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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 2, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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you might want to watch what you say and what you do. the transit agency using federal grant money to buy upgraded cameras that can be watched and listened to in real time. kim about berly tere joins us with more on the controversial technology and the reaction, kimberly, from the muni riders. >> reporter: we good mixed reaction today. some people telling us this is a better way to protect passengers. others say it's just big brother watching. you may not know it but surveillance cameras that have audio and video are nothing new. in fact, the cameras have been around for the last 12 years but now, thanks to a $5.9 million homeland security grant the antiquated system is getting a major overhaul. >> the information is very he helpful for personnel. the authorities are able to investigate crimes and find out what took place and use that as
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leads for their investigation. >> reporter: the new system uses real-time recording which could allow muni or law enforcement to listen live. it also allows recordings to be wired live to police who don't need a warrant because it's considered public. >> we don't have the infrastructure to watch real time what's going on in our entire system. this is only for investigative purposes. we are able to pull the video and hand it to authorities. >> reporter: still, the system raises concerns for a law professor. >> even if only the authorities that are looking at it, there's a possibility that hackers can get into this kind of technology and communication and catch something that may be important and private and something nothing to do with threats to the government or crime and use it against somebody. >> reporter: people are getting more and more used to technology, they don't necessarily get on to a bus or
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train and think about their conversations being recorded. >> it is big brother. there's no way around it. it's just what it is. >> reporter: muni contends their responsibility is to notify the passengers they are being recorded which they say they do with details on signs on every vehicle. and the sticker says? >> this is being recorded and something to that effect that you are being recorded. >> reporter: does it bother you. >> not at all. i'm not doing anything wrong so it doesn't bother me. >> i'm very surprised. to hear it, so any conversation i've had on muni for the last eight years that i've been here was no longer private. >> reporter: the equipment will be installed starting in august and then by 2014 all muni trains and buses will be updated. live in san francisco, kimberly tere. the last homicide of 2012 was deadly fallout after beleaguered police department.
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police have been tightlipped about the specifics of the case. today sources tell nbc bay area staffing levels may have played a role in the suspect taking the law no his own hands. david trujillo joins us live at police headquarters. damian? >> reporter: some will cause this a case of vigilanteism. it's a case of a frustrated community who felt police were not helping out so they confronted a suspected burglar and the suspected burglar ended up dead. it happened on new year's eve at the summer breeze apartments. this is where sources tell me a serial burglar was terrorizing the complex. this man says he's lived here for five years and there's always car burglaries. this tenant says his apartment has been burglarized three
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times. sources tell me they called police numerous times and offered surveillance video but because of low staffing levels, burglaries are considered low priority for police. the sources tell me on new year's eve, some victims and the maintenance worker confronted the suspected burglar with the intent to scare him or make a citizen's arrest but a scuffle broke out and the suspected burglar ended up dead. some of the rank and file tell me this is unfortunately a case of vigilanteism and point the finger directly at the staffing levels within the ranks. and we've been waiting here all afternoon. the san jose police were supposed to come out and make a brief statement about the case. sources tell me the suspect in the case is now facing second-degree murder charges. live at police headquarters, i'm damian trujillo. also in san jose, more
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information tonight about a naked man who used an assault rifle and samurai sword to keep san jose police officers at bay for hours. 29 ye 29-year-old bennett will undergo a mental evaluation after that standoff yesterday morning. when police responded to a call and tracked bennett down, he stripped naked, pulled out the sword and shouted, quote, you'll have to kill me. the san jose police department called in its crisis intervention team. three hours later they were finally able to safely take him into custody. san francisco police identified the driver accused of killing two people and damaging a liquor store while racing from offers. they say david morales is a suspected gang member. he will be charged with two counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder, along with several lesser charges. investigators say morales fired a gun at three pedestrians before crashing his car into another car on south venice avenue. that car hit a pedestrian before careening into a liquor store. a woman inside the car was
