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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 11, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. . a new attack in benghazi overnight exactly one year after the attack that killed u.s. ambassador, christopher stephens. we will have details plus the new developments into the investigation into last year's consul at attack next as the nation and the bay area get ready to remember 9/11, a new local memorial in the works to remember bay area victims police looking for the person that took advantage of the men and women fighting the fire in mt. diablo. what some firefighters found when they returned home. a live look outside. that is from san francisco. you can see this, the palace of fine arts in the distance, getting us rolling on this wednesday, september 11th. this is "today in the bay."
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a very good wednesday morning to one and all. it is now 4:30 on the nose. good morning, i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. >> lots to get to. let's check the forecast with meteorologist, christina loren. >> good to see you. >> good to see you as well. happy wednesday. want to help you get over the hump so you can get closer to the weekend. a really good weekend headed our way. today, the cooldown kicks in. a breeze out there as well. kind of a stiff breeze out of the west. 62, to kick off the day in livermore. 63 in concord. the winds are going to play a factor for this morning's drive. >> he is back. >> looks like they saved a lot of stuff for me this morning. first, a live shot at the coliseum. northbound 880. the red lights stacking up as they head up towards the construction. they typically remove the construction causing a temporary
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roadblock. we had a crash at 23rd. that crash cleared the construction zone. that slowdown is ripples back. southbound, a crash at 238. a sig alert had three or four lanes blocked until a few minutes ago. it looks like chp has cleared that. i will double-check it. it looks like traffic should start moving smoother. we will track it and send it back to you guys we begin with breaking news. libyan foreign ministry rocked by a powerful explosion overnight. a car bomb blew up at dawn damaging the ministry office and nearby building. so far, no reports of casualties. several passerbyes were injured by exploding windows. this comes one year to the day after terrorists attacked the benghazi killing several americans. this morning, terrorism
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officials say they have determined several extremists groups were behind the attack. they think it was planned specifically for the outpost. they do not have anyone in custody who can give specifics, including who hatched it and whether september 11th was selected as the date or was a last-minute choice. they are looking into the attack that killed ambassador stephens and three other americans. stephens was a bay area native. today, marking 12 years to the day the united states was hit with multiple terrorist attacks, forever changing the way we look at september 11th. families gathering at the national memorial at ground zero today in new york city. the names of nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives in that attack will be read aloud in the special ceremony there. president obama and the first lady along with vice president president obama and his wife will honor a moment of silence
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on the south. in pennsylvania, bells will ring in honor of the victims of united flight 83 which crashed into an open field. many of the passengers on that flight. several in union city, that will be at flight 93 memorial this morning. a flag raising sir moan any will be taking place at the college of marin in kentfield. in danville, a memorial at the all wars memorial in oak park and morgan hill. the annual tribute will be taking place at the community play house. the city of hayward has plans for a new memorial dedicated to the victims of september 11th. it will be built on mission
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boulevard near "d" street. it will include four monoliths. he came up with the concept and plans to fund it with help from private donors. he also designed a flight 93 memorial in union city which was completed in 2007. construction is expected to finish in two years. fire nighters now getting serious ground on the intense brush fire. the latest numbers showing the morgan fire now 60% contained and holding steady at a little more than 3200 acres. yesterday, all evacuation orders were lifted around that area. cal fire now says it expects to have that fire fully contained by this saturday a disturbing discovery by some contra costa firefighters after battling nonstop. while they were away, someone broke into station 7 in walnut
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creek. stealing personal belongings and wedding rings and watches. >> somebody actually came into the fire station and stole from us after we helped people. it is devastating. >> it is. it is hard to believe. >> it is just wrong on so many levels. >> police believe the burglary happened sometime on sunday night. early monday, someone tried to break into station 3 on rossmoor parkway. a firefighter woke up and scared that burglar away. walnut creek police are investigating. without a description, don't have much to go on. contra costa fire considering how they have their security. 4:36 right now. california abandoning the city of santa clara returned some $279 in bad transfers. the state controller,ohn chang, says the city inaappropriately transferred redevelop assets, including property and cash. chang is now ordering santa clara to pay that money back and use it to pay off debts and fund
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local programs through santa clara county. he has set up a special board to decide where that money will go. a number of cities made the tratran transfers when they learned the state planned to do away with the agency. some of the redevelopment money was supposed to go to the new 49ers stadium but was then taken away when the redeveloped agencies were dissolved. according to the san jose mercury news, the team recently reached a deal with santa clara county schools to try and get some of the money back. under this proposal, the niners will receive more than $35 million in redevelopment property tax. that will come as revenue through 2017. the south bay stepping up their efforts to stop the spread of the west niles virus. starting tonight at 11:00, the vector control will start fogging between the great mall and hostetter road. they recently found adult
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mosquitos in that area that tested positive for the west niles virus. >> it is that time of year. got to get rid of those little pests. 4:37. christina loren is back. it sounds like another beautiful day in the neighborhood. >> it is going to be owe nice. yesterday was beautiful. a little breezier than some might like it. we are going to keep the breezes going at least for the morning. pretty stanford up in fairfield. west/southwest, 13 miles per hour in con kofrmtd as cord. cool ocean air will move inland. 62 in livermore. 77 at noon. we stopped the clock on your feature cast. temperatures comfortable right here in san jose. breaking for lunch at 77 degrees. rounding out the day at about 79. looking really good. we are done with the triple digits for now. got that weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. first, want to check your drive on a wednesday morning. you have to get to work. here is mike to help out. >> good morning. we are looking over here where
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we still have this big jam north 880 past the coliseum. it looks like it is due to the fact that they are moving those construction crews. there is a temporary roadblock. at the top of your screen, you see the traffic moving away from the high street high-rise. the blockage on the closure of one lane and receipt opening of that is causing this. just a quarter mile here. we look at the map and there is another slowdown farther north that is continuing to clear around 23rd. that construction had only two lanes left open. there was a crash that blocked one of the two. the crash is cleared. the construction zone continues to clear. recovery just north of the coliseum. plan on a five to seven-minute delay. southbound, the earlier sig alert cleared as i was making that report. so chp did give the all-clear. all lanes reopened. better news. you will find some slowing through san leandro. in the south bay, a smooth drive. 880, northbound, slowing off of 238. we moved our camera there.
