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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  June 27, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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of morgan hill team sierra lamar. he's expected to enter a plea. also back at 7:25 with a live local news update. leaving you with this beautiful live look outside this morning. good morning. new details on nelson mandela's condition. family members arriving at the hospital along with south africa's president. crowds gathering outside. we'll be there live. he is free, the american ceo held nearly a week on a flight home right now. what he is saying to us about his release overnight. >> and supreme speed. his sprint helps pete williams become first with the supreme court decisions. we'll talk to the intern who is taking the internet by storm today thursday, june 27, 2013.
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good morning. welcome to "today." it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on thursday. >> i'm matt lauer along with al roker and natalie morales. there is growing concern over the health of nelson mandela. after visiting with him south africa's president says mandela is showing signs of improvement. >> president obama offered his prayers where he is kicking off a week-long trip. we want to get to the hospital in pretoria. what is the family saying about the health of mandela? >> reporter: hey, good morning, savannah. earlier among these out here we saw some of the grandchildren collect some of the flowers and one said that nelson mandela is stable. one of nelson mandela's daughters said he is responding
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at times and opening his eyes though she says it doesn't look good. meanwhile, one of nbc news's special correspondents is conducting exclusive interview with zinzi mandela. the family would welcome a visit from president obama if the doctors allow it. president obama saying that nelson mandela is a hero for the world and his legacy will live through the ages. meanwhile, president zuma of south africa is saying that he saw nelson mandela this morning action last night and looking much better. >> and by the way, i was listening in on that interview with his family member. there seems to be tension between family members and the growing press corps there. particularly over some reporting. >> reporter: that's right.
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in an interview she is unhappy with some of the reporting by what she says is a foreign media, she's describing some of the foreign media as vul turs and suggesting that it is because nelson mandela is african, that he is treated differently from other world leaders might be. i have to say matt, we have tried to be extremely careful in our reporting and stay with the facts. you have to remember that this is a family that has sacrificed so much through the apartheid years. nelson mandela in prison 27 years, they couldn't see him most of that time. this is a very difficult time for them now. >> keir simmons for us, thank you. >> during this morn's first top president obama was asked about the supreme court historic decisions on same-sex marriage. >> first of all i think the supreme court ruling yesterday was not simply a victory for the lgbt community.
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i believe at the root of who we are as a people, as americans, is the basic precept that we are all equal under the law. >> the decision is being felt nation wide. let's get to gabe gutierrez in san francisco. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. city hall behind me is preparing to resume same-sex marriages in the next month, but as you mentioned the supreme court rulings are already having a huge impact nationwide. in one of the country's oldest and largest gay neighborhoods, vindication. the day san francisco's castro district had been waiting for. >> we've been waiting forever. >> reporter: the supreme court striking down the federal defense of marriage act known as doma giving same-sex marriages equal protection under the law
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in states that allow gay couples to marry. >> the beginning of the end of stigma. >> reporter: in a second decision the courthou tossed oun appeal involving proposition 8. >> i feel blessed with every fiber of my being to be an american and californian. >> reporter: clearing the way for same-sex marriages to resume in that state. >> i love america every day. i love it so much today. couples who challenged the law interrupted during their interview by a phone call from the president. >> we're proud of you guys. >> reporter: california will become the 13th state along with washington, d.c. to allow gay marriage setting the stage for a legal challenges across the country. >> the next step is take the doma battle state by state. >> reporter: institution of marriage should not be manipulated either by the courts who are unelected nor by elected officials who failed to uphold their responsibilities. >> reporter: in a written
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statement cardinal timothy dolan of new york said today is a tragic day for marriage and our nation. but that's not stopping shana ramirez and her part near who have already adopted the same hyphenated last name. >> this is a green light for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: they want their bonds to be legal. the timing of the supreme court ruling coincided with gay pride weekend here in san francisco. more celebrations are expected here through sunday. >> gabe gutierrez in san francisco this morning, gabe as always, thanks so much. to florida now and the george zimmerman trial. the last person to talk on the phone to trayvon martin shortly before his death is back on the stand this morning. she's already delivered powerful testimony. nbc's kerry sanders is at the courthouse. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. rachel jeantel testified that she was the last person as you noted on the phone with trayvon martin before he died.
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she's back on the stand again this morning. you can see her here now answering questions from the defense. as she testified on wednesday, i looked over at the jury and they were learning forward in their chairs and seemed to hang on her every word. she is soft spoken and some jurors told the judge that she was hard to understand. >> nothing but the truth so mep you god. >> reporter: records presented show 19-year-old rachel jeantel was on the phone with trayvon martin nine times in the final two hours 6 minutes of his life. >> you the last person to talk to the person on the phone. after you talk to him you guys understand what i'm trying to tell you, i'm the last person. you don't know how it felt. >> at times tearful, jeantel heard the events on the phone that night. she testified trayvon martin told her, a man was following
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him. >> i asked him how the man looked like. he just told me the man, the man looked creepy. >> he said the man looked creepy. >> creepy and white. >> she says they continued to chat but then the phone went dead. she says she then dialed back. >> what did you hear? >> trayvon, i heard trayvon say get off, get off. >> then what did you hear? >> then the phone hung up. shut off. >> reporter: that's the last time they talked. records show this 911 call was recorded moments later. >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> what is your -- >> just there's gun shots. >> cries for help? able to say whose voice that is or voices that is?
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>> trayvon's. sounded like trayvon. >> reporter: george zimmerman has pled not guilty to second-degree murder. he says he shot and killed the unarmed teenager in self defense. facing questions from zimmerman's lawyer -- >> i had told you -- >> reporter: jeantel did not hide her feelings. while the prosecutors pointed out she had lied about her age and created an excuse on why she had not attended her friend's wake, the defense pressed her to explain. and when jeantel was told she would be back on the stand to face more questions, she was not happy. >> i think we should plan on at least a couple hours. >> what? >> reporter: she may not have been happy but she did show up and continues to testify. now, the defense handed a letter to her and asked her to read the letter, a letter she signed. she told the court that she was unable to read cursive so the
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jury is continuing to listen to the testimony which may go the better part of today. savannah. >> thank you. lisa bloom is today's legal analyst. good morning. i'm sure we can relate to wngss not necessarily wanting to be in the courtroom. let's talk about this witness on the substance. she was very important as the last person to talk to trayvon martin other than george zimmerman presumably. do you think she delivered for the prosecutors? >> i think overall she was fair for the prosecution. she stuck to her core story. that is that when she was on the phone with trayvon martin he said he was being followed. he told her that repeatedly. the last thing she heard him say was get off, get off. >> so that goes to the theory of the prosecution that good morning zimmerman is the aggressor. >> right. and trayvon was attacked without provocation. >> the prosecution had her off the stand i think 29 minutes the defense is lingering with her a bit more. have they made headway in terms of her credibility? >> absolutely. they caught her in at least four
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discrepancies, some would say lies, that i counted so far and they still have a couple more hours with her on the stand. she admits she lied about not going to the funeral and as to why she lied about her age, but more importantly about the story. she said on her testimony that yes, that was trayvon martin screaming on that recording. but at her deposition she said she didn't know if it was him. that's an important change. >> let's talk about the style a little bit. for lack of a better word an entertaining witness to watch in the sense she was very, very animated, clearly didn't want to be there. do things like that matter for the jurors? are they accepting her likability and credibility? >> i think in part she is 19 years old, she just finished her junior year of high school so i think we cut her a little slack. of course she doesn't want to be in the courtroom. who wants to be in a high profile trial testifying. the jurors don't want to be there. but when she gets hostile and starts talking back to the attorneys that crosses the line. >> meantime she also was emotional at times and seemed to be clearly upset about the loss
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of her friend. >> and your heart has to go out to her. she was so upset when she found out that trayvon martin died. >> she is a key witness. we'll see how it plays. lisa bloom, thank you. meantime, president obama has weighed in on the search for edward snowden. natalie has more on that. >> good morning again. the president as you heard beginning his week-long trip in senegal, had a lot on his plate. chuck todd is in senegal. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. a ton of pressing issues on the president's plate. he was asked, you heard what he said about gay marriage, he is going to find some sort of federal way to recognize same-sex marriage perhaps in all 50 states. asked to respond on the voting rights. that he thinks they can come up with a map that would apply to all 50 states. now on the nsa hunt for edward snowden the president appeared bemused by the media attention on the search and attempt to get snowden back in custody.
