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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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value in the district attorney's office. >> reporter: a value at the center of the controversy. >> and this is really what the issue is about, fairness, as far as i'm concerned. >> understandably, it could be a financial crisis to the county. and here again, we're not out to ruin the county but out to make sure we're given the fair share. >> i spoke to the county executive, jeff smith who said that labor unions will look at the situation. he also said the worse case scenario if the district attorney violated the contract, and everybody asked for the same, millions could be at risk. >> okay, thank you so much. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, just call or send us an e-mail to the unit at we're turning to the coverage in boston, late this afternoon, the fbi released this video. look closely, it is the first picture of the two suspects in the boston marathon bombings. both men wearing caps and seen
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wearing backpacks, seen at the finish line at the marathon. the fbi wants you to take a good look. if you recognize either one of them please submit a tip on line at boston marathon and the president and first lady attended a church service to pay respect to those injured and killed in the blast. after that, michelle obama went to several hospitals to visit with those injured. among them, aaron hern, who had been harmed in the blast. the first lady was seen at children's hospital today. she bought little replicas of bo, the white house dog. he has tubes removed and was able to sit up and talk. aaron was at the finish line waiting for his mother to finish when the bombs went off. >> now the event organizers reassessing their own security plans, trying to find the balance between keeping fans
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safe and deep keeping things as normal as possible. local teams are no exception. a live look at the hp pavilion, the sharks play tonight at 7:30. team officials say they're confident they can keep the fans safe using the security measures they already have in place. don't expect to see anything different tonight. that is not the case for the giants, starting tomorrow, the game at at&t park you will see different security measures in place. nbc's jodi hernandez is live outside the ballpark. and really, earlier is better. >> reporter: that is right, jessica. the giants will play at home tomorrow since the bombing took place. they want to do everything they can to make sure the ballpark is safe. now, they say what happened in boston is a huge reminder that safety comes first. >> obviously, in light of what happened in boston earlier this week, that is heavy on all of our hearts. and it reminds all of us to take
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a look at our security procedures. >> reporter: that is why the san francisco giants are ramping up their efforts to keep fans safe. starting tomorrow, fans will notice extra security measures that are normally reserved for playoff games at at&t park. what they saw in the post season and the world baseball classics just last month here, fans will be wanded as they can into the park and their bags will be inspected. >> reporter: security has been stepped up throughout the city. the san francisco police say they're paying extra attention to areas where tourists congregate. they want to make sure what took place in boston won't be repeated in san francisco. >> we're in contact with the fbi a and the east coast agencies, just trying to learn and grow in our knowledge. and so that -- we're diligent and keeping them safe.
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>> reporter: they say this is the kind of awareness they want folks to have. >> that is perfect, god bless them for doing that. we have asked everybody to be as vigilant as that security guard. if you see something, say something, we'll come and check it out no matter how small it is. >> reporter: back at the park, the fans are urged to get to the game early to get through security and make sure they're in good hands. >> and so we want our fans to come out and enjoy the weekend and know this is a safe environment and we're doing all we can to ensure their safety. >> reporter: again, if you plan to come to tomorrow's game you are urged to arrive early. it will take extra time to get through security at the front gate but we're told it will be time well spent. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. with the nation on high alert a suspicious package
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disrupted the commenting of the anniversary. somebody left a canvas bag on the sidewalk, crowds gathered to mark the anniversary. with the access blocked, the crowd walked to union square and held the ceremony there. >> obviously, the suspicious package, in light of what happened in boston, erring on the side of caution as we always do the area was shut down. >> turns out the bag was harmless and contained only clothes and papers. after the streets reopened participants placed the wreath back at the fountain. and coming up at 6:30, we'll go live to boston with our own terry mcsweeney and how they are investigating. and audrie potts, who is the teen who committed suicide after being sexually assaulted.
