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tv   Rock Center With Brian Williams  NBC  April 26, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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welcome back. now, as we said, we turn to another story which when we first heard about it defied explanation. a young mother, driving a minivan home from a camping trip, speeding down the wrong side of a divided highway with her own children and three nieces in the car. the crash that resulted killed a total of eight people. tonight, the parents who lost their little girls speak for the first time with ann curry. what they have endured is the basis of a new book called "i'll see you again." tonight they talk about what they learned about surviving grief. >> reporter: they were jackie and warren hance's three excited little girls, about to embark on a big adventure. >> i love you all. >> reporter: emma 8, the oldest dreamed of becoming an actress. >> she's a lot like me.
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she wanted everything perfect. very, very good big sister. >> reporter: allison, 7 a free-spirited artist, was born with a smile on her face. >> make a silly face. >> she could make anybody happy at anytime and it was impossible to be sad around her. it really was. >> reporter: and katie the youngest at age 5. >> i did it, daddy! >> she just looked at her big sisters and wanted to do everything they did. sometimes it was you are only 2. you can't do what they are doing right now, but she still tried. >> reporter: in july of 2009, jackie, a 38-year-old stay at home mom and her husband warren, a real estate appraiser were packing their daughters off with her sister diane, her husband danny and their two young children on a weekend camping trip.
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>> we had been packing since tuesday. they were looking forward to it a lot. it was going to be a forever trip. >> reporter: that they would forever remember. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: it was a two hour drive from their home on long island. >> i loved it. they were going to do things they normally didn't do, fish, boating, really camping. >> reporter: though she was missing her girls jackie felt confident that with her sister diane they were in safe hands. >> i had known her 20 years, back then 16 years. she was a nanny for i think a good eight years. i went to her for advice. she knew more about babies than i did. >> reporter: diane schuller had her hands for, working as an executive at a cable company and mothering her children 5-year-old brian and 2-year-old erin but she always remembered her nieces on holidays and birthdays with a gift or card. jackie said she loved diane like a sister.
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>> the girls loved her. she was a strict aunt but a fun aunt. >> reporter: as the weekend came to an end, on sunday morning jackie eagerly awaited the girls' homecoming. soon after 9:00 a.m., diane got the three girls and her own two children th children in the minivan and took off. >> how was her demeanor? >> fine. >> anything in the conversation that makes you wonder if anything was askew or wrong? >> god no. huh- huh-uh. no. >> reporter: 40 minutes later, now close to 1:00 the phone rang. it was emma sounding alarmed. >> mommy, something is wrong with aunt diane. >> and she was crying. >> uh-huh. i didn't understand.
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i said what do you mean? i could hear allison crying in the background. i said let me talk to aunt diane. so diane got on the phone. she kept saying they are playing and having fun. she didn't sound right. >> diane didn't. >> no. she wasn't making sense. >> confused and alarmed jackie stayed home to call the police and warren and his father raced to tarrytown, the last place that emma said they were. when they finally got there, diane and the children were nowhere to be found. in their search, warren and his father stopped at the police station. >> the trooper was out in the parking lot waiting for me and he said you need to get in my car. i said i'll just drooichlt and he said no, i'm going to drive you over there and i turned to my father and said this is bad. an he said, yeah, i know. >> reporter: the trooper drove them to a local hospital where police told them what they
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couldn't bear to hear. diane, they said, had driven the minivan in to oncoming traffic with all of the chilen on board on new york's taconic parkway. they said she hit an suv head on. the minivan exploded in to flames. all three sisters, diane, her daughter as well as the three men in the suv, michael and guy and daniel were killed. that's eight people lost. only diane's 5-year-old son brian survived. >> i just crumbled. i lost it. >> reporter: jackie was anxious at home waiting for word when the phone rang. a family friend picked up. >> he said it's warren. i just saw him his head drop and then drop again and again. and i just stared at him. and he came over and said they are all gone.