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but the president ruled out use of military in order to get and apprehend snowden. take a listen. >> i'm not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. >> reporter: hovering over this visit is nelson mandela's health. the president talked about how nelson mandela was a hero to him, after this visit to senegal we are headed to south africa and then tanzania, all of this we'll see if the president gets a chance to meet with nelson mandela. it's up to the family according to the white house. >> chuck todd in senegal, thank you. >> more fallout for paula deen who defended herself when she spoke with matt on wednesday. walmart is ending its relationship with deen and today paula deen agreed to suspend their diabetes activity for now. and wall street whan is moving
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the markets there. courtney reagan joins us. >> good morning. the dow up 125 points, so economic growth for the first three months of the year was slower than the commerce department originally estimated. higher payroll taxes leaves many with less disposable income. as a result consumer spending slowed. 2.5 to 0.7%. according to a court decision starbucks baristas must share the tips collected in the tip jars with shift supervisors but not the assistant managers. it was in the court of appeals that heard that case. >> courtney reagan, thank you. today a final farewell for james gandolfini, his funeral is being held now in new york. "the sopranos" star died last week while on vacation in italy. earlier this week it was a hunt for a red panda. wednesday in washington, d.c. it was a bear on the prowl. police fanned out across part of the nation's capital after a small black bear was seen running through a neighborhood. the bear was eventually
7:15 am
cornered, tranquilized and captured and taken away to be released back into the woods somewhere else. >> doesn't look that small to me. good size bear. >> a little black bear is a big black bear to most of us. >> searching for a picnic basket. let's see what we've got. we're looking at wet weather making its way into the pacific northwest, seattle will see showers and 73 degrees. it's going to be hot in the southwest, 109 over the weekend. they may tie their record of 117, denver at 97 degrees, the rest of the country we look for a risk of storms along the eastern seaboard, through the southeast, the upper great lakes and the mid plains, again that heat will continue from texas on into the southwest, the showers in the pacific northwest, gorgeous in l.a. with the temperature of 87. we'll have your local forecast coming up in just 30 seconds.
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7:16. i'm meteorologist christina loren. a beautiful shot over the bay bridge. high pressure forcing the low clouds to the surface. you can barely.j make out the tippy top of r.[ bridge. as we head throughout the day, the clouds will burn off quickly. by noon inland, 81 degrees. 93 at 4:00 p.m. you'll hit about 72 degrees today at the coast. that heat really cranks as we head throughout this weekend and the beginning of next week. >> that's your latest weather. ent on capitol hill
7:17 am
that will have a lot of people talking. a congresswoman who is an iraq war veteran ripping into a witness during a hearing. kelly o'donnell has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. she is a new member of congress with a credibility that comes from her own sacrifice. so when a businessman who had claimed a military injury in order to get special advantage for veterans to get a federal contract came up, it turned into an eight-minute interrogation. >> this hearing is troubling to me. >> reporter: this extraordinary exchange began with a simple but scornful question. >> your foot hurt? your left foot? >> yes. >> it hurts. my feet hurt too. >> the contempt was palpable. >> you broke the trust of veterans. >> reporter: the illinois democrat is the first disabled woman veteran elected to congress. >> did you injure that same foot
7:18 am
again subsequently since you twisted it in prep school? >> not to my recollection. >> reporter: a former pilot who lost both legs serving. she aimed her disdain at the irs contractor who applied for a federal contract as a wounded veteran by citing a football injury while at a military prep school in 1984. >> i went to a doctor and it continued to hurt. >> reporter: he had also stated in a letter to officials these are crosses that i bear due to my service to our great country. i would do it again to protect this great country. castillo told the house committee his company never received improper treatment. >> i'm so glad you would be willing to play football in prep school again to protect this great country. shame on you, mr. castillo. >> reporter: disrespect is another wound for injured veterans. this came up as congress continued to look at the irs,
7:19 am
this man got an irs contract and it was an emotional moment because tammy duckworth also talked about the phantom pain she experiences as an amputee. it was riveting and it got a lot of attention. >> all right. thank you, kelly o'donnell. i'm sure there was a memorable moment. >> it's an afternoon he's never going to forget. no question about it. coming up, new developments on the american ceo, remember him, held captive in china. savannah talked to him yesterday. how did he finally win his freedom overnight? we're live in beijing. >> does your gps guide you the wrong way? a mom's horror story. she ended up in death valley. first this is "today" on nbc. crystal geyser is always
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bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you. coming up, new details in the murder case against nfl star aaron hernandez and the victim's
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telling final text. >> and then there is new hope on the horizon perhaps for the 36 million americans who suffer from migraines. the latest on the research and talk to somebody who suffers from them. john wife's cindy mccain will tell us her story after years of suffering. a check of your local news and weather on a thursday morning here on "today." [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d
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the time now is 7:26. good morning everybody. i'm jon kelly. right now b.a.r.t. workers at stations across thei/k bay area warning riders of a possible strike that could get ugly for monday morning's commute. union leaders and b.a.r.t. management have until 11:59 on sunday night to come to an agreement. but we're being told the two groups not even close as wages and benefits are the major sticking points here. if a strike does happen, hundreds of thousands of people crowd onto b.a.r.t. trains every day will end up crowding onto freeways and other transits like caltrain. a man accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year-old sierra lamar expected in court if a few hours. it is possible ans lynn garcia
7:27 am
torres will enter a plea during tod today's hearing. lamar's body has never been found. pride week kicking off tonight in san francisco's castro district. pride,í organizers planning for bigger-than-usual attendance after yesterday's supreme court rulings on prop 8 and the defense of marriage act. i think it's safe to say $ adventurous jfñmorning. would that be accurate? >> right on point as usual. good morning to you. we have the low clouds. you can see high above then&o clouds. by about 10:00 a.m. we should be mostly clear across the greater bay area. still have thick clouds forcing flight delays by about 10:00 a.m. 92 in livermore. it's going to be a hot day, 4 in fremont and 86 degrees on the way redwood city. here is where we are headed. thebd heat increases saturday io
7:28 am
sunday. sunday the triple digits arrive. monday into tuesday the hottest days of the year so far. scorching weather. more motorcycles on the road. >> be careful out there, folks. everybody needs to get along. northbound 101 at 680, top ofzl your screen, that's the slowdown, northbound 280 at lee, a crash blocks two 2nlanes. things jamming up. improving through alamo. thanks for the update. back with another local news update in one-half hour.