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killed. she has still not been identified. the other fatality, 26-year-old fran sits c francisco gutierrez who was walk ing into the store. the city of oakland expects to issue 6,000 of its new city i.d. cards beginning this year including cards for undocumented immigrants. the card program will roll out february 1. several cities have similar cards but oakland will be the first to tie it into banking. so no matter their immigration status, card hold eers can use e i.d. as a debit card that will reduce the amount of cash, undocumented immigrants will need to carry and their dependence on check kak services. the cards will cost $15 for adults, minors and seniors will pay less. the card also does not identify card holders by gender, something that was requested by the transgender community. >> a subject of a warning out of marin county of a death of a richmond man. fire officials say 59-year-old charles quade was swept out to
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sea by an unusually large wave yesterd yesterday. he and his wife were walking their their dog when a large wave knocked them to the sand. "the chronicle" reports he went into the surf to rescue his dog but never made it back. paramedics treated the wife and the dog managed to make it back to the beach. after searching for several hours they found his body. leaders are declaring a local emergency to get access to state funds. heavy rains just a few weeks ago sent water over the banks and undermined the levees along the creek. >> close to $3 billion of potential damage and we are concerned for the remaining rainy season. there's no immediate danger right now but we know that we have two or three months left of potential storms. >> the rains over the holidays
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took a toll causing serious damage to the creek banks, the levees and the bridge across university avenue. the city has already spent almost $3 million in emergency protective measures. the city council must aproven the emergency declaration. they'll take up that issue at a special meeting tomorrow night. freezing cold temperatures made for some extra challenges for people who work outside. it was 30 degrees as the sun was coming up. they scrambled to get the frost off the cars, warm them all up. folks who delivered food overnight say the goods were actually frozen because it was so cold. >> my boots are insulated. my socks are insulated. a hooded sweatshirt. a beanie on my head and then i have two long sleeved sweatshirts. >> he was cold. even people walking their pets have been bundled up with sweaters and coats and a little hat, as you can see. get ready because another frosty morning is on tap for tomorrow, too. weather may have been
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partially to blame for a water main break in hayward. the broken pipe flooded portions of west jackson and santa clara street just before 3:00 a.m. it took crews hours to repair the 12 inch line slowing the commute around eastbound 92. tonight the water is back on and the road is wide open. meanwhile, east bay mud says a rash of other water main breaks today do not appear to be weather related. the biggest one was in berkeley. you see the map here of the location. repairs were finished late today. >> it will be cold tomorrow morning but there will be another cold blast coming. >> temperatures dropping into the 40s here across parts of the north and also are for the east bay. let's get a look now. 49 in santa rosa and 46 in livermore over to pleasanton. details on how cold it will get and another system offshore and what it will mean for our forecast tomorrow in just a few
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minutes. also, asleep at the wheel. a complaint from cab riders. a look at the top passenger gripes just ahead. i'm scott budman from your company to your wallet, the new government teal is changing a whole lot of our bottom lines. we'll show you how coming up. >> reporter: and i'm chris san chedz where one of three men accused of killing millionaire kumra was in court. the felony complaint against says.
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closer to keeping it together. what the accused killers of a millionaire allegedly made off with after killing him, beating his ex and ransacking their home. we also know that investigators suspect the four people in custody may not be the only ones involved. kris sanchez joins us live from
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san jose. one of the suspects in court today. >> reporter: yes, jessica. many of the details connecting that suspect plus two others with a woman police say is a prostitu prostitute. we were able to get the felony complaint against the three suspected killers and that is filling in some of the details. investigators aren't saying anything about the colorful details emerging about the life r robby kumra led before he was murdered in his mansion. >> i worked for him doing some accounting and bookkeeping, so i dot -- >> reporter: this bartender did some bookkeeping and said it was no secret kumra liked his drink and liked his women. as people talk about his paths, one of the suspected killers, javier garcia, made his first appearance before santa clara county judge today. according to the felony complaint we obtained the charges include murder, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threat and false
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imprisonment. it also reveals that kumra, the murdered man's ex-wife was beaten with a metal objects and the thieves made off with property, cash, collectible coins and jewelry. garcia is charged along with two other suspects, 21 ye-year-old sacramento and 26-year-old lucas anderson, a transient from san jose. all three have prior felony convictions for residential burglary, though the district attorney's office won't say if theft was the motive. >> i can't reveal the information contained therein. >> reporter: i was told little more except there are likely other suspects. one might be the man described as a thin, hispanic white man between 23 and 26 years old with plaque hair. the da's office won't say how they are connected to raven dixon of alameda. she is a prostitute who is charged as an accessory to murder with a gang enhancement.