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tonight, the family's attorney is responding, nbc bay area has more on the accused teenagers waiting for their fate. >> reporter: well, sources say the teens are still here behind me at juvenile hall, waiting to see if the judge will let them go home on house arrest or if he will keep them here throughout the trial. meanwhile, the war of words continues outside these walls. saratoga high school is on spring break this week. but the school still issued this paper, answering the questions that the media had been asking. audrie pott's family said that the school ignored claims that audrie was being bullied. the district says they never discussed it at a meeting a year ago. the family also said the school
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announced the daughter's death before the family even knew she was dead. but the district said that audrie's family gave permission to announce the death over the innercom. >> it caused outrage among my family. the pott family. >> reporter: the family lawyer says the four-page response has only fuelled their anger. >> i wish i could say i was surprised. i have seen this before in cases i dealt with, usa swimming, the catholic church, with boy scouts of america, even penn state. >> reporter: he said they had a chance to evaluate the incident, instead of just kicking them off the football team. >> yes, it occurred off the school property, and we admit not during school time, but the aftermath, which may have been more important, in fact we believe it was more important.
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that is the cyberbullying. >> reporter: they face charges of districting child porn and sexual assaults. in juvenile cases there is no bail. a judge will decide whether or not to free the boys or keep them locked up until the case is settled. and the three teens could possibly be tried as adults. we're live in san jose, i'm damion trujillo. and prosecutors say christian burton was the gunman on april 2nd when a group approached boyar with the intention of carjacking him. witnesses say he was shot in the head as the suspects tried to drive off. all six suspects are young, ranging in ages to up to 13.
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and battling over a city's roar on protesters. plus, high tech high in the air. the technology helping give the firefighters the upper hand in the fight against wildfires. and why the lunch lady won't carry a gun on campus after all. and today was day one of the warmup we have been expecting to arrive in the bay area. and still at this hour, in the upper 70s. concord, fairfield, clear skies for now. we'll see fog on the coast. but the seven-day forecast has even more warming heading our way. we'll look at that when we come right back.
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in tonight's class action, clamoring to get in, a record number applied to the state's uc system, making it harder than decades to get in. there is a release of stats
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showing a drop of out of state students, uc has been accepting more students from outside of california in recent years because they pay much higher tuition, helping to compensate for some budget cuts. and the governor wants to overhaul the way k-12 schools are funded. and a new poll shows that the majority of people in california like the idea. a poll shows that 78% of adults favor the plan to give local school districts more control on how they spend their money. 71% of adults approve of the funding to low income students. >> they really do perceive there is a difference between the school districts in wealthier areas. >> they also show modest increases in the governor's
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approval. and the lunch lady won't pack heat after all. a controversial bill regarding the marshal program failed. the bill was introduced by assemblyman tim donnelly, after the shooting at sandy hook elementary school. he also wanted to arm teachers or the secretary or lunch secretary. but his colleagues in the senate did not agree. that bill failed to make it out of committee. and a settlement reached over one of the last lawsuits against the california high speed rail project, which was filed by the central valley farmers. it accuses the authority of violating the environmental rules. it supposedly mitigates the cultural impact and also compensates the landowners affected by the project. a judge needs to seen off on the deal. and a dry winter has fire
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officials nervous about the fire season. they will be looking to the skies. more on the new technology helping crews on the ground. >> reporter: residents at the santa cruz mountains will all remember the 2008 summit fire. the blaze turned the picturesque hills into a quick-moving inferno. and the firefighters got a little help from above. >> we fly over the fires, giving strategic information to the incident commanders on the ground. >> reporter: the large wildfires break out, and the u.s. forest service pilots are dispatched from a modified cessna plane, they use infrared to take photos of burning areas, sometimes covering four states in a night. >> this is the aircraft that looks at the fires at night and provides maps to the incident command teams. >> reporter: before the technology, the pilots would observe fires and then land to share their observations in
