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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 10, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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what its the family saying? >> reporter: the family has the quite a bit to say. you will hear that in just a second. 20 days ago when the 24-year-old was found lifeless on the santa monica expressway. here at bud avenue. memorials with the flowers, balloons and candles people come out to light. they're not only grieving, but angry, blaming investigators for not doing enough to find jackson's killer. a song created by friend, memorializing 24-year-old jackson madison, killed in a hit-and-run in the early morning hours, three days before kris. but who did it and what really happened is still a mystery. one that paralyzed his loved ones. >> i can't function. i can't function not knowing what happened. >> just a lot of things unanswered. >> a family drowning in its struggle. they're angry with chp investigators who they say told them next to nothing.
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the lou teieutenant has special investigators working the case full time without releasing information. will never be an option. >> we are not trying to make things worse for them? what we are frying trying to d maintain integrity of the investigation and get proper closure. >> they're more fired up today after they learned from jackson's friend he may have gotten into a bar fight with some one he was thought to have fought beaver fore. over a mile from where he was found dead. >> itaw a awe. >> it could change and it would beep be a murder. >> there was a 911 call from jackson's cell phone. >> sounded like somebody running and breathing hard. >> to know he had a 911 call from his cell phone, huffing and puffing like he is running from something. the only thing i can think of. it won't get out of my mind.
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>> he was a good kid. he was a good kid. he deserves more than that. he deep serserves to have justi. some one hit him and left him in the dirt. >> reporter: as the for the investigation, the chp says, san jose office filled with more 400 investigations every month. there are especially trained investigators for these more complex cases. like this one. that they say is top priority. they're working their fastest off to get the answers for jackson's family. live in campbell tonight. thank you, stephanie. for many, the bone-chilling evening in the bay area. a live look outside with our south bay hd cam. saratoga, low 30s. san francisco tonight. 49ers red before the big playoff game. stops in the 40s. temperatures in the 40s. jeff ranieri joins us with the freeze warning and coalest
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temperature -- coldest temperature ts. east bay, 39 in livermore. 36 in oakland. south bay, numbers are widespread dropping into the 30s. santa theresa, los gatos, and 39. already at the hour. south bay, colder than where you should be for the average morning low. get a look at the freeze warning where it is critical, north bay, east bay, south bachy. not only tomorrow morning. saturday morning. several days of morning temperatures below 30 degrees in the areas we highlighted not only that could kill sensitive plants. but also, possibly produce crop damage. the north bay will have the coldest zone of 25 to 29 for the morning hours. right here, the bay, a frost advisory. not as cold. you need to protect plants and bring the pets in. a few tips. common sense. jacket, layers. also with that car in the
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morning. make sure you have clear visibility out car windows. take time to warm it up. we have that forecast and we'll warm it up in the seven day forecast coming up. >> jeff see, you shortly. new at 11:00. families of two victims of the shooting last year at the university, filed wrongful death suits against the school. suits filed on behalf of one student and another student. claimed they should have known the shooter was a serious danger after disagreements. the shooter was charged with murder, attempted murder. police say he confessed, but he pleaded not guilty and was found mentally incompa tent. >> a 62-year-old grandmother accused of a scam. stealing half a million dollars from a nonprofit organization, that sunny worked for. that nonprofit helps appropriate vied low income housing for people with special need. the new details tonight and
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joins us this evening from san jose. george. >> reporter: that's right. the da's office says this is a case where some one violated the trust given to her by stealing money from the needy. >> life is challenging enough for shirley, she suffers from ongoing health problems with lungs and hard making it difficult to work. mckenzie one of hundred, santa clara based nonprofit housing for independent people or hip services. >> it helps people that, they don't make enough mun naoney to qualify to pay the rent. some places, $1,200, $1500. you can't do that. >> provide low income housing for need and special disabilities keeping the rent low. they are scraping for every dollar. that's why it is so upsetting to renters and staffers. learned a former employee is charged with stealing men knee frknee -- money from the agency. >> the santa clara district
