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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 23, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the video appears to showed kidnapping attempt, correct? >> reporter: this is a story you're only going to see on nbc bay area news. early pry day morning a girl walking down the street going to meet some friends to go to school together. she didn't expect to have someone come out of the driveway and attack her. he didn't expect to have the entire thing caught on camera. take a look. the surveillance video brings us a grainy but still frightening look at the attack on st. james street last friday morning. it all happens in about 30 seconds. even at real speed it is terrifying. now let's slow it down. look on the left side of your screen near the top. the girl, the victim, easily spotted in white. the surveillance video was checked out for the very first time. >> she comes and she stops. something happens right there. there's a scuffle. you can see people scuffling right here -- >> reporter: he grabs her and she's moving back.
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but what she doesn't spot is a figure very discernible lurking in a driveway. the suv obscures our view. now the surveillance video rolls, the girl and the figure have some kind of a scuffle, then you see her run away off to the right side of your screen leaving the attacker scared off by the headlights of the car. take a look at the sketch being released by san jose pd of this kidnapping suspect. they say he's a hispanic man, maybe 30 years of age, 5'10", thin build. black hair, brown eyes, and a mustache. he was last seen wearing a dark sweatshirt, a hood over his head along with a dark pants and work boots with white paint on them. now police are putting out this so that if you saw anything out here last friday morning about 6:00, contact them and it might be a good idea if you are the person who did this to turn yourself in. the folks out here very upset.
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they're talking some painful things they would do to you if they got their hands on you before police do. terry mcsweeney, nbc news. those stolen cars that belong to an elderly couple, victims of a home invasion in san jose. they found the tan toyota camera abandoned on highway 101. the couple said the car was found in the reservoir. it's a 2007 highlander. they are still searching for a suspect. no sketch has been released. well, happening right now san jose police are investigating the second homicide of the year. a woman found shot and killed in her own home. nbc bay area's george kiriyama. >> reporter: a man heard a popping sound but did not know what the sound was. as you can see investigators are
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still out here investigating this. where the apartment building is, and if you're not familiar with where it is, it's not too far from 101. now police are telling us they have a 911 call around 1:30 this afternoon, officers arrived and they found a woman inside one of the apartment units shot at least once. she was taken to the regional medical center and she died an hour later. now investigators are looking at her death as a homicide. at this point there are no suspects. detectives are trying to figure out what led up to this and trying to figure out if she was shot inside the apartment or somewhere else. >> right now they both -- we don't know where the crime occurred so we're going to have to have a picture of what happened. >> reporter: and this is san jose's second homicide of 2013. live from san jose, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. i and the to take you back to the fire in oakland we showed you at the top of the show.
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you can see the flames burning through the top of the building. we understand it's a three-story building right off of 880 in a residential mixed use neighborhood. you can see the fire is burning right through the roof of that building. there are lots of firefighters on scene. traffic is moving around the home, and it's butting up against 880. so far we haven't heard any word of any traffic problems. a great amount of smoke billowing into the air. a tough situation for firefighters. it is very dark and, as you can see, it appears to be raining in that area right now. but still a lot of thick smoke and flames coming up. at this point we're hearing the building is awan dobandoned but there's no condition firmati confirmation it has been checked o out. well, the hype in coupertin
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didn't live up to the hype. investors lost a good chunk of money. let's check in with scott budman and the apple stores. underperforming. we haven't said that about apple in a long time. >> reporter: when you're the most valuable company in the world as apple has been, the bar is set very high. everybody expects a company to sell a whole bunch of i pads and iphones, even when they do it's not enough to excite the investors. to the number right now that investors want to see and that is apple's current stock price and earning reports came out this afternoon, the stock price tumbled down some 10%, losing more than $50 a share. it is very likely to be a very rough morning for apple investors come tomorrow. now apple is more than a stock price. here in the bay area, a blueprint on how to run a business. just ask some former apple employees who launched their own company today.
