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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 6, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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south bay that could cancel classes for hundreds of students in san jose. happening now, the closed door meeting between the u.s. and france. it's syria on the agenda in st. petersburg. and one last summer blast. 16 days until fall starts and we are going to see a heat wave triple digits on the way this weekend. i'll let you know what that means for where you live and when that heat will break. one first friday with that new eastern span and the new pattern. we'll show you how thungs are shaping up already, backing up at the toll plaza. >> a live look ot the south bay. the sun as promised is on its way up in the air. >> how did you know? >> the live picture, on this friday, september 6. this is "today in the bay." good morning.
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thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm marla tellez. an update to breaking news in the east bay where fire crews are still on the scene of a fire at a used car lot in martinez. they put that fire out less than an hour ago. now an investigation is under way as to how it started in the first place. "today in the bay's" christie smith is on scene. christie, what's the damage out there? you said about eight cars damaged in the flames? >> reporter: eight cars and a couple of buildings, too. it's pretty bad. a fire investigator just arrived on scene. it was only within the last 30 minutes or so that they were even able to get close enough to take a look around which is what he's going to be able to do this morning because this fire was just so intense. investigators are telling us that when they arrived, flames were 30 feet high, reaching up to the power lines outside of this used car lot. the fire started about 3:15 and spread very quickly. there are three buildings on the property.
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there's the car lot, an office and also a residence on the side here. still firefighters are saying they had to be very defensive about this, spray water from the outside because the power lines were catching fire, they were arcing, concern they might fall on the firefighters. they had to stay back, call pg&e out. they finally got in to knock it down. i just spoke with a battalion chief about what the fire investigator is doing. >> we don't know how it started yet. that's why he's here. we're investigating it. obviously you have a major fire at 3:15 in the morning, what started it? that's not a normal thing to happen. he's going through confirming what did cause the fire. >> reporter: it was confirmed two people who were living in the property in that residence. i was just told they are okayvbx they checked in with sheriff's deputies, they're staying at an
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apartment. i'm also told that maceco boulevard will be closed until at least 8:30. they say it's possible they could open it earlier depending how things go. i asked what might happen to these structures and the battalion chief said most likely they would just have to be bulldozed. they are a total loss. reporting live in martinez, christie smith, today in the bay. >> christie, thanks very much. we have more breaking news for you, this time in the south bay, a car crash in san jose overnight that might force an elementary school to stay closed for today. "today in the bay's" bob redell live at the scene with details on that. >> reporter: we're here at terrell elementary in san jose. right now it does appear that school will go on as normal. the issue is that right there. you're looking at the waterline for the school. it was damaged by a car crash earlier this morning. right now the wart has been turned off.
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within the past hour, maintenance for the district came by, looked at it and said, yes, it's going to take about five to six hours to fix that, but as far as classes go, they'll bring in port-o-potties for the kids. that's the issue, whether the kids would have restrooms. assuming he's able to get them in time, he thinks he will, no question that class also go on today at terrell elementary. a few hours ago a lincoln town car came speeding down pearl avenue when it collided with a car carrier making a turn on the wrote. that's when the town car crashed. a woman and two men in that car. the woman and one of the men fled after the crash. police found both of them. they had all three of those people transported to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. san jose police is also looking into whether the driver had been drinking. there's been no arrests as of yet. as far as the driver of the car carrier, that person was not hurt. again, water is out at terrell elementary here in san jose.
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speaking with a maintenance person with the school district, they're working on getting port-o-potties. it was his impression that he thinks classes will go on as scheduled. reporting live in share, bob redell, tod"today in the bay." good to know. 6:05. a san francisco neighborhood is mourning the loss of a mother hit and killed right in front of her baby. it happened at holly park yesterday afternoon. witnesses say a park worker was driving a maintenance truck, driving that truck down the paved path when he suddenly turned on to the lawn, driving right over the woman lying in the grass with her baby and dog. she died from her injuries. witnesses say the driver kept going even as people yelled at him to stop. the police did track him down a few minutes later and arrested him for leaving the scene. park goers say workers cutting through the grass at this crowded park is nothing new. >> it's a tragedy, that is, them not paying attention, being out of control, doing what they want
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to do. >> the baby and dog were not hurt. the identity of the driver is not being released. police say he is cooperating with investigators and will be tested for drugs and alcohol. new this morning, president obama's two-day trip to russia coming to a close today. the president is ewing the last day of the g-20 summit to push world leaders for support of a u.s. military strike in syria. right now president obama is scheduled to mean with francois hollande of france. president hollande has been an outspoken supporter. both the u.s. and france have accused syria of using chemical weapons against its own people. germany not decided on where it will come down on that. the g-20 summit will end without president obama ming with vladimir putin. putin has been critical of the
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u.s. plan to strike syria. another rift between the leaders, russia granting asylum to edward snowden. president obama did meet with the president of china earlier this morning. china has also indicated it will not support action against syria. today the u.s. senate is setting its calendar for a final vote on military action in syria. president obama has canceled a planned trip to california next week to make its case. the latest unemployment report was just released within the past hour. employers added 169,000 jobs in august. the unemployment rate dropped slightly to 7.3%. experts had predicted the unemployment rate would stay at 7.4%. coming up, scott mcgrew will break down the numbers and what they reveal about the current state of the economy. an eye-opening forecast from christina loren. it is true heat. >> you two have big plans for the weekend? >> i'm working.
