are you so sure that it landed on our farm colonel? we're not. we're only sure that it landed within a 20 mile radius. unless somebody discovers the space capsule by accident, our only hope of finding it is by combing every foot of this area. well you certainly have our permission. just what does a space capsule look like?
8:09 am
well this particular one is cone shaped, about 3 feet long and nice inches across the base. ♪ does it contain anything besides instruments? this one did. it contained a passenger...a ginny pig! a ginny pig? well... i thought it was a monster. now one word of warning: if you should happen to find that space capsule before we do...please don't touch it. not under any circumstances. we understand. well thank you both. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:10 am
♪ ♪ golly! suppose the army finds out we touched it and lost the ginny pig? they aren't gonna find out. what are you doing with alexander? we'll put him in the capsule and take it back where we found it. but don, he's my pet! you heard what the colonel said. do you want to go to jail? no but maybe if we told my folks we didn't know this thing belonged to the think that'll matter? alexander you're drafted. here you can carry him till we get back to the parachute. ♪ ♪
8:11 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hurry up they're coming. goodbye alexander. i sure hope they take good care of ya. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:12 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! ♪ ♪ he's alive! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
well did you find it? yeah! the radio transmitter in the nose cone stopped working just before the nose cone landed here. now i thought it would be a much larger object. now i can see it must have been like looking for a needle in a haystack. well hardly as bad as that. the parachute was a pretty good landmark. what would you have done if you couldn't have found it? we would have to send up another rocket on the same mission. i'm sure you both realize the enormous amount of work and study and money that goes into one of our space experiments. thank goodness you own't have to do this one again. colonel mitchell?
8:16 am
excuse me sir may i speak with you alone a moment? mr. martin? yes colonel? this isn't the ginny pig we sent into space. are you sure? look for yourself, sir, this one isn't ours. besides, the one we sent up wore an identification band on his front leg. is it my imagination or does he look familiar? he looks like alexander. alexander is my son timmy's pet. well if this is his ginny pig then... ♪ ♪ it is alexander. it's just a small boys prank.
8:17 am
isn't it? i'm afraid it's much more serious than that ruth. you remember the colonel had told us that rocket had been sent up into a belt of deadly radiation which surrounds the earth? yes. the capsule became highly radio active. and by handling it...timmy has been exposed to radiation. ginny pigs probably been exposed to enough radiation to kill a thousand men. lieutenant! oh no! that's a theoretical statement. mrs. martin, even if your son has our ginny pig there is a chance it's a slight one but still it's a chance. how? because the purpose of this experiment was to see if the material covering the capsule would protect the ginny pig from the radiation in space. of course until we find that ginny pig, we won't know if the covering was penetrated by radiation or not. timmy's in danger. colonel, we better find him before it's too late. ♪ ♪
8:18 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ paul look! it's timmy's wagon! ♪ ♪ ♪ hold it mr. martin!
8:19 am
it's probably contaminated. go ahead. what does it mean? it's contaminated. it's radio active. most likely from the capsule. maybe from the ginny pig. ♪ ♪ ♪ do you think he's around here lassie? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:20 am
you found him lassie! ♪ boy, you're so little no wonder you're so hard to find. we better get you back to the army right away! even if i have to go to jail for it. ♪ ♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
paul it's lassie! ♪ ♪ paul! he's holding the ginny pig. ♪ we didn't know he belonged to the army. honest we didn't. timmy! mrs. martin stay away from him. he's our son! there is not point in your being contaminated too.
8:23 am
is that what i am? contaminated? you're radio active son. contaminated by this ginny pig here. i feel alright. i mean i don't feel sick or anything. you don't feel radiation until it's too late, son. timmy, did anybody else touch that capsule? it's very important that you tell us. don did. we both touched it. we're going to test you for radiation timmy. will it hurt? no son this won't hurt a bit. ♪ ♪ the reading... it's high. alright. go ahead.
8:24 am
unless this machine has gone haywire this ginny pig's practically clean. what radiation there is on him must have come from timmy here. mrs. martin we better get him to our base immediately to be de- contaminated. he's going to be a mighty sick boy. what does he mean mom? i haven't seen any radiation. honest. timmy, you don't see radiation and you don't feel it either. but it's very dangerous and when you picked up that space capsule some of it rubbed off on your hands and clothes. gosh! we better get to that other boy! please hurry! on the double young man! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:25 am
boy! i sure am glad mom never gave me a bath like that. takes the skin off as well as the dirt, huh son? yes sir. almost. but why did they burn my clothes? did they think i was going to stay in the army? no timmy. they were contaminated. they are full of radioactive material from the space capsule. because of that they were dangerous they had to be destroyed. i sure am glad the little ginny pig wasn't radioactive. so are we timmy. means the surrounding coating on the capsule was a success! ♪ ♪ to... i was just reading all about space to lassie, dad. ah huh. come over here son.
8:26 am
timmy, do you realize what almost happened today? not only did you attempt to conceal something that you knew was wrong... but you almost ruined a very important and expensive government experiment. i know dad. but i didn't mean to do anything wrong. timmy i know that you didn't realize what a space capsule was... but i hope this teaches you a good lesson. now whenever you come across anything which is unfamiliar to you, something that you don't recognize or understand, don't ever touch it. i won't dad. i promise. what will you do? i'll leave it be or i'll come and find you or mom. good boy! you know something? you did a very fine thing in finding the army's ginny pig. you not only saved its life, you saved the army's experiment as well. your mother and i are proud of you! very proud!
8:27 am
there's the one that did most of the work! lassie! ♪ you know suddenly i'm hungry mom. so am i! coconut cake? and milk too! we've got a treat for you too lassie. we're all celebrating! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪the roy rogers show ♪before today's show let's visit roy and dale's western museum and victorville, california. these great memories of hollywood and the west are part of the cowboy legend. roy's ninetieth feature film was macintosh and t.j. which he made during the 1970's after a 22 year absence from the big screen. he accepted the come back role because of the film's wholesome story line and exciting bronco busting scenes. after dozens of westerns, roy made it in hollywood, macintosh and t.j. was the first time he went to texas to film on location. and now here's roy rogers. well hi! dale, and trigger and bullet, nelly bell and pat were all a very important part of the roy rogers show. so why don't you sit back and watch us while we tame the west.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪the roy rogers show, starring roy rogers king of ♪ ♪the cowboys, trigger his golden palomino and dale evans ♪ ♪queen of the west, with pat brady his comical ♪ ♪sidekick. and roy's wonder dog, bullet ♪ hello in there? cliff? this is dale evans and roy rogers, we're coming in. what's that for? listen, cliff miller's a kentucky mountaineer and where he comes from you shout your name to prove you're visiting and not feuding. morning ms. dale. howdy roy. hi cliff. howdy cliff. you both are a mighty welcome sight. we heard your store house burned down and we brought you some supplies.
8:31 am
that's mighty kind of you but i don't want to be beholden to you. out here in the west we just call it being neighborly. ain't the way roger wilson feels. he acts like he's feuding with me. he wants to buy my ranch and he don't take kindly to my refusing to sell. i wonder if roger could have started that fire? i wouldn't put it past him. come on bullet. ♪ sure is mighty nice of you folks to do this. i'll take that from you ms. dale. okay. how did the fire start cliff? i don't rightly know roy. might have been caused by some kind of fermenting in the corn, like the fire we had when grand pappy's still blew up. cause might just be the piece of misfortune that been hounding me lately. let's hope your luck gets better from now on cliff. i thank you kindly. could be cousin ziegel help break the spell. he's on his way from kentucky to stay with me. best shot in the harlan county ziek is.
8:32 am
him and sudy may can bark a squirrel of hundred yard. who is sudy may? sudy may's zek's old squirrel gun. hank bout showing me the store house? maybe i can figure out what caused the fire? pleasure you sir, i'll be glad to. look after him dale. alright roy. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ prescription filled. well that's alright, doc harper said he would stay with cliff till we got back.
