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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  June 29, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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you know what to do. be cool. more news at 6:00, we'll see you then. on this saturday night, scorching heat. life threatening temperatures, putting millions at risk tonight with relief days away. battle lines. same-sex marriages resume in california after the supreme court's blockbuster ruling setting the stage for a state-by-state ruling over america's contentious issues. murder charges, the case against aaron hernandez, charged in the execution style killing in a semi pro football player. more arrests in the case. missing at sea. rescue teams and a frantic search for a missing schooner with a florida family and other americans on board.
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. we begin with extreme and dangerous heat that has much of the west in its grip tonight. triggering urgent health warnings across several states. by 12:00 noon pacific time, already 114 and rising in phoenix. 109 in las vegas. 115 in palm springs, california. at this hour, heat warnings and/or advisories posted in parts of eight states. temperatures approaching 120 rarely seen, are not out of the question for parts of california, nevada, and arizona into early next week. let's start in las vegas, and weather channel meteorologist mike seidel. good evening. >> reporter: hey, lester. most out here are walking out on the las vegas strip are saying it feels like an oven. so far, up to 114, challenging yet another record today. for many in the southwest today, heat is a four-letter word.
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>> it feels like hell warmed over. really hot. >> reporter: in las vegas, visitors were walking in 100-degree weather at 9:00 a.m., with the national weather service warning of life threatening temperatures, close to an all-time record of 117 degrees by the end of the day. >> excessive heat warning by the end of the day. >> hot, hot, hot. yeah, it's absolutely -- today is not the day to be out on the strip, that's for sure. >> reporter: in death valley, california, people braved the summer sun to see the salt flats. >> we had the trunk full of water and soda. >> and they took extra precautions for their pets >> he has shoes on, otherwise he wouldn't be on the cement. >> reporter: today's temperature could come within 5 degrees of 134, set 100 years ago on july 10, 1913. >> we have to come and see death valley when it's 130 degrees.
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most unopportune time to come on vacation, but here we are. >> reporter: in el paso, texas, volunteers going door to door, handing out fans to neighbors. >> it will help out. i want him to be comfortable. >> reporter: in kansas city, the salvation army offered free fans to residents. >> it's a prayer, an answered prayer. >> reporter: the heat and dri conditions are adding fuel to a season of wildfires. on friday, a brushfire broke out in southern california that sent residents packing. >> came to the door and told us, so we grabbed what pictures we could and the dog and left. >> reporter: with no relief in sight, medical experts advise people keep hydrated. >> stay inside in a cool environment. >> reporter: advice that the phoenix zoo is taking to heart. animals are being kept cool and comfortable in the record heat and more of this on sunday. 116 here in vegas would break the record for june. monday, like a furnace. death valley, approaching 130. cool off a little in the desert
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southwest by the 4th of july. records in texas today, all-time june record san antonio, 107, houston, 107., houston, 107.8, houston, 107. in the midwest, lightning and three children at a day camp outside of indianapolis were hit by lightning and injured. transported to local hospitals. back on the strip, lesters, it's the misters that are keeping us going today in the heat. back to you. >> hang in there, mike seidel. thanks. a flurry of hastily pulled together wedding plans in california after a federal appeals court moved with surprising speed to remove the final obstacle to same-sex couples tying the knot. two days after the supreme court ruled california's ban on same sex weddings was unconstitutional. today as long lines formed for marriage licenses, prop 8 supporters are asking the supreme court to once again halt same-sex weddings and
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reconsider. nbc's gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: today in san francisco, a wedding blitz. >> i can't believe i'm here. >> they have been together 36 years. they were among the hundreds of same-sex couples who lined up at city hall after a federal appeals court friday lifted the freeze on gay marriage in california weeks earlier than predicted. >> >> oh, my gosh. i just never thought i would see it in my lifetime. >> reporter: within hours of the surprise move, the four plaintiffs in the case that overturned the gay marriage ban, proposition 8, tied the knot. one couple in san francisco. >> i now declare you spouses for life. >> reporter: the other in los angeles. >> i don't know about you, but i've got goosebumps. >> reporter: now a flurry of marriage licenses are expected in coming days, especially in san francisco. which is hosting its annual gay pride celebration this weekend. california is the 13th state, along with washington, d.c., to
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recognize same-sex marriages. setting the stage for possible legal challenges in the 37 states that don't. >> i think the decisions of this week give us huge momentum. very excited by how this is going to help in the legal battles, but as well help in the public opinion. >> god ordained marriage between one man and one woman. >> reporter: opponents are promising a tough fight. prop 8 backers say california resumed same-sex marriage too soon, before they had the proper time to formally ask the supreme court to rehear the case. >> we see this illegitimate and lawless. the ninth circuit had no jurisdiction to lift the stay. >> reporter: tonight in parts of california many gay couples are scrambling to make wedding plans. for some, plans that had been on hold for 4 1/2 years. as you mentioned, lester, prop 8 supporters filed an emergency petition with the u.s. supreme court to stop marriages while the legal process plays out.
