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tv   Rock Center With Brian Williams  NBC  April 19, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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now, huston street, the padre closer, heads down to the right field bull pen. romo up in the giants bull pen. one ball, one strike. >> mike: look at the quality location pitching. he takes that count away with perfect location. >> duane: and a curveball. >> mike: oh. >> duane: he caught it. not a strike, but maybe when it hit the plate, maybe it was.
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2-2, we're in the ninth inning. crawford. he got him! nice play. >> mike: the thing that's impressive about crawford, he goes to his left, then a 360. how accurate his throws are. that's a bullet to belt. watch the footwork, gets planted on the leg, a little hop, skip, here comes the cannon. right to the chest. casilla appreciates the effort. >> duane: alonso.
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he's struck out swinging, 0 for 3. came into the game hitting over .300. 2-2. nobody on in the ninth. gyorko is up next. i think he must like what he's seeing tonight with casilla up against righties. >> mike: he's got a lot of weapons, and he has command of all of them. >> duane: right into the giants dugout, on the third base side. >> mike: not a lot of wind at this ballpark right now. flags are limp.
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it's not often like this at this ballpark. >> duane: the trainer asking him if he's okay. >> mike: the perfect fastball. alonso did what he could to fight that one off. >> duane: two down, nobody on. 2-2, the score in the ninth. a little wind picks up, blowing out toward left field. struck him out! blanco, then the pitcher's spot.
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coming up.
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>> duane: last of the ninth inning. it's tied, padres 2, giants 2.
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luke gregorson stays in. padres now have blanks moving to right field. and denorfia moving, and will venable in the spot of the order where guzman was. blanco takes a little bit low. one ball, know strikes. >> mike: the padres have definitely improved their arm strength. venable, a good arm at center. >> duane: one ball, one strike. out on-deck is nick noonan. blanks, and venable, who's
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taking over in center. denorfia, over to right field. much better defensive outfield than it was. swinging bunt. shallow left. and that's a base hit. >> mike: i love that. that's a thing, that's exactly what that is. that's his third hit. >> duane: he was not happy as he left the batter's box. >> mike: it was a popup. into left field -- you're a genius. folks, he hit balls hard in milwaukee and got nothing for
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it. he's due. now, a base hit to lead it off. >> duane: could bunt. could try a little hit and run action. blanco. can you get a jump against gregorson? >> mike: he can be quick. >> duane: torres, trying to bunt. >> mike: gregorson, he could move out. not much of a leg lift at all. just a little tucked-in knee. all of it hundley will need. he throws the ball well.
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you have to earn it. >> duane: that one went to the third base side. headley was right on top of him. generally speaking, you want to bunt it and make the third baseman field it. he has to wait before he can get it. so, very poorly done by andres torres. the only silver lining is, he could steal. >> mike: for gregorson, an easy play. he comes in there, could throw out to second base. it wasn't even close. so, a wasted out. whether or not he'll try to make
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up for it and steal a bag here, remains to be seen. >> duane: also, pagan, the switch hitter, will bat left-handed. as long as he's at first, pagan has that open hole to shoot for. torres has not stolen a base so far this year, and has not attempted to steal yet. 2-2, runner at first, one out. one ball, no strikes. >> mike: gregorson is getting frustrated there, he thinks those are strikes. i don't believe they are, but he does.
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>> duane: posey and pence exchanges thoughts in the dugout. when they won the world series in 2010, torres has 26 steals. there he goes. the throw, up and away. so, he's in to second base. >> mike: and of all the pitches that gregorson has had this inning, that was the slowest and lowest. i think hundley was fooled by the pitch, and that caused the error throw. so, all of a sudden, that
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inability is forgotten. >> duane: now, they don't want any kind of a hit at all. down the right field line. base hit, and here comes torres. the giants have won it! and they come pouring out of the dugout to jump on the back of angel pagan. >> mike: don't hurt him. and this place is barking right now. first pitch slider. got to get a strike, so he'll elevate a little bit. and that's all he needed.
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he was looking for one thing, and he got it. this game was over. an easy standup score, and let the party begin. the losing streak is over. >> duane: and they were ready to celebrate after those three straight losses in milwaukee. the giants beat the padres 3-2, and we'll be back with more from san francisco. wow, the track looks perfect.
