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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 17, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> reporter: in dorchester, massachusetts, tuesday night. >> we come together and trust in your love for martin. >> reporter: show of support for 8-year-old boy, martin richard, who died watching his dad run the boston marathon. his mother and sister are still recovering in local hospitals. the boy's death shakening this community to its core. >> makes you sick and angry at the same time. you know? >> reporter: not far away, hundreds gathered on boston commons, trying to make sense of the senseless together. prayed for healing and honoring the memories of the victims, among them krystal campbell, whose mother spoke about her in front of their home. >> she was all smiles. >> reporter: continued processing the 12-block crime scene, what one official called the most complex boston police have ever seen, fbi showing the first pictures of the devices
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used in monday's attack. pressure cookers packd with ball bearings, nails. urging the public to come forward with pictures, videos and tips. >> we're asking that anyone come forward who heard anyone speak about the marathon or april 15th in any way that he or she may target the event to call us. someone knows who did this. >> reporter: the investigation moving on, as more than 70 recover in local hospitals from physical wounds and a city and nation recover from their emotional scars. and we're learning more about the third victim in this bombing, a student from china. student at boston university. she was in her 20s. she had gone to the finish line to watch the end of the race with two of her friends. that's the story from boston. chris pollone, nbc news. tonight, the boston bruins return to the garden to play for the first time since the bombings. monday night's game was canceled
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as a precaution. this is the first time they'll take the ice since the blast. extra security will be at the arena. the celtics game was also canceled monday. next game the celtics play at home will be a playoff game next week. young local victim of that blast will undergo surgery. 11-year-old aaron martinez still in intensive care, waiting for his mother to cross that finish line. his grandmother tells us things were so chaotic there, the ambulance took him away before his parntds could join him. they then had to walk hospital to hospital, trying to track him down. aaron's classmates have started a collection to help the family pay for medical expenses. coming up at 5:00, we will hear from aaron's father. >> our own terry mcsweeney is in boston, getting the latest details on the investigation. he will have live reports for us all morning long at 6:00. as always, we'll continue to follow developments surrounding
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the explosion on "today in the bay" and on our website, five teenagers are in jail, accused of shooting and killing a south bay paramedic. oakland police say the teens range in ages from 14 to 16 years old, one of them accused of shooting 34-year-old quinn bowyer. it's not known at this time if the teens will be charge d as juveniles or as adults. no cell phone service, no internet, along with the people in the south bay waking up for the second morning, feeling like they're cut off from the rest of the world after vandals hit a pg&e substation. someone tried to shut down the entire system by cutting off fiber optic cables, then firing a rifle at the substation in san ho jose to knock out power. fiber optics cut, 911 system,
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landline, cell phone systems are all down in the gilroy area. for people without a land line, they can still not call in an emergency because cell phone service is down. >> what happens in case of an emergency? there's nobody there to respond. that's terrifying to know that. >> at&t crews should be done repairing that underground fiber optic cables in the next couple of hours. major crackdown on distracted driving is happening along the peninsula this morning. traffic officers from law enforcement agencies hitting the streets in millbrae as part of the program also known as s.t.e.p. on the lookout for people talking on cell phones and texting while driving. they'll be paying attention to right of way, stop sign violations and, of course, speeding. christina loren mentioned windy out there. expecting more of that today,
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christina? >> today is the day we can timely give the wind a break and timely, especially at the coastline with those 70-mile-per-hour gusts, frequent gusts overnight. we will see a really, really calm second half of the day. so, finally, a break from the wind. it's so strong out there, you want to watch out for debris in the highway. winds are pretty strong, right at the immediate coast. a sustained speed of 23 miles per hour to start the day in novato. high-profile vehicle, you could likely get knocked around this morning. second half of the day, especially the evening commute, we're talking much better conditions. temperatures this morning are chilly. not as cold as yesterday. we hit the 30s yesterday. today, though, we have a beautiful, warm day ahead as high pressure really takes control. this is going to stabilize our atmosphere. talking about a mild afternoon. low to mid 70s. we do have to deal with that high pollen for today and tomorrow as well. we'll talk more about that coming up. windy the first part of the day, turning breezy by the second
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half. 73 in livermore, fremont. seven-day outlook ready to go in my next report. s stick around for that if you can. mike is here to help you get out the door. bay bridge, a couple of gusts. we saw the camera shaking from the san francisco side. from the emeryville camera, look how beautiful that looks, sparsely populated for the commuters. no delays approaching or across that bridge itself. little slowing around the caldecott. temporary, i'm sure. 580 over on the right, castro valley boulevard a report of debris. i don't know if it's in east or westbound direction. chp doesn't know either. they're heading there to check it out and give us more details t doesn't look like there's any major slowing in the area. san mateo and dumbar bridges. slowing again, light volume of traffic. let me show you what we're talking about. foster city side off the san mateo high rise.
