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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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so much diversity coming forward to acknowledge this young man of 26 who really took a moral stance against our government doing unlawful things in our name. >> in spite of the support, the san francisco pride board announced it officially will not honor manning in any way during the parade. since he was never from the bay area, he was never qualified to be a grand marshal. >> the hot weather is bringing more rattle snakes out in the open in contact with people and pets. joe rosato junior introduces us to one man whose job it is to
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keep those snakes away from potential victims. >> this is the sound no hiker wants to hear. during the summer months, it's a sound al wolf hears every day. >> and that's a boy rattlesnake. >> this summer, wolf is hearing it more than ever. the phone at the reptile rescue is ringing every day with calls for him to come catch rattlers. >> when may hit, it really surprised me. we generally get 18 calls. we were up to 126 by the end of may. there's rattle snakes everywhere. these are just from yesterday. >> wolf said it isn't that there are more this year but the warm weather is drawing them out. >> it's been a steady warmth and the snakes are moving on a normal pattern. >> so far this year, wolf's heard of four people who have been bit by rattle snakes along with 20 dogs. wolf himself has been bit 1 times. >> the pain that you feel after
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awhile is like being too close to a fireplace from the inside out. >> you just need the right snake to tell you where they're at. >> the threat of another bite doesn't stop him from poking around in the brush looking for snakes. near a rural creek in santa rosa, he answers a call from someone who spotted numerous snakes on a bridge. >> this is where she seen them. she described it well. >> walt mack man says he sees is the snakes daily lounging in a crack in the road. >> i don't bother them. they don't bother me. >> it's then wolf notices someone has poured diesel fuel along the crack to chase the snakes away. >> somebody else didn't like the snakes so the way i feel i might not find a snake now. >> we've had so many snakes people have killed this year and they're not even rattle snakes, king snakes, garter snakes and it breaks my heart. >> he relocates the snakes to large farms looking for sniks
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control rodents, all another day at the office. >> joe rosato junior, nbc bay area news. >> they're scary looking but i'm glad they're okay. >> you're glad it's just television, not reality. >> when we come back, the giants who have not been hit diagnose a lot of hitting down in arizona tonight. we'll show you.
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good evening, i'm brodie brazil. the giants have one of the worst
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road records in all of baseball before tonight, san francisco had only tallied ten wins when away from san francisco and clearly that's one thing that has to change and in the highlights we're about to show you, the good guys got things back on that proper track. the giants trying to rebound after that tough loss last night to the diamondbacks. 1-0 san francisco, one on for brandon crawford. he lines it to right. torres coming around to score. he's safe or he's out. the umpire says he's safe but watch this. the replay will show, yeah, maybe he was tagged. but the bottom line, he's actually safe. 2-0. crawford a career high four hits tonight. top four, 6-0 the san francisco. one on for buster posey. makes it 8-0 giants on his eighth of the year. top seven, 9-4 san francisco. nobody on for hunter pence. to the right for the home run, almost getting it in the pool. 10-4 giants the final.
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they go on to win 10-5. the a's looking to win their sixth straight against chicago. tied 1-1 in the eighth against the white sox. here's alex rios singling to right. josh reddick comes up firing. the play at the plate. alejandro de aza is safe. 2-1 sox. paul konerko, two run-shot to left field, number 42 for his career as the a's lose, 4-1. the 145th belmont stakesing in new york. oxbow led most of the way. down the stretch, it was the 13-1 shot palace malice pulling away for the win. trainer todd pletcher wins his second belmont stakes in the last six years. and today former stanford star and current social trail blazer jason collins marched in boston's gay pride parade with joe kennedy iii.
