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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'll tell you what a dispatcher just told me. also the search continues this morning for the south bay driver who hits and kills a bicyclist. the new details we're learning this morning about the accident. although it is the final tuesday of spring, it's going to feel like a fall afternoon in parts of the bay area. we're starting out mild, only headed toward the 70s inland and then things change. your full forecast in moments. we have an early morning sig alert for the early morning slow spot made even worse. this is a bad start for your traffic tuesday. we'll show you how things are shaping up. in the meantime, taking a live look outside golden gate bridge. not a lot of traffic there. mike is keeping tabs on the morning commute. christina has a look at the good looking forecast. it's tuesday, june 18. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. today union city police responding to reports a small boy was mauled by a pit bull, one of two dogs living at the family home. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live with more on the on going investigation. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. i got off the phone with the dispatcher for union city police. she didn't have a lot of information but she did confirm that it was a 6-year-old boy who was mauled here on elizabeth way, saying it happened sometime after 11:00 in the morning yesterday. i said how is the child doing this morning. she was quiet. she said she didn't know and put me through to a public information officer's voice mail. i'm waiting the hear back. it's believe the boy was taken to lucile packard children's hospital. alameda county responded. apparently one or two dogs may have lived at the home, believe to be pit bulls or pit bull mixes. there are reports from neighbors who say the little boy lost a
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lot of blood in the attack. the home very quiet this morning. just one light on. a number of reporters out here. union city police expected to provide an update for us a little later this morning. reporting live in union city, christie smith, "today in the bay." it's 5:02. san jose police asking for your help as they try to track down a driver who hit and killed a bicyclist in the downtown area. it happened on taylor street about 3:30 in the afternoon. police say the driver hit the cyclist and didn't stop. police are looking for witnesses and they think there are plenty. taylor street is typically very busy in the afternoon with people trying to get on to highway 87. no one stopped at the scene. one cyclist we talked to said he's had a few close calls in that area. >> all the time i see people, i try to make eye contact with people and they're busy on their phones. >> san jose police say this is the 19th deadly traffic accident
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this year, 13 of those were either people walking or on bicycles. a south san francisco man due back in court this morning accused of running a ring that pimped women to several underground brothels. zi lu facing charges of pimping, pandering and human trafficking. he was arrested last thursday after a five-month investigation. authorities say lu ran a covert brothel in his south san francisco apartment complex. the crime ring allegedly brought women, asian women from northern california and rotated them between brothels in sacramento and san mateo county. authorities say lu's wife was also involved, but she is still on the run. this morning dublin police are trying to find the thieves who stole 11 go karts from a church. the go karts had been stolen from a locked storage container two weeks ago. that's not all. they say two go kart motors and other equipment were also taken, totaling more than $16,000.
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a surveillance camera did capture video of a mid-size car and a vehicle resembling a u haul shaped truck leaving the scene. a san francisco cab driver on the run after police say he choked and robbed his passenger early on sunday. police say the cabbie got so angry when the passenger tried to pay his fare without leaving a tip. the two started to argue. when the passenger got out of the car, the cabbie allegedly chased him down, choked him and drove off with the man's change. police are still looking for that driver. in matter of hours the pentagon is expected to announce women will be eligible for combat roles. it's a move we've been expecting since january when the official announcement was made. today in the bay's marla tellez with more. >> it was almost five months ago when then secretary of defense leon panetta lifted the ban on women serving in combat roles.
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the military is expected to say women, you can train as navy s.e.a.l.s, army rangers and other front line jobs. the plan says women could start training as army rangers by mid 2015 and as navy s.e.a.l.s a year later. to qualify for either position women will reportedly be expected to pass the very same physical test and meet the exact same requirements as men. this means, for instance, to become a navy s.e.a.l., the website says candidates have to be able to swim 500 yards, do a certain number of push-ups, sit-ups and pullups and run 1 1/2 miles in a short amount of time. the same will hold true for women. the supporters include aclu which sued the government over the exclusion of women in combat roles. we spoke to the attorney in that case who said it's about time since the women are dieing for our country. >> women have been serving in combat roles in iraq and afghanistan and serving
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alongside men even in units. >> in all, 150 women have been killed in combat in the iraq and afghanistan wars. still opponents say it's better to keep the direct combat units all male. >> there is not one test, study, report or military experience that shows that women are the physical equals of men. >> women comprise about 14% of all active military members and already serve as combat pilots in three branches of our military. secretary of defense chuck hagel is expected to lay out the details at 11:30 this morning. it's a story we'll keep our eye on. >> a lot of people continue to talk about it. >> based on the training regimen i've seen marla work on, she could probably be a navy s.e.a.l. >> me? not so much. >> i've done a through triathlons, the jacuzzi, hot tub and stretching. christina loren is here to tell us it will be a good day to get out and do a lot of things.