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person. later, they loaded their maps onto flash drives. >> to being able to download it on thumb drives, and tubes would be dropped about 150 feet. >> reporter: now, they equip the planes with sensors that can map them day or night. they use cellular technology. >> it helps them make better informed decisions which in turn makes us safer. >> reporter: originally developed forçó satellites, nas says the technology is find cin uses beyond fire. >> we can look at crop changes. >> reporter: but with california facing a very dry year there is a good chance the eyes in the sky will be back soon. joe rosati, jr. and rob mayeda joins us,
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higher temperatures? >> yes, especially next week, you will think the temperatures jumped. right now, outside, mostly sunny and breezy, as we show you the view, looking across the bay. no low crowds around san francisco, the seabreeze is picking back up. in the south bay, you have mostly sunny skies. a difference based on that proximity, if you're right there near the bay, now the temperatures are cooling off quite a bit. this is an air flow pattern that is fairly moist, coming off the ocean. over the last few days, speaking of fire danger there is a dry north area, dropping the levels into the teens. not the case right now, we'll see more of a push of cooler marine air in and across the bay. and the hill tops seeing the relative humidity in the 20 to 30% range. highs close to 80, inland. hanging onto to 70s. morgan hill, still 74 degrees. and tomorrow, a repeat
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performance. but if you're around san francisco and the coast, you hear all the talk about the warmup, close to 70 today. the real warmup for everybody is going to arrive sunday into monday, when high pressure builds in. the temperatures breaking records by monday and tuesday, so in the meantime by tomorrow morning you will see low clouds approaching the coast once again, and maybe patchy fog for the timemornings. mostly sunny skies, a few high clouds drifting in, during the afternoon. temperatures for tomorrow morning in the 50s. and then eventually by lunchtime you will see temperatures in the 70s. near 80, once again as we get through the afternoon for the tri valley, big changes taking place in the pacific as high pressure strengthens. mid-way through the weekend, we'll see the temperatures rising, the forecast including the temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80s. which would break some records. we'll walk you through the timing of when the hotter temperatures arrive, coming up in the full seven-day forecast
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back to you. all right, thank you rob. not just for fighting pain. still ahead. the unusual new use for tylenol. i'm scott budman with the new high tech way to watch your weight. coming up, the fork that lets you know if you're eating too fast. plus, a problem with the plates. why some california drivers may not be getting what they're paying for. back in a moment.
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in gilroy right now, police are searching an apartment to determine if a suspect had access to bombs and other weapons during an all-day standoff, the suspect surrendered just over two hours ago after holding a s.w.a.t.
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team all day at the apartment complex just east of the downtown area. as police worked with the man, the county bomb squad team was seen arming a robot as you see there. the neighbors told the gilroy dispatch the suspect was being evicted and his power was turned off for weeks. the man surrendered just after 4:00 p.m. when he saw the police approach his apartment with tear gas canisters. and california lawmakers trying to get guns out of the mentally ill. they authorize $24 million over the next few years to hire more agents to seize weapons. the program checks data bases to see if people bought guns legally but are no longer permitted to own them. the figure is estimated at some 20,000 people. and tonight, anti-abortion activists vow to sue the city if they go through with a proposal regarding health clinics that provide abortion services. the city officials say the
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buffer zone would protect the clinic patients from being harassed, something they say the measures just don't do right now. the measures include an eight-foot floating zone around the clinic. the supervisor says that establishing the zone will give clarity to the proposal and the clinic. the proponents argue it helps free speech. >> we believe at the same time it allows for free speech. >> my voice that says good morning from 8:00, is a little bit different from a voice that says good morning, even from a difference it is artificially aggressive. right now, supervisors are in support of the measure. and a new report today found mismanaged funds and millions missing from california's specialty license plate program. the audit, ordered by governor
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jerry brown found the dmz failed to collect $22 million just in the past two fiscal year's alone. the money was supposed to benefit college groups, among other. they found the money from the 9/11 license plates intended to victims' families and police, were diverted. and i'm sam brock, immigration reform is now the buzz in washington after gun reform fails. will this be the year lawmakers get a down done? one republican senator says not if we put legalization before border security. is that what the bill does? and an explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas. and more on the victims from the boston marathon bombing. we'll be right back of the.