8:33 am
while we're waiting we better report to the sheriff. which reminds me, who is the new sheriff? i haven't heard but hank fisher's sure to be re-elected. yeah. roy, look! don't worry about that, it's probably just a gag some of the boy's have thought up. pat wouldn't want to be sheriff. well i should think not. me! pat brady! roy, tell this critter who i am. down bullet. what in the world's been going on in here? you two just missed a bang up party, this here place was over flowing with well wishers. showering me with presents! bill louis gave me this here caribou.. pat, do you mean to say you're the new sheriff? it can't be. surprised ya huh? just cast your eyes on
8:34 am
this here star. pat brady sheriff martin county, that's me! thought you said this was a gag? it was, at least it started out to be. well when the voters realized my sterling qualities, they turned out in droves to elect me. and i'm going to show 'em that they're dog gone dead right. why before i'm through i'll have every owl hoot in the county locked up in these here cells. sheriff you can start right now by catching the one who gunned down cliff miller. you're durn tooting i will. huh? yes, someone just shot cliff miller and we came in to report it sheriff. already? i just been sworn in. come on sheriff we have work to do. you know this might shorten your term in office. very sorry to hear about cliff miller but i don't know why you shou i've been in town all morning with my lawyer. just got back a half hour ago. if you were in town all morning wilson, how come your horse was over at cliff's? i stopped there on the way home. wanted to talk to him about buying his ranch. but i saw
8:35 am
doc harper's buggy there and i thought miller was sick and i didn't go in. oh. well, looks like we've been following the wrong tree, barking up the wrong trail doesn't it? oh i want you to meet my new foremen, joe slade. roy rogers and pat brady. how do you do? sheriff pat brady. here about the election? regular landslide, liable to bury you. come along sheriff. sorry to have bothered you mr. wilson.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
then. you know in his delirium (9@@@ he's kept muttering... roger, roger... do you suppose he wants to tell you something? he must have meant roger wilson. that's right because cliff always calls roy, roy. we better ride into town and check wilson's alibi. you took the words right out of my mind. bullet you better stay here and look after dale. if you need me, i'll be in sheriff pat brady's office. yeah, we'll be in sheriff pat brady's... hey that's me! hi! i'm looking peaceable like for cliff miller's place. does he live around these parts? straight on down that road, first house on the left, you can't miss it. much obliged. giddy up. howdy. you must be cousin ziek? revenuer.
8:39 am
revenuer? revenuer? soon as he's able to talk. what did you find out about roger wilson? well he was with his lawyer just like he said. what do you know about wilson? nothing much, except he use to live in gainesville. gainesville huh? yeah. excuse me. hello operator. get me the sheriff in gainesville will ya please? hey stranger? i'd be obliged if you could tell me a thing. i'm looking for a man named roger. oh you must mean roy rogers? he's over at my office, you see i'm sheriff of this county. just been elected, regular landslide. won by two votes. revenuer.
8:40 am
he says he never heard of a roger wilson, and nobody by that name ever lived in gainesville. well that's funny, he told me himself right in the restaurant. find out anything pat? yeah. wilson paid two thousand down on his ranch and if he doesn't keep up the payments he's liable to lose it. is that all? well what do you expect to find in the court house records? a history of his life? now if he'd been arrested we might have something but he ain't. i'm not so sure. anybody who lies about where he lives must have something to hide. maybe his real name isn't wilson. well in that case you'll have to go through every last one of them records and pictures. you better find hank fisher and see if he knows anything about wilson. i'll be dog gone if i ask that hard headed jasper anything. even if it saved me from gasping my last gasp. besides, i got to read this here report. it's mighty important. sheriff, you're reading it upside down. do you think it's easy?
8:41 am
someone's gunning for the new sheriff. we better get hank fisher. who was that? that's just the fellow who dry ghost cliff. it's ziek miller. well what's he shooting at you for? that's what i would like to know. roger, that's it, roger. what do you mean? don't you remember how cliff kept muttering roger? well doctor harper told that to ziek. ziek asked me if i knew where he could find a fellow named roger, only i thought he meant you. my pal? now i'll have to explain to him that he's got the wrong man. ziek! ziek miller! i think you better explain to sudy may. she doesn's sound as though she'd listen to reason either. pat! you're the sheriff and it's your duty to get out there and talk to ziek. ah huh. he think i'm a revenuer and that's the same as just plain poison. but remember you're the sheriff.
8:42 am
not me. i resign, here's my badge, you can be sheriff, anybody can be sheriff. i'm too young to be cut down on my pride. you wanted to be sheriff and you're going to stay sheriff, so put that badge back on. alright alowishus, i'll go. no you don't, you stick your head out there and it will be blown off. you didn't seem to care about my head. you don't use it anyway. now listen. keep opening and closing this door to attract ziek's attention. i'll go out the back way and see if i can slip up on him. ♪ ♪ roy's got him! ♪ ♪ what's going on? what's the matter with you? cn't you keep the peace around here?
8:43 am
oh i can if i want to but right now i don't want to. so they elected a scared rabbit for a sheriff? who's a scared rabbit? why... pat! pat let go of him. ♪ ♪ oh! break it up! i'll slap the daylights... cousin cliff wasn't meaning you mr. rogers. pleasure me to know just who he did mean. that's easy he was just meaning... just talking when he was delirious. right now we can't tell who he did mean. then that leaves only you. so until i find out different, i'm giving you fair warning.
8:44 am
why you dim witted kentucky mule. you ain't got no more sense... me and sudy may don't take kindly to being called names. especially by a revenuer. i didn't mean it. i was just fooling wasn't i roy? out here ziek, it isn't what a man says, it's how he says it. where i come from, a man speaks what's in his mind and his feelings goes into the words. just a minute ziek. let me explain. hello? yeah dale. okay! roy, dale says you can see cliff miller now. come along ziek you can find out the truth for yourself.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
i i got cousin ziek, along with ms. dale and the sheriff. what did we tell ya? looks like i make a mistake mr. rogers. and i'm admitting it free and noble. anybody can make a mistake ziek. i'll shake on that. i don't hold no truck with revenuers. cliff did you recognize who shot at you? i didn't rightly see nothing except a figure rising up out of the bushes. could it have been roger wilson? well it's like i told you, he's been wanting to buy my land and i suspect him a digging them holes up near the boundary fence. what kind of holes? oh like someone was looking for something buried and all mighty eager to find it. that might account for
8:48 am
that map i saw on wilson's desk. it had some cross marks around the boundary line. dale will you see if you can get in touch with hank fisher and bring him over to the sheriff's office? right. he don't know nothing that i don't know. @aík4ónber. why that's wilson's new foremen. hello roy. hi hank. dale says you wanted to see me? yeah do you know of any bank robbery around here where the loot was never recovered? sure, the western bank. a couple of stick up men got about 50 thousand dollars. one of them, joe slade's doing time right now. that's how much you know about him. slade is working at wilson's ranch as foremen. alright smarty i'll call the warden and find out. just a cotton pickin' minute. who's wearing this badge? hello? give me the warden at the penitentiary. hey hank? you have any description of joe slade's partner? sure, he's done time too. hello warden? this is sheriff pat brady with martin county.
8:49 am
yeah, have you got a fellow boarding there with you by the name of joe slade? here you are. slade's partner's name is cory windell. this is roger wilson without the mustache. okay warden i'll do as much for you someday. roy, warden says joe slade's out on parole. hey dale. hi. we just found out that slade and wilson are ex convicts. we're going to ride out to cliff's ranch and take a look at those diggings he told us about. good. me too. hold on hank, you're not coming along. get out of my way. i can handle this myself. get out of my way you... you! here, where are you going with that? this is my picture and i'm taking it home. so there. ziek you better ride with sheriff brady. glad i ain't got no kin folk here to see me riding with the revenuer.