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♪ >> we apologize. you'll be singing that all day. millions of fans fell in love with philip phillips and his soulful style on "american idol." tomorrow he'll make this place his home when he puts on a live concert out on our plaza in our 8:30 half hour. mark your calendars. 7:30 now on a thursday morning, the 27th day of june, 2013. i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie. natalie morales and mr. al roker. >> coming up in this half hour, i am one of those people addicted to gps. i forgot how to read a map. i will follow a gps into a river if it tells me to do that or into a ditch. well, coming up has your gps
7:31 am
ever just guided you the wrong way? we've got the story of one woman who used hers and wound up in death valley. it got her lost and nearly cost her family their lives. we will ask the question why do some of these navigation systems seem to get the directions wrong so much? >> we're born with that gene. >> oh, please. >> come on. >> i'm going north. no that's not -- >> you just don't ask for directions. >> whatever you do don't ask for directions right? male pride. >> exactly. on another note powerful testimony from michael jackson's son prince at the singer's wrongful death trial. what he says his father's last days were like. >> and then we'll meet the intern turned world class sprinter at the supreme court and now vine sensation making pete williams the man that he is. >> he runs as fast as pete williams reads those decisions. >> i'm telling you. >> pretty good. let us begin this half hour with new developments in the story we've been following. the american ceo held captive in a chinese factory -- his factory -- freed overnight.
7:32 am
cnbc's eunice eun is in beijing. good morning to you. >> reporter: the story reads like a movie script. after he secured his release from the factory he jumped from one car to another before boarding a plane out of here. american ceo chip starnes has said good-bye to his defacto prison in china after being held captive by his factory workers here for a week starnes is on a plane back home to the u.s. the two sides finally struck a deal. more workers get payouts. starnes no longer needs to live under constant surveillance. but he was threatened by a vendor and fearing for his personal safety fled. in a text message to me he said, i was, let's say, threatened this morning. i freaked out. starnes says he was being held because of rumors he was about to close his entire plant. he said he only planned to move part of the business to india. rumors maybe, but chinese workers have little legal
7:33 am
recourse, and are used to losing out. factory bosses in china sometimes do flee without giving their workers pay. so these workers didn't want the same thing to happen to them. over the phone, starnes wrote, deal was done and all employees were paid. a chinese union official told me international companies are welcome here. but with wages rising, chinese laborers are starting to compete with cheaper workers from other countries. just as american workers lost jobs to china. i feel numb this worker says. we will continue to fight. as for chip starnes, his fight is finally over. and, matt, i'm sure his family is going to be very excited to see him once he gets back home. >> youneunice, do you have any about his future plans? does he plan to go back to the country and is all kind of forgiven between him and the employees? >> reporter: i'm not so sure if everything is all well and good
7:34 am
and forgiven, but at the same time, he is going to keep his factory here. he said that as of tomorrow any of the workers who got those payouts will be able to reapply for their jobs and get the factory up and running again. >> in beijing this morning, eunice, thank you very much. >> you want to bet it is a little time before he heads back for a factory visit? >> exactly. >> let's check the weather now with mr. roker. today's weather is brought to you by party city. celebrate with bows and hats. nobody has more 4th of july for less. we've got some nice folks here with team jack. what's team jack? >> team jack is a pediatric brain -- >> cancer research. we're from nebraska. >> that's great. we'll get more information on that on your website. thanks for coming down. good looking group. you all have the same shirt. works out nice. let's show you what we've got.
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we're taking a look at las vegas. right now it is 85 degrees in las vegas and they are on their way to some really hot weather. let's show you what's happening. big heat pump. a ridge of high pressure pushing up rising air. the jet stream is way up to the north and so we are going to see temperatures really heating up. in fact, we've got excessive heat watches and warnings, heat advisories from vegas all the way into oklahoma and texas. but the core of the heat is going to be over southern california, southern las vegas. tomorrow 115. palm springs 117. we should have showed the 117-degree reading on saturday and sunday, all-time record high for las vegas expected. al, that same ridge of high pressure is going to start to warm us up today. good morning. a live look, looking like a hot morning shapingk: up in san jo where temperatures are already in the 60s. 7:35 now.
7:36 am
we're talking about>i 62 degree in oakland. already at 67 in sunnyvale and 64 in san jose. by noon we'll hit the mid 80, low 90s inland. we'll round out the day. it's going to be a warm one. 91 degrees in concord, 93 for gilroy. hotter weather as we get into the upcoming weekend. al. thank you so much. we have new details on the arrest of nfl star aaron hernandez. this morning he is being held without bail. he is out of a job after being charged with first-degree murder. prosecutors are painting a detailed picture of what they say happened. nbc's stephanie gosk is at the jail in north dartmouth, massachusetts this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this county jail house is aaron hernandez' new home at least for now. ten days after the body of odom lloyd was discovered in an industrial park not far from where the nfl player lives. the prosecution alleges that he orchestrated this killing. he called in two men to help him and then he did what he could to cover it up.
7:37 am
this morning aaron hernandez woke up in jail, bail denied, accused of first-degree murder. police arrested the football player early on wednesday, walking him out of his massachusetts home in handcuffs. not long after the new england patriots dropped the star tight end from the team. we cannot express the disappointment we feel knowing that one of our players was arrested as a result of this investigation. in court the prosecution laid out the charges against hernandez. >> he orchestrated his execution. that's what it was. >> reporter: hernandez and lloyd knew each other because their girlfriends were sisters. the da alleges they were out one night at a boston night club and got into an argument. two days later, hernandez and two other unidentified men picked lloyd up at home at 2:30 in the morning. the victim texted his sister. did you see who i am with? she replied, my phone was dead. who? lloyd wrote, nfl just so you
7:38 am
know. the last text lloyd ever sent. prosecutors say hernandez then drove the semiprofessional football player to an industrial park just down the road from hernandez's massachusetts home where lloyd was beaten and shot multiple times. >> having been shot three times and somebody stood over him and delivered two fatal shots to his body. >> reporter: hernandez pled not guilty to the charges and his legal team called the case weak. >> it is a circumstantial case. it is not a strong case. >> reporter: during the arraignment the victim's family looked on. at one point lloyd's mother, in tears, left the courtroom. hernandez faces possible life in prison while the nfl faces another high profile criminal case with one of its players. >> there are 27 arrests in the nfl this season. will it hurt the television ratings? no. will it hurt the attendance? no. >> reporter: hernandez's next legal step is going to be appealing this decision not to
7:39 am
grant bail. his lawyers argued that he's not a flight risk. he owns a home. he's never been convicted of a crime. he lives with his fiance and small baby. we're told there will be a hearing later on today. savannah? >> stephanie gosk outside the jail in north dartmouth, massachusetts, thank you. coming up next, has your gps device ever failed you, steered you in the wrong direction? we've got one mother's harrowing story. on trending, the new ad for shark week that's raising some eyebrows. but first, these messages. ♪
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i tthan probablycare moreanyone else.and we've had this farm for 30 years. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's how we make our living and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us. we're back now. 7:43. with a problem you may have experienced at some point. getting totally lost because you relied on a gps device. nbc's tom costello has been looking into this to figure it out. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt. why is it you can have two or three or four different gps
7:44 am
devices and they tell you five different ways to get to the same location or may not find it at all? they are performing hundreds of calculations and there may not be one single right answer. often they are loaded with different mapping software. what if the maps are wrong? it was only supposed to be a day trip into california's death valley for donna cooper, her daughter, and a friend. >> 5.1 miles. >> reporter: relying on the gps they nick named nell. when they tried to return home it was soon clear nell was lost. >> recalculating. recalculating. >> the road was pretty much like this. >> reporter: for 60 miles, she says, they were directed to roads that no longer exist. >> around and around and around. we just kept getting further and further and further into death valley. >> reporter: the temperature outside, 128 degrees. >> please drive to highlighted route. >> reporter: fearing for their lives, they left messages on their car, then broke into a shelter to get out of the heat.
