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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 6, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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right now at 6:00, a dramatic rescue attempt. divers try to free a woman after her car plunges into a chilly pond in the south bay. also -- >> i just want to know why you did that to my sister. she didn't deserve it. >> the search is on for a man accused of setting a woman on fire. the latest on this developing story from san francisco. plus, shark fans finally have something to cheer about. the nhl lockout is now over. the details on a new deal, and perhaps most importantly, when fans can expect to see their first game. >>s in bay area news start news.
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>> good evening. i'm kris sanchez. diane dwyer is off tonight. we begin with new details on a car that plunged into a perklation pond in san jose. tonight one woman is dead because of that accident. the pond is located near the almaden expressway exchange. the latest and why this might have happened. kimberly? >> reporter: kris, emergency crews cleared out of here about a half an hour ago after doing an exhaustive search of the lake for any other potential victims. as it stands, one woman was pulled out of the water after that crash and was pronounced dead at the hospital. the accident happened about 2:40 this afternoon at a busy intersection of highway 85 and almaden expressway. the california highway patrol says according to witnesses, the driver was speeding, blew through a red light, and the car went through a fence and right into the pond. a san jose firefighter without dive gear went into the cold water to attempt a rescue.
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he was able to swim out about 20 feet and down about eight feet, but had zero visibility in that water. by touch he was able to locate the car, but then had to get out of the water because of the frigid temperatures. the santa clara county dive team then arrived and was able to pull that woman from the car. but by that time she had been under water for 42 minutes. >> everybody feels like their hands were tied. well were trying to get in as fast as we could. just because of the visibility in the water, just weren't able to see anything going on without the proper equipment. and the temperatures. so, you know, again, kudos to the dive team for coming out here and being able to come out so quickly and at least give the occupant of the vehicle a chance. >> reporter: authorities say cpr was being done on the way to the hospital, where, again, the victim was pronounced dead there are no other people inside the car, which they pulled out of the water about an hour ago. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly.
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now to a developing story in san francisco. witnesses say they watched in horror as a man doused his girlfriend with a flammable liquid, then set her on fire. it happened shortly after noon today in the city's bayview district. monte francis is live in the bayview with the latest. you just talked to the family there. devastated. >> reporter: we just got an update from police. they are still searching for an attacker in this case. we also received a mug shot of the suspect. and here it is. he has been identified a 22-year-old dexter oliver. he is accused of setting his girlfriend on fire here earlier today. he is described as 5'10" and 155 pounds. now up until just a short time ago, you could still see the woman's burned clothing here visible on the street. we're attempted she attempted to throw off her jacket after her boyfriend doused her with a flammable liquid and set her on fire right here in the street shortly after noon today. the victim's sister tells us the
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couple had only been together for about six months, and that they argued a lot. according to the sister, the couple was at the laundromat down the street where they began to argue about the laundry. they were on the way back home just outside the victim's house on hollister near jennings when she told him the relationship was over, and that is when it happened. one family member said the burns on the face and chest were so severe she didn't initially recognize her. we are told the 25-year-old woman who is a mother of three suffered serious burns. she is now at the burn unit at st. francis hospital. police say the burns are life threatening. i want to give you another look here at the suspect. he is 22-year-old dexter oliver. police are still searching for them. if you can help them locate the suspect, you're asked to call the san francisco police. live in san francisco tonight, monte francis, nbc bay area news. this just in. oakland police are asking for your help finding a missing woman. police sent us this picture of
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gloria ji this morning. her husband called police after she failed to show up for work, and he suspects foul play. gloria ji is 63 years old, 5'1" and wears glasses. investigators found her car in oakland. anyone with information is asked to call oakland pd's missing persons department. police looking into the city's first homicide of the year. police were called to the 1900 block of tripoli block this morning just before 8:00. that's where they found a dead body in front of a home. police say the unidentified adult male was suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. an ambulance arrived, but pronounced the man dead on the scene. >> now we have witnesses, witnesses meaning people that were in the house that may have possibly heard something. they're down at the police department right now being talked to by some of our homicide investigators. >> police say the victim was in his 30s and related to the people who were inside the home with he was found dead.
