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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 4, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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jong-un, north korea's young leader reactivated an old plutonium monitor and had leaders punch in at the kaesong industrial park the country's only joint venture. meanwhile, intelligence has said that the north has moved a medium range missile. it's yet to be tested but could hit targets as far away as guam, an important base, in the pacific. in reaction to that as you mentioned in the lead that the u.s. is ramping up its defenses in guam taking those threats from north korea seriously. meanwhile here in seoul, south korean students that we spoke to said they're actually more concerned about exams than a war, hearing these threats all their life. they say the leader is too broke
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to launch a war. but they worry that an escalation of this kind can trigger something very nasty. >> nbc's jim maceda, thank you very much, jim. this morning there are new leads in the shooting death of the scott prison chief. police are looking for two members of white supremacist prison gang. the men 31-year-old thomas guolee and james lohr are not being called suspects but officials say their name surfaced during the investigation. both are members of the prison gang 211 crew that's been linked to murder suspect evan ebel. now ebel was killed by authorities last week. he's suspected of killing colorado prison chief tom clements and a denver area pizza delivery man. meanwhile, threats and safety concerns have caused a federal prosecutor in houston to step down from a case involving another white supremacist gang. the move will not stop the case from moving forward. president obama was in colorado yesterday drumming up support for gun control
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legislation that's been stalled on capitol hill. speaking before a police academy in denver, the president praised colorado's newly passed gun laws, he also appealed to the state's gun owners by spelling out what this plan does and does not include. >> if there's any folks who are out there right now who are gun owners and you've been hearing somehow somebody is taking away your guns, get the facts. we're not proposing a gun registration system. we're proposing background checks for criminals. >> the president also met with local law enforcement officials and community leaders to discuss the state's new gun control laws. >> all right, before we get to our big national weather. check out the snow falling best of goodard, kansas. >> yuck. not more snow stuff. it's spring i hear. >> it made for slick roads. this happened yesterday morning. as bill knows so well if there's any chance that mother nature has gotten the memo that we are
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trying to move into spring. we see all these documents. >> i know, cold and everything else. the middle of the country is going to suffer it looks like part of the next week. but the west coast should be all right. besides the rain, that is. that's what we're dealing with this morning. as i mentioned yesterday, we are going to wake up to a rainy picture from san francisco to san jose. eventually to sacramento. it's knocking on sacramento's door. the green is the rain. and the heaviest showers heading intestate 5 towards sacramento. it's a rainy soggy morning in the bay area all the way up to santa rosa and santa cruz. how many rain? looks like half an inch by the time we're done in san francisco. a little more farther to the north. portland, about an inch of rain. seattle, one or two days with periods of rain. the forecast today, it's an umbrella day, definitely central california, north california. up into the west is where we're watching the rain especially later today and that will
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san diego, the l.a. area, berkeley and into areas of arizona and southern nevada, you'll be dry. >> in case you noticed, yuma, arizona, 94 today. you can find the warmth. you just have to drive to the desert. bill, stick around for this one. amazing video that we've got to show our viewers. new york artist michael berken created this animation tribute. what is it -- yeah, he used post-it notes. 4800 of these babies to come exact. it took a lot of time. it took 96 days spread over an 11-month period to shoot the 5,722 still images that make up the video as i said was a guy
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who has got way too many pot post-its and a time. i was looking for a millipede. obama is giving some back the salary. great news for nfl fans. 2 million cars recalled because of problems with air bags. plus, does it seem like carnival cruise line has a black cloud over their ships? the latest scare. next, we're back in two.
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welcome back. here are some other stories making news this morning. president obama will give up 5% of his annual salary about $20,000. it's a move to show solidarity with government workers forced to take unpaid leave because of the sequester. defense secretary chuck hagel announced a similar move earlier this week. topping cancer and even heart disease. alzheimer's has become the nation's costliest disease. with the tag of $215 billion just last year.