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it's launch day at swift, a new company trying to make sense of all the information flying around our social networks. >> you get to see what everyone in the world tries about what you're talking about in real time. >> reporter: an ambitious goal, take trending topics or people and let users all over the globe tell other users what they think about them instantly. >> immediately data around the world, real-time data, and people, 45 are online right now. >> and the more who use the site, the more numbers there are to crunch about each topic. it's a cool idea and that's not surprising given that these two founders cut their high-tech teeth inside one of silicon valley's coolest companies. >> we were there during the early launch. >> reporter: while you see lots of apple products, you'll see
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hints of apple's culture here. it's a company taking on big challenges in a unique way collecting data by letting users create what they call a living encyclopedia. >> what we really learned at apple besides the general sense of quality and excellence across the board, behaviors and product design, was how to launch and build a global company. >> reporter: it's far too early to know if they have another apple-like success on their hands, but given time, all those swippers out there will let them know. you can check out swipp starting today online and on the apple operating system. the company said it is working on an android version as well. before we go as apple ceo steve jobs used to say, we have one more thing. this took a back seat to apple's earnings reports but netflix came out with its numbers and they were very strong. profits were up, subscribers
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were up and check out this price, netflix soaring after hours of some 33% making investors very, very happy. netflix not far from here in los gatos where we are this evening. i'll send it back to you. >> okay, thank you very much, scott. let's talk about the 49ers and the quest for their sixth super bowl title. this is unchartered territory for a lot of those players. today the team hit the practice field. jim kozemore has the story including the rare move colin kaepernick made today. hey, jim. >> all right, jess. 11 days and counting until the super bowl and we cannot get enough information for what they are doing to prepare for the baltimore ravens. business as usual. there are more cameras and reporters than there were
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players. they will not let the distraction get in the way of what they have set out to accomplish this year. >> approaching this weekend, playing the game sunday. normally we keep it as normal as usual. as far as preparation, getting your body ready to play. they just come to the super bowl. >> game planning, i know it will be tough to keep the nerves down next week as we get down. hopefully we can keep those together. >> go out there and play. >> at the end of the day, the pass is a pass. for us to win the game, we'll have to go out there and compete, go out there and do our job, go out there and make plays. >> any distraction would be a hung huge disappointment. we're going down there for a
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business trip and we've been treated as such. after the game you can do whatever you want. go to bourbon street and have a ball. i'll pay for everything if you want me to. we need to get this win. it is huge for us. >> he'll get my tab. and then this piece of news that's come across our desk. colin kaepernick has trademarked the term kaepernick-ing. ko kozemore-ing didn't catch on. i'm jim can kozemore. >> i think it could catch on. you just need to keep repeating it. >> yeah. you're right there. >> okay. thanks, continuing coverage of the 49ers quest for the sixth super bowl trophy. more 0 journalists on the ground including jim who is heading that way in new orleans than any other local station and you can catch the work on our air and website, it's updating around the clock. a special page dedicate d to th
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49ers, too. more analysis, photos and lots of interviews as well. still ahead at 6:00, the house loses. the change coming to a card room in the south bay. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center tracking the storm tonight. some heavier rain on the way for the south bay. areas of yellow popping up near the santa cruz mountains. the track on that coming up. impressive rainfall totals at the coast. .43. thieves with expensive taste. the wine heist at one of the most critically acclaimed restaurants. i probably won't be able to go anymore. >> hometown pride never tasted so good. the quarterback home grown. coming up, you'll hear from the teachers and the coaches.
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tonight oakland's mayor and police chief are defending the city's decision to bring in one of the nation's most well-known police chiefs as a consultant. bill bratton is polarizing and controversial yet ultra effective. will his style of policing work in oakland. monte francis with the story. >> reporter: he starts in mid-february and as for what he might suggest, you can surmise that by looking at what he's done in other cities. one thing that will not sit well with his opponents he will not be attending community meetings under his contract as originally thought. they went until 2:00 this morning. today oakland mayor and the police chief 7-1 vote to approve a contract hiring bill bratton,
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another expert, as consultant for the police department. >> described as a savior, part of a team. >> reporter: judging by what bratton has suggested in other cities, it is likely he will tell the department to focus on low-level crime such as car break-ins and home burglaries, the kinds of crimes featured on a youtube channel called oakland crime watch started by an oakland resident fed up with crime in his neighborhood. the resident who did not want his face shown says these types of crimes have been daily in his neighborhood which covers a two-mile radius in the oakland hills. 30 burglaries a month. >> i think it's outrageous. i think it's something us as tax paying citizens should not have. >> reporter: the broken window theory which says if less serious crimes are not dealt with the overall crime rate will increase. bratton's opponent seemed most concerned of his stop and frisk
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policy because they fear it will lead to racial profiling. >> you're bringing in somebody very controversial. >> this particular plan not about bill bratton. it's about partnership. >> reporter: i spoke by phone earlier today to bill bratton's wife and she tells me he is in detroit working on a project similar to the one he will be working on here in oakland and, again, raj and jessica, he will be here in oakland in mid-february. monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, monte. look who is back in town. all the talk might be about the niners right now but the men in teal are back on the ice in san jose. the shortened home season will begin tomorrow. boy, not only shark fans but downtown owners, business owners, they really need this. >> reporter: yeah, you know, jessica, the city is really
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hoping this brings some life back into downtown san jose and some much-needed tax revenues for the city. now the prep work is under way right now behind me for when the puck drops tomorrow night. they're polishing up the ice. >> i would not go any bigger. >> reporter: the fans are in the store for gear. >> i have three old jerseys so i'm in need of new ones. we'll go from there. >> this is huge. i moved from -- i moved about seven years ago, came back this year. and i will go to more games. >> it's great for ticket sales and concession stands. put the concession workers back to work and have those extra events here at the pavilion. >> reporter: and down the street from the tank the return of the men in teal means more foot traffic for local bars and restaurants.
