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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 20, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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red sox are the heart of this city. friday's game was canceled because of concerns of safety. 47,000 poured into fenway to show they are boston strong. >> we are one, we are boston, we are strong. >> reporter: support that filled the stands with victims, volunteers and first responders. a moment of silence followed by a loud display of unity and determination. boston strong, a clear sign the city is beginning to heal. and for the record, the sox won, 4-3 after a late inning home run capping off what was an emotional and very important day in this city. live in boston, i'm jay gray. back to you. >> jay, we also mentioned the younger suspect reportedly continued a normal life after
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the bombings. is there more information on that? >> reporter: yeah, what we are hearing and all of this coming from persons within the investigation is that he went back to classes, attended classes and went to some fraternity party on campus, acting as if nothing at all happened and was there until the fbi released the photos. it sounds like he went back to a normal life after the bombing. it's hard to believe. >> pretty incredible. jay gray reporting from boston. thank you. the 11-year-old boy whose leg was seriously injured in the bombings is recovering. he was able to eat his first solid meal in the hospital yesterday. he could be released from the hospital, quote soon. a family friend is holding a fund-raiser for him. many other businesses are
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donated profits to him and his family throughout the weekend. he was waiting for his mom near the finish line when the bombs went off. our coverage of the investigation continues online. for the latest, you can visit and click on the link called full manhunt coverage near the top of the page. the events in boston played a role in today's emergency response team in san francisco. the drills are held by the fire department and anyone can sign up for free. the training covers anything from first day to search and rescue in any disaster. today's drill was an earthquake drill but the bombings were on everyone's mind. 50 of the volunteers signed up at the last minute of the bombings in boston. >> it saves lives by doing basic
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first aid. i need to refresh my skills. first responders will be there but will be overwhelmed by an event such as the one in boston. >> they have trained 20,000 people. new at 6:00, a pilot survived a scare after crashing his plane upside down. it happened before 10:30 this morning. according to the press democrat, the single engine world war ii era plane was flown by a 67-year-old who said the plane lost power. after crashing he was able to get out of the cockpit himself and was thot hurt. there was considerable damage to the vineyard. the failed attempt by the senate to strengthen gun control prompted action in california. some leaders hosted a form in palo alto with new ideas.
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kimberly is live with more for us. >> the chambers were packed with people passionate about gun control. the discussion comes three days after the senate rejected a bipartisan bill to require background checks for those purchases at gun shows. a ban on assault weapons and ammunition. anna was joined by the chairman of the house on gun violence prevention. the crowd had a lot of questions for both representatives about why the legislation failed to pass and about what lawmakers are going to do next. >> even though we are deeply disappointed by the senate and what it failed to do this last wednesday, that's just round one. we are going keep going. i'm going to keep going. there's so many of my colleagues that are committed to this.
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most importantly, most importantly, the american people are. >> reporter: there were a few opponents at the town hall meeting today. they say problems will not be solved with more stringent gun laws. live in pal low alto, nbc news. >> thank you. state's exhibit still ahead at 6:00, wait until you hear what is in the forecast for tomorrow. >> temperatures rise five degrees from today. tack on another five, that puts near the 90s for livermore and san jose. san francisco, mid-80s. detailed report after this. a wildfire causes mandatory evacuations in southern california. just ahead, where it's burning and what investigators are
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saying about how it started. also -- >> every year i'm blown away by the support and participation. thousands pound the pavement in honor of pat tillman. the run that took on even more special meaning this year.
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hundreds of people gathered in the south bay to rep 15-year-old awe dree pots.
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friends and classmates came together at saratoga high school last night. she committed suicide after she was allegedly sexually assaulted and photos were spread through text messages and e-mails. friends say she didn't tell them how much the bullying was affecting them. they wish they would have known so they could help. >> nobody knew what had happened. it was a shock to everybody. that's what hurts more is that i could have helped and i didn't get a chance to. >> she's gone because of them because they were stupid and thought it was funny. >> her father and aunt spoke to the crowd at the vigil thanking everyone for their support and promising to push for justice in the case. the family filed for a wrongful death lawsuit against the boys in connection with the assault. starting monday, it happens to be earth day. stores in most cities are banned from bagging per chases with
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plastic, at least a certain kind. the mayor reminded everyone of the ban at the transfer station. >> reporter: the reason the legislation was put forward is in daley city, different plastic bags were getting on the beaches. it's good, sound legislation. i'm looking forward to making sure we keep our environment pristine. >> residents were encouraged to drop off anything they want to and pick up composition. volunteers fanned out to collect garbage. there were earth day events going on today, tomorrow and monday. here is a beautiful day in the bay area. a live look over san francisco tonight. just gorgeous. you can see the fall coming in and the wind as well. a warm day. it's about to get warmer tomorrow. anthony fills us in.
