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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 26, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: that's exactly right. they are hopeful. after a two-year recovery process they call it a sign of hope. the ocean is unpredictable but those who study it saying finding the debris from the tsunami is incredibly helpful for research. this boat is a long way from home after being lost in the devastating tsunami in march of 2011. it washed ashore earlier this month in crescent city. >> the boat came from a high school in a town that was devastate devastated by the tsunami. >> reporter: noaa confirmed the boat's origin thursday with help from the japanese consulate. the confirmation means it's officially the first debris to reach california's shore. >> this is incredible. nothing like this was supposed d to happen.
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5,000 miles across the ocean it was found and it survived. nobody ever expected this. >> reporter: the tsunami destroyed 80% of the town and the recovery process has been arduous. >> the town is intense. there's a lot of pain and trauma but there's also hope. one of the things that is sustaining us is they have not been forgotten. >> reporter: news of the boat has actually lifted spirits in the town. it would be lovely if the boat could come back. >> reporter: a noaa spokesperson says the school wants it back. they will do what they can to make sure it is returned. there have been 1,600 reports of debris but only 27 of them can
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be firmly traced back to the tsunami. it is expected more of these items will show up over the next couple of years. live in san francisco, kim bber tere, nbc news. a few months ago state attorney general harris told us about new legislation that is helping thousands of homeowners to fight foreclosure. however, there are thousands of others here in the bay area who are simply out of luck when it comes to saving their homes. the rules are stacked against them. tonight we have a joint investigation by nbc bay area and the center for investigative reporting. steven joins us tonight from the newsroom. steven? >> reporter: raj, it's been more than a year since 49 states attorneys general settle with the five biggest banks over questionable knorr closure practices. but we found thousands of bay area homeowners still in legal limbo, a quarter of them have been facing foreclosure for three years or more. this process raises questions
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about how much money the banks are making while the legal process stretches on and on and homeowners to face foreclosure suffer. a family christmas tree stood in the corner of thomas' san ramone home for months after the holidays, a painful reminder of very tough times. >> for the first time in my life i didn't celebrate christmas. >> reporter: no celebration because joji thomas and his family faced eviction from the only home they've known since he and his wife moved here from india years ago. >> they should not do this. >> reporter: in 2011 thomas' mortgaged payment double d and the bank of america representative told him to pay the higher amount. you did everything they asked you to do? >> yes. >> reporter: you believe you complied with everything they required? >> yes. >> reporter: but because thomas believed he was being overcharged he stopped making payments for several months and his home went into default.
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then to make up the difference, thomas paid a lump sum of nearly $28,000, an amount he says he believed he was supposed to pay, an amount found on three different mortgage reinstatement statements sent to him by his bank. thomas says one bank of america representative told him the bank got his cashier's check but another bank representative told him the bank never received it. then, according to court records another department at bank of america foreclosed on his home, put it up for auction and sold it out from under him days before christmas. >> i don't show my frustrations outside because my family. >> reporter: thomas is not alone in the struggle to keep his home. according to reality trac, an organization that tracks housing trends, from june 2008 to october 2010, 184,000 notices of default have been filed against homeowners in the bay area.