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>> we've been fortunate to have the niners, go niners, right now. everything said and done it's nothing like the home favorite sharks in town. >> reporter: it helps the nhl has scheduled several week night games for the short season but will give the business owners more sales on slower days. >> it's great. it's just great to be playing hockey again. it's great to see the buzz in the air from the fans and we walk downtown, you can see them wearing the jerseys. >> reporter: the city needs to dust off its marketing tools. the banners that adorn downtown don't promote the sharks. but they're here and ready to drop the puck. again, city coffers took a hit. how much? they're still doing the math. live at the shark tank, i'm damian trujillo.
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a common practice in the restaurant industry is tip pooling where servers and bartenders share the gratuity they receive. casinos can now force their dealers to also share. the dealers have filed a class action lawsuit in 2006 regarding the arrangement. a judge dismissed the lawsuit and concluded it had a legal right to enforce the tipping policy. the appeals court agreed. tonight the wine will list is lacking. the mrumd horse restaurant was ransacked by thieves with expensive tastes. they took off with extremely high-priced bottles of wine. the owner in saratoga discovered the missing bottle after seeing a broken window in his restaurant. he told investigators it was just a few weeks to go through the cellar's inventory to find out how much was stolen. the wine list is extensive and expensive. the bottles ranging from $1,000 to 0 $3,000. >> that is a painful --
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>> it sure is. >> jeff talk willi, when you sa shot in oakland, it looked like it was raining. >> they've had spotty showers. winds haven't been overly gusty. great news for the firefighters in that breaking news we covered earlier in the show. of course more on that at the satellite radar picture the entire state covered here with rainfall with subtropical moisture moving up from the south. some heavier rainfall right now, that's my biggest concern at this point. that looks like it will hold up right into the santa cruz mountains, potentially even into san jose as we head throughout the next 45 minutes producing about a quarter inch per hour, may even produce localized areas of flood concerns in santa cruz at least over the next 30 minutes. now let's take you up to the south bay. it's been hit and miss with those showers. spotty in nature now throughout campbell, saratoga and batch of hot weather on 101 and 280. the live hd sky camera network and there it is, low cloud cover
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and wet roadways in silicon valley and also up to the north in palo alto. drivers putting on the brake lights. temperatures staying in the upper 50s and low 60s. you get sunshine by the afternoon. i've got more on that full seven-day forecast and, unfortunately, showers that stick around for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, jeff. they're giving california a good name. the newest inductee to the state's highest honor. >> and sex offenders, why they now have the right to social network.