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>> duane: the giants beat the padres in the bottom of the ninth. gregorson and the fans still sticking around. a lot of the fans expressing
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their solidarity with the people in boston. >> mike: that was their first walkoff. >> duane: so, the giants' losing streak is over. it's nice to be back home. for more on tonight's game, tune in to comcast sports net california. we'll be back with you next friday night at 7:00 p.m. from san diego. we hope you enjoyed it, the giants, a 3-2 win.
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we are back. we go, as advertised, to massachusetts native anne thompson in copley square tonight. you know i grew up in a baseball and football broken home. dad from boston who rooted for this mets while i grew up rooting for the yankees and football giants but i have put it aside because boston is the priority. around this time last night, it seemed like an insane world of hurt had been brought on that
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luckily very resilient city. >> reporter: it is an extraordinarily resilient city, brian. you know, tonight the president said that boston refused to be intimidated and that's so true. it was a very strange day in this city. i can tell you in the lockdown turned boston in to almost a state of marshall law. in the public garden, we saw the swan boats were just sitting there. they were floating in the lag n lagoon. nobody was there. they have been a boston traditional for over 130 years. in the boston commons there were more s.w.a.t. teams than people. usually that's a place where workers and runners go by the thousands. the freedom trail, which is the red brick line that takes tourists and school children to all of the historic sites in this city, connected to the american revolution, no one was walking the freedom trail. it was a very unusual day. yet, even though people were
10:21 pm
inconvenienced, even though they were told to stay in their homes, people i talked to, brian, as the lockdown went on, they all said one thing, they didn't want the suspect to be killed when he was captured. they wanted him to be taken alive because they want answers as to why those two men did what they did to the city of boston, to the boston marathon and to this country because people don't understand how somebody could leave bombs in a crowd of people on the greatest day in this city and take lives and change lives forever. >> and yet so oddly, anne, it is suddenly all lifted. it's all gone. one guy dead. one guy in the hospital. it was just those two. we are all but convinced. and tomorrow may be a perfectly ordinary, or spectacular day in boston.
10:22 pm
>> reporter: well, it is gone in this sense. yes, the red sox will play tomorrow at fenway park. they will take on the kansas city royals. so that will be a way to get things back to normal. i was struck listening to the governor and the police officers after the suspect was captured. the first people they mentioned were the four people who died krystle campbell, martin richard, lu lingzi and sean colier, the officer who was killed. and that is first and foremost in the minds of the people here in boston. the loss of life and then those who were still in the hospital, the people who have lost limbs, who suffered shrapnel injuries. yes, there's a great sense of relief that this at least the first phase of this is over. the suspects -- one has been captured and one has been killed. but they know for the city there is a long road to recovery and this was just the first big step. brian?
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>> what an obscene toll of human damage by these two men. anne thompson in the great city of boston tonight. thanks. we also have an update tonight on the corcoran family whose terrible suffering after the bombing moved so many people around the world who heard their story. the mother had both legs amputated and the frantic effort to save her daughter because image of the tragedy. their family is speaking to natalie morales for the first time.3 f1 >> reporter: as the nation watched the events unfold over the last 24 hours, kevin corke ran watched, too. deafen has been here since monday since his wife and daughter were injured at the
10:24 pm
marathon. their son decided to stay home at the last minute. the rest of the family was here at the finish line waiting for celeste sister to cross. >> i had been turning around to look at friends to my left and behind me, ten, 15 feet. we were holding them, saying do you see her, what have you? >> i couldn't wait to see if everyone was so crazy at mile 22 and mile 19 what's it going to be like when i run down boyleston. >> it happened as she neared mile 26. >> so when the bomb went off and it hit you, what was happening around you, what did you first notice? what went through your mind? >> i have a vivid memory of seeing my daughter and my friends being blown back, falling backwards my daughter's arms outstretched like this and falling backwards. i think my wife took the brunt of the impact. when i turned back around she was no longer there and nobody
10:25 pm
was standing up anymore in front of me. so for a couple of seconds, i just looked left and right and then looked down and there she was. >> your wife. >> my wife celeste. i saw her eyes were open and i don't realize this was a bomb that exploded. i see her eyes open. i know she's alive and start to look around and there are limbs everywhere and blood and i look down to her body to see if she is okay and i noticed her legs and that's when it hits you. this is obviously some type of terrorist-related event, whatever you want to call it. and that's when it got real. instinct just takes over.