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legal experts say that is unlikely to happen, this fight is far from over, lester. >> gabe, thank you. president obama remains in south africa tonight, a trip in the works for months, but comes at a delicate time as that country deals with the failing health of its beloved former president nelson mandela. president obama met privately with nelson mandela to honor the leader's place in history and offer support. nbc's chuck todd is traveling with the president. chuck? >> reporter: good evening, lester. the president's trip, we're doing our best to focus on trade and it's become all about the ailing nelson mandela. not only about his legacy in south africa, but for the whole world. from the moment that president obama set foot on presidential grounds on pretoria, only one question, the health of nelson mandela. >> he remains critical but stable.
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nothing has changed so far. we hope that very soon he will be out of the hospital. >> reporter: referring to mandela by his tribal name, president obama, as he has done, shared his personal feelings. >> madiba's moral courage, this country's historic transition to free and democratic nation has been a personal inspiration to me. >> reporter: he essentially called him the george washington of south africa, noting how like america's founding father, mandela knew to grow a democracy, he to walk away from power. >> nelson mandela, similarly, was able to recognize despite how revered he was, that part of this transition process was to make sure that it was bigger than just one person. >> reporter: after the press conference, the president went to the mandela center in johannesburg and met privately with nelson mandela's children and grandchildren.
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his wife was not there for the meeting. the president and first lady instead called her at the hospital. in a written statement the president shared the thoughts he communicated to the entire family. i expressed my hope that madiba draws peace and comfort from the time is he spending with loved ones. the president has been well received by officials, but a few protesters gathered at the site of a town hall meeting. even at that for rum with african leaders, the subject turned back to nelson mandela's legacy. >> one of the greatest legacies of nelson mandela, that a country can prosper, despite a tragic history. >> reporter: the president spends one more day in south africa, where he will be meeting with nobel laureate desmond tutu and then will go to robins island, where nelson mandela was imprisoned. >> nbc's chuck todd for us in johannesburg.
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president obama also expressed concern about the growing violence in egypt. more supporters of the muslim brother hood are locked in deadly street battles. we learn more about an american casualty. a 21-year-old american college student who taught english to children in egypt. we have more from cairo tonight. >> reporter: lester, american student andrew parker was swept up in violence yesterday that killed six others in egypt. stabbed to death in alexandria, as he witnessed clashes. a family statesman says he came to the country to teach english and he wanted to work in the middle east to pursue peace and understanding. president obama said the top priority was to secure the embassy and consulate. nonessential embassy staff started leaving this morning. president obama urged warring factions to work out their differences. situation on the ground here in tahrir square and across the
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country is tense as the nation awaits massive and possibly violent antimorsi demonstrations tomorrow. opponents believe the president and his muslim brotherhood government have lost legitimacy and hope that he will step down. supporters say he was elected in a free and fairy election. the army has deployed around the capitol and might intervene if violence escalates. lester. >> yousuf, thank you. the first degree murder case of aaron hernandez, the former new england patriots football star is in jail, charged with orchestrating the execution style killing of another football player earlier this month. while funeral services were held for the victim, police have charged two other men in the case. michelle franzen with the latest tonight. >> reporter: a solemn gathering in boston at the funeral of odin lloyd. the semi pro football player who was murdered by new england patriots star aaron hernandez. >> odin was a good person, a good friend.
