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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 6, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'll let you know when that heat is going to break. your forecast is moments away. we take you live to san francisco, give you a nice shot of that bay bridge, the dwiningaling lights are off this frt friday. that's okay because it's friday, september 6. this is "today in the bay." good morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm marla tellez. both laura and jon are off. crews in san jose are on the scene of a water main break on pearl avenue between capital expressway and branham. this is across the street from terrell elementary school. bob redell arrived on scene. bob, it looks like you're not alone out there. >> reporter: good morning, marla. the water main is at terrell elementary. that's the school's main water supply. the san jose water company has
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shut off the water, as you can see. the question now is will terrell elementary be able to get the water fixed in time for class today. if they're not able to get it fixed in time, will there be class? >> we haven't been able to reach out to the school district and we're not sure if they're aware what happened. you can see the vehicle, the lincoln town car was speeding down pearl avenue. police believe that the driver might have been drunk. that car collided with another car carrier that was trying to cross the street. and when it collided, you can see it came up here onto the sidewalk and knocked out the water main supply. the driver of the car carrier is fine, but there were three people in the lincoln town car. two of them, a man and a won ma, both fled initially. but police found them, and they also had another person. so you had three people in the car, all of them taken to the hospital, non-life-threatening injuries. they are not under arrest. again, this is still early in the investigation.
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but still we're trying to figure out whether or not the fact that terrell elementary does not have water right now, now that it's been shut off because of the damage right there to that waterline, whether or not there will be any impact on classes. we're trying to figure that out. i talked to a guy who works for the san jose water company and said how long will it take to fix that? he said it could be roughly four hours, not roughly four hours from now, but it's a four-hour job. once the people come out to start working on it it would be roughly four hours to get that fixed. reporting live at terrell elementary in san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. >> this could be affecting hundreds of students. we'll be checking with you throughout the morning. this morning a san francisco neighborhood is mourning the loss of a mother hit and killed right in front of her baby. this happened at holly park yesterday afternoon. witnesses say a park worker was driving a maintenance truck down the paved path when he suddenly turned onto the line driving right over the woman who was lie manage the grass with her baby
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and dog. she died from her injuries. witnesses say the driver kept going even as people yelled at him to stop. police tracked him down just a few minutes later and arrested him for leaving the scene. park goers say workers cutting through the grass at this crowded park is nothing new. >> it's a tragedy, that is them not paying attention, being out of control, doing what they want to do. >> the baby and dog were not hurt. the identity of this driver is not being released. police say he is cooperating with investigators and will be tested for drugs and alcohol. 5:03. we are learning new details about a violent home invasion robbery in san mateo. it's an update to breaking news we first told you about yesterday morning. police say there were three suspects involved in this robbery on lodi avenue near norfolk. police say the three got broke into the home and got into a gun battle. two suspects were shot as well as one person living at the home. the suspects escaped and drove to a hospital in san jose. one suspect died on the way
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there. another is still in the hospital today. the third suspect was not hurt and arrested. police say the surviving suspect could face murder and attempted murder charges. southbound interstate 680 in sunol is back open this morning following a big rig fire. the truck erupted into flames last night about 8:00 north of sheridan road. chp says the driver suffered severe burns to his face and hands. he was airlifted to a nearby hospital. the burning fire sparked a small grass fire. the cause of the accident is being investigated. a new pilot program launched today in an effort to deal with budget cuts as a smaller staff to respond to low-level medical calls. the smaller squad will include at least one paramedic and they'll drive an suv instead of a fire engine. that will free up more firefighters and engines for more serious incidents. the new squad will be tested for three months before the district decides whether to make it a
