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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 31, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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one couldn't ask for more delightful weather. take that grin off of your face. now please permit me the privilege of expressing my happy frame of mind with a few facial wrinkles. relieves the tension. look out i don't put some wrinkles on you that'll stay for keeps. [police sirens] [brakes screech] what's the matter i wasn't speeding. i didn't say you was, let me see your drivers license ha i must of left it in my other suit. in this state that ain't good. how about your owners license? tell him its your fiancé's car, tell him you borrowed it to go to a campaign meeting
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where you are making a speech. don't you recognize me i'm judge parker, i'm running for governor in the next state. there's a political shindig there tonight and i'm making a speech. this is my 'financees' car see and she just let me have it for the emergency. what's her name? barbara foster. that's an interesting set of circumstances a girl by that name phoned the police and reported her car stolen. and the description of the car and the license number was identical with the one you're driving. i'm telling you you are making a mistake. that's what they all say. any how you can explain it down at the station house. follow me. you know this should convince you conclusively that i am the only friend you have. first your best pal smiley double-crosses you and now this girl. it ain't so the cop pulled a boner the girl ain't had nothing to do with it.
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wishful thinking eddie she knew you were out to kill. which meant you wouldn't be governor and she wanted to be the governor's wife. you're a liar! mankind has been beset by women since adam and barbara is the true offshoot of her grandmother eve. you're batty will you at last come to see that i am the only person you can trust. no further than i can throw this building, stop talking to me will ya. you're only making a fire burn in my head. now listen. stop it will ya! hey what's with you, who you talking to? nobody uh just rehearsing my speech. yea well come in the other room, that lady is here the owner of the car. barbara, barbara tell this copper who i am. i beg your pardon. huh, what's this do you know this man i've never seen him before in my life. humph
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barbara please don't do this to me. you'll have to file a complaint lady. alright. barbara wait let me talk to you, alone just for a few minutes. this may mean everything to you, to your future please. barbara there's certain things i can't tell you because i know you won't believe it. but you got to believe this, for the first time i can remember. i am trying to do something for somebody else with out caring what happens to me. i was beginning to change, do ya understand. you've done it, don't spoil it now don't let me down for your own sake.
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for the sake of them kids which is gonna sleep in that nursery you were telling me about. fred you said something about making a deal, alright i want you to make a deal with me. i'll get you out of here if you'll go with me to a minister and marry me right now. but i can't i. take it up eddie, then you can finish what you started out to do. alright i'll marry you. [music] [music] hey nick you're going in the wrong direction. i'm going in the right direction. never mind nick dear, please
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[organ music] and he said in another place if any one offend one of the weak who believe in me it were better for him. [knock knock] than a millstone better. where did i leave off agatha. it were better. what were better? if anyone offend if anyone offend one of the weak who believe in me it were better, well? we want to get married. why? too many people are getting married these days without asking themselves why. well there's an idea, make a note of that for a sermon. yes dear. my husband is preparing his sermon, he'll be right with you, won't you sit down. if any one offend one of the weak who believe in me. it were better for him that a millstone would hang about his neck
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and he were cast into the sea. and he said in another place if thy hand offend thee cut it off. it is better for thee to enter life maimed than to go into the gahanna of inextinguishable fire. ya said it brother. expressions of approval will be confined to amen, please for it is written that everyone will be burned with fire, and every victim salted with salt. when the devil speaks to you my children heed him not. for his only desire is to lead you below, he is the evil one. watch for him no matter what name he introduces himself with. lucifer beelzebub mephistopheles hey i know him. where was i agatha. mephistopheles oh yes, heed not mephistopheles my children lest you suffer eternal damnation. when he whispers into your ear turn away-your head,
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and harken instead to the angel on your shoulder. [music] what if you ain't got no angel on your shoulder. you have if you live right son be good do good. the devil wields no power over a good man. sit tight honey i'm coming right back. where are you going? i'm gonna tell off the devil. good for you son the altar is to your left as you enter the church. [music] well eddie? i just come out to tell you something, there's a smart operator in there what knows all the answers. you don't say. um hum, he even knows who you are. do you know? yeah nick i know. i'm afraid i have to take you back eddie you know too much.
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the dope i got says you can't get the drop on a good man. that hardly covers you, my record's clean this trip i ain't done nothing wrong since you brought me back. huh. well eddie i have only the kindliest feelings toward you and to prove it i want you to go right back in there and marry barbara, and my blessing on both of you. we don't want no blessings from you, i'm through with you. [music] 'bezelbub!' and therefore is not by anybody to be entered into lightly but reverently discreetly advisedly soberly and in the fear of god. under this holy estate these two persons come now to be joined.
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if any man can show just cause why they may not lawfully be joined together. let him now speak or else here after forever hold his peace. i require and charge you both. wait a minute! please dear. he brought up something important, honey i got to speak now like he says. i can't marry you i'd be doing wrong. and that's just what the devil is waiting for. oh dear lord. fred you don't know how hard i've been trying to help you in every way. but i am afraid i can't go much further. you're not only destroying yourself your destroying me. and i just can't stand it any longer. please lets go on with the ceremony. honey i can't my eyes have been opened, marrying you now would be the worst thing i could do.
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which don't mean that you lost fred parker but like you said this afternoon you'll be finding him again. and you'll be proud of him, like you always was. honey if i can only make you understand. [music] [music] i think i do understand darling come i'll drive you home. please forgive us.