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>> reporter: hernandez was arrested at his home on wednesday and plead not guilty on first degree murder. lloyd was dating the sister of hernandez' fiancee. after they got into an argument at a boston nightclub, hernandez and two other men picked up lloyd at his house, drove him to a nearby industrial park where he was shot and killed execution style. >> we now have in custody the three individuals who were in the silver nissan ultima at the time odin lloyd got into the car, approximately 2:30 on the morning of monday, june 17th. >> reporter: in florida today, ernest wallace appeared at a bond hearing after turning himself in. >> mr. wallace, you're charged with accessory after the fact to murder. >> yep. >> reporter: the third suspect, carlos ortiz, charged in bristol, connecticut, on friday with carrying an unlicensed
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firearm. and law enforcement tells nbc news police are also investigating hernandez for possible links to an unsolved zubl whom double homicide in boston last year. the star tight end signed with the patriots in 2010 for a reported $40 million. >> a lot of money for a young person, no question about it. but you can give a kid that money, give him the same, give him all that athletic talent, but all of that is not necessarily going to change who that person is. >> two months ago, hernandez told "ex" a role model. >> i try to be a role model, and i try to lead those who look up to me in the right direction. >> reporter: the team is offering fans a free exchange for hernandez' top selling 81 jersey. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. a possible development in the government's bid to extradite the fugitive whistleblower edward snowden. the man accused of leaking
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details about the nsa surveillance program. tonight the white house confirms that vice president biden has spoken with ecuador's president about snowden's bid for asylum. no other details, other than it's believed to be the highest level exchange between the countries since snowden made his request for asylum. when we continue, the search at sea for the florida family and crew that vanished in stormy weather. and a staple of nursing homes, church basements and retirement cruises, suddenly bingo is very hip.
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it was supposed to be a fabulous sailing adventure, the last trip together on the schooner before son david left for college. but on june 14th, somewhere in the waters between australia and new zealand, a powerful storm struck, and their boat "the nina" simply vanished. sarah james from australia. >> reporter: a modern day odyssey. the family's around the world cruise began in 2008, and their facebook photos show an idyllic voyage until three weeks ago when "the nina" and her crew disappeared somewhere near new zealand. >> it hasn't sunk in yet. i still have a fingertip grip on hope. >> reporter: justin donovan's brother david and his mother,
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rosemary dyche are on board. stepdad david dyche is the captain. it set sail on may 29th. on june 3rd, crew member, edie nimith advised of treacherous weather. her text the next day was the last time anyone heard from the nina. a massive search turned up nothing. officials fear the boat sank. >> we are not finding it on the search area and probably had a catastrophic event. >> reporter: officials aren't ruling out survivors. the captain's mother got a call a week after the boat went missing that she thinks was her son. >> i heard very heavy static and
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a voice that said, carol, and the static got so bad it cut off. >> reporter: the captain's twin sister is not giving up hope for "the nina." >> she's always come back to port, maybe not always in one piece, but she's always come back to port. >> reporter: two other americans missing, 28-year-old man and 18-year-old woman and matthew wooten of britain. such a committed environmentalist, he refused to fly. there is no sign the crew made it here to australia. lester. >> sarah james, thank you. when "nbc nightly news" continues, home at last. "atlantis" touches down for a permanent place in shuttle history.