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collins is reading the shirt ta says #be true. collins has played is 12 seasons in the nba and will continue a free agent next month. we leave with you this. in many sports, flopping is the act of exaggerating or faking a foul. dallas mavericks of mark cuban is now funding a medical study of the cheating to the tune of $100,000, diane and terry, what exactly he's looking to find we're not sure. >> how to do it and not get caught is what i'm thinking. >> probably, probably. >> brody, thanks a lot. >> it's a day of wild swingsing in terms of the weather. tomorrow we're in for more cooling. what's going on, anthony. >> tomorrow temperatures fall from about 10 to 20 degrees depending where you live. inlandened locations most of the dramatic cooling. against the coast, temperatures similar to today. 62 in san francisco, 67 in santa cruz. san to of ta rosa at 90,
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fairfield 10, livermore 107. tomorrow, dublin, walnut creek, all headed back into the 80s for tomorrow. still warm but just not dangerously hot like today. san jose got to 95 today. only expecting 79 for tomorrow. not the best pool day but still a very comfortable day to get out and about. here's the reason we had such a cool day against the coastline. >> look at all of the fog all the way up to pt. reyes. a little bit of a break in san francisco. it's all because of an upper level low pressure sitting off the coast of southern california. you'll notice some of the higher cloud tops in the sierra, that's what we're expecting for tomorrow as this thing moves up over the higher elevations, it's going to produce a little bit of thunder. the thing that we're worried about here in the weather center is just because as this moves overhead, it's going to squeeze out what little moisture is in the atmosphere. there's plenty of energy with
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the system. that's why we have the potential to see dry lightning for tomorrow. that could exacerbate the fact we have the wildfires breaking out left and right across the area. temperatures will be cool back into the 50s and 60s tomorrow. but you'll notice more cloud cover for tomorrow and the potential for a few lightning strikes especially up near los gatos and more concentrated against the foothills never too evergreen and the san jose foot had is. even in the east bay from walnut creek down to dublin, things dry but the higher elevations we koci lightning strikes but temperatures again noticeably different from today back from the triple digits to the 80s, even in santa rosa. 76 tomorrow. bodega bay 56. san francisco at 63 degrees. heads up if you hear a few rum bes of thunder, stay clear of that because we could see a few isolated pockets of lightning and thunder. monday, a better chance of showers at the valley floor. not everybody is going to see
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rain. more so here. folks will notice the fog and drizzle for tomorrow and same for monday. quite the contrast from today with triple digits. the hottest day so far in the bay area. >> i even like this had heat. that's how much i like the heat. >> me, too. it's hot but i love it. it's great. >> thank you, anthony. >> coming up next, a bay area area gun bay back involving dozens of children.
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a school in the east bay did something very unusual today. the principal held a gun buyback program of sorts with toy guns. >> and instead of getting money
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in exchange, the students received free books. the principal showed children during the event some toy guns he said could be mistaken for the real thing. he also said children who play with toy guns can become desensitized to real weapons. each child who turned in a toy gun today received a free book and a raffle ticket to win one of four bicycles. >> there are so many replicas that look like toy guns i want our kids to know the danger of having them with them. police officers are making split second decisions. they're going to shoot first and ask questions later. >> a gun rights disagrees with the event's premise saying it doesn't teach gun safety. >> anthony, tomorrow we're going to have a nice day. not as hot. >> if you're like me you like the heat, it's going to be a little cool for you. we're going back to the 80s and 60s at the coast. otherwise, the major thing you're going to notice tomorrow,
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more fog at the coast and potential for dry lightning strikes. that's where we want you to be focused on for tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. >> saturday night live is is up next. have a good night. when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. and now a message from the president of the united states. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. good evening. my fellow americans, as you know, over the past few months, i have made gun control legislation a top priority for my administration. which is why i am so excited to
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announce that this week the senate voted 68-31 to begin debating the idea of discussing gun control. [ laughter ] let me say that again. they've agreed to think about talking about gun control. [ laughter ] amazing. now, with me tonight are democratic senator joe manchin and republican senator patrick toomey. [ applause ] they both worked very hard together to bang out a bipartisan agreement. these men risked everything for this bill. i mean, senator manchin represents west virginia and he's proposing gun reform? he's going to lose his job. [ laughter ] and senator toomey, this man is a republican who is willing to make just the slightest compromise on gun control? he's going to lose his job, too. but that's what it takes to achieve compromise.


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