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i talked with the santa clara county medical examiner's office and they say even now, a month after robby kumra was killed, there's still no clear cause of death. they are awaiting the results of several tests. all three suspected killers are due pack in court later this week. one will be in court tomorrow, the other two will appear before a judge on friday. reporting live in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> now to a follow-up story. new video of a robbery suspect that resulted in the death of a dog. here is that surveillance video that shows the suspect just briefly there. last friday he approached a woman who was pulled over in the tenderloin district. the suspect demanded money, which the woman handed over. but she only had $5 with her. frustrated, he then grabbed her small dog named roxie out of the car and threw it into on coming traffic. he then took off on foot. roxie was hit by a car and had
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to be put down. a missing 82-year-old man was found safe this morning. apparently he left his home monday before he was driving to his son's house. he was reported missing tuesday. that silver alert program just took effect in the new year and the program the california highway patrol asked for help in locating elderly people who may be at risk. unlike the amber alert, which we're so familiar with, silver alerts do not show up on electronic highway signs. tonight we're learning that san francisco bay's current it tv launched seven years ago by former vice president al gore has been purchased by al jazeera. mr. gore made the announcement announcing that they share many goals including highlighting diverse points of view. it will allow them to reach a larger english language audience. an estimated 60% of the programming will originate here in the united states. the rest will be from overseas. no word yet on where current
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will be based or what will happen to lieutenant governor gavin newsom's show which airs on current. to north korea, google's executive chairman is making a private trip overseas, traveling to north korea with former new mexico governor bill richardson. it's described as a humanitarian trip. it's not known with whom the men will meet or whether they'll be talking about korean americans who are in prison there. the internet can be a key topic. schmidt is a key advocate and north korea technically is isolated allowing its citizens access only to a domestic interest. cue the jackhammers and the traffic jams. construction work ended today near union square. it was stopped to provide better access for holiday shopping. now the sidewalks will remain open to pedestrians but those walkways will be a little thinner. $ .6 million subway project will
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extend the underground service to chinatown with a new station being built at union square. okay. it's a new year and we have a new name for the department of fish and game. now known as the department of fish and wildlife. the state believes it's a better description of the agency's mission. traditionally known as game wardens, they will be called wildlife officers. many of the department's old material will continue to bear the old name in order to be cost effective. and a new survey shows water content, yeah, you guessed it, well above average. the survey was conducted in el dorado county and found the water content measures 134% average this time of year which is great news since the snowpack provides about a third of the water for california's homes, farms, and other industries. despite the numbers, they are tempering the enthusiasm by
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reminding the public a year that starts out wet can quickly turn dry. so you still need to conservative. >> look at all of us. the gang is back together again. >> the band is back. >> happy new year. some good old r&r, rest and relaxation. and today many of you might have gotten woken up out of bed by all this cold weather. a little bit refreshing outside but maybe a little bit annoying he especially santa rosa droppe down to 24. probably had to do some scraping on the windshield. another cold spot was livermore at 29. so here is the deal. we warmed up the most in the south bay. about a 30-degree temperature j jump. not too shabby. jumped up to 58 degrees. we held on to that cold air in the east bay. 53. that's it in livermore. and also 54 in san rafael. so here is the deal. right now it's cold. plenty of low to mid 40s across
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northern. already dropping to some 40s in the north bay at this hour, even in the south bay one of our coldest spots at 46. campbell at 54. 52 in santa teresa. that live hd camera network. you can see the city lights shining bright. a meteor shower activity as well as we head into the overnight hours. some clear viewing for some meteor showers, some shooting stars as we head into the morning hours. let's bring you back to the weather board. the storm track pushed off to the north. high pressure building offshore that will keep it clear and also sunny. so some nice mornings and afternoons coming your way when had it comes to storm free activity but, of course, it is going to be very cold, near record setting temperatures expected. but by this weekend, we are lookinat the chance here of some showers. a quick look at tonight, 11:00 p.m., mid to upper 30s in the north bay and the east bay and by tomorrow morning it's going to get frigid. more 30s coming our way. our next chance of rain. >> cold already. thank you, jeff.
