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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 29, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> we don't go outside. we don't walk our dogs. >> a mother stands by, unable to speak as police talk about the hunt to capture 8-year-old daughter's killer. we're live to show you who police are questioning in this case. >> also, dozens of bay area men sleeping in chairs every night. find out why an attempt to get them beds has angered a lot of neighbors. but, first? >> the investigative unit look sboos what pg&e isn't telling you about leaks in your neighborhood. >> tonight, we investigate pg&e,
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the embattled utility, has pledged to be more transparent and to regain the public trust. >> following the san bruno explosions, pg&e has declined to produce safety records. why is the utility withholding the records? >> reporter: jessica, it is a question currently without an answer. but it's a safety concern that now has the attention of the public utilities commission, state lawmakers and residents of san bruno. >> it was the worst day in my life. >> we came right here, looked up and there was fire way up in the sky. g . >> reporter: cathy and her family survived the education ploegss. >> have pg&e regained your trust? >> absolutely not.
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>> we're dedicating to being a company you can count on. >> pg&e has aired on hundreds of commercials and youtube. pg&e's focus on regaining trust. >> fully dead kalted by providing a safe, reliable and affordable energy. >> including testimonials from the top. >> my job is to make sure that you see the difference. >> but my investigation has found a stark contrast between the messages in its commercials and the messages sent from inside the corporate walls of pg&e san francisco offices. you see that? that's natural gas leaking out of there. >> last year, pg&e identified more than 32,000 natural gas leaks. >> yeah, it's leaking back here. you can see it. >> the fiscal report lists the number of leaks it fixed, but it doesn't show the amount of time it took to fix those leaks or if
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they met deadlines to make sure leaks don't become dangerous! the san bruno explosion and the investigation shows why we can no longer not only trust, trust and verify, they say. >> reporter: mark tony serves as president of turn, the nbc bay area investigative unit made several requests to pg&e to review records including the dates when leaks were identified and repaired. pg&e's response? it does not have the time or resources to respond to our requests. >>. >> when you hear them provide this kind of explanation, what's your gut reaction? >> completely absurd for pg&e to be claiming that they don't have the time to demonstrate their compliance with safety. >> pg&e's own records raise questions about how the company functions. take a look.
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noncompliance reports to the public utility's commission show that pg&e lost paper work, failed to follow state regulations and missed surveys. in this document last year, pg&e filed missing survey maps in san mateo county. on just one day, they discovered ten previously undetected gas leaks. >> we've got a history of not being accountable and not doing what you say you're going to do. yes. people have the right to ask and to say show us, now. >> it started with a gas leak killing one and injuring several. and then in 2011, this explosion in cupertino. pg&e found several leaks in underground pipes.
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still, with recent examples, pg&e has declined to produce a kplaet accounting of its record, repairing gas leaks. when you hear this kind of response for the records that the public would like to see, what's your reaction? >> it's outrageous. >> pg&e had failed us. >> he says recognizing its recent history, pg&e's decision to keep secret its gas record is unaccept blg. >> in the shadow of san bruno, they should open all of their records any time anyone asks instead of spending millions of dollars on public relations on ads and newspapers, on television commercials. they should spend the money, if necessary, to open their records. >> we need the puc to step up
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and make them accountable. >> the utility is not required to file reports showing it has met deadlines to fix gas leaks. we met paul clannon in sacramento at the capital. >> the public has a right to see safety information. >> will you specifically take action? will you contact pg&e? >> you've got mir support. >> somebody has to stop them. somebody has to say, wait a minute. safety is a priority. for all of us.