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eddie you have a visitor. you might like to know that in his breast pocket. he is carrying the very gun with which he snuffed you out. he's been carrying it around ever since, brings him luck he says and now replay that long overdue debt with your own gun, that's what's known as poetic justice. [music]
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[music] (voice of minister) heed not mephistopheles my children lest you suffer eternal damnation. when he whispers in your ear turn away your head, and harken instead to the angel on your shoulder. [music] [music] you're right 'methapopulus' or nick for short.
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but i ain't never plugged no guy what's asleep, i'd wake him first. its so much simpler this way, i made him drowsy to make it easier for you. you make everything easy don't you alright have it your way wake him up, it might be more amusing. i'll go fix him a drink make it feel like old times. [music] smiley smiley! who called me? i did. oh judge parker. i'm fixin a couple of drinks what's on your mind.
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well i'm operating in st louie and other spots. umhum and i'm interested in a couple of joints here in the east, belamy steered me to you about getting a passport. sure sure i understand. so as is my nature to come to the point pronto, what's your cut? 100 grand and 25 percent of the take. [laughter] hold on judge i may be from st louie but i ain't no hick. you operating alone no partner. all alone. i heard there was a eddie kagle heading your outfit. yea but he's dead. are you sure? well i ought to know cause i. cause you what? i got the flash as soon as the cops found his body. i heard he was your pal.
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yea we grew up together, i used to do his thinking and he'd do my fightin. so yo paid him off by puttin four slugs in him from his own rod. what kind of talk is that, you after blackmail? this is smiley williams you're talking to. who should know better than me. [music] you, you were? what are you so nervous you look like you seen a ghost. stop it eddie get on with it shut up 'memapopalus' my name is smiley williams. pleased to meet you they call me judge parker, but maybe i ain't judge parker. maybe i am somebody else, somebody you know.
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no no you can't be him. him who's him? eddie, eddie kagle. [music] oh you can't be this whole thing is screwy! maybe it ain't screwy why don't you start figuring it out. if i ain't judge parker i must be somebody else, maybe i'm that pal of yours eddie, eddie kagle the one you chopped down with his own rod. figuring when your afraid of every shadow every footstep, every sound every dark alley you'll pass every car that whizzes by. hold up in your hide out and go slowly nuts trying to figure is eddie kagle dead or is he alive. then when you can't take it no more, go blow your brains out. [gun drops] [thud] there it is your own gun, return the compliment eddie. stop whispering in my ear devil. lay off of me will ya judge i'll do anything you say.
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eddie, eddie give me a chance. [ahhhhhhñ you didn't shoot him we had a bargain. he was took care of a better way, and i never even touched him. now you go back to your hole in the ground, you're in my way. i can not go back with out you. well now ain't that too bad. now listen eddie no soul has ever escaped from my domain before. i've got to get you back or i'll be jeered at and derided why the upheaval would be cataclysmic in its proportions. what a laugh, looks like you got yourself behind the eight ball. come on eddie please have a heart. you'll have to take it up with the boss i'm getting my orders from him from now on
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must i run a foul of you again am i doomed forever to be vanquished? what has this sub-human creature incubated from the recess of foulness done to become your favored it was with evil intent that he ventured forth, he volunteered to do my binding. must i be humiliated by this maggot, i demand my rights. you're missing the point chum. there is an hombre called judge parker and a sweet gal named barbara, what's been playing good ball with a lot of kids. which might otherwise join up with your team. and me eddie kagle is staying around to see that you don't mess things up. so long as you remain in the judge's body neither you nor he can do anything. what's more you're making barbara very unhappy,
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the longer you remain on earth the longer she can not be joined with her rightful mate. it was you who got me in. you were evil then, i had power over you. i get it, if i don't myself help you take me out of parker's body. barbara and the judge don't get together like they should. alright i'll make you deal, if you lay off the judge and barbara for life, i'll go back with you. i accept, i have to-- you ready. wait i, i what to say goodbye to barbara first
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i can not wait. you'll wait and like it. [rotary dial] hello barbara i got to see you right away, hop in your car and come right over. yea thanks honey. [music] you sure are something for the eyes in that outfit honey. thank you darling i wanted to look my best. you said we would go to dinner and a show. i'm afraid that's off cause i am going away,
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i ain't never coming back. dearest what do you mean why would you be going away? well i can't tell ya cause i'm afraid you won't understand baby. i only understand that where ever you go i want to go with you. nix, you don't belong where i'm going. oh no. [music] eddie. i got everything set for you honey so you won't have no more trouble. when i am gone the judge can straighten everything out. you and him get married and go live in that swell house and have kids. eddie. i have to be going now honey.
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please don't say those things darling. now now now. i feel kind of funny-- kind of dizzy. darling go in and lie down for a minute. yea yea yea i'll lay down, i just want to tell i. eddie. bye honey. [music]
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[music] [rotary dial] dr higgins please, do you know where he is? please try to reach him and tell him to come to judge parker's apartment,
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its very urgent. (judge parker) barbara barbara. you have tears in your eyes what's the matter? nothing everything's fine now. [street sounds] well so long, funny i never thought people's faces looked so good. lot's of other things i never noticed before. if i'd only know the first trip around what i know now. when i get you down below i am going to take special pains with you,
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i'm going to introduce you to agonies undreamed of. i don't think you'll be so tough. no. nah cause you know why, cause you made a sap of yourself. you don't want your boys to know that. no big shot wants to look like a sucker before his own mob. now if i was made a trustee. this is sheer unblushing blackmail. you ought to know brother you ought to know. [music] [music]
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