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they have no motive or suspect at this time. there were 46 homicides in san jose last year, more than any year since the 1990s. and on the peninsula, police are investigating the shooting of a 16-year-old girl. the teen was shot saturday night in millbrae, across the street from the high school. it is a rare incident of gun violence in a relatively quiet area. the girl is currently in stable condition. police don't yet know what provoked the shooting and so far have made no arrests. we have new details tonight on the highly anticipated deal to thaw the nhl lockout. the lockout lasted 113 days, and cost the team and fans 510 games. but now they're are signs to work something out to bring hockey back for what will be a very abbreviated season. we were just weeks away from the whole season being scrapped. comcast sportsnet's henry wofford is here with details of
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the deal that came just about when most of us were pouring coffee this morning, henry. >> it was very early. hockey fans, 113 days they waited. now they're finally given the news they wanted to hear. it appears the lockout is over in the league, and players association reached a tentative agreement. the deal still requires language, clarification and ratification from both sides. however, there is a chance the 2013 schedule will be announced tomorrow. most of the teens will open training camp on thursday. the new agreement is a ten-year deal with mutual opt-out clauses. for the first year of the deal, the salary cap is $60 million. but teams can spend up to $70.2 million during this transition period. by the way, the players' share of revenue will be set at 50% for the entire length of this deal. you know, there has been four labor disputes in the nhl. in 1992, the strike lasted ten days, but did not affect the schedule at all. this season's lockout, as chris
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mentioned, 113 days. 510 games were canceled. the longest lockout was during the 2004-2005 season, which lasted 310 days and wiped out the entire season. one other note, kris, reportedly they would like to start the season by january 19th. later in sports, we'll have the latest on the sharks and here from the nhl commissioner gary bettman. >> thank you very much. and if anybody is excited about hockey being back, it is the san jose sharks team itself. >> obviously we're very, very excited to be back under way. we've been preparing for a variety of outcomes, and we're happy to have this as the outcome that transpired last night. and while we've been very mindful of the impact that this has had on not only our community and our fellow employees and downtown san jose and the like, we're just relieved to have it over with
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and focusing on moving forward. >> all they're waiting for now is a schedule so they can send out tickets to season ticketholders. downtown businesses also feeling relief tonight because without hockey, things can be pretty slow downtown. next at 6:00, house minority leader nancy pelosi makes a visit to the bay area. tonight her advice for president obama as the debt ceiling looms overhead. also -- >> we drove several extra blocks that way to try to find parking. didn't have a meter. it's definitely a hardship. >> and it is day one of new parking rules in one bay area city, and drivers are already feeling very frustrated. we'll explain. and see things switching up in the weather forecast right now too. right now clearing skies, 40s and some low 50s out there as the showers leave the bay area for now. the seven-day forecast is going to go on a roller coaster ride from warming to big-time cooling. we'll show you that when we come right back.
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some church goers in san francisco city are frustrated over the city's new parking policy. today is the first sunday people had to dish out change to park at the meters in the city. it is expected to bring in almost $2 million a year for the city transportation agency, which is clearly good for the city, but some church goers say it will hurt their community. >> we started talking about, you
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know, are we going to cut out the services early to run to pay the meters? and i think that's -- that's a detriment to churches and the church community and the city. and certainly to the community that people feel after churches. >> many of those meters are able, you can pay them for up to four hours at a time. now, some small businesses also voicing their concern about charging meters for parking on sundays. they say it will drive people to shop at malls with free parking. the transit agency says it will increase shopper turnover. there is a law meant to protect students from harassment. still ahead at 6:00, our investigative unit finds that by failing to uphold that federal law, administrators at one bay area school fail to protect little girls from an alleged predatory teacher.