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i ran out the door. >> screaming. four days later at the funeral for diane and the children, jackie was astonished at warren's courage, giving the eulogy for the family. >> love your children. cherish your children. kiss your children. and don't ever forget. >> reporter: jackie slid beyond despair. >> they were my life. they were the reason i was put her, i believe. because they really, just really amazing girls. it changed everything. she admits she became detached from reality. >> i'd wake up from a nap or a deep sleep and go in the girls' room and are they here, where did they sleep? >> reporter: her close friends melissa, isabelle an janine stayed near jackie around the clock.
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>> she would call in the middle of the night where are the girls? do you have them at your house? and you would have to go through the process, no sweetheart and show the papers or explain to her. >> reporter: it seemed it couldn't get any worse. but then five day air force the funeral came the toxicology report. it said diane's blood alcohol level was double the legal limit. the medical examiner said she consumed at least ten drings and there was marijuana in her blood. and there were more details from investigators that only added to the mystery. 30 minutes after leaving the camp site, police determined, diane stopped to feed the children at mcdonald's. 45 minutes after that, she stopped at a convenient store. she is seen here in the security camera footage. she reportedly asked for pain medication, but left without buying anything. it was soon after that when diane turned on to the wrong side of the taconic parkway, spooking other drivers. >> state police, 911.
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>> yeah, you have a guy driving south on northbound taconic parkway. >> reporter: they said that her minivan was moving at 85 miles an hour for two miles in to oncoming traffic, just missing other vehicles. >> he's going like a bat out of hell. >> before colliding with the suv. in the wreckage of the minivan, police find broken bottle of vodka. >> i couldn't believe it. my heart stopped again. and i was dumfounded. >> reporter: as all of these details begin to emerge, jackie's grief turned darker. >> i just was angry. i wish that it was just a regular car accident. it was killing me, the anger. i didn't know how to deal with it. >> reporter: not only anger at the accident, anger at herself. >> i'm their mom and supposed to protect them.
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and i didn't. it's just hard to not blame yourself. >> reporter: you expected diane to protect your kids? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: and now you are blaming yourself. >> i'm not blaming myself for the accident. i'm blaming myself for them not being here. it's just -- they are not here and i'm their mom. >> reporter: jackie fell in to a dark well of grief and doubted she could ever climb out of it. she punished herself, questioning how well she really knew her sister-in-law and she could not accept that she had lost all three of her children. but in the midst of her suffering there was suddenly a ray of light.
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welcome back. jackie hance was so tormented by how could she possibly go on after a trusted family member killed all three of her children? here now ann curry continues her report. >> for a long time, i believed that god would never leave me in this pain. he would never leave anyone in this pain.
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>> reporter: jackie hance's grief over the sudden loss of all three of her children was compounded by not being able to make sense of what investigators discovered, the alcohol and drugs in diane's system, the apparent craziness of her actions. >> i never knew her to drink. why would she be drinking with my and her kids in the car? like, it didn't -- no, just no. i just thought it is impossible. and it was a mistake. >> reporter: jackie said she could think of nothing in the past that would have caused her to suspect diane abused alcohol or drugs but in stintly she fear shed would be harshly judged any way and she was. >> quote, she must have known that diane was an alcoholic. she should have never let her kids go in that car. >> in the beginning, i would read what people wrote. when you are up late at night and sleep deprived and emotionally drained you start to believe what you read.
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>> reporter: jackie considered wild theories. was it significant that diane asked the store clerk for painkill painkillers. she had been complaining about a tooth ache. could that have influenced her actions that day. >> i was willing to accept anything. >> reporter: she concluded the crash was causing by drunk driving. a tangle of lawsuits followed by all parties. warren was sued because he owned the minivan. >> my kids are gone, my sister, my niece is gone. they were affected in as traumatic a way as i was. i'm not going to sit and judge anyone else or make comments and, you know, people have to do what they need to do. >> reporter: the lawsuit is still ongoing only adds to the distress on jackie and warren's marriage. >> in the book you talk about really huge arguments with your husband. so raw and so emotional.