8:50 am
wilson must have really been it isn't buried anymore. they've got it, you can see the marks where the box was. hey, where's ziek? well he was here. where could he have gone? i'm afraid i know. drawing a beat on you through the window when i nailed him.e s you shot my cousin cliff. i didn't, he did. tie him up joe. ♪ dale, you know what to do now. yeah. ♪
8:51 am
♪ hey wilson? it's the sheriff. hey wilson? come on out i want to talk to you. looks like he's alone. take that money out the back way while i see what the fool wants. ♪
8:52 am
8:53 am
okay there and if you let him go, i'll let you go. is it a bargain? okay sheriff come on in and get him. he's all yours. ♪ ♪ get him roy! ♪
8:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm mighty beholden to you, ms. dale. ♪ ♪ ♪ thanks ziek. well i... kind of figured that this was my fight too mr. rogers. i think you got something there. dale, will you take this money on into the bank please? we'll bring these jail birds in and put them where they belong. right roy. ♪ ♪
8:55 am
♪ pat, get nelly belle. yeah. where are you taking them? taking them to jail. no ya ain't. not as long as me and sudy may has got anything to say about it. now if you'll just step aside mr. rogers, i won't give these varmints a chance to get away again. don't do it ziek. it would be murder. no it ain't. like the good book says, it's an eye for an eye, a tooth... for a tooth. shoot him rogers. what's that? church bells. it's sunday ziek. can't do it. just
8:56 am
can't do it. in the good book not to kill nobody on a sunday. no sir, i ain't had two hours sleep since i took over this job. and i decided i don't want to be sheriff anymore, so i resign, i resign, i resign! now wait a minute pat. you can't resign. i came here to take back everything i said about you. why you're a real sheriff. never you mind what i am, i am giving you back your two bolts and your badge. pat, what are you doing? well shucks, i really didn't want to be sheriff. i just wanted to show these folks how this office ought to be run. why in sight of a few weeks i could have cleaned out this whole county, alone and single handed. outlaws! where?
8:57 am
nelly belle, nelly belle come back! you coward. pat you really need a posse behind you now. how's that roy? look and see. ♪ ♪ ♪ had some close moments there didn't we? watch for us in the next roy rogers @@ ♪ ♪happy trails to you ♪until we meet again ♪happy trails to you, ♪keep smiling on till then ♪happy trails to you ♪till we meet again
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪the lone ranger ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪a fiery horse, with a ♪speed of light, a cloud of dust and the hearty hi ho silver ♪ ♪the lone ranger ♪this is a story of one the most mysterious characters ♪ ♪to appear in the early days of the west. he was a fabulous individual ♪ ♪he was a man who's presence brought fear to the lawless and hope to those who wanted to make ♪ ♪this frontier land their home. he was known as the lone ranger♪ ♪for weeks now the lone ranger ♪and his faithful indian companion, tonto. have been pursuing the vicious pete madden gang ♪
9:00 am
♪wanted to cattle wrestling by every sheriff west of the mississippi ♪ ♪these desperate outlaws have left a trail of robbery,♪ ♪destruction and murder. at long last ♪ ♪their leader pete madden himself has finally been captured by the angry ranchers ♪ ♪but at what a heavy cost. for the madden gang has ♪ ♪already struck back, ruthlessly, by adducting young jim patrick ♪ ♪from one of the ranchers. to hold as a hostage for their vicious leader ♪ ♪every rancher in the country is up in arms. every rancher that is, but two ♪ new comers to this part of the west. fred vance and his wife mary. we can't stop here, mary, we're not far enough away from the last place. oh, fred, it's such beautiful country. and look. perfect spot to build our new home. we could risk it. we have got to stop wasting our time. please? well, it is beautiful country and i heard that the land was for sale. but you know what it means to the neighbors if they find out who i am. well, we could always change our name. no, mary.
9:01 am
i'm proud of my name. i've done nothing to make us ashamed of it. stays the same. no matter where we settle, no matter what the consequences. now do ya still wanna build here or do we move on? i wanna build here, fred. alright, mrs. vance! this is where we set up housekeeping. we start right now. our new home site! i'm gonna love it here, fred. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tonto,
9:02 am
we have found the madden gang's hideout at last. me not understand, kimosabe. all tracks of madden gang lead out of hideout, not into it. that could mean only one thing...madden and his gang are out on another raid. most likely in the next county, where tom patrick and his ranchers are so stirred up against him. we follow tracks, kimosabe? i don't think we'll have too, tonto. this hideout is madden't stronghold. whatever he's up to, he's almost sure to return here. i'll keep watch from those rocks up yonder. you scout around and make sure those tracks do lead toward the next county. i'll meet you at our camp in the morning. me be waiting, kimosabe. ♪ ♪ ♪ you must be done in, fred? i have never saw you work so hard. why don't you take a rest?
9:03 am
got no time for rest. i'm building more than a home. i'm building a fort. this time nobody will drive us away. who will drive us away from here, fred? no one knows us. nobody knew us at the last four places we tried to settle either. look, mary, we got this land fair and honest. used up almost of our money to do it. got just enough to buy a few cows and register a brand. we're here for keeps. and i'll fight anybody who says different. wait before you fight them, fred. let's try to be friends with them, shall we? we'll see. howdy, neighbor. howdy, ma'am. the name's patrick. tom patrick. we're glad you came calling mr. patrick. i'm afraid this isn't a social call, ma'am. no? what's on your mind, patrick? you look at those you'b be right handy, toting a gun. i can use one. when i have too. did you ever hear of the madden gang? madden gang? they were where i had a ranch before. gave us plenty trouble. reckon you won't mind coming along then? and helping the rest of us ranchers track them down. we've got
9:04 am
madden in jail, but his gang his holding my boy jim as hostage. mr. it would be a pleasure to ride after those hombres. we're meeting at my place in town in three hours. see, i don't think i got your name. vance. fred vance. and this.. vance? well your nothing but a dirty outlaw yourself. you spent a year in jail for rustling. that's a lie. i'm no rustler. the law says different and i got a list of every rustler let out of jail in the past year. and your names right at the top. he was innocent, mr. patrick. it was madden's men who pulled that raid. i'm sorry, ma'am, but i got no proof of that. and if you don't want us to raid you up with the rest of the madden gang, you better get off this land pronto. let him try to run us off. just let him try. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:05 am
♪ ♪ ♪ me follow trail to dark, kimosabe. see no sign of madden gang. come back here to camp. i had better luck than you, tonto. you mean, you find out something last night? yes. all we need to know. right after midnight, i couldn't see much because it was so dark. but i heard plenty. them off on another raid? yes. only this time it didn't come off so well. tom patrick and his ranchers managed to capture madden. that leaves the gang without their leader. that plenty good news. there is some bad news, too. the gang is holding tom patrick's son jim as hostage. i would have tried to rescue him, but it was too dark. you and me go back and get him now? no, tonto, the boy is safe enough for awhile. but if his father and those ranchers come after him and a body, they'll ride into an
9:06 am
ambush. you think it be better if we ride to town first, see tom patrick? if we don't a lot more lives may be endangered. tom's a brave man. but sometimes a little fool hardy. we better hurry, tonto. there's no time to lose.