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coverage of the terror in boston, just hours ago the fbi released this video and two pictures of two suspects in the boston marathon bombings. both men are wearing caps and carrying backpacks. they are seen walking towards the finish line of the marathon. now, if you recognize any of these men you are asked to send a tip at boston marathon tips, at
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now, recently the president and first lady arrived to honor those. >> nbc's terry mcsweeney has more on boston and how the city is reacting tonight. >> reporter: here in boston, three blocks from where the bombs went off, people have started a memorial which has been growing ever since it started tuesday morning. people come here to find comfort, and comfort is the reason that president obama and first lady michelle came to boston today. president obama came to boston's cathedral of the holy cross, perhaps first and foremost to comfort. he also came to rally americans, and boston's shaken spirit. >> if they sought to intimidate us, to terrorize us, to shake us from the values that deval described, the values that make us who we are as americans, well it should be clear that they picked the wrong city to do that. >> reporter: many were outside,
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such as derek winn, from santa cruz, now a resident of boston. >> i just came here to show solidarity to boston, and those that were lost, and show them that they can attack, we're going to come back stronger than ever. >> my husband is a police officer, he volunteered today, got up at 4:30 in the morning and wanted to come in and show his support. and we were off and said we really need to be there, as well. >> reporter: many people said they had to be here for a show of strength. afterwards, those inside who said they heard the president, told me they had been comforted. >> it was far-reaching, very powerful. he brought us together as bostonians. and we have no fear. >> reporter: and by the way, the reaction to the release of the photos of the suspects here at the memorial has been muted. some people say of course, it is a good thing. but it doesn't change what those people did. in boston, terry mcsweeney, nbc
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bay area news. >> thank you, terry. now to the latest on a developing story in texas where officials are still looking for the missing after a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant. those who saw it say they still can't believe it. it started with a fire then an explosion that practically levelled a small texas town, all happening last night in the town of west. tonight, the city's mayor says he believes that 45 to 50 were killed in the blast, because that is the number of people still unaccounted for. nbc's kevin torres has more. >> reporter: at this hour, the investigation continues. as authorities look for the victims who are still missing. it was a big plume of smoke that choked the sky and the after-effects of the blast that really bullied theñr community. rescue crews are searching for the people after the explosion. cameras were rolling and caught
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the blast as it happened. the blast, so strong that it extended to out of the community that extends beyond the plant. several volunteer firefighters caught up in the initial explosion are now missing. the blast destroyed an area around the plant that included at least 50 homes and a nursing home which has been evacuated. >> it is highly populated. it is a neighborhood. it is -- it is devastating. >> reporter: the search for survivors is being unhampered by many of the homes and buildings. >> once they get a structure secure, then and only then are they being allowed to go in and actually search. it is difficult. >> reporter: west texas is a tight-knit community of about 120 people, all of whom are distraught about what happened here. >> this tragedy has likely hit every family and touched probably everybody in the town.