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attorney says this woman 62-year-old faked hundred of documents and created elaborate stories to convince hip to pay for made up repairs at a former hip property in oakland. and bell, a facility's administrator pocketed the money over a five year period. >> the most troubling part. that those resources, could have been used to serve the population. just particularly sad that they're the ones who are -- going to suffer as a result. >> the da's office says bell faked buying special ied plumbing material. hip reimbursed her in full. >> what she is stealing from us. from us, that she is stealing from the people that are working hard. two, three, four jobs trying to make it to support their family and have a police to live. >> now, bell is facing felony charges of grand theft. and a series of state tax
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violations. back in court monday. >> the parents of a south bay teenager sexually abused by her soccer coach are suing the largest soccer organization for negligence. claiming the u.s. youth sock ce organization and affiliate failed to do a background check on the coach. it would have turned up past conviction for domestic aboss and restraining order from a woman he dated. the 37-year-old fabrizio is in prison, after pleading guilty to abusing a 13-year-old girl while volunteering for the league. who've will be in charge. become to square one in the search for san jose's next police chief. the current chief, chris moore is reteariiring next week. three possible replacements met yesterday. all throw candidates were given the thumbs down. the city manager says a new search is on. transition plans are being
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kiddekid kidd kidded -- considered. >> the si city manager feels we in a good spot with the staff. make sure we have a smooth running department during this time. >> the goal was to have a new police chief in place end of the month. that is unlikely to happen. the baby jesus, joseph, virgin mary and figurines were displayed at the corner of woodside road not far from buck's restaurant. they were stolen on new year's eve or new year's day. they're valued at $1,600. awaking a sleeping giant. >> you know, northern california could not come to southern california's aid. vice versa. >> ahead at 11:00. something the experts thought
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could not happen until now. the new theory over a super quake that could stretch across our state. also, does it add up? 49ers in the stadium and brings with it super bowl dreams. and new demand. the price may not be right. >> grab the tissue, flu season packing a nasty punch this year. so far, california has been spared. but that could be changing very quickly. we'll explain. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in nbc bay area weather center. temperatures dropping to the 30s. who could go below 25 degrees. our chance here for maybe a little bit of weekend snow in a few minutes.
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>> fiery deadly scene caused a backup. tonight investigators are frying to determine what happened. authorities say this morning, a big rig burst into flames after colliding with a pickup truck and plunging from an on ramp connecting highway 29 to westbound 37. two good samaritans and offduty pair medic pulled the driver from the flames. ultimately his injuries proved fatal. big rig driver is 45-year-old william ballard. the pickup driver was not seriously injured. alcohol or drugs were not a factor. >> old fault lines. new research. this time shaking up theories about earthquakes in california. until now, seismologists believed, the fault would rupture in sections. but new evidence suggests the entire massive fault could slip at once. delivering what they call a super quack to california. meaning a quake from san
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francisco down to san diego. nbc bay area's reporter joins us on treasure island with more on the new theory. here in the bay area we're preparing. caltrans is building a bridge to with stand a large earthquake. tonight, scientists reveals that the next big one here in california may affect more people than expected. the bay area knows how de devastating a big earth quake can be. from the san andreas fault disaster. seismologists have long thought california's massive, san andreas fault would slip in northern or southern california. not all at once because of a buffer, a creeping zone near the middle of the fault, did not appear capable of transmitting a quake, through the entire state. but the big one in california may affect the entire state. cal tech seismologist, kate hutton says new evidence,
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indicates the san andreas could slip top to bottom. >> there would be heavy damage in both northern and southern california. so you know northern california could not come to southern california's aid and vice versa. >> two of asia's quakes, taiwan in 1999. japan in 2011 are shaking up the buffer zone theory. the creeping zones there were active t. >> some of the parts where the rupture was the strongest. strongest offset were actually places that were thought to be creeping. >> cal tech and japanese researchers just published their findings giving emergency responders in california something new to kiconsider. the question how does that apply to california. >> where the beg oig one may be bigger than expected. seismologists in california will take a close look at research and the creeping zone on the fault. reporting live, treasure island.