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a wildfire is burning out of control. we'll have the latest. we've made major advancements in reducing
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some people living east of los angeles have been ordered to evacuate because of a growing brush fire. a gardner sparked the flames by accident. i burned 150 acres so far and is 10% contained. 100 homes are under evacuation. other planes have been called in to help. rescue crews recovered the bodies of five snowboarders after they triggered an avalanche. authorities are pretty sure the snow bordered started the avalanche.
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a sixth one was rescued and taken to the hospital. it connects to multiple ski resorts. the ninth annual pat's run went off without a hitch today. runners honored pat tillman. our sister station in phoenix has the story. >> reporter: 30,000 strong. arizona proved we are united, undeterred in a week of bad news. at the ninth annual pat's run, you came together with friends. you wheeled your kids. >> about 55 to 60 pounds. >> reporter: honored our brothers and sisters in uniform. number 42, pat tillman. >> it never gets old seeing them please come across the line, marie with smiles on their
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faces. >> definitely never gets old. every year, i'm blown away by the support and participation. >> it's awesome. it's the best day of the year. >> reporter: this year, it took on special meaning for the youngest participants. you have two brothers, twin brothers right? >> yeah. >> reporter: how old are they? >> 12. >> reporter: they decided not to run with you? >> they were scared by the boston bombing. >> reporter: and you came out today, they changed their mind, but you didn't. why not? >> because i like to run. >> reporter: what started out as a 5,000 person race has grown. your support raises money for men and women protecting our country, pursuing higher education, dreaming big. the stand out moment came with this surprise proposal live on 12 news weekend today.
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>> kristina, will you do the honor in making me your husband? >> again, that was hailey francis reporting. luckily she said yes otherwise that would have been embarra embarrassing. >> that's a risky thing, live tv. >> have to be confident. >> we are talking temperatures that are summer like. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above where we are used to seeing them. 85 in gilroy. santa cruz, 80. 82 in livermore. temperatures falling back into the 70s. put this in perspective for you, how warm this is this time of year. the average high for napa is only 69. we are used to being near 70 this time of year. it gets warmer as we head toward tomorrow and monday. we are talking 20 degrees above where we should be this time of year.
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mother nature is cranking up the heat. we need to keep the water handy. temperatures not too bad. comfortable air temperature at 60 in san francisco. 67 in oakland. let's go outside to see what the bay bridge looks like. it is jam packed, folks trying to get into san francisco because of the beautiful weather. let's get back to the weather maps. high pressure is in control. it remains in control for the rest of the weekend. temperatures climb near 90 tomorrow. even at the coast, it's very comfortable. temperatures start off near 50 tomorrow climbing all the way to 84 degrees by 3:00. a very warm day inland and at the beaches as well. tomorrow, everybody will be close to 50. tomorrow afternoon, the warmest air across the south bay. 86 in morgan hill. off to the trivalley, 87 in livermore. 84 in dublin. the warmest, 88 in walnut creek
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after 84 today. the north bay tomorrow, 86 in napa. not bad, city by the bay. it's a very comfortable day to end the weekend. look at this, it gets hot by monday. we are talking a few records even for tuesday. the heat sticks around. the good news, since we are by the ocean, we get a bit of a natural breeze now and again. the preez takes control over the area. enjoy the heat while we have it. of course, we haven't been this hot since last summer. >> right. >> it's kind of a treat. be prepared for it. if you have respiratory ailments, be careful. >> i love that weather. thank you. our coverage of the boston marathon bombings will continue. we'll have a look at how it's affecting other countries as well. [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ]
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they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] the bombings at the boston marathon are changing security procedures at all kind of events
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from baseball games to concerts and not just in this country. security has been stepped up for tomorrow's london marathon. it's to ensure they watch and cheer on runners and they are safe. there will be 40% more officers on duty compared to last year. they have helicopter teams and working dogs as well. we want to bring in brodie with a look at the world of sports. hello. >> on that note, boston returned to fenway park. we will share with you the heart warming sights and sounds, next. also, the warriors back in the postseason for the first time in six years. on the road and facing the best home team in the nba. we are live in denver after a heart breaking round one game one for one team, coming up next.