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49ers legend joe montana and labor activist dolores aren't usually mentioned in the same sentenced but both were inducted into the hall of fame. the creative innovators, montana and huerta are joined by warren
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beatty, charles, bateson, the warner brothers. the induction ceremony will be in sacramento, california's museum this march. the notre dame player at the center of a girlfriend hoax sheds light on what's become one of the strangest stories. manti manti te'o admits he wasn't truthful. >> this kid and subsequent lives. >> it's an investigative unit exclusive. thrill seekers and most resorts have them but terrain parks built without safety in mind? ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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i want to get back to the breaking news. dramatic pictures, oakland fire department putting out a fire near downtown oakland. this is a three story vacant
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building we believe on harrison street. fire officials now say there is an injury that has been reported but they aren't elaborating on the seriousness of that injury. we don't know how the fire started or the circumstances surrounding it. the flames did break out about an hour ago, about 5:30 on a house on harrison street right next to 880. if you're going that way or pass that way, surely you saw the smoke in downtown oakland on harrison street beside 880. the home is in a thabd which is a blend of residential and businesses in the area. there are some reports of very strong odor from the fire. we'll continue to update the story as warranted throughout the newscast. out in the open. women serve in combat. ask can anyone in the military. it's no secret. but until today it was against u.s. policy and that means that women were doing the work but not getting the credit. in a surprise move the pentagon enlisted a ban dating back 20 years. kris sanchez joins us with reaction. a lot of women are saying it's
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with about time. >> reporter: that's right. four women along with the american civil liberties union, the aclu, sued the government over this ban. when the announcement came today they were shocked to hear the news. it is a policy change that could be life changing. >> pictures of me parachuting. >> reporter: in the eight years susan served in the u.s. air force, all but one of her dreams came true. that dream was a combat job from which women were banned. >> there are women who are extremely strong and have the ability and the skills they need to do well in this job. and to hold them back because of a stereotype is wrong. >> reporter: she now runs academy women, a support site dedicated to military women with 10,000 members. she says the ban often comes up. four women along with the national aclu and the northern california aclu chapters sued the government to overturn the ban. the announcement was a shock. >> the combat exclusion policy, one of the last vestiges of
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discrimination against women just because we're women. >> reporter: when the suit was filed in november, the military opened up 140,000 jobs and lifted the ban on women living with combat units. now the military has until january 2016 to see any special exemptions. >> before the repeal of the policy over 200,000 positions closed to women including whole careers. >> reporter: they both say it validates the work with women are already doing. >> since the beginning, women have been serving in combat either as nurses, either as supply, in helping out be within the battlefield. they just didn't get the credit. >> reporter: it will be a few more years before we will see women within the infantry. initially women will have to volunteer and then they will have to qualify for the position and meet all other requirements. raj? >> thank you, kris. in oakland the family of ambassador chris stevens, killed
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in the attack in benghazi in september, secretary of state hillary clinton has reached 0 out to them in sympathy. the stepfather says mrs. clinton has given them no privileged information about what exactly happened during that attack. this is all unfolding as clinton faced off against critical republicans today on capitol hill. >> the fact is you have four dead americans because after protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they would go kill americans. what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senators. >> the heated exchange, ambassador and native chris stevens requested added security but mrs. clinton said the requests were never made to her personally and she didn't -- it didn't come to her attention. the department is making more than two dozen changes to security and leadership. >> for me this is not just a
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matter of policy, it's personal. i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at andrews. i put my arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the sons and daughters, and the wives left alone to raise their children. >> an independent review found inadequate security and leadership left that post vulnerable. mrs. clinton blamed a lack of funding in part for the inadequacies. >> the backup notre dame linebacker manti te'o and so-called online girlfriend, the girl whose photograph was used, was on the "today" show this morning. she said she never heard of manti te'o and both of them were victims of a confusing and twisted set up. te'o for his part told katie couric he briefly lied about the online girlfriend after discovering that she didn't exist. te'o maintains he had no part in
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creating that hoax. a lot of registered sex offenders from using social networking sites has been ruled unconstitutional. an indiana law that bans sex offenders from accessing sites that can be accessed by children has been overturned. the blanket ban was said to be too broad and didn't really protect kids. a district judge said the state has found strong evidence that social networking sites like facebook are a virtual playground for sexual predators to lurk. federal judges have forbidden similar laws in nebraska and louisiana. they let you jump, slide, and twist and they're popping up in ski resorts across the country especially here in northern california. we're talking about terrain parks, parks in the snow. they're fun but are they safe? >> some are concerned about the design of the park and the potential for serious accidents. >> reporter: with a jump launching you as high as 90 feet
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in the air there's no denying it's a risky activity. but as this has taken off, we found there is little oversight over how these jumps are designed. it's a big draw for snowboarders and skiers. terrain parks are growing in popularity alongside big events like the x-games. and according to a recent survey, 90% of u.s. ski resorts now have them. >> the u.s. is leading the rest of the world. >> reporter: chris has been at the center of the craze since it began two decades ago. his company is responsible for dreaming up and constructing the jumps for the x-games and the dew tour. he's also building terrain at ski areas all over the world, in northern california that
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includes places like north star and heavenly. can you design the jumps so they're fun and safe? >> it's impossible to design a safe jump. >> reporter: the former pro snowboarder says while there's a lot of thought how they're designed, the team uses calculation to build the jump. >> there are no standards and because snow changes all the time, it's impossible to have, quote/unquote, standards. >> you want to minimize that impact or control it. typically you can't just do that by pushing snow around and hoping that it's the right shape. >> reporter: an expert witness who has testified in several lawsuits against various ski resorts, also a professor of mechanical engineering at uc davis. >> not all of them are safe. absolutely. >> reporter: hubbard says the key to preventing serious accidents is counterweighting the distance from the jump to the landing. >> accommodate for any place you want to land and it makes it so you land equally everywhere.
