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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 15, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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girl's legs and tried to wrestle her away. the mom tried to escape with the girl and immediately called police. he has been described as a hispanic man, 20 to 30 years of age. mom said he smelled like automotive oil. officers are canvassing that neighborhood for any sign of the suspect for witnesses that may have seen anything. if you know anything about, you are urged to call the san francisco police department. boeing's new jet has been grounded by two major airlines after a runway emergency this evening. this is an international story with local impact. bay area passengers are scrambling to make other plans. stephanie has word from the airport. >> reporter: japan transportation ministry saying that boeing 787s aren't going anywhere. they've been grounded for safety checks.
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the nonstop service from san jose to japan that began on friday is now on hold. passengers rushed off the dreamliner and down emergency slides. someone shot video from inside the cabin. boeing 787, forced to make an emergency landing in western japan. a cockpit message warned of battery problems. the latest in a series of issues that included a battery fire, a wiring problem and fuel leaks. no injuries have been reported. japan's transportation ministry categorized it as a serious incident that could have led to an accident. ana operates 17 of them. japan airlines, seven. the alarming incident comes four days after ana's inaugural flight from japan. onboard, norman mineta.
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he addressed safety issues with the dreamliner and the federal investigation. >> you can't just sweep it under the rug. you've got to deal with it. i think that's who d.o.t. and the faa are doing. >> reporter: what remains unclear is when the dreamliners will take off again. san jose is banking on the $70 million-plus, the service will pump into the airport and the local economy each year. and we understand that delegation from san jose that was on that inaugural flight is still in japan tonight. live from san jose international, stephanie traung. how to best prevent oakland from shootings and sheet violence. the safety committee voted to brought in extra help. but it won't say about the figure at that decision. jean elle is in oakland where
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that meeting has been going on for hours. and they kind of passed the buck. >> reporter: the safety committee listened to hours of emotional testimony. mostly from people concerned about bill bratton's tactics. after a rowdy meeting, the committee voted to support outside help but not bill bratton. they say his reputation is just too toxic. hundreds of people at an oakland public safety meeting booed police chief howard jordan. >> let the public speak. >> reporter: stopping the chief from explaining why he supports to spend $250,000 to hire police chief bill bratton for advice on how to stop violent crime in oakland. >> why don't you go and have howard jordan buy his book on amazon. >> reporter: local opponents say bratton won't offer improvement but will deliver the controversial stop and frisk
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policy they say leads to profiling. >> let's invest $250,000 in jobs. let's invest $250,000 in social services. or, why don't we take that $250,000 and find some consultant somewhere, somehow that can figure out why the oakland police department can't stop killing unarmed black and brown men. >> reporter: some voiced their hopes for a safer oakland and support for bratton, but were drowned out. >> opd has massive challenges on the enforcement side. >> reporter: chief howard jordan says while he supports the plan to hire bratton, he won't agree to any plan that puts civil liberties and the public trust. >> bill bratton will give me advice. and it's up to me to implement it. it's really on my shoulders. >> reporter: at this point, bill bratton's involvement with the oakland police department is a big question mark.
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the school city council will face the same crowd and the same questions and concerns at their full city council meeting next week. reporting live in oakland, jean elle. earlier today, oakland city council committee approved some $5 million to help the police department and other areas. it would go to 21 civilian police technicians, and for the operation of a new police academy. the plan is expected to be finalized by the city council next week. there's a hot-button issue for the police department in the south bay, as well. san jose's interim police chief is talking about his number one priority. >> the first order of business is, as i'm doing now, iso really update and talk to rank and file. and let them know about myself and who i am and that i'm
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committed. i'm here to represent that. >> reporter: larry esquivel is a 27-year veteran of the san jose police force. the police union hopes his experience will boost morale in a department that's been hit hard by cutbacks and rising crime. esquivel will only be on this job for at least six months before a permanent chief is picked. esquivel says he's not interested in taking over full-time. current chief chris moore will be retiring on friday. it was an unthinkable crime that left a little dog dead. tonight san francisco police say this is the man they're looking for in connection with the killing of that dog. name, 35-year-old maurice barrett. police say he robbed a woman last month when she got out of her car. she grabbed her 12-year-old pekingese named roxy and threw the dog into traffic. roxy ended up dying at an animal
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hospital. everyone knew his name. tonight, the small community of galt is mourning the death of an officer killed in the line of duty. galt, you might know is about 30 miles south of sacramento on highway 99, about halfway to stockton. a suspected burglar shot kevin tonn. tonn is a 3 1/2-year veteran of the police department. and it's the first on-duty casualty since it was formed in 1946. the 35-year-old worked with his canine partner. he served as an ambassador for canine teams in northern california and in the bay area. seen in this picture. a lot of local events, tonn raised money for police dogs and getting them bulletproof vests. we have information on what happened when the tanker hit the bay bridge last week. the pilot, guy cleese, made a
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last minute change of course. cleese had apparently planned to go between two towers in the middle of the western span. then, tried to turn the tanker to go through a different opening, causing him to hit one of the towers. it's not clear why he made that last-minute change. the coast guard and federal investigators are not commenting on this report. i can't believe another human being would do something like that. >> a shop nearly cast him life. as the east bay battles a bullying problem. parents complained but say not enough was done. what civic leaders are doing to turn things around. the silent killer in high levels in some south bay cities. and a new way to search. facebook rolls out a new feature. and good evening. i'm jeff raineri in the weather center. temperatures continue to drop tonight. it's slightly warmer at this
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hour. sunshine and still conditions in the atmosphere will decrease our air quality. spare the air alert in effect.