7:45 am
while rarely as dramatic, almost everyone has their own story of being led astray by their gps. >> probably about 80% of the time it's correct but 20% of the time it takes you down roads that don't go where you need to go. >> many times i just couldn't get home without the gps. >> reporter: it turns out different gps units use different map software. often created by teams who drive around in cars loaded with mapping gadgets but not all units are up to date. >> do you have everybody out? >> reporter: near boston a woman with two kids claims she followed her gps instructions on to railroad tracks. they got out just before the train crushed their car. >> okay. everybody is okay? >> yes. >> reporter: in some remote areas the gps may be relying on really old government maps. >> it is absolutely possible there is data in there 10, 20, 30, 40 years old and would still show up and be entirely wrong. >> reporter: the folks who
7:46 am
publish the michilin travel maps did their own study and found 30% of all adults use some sort of gps unit and 63% of gps users report having been led astray at least once by the gps instructions. back in death valley a helicopter rescue team found donna cooper and the kids after three days in the desert just in time. >> people who get lost in death valley do not live. we were so very fortunate. i mean, so very fortunate. >> reporter: we asked the gps industry to explain how this happens and it declined, but the technology, pro se, it is important to update your gps devices with the latest software. if you have a cell phone or mobile phone chances are it updates automatically. the other alternative? i know this is hard for you and me, matt, but bring a map. >> what is that? what is that paper thing you hold in your hand? >> yeah. i've seen people tom driving down the highway with maps on the dashboard above the steering wheel. we don't want people to do that either. >> no. >> that is a different tom
7:47 am
costello story, distracted driving. >> exactly right. all right, tom. thanks very much. coming up, lateness. do you have a friend who is always running just a little bit behind or a lot behind? how to cope with the very annoying topic of chronic lateness. >> a friend or maybe a closer relation. from being late to right on time the intern turned vine sensation for his agile moves, his cat-like speed at the supreme court. that's right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] now you can apply sunblock
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back now at 7:50 wednesday of course was a big one at the supreme court. along with the decision something else is getting attention. fast moving intern dan stein weaving his way through the crowd to help pete billings break the news. pete i think was first or near first and dan stein is with us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> congrats. >> well done. first of all, good open field running. good speed, lateral movement. you kept your head up. you protected the document, which was very good. how are you feeling? >> feeling great. i had to do a little stretching this morning, try to loosen up a little bit. a little sore. obviously these aren't running shoes. >> exactly. >> your running outfit. what is it like to be an internet sensation? >> you know, honestly it's just a lot of fun. i don't know. it's an honor to be part of the history and the things that happened yesterday of course. >> and you didn't read as you were running, did you? did you know the decision? >> you know, i didn't read
7:52 am
because i wanted pete to be able to be first of course. >> test. test. test. test. the year down here. i was per spispiring just stand still. he must have lost about ten pounds in the last few days. >> the guards are tough too. there is a strict walk only rule. >> you can't run in the supreme court building. you got to do one of those awkward fast walk not run things. >> you can run here. so, dan, we'll put you to the test again. we have al roker outside at the weather monitor. he needs this important five-day forecast. >> ready? >> go! >> okay. >> ladies and gentlemen, dan
7:53 am
stein. ♪ >> i think he's jogging. >> he's lolly gagging. >> oh, this is the wrong thing. you got to bring it back. >> dan stein, thank you so much. coming up on trending what is going on at wimbledon? the early exit by some of tennis's biggest stars. >> here comes dan again. >> come on in, dan. ♪ [ applause ] >> nice job. >> thank you. >> that's the wrong thing. you need to go -- >> we can keep doing this all day.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
it is 7:56. good morning everybody. i'm jon kelly. santa clara prosecutors dropping charges against a prostitute. raven dixon had charged dropped against her. her attorney says she had nothing to do with the death and hadn't seen him in months. another person charged ina [÷ t case was able to go free, but this morning we now know why. lucas anderson wasnanx freed la mongvdp#ter prosecutors determined he was drunk and unconscious in a hospital when kumra's murder took place. prosecutors say the reason anderson was linked to that case is because the paramedics who treated him were called to kumra's mansion and likely transferred anderson's dna to kumra's body. let's take a look outside. christina loren says good morning to more warm weather. >> it is going to be a hot one,
7:57 am
jon. the good news, and i think you can appreciate this, we are going to drop that humidity off. it has been muggy around here. a round of applause certainly necessary. as we head throughout the day today, more of that dry california heat. temperatures will be warm. 92 degrees on the way to livermore. 93 in gilroy. so yesterday we hit the upper 80s in+gó". today we're trading those in to the low 90s. we trade the 90s in for the triple digits, mike. we'll keep the good news coming. over to you. >> it's not the heat and humidity, no, it's the heat. the cars north 280 jamming up. the earlier crash around lee has cleared in the middle of your screen as we zoom in. 87 and 85 show the slowing. north 101 slows towards 280 as well. slow in alamo in both directions. oakland, a life love shows you traffic bogging down past high street into downtown. no crashes, just a lot of company. a lot of red chiclets out
7:58 am
there, mike. thank you very much.fjh we'll have another live update in half an hour. hope to see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ wow! >> got some fans. >> i wonder how long -- ♪ >> hello, new york! just the boys. ♪ >> all right. >> and we are back at 8:00 on a thursday morning. it's june 27, 2013. a flash mob, kind of a singing
8:01 am
mob on our plaza. last week, spontaneous, the crowd would burst into song. well, tomorrow, phillip phillips will be here in the flesh. we are looking forward to that. >> and notice this didn't just happen now. >> i know. >> no, no. once is magic, twice is pushing it. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie. i'm here with matt lauer and al roker. >> we're interchangeable. >> also ahead, is there someone on twitter you're following that rubs you the wrong way? what would it take to get you to unfollow that person? we'll talk about the things that some people would get them to kind of do that. >> unfollow-worthy behavior. >> yeah. >> well, cindy mccain, she'll
8:02 am
tell about what she has to help the fellow migraine sufferers get through the pain. >> now the news update. >> new details about the condition of nelson mandela. the anti-apartheid leader remains in critical condition. as people gathered nearby, but his daughters tells our special correspondent, he is improving and comfortable. she says the family remains hopeful. in senegal, meanwhile, president obama said his thoughts and prayers go out to the south african people and to the family of nelson mandela. >> i think he's a hero for the world and if and when he passes from this place one thing i think will -- we'll all know is that his legacy is one that will linger on throughout the ages. >> the president said he has been inspired by nelson mandela, called him a hero for decades. for the first time one of michael jackson's children testified in person in the wrongful death suit against tour promoters.
8:03 am
the jury will try to determine whether jackson or his promoters hired dr. conrad murray who was convicted of negligence in his death. here is nbc's mike taibbi. ♪ >> reporter: as rehearsals for the 2009 this is it tour neared the end, prince michael jackson says his father was excited but worried. after reviewing family photos, the now 16-year-old prince said he witnessed his father's end of several tense phone calls with promoters from aeg live. after one call, prince said his father was in tears and said they're going to kill me. >> prince came across as a very well-mannered, bright 16-year-old. >> reporter: prince also said as rehearsals grew more intense, his father wasn't strong enough and looked malnourished. >> there was pressure on michael and i think that's been borne out by the evidence in the trial. >> reporter: but prince said he was only 12 at the time and knew
8:04 am
nothing about the trial's central question, who hired and was thus responsible for dr. conrad murray? prince said his father handed him wads of cash to give to murray. >> now we know that only person who's ever paid dr. murray in this time period was michael jackson. >> reporter: in emotional testimony about the day michael jackson died, prince said he saw his father half hanging out of the bed as dr. murray administered cpr while his sister paris screamed she wanted her daddy. but murray turned to them, prince testified and simply said, sorry, kids. dad's dead. paris hospitalized for weeks following a personal health crisis will likely not testify in court. mike taibbi, nbc news, loss los angeles. and in brazil, police fired off tear gas. anti-corruption demonstrations have pressed into the second week there despite lawmakers'
8:05 am
efforts to meet some demands. justin bieber's former pet monkey has a new home. mali the monkey was confiscated and bieber brought him along. he was moved to a zoo in northern germany. he's a clever little guy who should settle in quickly with the other monkeys there. 8:05. let's get another check of the weather from al. >> thank you so much. got a lot of friends here. you have that warm weather hair cut. i like that. very nice. low maintenance. i like that face. pick city today happens to be panama city, florida. partly sunny, isolated thunderstorms out there. and the radar you can see we have a lot of activity in the east. rain moving into the pacific northwest. four areas of severe weather, the northeast down to the southeast, midwest, also up through the great lakes.