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permanent fixture. major work will start in the south bay this weekend as vta gets ready for the b.a.r.t. extension into san jose. crews will start work on sunday as they get ready for the bare es is a extension. closures will not last the whole time but will affect traffic in the areas. they say businesses will stay open during the month-long construction. closures will occur on hoffstetter road. montague expressway between south milpitas and capital avenue between trimble and montague in milpitas. that $2.3 billion project expected to be completed by 2017. nobody is more excited about that than mike inouye. >> he is thrilled. >> i've been hearing about this since i was acquit growing up. this could be literally a dream come true because i have been dreaming at times i could ride the rails. then i realize they probably won't take us to work before 4:00 in the morning. in the south bay, light traffic
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so we don't have to worry about any issues. a smooth flow 101 at 680. the entire south bay region shows a nice easy flow. a blip north or south as you head to the almaden area. only down to 58 or so. north 680 heading up into the same area terry told you about, it's on the newspaper side we saw slowing about 20 minutes ago that has cleared out. no problems and no lanes are blocked, as you said, after that big rig fire, the crash reported, still the incident report south 680 circled around stoneridge. over on the shoulder. no injuries reported and no slowing out of the altamont pass into livermore. here is a beautiful view of the new eastern span. this is the first weekend it's open. so no problems, no slowing right now. but we have seen a slower drive through that area. less cars are getting across the bridge which means big backups. christina, this being a friday, we typically see midday traffic
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heading toward the city and that lasts pretty much all weekend. i'm expecting a higher volume of traffic. that was a nice clear view. >> i do appreciate knowing about the lunchtime rush. 57 in livermore, 58 in concord and 56 in oakland. it is crystal clear out there. we have offshore flow that negates the marine influence, pushing the low cloud cover back out to sea. for us today with a lack of natural coolant coming off the pacific, talking a hot day ahe. look at your lunchtime number in san francisco. at 6 degrees, jumping another ten degrees between noon and 4:00 p.m. when the highs come in. 96 for livermore, 95 in gilroy and 88 degrees in san jose. you nomar la, i'm feeling it. it's a friday but i noticed terry not so much. you know why? he's got to work this weekend. >> good point. he does work saturday. you have sunday off. this is like your seventh day
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working? >> eighth. who's counting. lucky guess. >> slacker. deputies in one bay area county warning of a new scam this morning that's already duped a number of people. employees in a number of california school districts now facing charges after an elaborate scheme to steal books from school libraries. new revelations about what the government can do to the internet. they're startling. we'll take a look in business and tech. ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars.
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scene. he's working to find out if this means that there won't be school for students at terrell this friday. but we are checking to find that out. it is 5:11. just a few weeks after the h ofrnltsbe's in los gatos closed, there's already a new business slated to take its spot. this sign is posted in the now empty storefront along highway 9. it announces a business owned by holts llc has applied. silicon valley reeling this morning over new revelations about what the government is doing on and to the internet. scott mcgrew, there have been so many secrets unveiled by edward snowden, it's easy to get jaded. this is a big one. >> it is. new revelations for "the new york times" show the fundamental encryption used by internet users and internet services has been broken by the nsa. many people didn't think it was
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mathematically possible to crack some of those encryptions. there is some evidence that the government solved that problem by getting to data before it's encrypted. the bottom line here, terry, is the sort of safety mechanisms put in place when you bank online or when hospitals share medical records are not secure. now, it's apparently only the nsa that can read this encrypted data. experts in the field of cryptography point out, once you know how to do something, it's only a matter of time before your enemies figure it out, too. snowden himself sort of a case in point about how long the nsa can keep a secret. he's the one who apparently leaked this and all the other super secret information. remember he was a mid level analyst who didn't even work for the nsa. he was a contractor and he knew. turning to wall street, big day for jobs. seema mody is live at cnbc world headquarters with a preview. >> futures right now mixed this morning after a pretty quiet trading day on wall street.