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bay area news. >> a good chance the super bowl will soon be coming to santa clara. here's the rub. santa clara must decide if it wants the super bowl or if it can afford the super bowl? in exchange for awarding the super bowl to an city, the national football league requires many financial concessions. eventually santa clara would have to give up revenue from taxes on tickets. hotels and venues. the city must formalize its bid by may. santa clara a finalist for the 2016 team or 2017 super bowl. this year's flu season called the worst in a diecade. it is costing employers billions of dollars. the centers for disease control estimates employers lose 10.4 billion for hospitalization, and outpash end vilz its related to the flu. that does not take into account the cost for sec or vacation days.
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doctors say the bay area will get hit with the flu full force. here is marianne favro. >> in boston. 700 cases of flu. a tenfold increase from last year's flu season. the mayor declared a public health emergency. flu killed 100 people this season. 18 children. including a 6-year-old of texas. >> it's come back early and rather fiercely. it is a rather viral strain, we are having a moderate to severe flu season. >> this cdc map shows you the scope of the problem. the states in brown are experiencing widespread flu activity. california is one of the few states reporting only regional activity. but doctors warn that won't last long. >> if we have enough cases and people aren't getting the message to go ahead and vaccinated now.
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we are hearing it is severe back east. we could wind up putting patients in the tents in the parking lot like cities. >> a soon of what is to come. hospitals in northern california have seen an increase in patients coming into emergency rooms with flu like symptoms. some doctors are testing patient to use a swab to find out in minutes if they have the flu. doctors say frequent hand washing is critical. but don't rush through it. wash long enough to sing the happy birthday song twice. think that is silly. think of this. >> the flu virus is a long-lasting virus on surfaces like door handles, telephones, it will stay alive and active for up to eight hours on surfaces. >> pediatrician doctor says if you haven't gotten a flau shu s. do it now. best defense against a virus spreading fast.
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be careful of that flu bug. it is coming to california soon. let's bring in the chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, cold with. conducive to the flu. wash your hand twice by singing happy birthday. correct? >> that is what i hear. what he said. i definitely probably should be following that mantra. flu season. cold air across the bay area. satellite radar picture. showers off to the north. we are not going to see any of that move here across the bay area. that is the good news. all the storm activity done with. still, doppler radar scans. dry conditions. cold enough at this hour we could have had more snow. let's get you to the current temperature thousands. 32 in napa, 34 in fairfield. 43 in san jose. done here across the south bay. temperatu temperature s plummeting. itch you missed it earlier in the show. there its a freeze warning out here.
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critical areas, north bay, east bay, south bay. that's where temperatures will be at prolonged period, below 32 degrees, not only for friday morning, but also into saturday morning. this is the kind of weather. that will kill your plants and maybe produce crop damage here across california. take you outside, live hd, sky camera network on the cold night. so clear you can see air traffic right there. near the san jose logo top of your screen. and, twinkling bright. san francisco, and the tower lit up bright for the game coming up. the camera shaking a bit. the wind is stirring the atmosphere slightly. believe it or not, the wind. makes the wind chill. makes it feel colder. it is keepingslit -- slightly warmer. downright chilly. jet stream, sinking to the south. not only to the bay area. to southern california. with that pulling to the south. all the upper level energy. dragging in polar air.
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not going to go anywhere the next 48 hours. it is going to do this to our temperatures. let's get a look at tomorrow, shall we. pet l some other spots. 32, los gatos. 34 in santa cruz. and there. average. 26 degrees. also potentially some icy roads. as for friday. here is the good part. throughout the afternoon. a lot of sunshine. though it is cold. going to be bundled up. the sun out there to make it feel at least, a little bit warmer outside. the three day forecast. stay dry for friday. freeze warn ing. and frost to start. look at this. by sunday. still expecting a slate chance of maybe some low snow. i left it in there. a 30% chance. but forecast models were aggressive with this earlier this afternoon. did bring us low snow down to 500 feet on sunday morning.