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there is a federal law intended to protect students in cases of sexual harassment and sexual abuse. it is a law that was ignored by a bay area school at the center of a molestation case involving teacher craig chandler. he heads to trial later this month. now the principal of that school has already been convicted of not reporting the abuse allegations to police. now investigative reporter jenna susko shows us that the school district violated title ix by not having policies in place or a person trained to sexual abuse cases. >> do you believe that some of these children would not be victims right now if the school district had simply followed the law? >> without a doubt. >> no doubt in my mind. >> reporter: bob allard and paul are bay area attorneys, simply representing alleged victims in civil cases against evergreen and chandler. we showed them what we
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uncovered. >> had they paid attention to, that which they're obligated to do, we wouldn't be sitting here talking today. >> for the past two months, the district has dodged our questions. i'm jenna susko with nbc bay area. so we met with superintendent kathy gomez outside her office. >> we've been trying to get in contact with you for more than a month now. >> right. and i think i directed you to our attorney mark davis. >> reporter: yes. and he has not answered any of our questions. >> i'm sure he will. >> reporter: we have not had any questions answered. why can't you answer simple questions on what your policy is and whether or not anyone has been trained on title ix. >> reporter: do you not know those answers? do you not know those answers? don't you think parents deserve to know? >> reporter: we reserved this e-mail from attorney mark davis two weeks later. it includes generic information about title ix, but fails to address the questions. he does say the school's coordinates are trained by counsel. but he did not provide any
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documentation we requested to support that for the investigative unit, i'm jenna susko, nbc bay area news. >> tonight at 11:00, parents of one of the alleged victims at o.b. whaley school speaks out for first time exclusively with our investigative unit. hear about their daughter and their message to bay area schools. history was made in san jose today when san jose's newest city council member was sworn in. he represents district 10 which includes almaden valley and parts of san jose. he is the first arab-american to serve on the council he will make the city more business friendly and to also work with his community. >> i know a lot of you have been involved in my campaign. but i want to ask you all to stay involved with me to help bring me ideas, to help me execute on these ideas so we can make san jose a better place to live in. >> he was raised in san jose and graduated from san jose state.
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he started a company where he is now the ceo. house minority leader nancy pelosi says president obama should just bypass congress all together and raise the country's debt ceiling without debate. she told face the nation viewers the president has the 14th amendment on his side which states the nation's debt shall always be paid. she says that she and the democratic party will continue to focus on growing and supporting the middle class. >> the class is the strength of our country. and those we have to strength strengthen it and help those who aspire to be it in, be in it. but it's about a sense of community. and this is the epiphany i want them to have, not just we're only here for the wealthiest people and if it trickles down, that's a good thing. if it doesn't, so be it. that's the free market. that's not how we see it. >> pelosi met with hundreds of constituents and colleagues today for the annual new year's celebration in san francisco. meteorologist rob mayeda here. it's probably a good thing that nancy pelosi held that meeting
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indoors today. >> if you look at today's highs, it roi cool day around the bay area. interesting, the coolest temperatures we had, parts of the south bay and east bay where the clouds really didn't clear out much. 48 for a high in livermore. around morgan hill, highs in the upper 40s with afternoon showers. 52 in san francisco. right now 40s and 50s. but as our skies clear tonight, unlike this morning where we started thought the mid- to upper 40s, a mild start to the morning with the showers. tomorrow morning back into the 30s and some 40s to get things started on your monday morning commute. not much wind out there right now. we'll see a north breeze picking up tomorrow, which will continue to clear out our skies. the next two delays be the warmest day of the weeks. tuesday will be the warmest day of the seven days. we'll see 60s for tuesday. then midweek everything changes. we're going to see a big trough of low pressure drop down our temperatures. radar finally dry around the bay area. you'll see some of the lingering showers south of san jose this afternoon. but as high pressure builds back across northern california in the upper half of the west
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coast, this will lead to short-term warming. we're only talking two days of warming. but tomorrow we'll bump up about 5 or 6 degrees, and then hit the 60s for more areas on tuesday. wednesday cold trough drop downs the coast. we'll see much colder weather and air cold enough to see snow levels down to maybe 2,000 or 3,000 feet as of thursday or friday. as is the case as the systems that drop in over land, they sometimes don't have a lot of moisture. but for now we'll say wednesday night into thursday, plan on a few showers. highs only near 50, and some 40s for highs. and possibly some lowering snow levels. so stay tuned. and as that air mass change develops, we will see frosty mornings to wrap up the workweek. hour-by-hour, if you're forecasting tomorrow morning, you're seeing high clouds and patchy low clouds. but a lot more sunshine than we saw it today. all that pointing to a warmer day tomorrow. morning temperatures, 40s and upper 30s. should not be cold enough for patchy frost tomorrow morning. that changes later in the week. close to 60 in san jose
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tomorrow. at 60 in pleasanton. mid- to upper 50s around the east bay. and should see numbers int the upper 50s in san francisco. and 62, not too bad in santa rosa for tomorrow. warming up little bit more for tuesday. wednesday stay tuned, things will be changing i think rapidly this week. watch christina and jeff as we go through the week to track the chilly changes, which will drop our temperatures, drop our snow levels, and unfortunately mean scraping some ice off of those car windshields i think by friday. it looks really cold. 20s and 30s again for the mornings by the end of the week. >> all right. i'll brace myself for that. we'll be right back.
