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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 5, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> this flag is very offensive, many of whom fled or their families fled from vietnam when they cam to this country. >> reporter: the dna matches shirakawa's. the dna sample was taken when he was arrested on 12 counts including perjury and misappropriation of funds. >> it is wrong to falsely impersonate your opponent. >> reporter: shirakawa surrendered himself to police and will likely be released on his own recognizance. it is scheduled to be arind on the new day. his arraignment on the new charge is skejds for the same time. the former aid to shirakawa issued a statement, if these allegations are in fact true it is deeply disappointing and
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hurtful not just to him but to the entire east san jose community. live in san jose kim berry terry nbc bay area news. well tonight we still don't know who will replace shirakawa. there are two final candidates headed for a run offelection which will be next month. cindy chavez led with 41%. since neither candidate received 50% of the vote, voters will return to the polls on july 30th to decide the race. now to a follow-up story that we first broke last night. leaders of the san jose schools said police ignored their calls for help when a prowler was on campus. they're denying the accusation and they have the call logs to prove it. chris sanchez, the school is very critical of the police
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department. who's right and who's wrong. >> the san jose spokesman says it's really unfounded. he asked staff to pull the dispatch logs for that monday and tuesday and here's how some of the timing plays out. it was about 1:27 in the afternoon that the call came in from the school about the man in the girls' bathroom at the cherrywood elementary school. they were on their way and diverted because of the robbery that was taking place. ten minutes after the school first called dispatch, dispatch was still on the phone with the school and the reporting party said the suspect in the bathroom was gone. now the sergeant from the sjpd said officers did check in with the school later and when the dispatch got to call the next day that the suspect was back, officers were on scene within 4 minutes and the suspect had
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already taken pauf. less than a half an hour later officers responded to a burglary call in that area and found out that that was the same person based on the suspect description and that person was taken into custody. >> the bottom line is we did get the guy. so if there's concern that the officers were nonresponsive and not going out there, that's not true. we are going to respond out to somebody doing a lewd act in public. >> reporter: now the berryessa union support yesterday told us we never heard back from san jose pd and no one showed up. i tried to share with the superintendent today the dispatch records that i got but he was not available. he's preparing for a board meeting tonight. the sergeant says the department is as responsive as it can be with fewer than a thousand police officers for a city with more than a million people.
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every time one shift of officers:00s out there are 30 or 40 calls still pending. they're already behind the eight ball in terms of responding to events that people in this city expect police to respond to. hopefully we'll get more comment from the district at some point but the superintendent was not available today, is out of town tomorrow, perhaps might be available on friday. an attack in san jose has left a 58-year-old man dead. it is the city's 26th homicide of the year. officers say he was jumped and knocked unconscious near the intersection of 12 an jackson. his family tells nbc bay area news that he was trying to help a person being chased. that's when he was hit in the back of the head. it's unknown if it was a gang related attack. prosecutors have charged two teenagers with the murder in
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connection of two other teenagers in san jose. 19-year-old was arraigned in court today. the twos are accused of shooting and killing two students from independent high school on may 26. a third person was with the victim that day and told the police the suspects wanted to fight with him. they decided to do it behind the kol's department store. a heart breaks update on the horrific crash yesterday. the mother in the car accident that kald her three-year-old son has also died. she has been identified a joey gill. the father remains hospitalized tonight. he was apparently speeding when he lost control of the family's honda and slammed into a tree. this afternoon police say there could be charges in this double fatal accident.
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the family lives in milpitas. neighbors often saw the three-year-old playing in the yard. >> i didn't believe it at first, it's just disbelief at first because we just saw them earlier in the day in the morning. and the day before we saw them walking out with their kids and with their dog going down to the park. so, you know, as we learn more an mer of what happened it became more an more tragic. >> the family was headed to a water park when it veered off the road an hit a tree so hard the car was sheered in half. the car seat was ejected. the old victorian at 7th and harrison streets in oakland caught on fire again. this a two-alarm fire broke out around 7:00 in morning. no one was inside the home. neighbors and investigators suspect squatters started this fire. this is the second fire at the house already this year alone. this is video from the first one back in january.
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more than 30 marijuana business leaders from around the country were on capitol hill today asking lawmaker to make it easy r for them to do business. they're being putting in financial an legal jep parties. 19 states have legalized the drug for medical use but federal laws prohibit it. now several lawmakers are proposing changes. it would allow state approved pot businesses to take advantage of federal tax breaks and operate without the fear of a fade rale shut down. >> it's a maddening experience. it's very difficult. but really the federal government has us in a position that's impossible. >> he's from the berkeley patient group dispensary. the conflict between the state and fed roll laws kpeeps him from benefits from small business tax breaks and opening a bank account. >> one of the fastest growing
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industries in the world is putting it mark on silicon valley. >> that's right you guys. going to come on real quick. right now we have a lot of marine layer stretching from the coast all the way to santa cruz. we did have plenty of widespread 80s in santa ma roen. here's the thing about the heat. when it does start to get hot over the next 72 hours, we'll still have 60s on the map but it's going to surge way up into the 90s. coming up in the full forecast we'll detail who is going to be in the 90 to 100 degree range. >> we'll see you then. a frantic serge for survivors. the routine work that might have prompted this building to collapse. >> and a jackson hospitalized. the medical emergency involving michael jackson's daughter plus what her twitter account revealed. for our families...