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>> reporter: it is still too soon to know what happened. just last year, the plant was fined for safety violations. meanwhile, the elite response team has been called in to investigate. law enforcement will be on the scene overnight continuing to sift through the rubble and the community hit by the explosion, hoping to find the victims. now, back to you. okay, thank you, so much kevin. a bay area emergency responder tells us what made the fire in texas so dangerous was the chemical involved. the fire chief said that ammonia doesn't react well with water, which is what they used to try to put out the flames, when the two substances react, it causes the explosives. >> if you have the anhydrous, it will expand the vapor cloud. could that have prepared more problems that they were not
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aware of? >> there was a chemical explosion in east palo alto, nowhere near the scale of west texas, but the plant shut down when the explosion is happened. that spark caused the chemicals to explode as they were being transferred. and the emotionally charged debate regarding guns is over. and the next issue, immigration reform which figures to be front and center on capitol hill in the coming weeks. sam brock looks at a claim from alabama senator jeff sessions that the reform is too weak to pass muster. >> yes, you know, border security will be at the heart of any border reform bill. the senator says this proposal puts legalization ahead of enforcement and takes a step back on border security from previous efforts. both of those cliaims are eithe
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untrue or dubious, at best. as the march goes on for immigration reform in the country, the claims are flying almost as fast as the political football, even among members of the same party. republican marco rubio and his fellow members of the gang of 8 tried to get support for the measure with tough talk on border security. but so far at least one republican is not biting. >> that will give amnesty now. >> reporter: the alabama senator jeff sessions has blasted the reform package, claiming in a statement "already we know that the bill's sponsors have abandoned their promise to the american people that enforcement will come first. this bill is legalization first, not enforcement first." sessions also called the package weaker on the border security than the failed attempt in 2007. let's start with the money. in 2007, president bush called for meaningful border security. he said the government is
6:34 pm
serious about meeting the benchmarks. the bill provides $4.4 million in additional funding, fast forward to 2013 and the gang of 8 proposal. up to $5 billion over ten years, depending upon the effectiveness rate. if anything, they would be spending more. when it comes to border control measures turns out there is a lot of similarity there, as well. like more fencing, for one. the e-verify system, beefed up border patrol agents and more high tech surveillance. those are the similarities. the main difference in what likely has senator sessions so fired up about the so-called bench marks is something called operational control. that was included in the 2007 legislation, not in the 2013 legislation. what is operational control? >> a border that is 100% sealed. and places like north korea, totalitarian states, that is who
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has artificial control. >> reporter: one expert says operational control is a hard standard to define, and would almost certainly hold up immigration reform. this year's proposal, by contrast, requires the department of homeland security to submit a plan to congress showing that it started to implement the border security measures mentioned. but immigrants with temporary status still can't apply for a green card until all border security measures have been completed. sessions claimed that legalization comes before enforcement in this plan is completely wrong. >> you hold out the 2007 bill as a gold standard is a false way of looking at the two pieces of legislation. >> now, senator session's office told us the homeland security secretary can actually waive these border security requirements under certain legal scenarios. we asked the department of homeland security if that is in fact, true, and we couldn't get
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a definitive answer from them. but the bill is still evolving. and it is hard to know what it mean. at this point, putting the legalization ahead of enforcement seems far from true. i'm sam brock. >> thank you, sam, for breaking it down. still ahead, the unusual use for tylenol. plus, detect reporter scott budman shows us what will help you stay thin. and outside right now, we're seeing a school evening around most of the inner bay, san francisco to oakland. you're seeing a seabreeze-cooled temperature in the 60s now. 71 in san jose, but the temperaturesses over the next fw days, in the 80s. we'll have a look at the seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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the mississippi man accused of sending several letters laced with ricin was in court today. he was accused of sending the letters to a mississippi justice official, to president obama and a senator. the senator met him when he performed at a party. he said he was quite entertaining. if convicted, curtis could face up to 15 years in prison. and in health matters tonight, tylenol could help hurt ankles and it seems hurt feelings, too. physical pain, researchers say like a twisted ankle and social pain caused by a fight with a friend or something else triggers the same response in the brain. the university of columbia researchers found the main ingredient in tylenol helps the pain in the same area of the mind. they say they are promising
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findings but more studies need to be done. >> okay, meteorologist rob mayeda is here with the forecast. >> if you want to get caught up on the vitamin d, good news, a lot of sunshine, san francisco right now, cool with the seabreeze, we're talking 70s in san francisco. the forecast coming up. and my shirt watches my mood, when you hit rock bottom as a pitcher, matt cain may be able to give us the answer. highlights of the not so great day in milwaukee, plus, the nfl schedule released. more coming up from the sports desk.