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that's $86 billion worth of loans and bnk of america's foreclosure trustee handled one in five of those defaulted properties, 25% of the defaulted homes in the bay area have been in default for more than three years. that's more than three times the statewide average for a home in foreclosure. >> this is all too common. >> reporter: experts say mortgage certificaservicing com stretch the process out by design because it benefits them financially. >> they are often not particularly motivated to restructure loans. they would rather foreclose on them. >> reporter: levitan studies the foreclo foreclosure system. >> servicers want to maximize the amount of their feed income. >> reporter: that's him telling congress in 2010 that the mortgage industry tacks on fee after fee that homeowners have to pay to get out of default. he has also testified on behalf of homeowners in lawsuits
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against banks. take joji thomas' case. in the last year he's received four different statements from his bank outlining what he would owe in fees to reinstate his loan. the highest was $4,200 for things like property inspection fees, foreclosure fees, and other miscellaneous fees. >> the mortgage servicers are able to keep any fees and the longer they're able to stretch out a fror closure they're able to pile up more fees. even if the sale doesn't bring in enough money to pay off the mortgage loans, the servicer still gets paid. it's the investors who take it on the chin. >> reporter: bank of america's own ftc filings show it collected nearly $5 million in servicing fees in 2012. d dustin hobbs is with the california mortgage bankers association, the only industry represe representative who agreed to talk to us on camera. is this a financial model to string them along? >> no, not at all. the financial model that all
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servicers strive for is keeping borrowers in their homes, making their payments on time. >> reporter: he says servicers are increasingly helping borrowers make changes to their mortgages. >> servicers don't want to go into foreclosure because they're going to lose money and a customer. >> reporter: would you concede there are problems is this. >> absolutely. the industry has made tangible improvements over the years. >> i didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: because he believes the bank foreclosed on him illegally joji thomas is now suing bank of america. in early april a contra costa judge signed an agreement between thomas and the investment group that bought his home at foreclosure auction back in december. the agreement forces thomas, his wife, and their three children from the only home they've ever known in america. the banks and investors now get their dues while thomas and his
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family wait for their justice having to pack up and find another place to live in the meantime. now bank of america turned down repeated requests to answer questions on camera about all of this. in an e-mailed statement a spokeswoman said bank of amer a america. in a financial statement the bank did write off more than $3.2 billion in home loans. you can see the entire statement from bank of america plus the full package of stories done with our partners at the center for investigative reporting on our website. just go to raj, jessica? >> okay, steven, thank you. many of our stories do come from our tip line. if you have a tip for steven stock or anyone else in our investigative unit, given us a call 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to theuni theunit chevron is back in operation
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in richmond more than eight months after it was knocked out by a fire. petroleum began flowing through the crude oil line. the energy giant says full operations could resume within days or weeks. an announcement came during the conference call with analysts for the company to disclose it posted $6.18 billion in first quarter profits. well, before the silicon valley was at the center of innovation it was a thriving western town. only a few remaining links to the old west went up in flames overnight. we're talking about the area in san jose. a historic build iing on south first and margaret. what is the old ka me know real to look at what is a true historic loss. >> reporter: it is actually the old keen highway. that's what it means. this building was a popular start in the olden days on this major thoroughfare throughout
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the bay area and popular in the 21st secentury because of the family who ran it. they stopped and watched and snapped a picture or two. young and old in this belief that the historic building that housed a bike shop was charred. >> it's very sad to see. seeing a friend's home burn down, it's tragic. >> reporter: this man used to give tours at the museum and shared some old pictures. the building was built in 1884 and was once a stop for the wells fargo stage coach. inside was a saloon with a brothel upstairs. >> it's really sad. >> reporter: the faber family turned it into a bike shop in the 1920s and it's where many
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remember their youth. >> i got my first buicycle ther. i'm 70 years old there, when i was about 10 years old. go back 60 years old. >> reporter: and mr. faber would fix your bike or sell you parts, sometimes on credit. >> this gentleman used to help me a lot. and if i had money or not, he would front me everything and i would pay him later. always good people. >> reporter: the faber family about as iconic as the build in itself. a valuable relic, one called it, one of the last links to the old west. there has been an online effort to save faber's cycling for a while because the owner lost his lease. that effort continues, i'm told no one was injured in the fire. the cause is still under investigation. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. sad to see it in that state. thank you, damian. it's a hollywood tale but it all started in berkeley. why the former ambassador to iran and a cal grad has an issue
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with ben affleck when it comes to the oscar winning movie "arg "argo." i'm marianne favro. coming up, i'll tell you where you will find the most accidents in san jose. a closer look at the hot zones in a live report. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live in petaluma where the butter and eggs day festival and parade is less than one day away. we'll tell you about a can't miss stop on your way this saturday. that plus the weather forecast that gets even better than what you're seeing right now. well tell you when 90 degree temperatures return. look at 'em.
