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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 5, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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good afternoon and thanks for being with us. >> we're on early this afternoon because of opening night in the nfl. our football coverage kicks off after this newscast, but right now, we begin with new details on the muhr rder of a mother of two. she had been missing since saturday. police say they have suspect in custody, but won't say who he is. farry is live at the police department with new information on her death. >> reporter: we talked the victim's husband today and he tells us he was the first person to find his wife. he also says it appears her neck
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had been slashed. he says his wife had no enemies and he can't imagine who would want to kill her. >> she was really inspiring. >> manuel still can't believe his mother is gone. she was found dead inside her van in san jose. her husband, francisco, was the first to find her. >> she was killed. >> reporter: he says his wife's neck had been slashed. police say they've arrested a man in connection with the murder, but police are not revealing his name. manuel says police have not told him who is suspect was either. he says his mom was an inspiration and worked tirelessly. >> she was a great mother. she was a like -- held together so well.
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going to be really different now that she's gone. >> her husband of 23 years says she was a wonderful wife and devoted to their son. for the past 12 years, she worked here as a yard duty supervirz. >> students would come up and hug her in the morning.p >> reporter: today, grief counselors were on camepus helping students to cope with her death. manuel says his mom loved working with the students and he can't imagine who would want to harm his kind and giving mother. >> she was just an amazing mother that no one could ever replace her. >> reporter: police say the district attorney's office is now reviewing this case and police do expect to release the name of the suspect at a later time. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you.
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minority students across the country are being hit hard by the effects of sequestration. that's a message delivered today, south bay congressman as he toured science labs at san jose state university. damian went along for the tour. >> reporter: the program here call minorities active in research careers. sequestration has cut this federal program in half and that has many students here worried about the future. she spends most of her time looking through the view finder. >> you're looking at worms that have their neurons glowing using different types of proteins. >> reporter: she is a student doing research at san jose state thanks to the program. it pays for tuition and issues -- if they major in careers involving biomedical verge. >> it's a really good program
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that we can be exposed in the science community. >> reporter: but sequestration is cut in half, leaving these students worried. >> which would take away from me having the opportunity to work in a research lab. >> so, two markers on the tail? >> reporter: the congressman stopped by the science building at san jose state. >> so, how do you know which gene to hit in order for itp= do that? trying to save ourselves. and we're not doing that. so, i think that people have to wake up and say, congress, stop this nonsense. >> reporter: he says he will use the info he gathers and show his colleagues on capitol hill the roadblock sequestration is creating on life saving research conducted by first generation college students like vanessa and chris. and students here will graduate
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and will on to masters programs and ph.d. programs in other fields, hopefully, helping find a cure for the world's diseases. li we're also following developing news now. a mother and daughter caught in a hit and run accident in san francisco. and witnesses say the person behind the wheel may have been a city worker. let'ssdañ bring in stephanie, j arrived on the scene. what do we know at this hour? >> reporter: this is developing, a very fluid situation. we are live in holly park circle. the park to my right and over here is basically surrounded by all homes. what you see here, there are at least a dozen, likely more, san francisco police officers here. they are looking all around the park. what we saw when we walked closer to that scene is some belongings that looked like clothes and a backpack
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underneath a tree here at the park. what we know is there was a report of a woman and her child hit by a vehicle here at holly park. that was just before 2:30 this afternoon. witnesses have reported it was a city vehicle that had actually run over this woman, who we were told by neighbors, was lying on the grass here. if you look on this side here, you can see the entire park is trees and grass on this side. so they said she was lying down, a baby was next to her and that a city vehicle, we don't know where it came from, ran over her. we are told the woman actually died from the injuries. the good news is that the child, the baby, is reportedly okay. they had both be taken to san francisco general. we also heard from neighbors just a few minutes ago that the response was very quick. first of all, there is a fire department site that is right here at holly park circle, so the response by ambulance.
