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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 29, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good monday morning, everyone. a bm attack on syria's prime minister. what russian intelligence heard on a wiretap about the boston bombing suspects and jihad. a fast-moving storm in texas leads to flash flooding and frantic calls for help. plus air traffic back to normal, taylor swift's new digs and at the giants/padres game. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, april 29th. good morning, everyone. >> good start to the week to you. i'm richard lui. syria's prime minister survived a car bomb while calls for action is growing in washington
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as new evidence of chemical weapons are now in play in the country. president obama has said crossing that line would be a game changer. now critics are calling the credibility into question while the white house says it wants more evidence. nbc's tracie potts is live for us in washington. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's why some lawmakers here on capitol hill say the u.s. needs to send a strong signal not only to the assad regime in syria but also to others who may be watching, and all that's underscored by the new violence there this morning. the country's prime minister survived an assassination attempt today. his convoy was bombed. there are varying reports of other deaths and injuries. now the u.s. has some evidence syria's government may have used chemical weapons on its own people. president obama had called that a red line for action. now he's cautious. >> knowing that potentially
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chemical weapons have been used inside of syria doesn't tell us when they were used, how they were used. >> reporter: there's pressure from capitol hill to act soon. >> for america to sit on the sidelines and do nothing is a huge mistake. >> more than just syria, iran is paying attention to this. north korea is paying attention to this. >> reporter: but what type of action? a no-fly zone? air strikes? ground troops? >> the worst thing the american -- the united states could do right now is put boots on the ground in syria. >> reporter: lawmakers are also concerned if there are chemical weapons, how quickly could we secure them? >> the day after assad is a day that these chemical weapons could be at risk. >> al qaeda could take advantage of that. >> reporter: the u.s. weighing its options as the threat of conflict becomes more likely. and the latest fighting that we've seen in syria shows conflict and clashes near a complex that's already been linked to syria's chemical weapons programs. you can see, richard, why
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there's so much concern here. >> absolutely. tracie potts, thank you so much. the taliban is making good on its threats. insurgents in afghanistan kicking off their spring offensive on sunday, killing a police chief and two other officers. in past years, spring has marked a significant upsurge in fighting between the taliban and nato forces along with their local allies. it's also a key test of the international coalition is scheduled to hand over security responsibilities to afghan forces next year. meanwhile, a new report exposing tens of millions in so-called ghost money that's flowed from the cia to the offices of afghanistan's president, hamid karzai. according to "the new york times," the secret bags of money are dropped off every month to buy influence. but there's little evidence it has worked. instead, some u.s. officials saying the money has fueled corruption and empowered warlords undermining washington's exit strategy from afghanistan. there's a taped phone conversation of boston's bomber suspect tamerlan tsarnaev that includes talk of jihad.
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russian intelligence intercepting the 2011 call with his mother where tamerlan also mentioned a possible trip to palestine. cia until the days following the marathon attacks. nbc's michelle franzen has the latest. >> reporter: a key focus for investigators centers on tamerlan tsarnaev's visit to dagestan in 2012 and what he did during his six-month stay. authorities tell nbc news they are weighing russian reports on what they learned about tamerlan while visiting family. the big question sunday for lawmakers, whether tamerlan received training during his trip. >> i suspect that ultimately we're going to conclude that a lot of radicalization took place before the trip. that these brothers, particularly the older brother, were more self-radicalized than online sources were probably among the most significant factors. >> reporter: several former counterterrorism officials tell nbc news investigators are leaning toward a theory that the two suspects did not have
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training and acted alone. pointing to serious flaws in the operation. the suspects had no escape plan and returned home after the bombing. police say they carjacked a vehicle and stole money from the victim. and on the day of the bombing, authorities say they stood out and unlike everyone else were not in a panic. in boston, at the old south church, a moving walk and vigil to the marathon finish line. healing moments for young and old alike and signs the boston strong spirit is thriving. >> that was michelle franzen reporting. parts of the houston area were hit over the weekend with more than six inches of rain in just a few hours. turning streets into just that, rivers. many drivers were stranded with firefighters making more than 100 high-water rescues and a convenience store roof collapsed from the weight of the water in one situation, but the employees inside were able to get out before the roof caved in and there were no injuries.
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let's get over to nbc's dylan dreyer here with your forecast for the week. we still have a lot of rain in some parts of the country. and in the west? >> yes. we are seeing most of our rain in the southeast today. we still have flooding concerns especially near fargo. the red river is expected to crest by tuesday night into wednesday, up around 37 feet. flood stage is 18 feet. so flooding is going to be a major concern out that way. you can see most of the wet weather is in the southeast and the northwest. although up across seattle and down into portland, also east into northern idaho, we are seeing lighter rain at this point. we're not going to see heavy torrential downpours or anything like that. we still have mountain snow falling out that way, too. a look at expected rainfall over the next 24 hours brings it up to around a quarter of an inch. could be closer to a half inch in bellingham, washington. we are looking for warm temperatures, though. yesterday phoenix hit their first 100-degree day of the season. today they should get up to 103. vegas yesterday broke a record at 97 degrees.