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>> beautiful day. 5:06. this is what you're driving to work in. you already have sunlight at 5:06. the sun doesn't officially rise until 5:48. heading toward the longest day of the year. we officially hit summertime in the bay area, but today will feel more like fall. per usual, mother nature not doing things in a timely fashion. 57 to start in oakland, 57 in sunnyvale as we take you through your afternoon hour, this is it. only jumping to the low 60s in places like fremont, 66 in palo alto at noon. only rounding out the day in san jose. 73 for livermore, and 58 on the way to san francisco. we have significant changes i want to make sure you're aware of as you start to make the plans for the weekend. you might have the kids at home with you at this point, but not mike. his son is still in school. good morning, sir. >> yeah, two more days. he's counting -- we're counting them, too. we have to figure out things
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else for him to do. looking towards the bay bridge, no problems into or out of san francisco across this span. it is traffic tuesday. we're watching for a burst. so far it's too early for that. meanwhile looking at an early slowdown which we typically see in this area. west highway 4 is completely jammed upcoming out of antioch and slowing off of that antioch bridge. there's a crash going on here westbound highway 4 right around loveridge. a sig alert called by chp. that means they thought it would take a half hour to clear. they have just canceled the sig alert. the backup is still there. we have the alternate for you, the pittsburgh antioch highway north of the freeway. you have to go through some of that slowdown. but once you can head north, you can use that as one of your alternate routes. westbound interstate 580 toward the dublin interchange has a stall reported that should out of the lanes in the next few.
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i'll show you an issue for the south bay coming up. 5:08 right now. palo alto holding a pair of public meetings this week to talk about how to improve downtown parking. the city presenting potential parking plans tonight and tomorrow. those meetings will cover parking restrictions and permit parking programs for people who live in that area. both meetings will start at 7:00 at palo alto city hall. los gatos makes a late night decision on its gun policy. the new rule set to go into effect next. plus the fight over what you can wear. the aclu jumping into the fray as a bay area county gets ready to add a dress code to its county fair. an east bay woman may soon be the most powerful woman in the world. we'll take a look at business and tech. ♪ ♪ i gotta go deposit a check, transfer some money.
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another tech company revealing how many times law enforcement has asked for your data. once again, scott mcgrew, these
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numbers very fuzzy. >> they are. yahoo! tells us the latest about law enforcement requests. as you point out, these numbers we're hearing from yahoo! that the company got about 13,000 requests over the last six months don't give us any new information about the nsa program that's upset so many internet users. that 13,000 contains everything from cyber bullying investigations to copy write violations. it would be trying to figure out a sit te's crime rate if a city told you 13,000 crimes were committed but didn't tell you which were parking tickets and which were muggings. it's not the data you wanted to know as you walk down a lonely dark street. as we talked about monday, google thinks that's the wrong way to do it. google has been pushing for permission to separate out nsa and fisa requests. twitter says it won't give
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anyone numbers until it's allowed to give people the numbers that tell us something about the prism program. kyla toesh she is live at cnbc headquarters. >> good morning, scott. futures in the market are higher after stocks rose monday. this is even as investors continue playing the guessing game over what exactly the federal reserve will do in its meeting this week. an article in the "financial times" on monday suggests the fed may pull back on its stimulus program soon. that doesn't mean an interest rate hike will follow. this morning we get data on consumer prices and housing starts. the dow rising 110 points to 15,180, the nasdaq adding 28 to 3,452. >> kaila, thank you. speaking of the fed, we've been talking about president obama's interview with charlie rose. one of the topics that came out was the head of the fed ben bernanke. the president hinted mr. bernanke will be stepping down soon. we are guessing the next chairman of the fed will be janet yellen, currently second
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in command. she's a former cal berkeley professor, still has a home in the east bay as well where xi lives with her husband, also a professor at cal. were yellen to become fed chairman, not only would she be the first woman to do so, arguably the most powerful woman in the world. angela merkel would have the argument about that. >> that's an argument i'd like to see. >> yes, ms. merkel the chancellor of germany doing a good job. 5:14 right now. the most powerful woman in the weather -- >> you better watch it here. you're sitting between two of us. >> saying in the weather. i have the most powerful women every day. i'm blessed. >> we'll get blessed with gorgeous weather. i'll hand it over to laura any day. let me put that on the table. 57 to start right now. a beautiful start in novato, 55