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stocks eked out modest gains for a third consecutive session yesterday as investors digested a furly of economic reports and ahead of the all-important monthly jobs report. the dow and s&p are poised for their best start in two months. we'll be watching for that :30 a.m. eastern. >> 5:30 to us. in the meantime terry and marla, i wanted to give you a sneak peek at an interview on sunday with the fellow who drove the mars rover. this guy grew up watching "star trek" and carl saying ginn. he gets to drive around another planet. >> you can see things on there that have never been seen by anybody ever before. when you're getting the data and seeing these new pictures, you are the first person who has ever seen that. scott maxwell is very excited about that, imagine driving a billion and a half
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dollar car on a planet where if he crashes, nobody can see it. >> i need to stick around more often when you film these things. you have great guests. scott, thanks so much. let's check in with christina loren. it is friday. heat is on the way. talking triple digits in some places. are you rooting for the heat or friday? >> fist pump action for friday. it's friday, one of the last week ends of summertime. the good news is you want to embrace that summer heat because you know it's not going to be long before the cold and the rain comes into the bay area forecast. 58 in san francisco. happy to report we don't have any flight delays in the city by the bay. all major airports across the nation reporting flights right on time. tracking that for you all morning long. looking pretty good for today. temperatures will be warmer, noticeably warmer by about five to eight degrees, just depends on where you live. 57 in livermore, 58 in san jose, we or starting out the day keerl
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than yesterday by about five degrees in most cities because the sky is completely clear. usually we have the blanket of clouds an it traps in the warmth. let me show you what's happening on sat lie. you can see the area of low pressure getting boosted to the north as high pressure. this has a lot of energy moving in. as we head through the next 48 hours, temperatures will be hot and will peak on sunday. so let's talk about the best beach weather. half moon bay around 77 degrees, 81 in santa cruz. 85 on saturday. then on sunday closer to 90 degrees even in santa cruz. you jump into the water, nice and cold. you jump right back out and you're good to go. 78 degrees today in beautiful san francisco. heat is going to break as we kickoff next week. 101 on monday. tuesday you'll notice the difference. let me talk about the difference between this heat wave and the last one. you may recall it was really
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humid as well. it felt hotter. this is more of a dry heat for us. you want to keep that in mind. you won't be sweating as much. make sure you're staying hydrated all weekend long. tuesday, wednesday, thursday temperatures drop off. mike is smiling about that. >> chuckling because it's always -- it's a dry heat. so much better, christina, thank you. we're so glad. looking towards the peninsula. nothing to warn you about. on the map we'll show you over all the speed sensors look good along the peninsula. north 101 at whipple, a tire trend in lanes, should be cleared by chp by the time you get there. even as you leave your house. san mateo bridge, 92 moves smoothly. down here the dumbarton bridge, a good number of cars, last week end as the bay bridge was closed, the dumbarton got a lot of traffic flow. some folks might have a new favorite. keep that in mind.
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we'll see how it plays out. i don't see any issues through the area. the build starts out of the altamont pass for west 580. we have east 580 showing a little slowing. speeds at their upper 50s at the very worst at the dublin grade, more folks hitting the road, typical for this time of morning even on friday. the bay bridge toll plaza, smooth past the coliseum an easy drive. at the coliseum, two evening events, the a's play and a bull riding event. there should be crowds getting off the freeway after work through the area. we'll send it back to you. 5:17. new numbers out this morning show teen birth rates have dropped across the board reaching an historic low. the u.s. government reports rates in 2012 were half what they were in 1991. birth rates for teens between 15 and 19 dropped 6% from the previous year. 29 out of every 1,000 teen girls gave birth in 2012. school employees in southern
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california are in jail this morning accused of stealing thousands of textbooks. the los angeles county district attorney says 12 workers at four districts were involved in a huge scheme set up by a book buyer. among them, two librarians and a former warehouse manager. they were allegedly paid to steal books for the book buyer who resold them between 2008 and 2010. all 13 suspects pleaded not guilty. beware of fake deputies. that's the warning this morning from the contra costa county sheriff's office. authorities say a man posing as a deputy is scamming people to sending him money. the man identifies himself as lieutenant stevens reportedly calls homes and claims there's a warrant out for the person's arrest. he asks for money via a credit card to clear the warrant. the sheriff's office says it does not ask for payments over the phone, and anyone who gets a call from the suspect should report it. we'll have to wait at least another two weeks for a decision on specific rules for ride
5:19 am
sharing services like uber, lift and side car. the california public utilities commission put off a vote on the new rules yesterday. the proposed rules have been in circulation for some time including insurance policies, background checks for drivers, zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs. the company says they follow many of those rules already. the commission is scheduled the revoting for september 19. 5:19. new details about the attack in afghanistan that targeted britain's prince harry. plus the hollywood star's alleged sex tape that's about a lot more than it seems. a live look at the bay bridge on this friday. it's still very dark out there as your time some 5:19. traffic is moving in to san francisco. it's going to be a busy weekend throughout the bay area with the 49ers in town, giants in town, america's cup going on. a lot to talk about today. stay with us. [ slurps ]
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welcome back everybody. 5:22 exactly on this friday morning looking out from our san bruno camera. you can see the lights of the bay bridge. you see san francisco. we've got a warm one on the way. into the 80s in san francisco. so you know what it's going to be like inland. certainly christina loren knows and she'll tell us in a few minutes. a new article in this month's "gq" magazine is shedding new light on the taliban's raid aimed at capturing britain's prince harry. the 15 taliban members dressed as soldiers cut through a perimeter wire fence and sneaked onto a base. this is a year ago. two u.s. marines died. more than a dozen british and american forces were injured. he was on the base for a three-month tour flying a helicopter. earlier this week it was announced actress alyssa milano released a sex tape, but it's not what you think. the just over two-minute video
5:23 am
starts out as if it is a sex tape but then pans to a tv with an announcer talking with the violence and bloodshed in syria. she says she made the tape so people would notice there are important things going on in the world. the video doesn't take a stance on syria. it reminds people the issue is out there. >> i logged on. there are 3.1 million views. a u.s. congress won would ma's infant is being treated in the bay area. she and her husband will be on the "today" show. their daughter was born with potter's syndrome that causes a baby's lung and kidneys to be under developed. she's being twreeted at lucile packard children's hospital, believed to be the first baby to survive the condition.
