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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 28, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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people in america. nbc's tracie potts has the details of this. very good morning to you. >> reporter: it's a plan that republicans and democrats think will work. this afternoon a small group of democrats and republicans will announce they've come up with a recipe for immigration reform. >> to finally in this country have an immigration law that we can live with. >> reporter: border patrols, employer verification, a guest worker program, green cards for math and science grads and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. >> americans support it in poll after poll. secondly latino voters expect it. democrats want it. republicans need it. >> reporter: both sides need it. for president obama immigration reform is a first term promise not kept. >> there's room for us to come together and get something done. >> reporter: for republicans it could be a key to winning in 2016.
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last year 70% of hispanics voted for president obama. >> we're losing dramatically the hispanic vote which we think should be ours for a variety of reasons. >> reporter: the president will talk about it in vegas. >> is he looking to play politics or solve the problem. >> reporter: the president speaks tuesday. lawmakers lay out their reform plan today. what we'll see today is just an outline. remember, they have to work out details. snoom of them. president obama and secretary of state clinton were interviewed for the first time together on "60 minutes." they talked about their battles during the 2008 campaign and their relationship during the last four years. >> we had such agreement on what needed to be done for our country. >> made for tough debates. >> it did. >> we could never figure out what we were different on. hillary mentioned, you know, part of our bond is we've been through a lot of the same stuff. and part of being through the
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same stuff is getting whacked around in political campaigns. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. >> being criticized in the press. you know, we've both built some pretty thick skins. by the time hillary joined the administration, i felt very confident and comfortable in all working relationship. i think what did evolve was a friendship as opposed to just professional relationship. egyptians in three suez canal provinces are under a state of emergency. they'll be subject to a curfew tonight. egypt's president, muhammad morsi delivered the angry edict last night. he's hoping to prevent the fledglingly democracy from spinning out of control. we have more from cairo. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. egypt's president mohamed morsi delivered a stern and angry warning in an address to the nation. the president declared a state
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of emergency in three of the country's largest cities in the eastern particular partly suez. he's also imposing a curfew to try to help restore security in those cities that have seen the most intense fighting. the military has been deployed in some of those cities and asking for more power. the ability to arrest civilians. that's is going ring alarm bells among many human rights activists. here in cairo protests continued for a fourth straight night between riot police and demonstrators bent on trying to get president mohamed morsi to resign from power and more importantly cancel a constitution that's been widely considered as controversial. nonetheless the president is pushing ahead with meetings today in the presidential palace. he's expected to meet with leading members of the political opposition. members of the political opposition said they will not participate in any negotiations unless there's a genuine commitment from president
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mohamed morsi to address the grievances of the demonstrators and the protesters that have been marking this second anniversary since egypt's revolution. >> thank you. hundreds of families in brazil are mourning lost loved ones after a nightclub went up in flames early sunday morning killing a staggering 232 people. officials believe the blaze was spark by a pi crow -- py pyrotechnics display on stage. police say the majority of deaths were the result of smoke inhalation as the club's single exit was partially blocked by victims' bodies. this tragedy carries haunting similarities to a nightclub fire in rhode island back in 2003 that killed 100 people. now for a look at the weather. >> let's show you what we're dealing with in the west because for the most part we dealt with a lot of clouds, off and on showers. that storm is kicking up through arizona. showery weather there especially
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in the mountainous terrain. in the northwest, kind of falling down the back side, a little weak storm coming into areas in your north up in canada and that will bring moisture over the next several days and the snow levels are lower. we have winter storm warnings in portions of the cascades. also the intermountain west northern portions especially the state of idaho a lot of snow expected over the next couple of days. a wintry weather pattern setting up great for ski country. as far as the radar goes not very impressive. rain coming down towards the portland area. that angle of approach may be a shadow. seattle you look okay for now but we do have more in the forecast. as far as snow totals go the bull's eye, the highest looks to be, look at this, possibility of two feet of snow in the mountainous terrain in the northeast corner of owing. mountains and cascades possibility of six to 12 inches. i mentioned it's chilly in many areas. temperatures down to the 50s but
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flagstaff, arizona, you'll see a little bit of snow. these pictures are pretty incredible. i want to bring you this in from australia. dramatic rescue from australia. they've been dealing with widespread flooding. this couple in a pickup truck with a little kid had to be rescued by a helicopter. he couldn't fit in the basket. they used a dive back and hoisted him up. everyone returned home safe. >> we're seeing the after effects. >> dying cyclone, killed three people over the weekend. straight ahead on this monday morning four, relief for migraine sufferers plus thing pentagon raising its cyber
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security efforts. the 49ers arrive in new orleans could super bowl monday become a national holiday. you wouldn't mind that. "early today" returns in two minutes.