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degrees in concord. we do have pretty significant wind speeds out there. west 1459 miles per hour. they'll start to shift as we head through the day. so winds becoming a little more variable as this area of low pressure starts to dig into the bay area. weak distausche ans is going to come through as it does so for us. that means we'll see a reinforcing shot of cool air today. temperatures aren't going to be able to blim all that much as we head through the day today, tomorrow, even thursday, not until friday do we start to warm you up as this big ridge of high pressure moves in. we have got some really gorgeous weather that's going to last. we hit that stride and that weather will continue all the way through this weekend and into most of next week as well. 70 degrees in fremont, 70 in san jose. the first official day of summer is friday, only hitting 85 on friday. 78 bay side and 6 at the coast. as we head through this weekend, temperatures will warm up, but not by much. 87 degrees saturday and 83 on
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sunday. let's find out if we have any improvement out there. you were dealing with a couple issues earlier. >> yeah. we did have the crash we talked about. chp saw fit to call a sig alert. they thought it would take up to an hour to clear the crash. the good news is the crash cleared. involves a motorcycle. no major injuries reported. highway 4 has been hit hard as far as the commute direction. very slow coming off the antioch bridge, 160 towards pittsburg and bay point. the crash has cleared, right around loveridge and railroad. red means speeds below 28. around ten miles per hour at times. the pittsburg antioch highway to the north is one of your options. you can jump onality railroad. also leland avenue. we'll look to the south of here. fremont, a live look southbound here. we have a nice new flow with the headlights, past the truck scales at tesla.
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until you get south through fremont, past mission boulevard, things moving nicely here. 880 bogs down, right around 237, early morning construction between 237 and brokaw. that's likely what's still going on. crews headed down to one lane. i have not heard the full clear from them yet. that's probably what's happening as it did a few days ago, the portion of the last week. these crashes on 880 are on the shoulder and on the northbound side. we're sorting all the activity that's kicked in between milpitas and san jose. over all the south bay is very nice and 680 will keep you completely clear of all that slowing. in palo alto, an easy drive northbound past willow and heading into san mateo. san mateo county and santa clara county all looking clear except for that one section of 880. thank you very much, mike. dress code for the county fair will be up for debate at the marin county board of supp vice source meeting. the county proposed a dress code
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for the fair which would ban things like gang-relate tad tootion, gang signs and some colors of clothing. the under sheriff says the fwoel is to prevent gang activity at a family friendly event. a lengthy battle over guns appears to be over in one south bay town. last night the los gatos town council approving a proposal making it harder to sell guns or ammunition in city limits. the ordinance requires the city hold public meetings on any proposed gun dealer before permits can be issued. the dealers will also have to submit to police and city investigations. >> the major highlight is that it's an ordinance developed by this town for this town. and i think that's probably the most important part of it. the second most important part is that it gives the town and
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its residents notice when there is a gun store that's going to come in and ask for a permit. >> that new proposal comes after public outrage over templar sports, the store which sells ammo and firearms which opened back in december. templar's owner says he followed all the current permitting procedures and at this time it's unclear if the ordinance will affect templar sports. and oakland woman pleading with burglars who hit up her apartment asking them to return a loved one. prado says they took not just her tv and computer, but also the urn that held the ashes of her late boyfriend. he died in march. prado says she was planning on spreading his ashes. prado says the theft happened sometime yesterday morning. looks like the burglars broke in by busting through a window. now an exclusive investigative unit report. your doctor's name, your past illnesses, eastern the kind of medicine you take. this kind of information is being sold in a multimillion
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dollar underground market. the investigative unit obtaining a list of hundreds of california medical records being sold throughout the world. we surprised strangers in the bay area who had no idea their public medical history was up for sale. >> you're going to see people buying data. >> that is the right medicare number. >> like it was candy at a store. >> i misspoke. that should have been the private medical records, not public. the investigative unit shows you how to find out if your information is out there and what it's costing you. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. 5:20. a special visit at a pence nins la hotel. the residents that made a return trip to burlingame next.