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there have been 150 accidents in the area of san jose in just the last month. the police say it's not considered a hot spot for traffic patrols. the neighbors say things need to change especially after this week's accident that sent a car
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into a home near lee high school. many say this is a hot spot for teenagers racing their cars. so what can be done? marianne favro swroins us from san jose this evening with the story. marianne? >> reporter: i can tell you, raj, that area was not considered a hot spot because there are two more areas of san jose that have even more accidents including here in the valley. now i'm standing on santa teresa boulevard. you can see how the traffic there is right now. police say it is a hot zone for crashes. a terrifying scene this week in san jose. a bmw crashed into a home on lee avenue critically injuring a 40-year-old mother. according to san jose pd that accident happened in an area that had 169 crashes last month alone. despite that, the area wasn't heavily patrolled because police say it's not considered one of
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the city's hot zones. this is. traffic investigators say, zone four has the highest number of car accidents in san jose. last month 213 crashes were reported in the area. kathleen mccormack says driving here is just plain scary. >> it seems to be at any time of the day, a lot of times getting out of certain freeway exits, pileups. >> reporter: east side is another hot zone for accidents. in april investigators responded to 191 crashes in this region. last month alone the city of san jose saw 893 car crashes. 246 were injury accidents. and budget cuts forced the police department to shrink its traffic enforcement team. >> you have 17 motorcycle officers out there. we used to have 30 of them. basically when you cut a unit like that, now you've got less officers responding to a larger area to conduct traffic
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enforcement. >> reporter: he says with fewer cops on the street to keep drivers in check you could see more speeding, light running and unsafe lane changes and that could lead to more crashes. police say they now plan to rely more heavily on technology to pinpoint some of these hot zones so that they can make better use of the resources they do have. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, marianne. the city of san jose and the police union managed to come to an agreement on the touchy subject of pensions. that plan will reduce pensions for new officers. now the police officers association says the policy will make it hard for san jose to lure quality candidates. the leaders complain the cost of union members have more than tripled in just the past decade. the dispute climaxed last june when they raised retirement age. they are now seek to go overturn
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measure b in court. suspicious is what firefighters are calling a fire at an elementary school. it started in portable classrooms on juniper street. you can see the damage is heavy and is unsafe. six units had just been delivered and had no electricity in them yet. that's why investigator believe the fire is suspicious. it did not impact classes, though. let's turn our attention over to the beautiful weather we have outside. we bring in our correspondent, jeff ranieri. >> butter and eggs. >> butter and eggs parade. >> the esteemed cow chip correspondent. i ditched them. just wasn't my thing, guys. i have a farm stand. what would you like from the farm stand. jess, raj, anything? >> oh, ooh, is that kale i see
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there? >> i'll bring you a huge bag. i'll bring you a huge bag back. it is all grown out here in petaluma. back in the day they were known for their butter and egg production, what's known as the egg capital of the world and, of course, the butter and egg days parade festival is happening on saturday. with but there's so much to do out here in petaluma. on your way out here there's a cant miss stop. green string farm. with us today, come on in. we have meishia newton. you do everything from the old to the new, right? >> yes. >> you have the chicks. part the old story. >> we just hatched a new batch of baby chicks in our incubator. they'll be next year's laying hens. we do sell eggs here, farm fresh eggs. >> and so people can come out to the farm, buy produce, they can buy the eggs and you even sell some other things -- >> scratch fed beef, all the local produce, we do farm tours every saturday at noon. >> all right.
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let's go ahead and show us the produce people can stop by and get. it doesn't get better than this in california. known for so much farm production. what sort of stuff do we have? >> right now we are growing spinach and pears. we also have beans and artichokes and asparagus and lem 0 ons and grapefruit, grass fed beef, all growing right here on site. >> of course you can check out the little chicks, too. can people pick them up? >> you can check them. >> where do people go? can they look it up on the internet? >> 3571 old adoeb road but you can look it up on the internet. >> it's a cant miss stop. come out here and meet meisha and all the wonderful people out here. you just have to get up early. come here and then head out to the butter and egg day festival and parade. thank you for having us. let's look at our weather forecast. a true california experience.
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you can see as we head throughout saturday the butter and egg days festival and parade begins with temperatures that will be warming up into the mid-70s, even 80 degrees by 4:00 p.m. a whole lot going out there. cow chip tossing, also the parade with nbc's own janelle wang on that and the cutest little chick contest where people bring out their kids dressed up in chick outfits. let's get a lot of the numbers for saturday. the temperatures in the low to mid-80s. up into petaluma, low 80s, 69 in san francisco. and also upper 70s and low to mid-80s. as we get a look at the seven-day forecast, those temperatures get even hotter as we head into this upcoming week with plenty of upper 80s and also low 90s. now look at this baby goat we've got on tv. >> so cute. >> i get to hold the goat. i hope this isn't a viral video, nothing goes wrong. >> hold it carefully.