5:24 am
you can see more of the story coming up on the "today" show in the 8:00 hour. right now it is 5:23. mother nature is going to crank up that heat this weekend. it's going to be hot. >> is that how she does it? >> terry always looks at me like i'm crazy. >> cranking the heat. >> i think it's going to be more like this crank the heat this weekend. it's going to come up quickly. temperatures this morning are really cool compared to yesterday in particular. now the bizarre thing is, we're still going to end up about five to ten degrees warmer in most cities than yesterday. yesterday was pretty comfortable. this morning we're seeing plenty of 50s, widespread 50s across the board. a clear sky even in san francisco to kickoff the day. we are expecting a little patchy fog and the urinal suspects over the golden gate bridge, marin county, for example, hugging the coastline. it's not going to last long. strong high pressure will make the temperatures jump between 8:00 a.m. and noon. you'll be at 59 degrees at 8:00 a.m. at noon 88 degrees rounding out
5:25 am
the day near triple digit heat, 96 at 4:00 p.m. at the coast today 78 degrees. mike, it's not just a friday. it's a gadget friday. we love those around here. >> i love it because also i use a lot of gadgets for the traffic center. right now you just need your eyes. look, christina, because of the clear view, you can see both the span down the san francisco side and the snu span here close to us. either side of treasure island. that's a beautiful view and a wonderful drive you're at the limit through that area. let me show you the approaches. dry speed indicators here. as you're coming down the eastshore freeway, you're better than the limit. 67 is okay, 580, 70. watch it as you come up into the maze passing highway 13 as well. we'll look at the live shot for the north bay. no problems and no delays. good easy drive right now all the way from highway 37 down in towards this shot of southbound
5:26 am
101, the curves of terra linda approaching north san mateo. also at the limit between east bay and the north bay. we'll send it back to you. thank you, mike. it's already shaping up to be a busy morning. we're following two breaking news stories, a fire at a used car lot in the east bay. a crash near an elementary school. we'll have the latest on that in a live report. the monthly jobs report, how is the market going to react to that? a live look at the south bay. the sun has not come up but i'm sure it will at some point this morning. as christina is saying, it is going to be hot. so take in the lights while you can and the cooler temperatures as you head out the door on this friday. it's 5:26. stay with us.
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>> reporter: good morning, i'm bob redell. a car crash shuts down the water supply to a south bay elementary
5:29 am
school. what this could mean for class today coming up. you made it to friday. weekend will sizzle. a lot to ex-going on. we'll tell you where you can head to stay cool. we expect a friday light. things will be different. ill oh show you what you may have to watch and what you may have to plan for coming up. you can plan on taking a look at this beautiful shot off in the distance. this is our camera atop san bruno mountain. you can see the bay bridge off 234 the distance on this friday, september 6. that's a nice picture. >> very nice. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you on this friday. it is close to 5:30. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. laura and jon are off today. we begin with breaking news in san jose where it's not clear if students can go to school after
5:30 am
a crash caused a water main break on pearl avenue and capital expressway. this is terrell elementary. that's where bob redell is right now with the very latest. bob. >> reporter: good morning, terry. you're correct. right now terrell elementary does not have water. the water company turned it off after somebody crashed into their pipeline out front. you can see the damage right there behind me. as far as we know, no one from police nor the water company have notified terrell elementary or the school district because it is so early in the morning. doesn't appear to be any known after-hours phone numbers. it's hard to know what impact this will have on classes. earlier this morning a lincoln town car came speeding down the road. the town car crashed into water equipment located in front of the school. a woman and one man fled after the crash. police found both of them and had all three transported to the hospital. they are expected to be okay.