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>> we will follow up with puc to make sure the records and the reports get back to you. pg a. e released a written statement saying, in part, it has made significant progress in identifying natural gas leaks since the san bruno explosion. it's an interesting strategy, provide an answer and never ask the question. >> if you have a tip, give us a call at 888-996-tips. >> also, new at 11:00, a bizarre story at a south bay starbucks coffee shop. a 51-year-old woman has been arrested tonight accused of attempted felony poisoning. the woman came into the st starbucks around 4:00 this afternoon and replaced two bottles of orange juice with her own bottles from her own bag. the bottles allegedly had a
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mixture of juice and rubbing alcohol inside of them. alert customers noticed the woman's suspicious behavior. at around 8:30 tonight, police arrested her at her home. >> so overcome by her grief and dispair that she could not utter a word. >> the mother of an 8-year-old stabbed to death. lila fowler was found by her brother on saturday bleeding inside her valley springs home. since then, the tight-knit community has been on lock down. he found out tonight who investigators are questioning, terry? >> yeah, they're talking to sex offenders and parole lees trying to find the person who stabbed
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8-year-old little layla fowler to death. behind me, you see the california patrol helpi until t is found, this community is on edge. >> i don't think she wants to speak. >> with the dead girl's mother overwhelmed with emotion, she was unable to speak. >> they have not been ruled out. they have been interviewed and in some cases, they've been photographed. >> investigators won't say if layla was sexually assaulted or not.
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>> we have all of our windows, our doors locked, we have bars in our double paned sliding windows. we don't go outside. we don't walk our dogs at night. >> and that won't change until the suspect is caught. he was spotted by the victim's brother and one, possibly two others. but the description is vague. >> do you believe this is random? >> we don't know. the investigation has taken a couple different avenues and we do not want to treat one portion of the investigation lighter than others. >> everyone is doing what that woman is doing. locking their windows, locking their doors and putting a bar there on their sliding glass doors until this killer is caught. nbc bay area news. >> terry, thank you.
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back here in the bay area, a day on the water came to a tragic end for san francisco sheriff's deputy michael rob erts. he was found floating in the marina. >> a pilot is dead and fire fighters are searching for more victims after two small planes collided in midair. now one plane managed to land. but the secondary craft slammed into the santa monocan mountains about 5 miles away and started a one-acre fire. it's unclear at this point how many people were on that plane. up next, former stanford basketball star jason collins
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breaks new ground by coming out as a gay man and the news was well received. >> he's going to have to deal with how do i really feel about this teammate who said x, y and z. >> a well-known sports insider and psychologist weighs in on the challenges facing jason collins. >> what we're learning about it and how it could impact what some bay area students get for lunch tomorrow.
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it's a bitser mix of red tape, politics and a good night's sleep. many people in the community think the shelter is overstepping its bounds. jean elliot has the only story you'll see. >> for the past five years, i've been staying here off and on. >> anthony hunter often calls mother browns home. not many people know what happens here at night, but our nbc bay area camera captured it all. upstairs, the homeless are allowed to sleep in chairs. >> you really can't sleep in a chair. by the time you get comfortable, you're falling over you've got other people laying on you. >> during our visit, 30 men did their best to stretch out, propping up their feet, leaning
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on walls. hunter says he appreciates the helping hand, but it's no way to sleep. >> we need beds. we really need beds. >> and they've been doing this for over ten years now. it's so hard. room full of people trying to sleep sitting up, it breaks her heart. >> it has turned to a big, huge, political thing. i didn't envision that. all i was thinking about is letting people sleep there at night. >> placing a homeless shelter in an industrial area is not correct. it violates zoning. >> safety and security have to be addressed.
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>> hunter and others have to make a decision. >> a budding san francisco start-up has an ambitious and kraetsive proposal to help the homeless. >> according to the examiner, he already has the rights to one decommissioned bus. at 5 minutes a shower, each bus could serve about a hundred people a day. well, it is a game changer. an nba player revealing he is gay. jason collins shared his secret with sports illustrated. it was his aunt, the san francisco judge, that collins first confided in. >> i hope his stats will speak
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for himself. and i hope his sexual orientation does not define him as a man. it's just a part of him. >> collins has become the the first active openly gay member. >> the reaction has been one of support for jason collins. to the nba, people are definitely reacting tonight. >> i'm a much better person for knowing jason collins. >> he has nothing but praise for his former teammates. >> what i tried to convey to jason today is how much i love him, how much i respect him and how much i love his family. this is a first class individual. >> the reaction from the nba tonight has been positive. we are proud he has assumed the leadership mantle on this very
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important issue. >> i'm elated that jason came out. edward says although collins will be very well accepted, there will be some who will not like his decision to come out. edwards says collins is going to have to deal with that. what do i think about death threats and the nasty letters that he's inevident eblely going to get. >> so it takes a man of great courage to do what he did today. i'm happy for him. he's going to be able to be the complete jason collins, every day, for the rest of his life. >> now, the support for jason collins goes beyond the sports role.