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>> nothing on the calendar. >> bum her summer over there on the news desk this morning. a lot happening here in the city by the bay in particular. beautiful san francisco bay. we've got america's cup, giants are in town, 49ers. they've got a34!jt game on sunday. it is going to be hot. you can see from that picture, today, yes, definitely warmer, just because of that clear start. we have no cool ocean air, very little marine layer formation overnight. this is san jose. same clear sky, a beautiful sunrise here as we head through the next 40 minutes or so. so let's get right to this morning's temperatures. nice and crisp, 57 in oakland, 56 in livermore, 53 in gilroy, 55 in santa cruz. overall running five to eight degrees cooler. we'll end up five to eight degrees warmer. that means a return to the 90s, about 86 degrees yesterday. inland today 96. 85 bay side, the coast 78 degrees. we'll take you to the cooler spots in my next forecast.
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the seven-day is also ready to go. i'll show you when the heat is expected to break. let's head down to mike inouye. >> we're working with this new span of the bay bridge which is beautiful and everybody wants to drive across it. that's what i'm warning you about. this is the first weekend this span is open. we've seen big crowds all week getting into and out of san francisco before work and getting out of the city, huge lines getting out of the city in the evenings. yesterday wasn't quite as bad as the first couple days. plan on that for the weekend as well. moving smoothly, wsh with the taillights. look at the bay bridge toll plaza as we head through the area and we have the metering lights turned on before 6:00. the cash lanes off to the right as well as the fast track lanes are all backed up here past the west grand avenue over crossing we see the lanes off to the left and hov, of course, clear right now, bidding much more slowly. that is the pattern off the berkeley curve, the slowest drive right now. we're looking toward the maps as well. the sensors showing slowing approaching the berkeley curve.
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i heard complaints from a couple of folks that use that regularly, they say, yeah, that's a big issue. we're watching north 880 as well. past the coliseum, not a problem now. this evening both directions will be slow. crowds for two events, the a's as well as the bull riders association p &hc& watch for that. here is the tri-valley. this is a shot of slower drives for 580 as well as 84. back to you. >> mike, thanks very much. ten after 6:00 this morning. a magnitude six earthquake struck off the coast of the philippines overnight. so far no reports of major damage or injuries. 6.0. we'll bring you updates as we threat. 6:10, from mountain view to the moon. new details about the new space california that's about to launch, completely designed, developed and tested right here in the south bay. we'll take a look at presidential kisses, spying an jobs numbers. emergency surgery at stanford for the newborn daughter of a u.s.
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congresswoman. the rare and usually deadly conditions the baby is dealing with and new details about her care as doctors work around the clock to save her next.
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welcome back. happy friday morning to you. the time is 6:123. taking a live look high atop san bruno mountain. no flight delays for your getaway friday. it is going to be a scorcher for the first weekend of september. vial full details in just minutes. you're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is friday as christina said. we have the backup. there's the new span, you might have heard about it. first weekend it's open. very popular, expecting slowing all weekend. there's the new pattern we'll talk about coming up. today's top stories,
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firefighters on the scene of a fire at a used car lot in martinez. the fire damaged two buildings and eight cars. no word on the cause. san francisco police have arrested a parks worker after he allegedly ran over a mother who was lying on the grass at holly park with her baby. the woman died. witness ps say the green pickup truck did not stop after hitting the woman. the driveer is under arrest for leaving the scene of that accident. president obama wrapping up his two-day visit to russia for the g-20 summit, trying to gain support for a military strike in syria. >> all eyes were on mr. obama as he was greeted by vladimir putin. >> that's not the only awkward president to president moment we have to report. >> that's right. the other was with the president of brazil. a few days ago it was revealed not only is the united states spying on brazil, but on president dilma rousseff specifically. people paid attention when the two of them greeted each other
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with a kiss. brazilian officials yesterday canceling a planned meeting in washington, a meeting to prep for an official state visit by the brazilian president. were she not to show up, that would be a very strong statement. brazil, remember, is a very big deal. it's the second largest economy in the entire western hemisphere, not canada, not mexico, brazil. we're not done with secrets and spying. pro publica have revealed through documents by edward snowden that the u.s. government has broken the encryption used on the internet to protect transactional secrets, online banking, hospital records, anything with a security log-in. one of the problems with this drip, drip, drip of secrets from snowden, it all mixes together. what did we know? what didn't we know? this latest revelation goes in the big deal column. we didn't think anybody had the mathematical horsepower to do it.