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good tuesday morning to you. a beautiful live look outside. this is from emeryville looking
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across there, the bay bridge there in the distance. we like to give you a lot of different shots in the morning. the sun coming up makes it for nice looks outside. 5:23. a san francisco performer gets a shot at fame on the national stage. acrobat red panda will be featured tonight on "america's got talent." red panda has been performing for five years. you can watch it tonight on nbc bay area starting at 8:00. a couple of barn owls giving the san francisco airport marriott two thumbs up. that's impressive. i didn't know owls had thumbs. the owls have made their nest on a balcony outside the hotel room. this is the very same balcony the pair nested outside of last year. wildlife experts say if owls find a place they are happy, they tend to return to nest there the following year. >> last year there were six or
5:24 am
seven of them. this year it appears they're down to three. families tend to down size in this economy. >> booed poigood point. >> the barn owls you should know are a protected species. the marriott giving out stuffed baby owls. >> right now they're updating the condition of those owls. they do it on their facebook page. >> they're fascinating to look at. you kind of feel like you're invading their privacy. >> a little bit. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. those owls, they sleep all day, head out at night and we've had some really mild nights for all the animals across the bay area. nonetheless, even though we're starting out in the upper 50s right now, only headed toward the low 70s.
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livermore, 73 degrees. 74 in concord and struggling to break out of the 50s today in san francisco. then things change. some temperature swings headed our way. i'll take you through the fast coming up. 5:25. let's find out how we're doing from our own night owls. >> night owls, early morning risers, we're everything. over here a lot of traffic flowing, 101 past 680, we see the volume build. in the area, north 880, a crash at the brokaw off-ramp. chp has given an update. they say they closed the off-ramp temporarily. a hit and run crash where a car cut off. now an accident report being done. the off-ramp is closed north of 880. we'll track that. southbound between 237 and brokaw, a lot of slowing. things are starting to sort themselves out as it looks like the crews are starting to clear.
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between brokaw, montague and towards 237 is where we have the construction crews still hanging out. the rest of the south bay looks nice in your northbound commute. mike, thank you very much. 5:26. good news for anybody who flies jetblue, your frequent flier miles will last you forever. no expiration date. that's exactly what the airline is now promising. jetblue says the true blue program will never expire, no strings attached. that means current points and ones irnd in the future will remain in the member's account for an unlimited amount of time. delta, the only other u.s. airline with a no expiration policy for flyers. you know what i wish would expire? fees for bags. >> no kidding. 5:26 right now. we're getting new details about the tragic dog mauling of a bay area boy. christie smith just talked to the coroner's office. she'll have an update coming up.
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a south bay firefighter injured during an overnight fire at a mobile home park. we'll have the latest details next. o o
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. >> reporter: a plan has been hatched to reduce the number of bird strikes at san francisco international airport. i'm arturo santiago live in millbrae. i'll have details coming up. another bay area tech company releasing information about the federal government's request for your internet data. we'll let you no what yahoo! is saying next. it's not too cold to kickoff your tuesday, the final tuesday of spring. summertime just around the corner, but today, go figure, it's going to feel like fall. coolest day of the week, low 70s headed our way. i call it traffic tuesday. as the commute starts to build today, we're seeing some improvement for key east and south bay spots. we'll show you what happened and what's happening right now. right now let's take a live look outside from the south bay this morning. that is a pretty look outside.