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then it went away. then it came back in the forecast models. have to see what it does for tomorrow. want everybody to be prepared. sunday morning. slight chance, we could see low snow again all. pretty fun. >> it would. everyone is in on that. >> rolling out the red carpet for lieutenant-governor, gavin newsom. why he could be headed to the academy award. we're back in a moment.
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gavin newsom isn't the only one in the spotlight. his wife is an oscar nominee for best documentary feature. one of the executive producers for "the invisible war" a highly praised investigation of rape within the u.s. military and won the audience award at 2012 sun
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dance film festival. not the only one celebrating an oscar nomination. the complete list of nominees for best picture, beast of the southern wild, zero dark 30, lincoln, life of pi, amore, silver linings playbook, django, les mis, and argo. and the 49ers kicking saga and check in with jumbo jones, the sharks, scott reece joins us next. and with box tops for education on every box, it helps you help your school. so you're doing good, just by making dinner. hamburger helper. available at walmart. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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-- likely will be inactive for the playoff contest.
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[ indiscernible ] >> look a football player does. repeat it. and -- and -- not really more to say about it. suffice it to say, we have got, feel confident. and they have given us the best chance to win. >> the jacksonville jaguars fired head coach, mike malarki monday. the jags gm is tight with 49er offensive coordinator. there is rampant speculation, roman will be high on calldwells candidates. speculation about the sharks schedule the we can put an end to some of us. they will open up on january 20th in calgary. hey, look who is back in san jose, yeah, joining in thursdays informal shark skate. the team awaits the official opening of training camp. jumbo look his team mates. ready for what will be a 4-game regular season sprint.
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>> i think everybody knows how important it will be. getting off off to a quick start. and you know definitely don't want to lose, three or four in a row. behind the eight ball. important to stay consistent. get off to a quick start. we should be familiar with the system. -up know, it's -- pretty much the same coaching staff. -up know, same kind of concepts. so hopefully the guys are ready to go and are in shape. you know, we were just, you know, hopefully hit the ground running. >> st. mary's basketball loses a tight game at gonzaga. the pac 12, 2013 football schedule its out. big game back to its logical spot in late november. on the 23rd. we can all breathe a sigh of relief. championship game saturday instead of friday the a lot of people may show up. it will be great. >>knnoticed joe thornton with te playoff beard. >> 365 beard.
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doesn't distinguish. >> thank you, scott. we're back in a moment. off awe all right.
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lot of people around the world following this story. now a happy update. a break in the weather helped free a pod of killer whales, incredible here the they were trapped in canada's frozen north. this its youtube showing the pod stuck near quebec. for at least two days. a dozen trapped whales took turns breathing through a small hole in the ice. finally, overnight wind opened a channel to the sea. people in the small village nearby are now tracking the whales to make sure they got out okay. amazing to see that video. but they are out. now going toward the sea. >> that is grate to hear that. >> how about a final look at freezing temperatures before we go? >> freeze warning, for the bay, east bay, south bay. temperatures expected below 32
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degrees. remember the pets. not too late. take them in. cover the plants. slight chance of low snow. early sunday. fine tune the forecast. either way. sunny. that's the good news about friday. >> get out of bed. get the extra blanket. you'll be thankful. thank you for watching. ♪
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>> jay: thank you! thank you, everybody! welcome to "the tonight show," ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen. today -- today was a big day in hollywood. the oscar nominations were announced today. very exciting. >> rickey: yeah! [ cheers ] >> jay: "lincoln" -- "lincoln" leads the list with 12 nominations, which is a a first. that is a first. not most nominations. the first time hollywood has ever voted for a republican president. that was amazing. [ laughter ] amazing! and congratulations to our good friend denzel washington. >> rickey: yeah. >> jay: he got a nomination for "flight." best actor for "flight." [ cheers and applause ] that was a great movie. about a pilot who's an alcoholic, or as we call that now, a documentary, but it was still -- [ laughter ] very good. well, overnight, a cold system moved into southern california.


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