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and it looks like they should break a record today, too, with an expected high of 100 degrees. it is real warm in the southwest. and eventually as we go into tomorrow, any of the showers in the northwest should come to an end. you'll see mild across californ, arizona, flagstaff should hit 75. the heat in the southwest. finally that heat moving into the plains, too. that's part of the reason we're seeing all that snow melt near fargo. it's warm for the first time this season. >> they'll take that. 70s in san francisco and we're only in april. >> it's nice, isn't it? >> i'll take that to the bank twice over. what to expect when you arrive at the airport this week. plus, the golden arches hints at big changes that could be coming to a menu near you. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back to "early today." a mississippi man will be arraigned today on charges he sent letters laced with ricin to president obama and senator roger wicker. he was arrested last week and could face life in prison. a previous suspect had been taken into custody but was later released and cleared. the owner of the bangladesh clothing factory that collapsed and killed hundreds of workers is facing charges of negligence after unsuccessfully trying to flee to india. officials say the building was illegally constructed. at least 380 were killed. rescuers are still searching for survivors but say there's little hope of finding any. flight delays around the country should ease this week. staffing at the nation's air traffic control towers back to normal after congress voted to end sequester-imposed furloughs. a search is under way for a man suspected of killing an 8-year-old girl in northern california. residents are being urged to
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stay indoors and keep their doors locked. a spectacular explosion at mt. etna. amazing pictures here. it's the volcano's 13th eruption this year. active, kind of big underline on that one. now to business and cnbc's kayla tausch. good morning to you. >> president obama is expected to appoint more members of his second term cabinet as soon as today. micha michael froman and penny pitzger. and another top executive is leaving jpmorgan. co-coo frank bisignano. seen as the successor to jamie dimon will fully take over the job. both were key in getting the bank back on track after reporting a huge trading loss last year. and e-mailing the 50 million
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customers whose accounts were hacked. living social says e-mails, passwords were hacked but no information was stolen. it's partly owned by amazon. it's a data. packed week for the economy. the fed expected to keep stimulus status quo. there's also manufacturing data at home and overseas. and the all-important april jobs report out on friday. meanwhile, startling new data from the st. louis federal reserve finds that the u.s. government paid out $3.3 billion in 2011 for unemployment benefits to people who are actually working. chrysler kicks off another earnings onslaught this morning. about half the s&p, by the way here, they have reported and so far 69% are beating earnings estimates. knock on wood. an auto investment of a different speed, a 1939 daimler that once belonged to winston churchill believed to be the last of its kind. an anonymous owner in germany hopes the classic coupe will
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fetch over $500,000 on ebay. the majority still buy flowers for mother's day and spend about 40 bucks. this is a reminder for you. egg mcmuffins may soon be your new hangover food. >> would you ever consider the big one having mcdonald's serve breakfast all day long? >> yes, we would consider it. this innovation center has come up with innovative ways of us expanding the breakfast hours and some of those things we'll also be seeing here in the near future. >> dylan and i were saying we want the entire menu extended. chicken mcnuggets. michael jordan and longtime girlfriend tie the knot. plus chuckles from the white house correspondents dinner when "early today" returns.
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you know, this weekend the president took some time out to make some fun of himself, the press and a few others at the annual white house correspondents dinner. in case you missed it, here are some highlights for you. >> the problem is that the media landscape is changing so rapidly. you can't keep up with it. i remember when buzz feed was something i did in college around 2:00 a.m. in fact, i'm taking my charm offensive on the road. a texas barbecue with ted cruz,
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kentucky bluegrass concert with rand paul and a book burning with michele bachmann. of course, even after i've done all this, some folks still don't think i spend enough time with congress. why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell, they ask. really? why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell? >> chuckles from both sides of the aisle there. now to sports for you. nba playoffs. lakers take on the spurs. dwight howard was ejected after a second technical powell. tony parker made an amazing reverse layup, bam, right there. and then what happens there? lakers lose, 103-82 in a sweep there. check this out. during the game in los angeles, a heckler kept trying and failing to get the attention of the spurs matt bonner.
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>> hey, bonner! hey, bonner, bonner, bonner! you're bonnarific! bonner, bonner, bonner! >> i know that can get a little annoying. this is an embarrassing. the lakers handed out white playoff towels to fans that led l.a. lakers playoff 2013. the only problem, as we were just saying, they got eliminated. in oakland, warriors won leading series three to one and when the nuggets players on the bench stood up, the sweatpants of one player fell down. whoops! on a brighter note for you, basketball legend michael jordan married his longtime girlfriend on saturday. guests included tiger woods, patrick ewing, spike lee and ahmad rashad. an all-star lineup. in baseball, a warmup pitch got away from mets catcher and shattered the plexiglas. seven years back luck i think is what they were saying.