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the sunup over the bay area on this tuesday, june 18. this is "today in the bay." good morning everybody. it is 5:30. thank you very much for joining us, i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. new details in about a tragic dog mauling. we got off the phone with the santa clara county coroner's office who told us the 6-year-old boy attacked is dead. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us from union city with the tragic details, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. smoke briefly with one neighbor off camera who says there were at least two dogs at the home believed to be pit bulls or pit bull mixes and, of course, a child. first responders started arriving late yesterday morning, sometime after 11:00 a.m. as you're saying, disturbing news, it appears the little boy has died. the santa clara county coroner's
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office saying they're facing jurisdictional issues because the mauling occurred in alameda county. the boy taken to lucile packard. alameda county fire called to the home where the boy may have been staying with his grandparents at the time and with other children. at least one neighbor saying the little boy lost a lot of blood in this mauling. animal control also saying took at least one dog from the home, but they're saying they couldn't see a whole lot because there was just so much activity going on. i have calls in to union city police and they're expect ed to give us an update later on. live in union city, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> so sad to hear it. new this morning, yahoo! releasing information about the federal government's request on information about its users. posting this statement late last night, yahoo! says between december 1st of last year and may 31st of this year, it
5:32 am
received 12,000 to 13,000 requests from law enforcement agencies, many of those requests concerned fraud, homicides, kidnappings and other criminal investigations. new this morning, a firefighter recovering after getting hurt in an early morning fire at a mobile home park in san jose. i happened on umbarger road inside the county fair mobile estates. that's near oak hill memorial park. firefighters say an electrical fire broke out in a bathroom in one of the units. the damage was contained to the home. it's not clear how serious the firefighter's injuries are at this hour. a former fremont teacher convicted of child pornography has been arrested on children molestation. michael shoop was arrested in pleasanton. he's a former special needs teacher at mission valley school. a man claims shoop molested him as a child. shoop is set to appear in court
5:33 am
on the new charges today. the trial of two men accused of taking part in the gang rape of a richmond high school student continues today just one day after the alleged victim took the stand. the young woman was understandably nervous but deliberate when asked to relive what happened the night in october of 2009. she tells the court she doesn't remember drinking or agreeing to sex that night, but the hospital says she had a blood alcohol level of .35 the night she was brought in. she also said she did not remember the rape but still has scars from that night. the trial of accused serial killer joseph naso continues this morning. during a two-hour opening yesterday he told the jury, quote, i'm not the monster who killed these women. he's acting as his own attorney. he also said the prosecution doesn't have circumstantial evidence in this case, just theories and opinions. he stands accused of killing four women in the bay area in the 1970s and 1990s.
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the trial is expected to last several months. the man who became an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons, running naked through a b.a.r.t. station and grabbing passengers facing formal charges. 24-year-old yeiner garizabalo charged with misdemeanor battery and sexual battery. the incident taking place on may 10th and was recorded on cell phone video. police arrested him yesterday and he's now being arraigned in court this afternoon. a peninsula city wants to put a stop to feeding birds in the name of airport safety. the millbrae city council all set to vote on an ordinance that would ban people from feeding birds that they don't own. "today in the bay's" arturo santiago joining us live in millbrae with the rest of the story. good morning, arturo. >> reporter: good morning, jon. the millbrae city koun shrill vote on this tonight. the ban on feeding birds began with the san francisco national
5:35 am
airport single tout millbrae b.a.r.t. station here. in about the past 18 months there have been 120 reports of bird strikes at sfo, that's birds running into plaefrns. 12 of those caused damage to the planes. the airport pinpointed a problem of people feeding birds at the millbrae b.a.r.t. station. the feeding attracts the birds which can cause the bird strikes. sfo officials hope that by banning feeding they'll have fewer strikes to aircrafts. in order for b.a.r.t. police to regulate this problem, the city needs to approve the feeding ban. of course, one of the more famous 3wird strikes came about a year and a half ago when captain sullenberger had to land his jet in the hudson river. this is a ban on feeding birds not owned by the person. we're live in millbrae, arturo santiago, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much for the
5:36 am