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investors. they reported a big jump in earnings, shares of google stock rose more than 1 1/2% in trading. and smartest fork in the world? >> that story you will see on nbc bay area, scott budman sat down with the fork that wants to make you happy. >> reporter: it is a little thicker a than you're used to. but the goal of the happy fork is to help you get a little thinner. yes, this is the fork that buzzes if you eat too quickly. we put it to the lunch room so you could get a look first. >> this is a device that people want to be mindful and understand the value of nutrition. >> reporter: the thought being that if you eat more slowly and pay more attention to what you're eating you will be more healthy. full of software and sensors, the happy fork will wirelessly
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transit data about what you eat and how you eat to your smartphone. so you can track and improve your eating habits. and just about like everything else in the tech world, the fork is made to be social. >> it is social, we feel it is also the family and the kids, they have to be healthy and need to learn about how we eat. and what nutrition it about. >> weight control is a problem. >> reporter: if you're interested you can even invest in the happy fork. it has its own on-line kick starter campaign and will be expected to cost $99. generating fast buzz to get you to eat slower. in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. i think that is worth it. >> something else -- >> who the heck is calling me at this hour, i apologize for that. let's get a check of the
6:45 pm
forecast. blue skies today, we'll see a lot more. >> and we'll see a lot more sunshine and warmer temperatures if you're dining outside. what fork you want to use, outside, it is going to be nice. temperatures cranking up, looks like june or july, where you had temperatures consistent. now, cooling off. reaching into livermore now, around 580, 680, the tri-valley, winds picking up. tomorrow morning patches of low clouds on the coast, temperatures not changesi inch- changing much, starting sunday that is when high pressure will strengthen build right on top of northern california. that is what will lead to the warmer temperatures pretty much everywhere. tomorrow, you will notice the patches of low clouds off to the west.
6:46 pm
high clouds drifting by. high pressure keeping us quite clearly dry as you head to the pacific northwest. that is where you will find the rain. clears things out up and down the west coast as we approach the start of the weekend, 70s, 80s for friday into saturday. and then here is the change. sunday into monday, high pressure build more strongly. 70s around san francisco. 80s for santa cruz. and the inland locations out to the east bay and south of san jose, upper 80s in the forecast. monday and tuesday, we may even get close to 90 in some spots around morgan hill by next tuesday. 49, san francisco, low 40 around the south bay, mainly clear skies, recovering nicely for the afternoon, close to 80 tomorrow in san jose. pleasantton, towards livermore, 70 towards antioch, and back to san francisco. mainly seabreeze, cooling a couple of days before we see winds turning offshore. leading to temperatures climbing up even to the coast. looks good, the giants host the
6:47 pm
padres over the next few days, tomorrow, we can catch that on nbc bay area, great baseball area, temperatures climbing up as we go through the weekend. then i think it will actually feel hot inland, monday and tuesday we have not seen those type of temperatures around here for a while as we get close to 90 to start the work week. beach days, start planning those, sunday, monday, tuesday, cooling towards the middle part of the week, very nice weather to catch the ball game. >> 88 on monday? >> yes. >> hello april. >> hello. >> thank you so much, rob. let's get to sports. great news for the warriors, so exciting, they're in the playoffs. >> yes, yes, so true, did you just get my call? >> i know you want the happy fork, i'll send it to you. >> all right, my friend. and let's move it along. 49ers in the super bowl, giants won the world series, bay area sports has had its run of
6:48 pm
successes lately. now the warriors are looking to join the party as they make only their second trip to the playoffs in 19 seasons. all starting this weekend, they take on the denver nuggets. that is exactly right. city of oakland holding a tip-off rally. some of the speakers included oakland mayor, jean quan, and broadcaster, jim bar net. as for the players they say they are excited and ready to go. >> we're all ready for this challenge. and for me, it has been a long time to wait. and i'm having to do more to calm myself down from being hyped than i am getting ready for it. >> can't wait to start the process of this first thing -- get the ball rolling, especially when we come back to oracle, the atmosphere we expect will be amazing. >> nothing better than watching playoff action, saturday afternoon, the warriors will be in denver for games one and two
6:49 pm
before coming back to oracle, catch the entire round on sports net comcast bay area, we were all there for the 79 games and the entire round this year. giants looking to avoid the sweep in what i like to call thrill walking. matt cain on the hill, bottom of the first, that is a two-run home run. that ends, brewers up 2-0, at least until this happens, milwaukee up 3-0, i lied. yovani gallardo, the 11th career home run. one on, one out. jonathan lucroy, keeps the left. second home run of the year, cain's season -- 7.15. giants lose 7-2. it was a season to remember for the san francisco 49ers and one to forget for the oakland raiders. today, fans got a look at the 2013 season as the nfl released the regular season schedules,
6:50 pm
let's begin with the 49ers opening up at home, take on the packers. and jim harbaugh's former pupil at stanford, andrew luck, plus, a pair of games that can be seen on nbc bay area, that is right, week two nbc bay area at seattle. week five, nbc bay area on sunday night football home for the texans, make sure you watch it. raiders's home opener week two against jacksonville. sharks host the wild tonight at the tank. highlights all come up at 11:00. ladies to you. >> yes, don't forget, jim. call me maybe. >> we'll be right back. >> good one. >> good-bye, we'll see you in a bit.