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clearing a path now for citizenship. >> and it's one of the island's new e newest treasures. there's a big problem with this statue. >> and a deadly crash. why justin bieber is calling for change.
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a bold move in the car rental business. avis is buying the company popular for city dwellers and college students for half a billion dollars. zip cars parks in cities and campuses for pickup even if it's just for a few hours. people can reserve time slots online or through mobile apps. more than 760,000 members and is the largest car sharing network in the world. purchased the purchase should be complete by spring. avis plans to expand the fleet and add more pickup locations. not a happy new year for cab
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drivers after complaints against them were made public. all those were called into san francisco's 311 lines between july 2011 and june 2012. refuse to go pick up drivers, texting while driving, falling asleep at the wheel and even having bed bugs in the cab. the municipal transportation agency says they will try to investigate every complaint but they're working with limited staff. the complaints represent a small share of taxi drivers in san francisco. back to the future. we might see a blast from the past on california roadways. the dmv wants to issue the yellow, blue, and black license plates. others with a taste of nostalgia may want them, too. the dmv has to get at least 7,500 orders by january of 2015. if they don't, they'll refund
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the $50 application fee. why does the deal have so many extra padding? we'll take a closer look at it. >> students at sandy hook elementary prepared to return to class. what they'll find at their new school. and adding insult to injury, families of the victim of the colorado movie massacre are calling a disgusting imitation. and saying so long to a san francisco icon, at least across town. a new start for a popular bay area museum.
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♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful like almost everything there is good news and bad news. we avoided the fiscal cliff. you'll still likely pay higher taxes. >> changes are coming both for your wallet and possibly for many local companies. recovering multiple angles of the impact of the fiscal cliff deal sam brock will give us a
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reality check from run pr production to nascar tracks, but we begin 0 our coverage with business and tech reporter scott budman with the notable changes. scott? >> jessica and raj, we backed away from the fiscal cliff but we can't duck more taxes. our rates are about to go up even while many of the companies we work for catch a break. good news if you're trying to develop the next killer product. the federal government renewed the research and development tax credit, more money for companies like santa clara based white hat security which doubled in size last year. >> scan the websites of our customers for vulnerabilities. >> to continue growing and innovating as we roll into the new year. >> the nice thing about the silicon valley, it's just a draw from around the world from a leadership and just the type of people and the credentials they bring and as a result it's a great place to invest and i think we're seeing a lot more of that. >> reporter: but while your company may save money, you'll probably be taxed more this year. >> this is a really bitter
6:29 pm
tasting cup of coffee. >> reporter: cpa daniel moore has been telling his clients to get ready. >> because you make $100,000 a year as a w-2 wage, your taxes, all things being equal, are going up by $2,000 each year. >> reporter: and that's just on the federal level. the state of california spent more than it earned and we'll be on the hook this year with higher taxes. >> probably an average person will pay the state of california $1,000 to $1,500 a year by the time they pay additional taxes and income taxes based on earnings. >> reporter: we avoided the cliff but more of our money will still roll away in 2013. now a bit of good news for individuals when it comes to taxes. the capital-gains tax, that's the rate you're taxed when you sell stock or your house stays lower because of the recent deal which makes it a little less expensive to buy and sell investments like stock. jessica? >> okay, thank you, scott. now the fiscal cliff deal led to
6:30 pm
a very big sign on wall street. happy to save money on the capital-gains taxes scott talked about sent the dow up more than 300 points. the nasdaq led by apple and g g google gained 3%. >> as is common with washington politi politics, there's more than meets the eye. congress found a way to massage a few other notable items into the fiscal cliff deal. >> in tonight's reality check, sam brock shows us what special interests are under way in the compromise bill don't look like they necessarily belong in a budget discussion, sam. >> jessica, good evening. our congressional leaders have been cramming bills with pork since practically the dawn of time. at least the dawn of organized government. in a charged political atmosphere for every penny represents a tug of war, some of the bacon in this bill could leave you scratching your head. from capitol hill and the likes of pelosi, reid, and boehner to your neighborhood pig ready to
6:31 pm
