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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 6, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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a car rammed into a wall in the south bay. they're racing to try to save the driver. a woman is set on fire on purpose. what may have led to that horrifying crime, and what they know about the suspect. plus, get your shark's gear on. the nhl lockout is finally over. good evening to you, a developing story we're following in san francisco. police are searching for a man accused of setting his
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girlfriend on fire during an argument this afternoon. it happened shortly after noon today in the city's bay view district. monty francis in the bay view where he just spoke with the victim's family, this has to be hard for them to make any sense out of. >> it is certainly very hard, and family members watched in horror as this all the played out right here in the streets. the 25-year-old woman, we're told she suffered serious burns and she's now at the burn unit at st. francis hospital, the woman's clothes are still here, burned, visible on the street. we're told she attempted to throw off her jacket after her boyfriend doused her with a flammable liquid, then set her on fire. the victim's sister tells us the couple had been together for about six months, and they argued a lot. according to the sister, the couple was at the laundry mad just down the street, where they began to argue about their laundry, they were on their way back home and just outside the victim's house at about 12:15,
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it's when she told him the relationship was over, that's when her boyfriend set her on fire. >> i just want to know why he did that to my sister. she didn't deserve it. and that he should turn himself in, and that my sister's going to make a full recovery, she's strong, i know she's strong. >> the victim is a single mother of three. police say the 25-year-old woman suffered life threatening burns, one family member said the burns on the victim's face and chest were so severe she didn't initially recognize her. the boyfriend has been identified and we're waiting to hear from the san francisco police if they've been able to apprehend him, we're expecting an update from them within the next hour. monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> just six day into the new year and san jose reports its first homicide. police were called to the 1900 block of tripoli avenue this
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morning. they found a man dead inside of a home. the unidentified adult male had a gunshot wound to the head. an ambulance arrived, the man was pronounced dead at the scene. >> we have witnesses. witnesses mean people that were in the house, that may have possibly hurt something, seen something, they're at the police department being talked to by some of our homicide investigators. >> the victim was in his 30s and related to the people who were inside the house. there is no motive or suspect at this time. san jose ended last year with 46 homicides, the most since the 1990s. a taxicab driver is recovering after he was stabbed outside an oakland bart station. police say that last night around 6:45 in the evening, a man got into an argument with a cab driver. the argument escalated and the man established the driver before fleeing on foot. the driver was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover. police are still searching for
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the suspect. new details tonight on that long anticipated nhl lockout ending. it took 113 days and 600 cancelled games of hockey, it is finally back. it's music to sharks fans ears, the nhl prior's association hammered out a deal just in the nick of time. harry wofford is here with the details. if you stayed up to watch this, you must be tired this evening. >> i am ready to talk about it, hockey is back, and it's about time the nhl lockout is over. the league and the players association reached a tentative agreement, the deal still requires language, clarification and ratification from both sides. however, there's a chance the 2013 schedule will be announced tomorrow, and most of the teams will open training camp on thursday. the new agreement is a ten-year deal with neutral opt out clauses for the first year of
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the deal. the salary cap is $60 million. the each team must spend at least $44 million on its payroll. by the way, the players share of revenue will be set at 50% of the entire length of this deal. huge numbers to look at. there's been four labor disputes in the nhl. the 1992 strike lasted 10 days, did not affect the schedule at all. this season's lockout as you mentioned, 113 days and 510 games were cancelled. the longest lockout was during the 2004/2005 season which lasted 3010 days and wiped out the entire season. it's good that's over. later in sports, kevin will explain what it means for the san jose sharks. >> the fans, they don't care what it means, they just want to get to the games. san francisco's end of free parking on new year's on sundays has some unintended
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consequences. today is the first sunday people have to pay to park in the city, it's expected to bring in almost $2 million a year for the city's transportation agency. it's good news for the city, but frustrating for folks who just wanted to go downtown. >> it's a detriment to churches and church communities. and certainly to the community that people feel after churches. >> some small businesses are already voicing their concerns about charging for meters on sundays for parking. they say it will drive people to shop at malls where they can park for free. the transit agency says it will increase shopper turnover. now back to our developing story in the south bay. a car crash landed into a pond this afternoon. now, we know that one woman is dead because of that accident. the pond is located along the
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almadden expressway near highway 85 interchange. california highway patrol says according to witnesses, a driver was speeding. crashed through a fence and went directly into a pond. san jose firefighter without dive gear went into the cold water to attempt a rescue. he was able to swim about 20 feet out and 8 feet underwater. but had zero visibility. he was able to locate the car, but had to get out of the water because of the temperature. the santa clara county dive team arrived and pulled a woman out of the car, by that time the woman had been under water for 42 minutes. >> everybody feels like their hands are tied, we were trying to get in as fast as we could, just because of the visibility in the water, we weren't able to see anything going on without the proper equipment. the temperatures. so, you know, again, kudos to the dive team for being out here and getting out here so quickly, and giving the occupant of the vehicle a chance. >> authorities say that rescuers did do cpr on the way to the
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hospital, but the woman was later pronounced dead, while they say there are no other people inside the car, they continued searching the water just to make sure there are no other victims that might have been ejected in the pond before they pulled the car out. next at 5:00, house minority leader nancy pelosi was in san francisco today for her annual new year's address. what we know about the lockout that is now over. a popular annual festival in the desert is suddenly pricing some people out, but there is some way for you to grab some affordable tickets. and we're going to tell you how. the skies slowly starting to clear now, as we wrap up the weekend. the radar starting to dry out as we watch a roller coaster week. weather ahead, short term, things will be warming up for the big chill arriving later in the week. details in your seven-day forecast when we come back.