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new tonight at 11:00, you can't see it or smell it or taste it. but a dangerous amount of rodon could be in your home. it gets into your home through cracks in the foundation. in santa claire county, the average level is below the amount to do anything.
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20% of homes in los gatos show homes in the danger zone. epa says radon is a leading cause of lung cancer. if radon is detected in your home, there's steps you can take to fix the problem. facebook rolled out a new search tool today that takes aim at rivals such as google. it's called a graph search. and unlike google that scours the internet for information, facebook's search tool will help you get information based on what your friend's preferences are. it's the first roll sought jins its rocky ipo last march. shares of facebook fell nearly 3% today. now, a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. he was on his way to class when an east bay sixth grader was confronted by a group of boys that nearly got him killed.
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now, the pleasanton school district is trying something new, in hopes it will stop the bullying. >> he was going off to school every day, big smile on his face. >> reporter: but that smile was soon erased, during david schmidt's first week at hart middle school. >> in sixth grade, i was walking my bike to school. >> reporter: a group of boys circled him. >> they pushed me in the street. >> luckily the driver hit the scooter and not my son. >> reporter: a car missed by mere feet. he went to classes but kept quiet, silent by fear. >> i checked each corner. i checked my footsteps. >> reporter: and the bully nightmare wasn't over yet. >> a week later, another -- i was riding home from school and somebody kicked my bike. and i fell on to the grass. >> it was really hard. >> reporter: david's mom, erica,
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called the school administrator in charge. >> she was too busy to meet with me. >> reporter: she says she wasn't the only parent who felt ignored by district and school leaders. >> i had parents come to me and say, i'm not getting any response. i'm not getting my help. i don't know what else to do and they're considering talking to attorneys. i think there's actually been a more intentional shift to what we do around bullying. so, providing more training to staff, to coaches. >> reporter: she says the district's recent campaign to fight bullying seems to be successful. here's are the numbers. there were 61 cases. >> there's more of a focus. they do assemblies now. >> reporter: high school students began a new facebook page called hey, you're awesome. and starting next month, foothill high is rolling out a new justice program, started by
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a $60,000 grant that will bring bullies and victims together. >> having the conversations to begin the healing. it's really upsetting to me when you expel a kid, you put a black "x" on their back. and you expect them to shake it off and turn themselves around on their own. >> reporter: the gravity of the consequences told by this 13-year-old who was once too afraid to speak at all. >> it is a big deal. it hurts a lot. sometimes stick and stones. >> school board member hinske has set her sights on fighting bullying all across california. she passed legislation that allows for kids to transfer school if bullies has been documented. will sfo be changing its name in honor of harvey milk. if approved, it would rename sfo
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in honor of the slain gay rights leader. if the amendment goes through, sfo would be the first airport in the country named after an openly-gay person. san francisco board of supervisors could vote on the amendment by the end of this month. surf's up. and the surfing world is buzzing tonight. the window could be opening on the mavericks contest in half moon bay. organizers say that sunday could be the day. but they'll know more on thursday. the mavericks website says the swell models are holding up. but they need the wind to cooperate. they'll notify the 24 world-class surfers who will converge wherever they are around the globe. >> and jeff is keeping a close eye on the conditions. >> we are doing all we can.
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and it looks like the wind can come up with huge temperature contrasts that may be forming on saturday and sunday. by thursday, we'll have a better item of that. right now, the radar, we're not finding storm activity or fog. it's cold. dew points are low. that air is dry. we'll get rain on the radar next week. but you'll have to wait five to six days before that happens. right now, it is very chilly. 31 in napa. below the freezing mark in fair field with 31. 38 in sunnyvale. it may not feel like it when you go outside. we're three to five degrees warmer than last night. back across the bay, danville, pleasanton, livermore at 35. patchy frost likely for tomorrow morning. it's another day with the jacket and the layers to start. but a warmer day coming our way for wednesday. let's take you outside to our h.d. sky camera network.
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there's the haze. it will be sunny. all of this still weather the past couple of days has allowed the air quality to suffer. in san francisco, we're not noting too much in the way of haze. but we'll have a spare the air day in parts of the bay area. what we need in order to change this weather to a warmer weather pattern which i know a lot of you want after this cold weather is high pressure. it's been sitting in the same spot the for five to six days. it's going to move off to the east. it's going to take the cold air we've been dealing with. it's going to kick it off. good-bye. and here comes the mild air. just a small slice of this looks like it could be good enough to even give us a few 70s across the bay area. let's look at where we might see 70 degrees. not going to be widespread 70s. but santa cruz going from 58 today to potentially 70 by saturday. walnut creek from 55 to 62.