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tickets for the popular burning man festival in the nevada desert are going on sale soon. but some veterans think the new prices are just ridiculously high. prices have been going up every year. but this year they start at $380 apiece. compare that to $240 last year. there will be some tickets available for those who qualify for the low income ticket plan. tickets go on sale in february. and this year it will be first come, first serve, not lottery like in years past. the week-long festival is held the week leading up to labor day. when it started in the 1980s, by the way, burning man was actual lay free event. hey, 49er fans, tickets for the play-offs good on sale tomorrow. and there will be a limited number of tickets available on ticketmaster. the game is this coming saturday, 5:00 at the stick. all 49ers home games since 1981 have sold out.
6:24 pm
so hopefully you'll be ready. the niners play the green bay packers, a team they beat in their season opener. and now time to check in with henry wofford of comcast sportsnet. it's been a long time since we've talked about hockey. >> absolutely. can't get enough of it right now. the nfl play-offs, we'll talk about that. plus the first round is in the books. one game ended with a fight after the game. we'll show you what happened. and speaking of fighting, 8no carrierringringconnect 38400
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welcome back to nbc bay area. they say good things come to those who wait. so this should be a very good hockey season. after 113 days, the lockout is
6:26 pm
over. a tonight-year deal with mutual opt-out schedule. the 2013 schedule will be announced tomorrow. they'll likely start by january 19th. now reportedly, the nhl, they said that this is the first year of the deal, and the salary cap is $60 million. but teams can spend up to $70.2 million in the transition period. the commissioner met with reporters early this morning. >> we have reached an agreement on the framework of a new collective bargaining agreement. the details of which need to be put to paper. we've got to dot a lot of i's, cross a lot of t's. there is still a lot of work to be done. but the basic framework of the deal has been agreed on. we still have to go through a ratification process. the board of governors has to approve it from the league side. obviously the players have to approve it as well. >> all right. we are ready for some hockey.
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here are some tweets from the san jose sharks. ryane clowe said can't wait to get going. and tjgaliardi says i never want to hear again, lockout. proud to be part of the nhl. can't wait to get back to san jose and start this ride. speaking of ride, let's get to football, colts and ravens. andrew luck's first play-off game. possibly ray lewis's last game as a raven. and a football player, 10-6 ravens. joe flacco rolls right. finds dennis pitta. ravens up. flacco lobs one to anquan boldin. go for it, be big fellow. wrestles it out and makes the catch. it was all over. i'm going to get my groove on for the fans another time before he gets out of there. if you don't recall, he will retire at the end of the season. 24-9 is your final.
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nfc wild card redskins hosting the seahawks. fourth quarter, 14-13, redskins at that point. oakland's own marshawn lynch went beast mode on everyone. takes the handoff and goes 27 yards with a td. lynch 132 yards rushing. but after the game, a little something extra. former stanford cardinal richard sherman gets in the face. but sherman and the seahawks get the last laugh, 24-14. all right. first round of the play-offs is history. four teams are headed home, and four have advanced to the second round. aaron rodgers and the packers will have to pack their bags and make a trip to face the 49ers at candlestick saturday. 49ers beat the pack in the regular season opener. rogers clad to be back in california. that's going to be a real good game. stick around. nbc bay area and comcast sportsnet for the latest on the
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49ers quest for their sixth lombardi trophy. >> that's what we're all hoping for. thank you very much, henry. and thank you for choosing nbc bay area at 6:00. we will see you back here with the latest local news tonight at 11:00.


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