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nancy pelosi says the president should just bypass congress and raise the nation's debt. the nation's debt will always be paid. she and the democratic party will continue to focus on growing and supporting the
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middle class. >> the middle class is the strength of our country and we have to strengthen it and help those who aspire to be in it, to be -- that is a sense of community. and that is the epiphany that i want them to have. not just -- we're only here for the wealthiest people and trickled down -- that's a good thing, if it doesn't, so be it. that's not how we see it. >> pelosi met with hundreds of constituents and colleagues today for her annual new year's celebration in san francisco. if the president doesn't take nancy pelosi's advice, the battle that's brewing could be bigger than the fiscal cliff showdown. republicans want to link raising the limit to cuts in medicare, medicaid and other government programs. >> i believe we need to raise the debt ceiling, if we don't raise it without a plan to get out of debt, all of us should be fired. >> special treatments under the
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tax code which ought to be looked at carefully. >> tweaks to the tax code could save money. president obama says he's willing to consider spending cuts separately, but will not bargain over the government's bargaining authorities. so syria now, where the president outlined a road map for peace today, as fighting in the country continued. the u.n. says more than 60,000 people have been killed since the crisis began march 2011. stephanie gosk has more. >> syrian president bashar al assad addressed his country for the first time since june. he's very rarely seen in public. he was greeted by a packed and boifterrous oust tore yum. he blamed the crisis in syria on terrorists, including al qaeda and the countries that continue to fund them. there was little to no mention of the syrians themselves and have picked up arms against the government. assad also proposed a new
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political initiative that would include a new government a new constitution, and amnesty. he said he would not go forward until the foreign funding of the rebels came to an ened. the european union responded quickly and said, no political solution could move forward until assad himself stepped down. the syrian president made no mention of that happening today in de mass cass. stephanie gosk, nbc news, cairo. faithful attendees of the popular desert festival burning man are feeling a little left out by the latest hike in ticket prices. how much more a weekend ticket could cost some folks and what the options are for people who don't want to pay that higher price.
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president obama signed into law a $9.7 billion bill to pay for flood insurance claims from hurricane sandy. the law increases fema's borrowing authority. the agency previously warned it would run out of money without that extra funding from congress. the white house said more than 100,000 flood claims came in from sandy. congress has promised to vote on comprehensive sandy aid on january 15th. rob mayeda is here, and it was just rainy enough to make you take down those christmas lights with a hassle.
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>> areas toward gilroy, late day clearing that we're starting to see now. mainly from san francisco northward as we take you outside. look at the palace of fine arts out there. we got a little bit of a breeze kicking in, which is finally helping to clear out our skies. it's a gloomy day, to see the high temperatures around the south bay, only near 50 earlier near san jose, now, 59 degrees, you're seeing 51 in oakland, 51 in sfraensz. it looks like san francisco the warm spots today. the skies cleared first to the north bay, 40s elsewhere, tonight it looks like it will be a little more chilly. we woke up to the mid-40s today. it will be a little more chilly. you can see the winds not too strong tomorrow. we start off the work way, if you want to find the nicest days ahead, monday and tuesday will be your day. tuesday would rule out some mid-60s for highs. we will warm up nicely to start
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off the workweek. big changes ahead as the cold system drops down to the gulf of alaska, and we'll show you your impacts on the seven-day forecast coming up. >> the rain that's been falling around the bay area, we haven't seen too much in the last hour or so, most of that has moved to the central and southern california, can you see the spin of the clouds there, that was the low that was right on top of us this monk, and now has moved on. behind it, high pressure will start to move back in. we will see warming, we're looking at two days of warmer temperatures, tomorrow, some 60 possible, i think tuesday will be the warmest day, this pattern will not hold on, by wednesday, we're going to see this droop in the jet stream. wednesday may not be too cold, by thursday, the cold dry air starts to sweep on in, depending on where this low sets up, if it comes more over the ocean, it could make for interesting conditions. we think we'll see showers for thursday. if the air is as cold as we think it will be, we could see 12340e levels getting close to 2,000 to 3,000 feet, around the
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south bay, maybe 15,000 feet in the north bay, by the time we get into thursday and friday. the case of the cold systems that drop in out of the north. they may not have a lot of moisture to work with. you may notice the drop in temperatures by friday, highs in the 40s and 50s. after we see nice 60s up here in the next couple days. the low clouds linger tomorrow morning, patchy low clouds, coastal fog may try to return once again. and a few high clouds going by monday, mostly sunny, more sunshine than we saw out there today. 30s to low 40s tomorrow morning, patches of low clouds, more sunshine as things warm up a few degrees to start the workweek. closer to 60 in san jose and president anton tomorrow. should see numbers in the mid to upper 50s around fairfield. 57 in san francisco. temperatures start to come on up tuesday, low to mid-60s possible, things turning breezy. the best chance for rain at this point looks to be thursday. look at the temperatures, daytime highs close to 50.
