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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 20, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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good morning, everybody, thank you very much for joining us. i'm john kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. just into our newsroom, something new this morning announced on the facebook campus. the latest acquisition, instagram will let you shoot and share videos. >> reporter: twitter has vine that allows to you share. and facebook countered with video for instagram. here you see the announcement on the menlo park campus.
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15-second clips they are allowing as more and more people carry smartphones, of course, videos become the new way to share. and of course, instagram is adding all kinds of filters. as i mentioned, it is available right this very section on both iphone and android for free. we are going to have lots of coverage of today's announcement at 6:00. marla and jon, the big question here for instagram is how do you make any money off of this? of course, that is a bigger question, not just instagram, an important question for vine, twitter and even, for that matter, facebook. >> see if they can figure it out. thanks so much. >> you bet. we will have to wait another few days before hearing the u.s. supreme court's decision on prop 8. the justices happened down its rule willings on three cases this morning but nothing about california's ban on same-sex marriage. there's still at least one more session scheduled for next monday so we will have to wait until next week to hear a decision on prop 8 and the defense of marriage act. >> it could turn out to be a very busy week for workers at
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city and county offices right here in the bay area. in case prop 8 is overturned, they are bracing for a major influx of same-sex couples looking to get married. christie smith joins us live in san mateo now and a look at what they are doing ahead of next week announcement. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i can tell you they have cross trained some of their employees and say they are absolutely ready, but for so many same-sex couples, a lot about been here before, and they are taking a wait and see attitude. at metro community church, they have performed same-sex issues for years now and we spoke with a reverend this morning and they have gotten more calls from couples, asking to get married, couples not affiliated with the church. the pastor says she performed holy unions in san mateo county in 2008 that 90% of the congregation here is lgbt. now they are eagerly awaiting the supreme court's decision on proposition 8 and the federal defense of marriage act.
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the legal recognition that would make this so special. we also spoke with a clerk in san mateo county, they say they are ready to perform these marriages, for some couples, this has been a real roller coaster ride. >> some married three or four times or had civil recognition of their mar arms anyway. they have done it at domestic partnerships and a church wedding, a wedding to family, maybe they went to san francisco and maybe they got married in 2008. those marriages are still valid but a lot of people will be renewing their vows and being legally recognized soon we hope. >> our phones are ready, ready everything else will be routine, other than the crowds. >> reporter: they actually changed their marriage licenses in 2008 toñjr reflect person on and person two. the staff, as i said, has been cross trained, they know what to do they are telling us they haven't got many more calls, perhaps for so many couples, this back and forth center
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anything new. reporting live in san matay yoez, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. learning new details about a shooting in san jose that has left a teenager clinging to life. san jose police tell us the boy is still alive but in grave condition. he was shot just after 6:00 last night on virginia avenue near the rancho dell pueblo golf course. police have not identified a suspect and say a motive is still unclear. we are in contact with police and we will bring you new information if his situation changes. we have some new details this morning from hit and run crash that killed a san jose bike rider earlier this week. police now releasing the description of the suv that hit the cyclist from behind. it has been described as a late 1990s or early 2000 model done durango or done dack coat tap. the color range is dirty white you gray or silver. 35-year-old glenn ernest was killedz' rode his bike on the taylor overpass on 9 7 not far
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from police headquarters. this marks the city's 19th lady traffic crash of the year. this morning, the oaklandgo police department will introduce the five district commanders. s all this conflict has a lot of
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riders concerned their mode of transportation could si:!ay be cut off. >> i don't really know how people would deal. i think it would cause a lot of stress, a lot of money issues for people. >> i couldn't commute from freeze month here every day if there wasn't b.a.r.t. there's absolutely no way could i do that. >> also added cause for concern because the america's cup sailing race does start next month and b.a.r.t. transportation will be key for spectators. union workers will be voting next week on whether they will go on strike. a private screening of the fill billion oscar grant will take place in oakland. grant's mother lay tend though she says it is not going to be easy. >> it opened the wound again. you know, it was very difficult to watch, you know, and i still, the second time, you know, different scenes, putting my head down and covering my ears. >> this will be one of johnson's third time watching fruitvale station, the name of the movie. the film depicts her son's last day, leadingp to the moment he was shot by a b.a.r.t. police
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officer at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. johnson hopes the movie will help understand the real oscar grant, a young man who had his troubles but who was trying to turn things around. >> showing people that oscar was a human, that he loved people, you know, any type of people, it didn't matter what nationality you were. and that you can change. >> johnson also hopes the movie can lead society toward a more equal justice system. fruitville opens july 12th. redwood city paying $50,000 to saturday lawsuit after a teenager gets tased by police that lawsuit filed last year says back in september of 2010, marcelo per rez was leaving a safe way on el camino yeah a friend. his friend had stole an bottle of alcohol and this suit claims two officers confronted perez and then forced him down to the ground after he reached into his pocket for his cell phone. while on the ground, one of those officers reportedly tased