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more trouble for one of america's most famous family. mikement jackson's daughter, mayor ris jackson is record edly in the hospital after a possible over doze at her home in southern california. the teenager is doing fine and getting the appropriate medical attention. stephanie, just like her late father, she hasn't had a normal childhood. her twitter account was pretty revealing this week wasn't it? >> reporter: it certainly was indeed. paris jackson has lived her entire life in the public eye. while the details surrounding why he was rushed to the hospital are unclear, we can tell you that her family says she'll be fine. >> hello. zwlr just last friday, 15-year-old paris jackson gives a how to on applying makeup.
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paris is now the hospital but said to be doing okay according to jack so i family patriarch, joe jackson. the police department responded to a call of a possible overdoze with paris lived. >> about 1:27 this morning, sheriff's deputies responded to the house regarding a medical situation, medical sufss were offered. >> reporter: the jackson children have been care for by their grandmother since their father's death in 2009. paris is the only daughter of michael jackson pe. she was born to jackson's ex-wife. in april she was spotted celebrating her 15ette birthday with her mother. these tweets which appeared on her account on tuesday night may have indicated that she was upset. the first at 10:39 read i wonder
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why tears are salty. yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away. now it looks like they're here to stay. >> quote, being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult no matter who you are. it is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you. paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention. please respect her privacy and the family's privacy. pairry along with her brothers have had a lot to deal with in their young lives from their father's sudden death to the criminal trial of dr. con ra murray anthe counter wrongful death suit against age. june 25th marks the fourth anniversary of michael jackson's death. >> reporter: and there is still a lot of speculation and rumors swirling around social media as to exactly what happened. what we can tell you is according to the jackson family paris jackson will be okay.
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>> we wish her a full recovery. in other national news, the frantic search for survivors continued tonight after a building clasped in philadelphia. a vacant four story bidding was being demolished when it i came crashing down on to a thrift store this morning. one person was killed. they believe one other person could still be buried. >> we're going to continue until we have searched the entire area. it is an active serge and rescue right now. >> the demolition crew had the proper permits. the exact cause of the clasp is under investigation. tomorrow he arrives in the south bay. today president obama elected susan rice to be his national security adviser. rice is the current u.n.
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ambassador but will take over for tom don long. the national security position does not require senate confirmation. the president will arrive in the south bay about 6:00 p.m. he'll attend a rep sepgs in palo alto and head over to a high fun raiser dinner, the cofounder of sun microsystems. an over flowing toilet is causing a lot of problems at oakland's police headquarters. about 50 police officerance civilian employees were told to evacuate the building this achb. the problem is on the third floor where police records are kept. the floorgd flooding was first discovered by an employee early tuesday morning. more than an inch of water was discovered on the third aund second floors. water made its way down to the lobby area. >> we have had testing.