5:31 am
sjpd is looking into whether the driver had been drinking. no arrests as of yet. the driver by the car carrier not hurt. back out here live. once terrell elementary gets someone out here to fix the tajjed line, the job could take a while. the water company tells us they estimate it looks like about four hours to dig up that concrete, replace and fix that line and then get the water back on. the question is can kids here, if they come here, live without water for four hours. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you, bob. it is 5:31. we have breaking news. the u.s. labor department has just released the latest job numbers. scott mcgrew has the details live in our newsroom. hot off the press. >> hot off the press and on to the sharpie. plus 169,000 jobs, 7.3% unemployment. we watch the unemployment rate drop another tenth of one percent for month of august. as far as the 169, that's about standard that's what we've been getting
5:32 am
lately. we'll call that a relatively decent job. terry, one of the things we'll be watching for is some of the other data that comes in behind it. where did those jobs come from? where did they not go? those are important little details and the participation rate, how many people are actually looking for those jobs. for now, hot off the press, plus 169, down to 7.3. back to you. >> for a tech guy, sometimes you go low tech, scott. >> sometimes it's the easiest. now to more breaking news. this time in the east bay, fire crews are at the scene of a fire at a used car lot at the corner of paceco boulevard. >> reporter: we just got here a couple minutes ago. i had a chance to speak with firefighters and told me they finally got this really large fire knocked down at a used car lot. what he's telling me, it started at 3:15 this morning. there are actually three buildings on this property.
5:33 am
there's an office, a residence and then the car lot itself. about 3:15 this morning, they started getting calls that the building was on fire. they tell me that when they got here, the flames were so high they were actually touching the power lines about 30 feet in the air. there was concern that those power lines might fall. they say one of the poles was actually leaning. so they had to kind of get in a defensive posture while the building burned because there was a question about firefighter safety with all these power lines arcing up above. they got pg&e ouhere. they were able to cut off the power to this area although we're told some of the residents, most of them still have power. they were able to cut off the power to the building. that's when they were able to get a little closer, spray water on it and finally knock it down. again, there was quite a bit of concern about the collapse of these power lines. they tell me eight cars burned and there was concern that two people were on the property. they haven't personally,
5:34 am
firefighters, made contact with them. they're saying they believe the sheriff's department has made contact with those people and they are okay. they tell me the building here is basically a total loss. right now they're concerned that the roof of the office here which is on the right may collapse. so what they're doing is, they're finally getting a chance to go inside and make sure everything is out. at this point, though, they still don't know exactly what started this fire in the first place. reporting live in martinez, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> christie, thanks very much. 5:34 right now. >> we are heading into the weekend. expect hot temperatures. christina loren, yesterday when i stepped outside it felt like fall was in the air. >> yeah, you can smell it. you know it's a few weeks ago, 16 days, but who's counting? we have a pretty substantial warmup between now and then though. you 49ers fans? you like kaepernick and the
5:35 am
boys. >> number seven, oh, yeah. and his biceps. >> and the way he likes to kiss them. maybe you can do that later. we have the forecast coming up in just a minute. i want to show you how clear it is on the golden gate bridge. temperatures this morning are really comfortable. if you have outdoor activities you need to take care of, maybe watering the lawn, wash your car, the sooner the better, especially inland. it's going to be a scorcher out there. we'll be getting hotter as we head into the weekend. for today, by noon 96 degrees, 85 bay side. near the coast getting a little bit warm. 78 degrees in places like san francisco. speaking of which those 49ers back at it. candlestick park, if you're headed out to this gale, i really want to warn you, you want to be drinking plenty of water and also you've got to bring the clear plastic bags. make sure you have the sunscreen ready to go. 78 degrees at kickoff, 83 by 3:00 p.m. and hopefully after a big 49ers win at 5:00 p.m., 85
5:36 am
degrees. usually you get the swirling winds at the stick, not expecting that as we head through sunday. in fact, it should be rather calm. let's go 49ers, let's go mike inouye. >> all right. let's also remember christina said hydrate with water on the hot days. drinking other stuff, water is important. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of coffee in these cars. lining up in the cash lanes. this is a big backup for 5:36 on a friday for the cash lanes off the berkeley curve. we'll watch for that different patterns. this is the first friday this bridge has been open with the new span. we'll look out to the sensors. a little slowing approaching the toll plaza. the berkeley curve moving smoothly. watching 580 as well. over here highway 4, no slowing that shows up winter park through bay point, but eastbound toward antioch and pittsburg, there's a crash reported
5:37 am
blocking one lane. it's not a big deal, but this is a time when pittsburg and bay point start to show the volume build. westbound we have the speeds coming down into the 20s z as is typical even on a friday. it wasn't there about 40 minutes ago. a little later start, but finally kicking in. west 580 shows us slow into livermore down below the upper 50s as well as highway 84. we end with the cross of the bay, the san mateo bridge and foster city. >> just cruising at the little. mike, thanks. 5:37. what do you get when you pair a 9-year-old girl and a cute horned puffin. >> you get a viral video. dakota wood is featured in this video shot by her mother at the monterey bay aquarium. for 49 seconds dakota runs around with the puffin.