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the government obviously has problems holding on to secrets. the ability to do what they did is a secret we don't want the bad guys to have. the other big headline, the august jobs numbers. modest, 169,000 jobs added last month, better than the month previous. it leads us to believe that the fed won't taper bond buying. surprising number of growth in government jobs. unsxloimt down to 7.3%. but that's because more americans bailed on the job search, not because of new jobs. the participation rate continues to fall. >> that's important to keep an eye on. thanks. nasa launches a new lunar mission today. >> the lunar atmosphere and dust environment explorer or ladee launches from virginia. it was built by scientists at the research center in mountain view. >> i'm nervous, particularly
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this has been an exciting path here. this, as john mentioned, is the first spacecraft designed, developed, built, integrated and tested at nasa's aim research center. we're one of ten centers at nasa. we started out as an aeronautics center. this is our third lunar mission. the moon is our friend. >> brilliant minds. latee will orbit the moon for 100 days. scientists want to know more about dust in the thin atmosphere and what it could help us understand about the atmosphere of other moons and planets in our solar system. going from latee so the south bay and the bay area's favorite lassie as they say in scotland. christina loren. >> thank you. 56 degrees to start the day, terry. 55[úf in san jose, 53 degrees i gilroy. i do like leprechauns, 55 in santa cruz. as we take you throughout the bay area, this weekend it's
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going to be hot. there are some places that you can head where it will be really comfortable. let's get right to it. temperatures in the upper 50s. as we head throughout the afternoon, we're talking about a ten to 20 degrees jump in some cases. it plans on where you live from yesterday. we'll get to the forecast in just a moment. first want to check on your drive this morning with mike inouye. >> let's take a look. we'll get to our maps -- take a second to get over to our traffic system. we're going to talk about the traffic flowing, north 101 showing a smooth drive in san jose. not a problem. as we head to the maps, we look at the slowdown that might be happening at the top of the screen. let me get back to the south bay, a little extra work, guys. north 101 shows the slowing right there as you come toward the area, 680 and 880. 87 has a bit of slowing. that's the only issue for the south bay. we saw the volume of traffic we just showed you.
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280 showing a blip. that will probably clear up over the next 15. meanwhile, looking at the bridge. the dumbarton bridge and the san mateo bridge, a build at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. no drama getting to the peninsula side. a smooth easy flow of traffic. on the east bay, slowing on the san mateo bridge below 60 miles per hour. approaching a street we see speeds coming down below 40 as folks make the shift. those are the lanes over to the left. the lanes to the right -- the lanes to the left you're sg!çok. slower for the castro valley y. as we move toward the oakland area, a smooth drive for 880 and 580 approaching the maze. the maze itself a little congested. the eastshore freeway building. let's look at the live cameras to show what we're talking about here. early backup all week in the fastrak lanes. we see it backed up past west grand. the cash lanes off to the left and of course the hov lanes, they're very clear drive.
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that's been the pattern again. slow off the berkeley curve. we will take a look at the b we turned it towards the berkeley curve. that's where we've seen backups. pour the last week that's showed slowing. today and through the weekend, a big backup because the new span is open. a lot of folks want to use it. instead of the beautiful city or the awesome activities on the east bay, it is actually in the intermediary step, that bay bridge that is the tourist attraction this weekend. watch for the gawkers, be careful across the bay. right now a very smooth drive. back to you. >> thanks a lot. breaking news out of southern california where firefighters have busy battling an explosion and firp at a home in riverside. take a look at a picture of that explosion. it appears a gas leak may have contributed to that explosion. destroying the home, leaving debris scattered all over the neighborhood. piles of rubble still burning right now. so far no word of any injuries
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though. we are hearing, also, i want to add that the fire spread to the house next door and houses two to three doors down also felt the aftermath of that explosion. yes, certainly breaking news we're following. moving on now, the dallas zoo has two new cheetah cubs and those new cubs will grow up with a companion puppy. oh, no. take a look at this. the cubs will be raised an 8-week-old black lab. zoo experts say the dog will be a calming influence on the cubs as they get used to being in public. adventure part of the animal adventure outreach program that teaches about conservation efforts. >> warms my heart. what do you get when you pair up a 9-year-old girl and a cute horned puffin. >> if you've been asking me that all horng. the answer is a֍ viral video.