update. looks already like a nice morning out there. >> it's going to feel good when we can finally get out in it. >> a little fresh air won't hurt anyone. >> good morning, guys, 5:36 now. a beautiful start to the day. this, of course, san francisco, a little low cloud cover starting to push in, but still hasn't made its way past the golden gate bridge. we are expecting low clouds to continuously move in as we head through the next couple hours. they're not going to hang around all day. even with the lack of low clouds by about 9:00 a.m., we're still going to see beautiful temps only reaching the low to mid 70s. 55 degrees for the start. 57 in o town, 56 in sunnyvale. this is what we're looking at for today. we can see the wind directions going all over the place. two competing weather systems, an area of low pressure will kick off a weak disturbance today that will reenforce the cool air. the two systems work against each other and as a result we get what we call a very high
5:37 am
pressure gradient. the winds will pick up today even stronger than yesterday. yesterday it was really nice, nice comfortable breeze inland. today, it will be rather breezy to windy by the end of the day. 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts becoming more frequent. we're expecting the strongest wind speeds through the higher elevations, the oakland hills, santa cruz mountains, take it easy through there. by noon at 75 degrees, to round out the day, per fact by mid june standards, 68 bay side at the coast today 59 degrees and then we start to rise in temperature. i'll take you through the changes and let you know what you can expect for the weekend. you got to work for the weekend. that's what we're doing around here every day. what are you track? >> traffic tuesday. right now we have a fallen tree tuesday. this is over in oakland. it's a major roadway. this is san leandro street. that goes parallel toward 880. it's on the other side of the coliseum. this is a major north-south connector or actually alternate
5:38 am
to 880. we have one set of lanes that is blocked. the local traffic control is there as well. international boulevard, farther to the east is completely clear. this is an industrial area behind the coliseum, san leandro street at 77. we have the big tree there taking care of business. meanwhile the bay bridge toll plaza starting to get a little more congested here. no metering lights. the maps show you the maze and the approach moving smoothly, pretty much flowing into the city without any major issues. the sig alert has cleared as far as the lanes goes. in the south bay we have the southbound direction for 880 starting to clear up approaching the brokaw exit. back to you. thank you very much. the future stars in baseball suiting up for tonight's al star game. municipal stadium, home of the san jose giants hosting the california carolina league all-star game. first pitch doesn't happen until
5:39 am
7:35 tonight. the festivities will start about 3:30 this afternoon. many past al stars have gone on, of course torques play in the majors. playing in tonight's game angel villa lona, four years ago a top prospect for the san francisco giants, then accused of murder in his native dominican republic. his life certainly change. he went on to spend two months in jail and several more under house arrest before he was eventually cleared. now he's getting a second chance with the giants. 5:39 right now. we'll tell you about the unusual way one bay area city is fighting back against car thefts. we'll tell you about that coming up. just how soon g.i. jane is going to become a reality in the u.s. military. good morning. i'm mla tellez. i'll preview the military's plan for women to become navy s.e.a.l.s and army rangers.
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5:41 right now. president obama continues his meeting with the g8 leaders in ireland after announcing last night the u.s. would commit more than $300 million in new aid to syria and neighboring countries. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill with how the syrian conflict is affecting discussions among world leaders today. >> good morning, laura. seven of these world leaders tend to agree on how to deal with syria. the one that does not is russia. they've been backing the syrian government and the president sat down with russian president vladimir putin to talk about that. interestingly the meeting was not as sense as originally thought. they did find areas of agreement in terms of stopping the violence and also humanitarian aid, as you just talked about, securing chemical weapons that may or may not be used there and getting all sides to the negotiating table. but behind the scenes we're told president obama insisted president assad not be at the negotiating table. other members of his regime,
5:43 am
yes, but not president assad himself. russia seemed to at least not publicly object to that. so there are some areas of agreement. today we're waiting to see if a statement will come out with some sort of consensus from the g8 on how to deal with the syrian situation going forward. as for that humanitarian aid that you mentioned, laura, $300 million, most of it going to syria. but a bulk of it also going to those neighboring countries where they've seen the spillover effect, almost half a million refugees in jordan, iraq, turkey and egypt, they'll be getting money from the u.s. to feed, clothe and medicate those refugees from the civil war. >> a lot of rescue efforts going out. thank you, tracie. in a matter of hours, the pentagon expected to announce women will be el jabl for combat roles. some thing roles should be filled exclusive bibi men.