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testing shows that our air quality has proven to be safe but we want to do additional testing. therefore we've close ud again until more tests can be completed. >> this isn't the first time that flooding caused problems at the pd. in 2007 a pipe burst and caused flooding. >> law enforcement leaders have organized a smartphone summit next week to brainstorm ways to work on the national epidemic of cell phone theft. they're calling on manufacturers to install a kill switch rendering a phone useless after it's taken. at the summit the cops will meet with reps from apple, google and microsoft to urge them to take action. the shark tank is getting a
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new tame. say hello to the sap center. the san jose city council is expected to approve a five-year deal between sap global, the city and the sharks. sap is paying about $8.4 million for the naming rights. that vote will take place with city council on june 18th. hewlett packard made it known they didn't want to move forward with the naming right of the arena. the owner of the sharks is the founder of sap. >> triple digit temperatures possibly on the way. >> that's right our huge surge in conditions is coming. we have the ex pansive marine layer stretching from the northern coastline down to los angeles. that is going to keep the clouds with us as we head into tomorrow morning. you can see in our first look for thursday, widespread cloud cover at the bay, then by 11:00 a.m. you'll notice it's not
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going to be too hot. we'll see temperatures in the 80s. so definitely tomorrow not going to be the hottest of the week that's for sure. let's get you outside to our live hd sky cam network. look like it's about to ray in san francisco. we might get a little drizzle as high pressure compresses a lot of the elements in the atmosphere. you can see in emeryville looking toward san francisco, a strong marine layer. it's not going to go anywhere tonight. may produce delays at sfo. very dry conditions in san jose. we're going to see the fire danger peek as we head throughout friday an-saturday with some lowering humidities. what we are happening is having typical in the pacific. a region of high pressure we get in the evening. here's the caveat. we've got another surge. it's like two hot areas come verging together ppg so very swb
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very hot air going to ride up southern california an meet up with more heat out in the south pacific. that's going to provide us with some hot weather but not hot for everyone. some of the warmest weather back to the east bay with livermore at 97, 92 in napa by sat but then there we go, san jose and palo alto, upper 80s, low 90s, coastline upper 60s and low 70s. so how does this compare in livermore? while we're looking for an anticipated 97 on saturday, deafdea definitely not the hottest. it's going to feel like the triple digits but it's certainly not going to reach 102 at the point. let's get you into the fog forecast. from the north bay down to the south bay. also some toward contra cost
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that. the fog is still going to hold on for thursday as you can see we've highlighted from santa cruz but we have sun shine from napa to morgan hill. low to mid 50s here for the most part an daytime highs for tomorrow, a little warm r for us. it's a transition nal day, 82 in san jose, 85 in los gatos, east bay mid to upper 80s. san francisco it's 67 and 79 in santa rosa. if you are heading out to the beaches, best beech weather is going to be saturday. dangerous rip currents will be in effect with waves from 4 to 8 feet. on the three-day forecast it gets ho hot friday an saturday. 70s at the coastline but things really drop off on sunday. temperatures quite a bit cooler and also a 25% chance of some coastal showers at this point.
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big changes on sunday. friday an-saturday, those are the days. >> thank you. the jobs just keep coming to the bay area. silicon's any industry gets a boost also the most popular car in california is in trouble. there's a recall. look at 'em.
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the best selling car in california is facing a massive recall. toyota is recalling more than 240,000 preus and lexus vehicles in the united states, europe and gentleman pap due to problems with the brake system. it could cause longer stopping systems. it affects the preus and lexus from the 2010 model year. there have been no accidents or
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injuries because of the problem was it has received several complaints. how about this one, many casinos are bang the use of google glass. that's the eyeglass that's getting a lot of hype, the mounting device capable of shooting video and surfing the net right on your eyes. they could be used to cheat at card games but that would be hard to prove. but the casinos are banning google glass. mystery winner of the largest powerball jackpot has finally come forward. 84-year-old is the sole winner of the $590 million jackpot. she bought the winning ticket and finally showed up at the flord lottery head quarter to claim her prize. she can cliend to speak to the media but they read a statement from her. >> while in line at publix, another lottery player was kind enough to let me go ahead of them in line to purchase the
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winning quick pick ticket. we are grateful of bless of winning the flord jackpot. >> she has elected to receive the lump sum payment of more than $370 million before taxes. >> maybe just a kick million bucks for that person. >> just so kind to let mer go first. >> still ahead, no jobs and new life saving drugs heading our way.
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it is one of the fastest growing businesses in the tech world today and might some day save your life. >> we're talking about biotech and small biotech companies here in the bay area just got a huge boost. let's bring in scott budman. >> johnson and johnson one of the biggest buyer tech health care companies in the world putting down a silicon valley footprint today with the hope of helping startups in and out of the lab to develop new drugs and get those drugs in the market. we've seen several biotech companies do well and get attention from the big guys. this will make the process smoother and encourage partnerships. >> because i think we never have better science that we've had today. the possibilities of the thing we can do today from the a biology standpoint is infi
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night. >> with more start jups comes for jobs. the biotech center opens today. jaj plans to add laboratory space. this as biotech is expected to be one of the hottest entries here in the foreseeable future. >> your weather, hot. >> it's sizzling. we can feel the heat coming off or weather computers back there. not 100 degrees but very close. you can see friday and saturday very hot inland with mid to upper 90s. 70s at the coastline. best day forif beach would be saturday. as we head into sunday we're talking 80s inland, 60s at the coast and a chance of showers. so we're going to continue to monitor that and have more coming up at 6:00 p.m.
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>> a south bay teenager said it's possible to charge your phone in seconds. coming up. on our broadcast tonight, without warning. a building collapse levels a huge area in the heart of philadelphia and triggers an urgent search for those trapped. we'll have a live report from there tonight. man under fire. our nbc news exclusive interview with the attorney general, eric holder, who breaks his silence and answers questions like, "did the feds go too far"? and will he step down. the drone war. an nbc news investigation. tonight what richard engel has uncovered about how many people are dying and who they are. and what did she say? how the first lady handled a heckler last night, and how she gave as good as she got. "nightly news" begins now.


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