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>> reporter: while ski resorts keep accident sta ttistics prive a study presented at a conference organized by the international society for skiing safety found the rate of spine and head injuries at terrain parks is double that compared to other areas at a resort. >> i had no idea that these jumps really have almost little to no design. >> reporter: when kenny hit a jump at more than 35 miles an hour at a terrain park at the summit at snoqualmie in washington, it sent him more than three stories up in the air. >> the landing of the ramp was way too short. it dropped me on the flat ice instead of dropping me down to more of a sloped landing which in theory would have prevented the injury that i got. >> reporter: paralyzed from the neck down at 23 years old, he received more than $14 million in damages from the ski area. >> it's like taking on big tobacco. >> reporter: it's a judgment salvini says came as a shock.
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resorts are rarely found liable for injuries on the slope. he was the exception. he was hurt in part because the jump constructed by the ski area wasn't reasonably safe according to jurors. salvini fears other parks are also. >> something needs to be done. it doesn't mean you have to tear down the parks. with a little bit of science and common sense, these terrain parks can be built safely. >> reporter: an international standard organization is now trying to figure out if a terrain standard is possible with a committee made up of ski resort operators, park designers, and engineers like hubbard all while more and more parks are built. >> what's at risk, kids and subsequent lives. >> i'm certainly willing to try. but there's no proven model out there yet. >> reporter: but that could take
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some time. it took more than ten years to develop. most ski resorts in the lake tahoe area. they denied our request for an on camera interview you. the ski resort in washington where salvini was injured at would not comment. publicly they say a skier or rider accepts the risk associated with the activity. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to cahow people are celebratin their hometown hero, colin kaepernick. the new test that can tell if you're going to have a heart attack potentially in the next five years.
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still monitoring the breaking news, a fire in oakland. the fire department still on the scene. it's a three-story building in oakland right off 880 in a residential area. very, very intense fire. appears to be fueled by something inside the building. we don't know what it is. there has been an injury. it is not a firefighter. it's a pavilion person. the flames broke out about 5:30. the house butts right up to 880 and right now firefighters, lots of them onboard having trouble containing it. it is still raging. we're going to continue to monitor the situation when we find out what is berng inside the building. in tonight's "health matters" what if you could learn what your risk of having a heart attack is in the next five
6:41 pm
years? sta stanford researchers helped develop a new blood test that can assess that risk. it's called my risk vp and looks at 13 different proteins associated with plaque buildup in the walls of the blood vessel. the chief of cardiovascular research says the majority of people who have heart attacks don't fall into the high-risk category. says the tests will likely help those patients the most. the studies show it correctly identifies more people who went on to have a heart attack than the traditional method of assessing risk. it is made by a california company and is now available to patients covered by some insurance providers. >> that's good information to have. let's turn things over to jeff. a little misty outside. >> misty and heavier rainfall now starting to get close to the south bay. look at that batch there. the yellows popping up will hit you in santa cruz over the next hour. i have the track of the storm and i'll let you know when we'll get sunshine in here. all right, jeff.
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and in sports it is super bowl mania. we'll have a live report from santa clara as the 49ers defense gets set to try and throw down a red-hot ravens offense. plus, he's fast, elusive, and his wallet is lighter. find out how much money frank gore had to shell out today next from the xfinity sports desk.