10:26 pm
you take your belt off, put a 32 de transmitir a ella, todas las tourniquet on. yelled to a guy running next to me and he gave me his belt and i laid next to her and told her i loved her and that everything would be okay and i kissed her face and i gently caressed her while people were stayed with her laying down in this carnage in the blood, just holding on to her until the professionals came over and took over. >> reporter: kevin thought his daughter sydney was okay. he didn't realize she had been seriously wounded shrapnel severing her femoral artery. these pictures of her lying on the ground are some of the most powerful images of that day. strangers hovering her and comforting her. >> after i realized that i could not look for my daughter, i just entrusted to humanity and that there had to be somebody out there that was taking care of her. >> reporter: one of those people was matt smith. he helped to stop the bleeding. >> he kept her calm. >> he kept her calm. >> reporter: meanwhile, at the
10:27 pm
finish line carmen was looking for her family amid the chaos. you were right near the finish line. your husband, three kids were there, too. >> they were at the finish waiting for me. i was terrified my family was all gone. everyone that i loved was there. >> reporter: carmen finally found them and then rushed to the hospital to be with her sister and kevin. celeste's injuries were so severe, doctors had to amputate both of her legs below the knees. an hour after the bombing, the family discovered that sydney was treated in the same hospital. it wasn't until kevin spoke to her doctor that he realized how seriously she was injured. >> so i asked in no uncertain terms because i needed to know, just myself, what's your opinion? how bad was this? and he said this was a mortal wound and if they did not get to her when they did she would have bled to death. i'll never forget those words.
10:28 pm
>> reporter: matt, who helped to save sydney's life visited her in the hospital. >> i spoke with him first and thanked him. we both cried together. he's a very gentle, kind, nice person and i'm thankful that he was there that day. >> i know that your wife and your daughter are now recovering together in the same room. >> they are. they were very accommodating, the hospital, which has been doing a fantastic job. put them together in what i believe is one of the larger rooms on the floor so they could be side by side. they have a bond. >> they have the best relationship. they are like joined at the hip. they are like the mother and daughter that anyone who has a daughter wants to emulate. >> both underwent further surgery today, but the family says their spirits are strong. a resilience carmen witnessed the first time she visited her sister in the hospital. >> i just gave her a kiss on the forehead and she looked at me
10:29 pm
and said i can't believe i didn't see you finish this thing. >> reporter: in all of this? >> in all of this. she just found out she lost both legs and she said that. and i was like, celeste, i'm going to be with you every step of the way to get you back on your feet and to be able to conquer this and i will be. i mean, that's what we do any way, you know. that's our family. we have a really special family. >> reporter: kevin, i know you are looking at a very long recovery time for both of your wife and your daughter. what do you need? >> what occurs to anybody in this situation is how are you going to afford to pay for everything, but the overwhelming response from the community -- out of nowhere are texting and tweeting and donating to the family website. so you realize that with their help you are going to be able to
10:30 pm
get through this and pay the bills. >> reporter: grateful for the help of others, but most grateful to still have each other. >> it just hits you like life will never be the same but she can still hug me and i still have her. she's my very best friend, and i'm so thankful to have her in whatever capacity that i do. >> reporter: after all they have been through, kevin has a message for those responsible for this tragedy. >> you didn't succeed in your objective. we're still going to be there and there's nothing that you can do to quell a human spirit and you failed. failed at what you did. >> don't know how these families are possibly docoping. we have put a link on our website to their family website for those wishing to help their family in the days and tough weeks ahead. when the all-clear was
10:31 pm
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♪ the one and only, cheerios >> that is just one scene of celebration in boston tonight. right after the got the
10:35 pm
all-clear and right after the officials held their press conference tonight, the president used that as his cue to walk in the white house briefing room. here's part of what he said to the nation. we will continue to do whatever we have to do to keep our people safe. one thing we know is that whatever hateful agenda drove these men to such heinous acts will not and cannot prevail. whatever they thought they could achieve they have already failed. they failed because the people of boston refused to be intimidated. they failed because as americans we refuse to be terrorized. they failed because we will not waiver from the character and the compassion and the values that define us as a country. nor will we break the bonds that