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the one fund, created to compensate the victims of the boston marathon bombings, collected almost $61 million to
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date. starting tomorrow, first payments will be made to the 232 people whose claims were accepted. the families who lost loved ones and those seriously injured in the attacks will receive nearly $2.2 million each. kennedy space center, the belle of nasa's retirement ball made its debut. "the atlantis" had its grand opening. many of the astronauts that flew on "atlantis" participated. bob springer said it was like seeing a wild animal return to its natural habitat. it was a postcard perfect day in france for the start of the tour de france. first, a team bus got stuck at the finish line. then a heart stopping crash involving two top contenders about two miles from the finish spoiled a possible sprint finish.
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and a surprise winner of the first stage from germany. we had a soft spot about "bonanza." it's about the trials of the cartwright family on the ponderosa ranch. today, some of the best known items from the long-running series went on the auction block. the belt buckle worn by the late lauren green, sold for $4,700. and the chevrolet branding iron that appeared during the opening credits, $1,400, both items from green's personal collection. in a moment, new passions for an age old pastime. bingo is back with a new twist.
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finally tonight, more evidence that everything old becomes new again. so why not bingo? and now it's been revamped for a no longer your grandmother's bingo. jenna wolfe has the story. >> reporter: remember bingo? >> i-26. >> reporter: five letter, 25 numbers, randomly arranged. get any five across, down, diagonal, and --
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>> bingo! >> reporter: around this room, it's who is playing bingo that is becoming the game changer. >> bingo! >> got to get here really early, the place fills up real fast. >> reporter: thursday is bingo night at houston's lodge 88. the weekly event draws nearly 700 players, most of whom who are under the age of 40. >> we try to come every week. we've been coming here so long, they save us seats. >> reporter: tina and her husband justin are follow regulars. >> like going to your local grocery store, recognition, unlike any other place. >> i-24. >> reporter: why the sudden resurgence? bingo is getting a face lift. thanks to advertising and social media, players have gotten increasingly younger over the last several years. >> a cheap thursday night. >> reporter: every monday at this atlanta bar, dozens gather to play a modern version of the old-school game. >> i-27.
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>> traditional bingo and we changed it, evolved it for a younger generation. >> reporter: substituting in this case, pop culture for random numbers and letters. >> number two, theme songs. ♪ sit right there, i'll tell you how to get to a town called bel air ♪ >> reporter: show of hands, who five years ago thought they would come into a bar, drink a little, and play bingo. >> i had a good 30 years before that. >> reporter: it seems to be working. when was the last time you played bingo? full on, sat down and played bingo? >> monday. >> reporter: why the trivia style version caught on in atlanta, back in houston, it's the traditional game that keeps the younger set coming back, week in, week out. >> i guess the place to be on thursday night. >> reporter: a good old fashioned game that withstood the test of time. >> g-48. >> reporter: jenna wolfe, nbc news, atlanta. that's "nbc nightly news"
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for this saturday. i'm lester holt reporting from new york. i'll see you tomorrow morning for "today" and right back here tomorrow evening. good night. good evening. diane is off today. things are heating up around the bay area. families try to find ways to stay cool this early summer. san ramon, parents taking their kids to one of three free
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cooling centers. they are made available during the summer's hottest days. this is certainly one of those. anthony, how long is this heat wave going to stick around? >> temperatures will top out 100 degrees. in fact, through tuesday is when we're expecting temperatures to top out at least near 100 degrees in the inland valleys. we have an excessive heat warning posted by the national weather service through tuesday as temperatures will be back to 95 to 110 during the warmest part of the day. this is dangerous heat. drink plenty of water. remember your children and your pets. always check the back seat. limit your time-outdoors to 30 minutes or less at a time. this is heat that kills. heat is the number one killer of weather-related deaths every single year. live more, 109. temperatures right now still running warm. 100 in concord. 77 in oakland.