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not a lot of traffic. look what we did find. we see there is construction there. our live camera in san jose. there it is. that bright light in the middle. that's the construction zone. you see there is just a few tail lights. you catch them passing across left to right. maybe you can't see them. that light is pretty bright. some of the lanes are blocked. that's what's messing up the sensors. >> we are happy we got you. drivers in the east bay have a new, greener way to get around. today's san francisco city bay car share launching an electric car share service in pleasanton. this program is called dash. it will give drivers access to more than two dozen electric cars and charging stations. they must be members of the city car share program to use these all green cars. a kickoff event will be held today that starts at 11:30 in pleasanton. it is 4:40.
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a fremont car has a strange discovery coming up next. we'll tell you about a landmark statement from the vatican. why the rule requiring priest to remain celibate could soon be changing the new details we are learning about the deadly apartment fire in brooklyn. students of one bay area university now in mourning.
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new this morning, leaders in the catholic church signaling a possible change in the celibacy rule for priests. the tradition is not a law of divine origin. currently, catholic priests not allowed to marry or have children. pope francis has discussed that issue in the past calling celibacy a matter of discipline, not of faith. >> now, to the latest on the crisis in syria. president obama says, yes, he is open to a diplomatic solution but insists the military must be ready to act if syria does not follow through with an agreement to surrender its chemical weapons nationwide. right here in the bay area, support for military action is weakening. this afternoon, members of the peace and justice center will be holding a rally outside of the office of representative anna
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eshu. calling for congress to vote against military action in syria. >> on capitol hill, a vote on the president's proposed military action getting further away. a senate meeting has been canceled for today. lawmakers and president obama waiting to see whether the diplomatic solution proposed by russian president, vladimir putin, can work apple's big announcement not going over well with investors. the cupertino stock dropped in after-hours trade. good morning. good morning, laura. an interesting phenomenon. investors aren't responding to the launch of the new iphone 5s. many had features lining the fingerprint reader that were leaked or reported on in the past few weeks. analysts say apple stock typically runs up before it
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comes out with a new product and shares grew 11% in the last three months. in the last few months, apple has been behind the broader mark can he by 2%. futures are lower after stocks rally began on tuesday. the dow pointing its second triple digit gain and the second two-day gain in five months. the s&p and nasdaq are on six-day winning streaks. they will observe moments of silence to mark the 12th anniversary of 9/11. as for economic data, look for a report on wholesale trade. the dow rose 128 points. a federal appeals court ruled google must face -- they have inappropriately collected
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data. on your wi-fi network. 4:47 right now. you don't need wi-fi for this. christina loren steps in and tells us what's happening outside. firefighters are making a lot of headway knocking down the morgan fighters. the wind is going to play a factor. temperatures are much more comfortable out there. plenty of 60s to go around. 61, san jose, 62, campbell. blanket low clouds trapping some of the warmth from yesterday. temperatures are rather uniform. we are going to see plenty of coastal drizzle from the santa cruz mountains down the
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peninsula, specially in marin county. we stopped the clock on your futurecast. this is searching for low clouds and fog by noon. mostly clear conditions. san francisco, if you are looking for the sunshine, you are going to find it on the bayside, not so much the case when it comes to the oceanside. that's going to keep your temperatures in the 60s 66 in fraens for today. 85 on the way to gilroy. temperatures are going to climb a touch. friday looking to be the warmest in the extended peer. we will start to see the temperatures drop when we get into next week. 11 days away from the kickoff of fall. if you want to hit the beach, friday and saturday looking good for that. sunday through tuesday, those temperatures gradually drop. back to you. 4:48. we have a follow-up for you this morning. san jose state university police arresting a man in connection with the fourth homicide in school history. they have arrested craig uehara
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from los gatos but will not say what literally led them to him. now, on sunday morning, 47-year-old daniel winslow was found dead, slumped over inside of a jeep near spartan stadium. tomorrow, grief counselors returning to the university of san francisco to help them mourn the loss of 56 years andrew goodwin, who died in an apartment fire. the media studies professor was nicknamed the professor of pop. his body was discovered on the top floor of his apartment building in berkeley. the flames broke out after 1:30 that morning and firefighters rushed inside to rescue him but goodwin later died at a hospital. at this point, there is still no word on exactly what caused that fire. it's 4:49. san francisco's city attorney has sued nevada accusing authorities of deliberately busing psychiatric patients to california. he filed that lawsuit this week demanding half a million dollars