5:38 am
dakota is now an internet sensation. she's happy to have a new friend. >> i think it's really cool and i think i realized i made a new friend at the aquarium. >> i think it's the animal interacting to closely with humans. there's so many people who would love to have an experience like that. it's amazing because it doesn't happen. you don't see that very often. >> for those of you who have forgotten about the puffin. the horned puffin is found in the islands and waters on the north pacific ocean. >> reminds me of the cereal. we used to eat cereal called puffins. president obama is meeting with top world leaders at the g-20 summit as we've been telling you. what he's been trying doing to try to get military support. new details on an nbc bay area exclusive. a second lawsuit filed against 49ers star aldon smith.
5:39 am
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president obama is wrapping up his two-day visit to russia as the g-20 summit is coming to a close, still trying to gain support for a military strike against syria. the president took a few minutes to pose for a group photo. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with the latest ton crisis in syria. >> reporter: while that photo was happening, we were learning the state department ordered non-emergency workers out of lebanon and southeastern turkey. these are the two areas that border syria. they're concerned about safety and security and threats mentioned in the state department communique. so we're waiting to get more information about who -- how many people are leaving and when they might be getting out. it's not an evacuation, but they are urging americans who are there to get out. now, all of this happening as president obama wraps up his visit to the g-20. he will be heading back to
5:42 am
washington where we believe he's probably going to address the nation on this syria issue when he gets back between now and early next week. that's what we're hearing. at the g-20 we're hearing he was not able to get as much support as he had hoped from those member nations. that means back here a tough decision for members of congress who are being asked to vote on whether or not we should take military action. that vote is likely to happen in the senate wednesday or thursday. probably the following week in the house where there's just not as much support. former nfl star now accused murder aaron hernandez will be back in court this morning. a massachusetts grand jury indicted hernandez on first degree murder and weapons charges last month. he's accused of orchestrating the killing of semi pro football player 27-year-old oden lloyd who was found shot to death near hernandez's home in june. hernandez has pleaded not guilty to the murder.
5:43 am
the former new england pay yots tight end could face live in prison. a new health survey shows more middle and high school students are smoking e cigarettes. they say the number of teen users doubled in 2012 from the previous year. one in ten students said they tried an e cigarette. they're battery powered devices that deliver nicotine in an aerosol mist. researchers say the long-term health effects are not clear. let's go ahead and toss things over to meteorologist christina loren. we are waiting for that sun to ri rise. >> about one more hour. once it comes up, you might wish it to go back down because we have a big ridge of high pressure, it is packing a lot of energy, and for us that's going to translate into a heat wave. get ready for some hot september. 57 in livermore, 58 in oakland.
5:44 am
almost uniform conditions this morning. that's courtesy of a nice clear sky. very little low cloud cover. as a result no flight delays just yet out of sfo. they usually come in for the first time from the faa at about 6:15. after all, it's a getaway friday. big area of low pressure. you can see it here on your satellite imagery pushing to the north, arcing up and around a big ridge of amplifying high pressure. this thing has kept southern california in the triple digits just about every single day this week. for us it's our turn as it starts to creep to the north. sunday looks to be the hottest. today, maybe if you can cut out early, pacifica 75 degrees, per ferks out there. complete sunshine. 77 in half moon bay. a warm day in santa cruz. that might just make the ocean water tolerable at 81 degrees out there. you can't get in for long without a wet suit. you want to jump right back out and maybe go right back in.