10:18 pm
and yet you two held on to each other as much as you fought. >> i know. he's a really strong person. you know, i love him and i'm sorry for him. >> you are sorry for his suffering you mean? >> yeah. i would do anything not to see him in pain. >> even when her own agony turned dangerous. >> i just wanted to be with he girls so bad that i got so emotional and so fixated on fan seeing them again. the thought of being in pain forever was too much to handle. >> you contemplated suicide. >> uh-huh. >> you even had a plan how to do it. >> i had been putting a few pills away from each prescription and taking one or two from warren's and hiding them.
10:19 pm
>> her friends never left her side. for months they delivered meals and took turns sleeping outside of her room afraid of what might happen if they left her alone. >> i think we all looked for things that were scissors, forks, belts. we took away any medicine that we found in the closets. we took away scarves. part of it is what would we do? no one knew how anyone would react to such a news that we knew we needed her to be safe. >> reporter: jackie knew she had to change her life if she was going to survive. her friends encouraged her to take small steps including to rejoin her early-morning runs. >> they drag me out of bed every day and tried to get me some little speck of peace in the day. >> reporter: her friends even suggested she have another child, but jackie couldn't imagine how she, a broken woman, would be able to care for a
10:20 pm
baby. what's more, she was 38 and technically couldn't have children. her tubes were tied and after the funeral there was no more money le to afford ivf. then came a gift. >> what i did for them is what i would hope i would do for anyone who's in need and who has a situation that is essentially tragic and difficult. >> reporter: a renounced new york city fertility doctor was so moved by the tragedy, he offered to help jackie and warren without charge. >> they came to see us to see if perhaps we could do what we do, stimulate jackie to have multiple eggs to retrieve eggs, to get embryos to freeze so that when she was more psychologically ready we could achieve pregnancies in the future. >> reporter: at this point, jackie said she was so numb she was just going through the motions, doing what she was told. but she was set against ever
10:21 pm
becoming pregnant again. >> i didn't think i deserved to be a mom again. >> her friends tried to convince her saying she deserved to be a great mom again and a baby would help to heal her heart. >> i had a dream. i was in heaven and i got to the gates and the girls were there and i could see them. i could touch their hands because it was through the gate. and i said, can you let me in i saw god and he said no, you haven't done everything possible that you can do. >> reporter: the next morning in february 2011, a year and a half after the accident, jackie decided to get pregnant. >> so you tried. >> i tried. >> and? >> i got pregnant. >> on the first try. she got the call and she's like i'm pregnant. we both started crying. jumping up and down. it was like hope. >> yep. >> hope. >> hope for what? >> for jackie. >> for a slice of happiness. >> reporter: jackie couldn't
10:22 pm
believe it. >> i was in shock. it was a lot to take in. >> reporter: on october 11th, she gave birth to casey rose and for the first time since the accident jackie felt joy. and something else, a need to reconcile her feelings about diane. standing by her daughter's graves, right next to diane's, she realized she couldn't love her new baby and hate diane at the same time. >> so you reached out and touched her head stone and what did you say? >> i just said i don't understand, i don't know what happened that day and i always loved you and i forgive you. i mean i still love her. up until that day i only knew what i knew. she was a good person. and a good mom and a good friend.
10:23 pm
so i don't know what happened that day. i really don't. >> even not knowing, you are able to forgive her? >> i had to. i had no choice. because it was -- i wouldn't have been able to live any other way. >> i can see myself in the mirror. >> reporter: jackie says she and warren think of emma, allison and katie all the time. and that's why they started the hance family foundation which helps young girls build confidence and self esteem. the hance's want every girl to be confident and happy just as they wish for their own daughters. the foundation has become a mission for warren. >> does it keep one person out of trouble? does it keep one girl from feeling bad about themselves one day? i know we made a difference. where it goes tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that, you can only dream. >> reporter: help support the
10:24 pm
foundation financially jackie has written a book, "i'll see you again." she writes about hope in the face of suffer thaeng spirit of her girls. >> my greatest desire is for people to know them that never get to know them. like emma's future mother-in-law or katie's future college roommate or somebody who didn't get the chance to meet them might meet them through the book. >> reporter: their new bundle of joy, casey is now 18 months old. a little girl teaching her parents to let go of some of their tragedy and know even after all that has been lost there's still a way to go on. >> it just gives you a meaning again. when you lose everything and then you get something to hold on to, there's no way to describe it. >> she brings a heart beat to this house again. there was none.