offer up fresh pork, the question bears asking, have lawmakers taken taxpayers for a ride around the farm? electric scooter manufacturer joe ferris would theoretically benefit from part of the fiscal deal. the section that grants consumers a tax credit the up to $2,500 to buy electric scooters and bikes. >> this is a good way to be spending federal dollars? >> no. i don't believe that giving somebody $2,500 would motivate them anyway. >> reporter: but that's what the federal government is trying to do. leverage the fiscal cliff deal to spur, among other things, electric scooter sales. the bottom line for taxpayers has to be how much is this it going to cost you? it turns out subsidies for motorized scooters and bikes would be about $15 million over the course of two years. that figure isn't that bad. but how about the sticker shot of rum subsidies? that's right. we're paying to have rum
6:32 pm
promoted in puerto rico for $550 million a year. >> it seems ridiculous. it's wrong. >> reporter: eli rosen, a student at san jose state university fails to see the economic value of promoting puerto rican rum with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. but he's onboard with extending the american opportunity tax credit. it's another portion of the fiscal deal that gives tax credits to students at a price tag in the tens of billions. >> i think we're breathing a generation of ill advantaged students coming out of the university because they haven't taken their studies seriously for these purposes, that books are too expensive. >> reporter: but if footing the costs of books seems reasonable, do these elements of the deal? a tax break for building nascar racetracks or another year of tax exempt fund-raising near ground zero, originally intended to rebuild lower manhattan. now the bonds have been used to
6:33 pm
construct, among other things, a new goldman sachs headquarters. if you take the cost of extending all these tax breaks for corporations and individuals and the 2009 stimulus tax breaks, you get about $210 billion aggregate. now compared to new revenues projected from higher taxes, special interests represent about a third of all new money raised. that is a staggering figure for those concerned with deficit reduction. sam brock, nbc bay area news. back to you. >> okay, thank you, sam. very revealing. this new year brings a change to immigration laws beginning march 4 immigrant families won't have to be separated for months while members apply for permanent u.s. residency. previously those applications had to be made from their native countries resulting in a long wait. oftentimes while the request was under consideration. immigration attorneys say many clients never even sought pe permanent residency out of fear they would be denied and couldn't come back into the country. >> nearly three weeks after that shooting massacre at sandy hook elementary school, students will be going back to class.
6:34 pm
but at a new location. nbc bay area's janelle wang has the latest in our "world tonight." the 400 he wielementary sch kids go back to school tomorrow but in the neighboring city of monroe, seven miles from their old school. chalk hill, which was closed down in 2010, has been transformed to a, quote, cheerful and nurturing elementary school. students and parents received a warm welcome during today's open house. >> it feels extremely secure there. the kind of work that's gone in and, once again, the monroe police have worked 0 diligently with the newtown police so we can feel comfortable and secure. >> tomorrow will be the first time the kids have returned to class since the december 14 attack when adam lanza killed 20 students and six staff members. family members of the victims in the colorado shooting massacre are disgusted by an invitation to attend the reopening of the movie theater where their loved 0 ones were killed. they are calling the january 17
6:35 pm
event an evening of remembrance but relatives say the invitation made their grief worse as it came two days after christmas. meantime attorneys for the suspect say they are ready for a critical hearing next week where a judge will determine if he is fit to stand trial. the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal back in the headlines tonight. today pennsylvania governor tom corbett filed a lawsuit against the ncaa asking a federal court to throw out all penalties imposed on penn state university. specifically $60 million fine. the governor says the sandusky scanned canal is a criminal case and the ncaa was unlawful for imposing any penalties. corbett says the penalties will hurt the university, local businesses, and the state's economy. the ncaa responded today saying it is disappointed with the governor's actions today. sandusky was sentenced to life in prison last fall. overseas, the united nations releases a haunting number. it estimates more than 60,000 syrians have been killed in the
6:36 pm
21-month civil war. the u.n. human rights chief says the killings were done by both sides of the war and underlines the failure of the international community, including the u.n., for not doing more to stop the conflict. today 30 more people were killed after an air strike at a gas station just outside of damascus. demonstrations continue to grow across india over the death of the 23-year-old medical student who was beaten and gang raped while riding the bus. today her family said it has no objection to releasing her identity and there's talk of naming an anti-rape law after her. six men have been arrested for that attack. ignore the rumors, that's the message from venezuela's vice president today about hugo chavez who has not been publi y ly seen for three weeks. the vice president said chavez's condition is delicate after complications including a respiratory infection but there's no need to worry.