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perez who at the time, was only 17. the city ended up paying $45,000 to set the lawsuit but attorneys for the officers involved in this one, they say they both acted within their scope of authority. a man is under arrest after police say he threw a spear at a passing car in sacramento. officers say jeffrey jones threw a 30-pound spear at a vehicle, which hit the front fender. the six-foot metal weapon got lodged in the vehicle. police found the 56-year-old jones near the scene and arrested him on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. in another story, looks like a bar fight is starting to heat up in the quiet upscale city of saratoga. >> a bar. a freaking bar. >> i don't care what kind, you understand? >> you see the tempers there flaring out in front of the future mesa bar in downtown saratoga yesterday. the owner says he plans to serve small plates but applied for a liquor license. the restaurant, which will be
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open until 2:00 in the morning has the green light now from the city, but some neighbors are still worried about a full-blown bar. one man says the restaurant parking lot is just 50 feet away from his children's bedroom windows. >> what do you think? what is the range of behavior that people can exhibit winner this intoxicated with alcohol? can it be lewd behavior? you betcha. >> but not everybody agrees with that. fellow restaurant owners say the downtown area now is "dead" and that mesa bar will bring new life to the quiet streets. the bar's owner once rant now-closed kit kat slip club but he says mesa bar will never become that. the owner is out of town but will be meeting with neighbors to answer their concerns and questions when he gets back in august. we are learning new details about the death of actor james gandolfini. we will have the latest from italy. plus --
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>> the baby was struggling and then all of a sudden, it flips and dangling and holding on with its hands. >> let you know how the daughter of a baseball icon used her instincts and very, very good hands to save a baby from falling from fire escape. it's another gorgeous day across the bay area. the final day of spring. we are 11 hours away from the kickoff of summertime right here. that's right. sun doesn't settle in 8:30. welcome to the longest day of the year. your full forecast tells you about some showers headed our way as we head into your summertime. lots to talk about. that's all coming up when nbc bay area news comes right back. the thing is bee,
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we are learning new details about how emmy award-winning actor james gandolfini died. best known, of course, for his tore pray of tony soprano in hbo's series "the sopranos." gandolfini passed away while on
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vacation in italy. >> he was just so very young still, only 51 years old. nbc's claudio lavagna with more on the death of james gandolfini. >> reporter: innocence news learned the hotel behind me is where actor james gandolfini suffered a heart attack on wednesday evening. the director of the hotel in rome told us that the actor was in the room about 10:00 in the evening, 2 p.m.1wñ eastern time with his 13-year-old son, michael. about that time, he fell on the bathroom floor and michael called for help. the hotel staff rushed up to the room and then realized that even though they say he was still breathing, he was in need of immediate medical attention. that's why they called the ambulance, who arrived shortly after andzú when the ambulance arrived, the sister of gandolfini arrived, coincide coincidental coincidentally, at the same time. while it was clear he needed to be taken to the hospital, the
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ambulance drove him to the nearest hospital three minutes' drive from here. but he was pronounced dead on arrival. now the body of gandolfini is lying in the morgue of the hospital. he will have to go through an autopsy before the family will be allowed to take the family back home. >> again, that was claudio lavagna reporting. thank you very much. several co-stars reacting to his death. edie falco, who played his wife on the show says -- another co-star, michael impeer joelly saidrioli said -- >> he is going to be missed. listen up, the movie version of erotic best seller "fifty shades of grey" now has a director. jon, happy about that? >> beyond psyched up.
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>> pumped. sam taylor-johnson's only previous film was the john lennon biopic "nowhere boy." she promises to honor the power of the book, which has sold millions of copies. "fifty shades" author e.l. james tweeted she is delighted and thrilled by the choice. now comes the task of casting the movie. >> you read it? you like it? >> no word when it is expected to be released. i have no idea what you are talking b >> you can tell me after the show. we have new details on how the royal family will announce to the world if a future king or queen of england has been born. prince william and kate middleton have not made public the jend over their baby apparently because they are waiting until kate actually gives birth. william will be at the hospital in padding ton when the young royal is born, the same hospital he was born back in 1982. now, when the royal baby actually makes his or her world premiere, it will be announce reed is ya twitter and go old school, the old-fashioned way as well, on a placard on an easel
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outside of the gates of buckingham palace. that's tradition. the due date now just a month away. parking in redwood city is a little easier this morning, as long as you keep your smartphone handy. the city is piloting a new app called parker, that starts today. now, here's how it works it works by using sensors embedded in street parking spaces to detect whether there is a car parked there. the app shows where spots are available, how many there are and how muchn'f it will cost tou park there the company that created the app is working with redwood city during the pilot program. the program itself is expected to last several months. after years of rolling on some very strange questions and rolling them out during job interviews, google now admitting those crazy inquiries were basically worthless. the company executive telling the "new york times" the brain materializes were just a complete waste of time. questions included how many times a day does a clock's hands overlap? and why are manhole covers
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round? google's interview process is now much more standard with questions like describe a time you solved a difficult problem. there's also less emphasis on college gpa and s.a.t. scores. an amazing catch from the daughter of a legendary baseball figure. christina story the daughter of former yankee manager joe torre. she says she was sitting cafe in new york when someone screamed that a baby was dangling at a fire escape. torre stood beneath the baby when the boy fell, hitting his head on a restaurant awning first, before amazingly falling right into torre's arms. >> luckily just landed in my arms. i feel quite lucky i was just in the right spot and was able to catch him and he is alive. >> the good lord put you in a position where you're there and, you know, a child's life is in the balance in your hands, literally. it's certainly -- feels good me and i know did to her.