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>> better than the cow chip. what's that? >> hold it carefully, jeff! that's a cute goat. >> all right, you guys. we'll be back later on with more from out here in petaluma. >> great. it looks beautiful out there. the butter and eggs festivities in petaluma. >> still ahead at 6:00, surprise ing survey involving teenaged drivers. what they say they've been doing while driving. plus, police say it is far from fiction set here in the bay area. >> reporter: fans are streaming in to oakland's oracle arena for tonight's sold out playoff game. i'm jodi hernandez. i'll have a live report coming up.
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happening now, something we have been waiting for since
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2007. >> we don't get to do this very off. after o games on the road the warriors are back at home for a playoff game. they continue their playoff series, game three against the denver nuggets. we bring in jodi hernandez who joins us in oakland with about 40,000 of your new best friends? >> reporter: there's a lot of people out here, raj. fans are fired up. you can see some flooding into oracle arena as we speak. oakland fans couldn't be happier their team is back on the map. >> we think oakland is the best place to have the warriors. >> reporter: they are passing out fliers at tonight's warriors playoff game hoping to tap in on fans' excitement to help convince them to scrap plans to move to san francisco. since 1971 they've been on this side of the bay. and they'll realize this is the best place for them here in oakland. >> the warriors are going to take the championship this year.
6:26 pm
>> reporter: golden state warrior pride is on display, even special concoctions like the martini in honor of the team's star guard. security is also in full force. extra officers and bomb sniffing dogs are on hand. not only is oracle's 19,000-seat stadium sold out, the a's are playing just next door adding thousands more sports fans to the mix. and b.a.r.t. stepping up to the plate, too, running longer trains to keep up with the sports loving crowd. and we are back here live where, again, it is almost game time. the warriors game starts at 7:00. the a's game starts at the very same time. a lot of action out here. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> that is a fun night tonight.
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>> do we have time to go on our dinner break? >> we could try. >> and the giants game on nbc bay area is 7:00. >> then we can't go. >> was it hollywood if i can shup? did ben affleck change the story to win an oscar? the former ambassador are to iran who reveals the truth about the movie "argo." and then an unsettling discovery in new york and the link to the september 11 terror attacks. and i'm janelle wang, moving day for the boston bombing suspect and a big piece of evidence. an fbi report shows new details on how the bombs were made. the latest on the investigation coming up next.
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from the hospital to prison, the surviving boston marathon bombing suspect is on the move. >> also, nbc news has a report showing how those bombs were made. >> raj and jessica, dzhokhar tsarnaev was moved overnight to a federal prison for inmates who need long-term medical care locate located about 40 miles outside of boston. dzhokhar is recovering from a bullet wound to the neck after a shoot-out with police. his older brother, tamerlan, was killed in the shoot-out. the boat dzhokhar was found hiding in was also moved today to an undisclosed location. we're also learning more about the two bombs used in last week's marathon attack that
6:31 pm
killed three and injured 260. nbc news has obtained anfy tie report that says the design seemed to follow one outlined in an online al qaeda magazine. the report described the bombs as, quote, low explosives consistent with commercial fireworks. it also confirms the use of nails and bbs as shrapnel. at least seven additional explosives were found in tamerlan's apartment. meantime, u.s. lawmakers say the mother of the tsarnaev brothers is a person of interest. authorities want to know whether she radicalized tamerlan. they say mother and son were added to a terror watch list about 18 months before the bombings because of concerns they were religious militants. the parents have actually both left dagestan russia to escape the media. no word if and when they'll travel to the u.s. to try and retrieve tamerlan's body. raj? >> thank you, janelle. more than 11 years later there could be another piece of evidence from the september 11th attacks. police say this piece of debris was found wedged between two
6:32 pm