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the video lasts for 49 seconds, dakota running around with the puffin. it has thousands of hits on youtube making dakota an internet sensation. she enjoys that. the horned puffin is a bird found on the islands and waters of the north pacific ocean. 6:22. stanford doctor trying to save the life of a congresswoman's baby. we have new detailsq/z about th emergency surgery that could help the baby become the first survivor of a deadly diagnosis.
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hello everybody on this friday. we give you a spectacular look. a perfect shot at the golden gate bridge. the sun viz is upon us now at 6:25 on this friday morning. traffic moving into san francisco without any problems. we're checking the roads with mike. a u.s. congresswoman whose infant daughter is being treated in the bay area for a rare condition is speaking out about the ordeal. representative jam knee herrera beutler's daughter abigail rose was born in july with potter's syndrome, a condition that kausd her to be born without kidneys. it's almost always fatal. >> it was an amazing reality check. at that point we were thinking, it tease first-time baby.
6:26 am
we had gone to get the ultrasound thinking should we find out is it a boy or a girtiç and then to be told she's not going to live, it was pretty devastating. >> little abigail is beating the odds. the beutlers say she's breathing on her own, starting to become more responsive. she's being treated at lucile packard children's hospital and believed to be the first baby to survive potter's syndrome. you can see more of her story on the "today" show in the 8:00 hour. 6:26. an update to breaking news overnight as flames rip through a building and several cars in the east bay. new details as investigators try to track down the cause of the flames next. a house explosion sends debris scattered all over a southern california neighborhood. new details coming up. and here is a look at the south bay. that is san jose in all of its glory, and the sun is over the hills here. we are getting ready for an
6:27 am
extremely warm weekend. it's a good idea to head to the beach. we have a lot going on as we give you a live look now at the bay bridge. traffic moving into san francisco, mike has a look at your morning commute. as i was saying on the water there in the bay, this weekend america's cup races, the finals start this weekend. >> it looks so calm and cool. >> a lot to tell you. it's 6:27. stay with us. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪
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breaking news. an explosion and fire at a home in southern california. we have new details just into our newsroom coming up next. massive flames rip through the roof of a building in the east bay. we have new details about this fire and a look at the smokey aftermath. plus countdown to a vote on military action in syria. we'll tell you if president obama's time at the g-20 summit has made any stride in the push against the assad regime. and a live look at wall street. look who is there ringing in the bell. some of the finest from the nhl
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in their uniforms. a black hawk right there. scott will be along to take a look at the latest jobs numbers. today is friday, september 6. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for waking up with us. it is 6:30. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. jon and laura are off today. fire crews keeping an eye out for hot spots firing a fire at a used car lot in martinez. fire officials say at least eight cars were burned. one building is an entire loss. crews have trouble getting a handle on it because the flames were so high. they were touching power lines 30 feet up. public works crews are saying a water main break at an elementary school should not affect classes today. a car crash early this morning damaged the pipes outside terrell elementary school on pearl avenue and clarkson drive. one person had to be taken to the hospital.