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between innings in san diego, a fan got a huge head start in a foot race against a guy in a squirrel costume but it still wasn't enough of a lead as squirrel man blew right past him for the victory. that is real. that guy was running really slowly. thumbs up. at a golf tournament in south korea, a tee shot went off to the right and landed on the paved golf cart path and just kept rolling and rolling and rolling to about 500 yards from the tee. ouch! >> announcer: "early today" sports is brought to you by touch of gray. get rid of some gray, never all. just ahead, who won the weekend box office battle of the continents? plus, so long, kennedy compound. taylor swift has a new summer home. we'll tell you where when "early today" returns.
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good morning. welcome back. warmth in the southwest. 50s up and down california. the northwest is starting off the day in the 40s and 50s. it's going to be a little bit rainy especially up across seattle and down into portland. over east into northern idaho as well, we're going to see some rain and some higher elevation snow. 100 degrees in las vegas. most likely breaking a record that way today. and phoenix, 103 today. yesterday was the first day they hit 100 degrees. then tomorrow, we are going to see things clear out especially up near seattle and the pacific northwest. sunshine returns. temperatures look pleasant, too, getting back into the 50s and 60s. it will be nice to dry things out that way. >> watching casper, wyoming, glad to have 70 today, but boy,
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they're getting some stuff back. >> more rain. they've had a brutal spring so far. >> i'm holding out for those wyomingens. "pain & gain" was able to wrestle first play away from "oblivion." the big story is all about "iron man 3." that's the one i'm watching. it debuted overseas to the tune of $195 million. "iron man 3" opens domestically this weekend and is expected to make over $150 million in just three days. willie nelson celebrated his 80th birthday sunday with a sold-out show in austin, texas, but the concert took on a special meaning as all proceeds are going to the victims of the farlg fatal fertilizer plant explosion. "saturday night live" has announced the last three hosts of the season, zach galifianakis, kristen wiig and ben affleck. vince vaughn and his wife are officially expecting their second child. the actor shared the good news
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with ellen degeneres in an interview airing today. finally, taylor swift becoming the donald trump of country music. the 23-year-old singer has purchased a $17 million beachfront home in rhode island. nice pad. look at that. she bought it in cash, by the way. taylor got the home for $3 million less than the asking price. and it has movers already on the scene. i'm wondering, though, what does this mean for who she's dating right now? >> rhode island does sound like a very strange place to drop $17 million in cash. but hey. i've got family in massachusetts, so, you know, maybe we'll pass each other on the way. >> and buy a $17 million home. >> not happening. >> i'm richard lui. you're watching "early today" just the first stop of the day today on your nbc station.
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in "the washington post," panel pushes to expand wiretaps for online activity. this article says government task force is preparing legislation that would penalize tech firms that fail to heed wiretap orders. then in "usa today," man stabs four people at church in albuquerque. unfortunately here, t-- fortunae injuries were not life threatening. here's some of the stories we're watching. the mother of the boston bombing suspects is under the microscope after russian authorities say they intercepteded a phone call. president obama is expected to dominate mayor anthony fox of charlotte, north carolina, as his new transportation secretary. if confirmed, fox would take over for outgoing secretary ray lahood. and friday's congressional
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vote to stop the furloughs was made official this weekend ending a weeklong headache of understaffed airports and delayed flights across the country. one competition in germany got a little hairy, shall we say. around 100 men brought their "a" game to the international beard championship. awards were delivered in 18 different categories including prizes for the prettiest and most obscure style. dylan, you like any of those? >> i'm trying to figure out prettiest. >> yeah, what does that mean? this guy in china is a norwegian acrobat. nearly 1,000 feet over a gorge. the thrill seeker also did tricks suspended from a hot air balloon. better ways to spend the day, i think. i don't know if i'd do that. >> i can't do a handstand, so i definitely wouldn't be doing that. time now for a look ahead and a look back. a debate in south carolina for a house seat. the republican candidate, former
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governor mark sanford facing elizabeth colbert bush. opening statements begin in the civil lawsuit filed by michael jackson's mother. alleging that conrad murray is responsible for jackson's death. and happy anniversary to the duke and duchess of cambridge. william and kate were married two years ago today. seems so recent. here's a look at what's coming up later on "today." matt goes one on one with marsha stewart about her work, life and her search for love. and olympic gold medalist gabby douglas opens up about her life in the spotlight in her new book "raising the bar." keep it on this channel for news, weather, sports and more. i'm richards lui along with dylan dreyer. thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a great start to the week.
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. . . a northern california town on edge. finally headed to trial, accused serial killer gets ready to defend himself in court. south bay businesses teaming up and talking about a lawsuit against major league baseball. right now, a quick live look outside. try to get your monday jump-started here. a live look at the bay bridge in san francisco. it is day one of the workweek, monday, april 29th. this is "today in the bay."


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