8:06 am
8:05 on a thursday morning. clear as a bell over the east bay and i can tell you right now, it's going to be a hot day. make sure you're ready for it. climbing by about five degrees from yesterday's highs and yesterday was rather warm. we hit the upper 80s. today, going to trade those in for the 90s. 92, livermore, 84, fremont today. the place to be is right by the coast, 72 in san francisco and 79 degrees, rather warm down in santa cruz. not as warm as where we are headed. going to peak on monday at 103 degrees inland. y quién gana esta >> and the cute baby contest winner goes to -- what's her name? >> colette clearly. >> all right, colette. very cute. >> thank you. >> back to another cute baby, savannah. and -- >> matt, too. cute baby, immediately what i think when i think of you. >> thank you. coming up, the shark week ad that is trending because, well, you'll see coming up. is it effective or in poor taste? also ahead, if you are someone who has suffered from migraines, cindy mccain, a
8:07 am
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8:11 am
back at 8:11. coming up in the 8:00 block, in the wake of the paula deen scandal, the reinvigorated debate over race in this country. also, cindy mccain on her personal struggle with migraine headaches, and the latest hope for treatment. first, "what's trending," stories heating up on line. >> trending on the a.p., some treacherous times for the top players in the tennis world. get this -- seven wimbledon champs who have all held the number-one title including
8:12 am
rafael nadal and care line wozniak have already lost in the tournament. wednesday, shocked fans watched roger federer lose to the 116th seed only in the second round. some other players are just p y plain down and out. a lot of people falling after the all-england club has come under fire for the slippery grass court. apparently this year they are slipperier than ever. >> slipperier. >> right there. >> by the way, that would kill me if it happened to me. maria sharapova slipped three times and required treatment on her hip after one of those falls. >> ow! >> sorry for that picture. >> she was heard saying, "this court is dangerous," during her straight set second round defeat. now, if you look at what's happening here -- >> yes. >> andy murray, okay. >> the rise of andy murray. >> andy murray doesn't have to worry about rafael nadal or roger federer. >> and serena williams -- five out of the ten top women are out
8:13 am
and four of the top ten men. >> and murray was seen watering the court -- >> yeah, with wd-40. they do -- you oil them down nicely. they shine so nicely. >> the country country -- trending on "buzzfeed," what are the most annoying habits that would force you to unfollow people on twitter. here are some of our favorite reasons. number 16 -- tweeting, re-tweeting, or quoting overly general life truths. okay. platitudes. exactly. number three, tweeting 100 times in a row about nothing. >> oh, boy. >> this is my favorite -- top reason according to "buzzfeed," excessive re-tweeting of horoscopes. >> really? >> that's the worst. >> oh. >> it's true. >> what gets you to unfollow? >> i think when people overly -- tweet too much. >> yeah. >> about stupid thing. >> cursing or bad grammar. that kind of thing. >> cursing or bad grammar. >> yes. >> combined, even worse.
8:14 am
you're out. unfollow. >> there's unfollowing, and then there's blocking. sometimes my blocking finger gets itchy. >> yes. sometimes? >> people tweet use -- write bad things. yeah. >> by the way, what gets you to unfollow people? tweet us your reason reasons @todayshow. trending on "usa today," meet thelma and louise, not the glamorous crime duo from the 1991 oscar-winning movie. we're talking about this two-headed turtdle that was born last week. it will go on display today at the san antonio zoo. and the zoo says the unusual reptile is healthy and able to swim and walk. just hopefully not off cliffs. >> yeah. the problem is -- it can't make up its mind which way it's going to go. >> what was with the other turtle there -- >> there to display it -- that was a control turtle with one head. >> like putting a quarter next to something? >> what's up with you? >> so they can see what a normal turtle would look like. on youtube, bad week to be a seal. as part of its known to promote
8:15 am
its shark week series, discovery channel releasing a promo racking up thousands of views. some say it's disturbing, others hilarious. you decide. >> we are just moments away for releasing snuffy, the rescued seal, back into the ocean. and now you see it. snuffy's triumphant return. [ screams ] >> whoa! >> of course it's fictitious. no seals were actually harmed during this -- >> i think it's great. >> look at that -- >> it's dark but great. >> wow. not good. >> it appeals to the discovery viewers. >> i like that -- a p-- a bad week to be a seal. >> sickos. meanwhile, our exclusive interview with paula deen has people talking not just about paula deen herself but about the bigger issue of race in america. mara schiavocampo with more. good morning. paula deen as well as two supreme court decisions and the
8:16 am
george zimmerman murder trial are stoking deep divisions when it comes to race and raising the question of how far we've come. >> so i'll ask it to you bluntly -- are you a racist? >> no. >> reporter: celebrity chef paula deen responding to a firestorm of criticism after revelation that's she had used a racial slur in the past. >> i have never with any intention hurt anybody on purpose. and i never would. >> reporter: it was one of a series of moments this week that has thrust the topic of race in america back into the spotlight. >> the reality is this taps into a lot of discomfort around issues of race. [ cheers ] >> reporter: with the election and re-election of president obama and more mixed race americans than ever before, some have suggested we're in a post-racial era. and two major rulings from the supreme court earlier this week seem to confirm that. the first making it tougher for colleges to use affirmative action. the second removing restrictions on nine southern states with a history of discrimination to get
8:17 am
federal approval before changing voting laws. >> justice now! >> reporter: those examples stand in stark contrast to other recent events including the racially tinged trial of george zimmerman, charged with murdering teen trayvon martin. then there's paula deen's insensitive comments for which she apologized. and a seemingly innocent cheerios commercial showing an interracial family that was targeted on line with hateful comments. >> a lot has been done, but a lot remains to be done. there is no such thing as being in post racial america, and neither should the ideal be post racial. i think the ideal should be post racist. >> reporter: for deen, the damage to her empire goes on. since wednesday's interview, she's been dropped by walmart, home depot, and caesar's. she does still have plenty of supporters. her new cookbook which doesn't come out until october is now number one on amazon. matt? >> interesting. thank you very much:we're joined by msnbc's tour and donnie
8:18 am
deutsche and star jones. good to see you. the events we talk about, the supreme court ruling on affirmative action when it applies to education and admission. the supreme court ruling on the voting rights act. the trayvon martin situation, the case that's unfolding in florida with george zimmerman on trial for murder, and paula deen sitting here yesterday. try to connect it for me. give me a common narrative. >> i think we see the importance of race still in america. the affirmative action ruling didn't knock down affirmative action, but it raised the bar on it. but the voting rights act is the thing that really hurt my heart. now it's going to be much harder for black and brown people to vote, especially in the south. when you see people being taken for granted in the trayvon martin situation and the mindset that still exists when we talk about paula deen and not just using the "n" word in 1986 or whatever, but in 2007, wanting to plan the southern wedding, dreaming of that. that is the thing that says this discrimination still exists, and the voting rights act allows it to continue. >> his headline is how far we
8:19 am
have not come or at least the fact that we're still grappling with this very difficult issue. same headlines for you? >> well, my headline is we are still not colorblind. that's really what a post racial environment would look like. colorblindness would require us not to grab our purse when a certain person walks by you. colorblindness is not stepping to the back of the elevator whether a person of a different race comes into the elevator. once we get to be colorblind, then we would actually move in to that kind of environment -- >> not having an unemployment rate double -- >> let the white guy talk, okay? >> that's the point. >> i'm doing that for a reason. once we can first off say acknowledge black and white and have fun and be open about it is first step. it is very different if we were sitting with a panel of three 25-year-olds. he's the great news -- young people today are colorblind. i'm not saying -- >> no -- >> that's not true -- >> let the white guy finish. that is true. >> no, it's not. >> do you think my 10-year-old