buildings in new york city not far from the world trade center. it may be from a plane that hit one of the towers on september 11th. a company doing a soil survey found the debris wednesday. the five-foot-long, four-foot-wide piece of equipment has a boeing identification number on it. investigators are now searching the area for other debris including human remains. well, it's not often that hollywood intersects with berkeley. the hit movie "argo" tells about a couple from uc berkeley who helped save american hostages. berkeley native ben affleck won the oscar for best picture. and in this case the picture wasn't necessarily true. tonight an interview with the former canadian a.m. bmbassador iran. >> "argo." >> reporter: if you peel away the oscar, look beyond the glitz of hollywood and the terror in tehran, you'll end up where it all began, a love story in
6:33 pm
berkeley. ken and pat taylor have come a long way. they met in 1958 as international students at uc berkeley and little did they know more than 50 years later ben affleck would thrust them back into the international spotlight. >> i need you to help me make a fake movie. >> reporter: it's a fascinating sto story. so many of us, americans, and people around the world, we knew about the hostage crisis but we didn't know about this breakaway group of americans. >> well, the essence of the story is six u.s. diplomats escaped 0 out the side door of the embassy after moving around looking for some sanctuary, three days after that, they phoned a colleague of mine. >> canada not only helped, they saved the americans. they were hidden and protected by ken and pat. ken was the canadian ambassador to iran. why put your life on 0 the line,
6:34 pm
you and your wife? this wasn't just a few nights. this was several weeks housing these americans. >> three months. well, i think at least with respect to the canadians, i'm not suggesting that we're any more courageous or valiant or what have you, to us there was no discussion. there was no discussion with respect to ourselves and tehran nor with the prime minister. these were u.s. diplomats in trouble. it was the right thing to do at the moment. >> but in hollywood, the right thing isn't always the truth. true or false, in the movie when you were watching this, were you upset by watching this movie because of the falsities or something where you took some pride in it? >> well, i was bemused, quite frankly. i said i don't really remember this. >> one night when the americans were in your home, whether it's sitting and having dinner or hiding in the corner of the house -- >> really two aspects. one wondering every night to
6:35 pm
themselves, are we ever going to get out of here? i reassured them they would eve eventually. i think the other aspect is the night night before they left when we were getting ready convincing them it was going to work. >> were they scared? >> they were wondering are they going to remain serene and ambivalent as they go through the airport. >> after ben affleck won the oscar, i believe he did thank the canadians. >> he said, thank you, candy. ben is a very affable, reflective individual and gifted. there was no consultation before the movie. >> at the end of the day it is hollywood, correct? >> i think in looking back, reflect i reflecting, this is hollywood. at the same time it's based on a
6:36 pm
true story. that's maybe where we lose our way. if you said roughly based upon a true story, i think it would have been closer to the truth. >> smiles about it now, even former president jimmy carter got involved saying the canadians were 90% responsible for getting those americans out of iran. we'll be posting this segment on our website tonight. you can see our other high-profile interviews g. to >> now to an nbc bay area follow- follow-up. allegations of so-called patient dumping have prompted the feds to crackdown on a nevada psychiatric hospital. the centers for medicare and medicaid say they have ten days to correct deficiencies or it could lose its status as a medicare provider. the ruling comes days after the california state senate accused nevada officials of providing one-way bus tickets to 1,500 discharged mental health
6:37 pm
patients without warning california can and other states that it was sending the patients their way. >> a rare owe can kurns in washington, d.c. every single democrat and republican in the senat agreed to a crucial piece of legislation. a rare moment of political harmony. furloughed air traffic controllers will go back to work and flight delays in theory should be diminishing. the furloughs were part of the federal sequester cuts and delayed more than 6,000 flights since sunday. the new bill allows $253 million earmarked for airport improvements and that money will be used to pay air traffic controllers instead. the famous movie "pulp fiction" comes to the bay area again. what local police discover. a new survey reveals teenagers and surprising thoughts of what influences them while driving. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live in petaluma with the butter and egg day parade and festival coming up tomorrow. we'll be joined by tony of the
6:38 pm
central market restaurant to give us the flavor of petaluma, something you can do when you're out here at the parade and festival. the fog is rolling in rate now. details on a changing forecast this weekend.