6:31 am
crews say it will take them at least another five hours to fix the water main. new this morning, president obama's two-day trip to russia coming to a close today. the g-20 summit will end with a news conference involving all the world leaders in attendance. the president is using the last day of the summit to push world leaders for support on a u.s. military strike in syria. the president of france has voiced support for the plan. but russia and china remain opposed. there are reports that russia sent one of its ships to the black sea to the waters off syria. as president obama travels home to the u.s., the senate will set its calendar for a final vote on military action in syria. in fact, president obama is calling off a planned trip to california next week to make his case. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. with more this morning. what's the earliest we can expect a vote to take place? >> reporter: probably wednesday or thursday, a final vote is what we're hearing. that would be on0"o senate side. the house could be the week
6:32 am
after that. there's still a lot of opposition there.  majority leader harry reid is coming back to washington to put this on the agenda to get the process  started. lawmakers are hearing a lot of backlash back home. we've been looking at town hall meetings from all over the country and people are not keen on the idea of getting involved in syria, what many of them call a civil war. in a new pew research poll, 48% said they don't want to see military action in syria. 29% said they're in favor. 23%, almost a quarter are up in the air about this. that's where we find a lot of lawmakers as well. you mention the g-20 summit. president obama was able to talk, we just learned, for about 20 minutes with russia's president putin on syria, but not clear that there was any consensus from the member nations there. as stri lens continues in syria, congress has a decision to make and that process starts next
6:33 am
week. >> of course something we will continue to follow, tracie. thanks so much. breaking news inpú southern california where firefighters are spraying water on flames after an explosion and fire at a home in riverside. take a look at a picture of that explosion, and you get an idea from that picture, that house is leveled. it appears a gas leak may have contributed to the blast. the explosion destroyed the home. these are live pictures from our sister station knbc in l.a. left debris all over the neighborhood, just leveled. piles of rubble still burning right now. there is some good news. there's no word of any injuries down there. they're trying to figure out exactly what happened and where everything is. >> one neighbor actually saying it sounded like someone dropped a truck from a helicopter, it was that loud. moving on, time to check the weather as we take you outside and give you a live look at the bay bridge. the sun is up on this friday. you made it to the weekend. you got to feel good about that. it's going to be a hot weekend. meteorologist christina loren, talking triple digits in some
6:34 am
areas. >> it is goings to be a late september -- i should say late summer early september scorcher. looking at the golden gate bridge, this tells the story of the day. you know when you're starting without low cloud cover on the golden gate bridge, it's going to be a hot one. the same clear sky, we could see a spare-the-air day. we have a chance for that saturday, sunday and monday. if we do have one on monday, it could impact your kids as they go out to play in that bad air quality. we'll definitely suffer as we head into the weekend. we have the dome of high pressure moving in. eight degrees cooler to kickoff the day in livermore. we're talking 11 degrees cooler in half moon bay. five degrees cooler in oakland. four degrees cooler to start the day in san jose. plenty of 50s out there. the kicker is we'll end up eight to ten degrees warmer. it just depends on where you live today. the bay area microclimates not making a huge impact as we get into this weekend.
6:35 am
we'll see triple digits inland, but 90s in places like oakland as we head through saturday, sunday and monday. by noon today we'll creep up in the mid to low 80s. places like concord at 82 degrees in lunchtime. 88 in fairfield at noon. about 4 1/2 additional hours of heating to go. that translates to close to 100 degrees in some cities today. 96 in livermore, 95 for gilroy. 78 degrees in san francisco where the 49ers are taking on the packers at candlestick park on sunday. i'll have that forecast and your seven day in my next report. first let's see what's happening guy, mike inouye. >> we have flashing lights at the metering lights. now, the good news is those flashing lights are off in the center part.4' the metering lights are the only thing you're contending with. that's keeping traffic lighter on the span and they may have slowed those metering lights down. that volume is not as heavy across the span. the backup is heavier as a
6:36 am
result. as we look out here, we do see that. another look at the bay bridge. we see the backup at the toll plaza itself. we have the cash lanes on the right and the fast track lanes all backed up. the cash lanes on the left and the hov lanes at the bottom of your screen, not so heavy populated. that has been the pattern since the span opened. we're looking for that to continue with a lot of folks heading across the bridge. pretty much a spectator thing there. don't stop for photos or the chp will give you a suv near, a ticket. north are the taillights near the san mateo bridge, a nice easy drive southbound. picking up the volume but still close to the volume south through palo alto and mountain view. we have slower spots really focused on north 101 as you're north of 680 heading toward 880. chp updated the report. there's a new crash for 680 northbound at berryessa. northbound has a crash.
6:37 am
sountds like the activity is pushed to the center divide. meanwhile looking toward the tri-valley, typical build for dublin as well as livermore and look at the 680 to the bottom of your screen, starting slowing into sunol. >> i see the yellow chiclets. 6:37. more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, an arizona woman charged in a murder-for-hire plot against her own son about to be released from death row. we'll tell you about the key piece of evidence against her that is now in doubt. hey lena, what ya looking for? well, you've found delicious! ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey!