6:37 pm
chavez is scheduled to be sworn in for a fourth term next week but that appears unlikely. raj? >> thank you, janelle. secretary of state hillary clinton is out of the hospital. she was seen leaving a building in the new york city medical center accompanied by her husband, former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea clinton. the last public appearance was in early december, december 7, when she was in northern ireland. she suffered from a blood clot in her head which likely developed after she fainted and got a concussion just last month. the 65-year-old clinton has been in touch with her staff via telephone and her medical team expects her to make a full recovery. justin bieber is calling for change after a photographer was killed in los angeles trying to take a photograph of the pop star. the paparazzi struck as he cr s crossed. the pop star's friend had been pulled over by police. the singer wasn't even in the car. charges are expected to be filed against the driver who hit the photographer.
6:38 pm
bieber says he hopes it will inspire new laws to protect celebrities, police and the photographers as well. the bells were ringing in san francisco tonight in-on-or of the big move. 500 bells, to be exact. all rang around the museum. san francisco's explore tore yum is celebrating its final day at the palace of fine arts. it's moving to a new home at pier 15. a long line of people wrapped around the building. admission was free. many parents reliving their childhoods through the eyes of their own kids who visit the museum. >> my best memory is when we brought the cub scouts and let them go through. that was an experience that none of them will ever forget. >> the exploreatorium, more than 500,000 people live at the museum each year. the new one will be three times as big and open. my favorite thing is going through the giant bubble.
6:39 pm
i ve going through the giant bubble. so much fun. >> we have a date april 17th? >> let's go. still ahead at 6:00, a little extra weight might not be such a bad thing after all. >> that makes me feel better. will it work? the new plan from starbucks to help you kick the disposable cup habit. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. temperatures dropping now to the 40s. another cold night on tap and speaking of which if if you're an early riser, a meteor shower will be happening. you may be able to catch a shooting star. we'll have details on how cold those temperatures will get and our next chance of rain.
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reusable cups to go with
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your coffee order. the cup costs $1 and is just like a plastic tumbler. they have been testing the cups and say they've seen good results. people won't remember to bring them and are worried about cross contamination. they say they'll clean them before they fill it. they hope it will cut down on waste and help the environment as well. new information today says that a few extra pounds might help you live longer. being a little overweight or even slightly obese was linked to a 6% lower risk of dying compared to normal weight people. the centers for disease control and prevention conducted a review of 100 studies including 3 million people based on body mass index which measured weight in relation to height. doctors caution, though that bmi is not an accurate measure of body fat or health risk and say this is not an excuse to gain weight. >> they're not just little cute faces. a lot more than we think they do. new research shows just hours
6:43 pm
after birth, babies can tell their mother's native language. the testing of babies who seem to respond quicker after hearing their native voice. they begin to develop sound recognition skills while in the womb. i know my kids could hear all the yelling. >> i'm not going to touch that one. jeff ranieri, frost on our lawns. >> yes, it was. and more patchy fog is expected for tomorrow. we're going to talk about the coal temperatures and who could hit below 32 degrees coming up in a few minutes. and i'm dave feldman. the first place clippers taking on the second place warriors tonight in oakland. we'll have a preview next in sports. two of the best teams in basketball this season, but find out why one team will be playing with a heavy heart.