5:45 am
96 in livermore, 100 tomorrow, 102 by sunday. monday, when we meet back here, and we will meet back here, 101 degrees. starting to cool off tuesday through thursday. but overall, september starts out hot. over to you. >> oh, man. that means i'm going to start out in the air conditioning. looking over here toward the dublin interchange, a smooth, easy drive as this build just starts traditional coming over here off livermore, a smooth drive, slowing for highway 84 as well. even on a friday we have this traffic coming over out of the altamont pass and also for highway 4, antioch continues to build towards pittsburgh and bay point. it is eastbound. summers ville, might have a new crash there. we watch slowing heading out of pittsburgh and also out of bay point, an earlier crash toward bailey. it sound like that also is out of lanes now. eastbound has two incidents causing slowing. that's unusual coming off of 680 and toward highway 4 eastbound into pittsburgh.
5:46 am
we'll also show you a flow of traffic at willow pass road. not a major concern. let's take some live shots before we talk about the slowing i see right here. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup in the cash lanes to the right. that's the new pattern we've seen since the bay bridge eastern span opened. last weekend this time it was closed. this is the first weekend we've had with the new span. as we take a look at that, we see the cash lanes back up at the toll plaza. we've seen a lot more traffic flowing. see how smooth the drive s. we see the slowing coming underneath the canopy of cables, we have folks slowing. less volume at the bridge that will probably continue through this week and next week as a lot of folks want to try driving that for the first time. expect slowing and be very careful. all weekend plan on delays both directions across the bay bridge. let's look at the san jose traffic, north 101 shows the volume right here, 680 toward
5:47 am
880. right now it's just 5:46, so that's typical of the first burst even on a friday. we'll see things thin out. only right here that you see the merge. it will calm down over the next ten. back to you. the person ak coos cuesed of killing a san jose mother is expected to be formally charged today. san jose police say reyna figueroa knew her killer. they're not saying how. she was found dead inside her mini van in san jose on tuesday. her husband says rain in's throat was slashed. she worked at a yard duty supervisor at selma olin der elementary school. just two days until the 49ers kickoff the season by the green bay packers. the nbc bay area has confirmed a second lawsuit has been filed against defensive star aldon smith and former tight end delanie walker. the suit was filed on behalf of aaron reyes, a friend of the man
5:48 am
who filed the initial lawsuit against the players earlier this week. both plaintiffs paint a similar picture of a wild and out-of-control party with guns, gangs and drugs at smith's san jose home in june last year. reyes says he received, quote, serious catastrophic and permanent injuries at the party, end quote. he accuses smith and walker of knowing gang members at the home and says drugs were used in the open. no word on whether criminal charges will be filed. al don's smith legal team emphasized there will be no further comment. smith is expected to play sunday against the packers. matthew pumar is charged with felony vehicular manslaughter. police say he sped through a red light and swerved and lost control of the car. he careened onto the sidewalk hitting and killing william ware. his sde fence team argues that light was not red and he was not
5:49 am
speeding. opening arguments in the trial are expected today. a san francisco couple dubbed the landlords from hell are expected to be sentenced today. kipp and nicole macy pleaded guilty to residential burglary, stalking and attempted grand theft. investigators say the couple terrorized tenants to try to get them to move out, stealing their belongings, even cutting a hole in the floor of the one of the units. they each face 4 1/2 years in prison. a weekend full of racing is slated for the san francisco bay, coming with a little intrigue when the america's cup final starts tomorrow. team oracle will start with naegive two wins. an international committee punished oracle for illegally modifying their boats during the world series regattas last year and this year. this means oracle must win 11 races to regain its title while challenger echl rats team new zealand must only win nine. races one and two are tomorrow at 1:00.
5:50 am
races three and four air sunday at 1:00. all the races will air right here on nbc bay area. time right now 5:50 on the nose. why this weekend's bill walsh legacy game between stanford and san jose state may be the last. new gadgets to get you out the door and keep you safe. take a look coming up. right now we take you outside to -- i've been told that is san jose off in the distance. that's a nice picturesque shot on this friday. meteorologist christina loren says it's going to be very hot this weekend. brace yourself. a good weekend to head out to the beach. it's 5:50. stay with us. unbelievable.