10:25 pm
she brought us back life. >> even with the happiness of their new arrival, what an incredibly sad story at the end of the day. ann curry reporting for us from floral park on long island here in new york. we'll take a break and be back with a report from chelsea clinton who tells us about a world we see every day and yet know very little about. let's look up some taco places. i like the left side. yeah? okay, do we need to find out what the waves are like down at the beach? what side do you like better? i like the results on the right. i'm gonna go with the one on the left. oh! bing won! people prefer bing over google for the web's top searches. don't believe it? go to and see what you're missing. no... down... lower... now, that's more like it! petsmart is lowering every day prices on hundreds of dog food, cat food and litter.
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in all honesty, this is where we take a bit of a break from the relentless sadness of the news lately because there's thankfully more to life. for starters, take the media most of us consume every day. so much of it goes by without stopping to notice. have you ever really wondered, for example, what the old spice guy is really like? what are his hopes and dreams? how about the geico gecko? is he more than just a green face? chelsea clinton recently set out to find out what screen life is like and what off screen is like
10:30 pm
for these characters we've come to know. >> feel that energy? >> reporter: the grownup at the kids' table. look familiar. >> we were looking for xfinity plus xfinity. >> reporter: not too long ago he was waiting tables. today the 28-year-old actor will spend hours doing this. >> what's better, faster or slower? what's better thaster or slower? why is it better to be fast. >> reporter: and eventually it will turn up like this. 30 cute seconds that may or may not recommend something about at&t's wireless network. >> hold on. i'm watching this. >> i'm getting dizzy. >> it is not complicated. doing two things at once is better. >> you are going to say what is infinity times infinity. >> reporter: he is the latest struggling actor to find fame.
10:31 pm
like the verizon guy, stephanie courtney, better known as progressive's flo. >> even if it is not with us. >> reporter: or jonathon goldsmith the interest interesting man in the world. >> stay interesting my friends. are you surprised how big this is. >> it has continued to grow and grow. they have shot more and more. >> reporter: started as an on-line only campaign. now, the ad agency bbdo has produced 15 spots with more on the way. >> i meant to raise my hand. >> oh. >> reporter: how did you come up with your voice? >> instead of talking like this, i talk like this. >> with the eyebrow. >> it is important to be serious and really thinking about what they are saying. >> up top. yeah. >> hello, ladies, how are you? fantastic. >> reporter: isaiah knows how 30 seconds can change your life.
10:32 pm
a former football player, he tended bar and took acting lessons. all part of his plan to become a star. >> if you had talked to me i looked in me mirror and i'm like the next denzel washington. why can't everyone else see that. >> i know that guy. >> reporter: he had a couple of walk ones in commercials like this one for office depot. when he auditioned for under arm deodorant. >> do you like the smell of adventure. >> reporter: and quickly hit the big time. that was 2009. >> of course you do. >> reporter: when did you get the sense that maybe millions of people really liked the commercials? >> a friend of mine told me, you're video is going viral. viral wasn't in my vernacular and i didn't know what it meant. and it is going around the internet. 2 million views today. >> while maintaining his physique is no problem, other roles have been hard to come by. a beer commercial shot in israel.
10:33 pm
still old spice is the gift that keeps giving. >> ice cream, okay. >> this came in the mail. >> thank you. >> reporter: while we were at his house, a new shipment of products arrived. >> when people go to dinner parties you bring wine -- you bring deodorant. >> body spray. >> he is putting in appearances around the world. knowing there is always that chance he will wind up a one-trick pony. >> that's the one on my tombstone. >> i was the guy on the horse. >> as you can see geico's customer satisfaction is 97%. >> reporter: getting pigeon holed is even a worry for a gecko. are you worried about being typecast. >> i don't get the hunky leading roles.