8:20 am
looks at that as a black president or the president? i am telling you to her -- >> the president -- >> correct. >> they don't understand what's happening in the george zimmerman trial? >> they're isolated people. >> no, they're not isolated. >> you're telling me that today's 25-year-olds do not look at race different than nine supreme court justices -- >> are you telling me that 25-year-olds understand the world as well as those of us who have been around for a while? race still -- >> they're creating their own -- >> race still matters. >> of course race matters. >> let me -- >> it goes back for -- >> a 25-year-old analogy. a 25-year-old does not look at race the same way that my grandmother at 94 looks at race. however, the supreme court has just recently said regardless of the way you look at it, this is the way it is. >> guys, you know what -- >> i'm talking about not what nine supreme court justices talk about, but a chunk of 300 million of this america -- there is such good news coming, guys. >> what surprised me, got my attention, is that in my opinion when you look at the headlines in the newspapers over this past week, those same headlines could
8:21 am
have been in newspapers my parents were reading 50 years ago. >> that's right. >> that's right. >> 20 years ago there will be no such thing as a newspaper. guys -- >> true. [ all talking at once ] >> good to hear. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. and let's go over to savannah. >> all right. thank you. if you are one of the 36 million americans suffering from migrain migraines, you know how painful they can be. in a moment we'll talk to cindy mccain about her struggles. first, what it's like to live with the painful condition. joan's journey with migraine pain began 30 years ago in college. eventually her migraine headaches got worse. >> i would wake up with a crowbar in the back of my head, excruciating pain. >> over the years, joan tried 20 different medications, prescription and over the counter, and consulted eight doctors. david dodig, president of the american migraine association and professor of neurology at the mayo clinic in phoenix, is now joan's physician. >> it's impossible to function when you're racked with that
8:22 am
amount of pain. >> according to the american huckaby society, approximately 36 million americans, roughly 12% of the population, suffer from migraine. annually 6% of men and 18% of women get them. more than 15 genetic mutations have been identified that render people susceptible to migraine. only one drug class has ever been specifically designed and approved to treat migraines. >> if we can unlock more genes that are responsible, then that will start to open up new targets for very highly selected and specific treatments. >> after years of searching for answers, joan has finally found relief through botox injections. approved by the fda in 2010 for the treatment of chronic migraine. it's made all the difference. >> just like a veil of pain, you just kind of live with and you don't realize you have it, was gone. >> cindy mccain, wife of senator john mccain, has suffered with migraines for more than 20 years. she's one of the leading voices for migraine research. mrs. mccain, it's good to see you. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me.
8:23 am
>> you know what this pain is. i know you want to give a voice to it. can you even put it into words? >> i think her -- her talking about a crowbar in the back of your head. to me it was always like a vice or a nail in my forehead. it's indescribable to those who have never suffered. >> do you think there's a stigma with migraines where people don't want to acknowledge, okay, i suffer there this, or people who don't have migraines suspect you're making it up, it can't than bad? >> right. that's part of this whole campaign that we're starting is a los angeles part of this is -- a large part of this is the stigma. people are afraid to talk about it. if they do, they're misdiagnosed, co-workers think they're faking it. their family thinks they're faking it or just -- whatever. it's terrible, awful. >> you've talked about your own family and when your kids were little and you weren't able to do things with them. sometimes it was hard for them to understand. hard for your husband to understand. >> absolutely. i think it's hardest on family members because they want so much for you to feel well, and they don't understand it. that's a large part of why i'm
8:24 am
here. and i'm really, really excited about this. >> i have to ask you about the campaign. i cannot imagine a set of factors more upsetting for a migraine sufferer. the lights, loud noises, stress, going from rally to rally. were there moments during the 2008 campaign where you were really feeling that pain? >> oh, yeah. if you look back -- in the clips from back when i had sunglasses on, that was when it was happening big time. >> that was the telltale line? >> that was the sign. >> you call the campaign 36 million. speaking of the 36 million americans who suffer from migraines, what are you hoping to sflish. >> well, number one, raise awareness. two, we are the low -- of all of the diseases and factors in all of this, we're the lowest in federal funding for research which is most important in this. $16 million for something that affects 12% of the population. affects our economy. it affects daily life. it affects our schoolchildren, everything is involved in this. >> are you excited by what you're seeing in the research? i was very amused to see that
8:25 am
botox is better -- not just for wrinkles. helps some people with migraines. >> that's the problem with migraine meds. they were developed for something else. we're kind of the child that gets the leftovers in migraines. what we want to do is not only focus the research on new meds for this, but find a cure. we're very close to that right now. we certainly need federal funding. >> well, cindy mccain, we know you to be an advocate and most recently a new title, "mother of the groom." congratulations. how is the wedding? >> it was fun. we had a great time. he was married in san francisco. he's in the navy, navy pilot. he deploys on sunday again. for a third time. >> our best wishes to him. thank you, cindy mccain, for being here. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. coming up, ryan seacrest on cooking's next frontier. he will show what the latest and greatest trend in eating is. tell change the way we cook? i've got the story after your local news.
8:26 am
good thursday morning to you you 8:26 right now, i'm laura garcia-cannon. we should find out details today about the death of a professional tree trimmer in san jose. police say the map was working on private property on the 2600 block of mclaughlin near tully road yesterday afternoon when he was apparently electrocuted. officers say the rope or cable he was using touched a live wire. when police got to the scene, he was already dead, hanging about 40 feet off the ground. officers have not released his identity. want to check the morning commute now with mike. how is it looking out there? >> you know, very slow here, for 880 traveling through oakland. let's show you the maps, north past the coliseum is slow, jammed up west 580, until that crash cleared at fruitvale and commute direction very much slow
8:27 am
as your approaching that freeway, highway 13. 680 continues to drag north through san ramon, up to danville and al mothers second of the crashes for this morning just cleared from stone valley road. that is the typical commute but we see slowing in that direction this time anyway. jammed 101 from capital up to the airport and 280 from off of 680 all the way up into cupertino. look at this, slow drive. starting to move a little better laura, thank you. >> take what we can get when we can get t thank you. another local news update in just half an hour. hope to see you then. enjoy your morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
. happy birthday! >> love the "today" show. they make me laugh. they're wonderful. >> we love savannah. she's the girl next door. >> 8:30 on a thursday morning, the 27th day of june, 2013. got a nice crowd of people out here on a plaza that is close. steaming. all of those things. kind of humid in the new york
8:31 am
area. hopefully it's nice where you're waking up. we expect a bigger crowd, even steamier crowd tomorrow morning when philip phillips takes the stage in our 8:30 half hour. if you're in the area come on by. that should be a lot of fun. i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie, mr. roker, and ms. morales. coming up, ryan seacrest will join us. he's going to take us behind the scenes of one of the hottest new channels on youtube. >> all right. also ahead, how do you know if you're a born leader or perhaps meek. it is all apparently in the way you sneeze. >> what? >> are you a loud sneezer or an achoo kind of sneeze snr? >> i can do both. >> you're multi talented. we'll tell you what some scientists say and what sneezing says about your personality. and a new batch of dogs and cats looking for good homes. we'll see if there is a match for you. what do you do about a friend who is always late? >> hum.
