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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 15, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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to ask facebook various questions. for instance, show me all my friends that speak russian or show me photos taken only in india or show me pictures of friends taken before 1990. the more you do it, the more powerful you realize this could become because you could say,s for instance, shy me all of the friends who speak russian and like mexican food. i don't know why you'd want to do that,s john, but you could. so you've got these powerful operators that let you sort your friends into different things. they were using lots of examples, show me all of my friends who are single and who are from india that you could set up a friend who is visiting from india, for instance, on a date with. those sorts of things. if you were going to go to a restaura restaurant, show me all the restaurants my friends like, that kind of thing. the more you play with it,s honestly, the more powerful it pictures. you've got to wonder at some point where facebook hasn't done
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this all along, but it will will be fun to play with when it rolls out. >> we'll look forward to that. do we know when it rolls out? >> reporter: there's the big question. no, we don't. it will roll out very slowly, and there are a couple of limitations here. first of all, it's only going to work in english for now. about 40% of all of facebook users speak english. that's one. secondly, it's only going to work on the laptop, the pc, the mac. it won't work in mobile. and it's going to be over weeks and months. some people will get it before other people do as this rolls out fairly slowly. as you can imagine, the power of computing behind this is going to be absolutely tremendous. also, you'll probably want to take another look at your privacy settings to make sure that nothing that's searched outside of the public sphere but those are things that are going to show up in people's soicearc and if you're comfortable with that. >> we'll see how facebook rolls out, maybe increase that stock. appreciate it.
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in other news, we continue to follow developing news out of roen art park. new details have emerged in the case of a body found inside the trunk of an illegally parked car near sonoma state university. we have been working this story all morning. we're live at the sheriff's office in santa rosa with the details. >> reporter: i just spoke with investigators, and they tell me that the body found in that trunk is that of a 31-year-old man, a sonoma county resident, who was actually a suspect in a domestic violence incident just last week in santa rosa. now, the car that he was found stuffed in was on petaluma hill will road which happens to go past sonoma state university but the school was not involved at all. it was about 6:30 last night when two deputies noticed a car in a no parking zone. they got out and actually saw blood in the driver's side seat. that car had been tied to a domestic violence incident last week in santa rosa so that's
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what raised the red flag. it turns out the car had been sitting there since saturday. investigators saw that the trunk was unlocked and found the victim dead, wrapped in a blanket. now, they're not saying how he was killed, but they do say he had a criminal history and that could be related to all this. and it's possible he was killed somewhere else and left there in that car. >> they're going to process the vehicle for any kind of fingerprints or any physical evidence that may lead us to the person that drove the vehicle to that location. >> reporter: now, investigators tell me that the victim in the domestic violence incident is a woman. she's okay and safe right now. they think that it's likely that incident and the homicide may not be related at all. investigators know the victim's name. they're not releasing it, though, or exactly how he died. but an autopsy is planned for today. they do tell me they have some strong leads and are interviewing potential witnesses but so far haven't released any suspect information.
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reporting live in santa rosa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. firefighters say an early morning fire near the carquinez bridge looks to be suspicious. the fire started on an abandoned pier in crockett, in a building at least 100 years old. crews had to bring out a boat to fight the fire from the water to keep any burning material from floating away into the water. firefighters say the fire is suspicious because that building is abandoned and they can't seem to find any obvious source. nobody was injured, happy to report that, but a nearby sugar refinery that also stretches over the water was warned of a potential fire hazard. also in the east bay this month, four contra costa county fire stations are scheduled to shut down, all to save money. and county leaders are continuing to reach out to the kmub community to help clear the air. homeowners in lafayette can voice concerns to the fire chief and other leaders over the closure of fire station 16. that meeting starts tonight at
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6:30 at the lafayette veterans memorial building. another slate of meetings is scheduled for next week in walnut creek and clayton. san jose meantime will soon have a temporary replacement as police chief. deputy chief larry's co-vil is now the acting chief. he started back in 1994 as a reserve officer. he takes over for retiring chief chris moore who leaves this friday. tonight the oakland city council will decide whether to hire high-profile police consult nt william bratton. bratton is the former chief of police of new york city and los angeles and is known for zero tolerance police strategies, including gang injunctions, curfews and no loitering laws. bratton is also known for new york's stop and frisk policy, a policy which a federal judge last week declared a violation of civil rights. we have some new details to
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tell you about this morning into the investigation of the oil tanker that last week side-swiped the bay bridge. investigators telling the bay area news group a bar pilot guy clease made a last-minute course change right before hitting the tower on the western span. clease had apparently planned to go between the two towers near the middle of the bridge but then tried to turn that tanker to go through a different opening, which caused him to hit one of those towers. now, at this hour it's not clear why he made that last-minute change. the search is on for a gunman who shot and killed a man not far from the east palo alto police station. the shooting happened monday afternoon. the gunshot detection system alerted police to the crime. officers found 24-year-old john afan ajonathan's ka czar who had been shot. a second victim turned up with gunshot wounds in the hospital. at last check he was in critical condition. a woman facing charges in the death of a mont te'i sa rain
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know millionaire is set to be in corn this afternoon. raven dixon is one of four accused in the murder of robbie couple ra inside of his home. the 22-year-old from alameda being charged with prostitution, furnishing a controlled substance and being an accessory after the fact in kumra's death. prosecutors haven't revealed how she's connected to the other three suspects, all being charged with murder. her attorney says she intends to plead not guilty. lawsuits brought by victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion against pg&e may no longer be going to trial. during a hearing in san mateo county court yesterday lawyers say they've come up with a plan to settle remaining lawsuits in the next three months. more than 320 san bruno residents still have active suits against pg&e for its role in the september 2010 explosion that killed eight and destroyed an entire neighborhood. another 120 people have already received settlements. in a potential move, sfo