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brauking news out of southern california where firefighters are on the scene of an explosion and fire at a home in riverside. the home is leveled. the neighborhood evacuated it appears a gas leak may have contributed to the explosion. that explosion, as you can see, devoid the home. debris scattered everywhere. we had a shot earlier a little higher up that made it look like the flames you see in there are coming from a gas line. all the looks of a gas fire. piles of rubble still burning as well. so far no word of any injuries. 6:40. the body of kidnapper and rapist ariel castro is expected to be released to his family later this morning. the franklin county coroner's office in ohio says castro's body will be sent to a funeral home. the ohio department of rehabilitation and correction is
6:41 am
still investigating how castro was able to kill himself on tuesday night. he was found hanging in his prison cell despite the fact that guards were assigned to check on him every 30 minutes. he was serving life in prison plus 1,000 years for kidnapping and hoeing three ohio women captive for almost a decade. an arizona woman will be released from death row today 20 years after being convicted of having her young son killed for an insurance payout. debra milkey will be released today while she awaits a retrial. a superior court judge says there's no direct evidence linking her to her son's death except an alleged confession to a detective. the judge says it's unclear if that confession is valid. prosecutors say milkey told her 5-year-old son they were going to see santa claus at a mall in 1989. instead, according to prosecutors, she handed the boy over to two men who were later convicted of taking the child to the desert and shooting him. breaking news. we've just gotten word president
6:42 am
obama met privately with russian president vladimir putin. an update to breaking news. a car crash leaves a water main near a south bay school. a massive fire in the east bay. we are live as investigators find the cause of the flames that tore through a building and several cars overnight. plus does elon musk watch gadget friday carefully? we have the evidence coming up. so what can i get you?
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we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪
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♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey! it all begins with breaking news we're following in southern california where firefighters are spraying water on flames after an explosion and fire at a home in riverside. this is chopper above the neighborhood. you can see it right there. as it zooms in, you can see the home is completely leveled this morning. it appears this all started because of a gas leak. the explosion left debris scattered all over the neighborhood. the neighborhood, by the way,
6:45 am
has been evacuated. you can see the flames still coming from the home. firefighters have cleared out the scene as they're working to get the flames put out. so far, though, no word on any injuries. an update to breaking news in the east bay where fire crews are on the scene of a fire at a used car lot. the flames are out. an investigation is under way as to how it started in the first place. "today in the bay's" christie smith is on the scene. how bad is the damage? >> reporter: it's pretty bad. the property owner just arrived on scene to get a look for himself of what's left of his relatively new investment. he said he turned on the tv this morning and saw his property on fire here in martinez. fire investigators telling us it looks like a total loss. eight cars, three buildings and a wholesale car lot. the owner tells us he was devastated when he saw his building burning, called the tenants living in one unit to make sure they were okay, and they are. firefighters tell us it was around 3:15 this morning.
6:46 am
they arrived and saw flames about 30 feet high. a car lot, small office and apartment burning on the building. the flames were so high that they were touching tower lines, burning power polls poles. they got pg&e in here to shut off the power and knocked the firedown. the owner says he's had issues with his tenants before. police had to be called out here. it seemed like things were getting better and now this. >> we bought it about a year ago, rehabbed it and put a lot of improvements into it. so it's kind of discouraging you know. >> we don't know how it started yet. that's why he's here. we're investigating it. obviously our concern is you have a major fire at 3:15 in the morning. what started it? what caused it? that's not a normal thing to happen. he's here confirming what did
6:47 am
cause the fire. >> reporter: the gentleman you see there in the yellow jacket, that is the fire investigator. he's had a chance to look around. one of the things they're still dealing with is hot spots this morning. it actually keeps flaring up. they've narrowed it /6ñdown. it started on the left side of the property, still don't know exactly how it started. no one hurt. we can tell you earl yes when it arrived, traffic was completely shut down. within the last 20 minutes they did open the northbound lanes. fire investigators say they'll be here for quite some time. reporting live in martinez, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> so lucky everyone is okay. 6:47. this morning the san francisco neighborhood is mourning the loss of a mother hit and killed right in front of her baby. it happened at holly park yesterday afternoon. witnesses say a park worker was driving a maintenance truck down the paved path when he suddenly turned tont lawn driving right over the woman who was lying in the grass with her baby and dog. she died from her injuries. witnesses say the driver kept
6:48 am