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>> she looks just like her father. police say the parents were asleep when the toddler wanded to the window. they have been charged with child endangerment. the window now has guards on it thanks to the family's pastor. she didn't have a glove either. >> didn't need one. her dad was a catcher. she has obviously got some very, very good hands. >> in the dna. >> meant to be. check in with christina loren. sounds like we are in for another gorgeous one out there. >> so nice out there the last day of spring. 1,000 feet with this camera, shaking with the camera, glassy on the bay, compared to the past couple of days, choppy out there the winds have relaxed today and high pressure is heating us up. 63 degrees right now, a beautiful day in the city by the bay. 72, gilroy, 68, san jose, and 70 right now very comfortable in
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livermore, not too hot just yet. get a surge of summer heat, the next few days through saturday and then look what heads our way getting in next week. we have got an area of low pressure, don't wash that car, don't even think about it just yet. monday and tuesday,iñ we are actually talking about 35 to 45% chance. that means we are going to see rain over the parts of bay area, just really dependent where you live. the best chance is going to be right along the coastline especially up in the north bay. so, here are your highs for today and then we are going to get into some science. 82 degrees for livermore. 74 fremont, 75 today in san jose. so, of course, ol cities tonight, 10:04, we kick off summertime, look what happens as we get into the weekend, a really rare opportunity for youc to see the super moon. it's going to be nice and clear out there saturday night. beautiful conditions. it will be closest to the earth, all 2013, when the sun, the earth around the moon align, going to be spectacular, love to see the pictures, too, send them into us, we will feature them on
11:20 am we love to make you part of the show. 88 degrees on saturday. by sunday, we are going to start to cool off, then we bring in those showers monday into tuesday. best shot here in san jose, south bay, looks like monday night into tuesday morning. then on wednesday, we are going to clear you out and we have a rapid warmup headed our way. hold on tight, guys, that roller coaster ride continues. over to you. >> i got to say, you are a good teacher. ms. lorne, head of the class. >> we appreciate that. thank you very much. always educating. good stuff, that is. a very special tribute to the most iconic -- one of the most iconic figures in sci-fi movie history. >> the new statue that will be unveiled at a bay area park today, in two minutes.
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well, today in the north bay park, it is safe to say the
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force will definitely be with you. community leaders in san enselmo officially opening up imagination park this afternoon which includes the u.n. veiling of a bronze statue of jedi mast all these years. filmmaker george lucas donating the land out there visitors will be treated to a life-size statue of indiana jones, also being unveiled today. double your pleasure. danica patrick is in the bay area this weekend competing in the sonoma raceway on sunday. today, making a pit stop in the south guy visit go daddy, in sunnyvale. as part of national small business week, patrick will meet with both employees and customers at the internet domain registration company. patrick, of course is is a spokeswoman for go daddy and several other well-known names in the world of racing will come together for a luncheon.
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kurt busch, michael waltrip and larry mcreynolds will talk about this weekend's , at the raceway. today's lunch happens to be at rj favorite restaurants in san francisco, mccourtroom innings and come let's ta's seafood restaurant in girl rah deli square. >> i can't wait for you to take me there students in china are getting a rare opportunities for receiving an out-of-this world education. here is what we are talking about. today, 60 million students across china taking part in a live video feed with chinese astronauts orbiting the earth. one astronaut will be giving that lecture while the other two will ability as a teaching assistant and a camera operator. chinese space officials say this is the very first time astronauts will be able to communicate directly with students from space. >> very cool. also, how about this? but never fear this one's all by design. >> show you how after the break.
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finish things up, a pretty famous house down in north carolina on the move. and guess what they are doing tonight waterer. >> an historic house called the palm grin beach house, cottage, built in 1946. the former owners donate it had to the north carolina coastal federation to be its new office but the house had to be moved more than four miles to its new location, which is on property owned by wrightsville beach. >> looks like a smooth ride. >> after some fund raising, the federation got the $1.2 million it needed to purchase and move the 120-ton home by barge. the home is expected to be opened to the public by christmas. i was gonna say, where is mike inouye when you need him? no traffic on the waterways there >> next time we are in the mark forth a yacht, just put a house on some floaties and we are there. party. >> thank you so much for being with us. join us tonight at 5, 6 and 11. all day long online, nbcbayarea.clç(t&háhp &hc& >> have a great day, see you tomorrow. [ male announcer ] so you used the wrong flea killer.
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