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could soon be labding a brand-new name. a san francisco lawmaker planning to introduce legislation to rename the airport after harvey milk. five other supervisors need to agree before it goes on to the november ballot. if the amendment goes through, sfo would be the first airport in the country named after an openly gay person. campos says the san francisco board of supervisors could vote on this amendment as early as the end of this month. >> all i know is that this morning was the type of morning that you just wanted to stay under the covers. >> yes. do not want to be outside. you of course had to be. >> i did. but i toughed it out. fifth consecutive day sub-freezing mornings. i know, it's been rough. but you know what? you'll be so happy when i tell you right now that i've bumped up your daytime highs into the 60s in most cities across the bay area. that's because high pressure is dog its work. you see that camera shaking a bit over san francisco. that offshore wind clearing our
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skies, and bringing in some warmer weather. let's get right to your temperatures this morning, they're climbing as we speak, already at 51 in sunnyvale, the high yesterday for most cities across the bay area, 46 in san jose and 42 degrees in livermore. here's where it gets interesting. filtered sunshine for today, we'll see the high clouds streaming in. that will turn our frigid starts just to a cold start, typical to this time will of year. tomorrow's highs warming up four to six degrees on average and then get this, john and marla, the mid-70s expected -- >> say that again. >> the mid-70s. >> i like the sound of that. you warmed up now? >> that's the kind of drama i like. still ahead at 11:00, lance armstrong opens up about doping in an interview with oprah winfrey. we'll tell you why oprah says she got more than she bargained for. >> reporter: governor jerry brown comes to the south bay to
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tout what he believes will be the future of higher education. i'm bob redell. we'll take you live to san jose state for that story, coming up.
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new this morning, after years of denial, lance armstrong has admitted to using performance enhancing drugs. oprah winfrey has confirmed this morning that armstrong came clean to had her about the use those drugs during their 2 1/2-hour interview yesterday. she said the cyclist was, quote, forthcoming as she questioned him about the doping allegations that followed him throughout his seven tour de france victories. the session was set to be broadcast on thursday but now winfrey says, because there's just so much material to sift through, it will run in two parts, part one on thursday, the second part friday. governor jerry brown making his very first visit to the south bay since he unveiled what could be california's first balanced budget in a very long
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time. today he's speaking at an event where san jose state officials will announce the launching of a pilot program offering online classes for students. bob redell is live at san jose state with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. san jose state just signed a partnership with an online education group. it will offer two remedial math and one statistics class for incoming freshmen online. online classes are nothing new, people have taken them over the years. what makes san jose state's program unusual is it's specifically designed to do three things, one, bring down the cost of tuition, each class only $150 a student, two, get students out of college within four years, online classes can help assure that since they can handle many more students. and three, solve a problem that has been plaguing young people in this state. more than half of the incoming
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freshmen are not prepared for college in california, especially when it comes to math, which is why the governor, governor jerry brown, became so involved in pushing for this pilot program. the founder of udacity remembers the call he received from him last summer. >> i got a call from the governor saying there's a great problem with wait listed students, students retaking courses and students not meeting the entrance requirements for the state system and having to go to remedial classes. we felt this is the best way to really help california. >> we've got to invest in learning, teaching, in education, and we do that not by just the way we did it a hundred years ago. we keep changing. so that's the spirit that i see here. >> reporter: san jose state teachers are helping develop the courses. that will entail video instruction and online quizzes, along with a human mentorship program. at least one instructor expressed concerns to the "new york times" about an p outsider
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like udacity becoming involved in the curriculum. registration begins today, classes start toward the end of the month. live here at san jose state, bob redell. now moving on to what's happening at the white house. guns. storms. and the debt. that's what they're dealing with today in washington, d.c. nbc bay area's tracie potts is on capitol hill with the latest on what's ahead had. >> reporter: today the house votes on $50 billion for superstorm sandy victims, but it's the debt and spending that's sure to spark a fight. >> to say that we're not going to negotiate, we're not going to talk, you always -- that's what we're sent there to do. >> reporter: it's fiscal cliff revisited. big spending cuts coming march 1st and a possible government hutdown. >> if congressional republicans refuse to pay america's bills on time, social security checks and veterans benefits will be delayed. >> reporter: republicans are insisting on real spending cuts before they say okay to any more
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borrowing. >> they just can't sit there and say, oh, you're cutting me because you're not giving me the amount of increase that i wanted. those days are over. >> reporter: democrats argue you can't put the country's finances at risk just to get your way. >> you do not get it by threatening people to burn the house down as a way of making them come to the table. that's simply won't work. >> reporter: president obama's also working on new rules to regulate guns. vice president biden delivered his recommendation a day early and p told lawmakers the president has 19 different options that don't involve congress. the president's final plan is due out at the end of the week. from washington, i'm tracie potts. back to you. check back in with meteorologist christine loren who says it's still very cold but we have a asunny outlook forecast. >> we do. it just gets better as the days go on. always that's the case as you get closer to the weekend. but what i can tell you is i've been studying these models for
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the past 2 1/2 hours and everything is boding well for temperatures to be near records as we get into the weekend. now, i want you to notice these high clouds streaming in. that will be the case from time to time throughout the day today. that's going to help for a more mild start tomorrow. we'll get a little blanket in trapping in the warmth we accumulate today. already in the 40s, 50s in sunny vale, 51, 46 in san jose and 45 in gilroy. what you'll notice is your winds are mostly coming out of the east-northeast, an indication of offshore flow. that is our warming agent as we head throughout this afternoon, i nudge ed up your temperatures making for 60 in gilroy, 60 in fremont and above average in san jose and san francisco at about 60 degrees. as of tomorrow, high pressure is going to build in even more so, continuing to drive those winds offshore as they pump from land to sea. it makes for a warm, dry pattern that's going to continue all the way through the weekend. that means that warm-up will continue as well. so a cold start for your wednesday, four to six degrees warmer.