going even as people yelled at him to stop. police did track him down a few minutes later and he was arrested for leaving the scene of this accident. the baby and dog were not hurt. the identity of the driver is not being released. police say he is cooperating with investigators and will be tested for drugs and alcohol. . time to check the weather as we take you outside and give you a look at the bay that looks like near candlestick, where the 49ers will kick off the season against the green bay packers. it's not very warm usually at the stick. it's going to be warm there. am i correct? >> you are correct. sf you take the game, take the plastic bag with you, make sure your have the sunscreen and the shades ready to go. a warm forecast. this morning temperatures are nice and cool, running about five to eight degrees cooler in most cities than 24 hours ago. as we head throughout the afternoon, we'll see a warmer
6:49 am
afternoon with temperatures starting to climb. area of low pressure takes a hike to the north. this has a lot of energy associated with it. for us that's going to bring us poor air quality. it looks like sunday will be the hottest. i'm forecasting 102 degrees in the hottest cities across the bay area. 85 in fremont. hit about 96 degrees in places like livermore. if you want to get away, big sir is going to be just perfect as we head throughout the weekend. 72 degrees friday. 80 degrees on sunday. as we head throughout the sun, here it is, your 49ers forecast, 83 degrees at 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., 85 degrees. sitting in the sun beating down on you. hopefully as the 49ers are ge giving the packers a beatdown. temperatures will be comfortable if you're at the coast. that's the place to be. count on a lot of extra traffic. a lot of company down 17. also half moon bay will probably
6:50 am
be popping as we head throughout this weekend. saturday and sunday look to be the hottest. still hot when we meet back here on monday. and then tuesday through thursday temperatures start to drop off. it's still going to be warm, mike. do you have any big weekend plans? >> i do. hosting two events in two days. i'll be wearing a tux tomorrow. we're looking here -- it's the 40th anniversary of the asian-americans for community involvement. outstanding group. i'll put information on the facebook page. 85, 87, 280 showing slowdown as the volumeé builds bay. north 680 around berryessa, reports of a big rig crash, perhaps a pickup truck as well at the interchange. two incidents reported for the same area in the last couple minutes. watching for the pattern and slowing to show up on the sensors as well. south 880 shows the build for the volume, speeds down around
6:51 am
50 miles per hour, south of 230 toward a street. the build for the san mateo bridge, nothing dramatic, but it is there. looking heavier than we've seen in the last couple months. we're seeing speeds come down near the speed limit. around stoneridge and brunell. as we look over as well across the bay, the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge, not a problem. traffic. a live look outside. this is 880 through oakland. northbound is not ab pro. after work watch it. two events, an a's game as well as the professional bull rider's association. it should be a lot of folks getting off the freeway. watch for the congestion there. another look outside. shows how traffic shapes up on the peninsula. easy drive north 101. south 101 shows the build. a heavier volume through the area although speeds have stayed about the same. just more chance of a slowdown over the early parts of the commute on friday. a live look outside as we see
6:52 am
the bay bridge toll plaza, all lanes now backing up, at least these cash lanes off to the rirkts mid parking lot. a lot of folks heading there all weekend because of the new span. expect a lot of slowing over the bay bridge back to you. thanks very much. we'll take you back to breaking news in southern california. in riverside, you can see 60 to 90 minutes ago that was a house. now there's nothing there. there was an explosion and a fire. neighbors heard booms and the house was gone. firefighters arrived and they are seeing what they can do about trying to keep the damage to a minimum from the houses around that one. it was a gas explosion is what they're thinking right now. and as far as we know there have been no injuries. so maybe the people inside, if there were people inside got tipped off some way. right now there is no word about anybody being injured. there has been some debris, as you can see, and damage to homes nearby. but again, no word of any
6:53 am
injuries, and over the past few weeks we're told that house was undergoing renovations. also following breaking news back at home in san jose. water is shut off at an elementary school after a car crashed into the pipes in front of the school. we are learning now that schools should still be able to start as normal. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live on the scene on pearl avenue with the very latest. good morning. >> good morning, marla. water is still out at ter refl elementary. it could be this way for several more hours. a maintenance person with the district came by here earlier to assess the damage. you can see the damage there where the car wrecked into the waterline that leads to the school. he says this could be a four to six-hour job. but they will be working and are working on getting port-o-pot port-o-potties here. that's the main issue for the kids. assuming they get those in on time, and this person thought they would, classes will go on as scheduled. now, this happened a few hours
6:54 am