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light traffic here. camera is shaking a tad bit. you might get a gust or two. so far not really a problem as far as chp is concerned. back to you. >> mike, you know this one. if you don't have any business around candlestick tonight, you may want to stay away. tens of thousands of people expected to be at the park for a soccer match between mexico and peru. that game, for the record, starts at 8:00 this evening. this week, san francisco is honoring some of the survivors from the great earthquake in san francisco of 1906. one of the survivors, 107-year-old winnie hook, will be joined by several public figures, including mayor ed lee at the city's annual parade. it begins at the western st. francis hotel. they'll head down palo street before the annual private dinner for survivors. and tomorrow at 5:12 am, a gathering will be held on market street to commemorate the exact
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moment when that quake struck. 4:40 right now. coming up, a popular bay area museum getting set to open its doors at a new, improved location. former prime minister margaret thatcher, funeral services are held today. make or break for lawmakers.
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good morning to you. taking a live look outside hp pavilion. that's why it's rockin last night, 3-2 shootout. the museum will hold a grand opening of its new location this morning. we got a sneak peek inside last week. new location in san francisco has more space, more light, more exhibits. lieutenant governor gavin newsom and mayor ed lee will speak at a ceremony taking place at 9:00 am this morning. doors official ly open at 10:00 fight over martha stewart rages on in court. investors keeping a very close eye on a pair of bay area companies after some so-so earnings reports after the bell. mary thompson, live at cnbc
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headquarters and she has all your details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. first a look at the futures. they are lower this morning, following tuesday's rebound. that, of course, came on the heels of monday's decline, the worst of the year for the dow. but the dow actually put through its best gain in seven weeks, 150 points. the nasdaq added 48, fiping at 3,264. gold prices have stabilized after the precious metal suffered its worst two-day decline in years over concerns on global growth. looking at the economic report, federal reserve reports on economic conditions around the country. it's also, of course, another big day for earnings. among those reporting before the bell, bank of america, pnc financial, american express and ebay will be reporting after the bell. an appeals court grants macy's request to temporarily block j
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jcpenney from selling certain martha stewart goods. last week the court allowed jcpenney to carry some home goods that didn't carry the martha stewart name because macy's claims that it has the exclusive rights to sell martha stewart goods under a contract that runs through 2018. after the bell reporting disappointing numbers and intell numbers ahead of the estimate, still concerns about the future weighing on its stock. back to you. >> mary thompson, cnbc headquarters. thank you very much. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren, who has a look at our forecast this morning. >> we finally got done with the strongest wind. we'll see a really nice day shaping up. good morning to you. wednesday can be difficult. get you over the hump, 4:46 so we can get closer to that all-important weekend. winds relax and high pressure ridge take over, which means warmer days ahead. will be close to 90 by the end
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of that seven-day forecast. show you that in a minute. pull out your coat. santa rosa, 49 degrees. overall, 5 to 7 degrees more mild. we did hit the 30s at this time yesterday. so your forecast is looking really good. looking for sunshine, warmth, we've got it in droves for you the next few days. temperatures will be chilly this morning. pull out that coat. in addition to the cold we have a windchill factor. that will be part of the first part of the day. look at this. not hot pinks, but the yellows and oranges, 20 to 30-mile-per-hour gusts down from the 50 to 70-mile-per-hour gusts we've been dealing w wind again will be strong at 5:00 pm, breeziest at that point. by 7:00 pm, we start to see calm condition conditions. overnight once those winds really relax, fog will increase tomorrow morning. so overall we're looking pretty good. back to average for today, temperaturewise, plenty of mid 70s, 72 in san jose. thursday and friday, the warmup
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is on. we'll raise your temperatures by 5 degrees. 80s friday and saturday. hold i holding on to the mid 80s tuesday next week. early taste of summer mid springtime. back to you, jon and laura. american airlines telling parpgs to expect lingering delays as they recover from a massive technology meltdown. tens of thousands of passengers were stranded yesterday as american and american eagle were forced to cancel 970 flights and delay 1,000 more. late last night, airline ceo and chairman took to youtube to issue a mea culpa. they say it will run at near normal operation today and is working to accommodate the flyers that were affected by the outage. first time since the newtown school massacre, lawmakers are
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voting on gun control. growing number of republicans and moderate democrats oppose this idea. a press poll finds less than half of americans actually favor the bill. that's down nearly 10% since the days following the newtown school massacre back in december. the senate will also vote on eight other amendments to democratic gun control bill. 4:48. new this morning, thousands of people, including diagram e ini gather to honor briton's former prime minister, margaret thatcher. the capital came to a stand still as lady thatcher's coffin, draped in a union flag, followed the progressional route to the cathedral.