5:44 am
"today in the bay's" marla tellez live in the newsroom with more. >> we're talking about the cream of the crop u.s. military women as navy s.e.a.l.s and army rangers. look at the websites alone, the face of the army ranger, it shows a determined man, and on the navy s.e.a.l.'s website, two armed men looking like they're very much ready for action. the new plan of this military to allow women to start training for these elite roles could mean women will have a place on these websites even. females could start training as army rangers by mid 2014, as navy s.e.a.l.s in 2016. women will reportedly be expected to pass the same physical tests and requirements as men. in other words, women will have to do the same numbers of push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups, swim and run in the same amount of time as men. the aclu sued the government last fall over the exclusion of women in kon combat roles. we spoke to the attorney in that
5:45 am
particular case who said it's about time women are given the chance to get this specialized training. >> if you can meet the necessary requirements for the position, then you should be allowed to serve in the position. and up to now women have not even had a chance to compete for many of these positions. >> on the other side of the coin, people like the president of the center for military readiness who happens to be a woman, elaine donnelly tells us direct combat units say there should be all males saying there is no one test, study, report or military experience that shows that women are the physical equals of men. however you feel, women have been dieing for our country already. in all, for instance, 150 women have been killed in combat in the iraq and afghanistan wars. we'll learn all the details about this new plan when secretary of defense chuck hagel takes to the podium. that's expected to happen at 11:30 this morning in
5:46 am
washington, d.c. san jose's hp pavilion gets a new name this morning. the city council will get a chance to rename the arena fondly referred to as the shark tank. the name was removed yesterday. s.a.p. will reportedly pay more than $8 million for a five-year deal to name the arena. new this morning, almost early this morning in a park where at&t pays a bunch of money, the giants suffering a tough loss, this game against the padres ending right before midnight. the pad dre's ran in two runs at the top of the 13th. the giants did not respond. san diego wins this one 5-3. the giants get a shot at redemption taking on the padres again at at&t park. better luck to the g men tonight. >> i would imagine nice weather tonight. >> kind of cool. kind of windy, but that makes for a more interesting ball game
5:47 am
out at the yard. 5:46 now. thanks for waking up with us each and every morning, especially if you don't have to work. maybe you're one of the many teachers -- and we thank you for your service. a lot of kids and teachers out of school at this point. summertime officially arrives this friday, the longest day of the year. what a beautiful start to the day. you can see the golden gate bridge here off in the distance. let's take you live to that bridge now just to show visibility here is still looking good. so far, so good on a tuesday. traffic is looking pretty light. we'll get the details from mike who is tracking something significant right now you will want to know about, 55 degrees in san francisco. 55 degrees to start the day in gilroy. so here is what's happening. an interesting setup. area of low pressure, very sprawling area. starting the bring showers in the pacific northwest. that's going to drive cooler temps our way. as we head throughout the day, it's going to drag a weak cold front through the area.
5:48 am
you can see the weak disturbance at noon. that's going to reinforce the cool air already in place. highs today down right comfortable. in fact, staying unseasonably cool until thursday and friday when high pressure starts to take over and warm us up. today's highs work like this, at about 74 degrees in wed wood city, 70 degrees in san jose and getting into the end of the week, finally seeing the mid 80s. we'll drop back off to the low 80s sunday into monday. here is mike. >> looking over towards san jose northbound. as you can imagine, just before 6:00, the first burst of traffic, a traffic tuesday. this is looking pretty smooth. that's good stuff. summertime shift, traffic a little different the last few days. we'll look at the map. we see a smooth flow for most of the south bay. there's 101 north of 680. speeds down to the upper 50s where it's turned into orange. right there that's the concern. 880 northbound as you're fasting by brokaw you'll find a lot of
5:49 am
slowing. i talked to officer simmons at chp. he said there was an earlier crash which we told you about. he said the car went over on its side so crews are still there trying to right that car and get it off the roadway. no major injuries, but it is there and they have to close that one lane for the off-ramp temporarily. again brokaw off-ramp is closed. go farther north, take month queue or move back around and take the opposite direction. that will cause slowing and distraction, of course. >> we have a smooth drive along the peninsula, 101 as well as 280. let's look at the san mateo bridge, easy flow on the peninsula side. on the east bay side, the san mateo bridge, a nice smooth flow. nice clear skies. typical pattern as we continue through the morning. back to you. new this morning, protests in brazil getting ugly with more than 100,000 people taking to the streets in at least eight different cities. this all started last week after an increase in bus and subway
5:50 am
fares. the most violent clashes in rio where protesters there actually tried to break into the state assembly, throwing molotov dock talts at police. at one point the crowd started dancing and singing around an object there that was burning. all this unrest of course causing major security concerns for that country right now hosting the confederation soccer tournament. the world cup next summer and the upcoming 2016 olympic games. this morning the city of concord giving away those free anti-theft clubs. remember those clubs they had? if you work or live in the city and own a toyota, nissan or acura made between 1985 and 2005, stop by for your free steering wheelock. the program is hoping to reduce vehicle thefts among those models which are the most commonly stolen in the city.