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6:40 pm
a new survey finds teens don't think smoking marijuana affects their driving. 22% of teens have driven under the influence of alcohol, pot, or even prescription drugs. 40% said pot had no affect on their driving while more than a
6:41 pm
third said driving while high actually makes them a better driver. one more interesting note, most teen drivers surveyed say using a cell phone is at least as distracting as driving under the influence of substances. liberty mutual says the numbers prove parents need to do more to teach kids about safe driving practices. >> a car has been found in oakland. what happened to the 1965 red chevy maldue from the movie "pulp fiction" is a story worthy of its owner quentin tarantino. a sheriff's deputy noticed two men stripping another vintage malibu. he ran that car's v.i.n. number which came back to match the red malibu found in oakland. it turns out that the oakland car was tarantino's and someone changed the v.i.n. number. police never found the original car thief and says the case won't be prosecuted because of the statute of limitations has
6:42 pm
run out. >> there is nothing better than butter and eggs together. and so, of course, jeff ranieri has won the lotto when it comes to butter and eggs. he's at petaluma pe butter and eggs festival. >> we're gearing up for it and the fog is starting to roll in. we'll have details on an improving forecast. how hot will it get plus a taste of petaluma. jeff, that might be a fun place, but the place to be tonight in the bay area is oracle arena. that's right. the warriors in the nba playoffs have arrived, everybody. but will they have seth curry tonight? we'll have the answer for that for game three warriors/nuggets.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
it's a big weekend. all over the bay area. >> fun in petaluma where we find our meteorologist jeff ranieri. it's nice. very nice antiquing in petaluma,
6:45 pm
too. just want to throw that out. yeah. we have a lot going on, you guys. take a look at this. eggs. do you have any idea what we're here for? >> yes, butter and eggs. >> yes, yes, butter and eggs. petaluma often known for that festiv festival. of course a whole lot going on on saturday not just at the petaluma butter and eggs festival, a lot of restaurants doing all kinds of specials and flexing their muscles to show off what they have. joining us today, the central market restaurant. tony, you guys have a real unique twist on your restaurant because a lot of this stuff you make is actually grown locally? >> everything that you see here came off of a farm either here at green string or my own farm also here in petaluma, so we're unique in that. >> and what really makes that so special about the food? does it really enhance the flavors? >> well, anytime you're serving food fixed that morning, it's
6:46 pm
really hard to argue with. it brings a freshness and a quality that you can't get to any other way no matter how good a cook you are. >> so we take a look at some of these dishes if you want to explain what each dish is. >> green string farm asparagus with a couple of fried farm eggs from their farm. >> that looks great. >> the bacon is from pigs i raised myself here at my farm. and then the grapefruits are also from green string. that's served with goat cheese with fennel and red onions and that's also from green string. a pork chop from my farm. >> i'd like to dig into that. that looks great. >> bean hummus, about the most flavor intense food you can prepare. grilled pork chops. >> this saturday when the festival is going on, you will be open and ready for business? >> we're open at nighttime. we don't open during the parade.
6:47 pm
we'll be there that evening and always is a busy evening. we'll be serving our pork chops. >> tony, as always, we appreciate you coming on out. let's get a look at the weather forecast. the weather is going to be great as we head throughout this saturday and sunday. what you're going to find here at the butter and egg days festival and parade temperatures going up to 80 degrees as we head throughout the afternoon hours so as tony serving dinner at his central market restaurant, it will be perfect maybe for some al fresco dining. i'm sure you'll have a long line. the parade and festival happening all day long, janelle wang will be out there. the cow chip con it test. you can't miss it. and now a look at our forecast as we head throughout the next 24 hours for everyone else and what you're going to find are temperatures in the south bay in the upper 70s and also low 80s. 85 in livermore and once again near 80 degrees in petaluma.
6:48 pm
a little bit warmer right into downtown especially with all of those people that will be there. as we get to the seven-day forecast it gets even hotter. temperatures in the upper 80s and also low 90s. i don't think you can argue with that forecast. what do you think, guys? looks very egg-cellent. are you ready for this weekend? >> absolutely. >> all right. we're all out here having a good time. we'll see if we can plate some of these up to bring back to the studio. >> egg-cellent. >> thank you, jeff. >> i couldn't resist. >> we're back in a moment. the giants first watch and the w warriors. garlic fries have been a part of giants games for nearly two decades. now they're found in ballparks
6:49 pm
all around the major leagues and a bay area native credited as the originator of this taste treat. >> it started in 1994 at cann candlestick park. we 0 opened up one booth, the garlic fries. there was a line 30 people deep and they opened up another one and another one. eventually we had like six booths at candlestick. now i think there's ten of them here at at&t park. >> and the co-founder can be found making garlic fries in the kitchens of at&t park. you'll see his famous figure. >> the keg lifting pose, the level of authenticity behind every bottle of beer that we make is clearly evident in my physique. >> a true bay area tradition. >> some things just click. we were fortunate the garlic fries are an institution. we're at 35 stadiums not just candlestick and at&t. it's spread around the country.