8:32 am
i have many techniques for that. >> okay. we'll explain and explore how you can maybe help cure that friend. >> the old my time is more important than your time situation. >> yes. >> or there are other passive aggressive techniques you can try. we'll get into that. first let's check the weather. all right. we're talking about again for tomorrow wet weather along the eastern seaboard. sizzling conditions the western 2/3 of the country. then as we look ahead toward saturday, you'll be seeing more wet weather along the east coast, showers along the great lakes. central rockies looking at some wet weather. plenty of sunny skies through the south. sunday sunday more rain in the northeast. mid-atlantic states look for more showers making their way through southern florida and, again, the southern -- i should say the western two-thirds of the country looking on the wet side. jack, making that big run, that football run. >> he did. he did. pretty exciting. >> that's right. and tell us his story real quick. >> jack hoffman is a little guy from atkinson, nebraska. he is our cousin. he is battling pediatric brain
8:33 am
cancer. he has just completed his 60th treatment for chemotherapy and as you can see there he's doing awesome in the run. and so we're pretty excited that team jack developed as a result of this and it's developing pediatric brain cancer awareness. we're getting lots of money raised for research. >> terrific. >> hopefully to help lots more kids. >> where do people go if they want to help? >> team jack >> what a great guy. give him our good stuff there, al. good morning to you, 8:33 now. taking a live look at what's left of the fog hanging out over the golden gate bridge. you can actually see the tippy top of the bridge, take it live. traffic moving along, it is okay. you are going to get socked in from time to time crossing the bridge. take it easy out there we head through 10:3011:00, expecting most of that fog to clear, a hot day shaping up as a result. 72 in san francisco, 92 in
8:34 am
livermore today. as we get into the weekend, temperatures climb even more, triple digits return. that's your latest weather. matt? >> thanks so much. we have a new on the verge face to face with ryan seacrest's profile this morning. cooking shows are extremely popular on tv but as ryan discovered the next food frontier is online led by a new digital network to fulfill your culinary curiosity. peek behind the cooking. cutting, crushing, cooking of what could be your next meal and you'll find larry and joe, internet entrepreneurs who hit it big with their former company demand media. now they make up half the founding team of the new youtube channel taste made. >> we're all food lovers so we wanted to focus on an area that every day we can do what we're passionate about but also build a business. >> joe and larry aren't the cooks and the channel isn't just a how to hot spot for the culinary set. instead, their recipe for success? identifying rising stars on
8:35 am
youtube who can now show viewers how to experience food through travel, taste, and tempo. >> it's part of our tenets that we want to educate people and make them feel empowered. you have to do that by entertaining them. >> if someone says cooking instructional videos on youtube not revolutionary, not necessarily new, how is this different? >> they actually also had to tell a little story. there is a certain aesthetic, certain kind of quality around that and that is what the taste made brand is for us. >> that's kind of one of the cornerstones of what we're doing here is allowing people to learn about different cultures and foods. >> reporter: each month 9 million people click online and take a trip around the world to watch someone from somewhere enjoy a bite. >> we look at that group of people as the taste makers. the taste makers of the future. they'll find the best restaurants, cook the best food. they'll find these amazing places to travel. >> reporter: a few of the taste makers gave me a taste at its studio in southern california as we prepared a meal for the
8:36 am
group. first up, the sorted. a group of young british blokes being taught to cook by their friend ben the only legitimate chef on the show. >> we're here to represent the people who don't know how to cook at all. >> reporter: so together we made a salad for dinner. >> perfect. good. so hold on to that and we'll meet you at the table. the main course, prepared by the partners from perennial plate. >> we are going to make this favorite thing we make in india. >> daniel a trained chef and nira a film maker roaming the globe searching out new meals and indulging in the cultures they visit. >> we are passionate about hoping up dialogue. >> it connects you to people which makes you think about what you're doing. >> right. smells delicious. oh, yeah. >> reporter: the last challenge? dessert with emmy, made in japan. >> how did you get started? what was first? >> started with candy. i ate them and told people what they tasted like.
8:37 am
>> reporter: why do you think a simple video like that is so appealing to so many people? >> i think people just want to connect with people. >> reporter: so we made and sampled a chocolate cake. take these to the table. >> let's go. >> reporter: but first a thought. is there a larger message? >> this is what connects us all is food. and those special moments when you're sitting around with people that you care about are frankly we think the best moments. >> thanks for having us. >> i'm very serious. >> by the way, if you'd like the recipes ryan made you can go to our website at up next, artful ways to deal with your friends who are always late. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
back at 8:39 this morning on modern manners, the waiting game. we all know someone who always
8:40 am
seems to be running just a little late. >> over time it can become annoying. it's downright rude. you know who you are. just kidding. okay. we pose the question what should we do about this? philip writes the social column in the sunday style section of the "new york times." jennifer hart is a psychologist. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i love talking to you but we have to go to the psychologist here. is there a condition of certain people just cannot get somewhere on time? >> well yes, actually. there has been some research that shows people who are more anxious and tend to be procrastinators actually do have a problem getting places on time. they're anxious they're forgetting to do something, anxious about being on time so it actually makes them late. or there are people who just think they can do that one thing more. i can add that one thing. >> we're already rolling our eyes here. >> in doing my research i was rolling my eyes, too, because i think there are also some people who just think their time is more important than your time. >> passive aggressive. i control this time. i'll tell you when dinner
8:41 am
starts. i'll tell you when this meeting starts. >> listen. part of the best way that we can go through this world is taking care of the relationships we care about. and sometimes we just got to say, you're not taking care of me. you're not treating me right. you're turning up 15, ten minutes late and it is a big problem. it is excruciating to say it but much better than letting it eat away at the relationship. >> you are saying you should confront them. >> not confront. >> obviously if these people could help it they wouldn't be late. honestly i was texting with my best friend this morning who is often hours late. >> hours? >> she says every time i get ready i think i will be on time. >> what she should do is it is a planning deficit. maybe she says it will take ten minutes to blow dry my hair when in fact it takes a half hour. >> why don't you help her out and go, you know, meredith, it's time for you -- >> he said it first. >> meredith, you know, it's time for us to be walking out the
8:42 am
door if we're going to get to the restaurant on time. are you doing that? >> what about the whole fire with fire thing? they keep you waiting, let them see how it feels. keep them waiting. >> for punctual people though i think that's -- i think that would make me so anxious i would die. >> how about the fake deadline? dinner is at 7:00 when actually it is 7:30. >> i lie. the movie starts at 8:00. it really starts at 10:00. >> that works a couple times. >> the problem is they catch on so now they know that is not really the right time. >> they do catch on. >> really they have to be retrained. we have to retrain our friends. sometimes having that conversation, not a confrontation but a real conversation about how it impacts your relationship with them, how you find them unreliable, you don't feel you can trust them and how you don't want to spend time with them because you're sitting around twiddling their thumbs while they're doing whatever they are doing is unfair. >> my mom has a great way to deal with this. she dealt with an old friend this way. she would say whoever is late is picking up the tab. that woman never showed up late again. >> that is a good technique. >> i like that. after how many late episodes is it okay to say i'm not making
8:43 am
plans with you anymore? >> i think that depends on the person. you have to recognize your personal limit and go with that. >> if it's your sister it doesn't matter. you're with her the rest of your life. >> thanks so much. up next, surprising things your sneeze reveals about your personality. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
8:44 am