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one of the big storylines of the super bowl, the tale of a small down boy making it big. we're talking 49ers quarterback kaeperni colin kaepernick who has grabbed the imagination of his hometown of turlock. joe rosato jr. shows us what the hometown is cooking up in his honor. >> reporter: out in the central valley amongst stoic orchards, peaches and almonds, the city of turlock. this quiet town of 70,000 never made many national headlines, that is, until one of the 70,000 began tearing up nfl defenses with laser passes and gazelle-like speed. >> it put turlock on 0 the map which is fun. >> reporter: right now everyone knows the town as the hometown of 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. the 49ers heading to the super bowl locals are swelling with
6:45 pm
the kind of pride that can only be expressed in baked goods. >> the cake is a red develop rhett cake, rain rain's favorite, cream cheese icing. >> reporter: there is kap cookies. >> we had 100 trays of them on saturday. 80 trays on sunday. we sold out on saturday. >> reporter: footers hot dogs, the tribute dog comes with cabba cabbage, hjalapenos and chili. everyone is eating up to the fab's biggest stage. >> it's a little surreal when you turn on "sportscenter" and every other commentary is about kaepernick. >> reporter: amy returns kaepernick as her math student at pittman high school, a tough student who excelled in every sport he tried. >> athletically he's just so fun
6:46 pm
to watch play anything. he's so talented and dynamic on the field or the basketball court. >> that's him in his freshman year. >> reporter: football coach brandon harris recalls the gifted athlete who is fiercely competitive whether it was ping-pong or video games. >> as far as high school, he was the guy who hated to lose as much as anybody i've ever been around. >> reporter: but ask anyone at pittman to tell but kaepernick, you're just as likely to hear a story about a good guy as a great athlete. >> he was just a kind kid, so everybody was real happy for him. he wasn't like the stereotypical jock. he has a pet turtle for crying out loud. >> reporter: anthony harris started playing football with kaepernick when they were 8 years old continuing on to pittman high. harris still sees the familiar smile and easy going nature of turlock's favorite son. >> he probably won't be able to go to normal places anymore. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc
6:47 pm
bay area news. >> so it used to be a small town. no more. >> it's going to be a tourist destination. get to get those kap cakes. a little bit of rain in turlock tonight and across the bay area. we're tracking our latest storm system tapping in a a good fetch of moisture here from the south. in fact, some heavier rainfall all the way to santa cruz. you can see the motion of this over the past hour quickly advancing throughout the santa cruz mountains, our immediate coast lynn with the heaviest rainfall, again, on the way for santa cruz and points just off to the north, maybe even including los gatos the next hour, hour and a half. moving into santa cruz in the next 59 minutes. up here to the peninsula, this is a mess down here highway 101, interstate 280. if you're going this way at all for tonight, take it slow. even when the rain drops may sporadically drop, you still need the windshield wipers and plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you. back into the east bay, some
6:48 pm
spotty showers. that's the nature of what we'll find tonight. raining at times and it will clear out and then some more rain back with the moisture with us tonight and showers from san francisco to points to the north and off to the east even in vallejo. let's take you outside to our live hd sky camera and there it is, very wet silicon valley. also up here in san francisco look at that haze that we've had the past couple of days. it's just pushed way down to the is yo surface but this rain is going to be clearing that out with some improved air quality for tomorr tomorrow. now we're going to get the latest system pushing off to the east. as we head throughout friday here comes another system. it's pretty weak. it's going to keep the chance of showers in the forecast for friday, also lingering showers for sunday and also maybe even into monday of next week and temperatures that are going to trend cooler than we started off with to start this week. we had 70 at the coastline on monday and over the next couple of days we're just talking about
6:49 pm
50s. rain time line tonight has this moisture sticking with us, at least a chance of rain for the entire greater bay area. then for tomorrow, it starts to lessen up. we'll have a few spotty showers, the potential back for the east bay and the peninsula. by the afternoon hours tomorrow, cloud cover will stay put. that's some of the good news for thursday. we're not expecting any heavier rainfall for the afternoon. morning temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. at least we're not dealing with the freezing cold. thursday breaks of sunshine. on your three-day forecast, sun throughout your afternoon. by friday, saturday and sunday, not a big storm system coming our way but waves of energy will keep that chance of scattered showers in the forecast again friday, saturday and sunday. it ranges anywhere from a 20 to 30% possibility. all of saturday be and sunday but keep your eye to the sky,
6:50 pm
may get some sprinkles. >> thank you, jeff to sports. what should we talk about today? >> let's talk about the super bowl. >> jim kozimor. >> i think you're right. thanks, guys. i think you're right. there's only one thing we're talking about. with 11 days to go, it is time to move from the early storyline like harbaugh, they're brothers, to real honest to goodness football. so mindy is in santa clara. no one is covering the run like comcast sports has. that 49ers defense, they have their hands full preparing for that tough ravens offense, don't they? >> absolutely. they may have an ace up their sleeve. everyone talks about jim and john harbaugh. the one person who may know more head coach of the ravens more than jim harbaugh is defensive coordinator fangio. he spent four years on the baltimore ravens staff.