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we are counting down to the first pitch, giants on nbc bay area tonight in about eight minutes. but first we start with jim kozimor at the big ticket event. guys, what an exciting place to be, right here, oracle arena, game three, western conference playoffs. the warriors and the denver nuggets. tied with one win apiece. for the warriors there is concern heading into game three. in it game two seth curry injured his left ankle. earlier tonight we witnessed seth curry on the floor.
6:53 pm
he began by jumping rope. he had a wrap around the left ankle. he was getting himself warmed up and ready to go. he then went through the paces to determine whether or not he could play in game three against the denver nuggets and, remember, the guy shots the lights out in game two, big reason that the warriors won. earlier marc jackson gave us the word on the availability of seth curry. >> he looked good. i didn't really have to see him shoot around but i'll wait to have a discussion with him when i'm done here, but he looked -- obviously he didn't look 100% but he looked like he's definitely able to play. i don't know how he felt, though. >> all right. first home playoff game for the golden state warriors in six seasons. this place was explosive in the we believe years. and as the fans continue to file into oracle, the warriors players themselves are hoping
6:54 pm
these fans bring that extra energy. >> gets you a little energized. we don't want it to get us too energized where we get off kilter to what our game plan is. we want to run but not do it recklessly. we want to not turn the basketball over because we know how this team is. >> i hope this is not a mike tyson fight where, you know, the first minute, minute and a half and that's it. i hope that this is sustained excitement. i hope that it's all it's revved up to be. i've watched it from a distance and i'm thrilled to be part of it and i'm anticipating it. that being said, the crowd will not win a game tonight. it's going to be up to us to do the things we've been doing to put us in position to win. we will not be fooled into believing that makes a difference against the denver nuggets. >> from nba playoffs back to baseball for the san francisco
6:55 pm
giants as raj told you, nbc bay area, the place to watch the giants tonight, they're in san diego getting ready to take on the padres. tim lincecum on the mound. guys, give us a preview of tonight's ball game. >> okay, jim, a beautiful night in san diego. and for the giants they're coming in on a two-game losing streak, two games against arizona, each of which they could well have won. >> they made mental mistakes and physical errors. this is what this team does not do. they beat teams with good, clean defense and good mental preparation so they need to improve upon that. i know the padres are 6-15. the giants are 13-9. you would think it would be a mismatch. it's not unless you play clean baseball and that's the goal down here this entire weekend, play clean baseball. >> buster posey has had a couple of days off having not played on wednesday. he's back in there hitting cleanup catching tim lincecum. >> well, tim lincecum and buster posey were fan ttastic together and they started to develop a nice little chemistry. hopefully they can pick it up
6:56 pm
right where they left off. >> the giants, the padres from petco park. back to you, jim. all right, john and mike. we'll talk to you in about four minutes from now. nfl draft going on, rounds two and three. today in new york city, the san francisco 49ers continue to be busy. they move down to number 40. they took a defensive end, carradine and vance mcdonald. for the silver and black the oakland raiders pick 42 melenik wa watson from florida state. he's from great britain. he played soccer and basketball at florida state. also football for the project raiders. i love catch phrases in the draft, upside. that's what we have for you. warriors/nuggets. guys, back to you. >> jim, where you are right now courtside, i believe those seats
6:57 pm
are going $2,000 a seat. where are you sitting tonight? right where you are? >> yes. the parking lot listening on the radio. no, they're kicking me out of here as soon as i'm done. that's why i want to keep talking to you so as not to leave the moment. >> it will be wild. have fun. we'll be watching for you at 11: 11:00. >> between the giants game and the warriors game, you are going to be yelling all night long. >> the whole bay area will be. thank you, jim. for a full half hour of local sports coverage sports net central on comcast tonight at 10:30. a programming note for you, some of your favorite nbc shows are moving to tv 36 and then "rock center" will air after the game followed by nbc bay area news at 11:00. go warriors. a big night for the warriors and the giants if you're tuning in, here we go. first pitch, tim lincecum and the giants in san diego and of course the warriors game in oakland and there is petco park. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
6:58 pm
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for tim lincecum, last saturday's start was the best of his season. he looked like his old self. he struck out eight while pitching 6 2/3 scoreless innings. tonight, san francisco opens a weekend series against the pads. next. it's a beautiful night in southern california at petco park in san diego for the giants and the padres game one of a


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