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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 26, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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right now at 5:00, money for guns. one politician in the middle of it all. thousands are left without power today after a sign fell out of the sky. and business in the south bay is starting to boom again. can you guess why? there's some hints there. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. in washington and cities across the country, people rallied for new gun control laws. the march on the nation's capitol was modest for such a
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view. >> they marched to send a message about gun violence. about 100 parents from newtown connecticut, the scene of last month's deadly elementary school attack. >> i feel hopeful, cautiously optimistic, i hope this is start of a bigger movement to keep not only our children safe but the citizens. >> it was one of several organized in cities across the united states, from san francisco to new jersey. >> i hope that the power of regular people will actually assert itself, in contrast to lobbying power of the nra. >> they say they're gearing up for an all out battle, insisting gun bans make no one safer. vice president biden is
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spearheading public push for new gun legislation that will strengthen background checks, limit high capacity ammunition magazines and get assault weapons off the streets. >> this is about action. no more talk. if not now, when. >> the american debate over guns. hitting home in the nation's capital. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> the senate is set to begin hearings on gun control debate next wednesday. and supporters of gun control gathered in the bay area as part of the nationwide effort. >> gun control now! gun control now! >> the members of the grass roots group called one million moms for gun control, committed to passing what they call common sense gun control laws in the united states. >> no one can stand on the sidelines any more, this effects everybody. no one is safe from this, as long as military style assault weapons are available legally in
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this country. >> members are pushing for a ban on military style assault weapons, a limit in the amount of ammunition that can be sold and more thorough background checks. there's also big response to a gun buy back event on the peninsula. it was sponsored in part by congresswoman jackie speer, also a victim of gun violence. monte francis has the results of today's buying back. hello. >> good evening. this event ended at 2:00. organizers netted 680 guns, including 24 assault weapons. at least 300 of the guns were rifles or shotguns, along with hundreds of handguns as we have seen at other events, there was a big response to the gun buy back, and long lines as people came to exchange guns for $100 in cash each, assault rifles $200. bay area congresswoman jackie speer handed out some of the cash today as she helps fund
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that buy back with some of her own campaign funds. she says no taxpayer money was used. as you might recall, she's a survivor of a shooting in guyana when she works for congressman leo ryan who was killed in 1978. speer is pushing congress to pass new gun control measures, but says that will do little to get guns already out there off the street. she says that's why these events are so important. >> for every gun we take off the street that means one less gun that can get into the wrong hands and kill a child or kill an adult or maim someone. >> i am an ex-hunter. decided it was time to get rid of them in case of robberies or burglaries in my home, i don't want them on the street. >> people had an array of reasons for turning in the guns. organizers say reasons don't matter. at least these weapons are off the street. today's buy back was anonymous
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and the sheriff's department is cataloging the guns trying to figure if any of them were used in crimes or were stolen. organizers say they had a total of $63,500 handed out here today. monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. chp says a 17-year-old killed and several others hurt when an suv they were chasing crashed in oakland hills. the suv crashed near the sequoia country club. the chase started about 2:00 in the morning when chp tried to pull over the stolen suv. the mercury news is reporting that suv was packed with eight people between the ages of 15 and 19 when it raced down i-80 onto 580 before it crashed into a tree in oakland hills. neighbors woke up to the sound of the crash and the sirens. >> i was just so proud of the oakland police force at that point and chp guys that were here. they really worked beautifully
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and they were here for at least two or three hours. and we did see a stretcher with a -- cover off there, i assumed somebody had died. >> the driver fled the scene, is still at large tonight. this past tuesday marked the 40th verse of the roe versus wade decision. the annual walk for life west coast rally started at civic center and ended with a march down market street. organizers and demonstrators are encouraged by how each year the crowd is bigger than the last. >> it's very easy if you're of my persuasion to believe you are alone, or one of a tiny minority, and one of the very encouraging things to me has been how the size of the crowd has grown year by year. >> smaller groups of counter protesters in support of a woman's right to choose demonstrated against the event
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as well. power was knocked out to thousands in san francisco after a sign fell from a plane. it was an advertisement for hair cuts and fell on power lines near 5th and brandon streets around noon. >> i heard an extremely loud boom from outside and all of a sudden our entire power shut off. i walked outside and saw a super cut $8.99 haircut sale sign, completely draped over the power lines. >> not where it was supposed to be. no one was hurt and no trouble, but the plane, there are a few hundred customers without power. a medical setback for injured fan bryan stow. the latest on his condition tonight. i am kimberly terry in downtown san jose. this is a wash in teal. how bars and restaurants are cashing in.