10:36 pm
hold us together as americans. >> white house said, by the way, the president was doing tonight what the whole country seemed to be doing tonight. he was sitting in the white house residence for his part and he was watching all of these live developments unfold on television. a restaurant called the forum on boyleston street in boston has become a grim landmark of this tragedy after one of the bombs blew up outside of its pat owe. host to some of the very best spirit of boston as the staff there sprung in to action before the smoke had even cleared. harry smith went to visit the people who run a bar where everybody really does know your name. >> reporter: all week long, we have been looking at pictures of forum restaurant, site of monday's second explosion. this is what it looked like before the blast, cheering fans, celebrating the marathon and patriots day. until now, we haven't heard from
10:37 pm
the people working inside. forum is still a crime scene. so we met at another location. what was it like in the restaurant monday morning? >> it was exciting. i remember getting in just before 8:00 and turning the music up. it was very upbeat, sunny day. >> reporter: chris loper is the general manager of forum. 200 yards from the marathon finish line. >> it was such a beautiful day. everyone was excited for the marathon, to watch the race and the red sox game. >> julie weeden is a former forum bartender that came back to work just for patriots day. >> what did you write on your facebook page? >> 6:00 in the morning, i wrote coming back for one last special stint at my favorite bar, in my favorite city on my favorite day. >> reporter: no one had an inkling what about what was about to happen. the restaurant and its patio out front were getting more crowded
10:38 pm
by the minute. where were you when you heard the first explosion? >> i was two feet behind the host stand in the front of the restaurant. >> reporter: what did you think? >> i thought it was a cannon or some sort of celebration, something or other. >> reporter: joshua glover is an assistant manager. he said after the initial blast up the street most of the restaurant's patrons moved to the front to try to figure out what was going on. it was the worst place they could be. >> where were you when the first explosion happened. >> right in the front by the v.i.p. section. i thought it shook the building a little bit and people all around me started to press forward to strain their necks to look down the street at what it was. >> reporter: the former assistant gm. before anyone could understand the source of the explosion a second one blew up directly in front of the restaurant. second explosion happens. what's the first thing you remember? >> i was looking out and there's
10:39 pm
a mailbox right there and i was looking at the mailbox when it blew up. so i saw the orange fire. looked like a huge firecracker like an m-80 or something. you just see it, it blossoms. as loud as the first one was, the second one i don't recall hearing it. to be honest with you. i just remember my mouth was full of grit. for some reason it was like dirt or dust or something. my mouth was gritty and dirty. you are like oh, my god is this really happening and people were falling. there is glass everywhere. i was worried about people falling on the glass and everybody running to the back and people diving on couches. it was the most chaos i had ever seen. it was crazy. >> reporter: heather was also bartender that day. >> i remember it hitting me that it was something someone was trying to hurt people. it was intentional. this was the second explosion.
10:40 pm
i remember screaming. i remember getting my bearings and looking up and just seeing people run. >> reporter: the able bodied and slightly injured rushed out the back exit but not the employees. they stayed, facing a scene of carnage that was difficult to comprehend. julie, does anything prepare you for witnessing what you witnessed? >> no. no. you literally just -- it's instinct and you go and do what you can to help people. the first thing i did is checked on my friends on the ground, and then i grabbed ice and towels. then i went out to the front and that's when i saw complete nightmare, massacre. there was blood. there were people on the street, on the sidewalk, the patio. there was a body part here that i saw and there was something
10:41 pm
else over there but there was so much blood and you don't stop and think. you don't give yourself the chance to realize what is actually going on. >> reporter: forum employees became first responders. >> the most injure people were out just in front of the patio but because of the uncertainty people were bringing them in to the restaurant to try to aid them. there were members of our staff right there holding on to people. taking their belts off to stop, you know bleeding and different things like that. >> reporter: many of the people the forum staff helped were strangers. others they knew well, quite well, like julie's friend heather abbott. >> she's actually in the hospital right now. she was getting surgery today. they were trying to reattach her foot. >> all of it is so traumatic but to have somebody you know, have a friend of yours must have -- >> you feel guilty. >> you feel guilty?