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a bit of trouble tonight. it seems she's fallen victim to the elements. joe rosato jr. shows us what is being done to try to save her. >> reporter: she has become the
6:46 pm
grand dame of treasure island, a 45-foot nude figure dancing eterminally in a meadow just off the island's grand promenade. >> it's a 40-foot-fall sculpture made out of steel and from the exterior is steel mesh. >> reporter: with the artist first installed his sculpture it was intended to remain a year, that was over two years ago. now -- >> it's built out of rock. there's no coating. and the elements being on the ocean here is making it rough. >> reporter: while the figure's steel skin is in good shape, rust is slowly eating her internal skeleton. he is now trying to raise $16,000 to a kick starter campaign to weather coat the sculpture against the elements. >> if we don't do this in a couple of years, it will be unfixable. and we'll have to just throw it away. so it really has to be done. >> reporter: in her short life on the island, bliss dance has
6:47 pm
become a popular stop for visitors. denise shed a few tears as she eyes the giant. >> i've never seen anything like it. >> it makes a han really appreciate a woman right there. >> reporter: inside his treasure island studio cochrane wox under the watchful eye of his mini creations. >> this was the original sculpture for bliss, bronze. >> reporter: he hopes the restoration of his sculpture will help make her a long-term resident of the island set to undergo massive redevelopment in the skomg years. >> and i'd like to have a sculpture park, a large piece and do 100 skuculptures. >> that's monumental almost. you have the lady of bliss. >> reporter: the treasure island authority is also hoping its giant steel ambassador will remain at least until development begins. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: until then, the dance continues blissful or not.
6:48 pm
joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> beautiful. >> yes, we got a really good look at her. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. >> very curvy. >> 0 our chief meteorologist. >> clear weather with some excellent views, some statues or wherever you want to take a look at not only today but the next couple of days and storm-free activity, nothing showing up on the doppler radar. get a load of this. santa rosa over 22 inches so far for the rainfall season. then you look at san jose, only 7.19. doesn't seem like a lot but you're living in the shadow of the santa cruz mountains. it is putting you at 137% of normal as well in the south bay. everyone doing great when it comes to that rainfall with the active november and december. the huge story continues to be the cold temperatures. 49 right now in santa rosa. 46 in sunnyvale. and back across the east bay,
6:49 pm
the most widespread cold is. 44 in walnut creek and 46 in pleasanton. key, remember the pets tonight. bring them inside and also remember to cover up the sensitive plants. let's take you outside to live camera network. you can see the lights are shining bright. we'll have a meteor shower event as we head into tomorrow morning. that's when you're going to go outside and maybe see a shooting star from that but definitely bring that jacket. up into san rafael, one of the coldest spots in the north bay as napa, marin and sonoma will be dropping down into the low 30s. back to the weather boards. we do have a storm system out here not very strong for us. it will produce some rainfall up into washington and oregon. high pressure is building in offshore that will give us some sunny and slightly above average temperatures and the clear skies which will be doing this to your temperatures. you're going to need the jacket and, of course, the gloves for tomorrow morning up in the north bay. 30 in santa rosa. 30 in napa.
6:50 pm
then you'll notice down in the south bay not quite as cold as it was this morning. we'll still have some mid to upper 30s but, you know, three to four degrees warming, that should eliminate a lot of patchy frost that we had for today even in parts of the south bay. for thursday, sunny skies and an awesome rebound. 25 to 30 degrees warmer in the south bay by the afternoon. 60 in san jose. 56 in walnut creek. 55 in pleasanton and back here to san francisco, 600. 59 in santa rosa. also 59 in san mateo. the three-day forecast, sunny for thursday and also friday. a few clouds by saturday. then as we head throughout sunday, not a big storm system, we're going to hold out a 50% chance of some showers. it's a coastal storm. the storm tracker is tricky right now but even if it does bring its rainfall on sunday it will just be some light showers at this point. so right now it's like going to vegas. either/or at this point on sunday. >> we're going to vegas?