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in restitution for the city of san francisco. that's the amount of money he said the city has spent caring for patients bussed there from las vegas. he is seeking a court order forbidding the transfer of patients to california unless residence or prior arrangements have been made for their care. car thiefs picked up some unexpected cargo during a heist. somebody found a box of human ashes on the side of the road near an apartment complex yesterday. police say those ashes were stolen during a car burglary and then tossed on the road by the suspects. police say the ashes were labeled and they were able to return them to the family they rightfully belonged to. 4:50. high school band teacher on track to get national recognition thanks to a student. gary courtney teaches music at concord high school. he is in the running for the grammy foundation's first ever music educator award.
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he advances to the quarterfinals. today, he finds out if he made it to the semifinals your music and arts are so important. 4:51 right now. the catch everybody is talking about. the catch that's getting a lot of attention specially for one grandmother who has become an instant, overnight star. we will show you that. >> plus, are you ready for the brow bowl. it is a friendly wager between colin kaepernick and russell wilson as they get ready for sunday's big game. >> i believe it is the bro bowl. >> if you haven't heard, we will tell you what's going on here and update san leandro here where things are pretty busy coming up.
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after what i would imagine felt like a long summer off for sharks fans, back in action. training kacamp starts this morning. the number of players that are in san jose taking part in informal practices. the sharks for the record start the regular season october 3rd. they do that at home against vancouver. the team they eliminated from last year's playoffs. >> the men's u.s. soccer team headed back to the world cup. landon donovan had a goal and
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assist in last night's game to lead the team over meco, 2-1. i love it. john? the win, u.s. clinches the seventh straight appearance. the world cup will begin next summer. the giants now preparing for next season. maybe they should think about signing this young lady. check it out. she has the magic. she has the laser sharp hand-eye coordination. the little grandma slams it. she gets a hug from the snuggies there. we are told she is a mother of nine, a grandmother of 16 and, boom, she has skills to boot! old school but she has got the new school love there. that was the biggest highlight, however, for most of the giants fans. the team on the field actually going to lose by a final of 9-8. it is worth one more catch. he stabs it right in the air. that's right. that's what i'm talking about. >> the lucky leprechaun.
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get ready for what do you think the bro bowl. colin c colin kaepernick and russell wilson wagered on an eyebrow on sunday's game. they met while filming an ad over the summer. they kind of got to talking and somehow ended up making that wager. the sunday's loser shaves off an eyebrow. >> that is an interesting bet. >> not both, just one. >> now, wilson said they were just joking around. something could happen digitally to fulfill that. >> maybe it is not going to happen in the real world action. >> you better hope it grows back. you can watch the niners on sunday night football game right here on nbc bay area. >> one eyebrow. what do you think, mike, are you willing to make the bet? >> i wouldn't but i've been trying to get one eyebrow
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raised. i wouldn't want to shave one off. we are looking over here. we are going to just show this live shot. this is where all the activity is happening still north 880. look, as you see at the top of the screen, those are the flashing lights. you will see them creek down during the next few seconds. the slowdown at 880, farther north of 23rd, you are okay. we are going to end with this, guys. we'll send it back to you. >> a controversial plan to buy back underwater mortgages. we are going to tell you what the city decided. >> a mcdonald's manager in jail this morning accused of ripping off his own restaurant.
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one year ago today, four americans were killed in the attack in benghazi. one year ago, a second explosion rocks benghazi's second biggest city. nice and clear over the
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golden gate bridge for now. expecting quite a bit of fog and coastal drizzle. we have a cooler day headed our way. >> even as i spoke to you, we are having to clear the coliseum. i'll explain what's going on for 880 north and southbound coming up a live look outside. isn't that picturesque? >> lovely. from the bay area, from the bay bridge. you made it to wednesday. halfway through your workweek, september 11th. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we begin with breaking news now. overseas, benghazi, now, dealing with yet another attack. >> a government building was rocked by an explosion early this morning. "today in the bay's" marla tallez joins us now. this comes one year to the day after we lost bay area


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