10:42 pm
>> uh-huh. >> why would you feel guilty? >> i'm thinking she is there to see me. >> reporter: forum became a makeshift triage center, aiding and comforting the wounded. >> bandage up the injuries and my most enduring image is our bartender. he was sitting on the floor and he had an injured woman's head in his lap and he was stroking her hair and comforting her and that to me is all she needed. in a horrible time, it was a beautiful thing to see. something so simple. >> what makes you say i'm staying here. i'm going to help these people.
10:43 pm
>> i think it is human nature. the nature of the people that work at the forum. it's the nature of a lot of people from boston. it is you see someone hurting and you want to help. >> reporter: an instinct so strong that even when they were ordered to leave no one budged. >> it was funny, once the police came in, i remember so vividly them saying everyone get out. everyone get out. and us saying, no. it was one of the few times that you could say that to a police officer. >> reporter: in language more colorful than that. >> perhaps a little more bostonian and color than that, yes, sir. >> reporter: only one forum employee was seriously hurt, but he's doing fine. the reality of what happened on monday is still sinking in. >> it's amazing to me that more people weren't killed in that explosion. it is amazing to me that more people weren't hurt. i see pictures of them prying
10:44 pm
ball bearings out of the awnings at our work and know there was nothing between me and the explosion. i don't know how it didn't -- i'm lucky i'm alive and lucky i wasn't hurt. lucky these guys weren't hurt. it's amazing. >> at the end of the day after i had the chance to reflect on everything i was angry, so angry. people took this great day this great holiday, this amazing day. it's everyone's favorite day in boston and ruined it. >> reporter: stunning to me to think you really are at the heart of the terror and you all stayed. are you heros? >> no. >> no. >> you know like some people have said what we did was heroic. the way we look at it is we were in the wrong place at the wrong
10:45 pm
time but we did the right thing. >> our thanks, in more ways than one to the forum stachlt a good place to stop on boyleston in boston. we are joined tonight by james cavanaugh, former special agent of atf. he's with us from nashville. mr. cavanaugh, i'm curious about -- now looking at this in the rear-view mirror, what worried you most about the lessons we have just learned about these two guys and what they were able to do and what has cheered you most about the way it was resolved? >> well, i think the thing that worried me most is after it broke and tuesday was this is the beginning of a bombing campaign. i think it really was. that's evidented by the pressure cooker that was tossed at the watertown police and the eight smaller improvised hand grenades
10:46 pm
that these guys had already made. these things were in the cache before the marathon bombs were planted. these bombers, they come right out of the hallways of hell. they plant them in the crowd, vicious devices and if they had got away, they would do it again. so the calculation for the commanders on tuesday, i have been there before on the sniper case. i had been there in the eric rudolph case, on a series of bombings on abortion clinics and other killers and i always knew that you have to watch. they are coming back. the key for them to release that picture and leverage the citizens and the digital age and leverage the power of the media, i said on one of the nbc shows they'll have them wrapped up. they will know who they are
10:47 pm
before the sun rises on the boston harbor and it was only a few hours. >> we'll take that. agree with you on both. sadly i think you are right that we stumbled across an interrupted a bombing campaign, more than stumbled across, they brought it to us and i agree with you that this was the first of a new era. crowd sourced social media use in a manhunt and in this case the good guys won in the end. mr. cavanaugh, thank you very much for being with us tonight from nashville, tennessee. >> thank you, brian. we will take another break and check in with kate snow after this. ted is now on hold with his insurance company.
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we have been relying heavily on the coverage of one of our sister networks new england cable news during this entire crisis in the boston area and tonight one of their reporters, scott young got closer than the others and heard a lot as this unfolded. scott, where were you and you could actually hear the s.w.a.ts.w.a.t. teaming to talk to the suspect, right. >> we were behind the house where it converged initially. we saw the fire fight. there were a number of shots fired. they were firing at the suspect. apparently he was firing back according to some police officers that i spoke to. then we saw the flash bombs going off, the flash-bangs, i believe they are called.