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a study at the new england journal of medicine said daily care of patients is even more expensive than drugs and medical treatment. one man is still missing in the mobile river this morning after carnival "triumph" broke loose from its repair dock in alabama. high winds knocked the ship across the bay causing more damage to the already stricken ship. flames engulfed a 40-story hotel and apartment building in chechnya. no one was hurt. it took 300 firefighters to put out that blaze. a short circuit is to believe to what caused it. more eruptions from italy's mount etna. this time, dark smoke clouding out an otherwise gorgeous spring day. it's the 19th eruption in less than two months. and while president obama's taking a pay cut, britain's queen elizabeth is getting a $7.5 million raise. her annual budget known as the sovereign grant includes the cost of running her household. her new pay package is $54.5 million. for a first look at what's moving your money, we go to
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cnbc's jackie deangelis. good morning. >> the stocks suffered yesterday on disappointing economic data and worries on escalating tensions with north korea. meanwhile, heads rolling at lululemon, the company's chief officer is leaving after the company was forced to pull a line of black pants because they were a bit see-through. facebook taking another leap into the mobile market. the site is expecting to unveil a smartphone today that will promptly feature users' home pages on it. 680 million people currently access facebook on their phones each month. richard back to you. on the retail front, samsung announced its setting up mini shops inside best buy stores in the comes months. meanwhile, rumors are swirling that apple has its own tv in the works, 50 or 60-inch sets that you control with your hand
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movements costs between $1500 and $2,000. hyundai and kia with air and brake switches. a new report finds 700 million federal dollars to help katrina victims is unaccounted for. according to the report more than 24,000 louisiana homeowners who received up to $30,000 had not carried out the necessary work or did not provide proof it was done. and the nfl is giving ticket buyers a little more bang for their buck. beginning this fall teams will install cameras into their locker rooms. to give fans in the stands a behind the scenes peek before the game and at halftime. unfortunately here, you tailgaters watching the screens will miss out on the extra footage. strait ahead, moms bond with newborns through technology and more u.s. troops prepare to head to afghanistan. plus you got to see this. sport caster bob costa channels
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his inner ludicrous. you're watching "early today".
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alrighty. now to some other stories that caught our eye this morning. we start in new york city where a woman was shocked to find her underwear stolen from the dryer by a complete stranger. the theft was caught on the security camera video. the thief made away with the woman's personal items.
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in mobile, alabama, some 200 national guard soldiered bid a tearful farewell to family before heading to afghanistan as part of operation enduring freedom. the troops will spend training time at fort hood before heading off to participate in base management. a los angeles hospital has found a new way for moms and babies to develop that very special bond. infants in the neonatal intensive care unit can connect with their mothers remotely thanks to ipad face time. the pilot program allows moms freedom and the ability to spend time with their newborns even when apart. and in baltimore, an annual elephant brunch meant a feast fit for a king right on the street. the giants paraded past fans and made their way to the brunch buffet set up just for them. that's a lot of food. in sports now, 13 faculty members are calling for the resignation of the rutgers university president for his handling of the abusive behavior of the basketball coach who was recently fired.
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and the athletic director could also be fired. the disturbing video shows mike rice using homophobic language and throwing basketballs at players. rice apologized. for what he did to the players. the school and his own children. >> my family who is sitting in their house just huddled around because of the fact that their father was an embarrassment to them. >> although most people were outraged over the video, one of the rutgers players said there were some positive results. >> to a certain extent i feel it definitely got our engines moving in the right direction and as the year progressed we definitely learned how to channel with the intensity of the practice and use it in the right manner. and the clemente foundation led by the family of the student who committed suicide after being publicly outed recently applauded that decision. brian banks was released
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after more than five years in prison for a crime he didn't commit is getting a chance to play in the nfl. the linebacker has now signed a contract with atlanta falcons. disgraced cyclist lance armstrong is scheduled to return to competition in three u.s. master swimming races this weekend. these events are not covered under the same drug testing rules as the u.s. anti-doping agency. brittney griner, the star of the women's basketball team seems very interested in playing in the nba. her response was when do i show up for try outs after mark cuban said he might draft her. well, golfer bubba watson was on msnbc's "morning joe," his son caleb went right for the television when he heard his father's voice. angie watson said it was one of the sweetest things i've ever experienced as a mom. broadcaster bob costa quoted
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rapper lewd ludicr s when he asked about his favorite rapper. he said ludicrous was the first to name check him in a rap song. >> i would be rolling torpedos for a hefty fee i'm on your record like bob costas. it was at that point, boys, where i said to myself if i step off a curb right now and get hit by a bus i've lived a full life. it's all good. >> a good chance after hearing that he'll probably keep his day job. >> announcer: "early today" sports is brought to you by just for men auto stop. gray is over. cancer patients are being turned away by oncologists and new legislation to cancel existing and future alimony payments. plus, tom cruise channels his inner irishman. and this unique connection between garbage and lindsay lohan next.