9:07 am
9:08 am
♪ your kid will die. well, now we know there next move. what are you gonna do, tom? the posse's ready to go as soon as you give the word. if we even knew where their hideout was. it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
9:09 am
those outlaws play for keeps. if we don't let madden go, they'll kill jim for sure. we'll have to find their hideout before they can kill him. you mean we're not letting madden go? you would risk jim's life? don't get me wrong, joe. i love my kid. but there is something more than just his life at stake. madden is the brains of his gang. if we let him loose, to even begin, hundreds of innocent people will die. now, we have got to find his gang without releasing him. i think i can help you, friends. we don't need guns, i'm on your side. who are you and what do you want here? the same thing you do. the madden gang. a law men, eh? then why the mask? have you ever seen one of these before? a silver bullet. but there's only one man who has a mask and has a silver bullet and he's... then you know me, tom. i sure do, stranger. and i've heard a lot of good things about you, too. tonto and i have been riding hard to get here. i have got news about the madden gang. you see, we have been on their trail for quite awhile. yes? we have located the gang and your son in a hideout
9:10 am
about a two days ride from here. your son prisoner, near red stone pass. red stone pass? i know that area. you heard that boys, let's get going. wait, tom. they wouldn't have a chance, if we took them by surprise there. him right. maybe two three men, but not big group. tom, you better forget your men. let me handle this. i'm sorry, friend, but this is our fight. and it stands that ten men would have a better chance against them then just one or two. let's go boys. what about that cattle rustling fred vance? do we go after him too? you bet we do. soon as we take care of the madden gang. what do we do now, kimosabe? we've got to find a way of stopping those ranchers from riding into a massacre. many of them. only two of us. not enough. fred vance. i read about his trial. he was convicted on mighty slim evidence. tonto, we'll give fred vance a chance to prove he's not a cattle rustler. come on. food's ready. you must be stared. fred, no. just a
9:11 am
precaution, mary. maybe they won't even come. but it they do... two of them. well, i'm ready for them this time. get behind the wagon. hold your fire. we're friends. i haven't got any friends. honey, he's masked. and that indian. they are not ranchers. they are part of madden's gang. we want to talk to you. don't come any closer or this time i won't shoot over your heads. he means it, tonto. if we use the possum trick, yes, kimosabe. we're here to help you, vance. we're coming in whether you like it or not.
9:12 am
fred, you've killed them. i warned them to stay back. sorry i had to do that, fred. alright you got me. go ahead what are you waiting for? oh, fred. i told you we are friends. friends don't wear masks. sometimes they do. release him, tonto. if you put away your gun. i'll explain. look here, i don't get this. i've got a plan for rescuing tom patrick's boy before the madden gang can ambush the ranchers, who are now heading toward their hideout. but i'll need you help. with every rancher in the country looking for my hide. ha. why should i help? because i believe you're an honest man. and one way to prove it, by going after those rustlers like any honest man would. well, what do ya say?
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
any sign of tom patrick and his ranchers yet, tonto? not yet, kimosabe. ♪ you know i reckon patrick's not gonna like this surprise one bit. he'll hate me even worse then he did after out run in the other day. he'll stop hating you soon enough fred. if you can deliver his son back to him. you talk as if it was going to be easy. i've seen this madden gang in action and i wouldn't be surprised if we were all taken prisoners. they are tough hombres. we can be tough too, fred, when we have to be. kimosabe! me hear horses.
9:16 am
good. now do just as i told you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ put 'em up and reach. hands off those guns. out of the saddle all of you. tonto, get their guns. i thought you were on our side. i might have known you would be in cahoots with the rustlers. he's no rustler, tom, or he wouldn't be helping me save your son. we've been trailing you for two days. now, we'll take over. got their guns, tonto? yes. keep them covered till we get back. sorry to have to do this, tom. but i figure my way is safer then yours. what can two men do alone? ride in the madden's hideout like they had an invite? maybe. come on, fred. let's go.
9:17 am
fred, we'll take scout along for jim. good. ♪ we got long wait. better sit down. ♪ this is where we separate, fred. madden's camp is over there. you understand now what you're to do? i understand alright. but suppose something goes wrong. we'll worry about that if it happens. your job is to free jim patrick. i'll try to take care of the rest of the gang. good luck, fred. thanks. ♪ ♪ i'm gonna talk to the patrick kid.
9:18 am
♪ ♪ alright, masked man, that's far enough. put up your hands. what kind of a welcome is that? i've riddin' a long way to find the madden gang. nobody find's the madden gang till they prove they are not on the side of the law. i was working for the law. you think i would come in here myself to capture the whole gang single handed? well, i reckon that makes good sense. alright, stranger, you can ride in and talk it over with the boss. yeah. but don't forget, i've got you covered all the way.
9:19 am
9:20 am
just about noon, patrick. looks like your old man don't care too much. or he had turned madden loose and he'd be here by now.
9:21 am
i hope he never let's him loose. hey, nolan, somebody's coming. i'll see who it is. you stay here, sam. keep your hands up, stranger. don't ya know you're trespassing on private property? isn't that what the madden gang specializes in? trespassing on other people's property? just what do ya mean by that, mr.? well, the madden gang, is good enough for me. oh, that's why you're wearing the mask. thinking about joining up with us, eh? i've been trying to catch up with you for a long time. well, climb down. but don't try anything funny. sure. it's a mighty fine horse ya got there. you wouldn't wanna tell me where you got him, would ya? no more then you would wanna tell me where you got yours. ha, you're alright, stranger. come on over by the fire. thanks. howdy. sit down.
9:22 am
take on some grub. i wonder if that is, madden? cause if it ain't you best start saying your prayers, patrick. you've just a couple minutes left. you haven't got much time left either. someday they'll catch up with you, polecats. polecats, huh? i'll show you who the polecats are... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ time's up. the boss not here. rocky, take care of the patrick kid.
9:23 am
sure thing, jake. we should have plugged him long ago. looks like we'll have to go after madden ourselves. are you with us, stranger? sure. i'd like nothing better then going after pete madden. mind if i take a look at my horse first? no, go ahead. ♪ hey, boss? yeah? somebody plugged simon and got the boy away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:24 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what's that? if plan go well. that maybe your son. take gun now. go after madden gang. your horses too.
9:25 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:26 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jim! i was afraid i'd never see you alive again. you wouldn't have dad, if it hadn't been for the masked man and fred vance. fred, look. you won't need that, fred. we're proud to have you as a neighbor. if you let us, we would like to help you finish your cabin. come on, boys, let's get to work.
9:27 am
let's go! we have work to do else where, tonto. gee, mary. it looks we're going to have a home at last! and friends like the patrick's here. and tonto and t. hi ho, silver, away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:28 am
9:29 am
♪lassie ♪starring june lockhart ♪hugh riley, john provost ♪as timmy and of course lassie ♪ we learned how to rescue a drowning swimmer and how to help with emergency rescue and all kinds of survival tests. you go by trail signs.. pat? yes timmy? the boy scouts do everything you explorers do? well that's where we first learned how to do them. when are the explorers gonna go out again? jim bates and i are going on a practice hike tomorrow into the bad lands. are the bad lands as dangerous as they say? yes rudy. if you don't your woodcraft you stand a good chance of getting lost. are you taking pup tents? no we're traveling light.
9:30 am
this is my whole pack. all i carry is my sleeping bag and poncho, rope, ax, knife, flash light, compass, canteen, mess kit, first aid kit, toilet kit, spare socks, shovel and water proof matches. how about your food? oh we expect to live off the land. there is lots of wild berries and edible roots and rabbits near us and do a little fishing too. where's your fishing tackle? look what's with my first aid kit. hooks, have everything but a rod and reel. well i'll cut a branch and tie a line on the end of it. that's really traveling light. would anybody care for some lemonade and cookies? oh boy! oh boy! that's where you cub
9:31 am
scouts have got it all over the explorers. you've got den mothers! thank you pat! i sure wish we were explorers. i'll say. how old are you timmy? nine? going on ten. listen if they'd let me be an explorer when i was nine i wouldn't have lived to be ten. none of us was born knowing how to run. we all had to crawl first and then walk. that's right. you're cub scouts now, geting ready to become boy scouts. after that you'll get into explorers. this is lassie's own nap sack. dad helped me make it. you mean you helped him? was my idea. i've got something for you lassie. this is one of our new explorer patches! boy! this makes lassie an explorer.