10:34 pm
i could get the hunky gecko roles. >> reporter: after 15 years of selling insurance this star is looking to branch out. >> i'm promoting my new book "you're only human" shameless plug there. >> reporter: is there a down side to the fame? >> well, it seems the more famous you are the more likely someone is to dig up old yearbook photos. >> caller: and look at what we dug up, beck bennett in his high school play. for now he's the at&t giechl he hopes that like jane lynch. >> we just love kellogg's frosted flakes. >> reporter: or steve carell. >> big news from brown's chicken. >> reporter: he will break out and not get branded for life. >> never know. i could end up not getting jobs but i'm more comfortable that i will be working for a while. >> caller: i have to ask. >> yes. >> caller: which is better, faster or slower? >> right now faster is winning. >> chelsea clinton reporting from los angeles tonight. next up, some news that deserves more attention this
10:35 pm
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the shank of the evening on a heart of the order. what a time it has been and time for a break from all that. the stories that have not received a as much attention as our focus has been elsewhere. >> good morning, officers. >> we long ago learned its police officer, not policemen and firefighter, not firemen because they are not just men and those references are just dated. it's how people used to talk in an earlier time. >> look, honey, you have a dynamite shape but you have to shut up and let a man tell us what is happening. now, is your father or policeman nearby. >> reporter: but this is where removing gender bias from our language gets tricky. washington state is wild about such things and the governor signed in to law a bill that
10:40 pm
says we can't call it penmanship anymore. it is handwriting. fisherman is now fisher and freshman is first year student. >> my name is kent dorffman. >> but wait, kent, there's more. say you are in seattle and your faucet leaks you may want to hire a journeyman plumber but no, you have to hire a journey plumber. and those that want their gender flag high and have sex with other people are urged to fly virgin america, the counterintuitively named airline announced you can flirt midair by buying drinks by seat number for that special number across the plane. we don't know what the flights will look like with everyone buying drinks. >> party. ♪ >> and with the sequester ground delays it may be a while before a flight attendant can get around to you.
10:41 pm
the founder of virgin, richard branson made the suggestive announcement on you tube. they are advertising it as a chance to get lucky at 35,000 feet. >> surely you can't be serious. >> no, they really are and you know the rest. hard to believe itunes is ten years old this weekend. along with the ipod, it changed everything. no more albums. we only bought for one song and it allowed us to decide the soundtrack of our lives, 99 cents at a time. to date they have sold over 25 billion songs including those we would pay them to forget. ♪ >> reporter: in delivery news, fedex is getting friendlier, though for a price. now for an extra $10 you can request a specific two-hour delivery window. you will be able to leave detailed instructions for the driver including please toss my new flat screen over the fence. a national caption contest pretty much erupted spontaneously yesterday at the bush library.
10:42 pm
your guess is as good as ours what was going on between the president and mrs. bush. there were other notable images like that one. that in the foreground is a red, white and blue pros thes thesis worn by melissa stockwell, the first female soldier to lose a limb in the iraq war. in the background, president bush who launched the iraq war. the audience, dick cheney in a cowboy hat, perhaps irked by the fact that bill clinton worn one from the leonard signature series earlier this week. in motorist news, wealthy motorist lan musk, who makes those stick tesla electric cars and rockets to serve the space program says he's so frustrate bade freeway project in l.a. he's willing to pay to speed up the widening construction. because in california they put a the in front of the highway numbers, it's the 405 he's talking about. he says it's easier getting rockets in to orbit than it is to commute from his home to
10:43 pm
work. he says people should be marching in the streets if they weren't so full of cars. finally, tonight's employment report features a job posted by the u.k.'s department of english heritage. stonehenge is seeking a general manager. the job was posted on their website. in england they call it a vacant situation. different from ours. and while the original druids who erected the rocks couldn't have imagined a website and gift shop, nor could they have dreamed the place would one day welcome over a million visitors a year. they say ideally they are looking for a candidate with prior heng experience. for somebody that will be a great job and a beautiful spot with great benefits. that's going to do it for this week's broadcast. for everyone here who works so hard to bring it to you, thank you for being here with us. have a great weekend. your late local news begins now.