10:52 pm
they were trying to stun him and all that time we could hear a single officer yelling to him, yelling the suspect's name and he would say you are hurt. you need a doctor. you need to give yourself up. come out with your hands up. >> scott, i have to tell you we heard a negotiator was going in a living suspect to be negotiated with after those two volleys of gun fire. i don't quite understand what transpired. >> yeah. we haven't been able to mind out exactly. what i can tell you is was amazing to see all of the law enforcement officials work so professionally in concert, in tandem with officials that were calling the shots to go in and isolate the suspect because as you know they wanted to take this guy alive and they did. >> it seems they did. it seemed that this one aspect, at least, everything worked. we were fortunate tonight.
10:53 pm
scott, you heard way more than i'm sure the s.w.a.t. swat teams mar gain for. thank you for your first-hand reporting from your first-hand reporting tonight. scott young from new england cable news. thank you very much. kate snow has been in watertown tonight. and kate, tomorrow it seems to me gets very interesting because while the temptation tonight and who can blame them is to be happy. there was a resolution tonight. we have a suspect. he's in serious condition. he's in the hospital. that cloud of oh, my goodness, all of these victims stay with us, they stay in the lives of boston, and then the investigation gets underway in ernest. >> right. let's not forget both of those things them investigators will have a huge task ahead of them. we have been talking to former have to now sift through all of the evidence they gathered. we saw them taking computers and
10:54 pm
other evidence out of homes. and they will go through that and try to figure out who they were in contact with, what their commune kag and on-line activity was about and talking to family and friends and get a sense of what they flipped to wanting to hurt people and talk to the survivor in the hospital, the surviving accused terrorist. they will talk to him about everything he did. let's not forget, that as you said, brian, there were 176 people wounded here. three people died on monday in the marathon bombing. that's i think going to haunt the city for a long time to come. people are recovering, people are happy tonight and relieved and less anxious but there are still a lot of people in the hospital tonight. 54 people remain hospitalized. two are children. a lot of them lost limbs. they are going to have a long recovery ahead of them. one hopeful note to mention, there's a lot of u.s. military people that have been coming here already and offering support. people who lost limbs in the war
10:55 pm
are coming here and trying to help these victims to move on with their lives and telling them they will run once again. >> that's one of the truly tragic after effects of these wounds are exactly the same as the combat battle injuries we have seen overseas because of the heinous way these explosions were designed. kate snow, thank you very much for your reporting all night tonight from a newly happy watertown, massachusetts. and finally tonight, before we go off the air, let's spend our boston because as we have been discussing, after all, this has been an assault on boston. no one who knows that city has any doubt about that city, its people or what they are made of. but last night and today, that was really insult on top of real injury. think for starters about the children in the city who were
10:56 pm
forced to stay home on this scary day while being told not to go near the windows or the doors because there might be a bad man outside in their neighborhood. if you are like a lot of us, when somebody says boston, well, you think of sports teams and perhaps the ultimate indignity tonight was after the week they have had the people of boston couldn't go to the bruins hockey game. worse yet, they couldn't go to the red sox game at fenway to blow off steam, to cheer on the home team or even if they wish to feel bad together. both of those games tonight postponed. but those boston sports fans will be back. the seats will be filled and someday it will feel normal again. and as it turned out, the people of boston did find a way to cheer tonight. they cheered those cops as they drove out of town after saving the day and they gathered outside of fenway any way and
10:57 pm
they just cheered for their city after its worst day. we have much more tomorrow. a special saturday "today" from boston with matt, savannah and lester. for everyone here, good night. thank you for watching "rock center" on this eventful friday. nebs at 11:00. the new dramatic images of the take down. >> the news starts in 30 seconds.
10:58 pm
terror turns to sheer joy in boston. the marathon man hunt over tonight. the most wanted man in america, captured. tonight the question becomes why he would want to hurt a country he's called home for so long. good evening. alive, conscious and captured. he is in stable condition. the news of his apprehension sent thousands of people into the streets to celebrate, cheering his capture. a nation on high alert able to breathe after five days of terror. we have breaking news on this in the bay area.
10:59 pm
in san francisco with a closer look at security at tonight's giant's game. >> reporter: boston felt liberated tonight and spilled into the streets. in nearby watertown, applause finally replaced the pop of gunfire. after five days of fear and chaos and after 15 hours of an intense and dangerous man hunt. he looked in and saw a man covered with blood. >> reporter: thermal imaging identified him on board. there was a gun battle. hundreds of tactical agents and officers


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