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we're also told by neighbors that one person who lives right across the street from where this happened is a trauma nurse, so he was out. he saw, he ran over to the victim, the woman, and we're told he administered cpr. describing that as not very successful. the ambulance was here seconds later. we also know from san francisco police that one person had been detained. we don't know where the vehicle was or what kind of city vehicle. where it was found. but the details keep developing. we'll keep on the story, keep you posted. >> tragic situation. keeping us posted. in the east bay, oakland's struggling police department may soon focus on hiring new recruits in a whole new way. this time, looking to experienced cops from other cities. oakland has been grappling with boosting its police force while the department has added new officers, the experienced cops are leaving at a steady pace. now, the department's court
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appointed compliance director says they must start recruiting officers from other cities and the department must also figure out how to keep the officers they've got. as manydl as five to seven officers are leaving monthly. california prison inmates ended their hunger strike. prison advocates held a rally to announce what they see as a clear victory. >> this is an amazingly uplifting struggle and all of us have been inspired by it and the love and support these men have given us and we have gien them have strengthened us and we are going to get bigger and better as we go forward. >> more than 30,000 prisoners started refusing meals on july 8th. berkeley state senator -- are calling for legislative hearings on conditions inside of california's maximum security pris prison. however, there's been no promise
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to end solitary confinement. who's to blame? investigators say a hunter is the one who started this rim fire near owe similarity national park. they say the hunter started an illegal campfire. that fire then got out of control. no decision on whether charges will be filed. as for the rim fire, it is 80% contained and has burned more than 370 square miles and is one of the largest fires in california history. so far, the cost of fighting this fire, $77 million. well, you know about it. a new bridge, but there's also new traffic headaches. a lot of people are slowing things down by gawks. the chp says traffic was better today, but looks like people are using the bridge at earlier and later times. not just the usual commute hours. the two most common citations so far, speeding and distracted driving. drivers snapping pictures. traffic out of san francisco
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heading east, very sluggish. >> just spresininteresting -- a off the road, so maybe as people become more familiar, maybe some of these appeal of this new bridge will go away, but right now, it has a very, very magnetic draw to people in this area. >> it sure does and it might take a while before that draw is expired. chp expects big numbers this weekend for the bike and pedestrian path. officers will be on the path monitoring the crowd and speed. there is a speed limit for bikes. still ahead at 4:00, what's happening behind the scenes. >> what's coming in is overwhelmingly negative. there's no question about that. >> senators say americans don't want military action in syria. what top leaders are saying to convince constituents that an an attack is the right thing to do. and google going to court to access your e-mail.
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an aquarium experience a south bay girl will never forget. good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri. sunny skies inland right up to the coastline this afternoon. look at those blue skies in san francisco. got to come to your tv to see that. we'll talk more about this heating trend this afternoon and how long these conditions will last in just a few minutes.
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overseas, syria, very much on the mind of the president as he attends the g-20 summit in russia. it's an economic summit, but president obama is also chatting the world leaders on the side about using air strikes. the president knows he won't gain the support of russia and china, but is is hoping to convince other world leaders to publicly stand behind him. even if these countries don't provide military support, mr. obama hopes it will show congress that the international
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community is supporting potential u.s. action in syria. president obama's biggest obstacle may not be russian president putin, but the u.s. congress and get k congressal approval for a military strike in syria. lawmakers on capitol hill are divided and that includes democrats. many planning to vote against the president. the american public is also overwhelmingly against u.s. action in syria, but some u.s. lawmakers say they'll vote yes on striking syria, despite what voters say. >> what's coming in is overwhelmingly negative. there's no question about that. but you see, then they don't know what i know. >> numbers do back it up. multiple polls show majority of americans are opposed to syrian air strikes. back here in the bay area, police continue to investigate a peninsula that erupted in a gun battle and left one suspect dead. police were called to the home in san mateo.
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they say three suspects entered the home and exchanged gunfire with a 24-year-old man who lived there. the 24-year-old was shot, but is expected to be okay. he ended up shooting two of the three suspects. all of them ended up at regional medical center in san jose. one was dead on arrival, the second had nonlife threatening injuries and the third was taken into custody. police say this was not a random robbery. the home was targeted. now, to our continued coverage of the america's cup. after more than a year of drama, hype and preliminary races, the main event is here. almost. the america's cup finals, today, the skippers and heat crew members of oracle team u.s.a. and team new zealand, had their last meeting before the competition. here's lauren scott. >> with oracle team u.s.a. set to defend this weekend, jimmy is still putting into perspective,
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the penalties put on his team -- reget ta. >> we only found out four days out who our race team could be. we lost one of our key guys. we're starting saturday. two races behind. i don't think we're the favorite going into saturday, so yes. >> and if the challenger is now the favorite, dean barker likes where his team is heading into the finals. >> we've done everything we can. the team is in very, very good spirits and excited now that we can finally get to go racing. >> before the racing begins this weekend on the bay, the defenders are calling for some local support. >> if we can get the hometown people getting behind us in a tough moment like now, it will be critical and we want to kick the cup here. it's what's important to get into people's heads. we want to keep this thing here. >> so now that the skippers have had their say, it's time for the racing to begin and our coverage
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begins at 1:00 p.m. on saturday as the 34th finals get underway. >> okay, u.s.a. against new zealand, 1:00 p.m. >> it's going to be beautiful this weekend. actually, quite warm along the bay. let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> and the heat that's going the build up the coastline, may prevent some of the best winds happening throughout the bay. you really need those cold winds developing to get those huge winds that the sailors like. it's definitely maybe not going to be record setting wind levels across the bay. otherwise now, we are looking at winds out of the northwest primarily onshore, but the key difference over the next 12 hours as those winds shift offshore, a drying and heating wind. as early as saturday, a major increase in those temperatures expected with those mid and upper 90s for those interior
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valleys and back up against the coastline. places like the east bay, livermore, going up to 97. also, mountain view at 93 degrees. a first look at your forecast. temperatures are going to start off in the 50s and the 60#;es, then by 11:00 a.m., we're going to be at a quick climb here with upper 70s for those interior valleys. little bit of a fog line at 800 feet right now, so the fog is starting to reroad away. that hot, dry air inland is starting to have impacts. clearing us out in fremont with those blue skies and that's also -- right now in san francisco, this shot looks fake it is so gorgeous at this hour. overall, temperatures throughout friday's forecast will warm up in the south bay. 87 in san jose, 86 in palo alto. gilroy at 88. east bay, close to the 90s for a lot of this region, but not 100
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at least at this point. what you're going to find here is 90 in places like dublin, that hot air starts to get tracked back. but near the bay, still pretty comfortable with 79 in alameda, 80 in heyward. san francisco, temperatures about 83. 90 in santa rosa, so high pressure building in friday, saturday and sunday to give us this hot weather and it's going to help to drag a lot of this hot air from the interior valleys and push it offshore. that's why we're not only looking for hot weather inland, but at the coastline. some of the most awesome beach weather will be at santa cruz and sunday with those sunny skies. your seven-day forecast, we'll stay with the heat through monday and start to gradually cool off. by next wednesday and thursday, more humid and we'll track some thunderstorms that could
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potentially bring uz a few stray thunderstorms. right now, just kind of enjoy what's coming our way this weekend. hot inland, warm at the coast. >> for san francisco, this is our summer. >> going to be nice. coming up, google makes a play for what's in your inbox.