5:51 am
the 900 clubs are being given out on a first come first serve bas basis. >> i didn't know people used them anymore. >> maybe as door stops. girl scouts offering a pick-me-up, how you can get your hands on a thin mint flavored cup of joe. >> wonder if it's okay to drink it straight out ofaáañ the bott. we'll take a look at google stock, why it may get much cheaper coming up.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
this looks like a live look out maybe 880 this morning. mike is keeping tabs on the morning commute for us we'll have a look at that in just a little bit. it's 5:54. your morning cup of joe got sweeter thanks to the girl scouts. nestle partnering with the girl scouts to turn two of their famed cookies into coffee mate flavors. now you can add thin mints or caramel and coconut to your cup. they're limited edition flavors set to be in stores for only about a year unless i bet they're really popular. then you'll find them all the time. you can find them at target and safeway. shares in google may soon get a whole lot cheaper. scott mcgrew, it's because of a stock split, not because the company did anything wrong. >> that's exactly right. google really wanted to split its stock for months. here is why, look at this price, $886 a share. it's hard for the average
5:55 am
investor buy that just one or maybe a few shares, if that. google settled a lawsuit preventing a split. under the split each share becomes two shares worth half the price. as a share orlando you're neither richer or poorer, but more people can afford to buy a share. that is good for everyone. the home improvement chain lowe's made a bit for orchard supply hardware. orchard agreed to the buyout. but under the terms can find a new partner if the bid is high enough. the stores will continue to operate for now. we're talking monday about how tesla would have an announcement later this week. new information this morning. we now know the company will demonstrate battery swapping. this is where a tesla car is refueled not by recharging, but by changing out the battery packs. this would enable somebody, jon and laura, to stop at a refueling station, be in and out
5:56 am
as quickly as someone filling up with gas as opposed to waiting like half an hour waiting for a charge. they drop the battery out, put in a new one like a flashlight. >> smooth and easy. 5:56. speaking of smooth and what should be easy, christina loren says another pretty day. >> it's going to be so nice. good morning, jon and laura. good horng to yu at home. right now in the city of san francisco, the wind and the fog are competing and the wind is winning. the low dense clouds not settling to the surface just yet. we've got a weak disturbance headed our way. that will keep the temperatures into the upper 50s. that's it in san francisco. 70 in san jose and 73 in fremont. we'll tell you about the changes coming your way next. >> we'll show you interstate 80. laura showed you this a couple minutes ago. it does look like 880. i zoomed it in, this is at university avenue and we see this traffic flowing nicely.
5:57 am
let me show you oakland where we're having trouble with the lighting. that's also a straight shot with the majority of the headlights coming toward us, the southbound commute. that's why they look similar, looking smooth as far as the flow of traffic. south 880 is the concern. northbound has cleared at brokaw and now 101 is the issue with the slowing for the south bay. 5:57 right now. still ahead, a former teacher convicted of possessing child pornography back in trouble with the law. we'll tell you about the new charges next. a piece of bay area history possibly saved. the new developments that could keep the oldest african-american bookstore in the country open. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah.
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it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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right now at 6:00, tragic details of a boy mauled by dogs inside his family's home. new details about the on going investigation next in a live
6:00 am
report. a firefighter injured as flames sweep through a mobile home in san jose. we'll let you know what we just learned about what may have sparked the flames. fines for feeding burns. we'll tell you why one city is banning what seems like an innocent activity. >> what goes up must come down. right now in the mid 50s. some cities won't break out of the 50s before the day is done. then we heat you up. your full forecast in moments. we got started off with early problems for your morning commute this traffic tuesday. things have shifted. now changes at the bay bridge toll plaza, we'll bring that to you coming up. mike will also be keeping his eye on this one for us. a tree down blocking traffic in the east bay. this is now the oakland, 73 nrd san leandro. a heads up if you're headed that way on this tuesday, june 18. this is "today in the bay."


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