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welcome back. here are stories making news this morning. the senate is expected to approve more than $50 billion in aid for victims of hurricane sandy which hit the northeast over three months ago. the pentagon is about to expand its cyber-security force five-fold to meet increasing threats against the nation's computer networks. the expansion would add 4,000 people to a unit that only has 900 employees now. back in 199 the colorado grand jurying worked into the death of. jon benet ramsey looked into the parents on child abuse.
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grab thinks football has to change because of dangerous hits. he thinks it would be better for players. >> casey anthony has filed for bankruptcy on debts of almost $800,000. she faces three civil lawsuits. most of the money is owed to her defense attorney. >> and sea foam in one coastal town of australia. streets were flood with these bubbles as well as the air. rough water whipped up the foam and brought it on shore. the fluffy stuff was up to ten feet in some areas and made for a few good photo opes. migraine sufferers, listen up. a new treatment is in the works. coated glasses that block wave lengths of light are being developed. most migraine patients are sensitive to light which can trigger painful headaches. it could be helpful to pregnant women and children who can't take most migraine medications.
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one week until the big game on wall street it's the super bowl of data. this morning industrial heavyweight caterpillar kicks things off with earnings before the bell. exxonmobil is on deck after passing a slinging apple on friday. investors will be looking for clues as to how long it will hold on to the title of largest u.s. company by market capitalization. we'll find out the status of yahoo!'s turn around. a slew of economic data out this week will all help determine whether the s&p can stay above that 1500 milestone it crossed on friday for the first time since 2007. then later this week we'll see how many americans landed new jobs last month and whether the unemployment rate dips below the current 7.8%. you may be hearing some buzz about new credit card fees at the cash register thanks to a
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class action settlement. don't panic. experts don't think many retailers plan to impose that is your charge. gas prices have jumped two sent to an average of $3.34 for a gallon of regular. also on the rise price of a first class postage stamp now up a penny to 46 cents pap new study by the fresh produce association of america show tomatoes could jump up to $5 a pound by this spring if the u.s. trade agreement with mexico end. here's a cause we can get behind. thousands have signed a white house petition asking the obama administration to declare each monday after the super bowl an official day off. police are searching for maple tree thieves. and the ice boat regatta. you're watching "early today".
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>> now some stories that caught our eye this morning. an incredible high-speed chase in oklahoma city was caught on camera. leaning out the rear window, one of the passengers manages to unhook a trailer, sending it flying toward a car in oncoming traffic. slamming into a light pole and losing the rear wheels eventually slows the suspects to a halt. police apprehend the runaway driver. all on tape. washington state park is facing a bizarre case of sticky
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fingers. 21 maple trees, some more than 100 years old, have been cut down and stolen from the park. rangers say based on the size and nature of the pieces stolen, thieves took the fine wood to make maple guitars and violins. sadly, even if the thieves are caught, the century-old trees cannot be replaced. maple trees. in tampa the pirates have taken over. yes, they have. hundreds of thousands of visitors flocked to the downtown parade this weekend to see the annual gasparilla pirate parade. they flocked to the waters in tampa looking for fun. the characters can be seen every year at the salty sea-faring tradition that dates back to 1904. to sports, the love fest of the nfl pro bowl, eli manning of the new york giants tossed two touchdown passes including one to minnesota's kyle rudolph, named mvp. they beat the afc 62-35. maybe a preview of the super bowl. >> nfl players don't like the job roger goodell is doing.
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most players don't approve of goodell's job performance. they say he's too think with fines for violent hits. in the nba, carmelo anthony tied a franchise record with nine three pointers against atlanta. in the closing seconds, he made a three-point play to give the knicks a 106-104 victory over the hawks. >> tiger woods will have a six shot lead in pga farmers open resuming today. over the years woods is a seven time winner at the torrey pines course in southern california. >> and bre >> just ahead actor burt reynolds spent the weekend in intensive care in florida hospital. plus when actors northern other actors at the screen actors guild. this is "early today" only on nbc.