5:51 am
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♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars. the nfl season starts off
5:53 am
with a bang in a game that will make many 9er fans smile. peyton manning and the broncos demolished. the broncos win it 49-7. the last time that happened, seven touchdowns in a game thrown, 1969. stanford starts their season tomorrow night against san jose state. the event now known as the bill walsh legacy game has happened 66 times over the years. it's a tradition that may not continue much longer. so far there are no games scheduled for future seasons. earlier this week the spartans head coach expressed his desire for more balanced distribution of who hosts the game. stanford has not responded. tomorrow night will be the 63rd time stanford has had home-field advantage. kickoff is at 8:00. a little more balanced.
5:54 am
scott mcgrew has a collection of gadgets on this gadget friday. >> we're seeing more and mortgage et cetera for the iphone. the iphone is its own ecosystem. the first is an invention by three friends who opened up their own design shop. they all use iphones as an alarm in the morning, but they missed having a snooze bar. they wrote an app that makes the iphone button work as snuz buttons. you whack the top and get ten more minutes of sleep. terry, this is an emergency battery. you pop it on the end of your phone as terry did, very nice, very price is right. >> feel like vannah white. >> you have one of the moments of critical need. you have your own juice and your own power. then i have this one, a collection of gadgets skauld spare one. this is an entire phone to be used in an emergency. you carry this thing in its package for 15 years.
5:55 am
crack it open, call for help. 15 years in your backpack or whatnot, your emergency kit in the car. i can see this one in particular -- we've all been there where it's the most important thing in the world that your battery not run out and then it does. >> you know, you can include the mofi for the gadget friday. >> show me. >> it's the battery pack. >> how much more power do you get? >> i don't have to charge my phone. i charge it at night. so by 1:00 my battery is zonked out. >> with all the texting and tweeting you do, you need the extra power. >> i just turn the little thing on and it starts to charge. >> sort of a whole plethora of gadgets. >> this gives you two hours. >> yes. very cheap. under five bucks. it will keep in your glove box for ten years. >> that's great. >> you know, that emergency moment. >> can you recharge the charger? >> yes, you can. >> fantastic. scott, thank you very much. the weekend is here. that means you can recharge your
5:56 am
own batteries. >> any gadgets, christina? >> no. i was very pleased when i finally got an iphone five months ago. a good looking day shaping up. that mofi, i'll have to check that out. 96 inland, bay side 85. at the coast 78 degrees. we'll all get paid in sunshine. you want to prepare yourself for that heat. a good idea if you live inland. close the blinds before you get home and once the sun starts to drop off between 7:00 and 8:00, open the windows. temperatures will drop like a rock once the sun goes down. hotter days ahead. first let's check your drive. he's always got a cool gadget or two, mike inouye. >> look over here. i think it's triple as we use over here for the remote control. a nice easy drive. i can't change your commute either. this is 880, a smooth drive. no reason to change through oakland. we are building. we see the speed sensors coming
5:57 am
down a tad bit north of where we took the shot. there is a nice easy drive toward the bay bridge where the toll plaza has the backup. north 880 around whipple where the arrow is, reports of a crash there. looks like it's out of lanes. we might see slowing. we do see slowing at the bottom of the screen through fremont north of mission. there's no crash. but we'll check on that again. back to you guys. >> thanks, mike. it is 5:57. nasa getting ready for a major launch to the moon. how the bay area's moffitt field played a big role. an early morning fire at a used car lot in the east bay. christie smith is on scene talking to fire investigators. she'll have a live update next. it's halloween time my frightful fiends,
5:58 am
and disneyland is ours! going down! boo! with haunted mansion holiday... space mountain ghost galaxy, and wicked fun in both parks, the disneyland resort just got spookier! visit trick or treat.
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6:00 am
south bay that could cancel classes for hundreds of students in san jose. happening now, the closed door meeting between the u.s. and france. it's syria on the agenda in st. petersburg. and one last summer blast. 16 days until fall starts and we are going to see a heat wave triple digits on the way this weekend. i'll let you know what that means for where you live and when that heat will break. one first friday with that new eastern span and the new pattern. we'll show you how thungs are shaping up already, backing up at the toll plaza. >> a live look ot the south bay. the sun as promised is on its way up in the air. >> how did you know? >> the live picture, on this friday, september 6. this is "today in the bay."


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