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and morning temperatures by friday morning 20s and 30s again. we have a chill on the way. we're going to look at your saturday forecast. golden sunshine, we have the 49ers, packers coming up, 5:00 game time next saturday. temperatures in the 40s, which is a little chilly for us, but not cold by packers standards. >> no, they'll be nice and warm. >> should be nice and dry. speaking of the 49ers, i hope you saved cash this holiday. the niners playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow. a limited number of tickets will be available on ticketmaster, the game, of course, saturday, 5:00, candlestick park. if you want to buy tickets, buy quick. all 49er home games since 1981 have sold out. the niners play the green bay packers, the team they beat in their season opener. let's get to henry wofford for a look at the other news in sports. >> hello, chris. coming up in sports, the hottest story in sports is on the ice.
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hockey is back, and not a moment too soon. the lockout landed 113 days, we'll tell you when the man planned to return to the ice, plus our sharks insider will have a live report from the tank next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area, hockey has been left out in the cold for way too long. it's time to get the men back on the ice. after 113 days, it appears the nhl walkout is over. the new agreement is a ten-year deal with opt out clauses. there's a chance the 2013
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schedule will be announced tomorrow. the nhl would like to have the season underway by january 19th. the bill still requires language, clarification and ratification from both sides. the first year of the deal, the salary cap was $60 million, teams can spend up to $70.2 million in this transition period. kevin is at hp pavilion with the latest. great to be talking hockey. >> yeah, that's for sure. after a 16-hour bargaining session that went a little until 5:00 in the morning in new york, the nhl and nhlpa finally agreed on the framework of a deal, bringing the 113-day lockout to an end. it's not officially ratified, it has to go in front of the board of governors and the players have to ratify it as well. we expect that will happen in the next 24 to 48 hours, at that point we'll know more in terms of the schedule, we think it's going to be either a 48 or 50
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game schedule, beginning probably sometime around january 17th, and also training camp. we expect training camp could start as early as wednesday, more likely to start thursday/friday or saturday. the big thing is, the framework is in place, the deal's done, and we're waiting to drop the puck. >> great information. thank you, very much. over to the gridiron for playoff football. wild card battle hopes and playoffs, possibly ray lewis's last game as a raven. third quarter, 10-6, baltimore, shows flacco and dennis hit a 20-yard td. fourth quarter, birds up 8. flacco lost one to anquan boldin, take a look at that catch. right before that td. five catches for 145 yards for bolden and there's ray lewis getting his groove on. one more dance for him in front of his home crowd. ravens win 24-9. what about the nfc wild card,
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redskins hope for the seahawks. fourth quarter, oakland's own marshawn lynch takes the handsoff, and he's going 27 yards with a touchdown. seahawks take the lead for good. lynch 131 yards rushing. but after the game, a little something extra. former stanford cardinal richard sherman gets shoved in the face. and the seahawks get the last laugh. seattle wins 24-14. it's been a very busy game. also, in this game, robert griffin, iii was injured late. it won't matter since obviously the redskins lost this game. but as we mentioned, chris, much more coming up in sports in our 6:00 hour, busy day for sports. once again, good to have hockey back. >> yes. and we return -- when we return, what used to be an affordable ticket now is an
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expensive one. we'll show you what it will cost to attend this year's burning man festival.
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tickets for the popular burning man festival are going on sale. some veterans think the prices are way too high. the prices have been rising every year. this year they're starting at $380 a piece compared to $240 last year. there will be some tickets available for those who qualify for the low income ticket plan. tickets have already been sold as part of a holiday promotion. the rest of the tickets go on sale in february. this year they will be sold first come first serve.week-long festival is held the week leading up to labor day. when burning man started it was free.


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