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google says everyone with a g mail account should expect their e-mails will be scanned electronically and the company is defending the practice. the company says it's legal and no humans read your e-mail. rather, an automated process scans the contents to help sell ads. the lawsuit filed in may says the mountain view based company unlawfully opens up and reads private e-mails sent to its 425 million active accounts. video of a bay area girl's trip to the aquarium has gone
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viral. check out this video. it's a cell phone video of a 9-year-old girl at the penguin exhibit. a horned puffin was still hanging around around started following dakota as she ran from one side of the enclosure to the other. the aquarium posted the video on all of its social media sites and has nearly 11,000 hits. they're having so much fun. zblncht. coming up, about ten more minutes, we're going to take you to denver for the kickoff of the informal season. stay with us.
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finally, football is back. >> you ready? >> yes. the nfl season kicks off here on abc with the baltimore ravens. >> it was almost the 49ers. they take on peyton manning and the broncos and that leads us to jay gray, the very tough assignment he got in denver for kickoff tonight.
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jay, take it away. >> reporter: i am struggling and suffering just for you. denver, read for the big party and they've actually been camping out before the sun came up to start this thing. it's kind of a surprise party. normally, what you'd see is this celebration and the games taking place in the hometown of the super bowl champions. it's not. it's in denver because the orioles share a parking lot with the ravens at their facility. they have a game tonight, so they moved the party here to denver. now, i know 49ers fans obviously very worried about these poor raven fans missing outs on their big celebration. maybe not, but i can tell you, it's been a week of parties in baltimore. most of these are nfl sponsors. there is a special concert coming up just after this newscast. keith urban, he'll be there in baltimore, so they're having quite a time as well, but the game is here and as you said, finally some football. i'm ready for it, too.
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>> okay, jay. thanks so much. going to be an exciting night. who you going to root for? >> reporter: i don't have a -- >> he's a journalist. he can't pick sides. >> then i'll refrain. i have an opinion. >> reporter: i'm for the 49ers. >> very good. good answer. we love you. thanks, jay. >> smart man. jay gray having a good time in denver. niners kick off the season at candle stick on sunday. >> plenty of sunshine. warmer weather, so it's going to be great news. i know jay personally, so i know he's probably got a little tailgate going on, some hamburgers and hot dogs. the seven-day forecast, it's going to be hot throughout this upcoming weekend. close to the century mark and yes, that beach weather mixed in as well, we'll have 70s across part sz of our coastline. throughout next week, we'll start to see temperatures
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cooling off. tuesday, wednesday and thursday and the thing to watch next week, while it is going to be hot next weekend, by wednesday and thursday, we'll see fewer thunderstorms develop. more humidity and a very, very slight possibility we may get a stray thunderstorm coming out away. right now, we're keeping that chance for the syria, but that's something we're going to watch closely. >> we are out of time tonight and because of tonight's game, football night in america with bob costas is next. we will see you right after the game at around 8:30. >> have a great night, folks. enjoy the football game. good night. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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>> announcer: next february the one event that unites the world with the greatest athletes on snow and ice, the 2014 olympic winter games coming to the networks of nbc universal. this is the scene in baltimore, maryland, home of the reining super bowl champions, the baltimore ravens and the site of the 2014 nfl kickoff with keith urban performing on a floating stage. the ravens themselves, however, are most of the way across the country here in denver starting their title defense in broncos country. why? because of a scheduling conflict with their baseball neighbors, the orioles. the stadiums are side by side,


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