9:32 am
not quite timmy but she can be an honorary one! thanks for everything mrs. martin. i better pack up and be on my way. thank you pat. you've certainly filled my den with enthusiasm. how about it boys! yeah! we better be going fellows. alright now put your glasses down. okay there we are. i'll see you next meeting. see ya. bye. bye. bye. see you tomorrow. there you go. i'd like it if we could go on a hike right now. with nap sacks and everything. me too! mrs. martin? yes? if our mothers say we can go too...and it's alright with you...can timmy go on a hike tomorrow with don and me? well i'm not quite sure what you said but i think i know what you want. can he if we can? well i don't see why not. oh boy! we better be going. come on rudy. see ya tomorrow. bye. thanks again mrs. martin and goodnight. thank you pat. goodnight timmy. bye pat.
9:33 am
♪ hi timmy! oh hi fellows. come on in! morning boys! hi mrs. martin. you ready? just about. i'm getting lassie's pack ready. what's she taking? we have some very tasty dog biscuits. and some very tasty boy biscuits. there is enough there for all of you. thanks mom. let's get going! okay! here you go now! and here's the canteen... and the cap! bye mom! bye dear! bye mrs. martin! take good care of them girl. what do you say we give rudy a head start? then he can leave trail signs for us to follow.
9:34 am
just like pat said they're gonna do. that's a good idea. alright rudy take off! ♪ i'm not finding trail signs from here on...there doesn't look like there's any around here. ♪ ♪ good girl lassie! but you're not supposed to find the trail signs...we are. did you find a trail sign? no but lassie did. what difference does it make? she's with us isn't she? yeah. but she can smell them and the rules are we have to see them...why do you have to be so technical?
9:35 am
♪ ♪ towards the hills! let's get going! maybe that wasn't rudy's marker? or maybe we missed another one? what is it lassie? it's a mountain lions track. we must be in the bad lands. let's get out of here. no. but we can't leave rudy here. he may really be lost. lassie find rudy! where's rudy girl? ♪
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
♪ lassie? lassie you come back here girl. don't run. if you show it you're scared he's liable to nab ya. i don't care. stay here. it's rudy! i'm
9:39 am
gonna slug him. i sure fooled you guys. i ought to poke you one. what's the idea leading us into the bad lands? is that where we are? as if you didn't know. didn't you see those mountain lion tracks? ah, who is scared of mountain lions? besides those tracks are probably here from last year. i'm tired. let's eat before we go back. come on lassie. we're just gonna eat and then go back. ♪ fun! yeah!. al@ having lots of@ saving people and lots of things. we could learn a lot if we could see them! then we would know what to do if we ever had to do it. they're probably nowhere near here. they said they'd be in the bad lands didn't they? bet you lassie could track 'em down. lassie could track anybody. i don't
9:40 am
know out here it's not easy. she can maybe track in our woods but this is different. i said lassie could track anybody... and i'll prove it. lassie you know pat don't ya? you know pat? go find pat, lassie. she has to get the idea first. yeah, yeah... come on lassie go get pat. ♪ ♪ go find pat, lassie. lassie will find him. seeings believing. little animals can find it. besides it makes litter. well we aren't allowed to burn it. you just put it in your nap sack and take it back.
9:41 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ look at the deer! gee they're pretty! ♪ let's trail 'em. we've got to wait for lassie. we'll be back before lassie. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:42 am
well you just have to be sure that the person who is drowning doesn't get ahold of you first. is that why you're coming up from the back? yeah. come on let's go. we can practice our rope test over by maton's rocks. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ let's get out of here. ♪
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
♪ ♪ ♪ there has got to be a way back somewhere? maybe we're lost? hey there's a trail. what did i tell ya? i knew there would be a way back. let's go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:46 am
♪ ♪ come on, timmy. we'll catch ya! sure come on! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ boy this is some path. yeah! ♪
9:47 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ let's get off here fast. i'm scared. help! help! help! help! help! nobody will find us and there will be three more skeletons in the bad lands. where's lassie? i thought you said she could track anybody. lassie? lassie here girl! lassie! lassie!
9:48 am
i don't care if she didn't find the explorers. yeah she found us! lassie! get help girl! get help! go girl go! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to help get somebody off the edge of a cliff or something. i understand. we'll start down. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:49 am
♪ that's enough for today. let's head home by the back road. good idea! saves us a few miles. i'll go untie the ropes. ♪ ♪ sure wish we could climb out of here. don't worry we'll get out. ♪ somebody's dog's on the loose. yeah. maybe hunters. why doesn't lassie come? what ♪ well that's lassie! it's the martin's dog. what's she doing way out here? i don't know unless those kids
9:50 am
have gotten into mischief. and this is no place for it. you're so right. let's leave the packs here a minute and take a look. what is it lassie? where's timmy? ♪ oh mcdonald had a farm e i e i o...oh mcdonald had a farm e i e i o... and on that farm he had some ducks e i e i o... with a quack quack here and a quack quack there... that doesn't sound like they're in trouble. it sounds like they're having a good tme. and on that farm he had a dog e i e i o...hey she's barking for us to follow. everywhere a bark bark oh mcdonald had a farm e i e i o...
9:51 am
9:52 am
e i e i o...
9:53 am
is anybody hurt? no but we're just stuck. please help us! get us out of here pat. yeah please. my legs are so stiff i can't move them. well don't move them if you try to stand on them they're liable to give way and you'll go over. we'll have you up in a few minutes. just stay still and don't wiggle around. see i told you we would get out. here's a line timmy. now don, you slide each leg in so you won't have to stand on your feet. i'm coming up too lassie but we've got to get don up first cause his feet are asleep. ♪ hold on tight cause we're going to pull. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:54 am
you go up next rudy. i'm not afraid. ♪ alright pat. ♪ ♪ here's the rope for you timmy. ♪ ♪ ♪ okay pat i'm ready! ♪ ♪ ♪
9:55 am
thanks pat! hey she did find the explorers! yeah and are we glad! thanks lassie! and what would you have done if she hadn't found us? what are you kids going up here anyway? we came into the you're some dog alright! ♪ ♪ ♪ well isn't it time for your favorite program young man? well i guess i'll give up listening to it for a couple of weeks. and maybe do without desert too. what brought this on? know the law of the pack. backwards. and you know the boy scout law? by
9:56 am
heart. well...i guess we broke both of them today. oh not lassie. she didn't break a one. she's the one that got us out of our trouble. well night. goodnight? yes sir. this is my bedtime for the next two weeks. goodnight mom. goodnight dear. goodnight dad. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's awful early to be going to bed. that's the way it is. if you do something wrong you've got to pay for it. you didn't do anything
9:57 am
wrong to be punished for. you don't have to go to bed just because i do. so why don't you go and listen to the programs with mom and dad? ♪ you're the best pal a boy ever had! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:58 am
9:59 am
♪ the lone ranger ♪ hi-ho silver! a fiery horse with a speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty "hi-ho silver"! the lone ranger! ♪ a hearty "hi-ho silver"! the lone ranger! thought you told the marshal i'd never get you to abilene. still got halfway to go. lucky for you we have no judge in petersville. you'd be tried and convicted by now. maybe that's what's gonna happen to me when we get to abilene? why don't you give up, law man? the marshal's already lost three of his best deputies on this run. figure you're gonna have any better luck? i'm sure of it.
10:00 am
cause wherever you go, i go. i left the keys behind. other three deputies were handcuffed to their prisoners, too. say, whatever happened to them law men? i wish i knew, knife, because if i did, i might be taking you to abilene to stand trial for murder instead of just robbery. ok boss! i got him! rex craig! you, an outlaw. that's right, partner, and a good one. how's the driver? don't worry, he ain't dead, boss, just out cold. good. hide out horses in the usual place. knife and i can take care of this hombre. hurry up! get him out of there! ♪ stage coach, tonto.