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for tomorrow, again, bundle up. upper 20s and low 30s, with patchy fog in the north bay. 29 in napa. 28 in santa rosa and 35 in san jose. we will have sunshine. not shorts weather down here in the south bay. 59 in san jose. we've got the spare the air alert in effect. it will be hazy out there. but an awesome afternoon. temperatures will rebound 30 degrees. 58 in palo alto. for the east bay, this will be the toughest spot to see the temperatures rise. a lot of the cold air from the morning is going to get trapped in the tri valley. and 58 in the castro valley. for san francisco, topping out at 60. oakland, 59. berkeley, 59. and santa rosa going up to 61. on your three-day forecast, we have sunny weather, wednesday, thursday and friday. by friday, 64 degrees. then, it's going to get warmer as we head throughout saturday and sunday.
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nice, sweet stride coming our way with 66 degrees. as we head throughout sunday, a few 70s possible. upper 60s inland. i know. i can hear everybody cheering at the tv back at home. yeah. all right. that's good news, jeff. as we head throughout sunday. the coastline, a little offshore wind could set up we might have beach weather by this sunday. >> mavericks, perfect. >> i know. if the waves cooperate and we get 70s, what a flip from 30s to 70s. >> you're working it, jeff. >> can he hear me? >> i've got that. >> keeping him honest. coming up, a new idea to stop a rise in pharmacy robbies.
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new york police plan to fight prescription drug deaths by planting gps devices in pill
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bottles. there's been a major spike in pharmacy robberies across the country, as demand on the black market rises for powerful painkillers. one night was not enough. oprah winfrey's interview with lance armstrong will air in two parts on thursday. oprah described her 2 1/2 interview with armstrong. you see a picture from that interview. armstrong was stripped of his seven tour de france titles because of doping which he denied for years. winfrey said armstrong confessed to taking performance-enhancing drugs during his record-breaking career. >> i went in prepared to have to dig and pull and reference. i didn't have to do that because he was pretty forthcoming. >> anti-doping officials want armstrong to confess under oath before considering lifting a lifetime sports ban against him.
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henry is taking a look at the 49er buzz. >> absolutely. we're ready for some football. hut one, hut two. throw it to me. the 49ers have the bay area buzzing with excitement after laying a beatdown on the packers. coming up, we head out to santa clara, as mindi bach reports on what it's going to take for the red and gold to get back to the super bowl.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. if you haven't jumped on the 49ers bandwagon by now, you better get a running start and hop on. jim harbaugh has this man in the nfc championship game for the second-straight season. they're rolling right now, including colin kaepernick. one of the reasons for the success, is the play of the second-year quarterback, who landed on this week's cover of "sports illustrated."
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but as mindi bach reports, game planning for kaepernick's counterparts may be a team's toughest challenge. >> matt ryan is a pocket passer. colin kaepernick had 40 more rushing yards in his one playoff game than ryan had in his 16 regular season games combined. when it gets to getting to ryan in the pocket, that's the challenge for the 49ers front seven. >> he's smart. he knows where we want to go with the ball. he knows the offense. he's been in it for a good amount of years. you know, he knows what he wants to do with the ball. >> reporter: with 2 1,000-yard receivers and a hall of fame tight end to target, the true pressure on ryan will have to come from the backfield. the players say they need to have a better outing this sunday than they did against the packers. >> people cutting holes in our defense. or us not being focused and sound in the back end. or whatever it is. it's lack of communication. we suffered that in the first
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half against green bay. the communication wasn't up to par until we came back and settled in at halftime. >> we faced a whole slew of wide receivers in the national football league and tight ends. we understand they have unique talent. we have good talent. and the game's going to come down to who is more prepared and who wants it more? >> whitner gave insight why aldon smith has been held without a sack in the last four games. he says the offenses have shifted protection in front of smith. but he's confident the sacks will soon return. >> thank you, mindi. the san jose sharks kick off their shortened season next sunday in calgary, the usual suspect of joe thornton, patrick marleau, logan couture, will be locked for immediate production. but todd mcclellan believes team depth may be the key to success.
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>> we all have high-end players that have to perform at the best of their abilities for us to have a chance to win. but the supporting cast is equally as important. and ours has to pick up their game. and we have to get more out of them than we did last year. i'm confident we have the right guys to do that. one final note from the sharks. the original owner of the franchise, george gunn iii died earlier today in palm springs at the age of 75. gunn was instrumental in bringing professional hockey to the bay area. the sharks will wear a helmet and jersey patch with g.g.iii this season. our condolences go out to his family.
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one final word from jeff.
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>> cold. >> we want more than that. >> warm. >> cold tomorrow morning. and warm saturday and sunday. upper 60s, near 70. maybe beach weather by sunday. we could have low 70s in santa cruz on sunday. >> amazing. >> yes. >> have a great day tomorrow. we hope to see you back here.
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