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as we head throughout wednesday afternoon and then by thursday 3:00 p.m., we're talking about 65 degrees in san jose. headed towards the 70s, i think the warmest spot over the course of the weekend saturday into sunday will be santa cruz, up to 75 degrees. so comfortable conditions. it gets a little tricky as we start off next week. there's a storm system offshore. will it make its way onshore? i don't think it's going to happen as long as that storm system stays out in the pacific, temperatures will stay above average and we're going to continue this warm, dry stretch all the way potentially into tuesday and wednesday of next week. so, guys, it's been cold. you deserve this warm-up. get it while it's warm. over to you. >> but still at 4:30 in the morning, how many layers do i need to wear tomorrow morning still? >> eight. >> a lot. eight is the magic number. >> i'll start getting ready now. >> she's always prepared. >> thank you, christina. coming up at 11:00, problems for weekend warriors and runners. the fix for those aching knees developed right here in the bay area. i do know the feeling.
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and we can also tell you the hottest name in bay area sports right now, taking to social media and asking all of you to, yeah, do that. strike a pose. >> announcer: coming up next it's "30 rock" followed by "access hollywood live" and at 1:00 "days of our lives" here on nbc bay area.
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attention all of you out there with those bum knees. this one could be a game-change he. it's a new gel that could help you put that bounce back in your step, maybe a little extra swag he. it's called hydrogel, a gel-like substance developed by researchers at stanford. this gel may help men that damaged cartridge because up until now very little could be done to repair all your damaged cartridge. researchers testing this gel on a small group of patients they say hydrogel shows a lot of prms in becoming the standard for a
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simple, low-cost procedure. >> the major benefit is you have a repair that is more like the native cartrid i lidge, which ms it will last longser, perform better, the patient will be able to tolerate weight-bearing activities without pain. >> old beat-up dopes like us will take whatever we can. larger studies will be needed to know if hydro gel is safe long term. if it is, it could be available in just a few years. the sharks play their first home game january 24th against phoenix. if you don't have season tickets, your first chance to pick up seats is less than 24 hours away. tickets for individual seats go on sale 10:00 tomorrow morning, tickets will be available online at ticket there is a ten-ticket limit per game. you can also of course go straight to hp pavilion to buy your tickets. the shark tank will hand out wrist bands from 8:00 to 9:00 tomorrow morning, a drawing to
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determine which wristband pictures first in line will take place at 9:30 tomorrow morning. >> hockey fans rejoice. when we come back, how about this, colin kaepernick going above and beyond the call of duty, ready to give you the shirt off his back. >> does he need help taking it off? coming up, you have to get creating to make this happen. we'll explain coming up. >> right now a beautiful shot overlooking san francisco. out there to alcatraz island, looks really nice. i'm sure it's still cold, but christina loren telling us it's going to warm up. enjoy.
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the bay area's newest star isn't just scoring touchdowns, he's actually starting trends. >> of course he is. >> we're talking about colin kaepernick. he's led the niners to the nfc championship game, but he's also popularized his own trademark touchdown celebration. we've seen it and he's sharing
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it with the fans. >> that trend involves kaepernick getting to the end zone and making sweet love to one of his bias ceps, sealed wia kiss. it really took off this weekend when he had a stellar performance, ripping up the packers and locking in that spot. >> kaepernick sent out this int sta gram and tweet with a picture of him with a caption saying, quote, send me the most creative pic of kaepernicking and i'll give you this shirt off my back. i'd look good in that shirt. >> i'm assuming you'll be sending in a pic. her guns look good, don't they? >> they do. join us at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. i think i'm a little flushed right now. >> you should be. >> thanks for being with us. have a great day. >> see you tomorrow.
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