10:01 am
driver not stop there unless there be trouble. come on! ♪ ♪ ♪ just a scalp wound, tonto. he should be alright after he comes to. coach empty. everything seems to be alright up there. whoever did this must have been after the passengers. you think another deputy? yes i do, tonto. knife martin was due in abilene tomorrow for trial. this coach would have brought him in just on time. tracks here. maybe three, four men. mark of heavy weight dragged from coach. maybe body. we better follow the footprints. we'll leave silver and scout here and go ahead on foot. come on. ♪ ♪
10:02 am
♪ no use, kimosabe. we lose tracks way back. tonto, look. cabin look deserted. not like outlaws to come here. there's only one way to find out. you stay here and keep me covered. if there's any trouble, come in fast. oh, me be ready, kimosabe. ♪ ♪ ♪ come in! howdy stranger. make yourself at home. thank you. folks call me uncle taffy. heh heh. say i'm a bit catched in the head. reckon that's just how i am. that's a right well-fitting mask you're wearing. it seems to frighten most people. doesn't it bother you?
10:03 am
ha ha ha. when a man gets to be my age, it takes more than a mask to scare him. if you were here to do me hurt, you'll do it, mask ro no mask. if you were here peacable, ain't none of my business why you're wearing a mask. i'm here peacable. draw up a chair and sit. i'm looking for some information. ain't got much of that. glad to give you what i got. you live here alone? sure do, mister. ain't budged offa this land for twenty years. ever since i bought it to dig for gold. t'weren't no gold though. i see. you're a miner then. i used to be. not no more. you ever have visitors? sure do. ha ha! here's one right now! no, i mean others. talk clear, young feller. a stage coach was held up about a mile from here. i think its passengers are being hidden nearby. you don't say.
10:04 am
shouldn't be hard to find. ain't many places around here for a man to hide. i know that; that's what i can't understand. how can three deputies in a row disappear right off the face of the earth? and now maybe a fourth. i take it you're a law man yourself. sometimes. you better be on your guard in case those outlaws show up. ha ha ha! i ain't so old i can't handle a gun against them varmints. i hope you're right. take care of yourself, your feller. adios. what you find out, kimosabe? nothing, tonto, just a quaint old who wouldn't hurt a fly. we'll ride into town and see what we can find out. let's go. you can come up now, boys. he's gone.
10:05 am
how's the new deputy doing? not so good. had to slug him again to keep him quiet. come on uncle taffy, get out your file and go to work on these cuffs. sick of being chained to this dead weight. hold your horses, knife. it's a lucky thing you spotted that masked hombre headed this way uncle taffy. he might have caught us red handed. you shoulda' let me plug him, boss, before he ever got inside. you're a fool, knife. how do we know there weren't others with him. this way he leaves without suspecting anything. that's right! thinks i'm just a simple-minded old timer. wouldn't have no truck with outlaws. heh heh heh. hurry it up, uncle taffy. he's coming to. there you are. what is this place?
10:06 am
ha ha ha! you hear that, boys? he wants to know what this place is. well i'll tell you, son. it's a trap! a death trap! what're you gonna do to me? the same thing we did to those other three deputies. heh heh! you see? so that's where you got rid of them. makes a real fine death trap, don't you think? dark and deep! listen i don't get it, craig. you of all people. what have you got against law and order? law and order means two bosses in town: the marshal and me. there's only room enough for one of us. you'll never get rid of him that way. won't i? just give me time. come on now; he's lived long enough. any last messages, parker? too bad i can't ever tell your kid where you're buried.
10:07 am
10:08 am
10:09 am
partner, marshal. is he still missing? same as the others. anything i can do to help? i don't need a lawyer, rex. i need a new deputy. ha ha, afraid i'm not that brave, marshal. can't blame you, there isn't a man in town willing to take parker's place. well, if you need me, you know where my office is. thanks rex. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:10 am
♪ what're you so sad about, marshal? you didn't get hurt. jimmy, what're you doing with that gun? i'm gonna give you the same medicine my father got. you gone crazy. kid? don't move. jimmy, i didn't do anything to your father. no, you just sent him out to be killed, that's all. we have no proof that he's dead. we don't need proof. he's gone like all the others, isn't he? finest man in the whole town. he didn't have to take the job, but you made him. jimmy, your father volunteered to be one of my deputies. he was just as anxious to bring law and order to this town as i am. law and order... all you've brought is trouble and killing. i'm not to blame for that. the outlaws are. i don't know who's to blame. i only know i'm not going to let it happen again. it was better without law and order. and i'm getting rid of you right now! hey, lemme go! thanks mister for coming in when you did. fine marshal you are, saying thanks to a masked outlaw. he can't be an outlaw.
10:11 am
outlaws don't waste their time saving the lives of marshals. still, i'm curious about that mask. i have reasons for keeping my identity a secret, marshal. you're quite a fighter, young man. you'll have to excuse him, mister. he's kinda wrought up. his father's one of my deputies. disappeared this morning. now take it easy, jimmy. sorry, marshal. i guess killing you wouldn't bring my dad back. was his father the man who was taking knife morton back to abilene? yes, my fourth deputy. when did this trouble start? the day i took over, injun. this was here when i opened this place three months ago. "if you know what's good for you, you will go back where you came from. if you don't, we'll drag you back. we're the law and order in this town." and it's unsigned. but if they want to get rid of you why don't they kill you? that's the funny part of it: they don't kill anybody, that is, that i can prove. what about your four deputies? where are the bodies? you've got to have a corpse to have a murder charge. you don't have any idea who's behind these crimes?
10:12 am
somebody that's so smart and slippery i can't lay a finger on them. did they try to rescue any criminal you send to abilene with a deputy? so far they have. you have idea, kimosabe? yes, tonto. that is, if the marshal can find a new deputy. no chance. after what's just happened there isn't a man in this town that's got nerve enough to take on the job. there's one, marshal. oh, jimmy, you're too young. i'm old enough to ride a horse and fire a gun. if you won't let me be your deputy, i'll go after those outlaws alone. what do you think? he wants to go on a manhunt? why not let him help us? thanks, mister. jim, this isn't going to be any picnic. if my plan works your life is going to be in great danger. whatever happened to those other four deputies might happen to you. my father died to bring law and order to this town. his death won't mean much if i don't follow through for him. good boy, jim. now marshal, here's my plan... put up hand! what is this? me take money. on your feet, injun!
10:13 am
trying to hold me up, huh? what happened marshal? who's the injun? saw me coming out of the bank, tried to hold me up. why the no good injun, we ought to string him up! oh no you don't! i'm here to keep the law, not break it. he'll be sent to abilene for trial. who's going to take him, marshal? i thought you'd run clean out of deputies. not quite, rex. i got a new one this morning. who are you, indian? me not tell. have it your own way. reckon a lawyer wouldn't help him much anyway, what with you catching him red-handed. oh, he's entitled to a legal advisor, rex. better drop around later and see him. whatever you say, marshal. come on, injun. get going. i've got a nice warm cell for you.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
where's the marshal? him go out for lunch. oh? well, might as well talk to you now anyway. who you? i'm a lawyer. if you want advice, i can give it to you. me not need advice. i think you do. that was a pretty stupid stunt today: trying to hold up a marshal. me not see him badge. you work alone or with a gang? that my business. look indian. i'm going to do some straight talking. but if you repeat a word of it to the marshal or anyone else, i'll call you a liar and swear i didn't say it. and they'll believe me, not you. me not understand. it's like this: we've got no judge in this town, so you'll be taken to abilene for trial. if you're lucky, you may get off with twenty years.