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well, there could be some surprises in the coming years for people who don't have insurance under the new federal health care law. >> and it will come attacks t t time. there is a wrinkle that involves the irs and you, steven? >> janelle, the man who overseas the irs says they need to do a better job of getting the word out. the inspector general told me that he is concerned that many americans will be unprepared when the irs garnishes their tax refund for not buying insurance. the law is known as the affordable care act. and the mandate is the law. few know that the individual mandate rules will mean that a financial penalty will be levied for those who don't participate, don't buy or have health insurance provided by their employers. how will the irs do that?
6:54 pm
by docking their tax refunds, as much as a couple thousand a year for a family of four. and that, the inspector general says, presents a problem. >> many americans do not realize the extent that the internal revenue service will be involved in the implementation of the affordable care act. >> now, the irs would not comment, in fact, referred us to their website for those criticisms. in fact, the irs is already getting ready to play enforcer for the new law. just last week it asked congress for $440 million to help it enforce this new health care system. now coming up tonight at 11:00 p.m. on nbc bay area we'll break down the entire law in detail, and tell you just what you face if you don't pay the health insurance. all tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. >> and kudos to you for winning the award for the investigative series you did on child labor
6:55 pm
and agriculture. it was fabulous and we appreciate all the efforts that you guys have made. >> thank you so much, we're proud of our work. >> thank you so much. we hope to see you back here at 11:00. good night.
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>> now on "extra." >> the official first look at the two boston bombing suspects. >> we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. >> who are they, where are they now? and how the f.b.i. pieced the puzzle together. >> every attack like this is have preattack surveillance. >> a top crime writer and others analyze the breaking desotos. >> then she plays an f.b.i.
6:58 pm
agents and she is a boston come. sandra bullock and others sound off. >> you rled how good people are when tragedy hits. >> now trending, robin roberts relate relapse. why she is back in the hospital. >> plus reaun leaving a medical building, the big rumor, she is pregnant. kardashian divorce news. kim close to a settlement with chris. >> my morning, what biray cyrus told us of miley's record. >> what christina applegate told us about anchor man 2. >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" here at the grove. i am mario lopez. >> and eye maria menounos here in new york city. i came here to co-vest the view and of course the top story was the boston bombing. >> this afternoon the f.b.i. revealing two key persons of interest. here is jerry. >> a huge break in the case.
6:59 pm
>> we consider them to be armed and dangerous. >> a zprace hunt for suspects. >> somebody out there knows these individuals. >> the president making this vow in boston today. >> we will find you, and yes, you will face justice. >> breaking news. authorities announcing this major development just hours ago. >> today we are enlisting the public's health to identify the suspects. we are releasing photos of these two suspects. they are identified aspect one and secretary two. >> the new evident just released this video. >> they appear to be associated. secretary two set down a backpack at the side of the second explosion. >> the new information coming after a day of bizarre twists and turns. >> these images should be the only ones the public syracuse to assist us. >> bag men, the paper fed seek to search for the


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