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ceremonial service with full military honors, which sparked controversy and protest in the country. some felt thatcher's leadership divided the nation. security was stepped up in and around london in the wake of the bombings at the boston marathon. thatcher died last week from a stroke. she was 87 years old. one of the u.s.'s youngest diplomats, 25-year-old anne smedinghoff was killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan. a foreign service officer, she was attack ed as she helped deliver textbooks to a school outside a military base. she will be buried in her hometown of chicago. and this morning, people are remembering one of the most iconic voices of american sports. >> good afternoon. it really is. i'm pat somerall, along with john madden. >> pat somerall died yesterday
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in a hospital near dallas. he announced 16 super bowls, more than any other broadcaster. he was 82 years old. >> one of the classic voices in sports, just an iconic figure. also did golf. presence for last 20, 30 years. >> big loss. 4:50 right now. how about this one? another montana in a niners jersey? the son of a legend getting set to take the field. a record-breaking day for one player. live look at the peninsula. through palo alto, shop iping center. a look at your south bay commute and a crash. i'll give you an update.
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welcome back, everybody. how are you feeling on a wednesday morning? this is a live look over the south bay and san jose, before the sun comes up. christina loren has good news for us. that wind, apparently mother nature is going to blow it out. it should get nice and calm for the weekend. 4:54. nhl hockey played at dodger stadium next year? yeah, that's right, outdoor hockey will be a battle of southern california. tsn reporting the league working on a game between the anaheim ducks and the l.a. kings to be played january 25th next year. nhl putting together six outdoor games to be played in january
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and march. of course, there's a break in february for the sochi olympics. this is really cool when you have the outdoor hockey. none of these games, unfortunately, will be cool enough for the sharks to be playing in. >> the warriors, they're going to wrap up their regular season tonight in portland, taking on the portland trailblazers. all eyes sure to be on stefan curry, just two three-pointers away. ray allen hold that is record with 269 back in the 2005-2006 season. curry is certainly having a career season for golden state, shooting 46% from beyond the arch, averaging 3 1/2 three-pointers per game. not bad. portland at 7:30. >> kidd has been on fire. >> for the nfl, that draft just around the corner. quarterback with a very familiar name taking the field in hopes
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of getting the 49ers attention. the name's montana, nate montana. we're talking about the son of nfl legend hall of famer joe montana. his son, working out at the practice facility in santa clara as part of the 49ers pro day. this has to be a thrill for that entire family. kind of bounced around, four different schools, including his dad's alma mater, notre dame. found consistent playing time at west virginia wesleyan, leading the conference in passing yards and touchdowns. kind of looks like him, too. >> he has those eyes. >> steely look. good luck. love to see him in a 49ers uniform. >> lot of pressure. let's check the morning commute with mike right now. how are we looking? it's still early. oh, look, people are up. >> hopefully, they are, because they're driving cars. everybody awake and waking up by some lights here. let me show you 101 at hillyer.
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the camera crew swung by, took a shot of this, box truck i talked about, went off the roadway. look at that. it has some debris in the back there. that's all off the roadway down the shoulder. no lanes are blocked but as they have to get a big rig tow on scene, they will have to close a lane. minor injuries and scrapes to the hand for the driver, better news there. rest of the south bay moving slowly. that traffic will build. i'll let you know, slowing around 880. might be construction crews. and new incident for sunol, 680. >> thank you very much. 4:57 right now. two-alarm house fire in san mateo. marla is on her way to the scene. she'll have a live report as soon as she gets there. >> how bay area runners are showing their support for those hurt in the boston marathon attack more than 3,000 miles away.
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new details this morning on the terror in boston. what we've learned overnight and more information about the three people killed. we want aaron to know we miss him. hope he's doing well and we're thinking of him every minute. >> the attacks hit close to home as a young martinez boy gets ready to undergo surgery. his classmates are sending their thoughts to his family. we hear from his father this morning for the first time. strong winds continue this morning. we'll trade in the wind for a significant warmup, close to 90 degrees by the end of the week. what that means for where you live. >> pretty early right now. but we already have a crash in san hojose. show you pictures again and a new incident out of fremont into sunol. right now, live pictures from san francisco. that is the embarcadero, keeping
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the lights on there. it is wednesday, april 17th. this is "today in the bay." 5:00. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. one of the three victims who died in the explosions in boston was a grad student at boston university from china. her family did not want to release photos that a state-run chinese newspaper identified her as lindsay. fellow chinese students said they were shocked to hear the news. another victim is 29-year-old krystal campbell of medford, massachusetts. she worked as an assistant manager at a restaurant and an infectious smile. 8-year-old martin richard was also killed. neighbors said he loved to run, climb and play sports. we're also learning more about the bombs that were used. fbi investigators found pieces
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of a pressure cooker near the blast site, believing that the attacker filled it with ball bearings, nails and shards of metal. a backpack was also found that the bombs may have been hidden inside. one of the young victims in the boston attack is here from the bay area. 11-year-old aaron hernandez of martinez. >> he will undergo a second surgery today as he was hit by shrapnel, watching that marathon. family and friends here in martinez are pulling for him. we are also hearing from his father, whose updating his condition for us. he is appearing on the "today" show a little bit later


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