10:44 pm
denver needs a three they inbound it in the back.
10:45 pm
iguodala at midcourt to win it an
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10:48 pm
>> we've got 17 motorcycle officers out there, we used to have 30 of them. basically, when you cut a unit like that, now you've got less officers responding to a larger area to conduct a traffic enforcement. >> he says with fewer cops on the street to keep drivers in check, you could see more speeding and unsafe lane changes and that could lead to more crashes. >> reporter: police tell me they
10:49 pm
now plan to rely more heavily on technology to pinpoint ome of these hot zones for accidents so is that they can make better use of the resources they do have. reporting in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> in east side, investigators suspect foul play. the fire started in the portable classrooms at james madison elementary in san leandro. the six classrooms were brand new and had just been delivered this week. school officials say the units were pushed together to make one large building and were not yet hooked up for electricity. and that's why investigators believe the fire is suspicious. there's so much damage, as you can see here, the investigators have not yet been able to examine in the interior yet. >> at an arbitration hearing today, they agreed on a few plan that will reduce pensions for new incoming officers. police officers association says the policy will make it hard for san jose to lure quality candidates.
10:50 pm
but civic leaders have been complaining that the cost of union members' retirement benefits have more than tripled in the last decade. the dispute came last june when the retirement age was raised and benefits capped. >> allegations of so-called "patient dumping" have prompted the feds to crack down on a nevada psychiatric hospital. the centers for medicare and medicaid services notified the las vegas facility it has ten days to correct deficiencies. it comes just days after the california state senate accused nevada officials of providing one-way greyhound bus tickets for about 1500 discharged mental health patients. no warning was given to the states like california where the patients were being sent. many of those patients were bussed here to san francisco. >> fans are waiting to see if legendary musician will be able to perform tomorrow after he collapsed on stage last night.
10:51 pm
the grateful dead guitarist was performing in new york. you see him there? the 65-year-old was the one on the left who collapsed. he fell while performing with his band, further, which he started with grateful dead alum. the audience gasped and then applauded as he was put to his feet. the band never stopped playing. the band is scheduled to play tomorrow in new jersey. >> 17 years after an iconic hollywood car was stolen, it has been found in oakland. and in a storyline, the 1965 red chevy malibu from "pulp fiction" was found in a very bizarre way. it turns out the oakland car was tarantino's and someone changed the vin number.
10:52 pm
police never found the original car thief and say the case won't be prosecuted because, bottom line, the statute of limitations has run out. >> it was a thriving western town. and one of the few remaining lings links to our past went up in flames overnight. a bank, a brothel and, most recently, a bike shop. as we first reported last night, the old cyclery burned down. >> they stopped and watched and snapped a picture or two. young and old in disbelief that the historic building that housed a bike shop was charred. >> it's very sad to see. it's like seeing someone's, you know, a friend of yours home burn down. it's tragic. >> richard used to give tours at the san jose museum.