ago. earlier this morning there was a lincoln town car, a continental heading down pearl avenue that runs in street of the school. this lincoln continental collided with a car carrier trying to make a turn across pearl. the continue meantal crashed into water equipment. there were three people inside, a woman, two men. the woman and one of the men tried to make a run, but police caught them. and they ended up sending all three of those three to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. if arrests so far though. police are looking into whether the driver of that lincoln continental had been drinking. the driver in the car carrier is okay. terrell elementary without water. it could be several hours before water service is restored. as i mentioned, the maintenance man with the district said they are working on getting port-o-potties. so right now classes are a go. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." it is not only friday, but
6:55 am
gadget friday. >> that's very key. it's also jobs friday. >> we've got the latest jobs data, marla, from the labor department this morning showing mediocre growth, 169,000 jobs added last month. unemployment rate falls from 7.4 to 7.3%. when you look closely at the math, you see the number of people actually looking for a job also fell. so that .10 is people giving up. other news to gadgets. we showed you this gadget a couple weeks ago. it's called the leap motion. last night elon musk released a new video showing how he can design rocket parts by waving his hands ironman style. it turns out he's using leap motion controllers to do it. elon, you're probably wondering what our gadget this gadget friday is. we'll keep it simple. an invention by three friends who started their own design firp. you stick your iphone in there,
6:56 am
you add an app, it treats the buttons of the iphone like a snooze bar. you can use it as the alarm clock. apparently kids these days, that's all they use for their alarm clock in the morning, the iphone. you can now whack your iphone and get ten more minutes. >> unfortunately on our schedule, we don't have time -- >> what time does yours go off? >> 2:30. >> 2:06, 2:05. >> 2:06? >> i'm weird like that. >> if she wax it really hard, it won't work again. happening right now, we want to give you a live look at st. petersburg, russia, where mr. obama is speaking at the close of the g-20 summit. let's go ahead and listen in. >> -- to put people back to work. we agreed on ways to encourage the investments and infrom structure to keep economies competitive. nations agreed to continue pursuing financial reforms and to address tax evasion and tax avoid ans which undermines
6:57 am
budgets and unfairly shifts the tax burden to other taxpayers. we're moving ahead with our development agenda with issues like food security and combating corruption. i'm very pleased b+8á the g-20 nations agreed to make dpafter progress on phasing down certain greenhouse gases a priority. that's an important step in our fight against climate change. >> we have ln listening to the president. he is clearly talking about economic issues of the g-20 summit. overshadows all that has been the situation in syria. he's been trying to get support from the other 19 world leaders there. let's check in with christina loren. we have a hot time in the old time tonight as they say. they used to say. >> they also say hot time, summer in the city, terry mcsweeney. good morning to you and marla. we have a hot weekend to get through. 96 degrees starting the day. a five to ten-degree jump depends on where you're living. 85 bay side at the coast, 78
6:58 am
degrees. if you missed your seven day outlook, we'll have it for you every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show. checking the south bay because the volume is kicking in over the last 20 minutes for san jose. in particular i'm tracking this, a crash reported 280 at 101 right at the connector. we haven't seen any disturbance there, north 680 at berryessa, another crash there. it should be off to the shoulder. you see the slowing toward alum rock and milpitas. here is the berkeley curve, watching that all today and all weekend. likely to see more baungs approaching the bay bridge toll plaza because of the new eastern span. a lot of folks want to drive the pan. be careful will weekend and be very careful. a look at the north bay, south 101 as you approach north san pedro, slowing in patches from novato down to the richmond-san rafael bridge. it's clear heading across the golden gate bridge. that will get crowded again towards the midday area because folks want to come into san francisco. >> it's going to be a busy weekend. thanks so much. 6:58.
6:59 am
one final check of the day's top stories. firefighters in southern california are on the scene of an explosion at a home in riverside. it appears this all started because of a gas leak which completely, as you can see, leveled the home. our nbc affiliate in los angeles is reporting no one was hurt. the neighborhood is currently under evacuation orders. we just learned that president obama had a private meeting with russian president vladimir putin as the g-20 summit wraps up today. the president previously canceled meetings with putin because of rising tensions between the two countries over issues in syria and edward snowden. .$=ñ firefighters are -- acty we're going to go to president obama speaking live at the g-20 summit as he wraps up the g-20 meeting. he's been in russia for the past two days as terry was telling you just a second ago. that is what is happening today in the bay. we'll be back at 7:26 with our next live local news update. thanks for waking up with us.
7:00 am
good morning. uphill battle. the white house struggling to get the vote for military action in syria. vocal opponents taking their frustrations directly to lawmakers. >> why are you not listening to the people and staying out of syria? >>ill president obama make his case to the nation in a primetime address. today, exclusive. nbc news has obtained the tapes of castro. this morning with the tape revealed about the case, how close he came to being caught and a phone call he claimed to make to the mother of one of his victims.


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