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welcome back to "early today." hope you had a wonderful weekend. the storm that plagued much of southern california and also arizona is beginning to move out. now it provides snow up towards colorado and the mountains of utah. the new storm system coming in to the west will bring us snow in the higher terrain. a lot of the cities will be dealing with showers today. unfortunately continues even into tuesday. notice the cool weather continues pretty much every where. high today and tomorrow only in the 50s in san francisco and
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vegas only in the 50s the next two days. chilly weather in the west. "argo" was the big winner on sunday night. daniel day-lewis won for "lincoln" and jennifer lawrence picked up the award for "silver linings playbook." >> hand -- hanzele.gretel witch-hunters took in. quaid claims he's running from a group of hollywood hit men. burt reynolds was hospitalized this weekend with a severe case of the flu, spending time in the icu. his rep said they were taking care of him and his mustache. and ashton kutcher was
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so dedicated to his role in the steve jobs pic he was hospitalized after being doubled over in pain after following job's extreme diet of consisting of fruit, nuts and seeds. i thought and he was vegan? >> steve jobs. >> health issues. doctor ordered it in some cases. >> when he got diagnosed with cancer he decided to go the holistic ways. looking forward to the movie. this comes from rochester, minnesota. a nearby lake city. for once the cold made for ideal conditions. at the 2013 championship regatta of ice boat racing. hundreds of competitors flocked to the frozen lake for the annual adrenalin rush. those braving the cold say no other type of sailing to the thrill of skating across ties at 60 to 70 miles per hour.
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>> ideal conditions too for speed. >> if you tip over you keep on sliding. >> hopefully. >> not into anything else. i'm richard lui. this is "early today" just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >> in thailand, no need to get
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out of your p.j.s for this competition. the annual bed race has locals
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and tourists alike dressing up with their decorated beds on wheels. the tradition began five years ago with participants racing hospital beds for charity. it's evolved to more complicated designs with creative flair. the winning team with the shortest race time took home the trophy. no sleeping when you do this one. >> you would be the sleeping participant. who says carnivale season is only for humans? dogs took to the street taking over the city's famed french quarter. covered with beads, some of the festivities helped raise money for animal adoption agencies. celebrations will continue nearly every day until mardi gras happens on february 14. we're close. hard to believe. >> a narrow escape for one motorcycle rider in china after a truck comes to a crashing halt. the motorcycle rider was waiting at a light last week when a truck overturned at the intersection. that's scary. the biker quickly reacted.
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thankfully nobody was injured in that. time now for a look back on this day in history. january 28, 1986 the space shutting challenger exploded. tom brokaw reported tragedy on "nightly news." >> it was a nightmare, a cruel shocking end to what everyone expected to be another triumph for the space shuttle program. the challenger with a school teacher and six regular astronauts on board was consumed by a giant fireball explosion less than two minutes after it was launched in the bright blue florida skies this morning. looking ahead, president obama will welcome the miami heat to the white house today who to see honor the team's 2012 nba championship victory. all day long, you can stay on top of the latest developments in those stories and others as they break on msnbc. tonight be sure to watch brian williams with "nbc nightly news." finally, here's a look at what's coming up on the "today" show. savannah sits down with a former
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cia officer sentenced to 30 months in prison for leaking classified secrets. and the mother of late superstar whitney houston opens up about life, loss, and her daughter's legacy. now, keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports, and much more. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. thank you very much for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a terrific day.
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welcome to the big easy. the niners are arrive in new orleans. with them through it all the fan who gets the invite of a
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lifetime. meet the man handpicked to cheer his 49ers to victory live against the ravens. san jose flyers scrambling to rebook flights as investigation into boeing's 787 dreamliner continues. a live look into the galaxy. a spectacular shot of a full moon. how about that to energize your day. good way to start your week on this monday, january 28th. this is "today in the bay." good monday morning. just about 4:31. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to this morning. let's check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. good monday morning to you. >> good monday morning to you, jon and laura. a good looking day shaping up. chilly out there. grab your coat. you don't need the umbrella for today. in fact, we're going to run a


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