10:53 pm
the building was a stop for the stagecoach and was once a saloon with a brothel upstairs. >> it's really sad. over the years, seeing this building, it's just a historical building of san jose. >> the faber family turned the iconic building into a bike shop in the 1920s. and it's where many remember their youth. >> i got 34i first bicycle there. i'm 70 years old now. so i can go back 60 years with the location. >> and mr. faber would fix your bike or sell you parts, sometimes on credit. >> this gentlemen here used to help me a lot. if i needed money, he would front me a lot and i'd pay him later. him and his brother were always great people. >> a valuable relic, someone called it. one of the last silicon valley
10:54 pm
links to the old west. there has been an online efrlt for a while to try to save faber's cyclery. i'm told that that effort will continue. that was because the owner was in the process of losing his lease on the bike shop. no cause for the fire has been found so far. no one was injured. nbc bay area news. >> shef r chevron is back in operation tonight. the crude oil unit in richmond, more than 8 months after it was knocked out by a massive fire. the energy giant says full operations could resume within days. the announcement came during a conference call of analysts where the company disclosed it posted more than $6 billion in first quarter profits. the daily deals web site living social has been hacked. today's massive cyber attack affects 50 million customers who will now need to reset their passwords. the journal memo says encrypted
10:55 pm
passwords were accessed. the washington, d.c.-based company which is partly owned by amazon says no fancial information was hacked. >> president obama has been the first president for the sitting group planned parenthood. the president vowed to fight with them against any attempting -- anyone attempting to limit women's health care. >> when you read about some of these laws, you want to check the calendar. you want to make sure you're still living in 2013. 40 years after the supreme court affirmed the women's right to privacy, including right to choose. we shouldn't have to remind people that when it comes to women's health, no politician
10:56 pm
should get to decide what's best for you. >> mr. obama also highlighted the affordable care act saying it provides 47 million women with health care that might not otherwise be able to afford. >> claims syria has, indeed, used chemical weapons. video which was reportedly recorded last week is said to show victims of a sarin poison gas attack. but it is not proved. at the white house today in jordan, the president said he needs verification before doing anything. >> obtain confirmation and strong evidence. all of those things we need to make sure we work on. >> britain's prime minister is also urging caution implying that no one wants a repeated invasion of iraq. >> it's finally here. the first piece of debris from the japanese tsunami has reached our shoreline.
10:57 pm
it was found just south of the oregon border. kimberly terry learned why people who live in one of the japanese towns are calling the discovery a reason to be hope 68. >> reporter: this boat is a long way away from home. it washed ashore earlier this month in crescent city. >> the boat came from takata high school in awatae prefecture. >> n.o.a.h confirmed the boat thursday. the confirmation means it's officially the first debris from the tsunami to reach california shore. >> this is incredible. nothing like this was thought to happen. 5,000 miles in the ocean and survived. this is incredibly meaningful to
10:58 pm
the locals because nobody ever, ever expected this. >> the earth cake and tsunami has destroyed 80% of that town. >> life in that town is intense. there's a lot of grief. there's a lot of pain. there's still a lot of trama. but there's also hope. one of the things that is sustaining us is knowing that we haven't forgotten. >> he says news of the boat has actually lifted spirits in town. >> it's coming home, isn't it? and it would be lovely, yes, to come back. >> a noah spokesperson says if the school wants it back, they will do what they can to make sure it is returned. >> amazing to see that boat there. >> now, if you're just tuning in, thank you for joining us. you're watching an extended edition of nbc bay area news. >> here's what's coming um. >> there's no transparency. and that is deliberate.
10:59 pm
>> we uncover evidence of banks forclosing on homes that they don't even own and it's happening right here in the bay area. >> and the warriors bring the playoffs back to oakland. we're there for a dramatic ending. but, first? >> when i grabbed his wrist, he started bending my neck over the cement. that's why i have scratches. >> cops calling it a hate crime. tonight, only on nbc bay area, a man describes the attack by a self described white su premist. >> police say he's the victim of a hate crime. tonight, the bay area describes a harrowing ordeal. nbc bay area has more with a story you'll see only only nbc bay area. >> all of the sudden, i see someone in the air jumping down on me. >> that someone attacked him because of his race. >> the victim ended up with
11:00 pm
facial injuries and blood in his mouth. >> the santa clara district attorney's office has charged 34-year-old shawn michael barrett with a hate crime. >> this is about as clear as it can get when it comes to hate crime. >> he says barrett came up to them and started saying offensive, racist things. >> like my color and of my kind. and he wanted to eliminate us because he kept on repeating when my boys get out, we're going to clean up. >> he talked about his feelings of the hierarchy of the races and where he felt people of the victim's race fell. >> and then, without any warning, he says barrett jumped him. >> i must have hit this because i was half way in the street and half way on the curb. and then he just started welling away and i'm trying to block and protect myself. >> investigators say barrett kept yelling the "n" word as he punched him in the face.


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