6:51 pm
>> a field trip. how fun. >> let's get to sports. wow. either we've been on vacation or dave feldman has been on vacation. >> don't even try it, raj. you have been gone for like four months. i want to talk to your agent because i want him. i want him. >> take it away, dave. >> thank you very much. bob dylan once wrote, these times, they are a changing. the warriors and clippers have heard that song. historically two of the worst franchises in nba history, now they're one and two in the pacific division and facing off tonight in the east bay. the clippers played lights out in 2012 winning 17 straight games. nobody was more disappointed to see the calendar flip to 2013 than your clippers. they lost to the nuggets in denver and had their team record winning streak snapped. our john henry smith is out at oracle with the latest.
6:52 pm
>> well, you can argue warriors versus l.a. clippers is the marquee matchup in the nba. you've got the star power. you've got david lee versus blake griffin. you've got seth curry versus paul. you have the top two teams in the pacific division, three and a half games separate the clippers and the warriors. the clippers, of course, are in first place. now does the fact that the clippers lost in denver last night depriving the warriors of a chance to end that clippers long winning streak take away from anything in this game? that depend on who you ask. >> my 13-year-old son, i was at home and he goes, i want the clippers to win. so that you guys can break the streak. are you kidding me? it wouldn't be a bad thing for them to lose and then, you know, we make ground. but it just shows you a fan's perspective. >> you look at the fans, it's nice to see the name, you're
6:53 pm
ahead of the pack right now in the fourth spot. we understand it's a long way to go and not to take that picture what it looks like now but hopefully the talk we're getting will mean something come april. >> a win tonight by the warriors won't just pull them a little closer to the clippers in the standings, it will break a disturbing trend, the warriors coming in have dropped 12 of 13 first games is of the new year. clippers head coach vinny del negro was named the western conference coach of the month for december. his team went 16-0. duh. that was pretty easy. and now they're the owners of the second best record, 10-4 on the road this season. l.a. clippers owner sterling's son scott sterling was found dead in his malibu apartment late tuesday night.
6:54 pm
accord iing to the "l.a. times, the cause of scott's death is unknown but a drug overdose is suspected. scott sterling was just 32 years old. a very sad story out of los angeles. all right. what is this very large man doing petting a tiny little animal? well, that's when a football player does on his day off. the 49ers alex boone visited the san francisco zoo where he helped some of the zoo keepers in their daily duties. he fed a polar bear, had a charming moment with this gi giraffe. you can be sure all the animals are fans. some news from the actual gridiron, one of the greatest players from this generation, line b linebacker ray lewis, will retire at the end of the season. the 37-year-old said he's ready to be a full-time dad. he has played 17 seasons in the nfl. since 2001 named the mvp after the ravens beat the new york giants, 34-7. if the nhl season begins later this month, the sharks will be without one of their
6:55 pm
defensemen for a significant period of time. he suffered a broken wrist playing for team canada on monday. he will be out four to six weeks. but it's not good news for the nhl. the players have until midnight eastern whether or not to d dissolve the players union therefore nullifying its right to collectively bargain as a union. nhl commissioner gary bettman said an agreement must be reached by january 11th in order to save any kind of nhl season. and that's a look at sports. i'm dave feldman. back to you. raj, it's good to see you back. >> you, too, dave. good to see you. >> stick around a while. stick around. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage watch sports central.
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coming up tonight, we'rable computers. apple's potential plan to blend tech and fashion after "chicago fire." google is hoping there's power in numbers. the company has now post add world map where people can identify their location and their new year's resolution. google designed it to help you keep your promises. you can choose what category you're working on this year like education or career or love and color coordinated goals for this year, 2013, will pop up from all over the world. you can see what other people are making their new year's resolutions as well. >> i didn't even make one this year. >> well done. >> we still have time. >> we'll work on it this week. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> bye-bye. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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