10:17 am
that plenty long time. you should have thought of that before you held up the marshal. maybe there other way out? you're smart, indian. there is a way. an... expensive way. what you mean? if you never get to abilene then you can't be tried. that plenty good plan. you have way it can work? i have. but it costs money. how much? a thousand dollars. that plenty big sum. mm. well, you got any friends around here that can raise the money for you? there one maybe can help. good, tell me where he is and i'll get word to him. no, him know me need help. he better, because if that money isn't in my office tonight, you'll be in abilene by tomorrow. money be there. if this is a hold up, mister, i keep my money in the bank, not here. it's no hold up. i'm here on business. i don't usually do business with masked men. if it's legal services you need ... what's that for? fee for your legal services.
10:18 am
i understand you can arrange for a certain indian friend of mine not to reach abilene tomorrow. i don't know what you're talking about. i don't take bribes. i must have misunderstood. just a minute. like i said: i'm strickly legal. you want to hire me to be your friend's lawyer and get your friend off as lightly as possible i reckon i could accept that money as a... retainer in advance. a retainer, then. do you guarantee to get my friend off lightly? i'm a respectable lawyer, mister. you don't think i'd take your money under false pretenses. just how and when do you intend to do this? that's my business. you pay the fee, i'll be the lawyer. whatever you say. knife! yeah, boss? you know that was that just left? voice sounded mighty familiar through the door. it should. he was a masked man from uncle taffy's cabin. him? what'd he want with you? wanted to pay me a thousand dollars to keep that indian from reaching abilene. i don't get it. i do. a neat little put-up job, the whole thing. the masked man and indian are in cahoots with
10:19 am
the marshal. you mean they know about uncle taffy's cabin? no, but they're trying awfully hard to find out. that means they're expecting us to hold up the stage tomorrow. we can't do it. can't we? it's a clever little trap they've set. only one thing wrong: they're the ones who are gonna get caught in it!
10:20 am
10:21 am
outlaws strike?se head when don't worry, tonto. you give the orders; i'll take them. s part well. oh, you can count on the kid, alright. this where they held the stage up last time? just about. they may not strike in the same place twice. here they come. sounds like it's down the road about a mile, i'd say. think you're right, marshal. come on! ♪
10:22 am
♪ exactly the same as last time, marshal: driver unconscious, but not dead. i only hope we can catch them before anything happens to tonto and jimmy. it's a funny thing, but these tracks lead directly north. there's nothing there except uncle taffy's cabin. uncle taffy... maybe he isn't such a loveable character after all. come on, marshal. ♪ ♪ you keep promise plenty good. me go free now? no indian, you don't go free. as soon as your masked friend gets here, you and he are going to get the same medicine as the kid. tonto, he knows! that's right, junior; i know. you got it straight what you're to do now? i never make mistakes, but are you sure the masked man is coming? positive. either alone or with the marshal. they lost our tracks, but i made sure they knew which direction to take.
10:23 am
what about them two? we'll keep them hidden in back of the cabin. ha ha! neatest trick i ever heard of. this masked man is smart, uncle taffy. he may not disappear as easily as the others. leave him to me; i can handle him. now get outside, all of ya! ♪ ♪ ♪ looks harmless enough. maybe, marshal. i'll go in there alone. if it's a trap there should be one of us left alive to bring back a posse. well if you're not out in a few minutes, i'll sneak around back and see what i can find out. right. ♪ ♪ the door's open. how did you know i was out there? heh heh heh... reckon you might say i got eyes in the back of my head.
10:24 am
what can i do for ya this time? you can tell me what's become of my indian friend and the deputy. how would i know? the coach was held up less than a mile away. just like the last time. the tracks led in this direction, just like last time. got no idea what you're talking about. you're shielding outlaws. that's a crime in itself. you'd better give them up. if you think so bad of me, young man, why don't you take me into town, turn me over to the marshal? i intend to. but first i'm taking a look around. go right ahead. i'm going to tie you up so you can't give any alarm. don't mind a bit. come on ahead.
10:25 am
ha ha ha! that'll take care of you, mister! come on in, boys. he's joined the others. you sure he's dead? ain't no doubt about it. i heard him hit bottom. then get the handcuffs off these two. we can't drop them down the shaft together. in't done such good business in years! ha ha! that does it, boss. drop the indian in first, then the kid. let him go. let him go! ooh! ow! ♪
10:26 am
♪ ugh! ow! ow! ♪ ♪ ahhh! you come too late, marshal. ♪ when are you sending those two to abilene, marshal? soon as my deputies get here with beetle. i've got a whole slew of volunteers now that we've rounded up the top men. that's fine. you never find better deputy than jimmy.
10:27 am
don't you worry, tonto. i aim to make him a permanent fixture here if he'll stay. i sure will, marshal. well you don't need us anymore. tonto, we'll be moving. good luck, jim. marshal. thanks mister. that masked man sure came through when we needed him most. he usually does, son. do you know who he is? that's the lone ranger. hi-ho silver! away! ♪ ♪ @d♪ hdhd hd hd hd @d hd
10:28 am
10:29 am
hd ♪rogers show, starring roy rogers, king of the ♪ ♪cowboy. trigger his golden palomino and dale evans,♪ ♪queen of the west. with pat brady his comical sidekick ♪ ♪and roy's wonder dog, bullet ♪ hey mister? just a minute mister. would you do me a big favor? i'm elmore kirby and i'm out here from the east and i'm awful anxious to get a picture of a stage coach hold up. well you just missed one. if you had been with us you could have took a picture of the whole local gang. yeah, yeah i know but i can take one if you would be willing to pose as one of the outlaws? me? sure! you've got just the face for it, you would be a lot better than they would. no kidding! i have? sure. oh well..
10:30 am
shucks! yeah and it won't take a minute. i would be terribly obliged you see. i want the picture for my album. well alright... i better warn the sheriff in pokerville about the hold up. by the way what's his name? jim lindsay. yeah that's it. you stay here bullet. now put the mask on mr. brady, like one of the real outlaws. could you move just a little closer to the coach mr. brady? please. hey elmore, how about we pull this thing down, like it's sort of slick huh? yeah that's fine. ♪ oh now mr. brady could you please flourish your gun? do what? pull it out. oh. well i could pretend like i was shooting from the hip or maybe i can pretend like i was fanning it huh? yeah. how's this elmore? that's fine, that's fine. now
10:31 am
uh i thought that...i thought that if you didn't mind it i could grab your hand here so it looked like i was trying to take the gun away from ya? hey i thought you said this was gonna be my picture. well it is, my back is practically to the camera and i would like for it to look like i was trying to disarm ya. oh i see. is this for your album too? no it's for my mother, she thinks i'm still in knee pants and can't take care of myself. well i think she's got something there but go ahead. oh swell. now look, i'll put this under my arm, this bulb and when i say hold it, you freeze. alright. okay you ready? yeah. hold it. all aboard for pokerville. well thanks a lot mr. brady. thanks a lot! ♪ i will not go home, i am on my way to visit aunt agatha. those outlaws may make another try for the strong box. that's exactly why i'm going along to see it safely to the bank. dad's cattle money is in it. ♪
10:32 am
♪ don't forget to send me one of them pictures, elmore. well i won't. thanks two or three times mr. brady. okay! pat, i'll follow the coach on into town, i'll meet you back here later. ♪ ♪ howdy jeb. okay fellows search 'em. is that order include me sheriff? why ms. dale! howdy! sheriff this is roy rogers. roy, sheriff lindsay. how do you do, sheriff? howdy. that's a good looking dog you got there. thanks. hey bullet you better be nice to him, he's the law.
10:33 am
say he's smart as a whip. you ought to set him on the opal gang. which reminds me, thanks for sending that telegram, if mark opal does come this way he'll get a mighty warm welcome. i'm going out now to see if i can pick up the trail. i'll keep in touch with ya. see that she keeps out of trouble if you can. oh. sure thing rogers. sorry to trouble you ms. dale, let me help you back in. thank you, sheriff. carrying any concealed weapons mr. kirby? i don't happen to have one with me this trip, but you can search me if you want to. say is there any place around here where a fellow can have a little fun? well, let's see, there is a snake bite saloon a couple miles out of town. but if you take my advice you'll stay out of there. it's the toughest place this side of glory.