or how to keep from driving all over for deals for the 4th. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. throw a holiday cookout! thick, juicy new york strip steaks are just $4.99 a pound. get a great deal on arrowhead water, just $3.33 a case. and pick up cheerios for just a $1.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
8:45 am
it could be a surprising personality indicator. today's jenna wolfe is here with more on that. >> a lot of science behind this one. it may sound bizarre. there are thousands of ways to determine what kind of person you are, what category you fall into, hobbies, favorite animals, tv shows. but sneezing? some experts say it's not all
8:46 am
that ridiculous. maybe you atchum or apchkiki. we all do it the world round. search the word sneeze on youtube and there goes your afternoon. >> sneezing is an involuntary action which you can voluntarily control. >> in ancient times sneezes were seen as divine signs and some cultures considered sneezing a purge of evil spirits. animals do it. kids. presidents. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: it's even inspired a song ♪ i keep sneezing achoo >> the way you sneeze reflects your personality. it tells you who you are. >> reporter: you can divide sneezers into two categories says dr. alan hirsch of the smell & taste treatment foundation. one is the projector. >> they tend to view they are in control of their life and are
8:47 am
natural leaders. >> it goes something like this. on the flip side, now that's a restrictive sneeze. >> those who have more restrictive sneezes have control externally. >> patty wood a body language expert goes a step further. she's developed the achoo i.q. with benadryl analyzing four different sneeze personalities like the influencer, loud and dramatic. >> the influencer is a really energetic person. they want to have fun. it's going to be achoo. achoo. achoo. highly dramatic. they're the most likely to smile or laugh after the sneeze. >> you also have the driver. they're big but fast and efficient. >> the driver personality types likes to get things done and then move on. i've got things to do, places to go. achoo, done. >> finished. >> absolutely. that particular type of personality will resist the sneeze, but if they do it, it's gone. >> the corrector? polite and discreet. >> they're most likely to cover
8:48 am
up their sneeze if they do sneeze. they're the ones that have the red pen and notice all the mistakes in the world and solve all the problems as well. >> reporter: and the supporter sneezer, a pleaser and appeaser and ready to roll. >> they're the ones that always have the kleenex or handkerchief for themselves and everybody else around them. >> reporter: so the next time you -- give it a look and a listen and see where you fall on the sneeze spectrum. one other type of sneezer we did not mention the multiple sneezer. sometimes this can be annoying. >> sequel. >> i have to sneeze three times in a row and i won't stop one sneeze shy. those are folks who are generally influencers, imaginative, playful, energetic, very enthusiastic leaders. >> or just highly allergic. >> or highly allergic to something in the room. >> what kind of sneezer are you? >> a one big let's get it all out and move on with everything else happening. >> i would have guessed that. >> prong ejector. >> ready? >> go ahead. >> three, two -- sorry. >> i'll have what she's having. >> no, there was nothing.
8:49 am
>> just gross. >> aren't you supposed to sneeze into your elbow? >> there you go. >> there is nothing. it was a fake sneeze. >> you do add an effluent with it. >> enthusiastic leader. what can i tell you? . >> you ever hear one like a hurricane siren? the loudest sneezer in the history of the world. anyway. just wanted to get that in. >> thank you. we're calling all our friends today. >> he is happy he did. >> up next our next group of shelter pets in need of loving homes. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
today's sergeant's, affordable care. it's time for bow to wow where we find great homes for shelter animals. our animal advocate is back still posting that 100% adoption rate. way to go. >> so happy about t our work is far from done. if everyone would just opt to adopt countless animals would get the life they deserve. on the 4th of july, george. >> georgia 3 1/2-year-old cocker spaniel mix. he needs a good grooming.
8:52 am
>> he will be so happy when he can see through those eyes. can we say couch potato? >> as sweet as they come. i literally met her ten seconds ago. she just can't stop kissing me. lasso appso mix 3 years old. >> her name is gracie. >> and a true angel. yes, you are. >> hey. indy. short for independence and a beautiful calico mix. >> and she is 3 years old. >> we say this every time we walk through here. the cages are chock full. the cat situation is worse than the dogs. >> worse than the dogs. >> look at this beauty you can take home. what i would do to get this hair color. even this hair. cody is a stunner. >> a 2-year-old irish terrier mix. >> he's a little hot out here. he says he needs a good grooming and a bath and you'll be ready
8:53 am
for the perfect home. you ready for your close up? go ahead. sell it, cody. oh, last but not least. a whole lot of love from little booda. >> a 1-year-old chihuahua mix. >> and very, very sweet and not yelpy at all. very mellow chihuahua. >> very loving, affectionate. >> and we're back now. jill is here with richard from animal care and control of new york. good to see you as always. >> good to see you, matt. >> we saw george before and now let's see what george looks like after the makeover. >> you see his eyes and face now. >> how cute is george? >> celebrating the 4th of july. >> right. >> george loves to be outdoors. he'll need long walks, a lot of play time. fits in right to a family really quickly. >> 3-year-old cocker spaniel. so cute. so well behaved. >> very nice. >> as is his handler. savannah. thank you very much.
8:54 am
>> both are house broken. >> all right. richard, next up is gracie. let's see what she looked like before. and now here comes al with gracie now. >> beauty. >> gracie is extremely well behaved. very well mannered. would be good with children in a nice family. again, she likes to snuggle and cuddle. very lovable and affectionate. >> also 3 years old. all right. al? >> very sweet. big kisser, al. >> reminds me of pepper. >> okay. very nice. let us now bring out -- now we'll get to meow to wow. right? our next one is indy. there was indy before. she really didn't need much of a makeover. >> no. >> she does need a new home. she is now here with natalie. >> one thing about indy is she loves to sleep. loves to sun bathe. if you want just a mellow, well behaved cat that is just affectionate and will curl up in your lap she is the cat for you. >> why do so many cats end up in
8:55 am
shelters? >> this time of the year with the breeding season a lot of kittens are coming in. that is our biggest challenge is getting especially the older cats adopted. >> natalie, thank you very much. and now on to cody. here's cody in the before picture. cody is a 2-year-old male irish terrier. and here is cody now. >> cody is another dog who is going to need a lot of play time and long walks again. >> this is michael from our audience. >> hi, michael. how you doing? >> good. >> i was going to say. does michael do the weather? i'm not sure who michael is but good to meet you. where are you from, michael? >> virginia. >> what part? >> oakton. >> fantastic. great to have you here. do you need a dog? >> i hope so. >> his parents are over there right now wanting to kill us. >> congratulations. >> all right. michael, thank you very much. finally, you can take cody back. >> or take cody home. >> that's right. and finally the smallest dog was booda. there is booda before.
8:56 am
look who's here. carson with booda now. >> great dog, matt. >> the sweetest. >> shaking right now. so sweet. little shy at first. but loves the affection. you can just see it. >> so sweet. again, 1-year-old so he is going to be very playful and need a lot of play time. >> let's get everybody in here quickly. >> come on out. >> come on out, folks. just a reminder if you want adoption information you can find it on our good thursday morning to you, it's 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. two america's cup team protesting rule changes by the race's director. they are upset about a change to the rudder elevators which help lift the boats out of the water. the changes mr. put in place after the deadly capsize of the artemus team's boat in may. check the forecast now with
8:57 am
meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura. good morning to you at home. so close to the weekend now and temperatures are going to creep up today. you will notice the difference, now 8:56. plenty of clouds still hanging out over the golden gate bridge but they are clearing, as we head throughout the day today. temperatures in the low 90s, 92, inland, 80, bay side, 68 toe coast. triple-digit heat on the way this weekend. ♪ [ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪
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♪ welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, june 27th, 2013. that's right. come on in. we're getting our cards. >> as we speak. >> okay. here we go. >> thank you. >> i'll take that purple one. thank you. >> inside studio 1-a i'm al roker with natalie morales. of course "the voice's" carson dailey. >> now we've got copies. >> running interns all morning long. >> otherwise we have no idea what we're talking about. >> she is bri


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