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you know the warriors recorded 47 wins and made the playoffs this season. greater than most expected when they began back in october. the reward was earning a six seed and facing denver nuggets in round one and lost only three games their entire season. the warriors first postseason game. andrew bogus, the only starter
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with playoff experience. making a poster. nuggets down four. the fourth quarter, warriors down seven. david leelanding awkwardly. he went to the free-throw line and got both. he left with a hip strain. mri tomorrow. curry turning it over. tye lawson on the other end. nuggets up by three. curry looking for redemption, he gets it from behind the three-point line. that is good. tied game with 15 seconds left. the nuggets with the last possession of the game. andre miller scoring and the lay up. nuggets win 97-95. for more, we welcome in henry. considering this could have gone either way, what is the reaction for the warriors? >> many of these guys were playing in their very first playoff game of their young nba
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careers. most of the team, they were actually focused on david lee. he's a guy injured. they are not sure if he's going to be able to play for the remainder of the series. he was taken to the doctors office and had x-rays done. the x-rays were negative. he's scheduled for an mri tomorrow. his teammates in the locker room, several of them choking back tears. they said they didn't lose the game. they were disappointed because they gave it away to the nuggets. >> we can come away with it holding our heads high. we know we can beat this team. we are going to make it a long series. come out here and steal one on tuesday and take it back. we are also a great home team, so we need to keep our heads up and, you know, fight like hell on tuesday. >> i don't think anybody came in believing we were going to sweep the denver nuggets. you went four games to advance.
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you can't act like this is the -- it's not over. so, take the blow and be ready to make adjustments and respond. >> reporter: the golden state warriors will get back to work tomorrow. they are scheduled for practice at noon. they will practice two hours. when they come back, they said you know what? we are not going to focus on game one. this is a seven game series. we believe we are capable of winning it. the team that wins the series doesn't always win game one. the coach is still confident in his young basketball team. reporting from denver, colorado, nbc bay area. >> henry, great stuff out there. the red sox playing the first game since the bombing. neil diamond with a little
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"sweet caroline." ♪ sweet caroline >> to the actual baseball. bottom of the eight red sox down. two on for daniel. he homers to right. this is worth three runs. that's how the red sox win a 4-3 final on an emotional day. the as taking on the rays right now in florida. the giants here in san francisco hosting the padres. plenty of highlights tonight at 11:00. >> thanks. keep your fingers crossed for the giants. up next, an nbc bay area special, "the interview with raj. see you tonight.
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announcer: you are watching an nbc bay area special. tonight, "the interview." >> nobody in a position like mine had taken that step. as a result, i couldn't look to see how it turned out. >> he's an executive and trail blazer in nba basketball. he blazed a different trail when he came out as a gayman. now, rick talks about fizz fall out about his decision to share who he is. >> do the fans or owners care that you are gay? we are living in a food carnival, what did we expect to happen? >> he fought big tobacco. the former head of the fda reveal what is is happening to our food. why, if you are fat it may not be your fault. >> you see the warriors their brains work. >> the writer, the father and the coach.
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what he noticed about his young soccer player that is prompted him to write a book about winning and losing and the question that prompted this reaction. so embarrassing, i can't believe it. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. we recently launched a new series profiling the most dynamic people in the bay area. we go behind the scenes with these people. rare access into their world. their world is not only the talk of the town, but the talk of the nation. we begin with the attorney general. president obama sparked controversy over the remarks he made about her good looks. he did this talking to a group of supporters in front of supporters. he said she is the best looking attorney general. the white house went into damage control. the president then called the attorney general to apologize. he said they are friends and have enjoyed a close
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relationship for years, something miss harris also told us. you have a dynamic relationship with the president, with president obama dating back to back in chicago, before he was the president. if he were to call you now, how would the conversation go? tell me about your relationship with him. >> first and foremost, it's a relationship built on profound respect. there's a group of dynamic elected leader who is are finding each other and feeding off each other and working with each other. >> a friendship? is it more of a mentorship? >> a friendship. a friendship, a friendship. >> that was last month. she reiterated her long friendship with the president after he made those comments and said she strongly supports him. former dfa commissioner and dean of the ucfs medical school, david kessler. throughout his


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