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that story coming in. and a heart-warming story of a soldier's daughter surprised by her father's return home. you love those hugs. the weekend starting off with cooler temperatures and windy conditions as you step outside this evening. we're seeing winds from 10 to 25 miles per hour, and also some showers lurking offshore. we'll let you know how much of those showers are sticking around for the sunday forecast when we come right back.
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downtown san jose was flooded with teal as the sharks game let out. with the hockey season back in action, owners of the bars and restaurants in the area couldn't be happier. kimberly terry is there for us. >> reporter: hello. that game ended about an hour ago and immediately the crowds started pouring into bars and restaurants in downtown san jose. a welcome sight for managers and owners. some say they lost up to 50% of their business because of the national hockey league lockout which just ended two weeks ago. fans have high hopes for the rest of the season and are already predicting their team will make it into the playoffs. something of course bar and restaurant owners would be thrilled about. >> really fun to see customers
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back, see regular people like going back to do the regular thing, watch the sharks game. everybody is pretty excited. fans are supporting pretty well also the first three home games. >> reporter: the sharks have been on fire since the season started, winning four straight games, including today's against the colorado avalanche. as i said before, fans have very high hopes for the rest of the season, and of course, bar and restaurant owners would be happy about that, since of course it would mean they would be able to makeup some of the money that was lost from the lockout. kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> nice to see the sharks back in action and that business booming. thanks, kimberly. still to come at 5:00, the latest on bryan stow's medical set back.
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a blood clot forced injured fan brian stow into the hospital. they found a large blood clot they couldn't reduce. on a website for him, they said they broke it off to keep it from going to his lungs. the family said they are scared and worried. it has been almost two years since he was beaten in the dodgers parking lot opening day, is expected to be in the
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hospital through the weekend. the concert series benefitting him continues in napa at the uptown theater and wraps up tomorrow night in santa cruz. a soldier returning from afghanistan made his daughter's day at schedule. >> reporter: it was a day of happiness and surprises at the niagara falls air reserve station. he is a bronze star recipient with an x cited family. >> i put myself in danger, put yourself above and beyond what you would normally do. >> reporter: a father of six, only five of the children were here to greet him with the family. william taylor said he had scary moments clearing bombs on roads in afghanistan, but nothing, nothing beats this moment at windham elementary in orchard park. he walked into the cafeteria and just watch.
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his ten-year-old daughter was surprised, overwhelmed, crying. daddy is home. everyone watched in amazement, then cheered. it's a scene worth watching again. >> it was amazing. i didn't think she could move that fast, but she did. and it was actually very wonderful to have her back and all the kids in the family back. it was nice. >> do you feel special? >> very. >> why are you so special? >> because i actually get to see my dad after 12 months. >> how bad was it for you not seeing dad. >> very. seeing my littlest brother not growing up with him for 12 months and he can do a whole bunch of stuff that he didn't know he could do before.