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well, welcome back. heavy rain is moving into areas of central california now. it hit the coast a couple hours ago, now it's moving on to the i-5 corridor near stockton and sacramento shortly it will be raining pretty hard. a half inch of rain in the morning commute. slow, obviously with the rain-induced speeds. and it does not look like it's going to head much to the south, though. unfortunately, even to friday, medford, northward, very steady. steadiest are today. if you and i were to watch late-night tv. we've got news in entertainment news. nbc has confirmed late night host jimmy fallon will take over for jay leno on the "tonight show" next spring.
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leno offered congratulations and said i hope you're as lucky as me and hold on to the job until you're the old guy, end quote. bon jovi, guitarist richie sambora will skip the first part of the tour for reasons. sambora missed 2011 for substance abuse treatment. on the heels of angelina jolie, madonna announced he's selling a paints worth $7 million to help school programs in afghanistan and pakistan. tom cruise toured the guinness factory while in ireland. he learned to pour the perfect pint and was given a certificate of irish heritage from the prime minister. and artist and self-proclaimed lindsay lohan fan made a mosaic of the actress entirely out of garbage like booze bottles and cigarette
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butts. >> pretty good for garbage. finally, beyonce posted a five-second tease for a big announcement this morning. take a listen. ♪ >> so some are speculating what that new single. >> i'm richard lui, this it td, just your first stop of the day on your nbc station.
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leading the news in "the washington post" cancer clinics are turning away thousands of medicare patients. blame the sequester. oncologists say the reduced funding makes it impossible to administer expensive chemotherapy drugs while staying afloat financially.
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and "the miami herald" has a fascinating head line. bill to end alimony draws debate in tallahassee. florida lawmakers are considering a bill that would put an end to permanent alimony payments. it appears one baby in california has gone to the dark side and his father has the video to prove it. take a look right here. the viral video shows this 1-year-old darth baby wielding his seemingly dangerous like saber, even engaging a little battle with dad. his siblings got in on the action. that is cool. dad, obviously, very, very good. i wish i had that. in mexico, one man's misfortune with several others gain. a crashed truck carrying cases of beer flipped over after a train crashed -- is that bill on the left side there? precious cargo across the street and inviting hundreds of bystanders to snap up the loot. the beer frenzy lasted only a
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few manipulates before all the salvageable cans were taken away. that's a word for you. i would have had a lot of that beer, too, myself. >> maybe you already did. and new shoes kind of get getting used to. here's hobbs and his new shoes. and he's hobbs trying to walk. the pup likes hiking in cold weather but his paws tend to take a beating. so looking for a solution here, his owners found -- >> he tried to kick them off. >> he doesn't know they're attached. hobbs, good stuff. time now for an early look at the day ahead in this day in history. first lady michelle obama will be getting her hands dirty. students from around the country will join the first lady to plant vegetables and herbs in the white house kitchen garden on the south lawn. on this day in 1968 nbc news anchor chet hutly announced the assassination of america's most
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famous civil rights leader. >> martin luther king jr. was killed tonight in memphis, tennessee. shot in the face as he stood alone on the balcony of his hotel room. he died in a hospital an hour later. and happy birthday to a poet and an actor maya angelou turned 85. robert downey jr. is 48. here's a look at what's coming up later on "today" show. kevin ware opens up about his injury and future and first lady. >> now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm richard lui with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today."
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the bay area police department that will go off-line in just over an hour. what it means for your safety? the president is waking up here in the bay area.
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we'll show you what's on his agenda before he heads back out on the road. >> new details about the man police are calling the chatty chief. could he be talking his way up and down the peninsula. for now, let's jump outside. clouds, rain out there. be ready to take a nice, live look at your bay bridge. grab an umbrella on this thursday, april 4th. this is "today in the bay." a very good thursday morning to one and all. i'm happy you could join us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. that storm is rolling over the bay area. let's check the forecast with christina loren we have a lot of rain to get through this morning. the heaviest has pretty much come through the bay area. another band with yellows and oranges. more heavy rain on the way for your drive. right now, i don't need to
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pinpoint anything. it is raining across the board. the showers will lighten up and turn spotty. it is not our own round of rain. we will let you know how things are going to progress. let's get you to work on time with anthony slaughter. we have a stall on the san mateo bridge. it is very jam-packed right now. it is because crews are actually head thad way trying to see what's actually happening. it is a breakdown on the bridge itself at foster boulevard. we will have more for you coming up. we do have roadway flooding all across the bay on every single roadway. it looks like chp has their work cut out for them this morning and so do i along with christina. it will be a very busy morning. hopefully, folks can get to work on time. even president obama is waking up to this rain as he gets ready to wrap up his quick fupd raising. he will attend two fund-raisers, a brunch and a lunch, hosted at private homes in


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