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tonight, former president bill clinton released a statement. his daughter, chelsea was a friend here at stanford. the statement of a good man who wants no more than what so many of us seek to be able to do what we want because of who we are. we're life at stanford, nbc, bay area news. >> we've got a lot more on our web site, including a link to the column he wrote for "sports illustrated." all you need to do is search jason collins. >> yes, a lot of you are going to enjoy all of this sunshine coming by the coast. once again, winds are going to get gusty, especially by the afternoon.
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let's get you outside at a live hd sky camera network. we made it through the first part of the workweek, everyone. as you can see, we have sochl hazy conditions right now. that's a sign in decreased air quality. looking towards san francisco, no fog present. there is a bit of marine area of clouds trying to develop. but it's going to have a hard time, in fact, most of the coast will be artingff clear. there you can see that clear picture in san francisco. we have a cooler system off to the north and we have hot high pressure sitting off here offshore. you ear going to get some wind created. right around the backside. also, slightly offshore winds.
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that's why the national weather service has issued a fire wampbing. i do think the largest storm will be right up here around if north bay. once again, around a thousand feet. and anyone off to the west and in the hills, that's where humidity can be anywhere from 10-20%. you want to take a look at the color that goes across your city. you'll be able to see where those top gust wills be. tomorrow morning, 15-25 miles per hour. you could see those areas of orange or red.
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throughout tomorrow morning, low to mid 50s to start. and then as we head throughout the day, 85 in san jose, also 85 in palo alto. 73 in san francisco. three-day forecast, no rain at all. not only warm inland, but plenty of beach weather at the coast. mid to upper 70s. if you're doing a staycation, it's going to be a good week for that. >> i have some family coming in out of the country this year. nay're going to the beach. >> coming up, a crucial comeback for the giants tonight. we're back in a moment. wow, the track looks perfect.
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fired up over firings. dozens of people who worked at the bakery in oakland were protesting outside in facility today. they were among 125 employees who believe they were fired because of a silent audit. the bakery supplies bread to the local school district and to trader joes, as well. j tonight, a new push for immigration reform. it was a very active night. people gathered outside of senator diane finestein's office. it's the first of many, the san francisco organizing project plans to hold. the group says it will hold a vigil every evening until passed.
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>> more families get broken apart because of these policies than anywhere else in the country. we feel that alone is enough to warrant to take a much stronger role than she has to this point. >> we're back in a moment with sports. stay with us. look at 'em.
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rethink possible. hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. the giants open with the d'backs reeling after they swept the padres in san diego. it's a showdown with the snakes in the desert. would the losing streak finally come to an end? matt cain on the bump, seeking his first win of the season. it's 4-3, d'backs.
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top 8, tied 4-4. based loaded. two outs, branden belt up the middle. giants win 6-4. they snap their five-game losing skid. >> they come in with the same attitude. today was no different. >> as and angels starting in the three-game series in oakland. top seven. wow. fourth of the year, 7462, angels. 2 on for josh donaldson. two runs score. as cut it to 7-5.
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cocoa crisp is your equalizer. we're tied at 7. we're still tied at 7. we're in the 12th inning. tomorrow, the warriors back in action. they lead four games to one. i'm dave feldman, dave and jess back with more of the news right now.
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there's a new weapon in the fight against drug-resis tent super bugs. frost. it's the first hospital to disinfect patient rooms using ultraviolet light. tests show the light in the robot is effective in killing mrsa, e. coli and more than 20 other harmful germs. how about that? >> very, very important.
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a quick look tomorrow. going to be very warm and quite dangerous. >> yes, winds are going to be increasing, especially across the north bay hills. terptures in the 80s inland. at the coastline, beach weather with low to mid 70s chlts push push
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