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>> reporter: the tears, hugs, a happy mom. >> huge sigh of relief. i feel like i can actually breathe now and the kids being with their dad. >> reporter: seeing dad now for victoria was more than a highlight. >> it's all i ever wanted. >> reporter: all she ever wanted and she got it. welcome home. >> okay. i am going to go to rob mayeda, i am all teared up. so great to see those stories and happy kids and happy dads. we were happy with the weather today. >> it was pretty nice out there today. you might have noticed the wind, part of the story today. gusty winds in the northwest. temperatures outside, at least the thermometer tells you mid-50s. doesn't feel like it outside. canadian air conditioning pumping in dry air from the north. gusty winds, times at sfo up would 30 miles per hour. (t&háhp &hc& times at sfo up
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wind through the weekend. that's part of the story, but that's good news for air quality. nine spare the air days this month and it will not be a spare the air night tonight or tomorrow, probably into monday. winds helping to stir up ground level smoke particle pollution. so good news, air quality is starting to improve. temperatures cooling off for the weekend. we have showers on the coastline. some of that may spill to the north bay as we watch this cold air mass drop in from the gulf of alaska and british columbia. some showers next 24 hours try to get closer to the bay area. again, cool air, typically a little dryer. doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with, but reinforces cool pattern we started today. tomorrow, highs low to mid-50s, nor west winds continue. along the coast and south bay hill tops later tonight into tomorrow, santa cruz mountains south of mount hamilton, may see a stray shower or two. showers are the exception opposed to the rule to
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tomorrow's forecast. mainly clear skies, partly cloudy conditions. a few widely scattered showers, mainly on the coastal range. again, this system not dropping a lot of rain. here is the rainfall estimation in terms of accumulation, a few areas in the south bay make it a little wet to the ground. the sierra sees higher totals. moisture over top of the sierra. by tomorrow afternoon, could see a few inches of snow. chain controls briefly may go up on highway 50 or interstate 80 here as we wrap up the weekend. tonight, 30s and 40s outside. it's going to be a bit cooler than the temperatures we had this morning, but with the winds keeping going from 15 to 25 miles per hour, i don't think tonight is the coldest of the next seven days in the forecast. monday as winds back off, we could see patchy frost creep back into the forecast. tomorrow, cool winter sunshine, breezy at times, highs in the mid-50s in san jose and in the tri-valley. most seeing low to mid-50s
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wherever you go. feels cold on the coast, low 50s for high definition and winds 15 to 20 miles per hour off the ocean. a few isolated showers on the hill tops, but temperatures climb up. thursday and friday, high pressure builds in, we could be talking 70s again, especially for parts of the south bay second half of the weekend, heading towards that important super bowl weekend. >> and a little snow coming in. >> for lake tahoe, next 24 hours. >> thanks, rob. bring in henry willford for what's going on in the world of sports. >> things are super, diane. bquáu expected me to say that. coming up in sports, xlixers quest for sixth super bowl championship continues. red and gold feeling bold. why confidence is sky high as they prepare for super bowl xlvii. hang with us. sports its next. s next.
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. welcome back to nbc bay area. you can call it the harbaugh bowl, but don't expect any brotherly love during the super bowl. jim and john harbaugh are focused on the big picture, which is doing whatever it takes to win the lombardi trophy. 49ers travel to new orleans tomorrow. the red and gold very confident after claiming the nfc championship. >> i knew we had the talent. i knew we had the guys to do it, like patrick vernon, just justin smith. list goes on.
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we had the guys. i don't think we had the right people in front to lead it the right way. >> you talk about san francisco, only come to mind, jay rice, joe montana, now we trying to close that bridge and make you talk about patrick willis, j justinsmith. they was the team back in the day. we trying to be the team there now. >> we are eight days away from super bowl xlvii. the countdown is on. when you want a story covered the right way, count on nbc bay area and comcast sportsnet bay area to deliver the right bay. live super bowl reports from new orleans begin tomorrow. we have the latest on the 49ers and ravens, believe me, you don't want to miss it. over to the ice. avs and sharks looking to stay undefeated on the ice. first period, brad stewart with
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a big hit. he would leave but return later. he goes after stewart, he would receive a misconduct. on the powerplay, patrick marlow. second goal of the season. he wasn't done. powerplay, number two. sharks win 4-0. will have we go, i wanted to let you know she's back. little sarah rettin has a new rap about the 49ers. she needed to update the last rap song being her favorite football team the 9ers are playing in the big game. ♪
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♪ >> she's amazing. five years old. diane, most are learning to scribble, she's writing rhymes, she is writing the sports script. here this girl immediately. >> i'm totally with you, who is her video producer putting that together. that was aggressive going on there. >> it is mom and dad. i think she lives in north carolina. don't quote me on that. she's a youtube phenom. constantly rapping about sports teams. she loves the san francisco 49ers.  >> thanks, henry. when we come back, a sneak peek at a multi million dollar light display about to make its debut on a bay area landmark.
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that's coming up next.
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if you're near the bay bridge near dark the next couple weeks, you may be in for a treat. testing on the art installation began earlier this month. more lights appear with different designs. the artist uses computer software to manipulate two miles of lights. totally cool. they illuminate the north side. and piece of high tech fine art you might say. set to be on full display in march with the grand lighting on march 5th and the light display is supposed to continue for two years on the bridge celebrating the anniversary of the bridge. very nice out there. a little change coming in the weather. >> a little chilly. a slight chance of showers near the coastline. tomorrow, breezy, cool to f


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