10:34 am
10:35 am
10:36 am
this is mark opal? sure. you got your camera with you? it's right outside in my truck. any man that can outsmart mark opal deserves to be rewarded. boys take this gentlemen over to the stable and buy him all the sasperella he can drink. well thanks a lot. you know if somebody were to take this picture to the sheriff, he might get a piece of the reward. reward? yeah. mark opal. now we know what he looks like. find
10:37 am
the guy that took that picture and bring him to my office. ♪ you know phineas, with that opal gang carousing around, maybe i better brush up on my target practicing. see now, how do they do it? hold the can up, make a fast draw, shoot... well quit tearing up the furniture phineas, i ain't gonna shoot you. that shot came from over the hill, let's take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:38 am
♪ mark opal. okay al, shoot to kill. hey! lemme get out of here. come on, phineas shake those legs! ♪ ♪ hey roy, they're shooting at me. who the opal gang? ♪
10:39 am
sheriff, hey sheriff! sheriff lindsay, wait! go ahead al ! what are you trying to do, help mark opal get away? well that's not mark opal. that's pat brady, my foreman. i don't care if he's your grandfather, i've got a picture of him holding up the stage. a picture of pat? yes pat. let me go. what do you think you're doing anyway you bunch of jug heads. roy, you tell 'em, i ain't no owl hoot. tell these toggle horn whistle brain mavericks who i am. he told me. we're taking you back to town. keep doing. that dumb.. false arrest, that's what it is. ♪ kirby, where you been? we've been hunting the town for ya. whose this fellow with ya?
10:40 am
oh i'm his partner. ain't that right almore? that's right. yeah, i've been waiting for him for about a week down by the creek bend. ain't that right elmore? yeah that's right. what's in the wagon? elmore, go on tell him. it's a dark room for developing pictures. yeah pictures, took and developed while you wait. in fact, we'll take one of you for free. say i wouldn't mind. some other time, the sheriff wants to see you kirby. come on elmore let's get to the bank. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:41 am
let's get out of here. ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
your typeopal, you're pretty smooth, but you're not going to get away with it. for the thousandth and oneth time, i don't know nothing about that robbery and i ain't mark opal. i ain't nobody except patrick alowishus brady. me.
10:44 am
but you can't suspect pat. he wasn't even in town when the bank was robbed. of course not. he was acting as a decoy to keep me away. he was just his hard luck he got caught. oh. sheriff! roy! i'll take over now. get anything out of him? no. there isn't anything in him to get out. well of course not, this is ridiculous. i have known pat for years. yeah she sure has, years and years. say this man's your foreman? yes. and when you're away do you leave him in charge of the ranch? why certainly, then how do you know he hasn't been leading a double life? listen pat has enough trouble leading one life, let alone two. yeah. i sure do. how do you explain that? sheriff, pat told you how that picture came to be taken. told him? i shouted, whistled and whispered until my voice is worn to a shatter. i might have believed you if we had found elmore kirby. and if he had backed up your story. and until we do find him... you're staying here in the custody of the law. no, them owl hoots
10:45 am
is gonna kid nap poor elmore and if you don't find him, i'm gonna spend the rest of my life here in custardy. roy make 'em let me out of here. sheriff you're holding him on insufficient evidence and you know it. yes sir and you have no right to jail an innocent man. i am holding him for questioning and that is that. now both of you clear out. don't worry, pat. if he wasn't the law i would give him a lesson in good manners. yeah. looks like we'll just have to find elmore. if he's with those outlaws, i hope i find him alive. be careful roy. i will. come on boy! alright, alright now just move a little over to your left, that's it. achoo! see, i told you every time i ride in the back of my truck i catch a cold. well i'm sorry elmore, we couldn't stop we was being chased.
10:46 am
oh quit leaning on the table. just put your hand on it, easy. in the next one how about me sitting in a chair? reading a book or something. or maybe i could put my hand in my shirt, like on of them fancy generals? gosh, you fellows act like you never had your picture taken before. we don't dare. you see the law might get ahold of them and use them against us. but there is no danger of that happening with you, is there elmore? no. certainly not. i'll take all the pictures you want. elmore? hey elmore? hold it. okay relax. that hole in the wall is going to make the best dark room you ever had, elmore. yeah we got everything all set up for you. somebody's coming. ♪ get me the rifle, jed.
10:47 am
♪ roy! roy! there's a mob gathered in town to lynch pat for the cause of the killing of the bank cashier. well this is one party pat isn't going to attend. come on. he's going away. oh no. hey elmore? ♪
10:48 am
10:49 am
♪ ♪ they must be taking pat to the mill town jail. yeah. from the looks on the dust on the horizon, they're being followed. i reckon we gave that neck tie pod the slip alright. yeah and it was my neck they were gonna tie. get going. looks like i'm gonna have to save pat from being saved. i'm going with you roy. you better put your hair under your hat or the sheriff will recognize you. right.
10:50 am
you better stay here bullet. sheriff will recognize you too. come on. come on. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hold it right there sheriff and reach! why i didn't expect you boys to come along so soon. you'll get twenty years for this, all of you. take his gun, brady. tie him to this tree. ♪ hey phil? get me out of here. what happened to you sheriff? a couple of opal's gang sucked me up and took brady. brady my eye. if he's not mark
10:51 am
opal i'll leave my badge. the neck tie thing picked up your trail. they're nosing our heels right now. al, get back to him. lead them on a wild goose chase. me and phil will go after opal. give me your gun. elmore sure been in that dark room an awful long time. well it takes time to develop pictures. say fellows, why don't we have our picture took together? i could be in the middle. yeah. no, no i'm going to be in the middle. we could have our arms around each other. or maybe we could look sideways with our head over our shoulder? that ain't so good. well let's ask elmore. yeah! hey elmore? elmore how did those pictures come out? did you get that one of me where i get the hat on the back of my head? that's supposed to be me? how do i look elmore? well some of 'em come out good but i would like to take a whole bunch of 'em. i think these pictures are great elmore. i didn't know i looked like that. look at me with a beard. these pictures are real good. hey get a load
10:52 am
of this! here's me with my hand on my gun. look at that silly grin you got on your face. where's that side view you took of me? hey what are you doing at that window? oh nothing, nothing! ♪ it's that guy again and he's brought his whole gang with him. ♪ ♪ ♪ go on get him in there. you stay here dale, if you have any trouble go for the sheriff. right. stay with her boy. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:53 am
pictures of the opal gang. shh! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ well shucks it looks like we've been following the wrong trail. yeah, this place doesn't seem to have been lived in for ages. well, come on pat, let's go. the back of that closet is a fake. ♪ ♪ hey they've gone!
10:54 am
yeah. not yet. collect their hardware pat. drop those guns or i'll daylight elmore. hey! hey! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ouch! hey elmore, it's me your friend, pat. hey where's your glasses? ♪ ♪
10:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ bullet, that's enough! elmore give me a hand. get those hands up. who are all these men? sheriff, you've just captured the opal gang. ♪ ♪ ♪ so long elmore. you be careful from now on. and don't take anymore of those trick pictures. well i won't mr. rogers, i learned my lesson the hard way. you know trying to be what we're not sometimes gets us into a lot of trouble. well goodbye. and that there goes for you
10:57 am
too pat. well i was only trying to help buddy. well now look here pat, i've had just about all i can take from you and the opal gang and i'm telling you right now that... well now listen pat, i've fought the opal gang and i fought 'em and i don't want to fight 'em no more. and that goes for you too. ♪ ♪happy trails to you ♪until we meet again, happy ♪trails to you, keep ♪smiling on till then, happy ♪trails to you, till we ♪meet again.
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