6:51 pm
his last two were harbaugh's coach. the game plan for the ravens in the super bowl he's down playing his knowledge matters much. fangio will have most of his defensive game plan installed before the team leaves for the big easy. >> pretty much. i think it's good to save something out for that week in new orleans. >> reporter: fangio is not giving in. part of the knowledge he has comes from the four years spent on the ravens coaching staff under john harbaugh. >> there's a few players that are still there. obviously the quarterback and the running back, rice and flak dope. flacco. they've had a change in coordina coordinators there. a couple of the offensive linemen are still there from when i was there. i don't think it's a big advantage. i mean, a lot of that's overblown. >> reporter: gooden knows exactly what he'll see from john harbaugh's team. >> i know it's going to be a physical game.
6:52 pm
i know they're trying to build their reputation on, they're trying to bang-bang, nail people. i'm expecting when i'm out there expecting 11 of me out there. >> reporter: the special teams standout was part of john harbaugh's first draft class and credits him with making him the player he is today. >> letting your personality shine, everything i learned. i learned how to play in the national football league, how to be physical and at the same time not be a dirty player. i know what type of game this is. it's a game you can talk about afterwards for a long time and also say, hey, let's put that tame on and see who did what. >> reporter: so john harbaugh instilling in his team many of the same traits jim harbaugh has with the 49ers. john harbaugh has coached running backs and special teams and gooden says without a doubt john harbaugh is a special teams specialist and in a tight game like they're expecting in new
6:53 pm
orleans, that could very well make the difference. in santa clara mindy bock, nbc bay area. all right, mindy. thank you very much. part of our team of 20 head to new orleans for the super bowl. 49ers running back frank gore, violation, ruled down during last week's victory over the atlanta falcons. the nfl announced gore will be forced to pay a fine of $10,500. oh, my. warriors are home tonight, fresh from their win on dr. martin luther king jr. day. had they host the oklahoma city thunder. the thunder have the best record in the nba and the league's top storer in kevin durant. the warriors know what is ahead of them. >> durant is one of the best in the game. one of the best teams in the west. it's a good challenge for us. a chance to see where we're at. >> i'm worried about tonight.
6:54 pm
oklahoma city. so i have two special players. a well coached team and present a lot of problems. >> to the ice we go. the sharks finalize an agreement. a one-year deal with scott gomez worth $700,000. gomez has been practicing with the sharks since saturday. did not announce when the 12-year veteran will make his sharks debut. that will do it from the xfinity sports desk. coming up highlights on the warriors/thunder and the latest on the 49ers as they prepare for the super bowl.
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6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00 full coverage of that fire in oakland. you're looking at video from earlier. the vacant building set ablaze. we're learning now three people are in police custody. firefighters found them standing on the roof next to the building. 50 firefighters are still on the scene of the fire. it's a house on harrison street right next to 880 completely engulfed. the home is in a neighborhood which is a blend of residential and businesses. so far we don't know what started the fire but we know investigators are on the scene. we want to thank you for joining us tonight. have a great evening. we hope to see you at 11:00. >> bye-bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
>> manti te'o grilled in its first tv interview. >> you knew something was amiss? why? >> when did he find out his girlfriend was a hoax. the fallen football star under siege in new york where the big interview airs. >> are you the victim of a hoax? what is going on? >> katy perry defending beyonce on her lipsync scandal. then, tv posing a classic wives, and one of our -- one of them is our extra alum. >> i did my. i did my tummy. >> extreme nip/tucjs at the hands of their cosmetic docs/husbands. will these surgery-obsessed


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