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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 11, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm john kelly. >> i'm marla teyez. a somber morning as america remembers 9/11. it's now been 12 years since that devastating terrorist attack. as is the case every year, victims from new york, washington, and rural pennsylvania were honored early this morning. nbc bay area's jay gray is at the world trade center site where close to 3,000 victims were remembered. >> their names read loud by family and friends who only paused at the exact time the planes hit the trade center
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towers and again at the times the buildings collapsed. >> this is a burial ground. let's not make any mistake about that. so it is sacred ground. >> where the nearly 3,000 who died in the attacks will soon be honored with a permanent memorial and museum. our visitors will see are these two tridents, and these are the steel columns that run the bases of each tower. >> it's scheduled to open early next year, built and o and around the original site, images and remnants of the attack. >> when the towers came down and this wall was sort of beaten up, it still held. >> just like so], many who gathered here at the pentagon in washington. >> above all, have the courage like the survivors and families here today, to carry on no matter how dark the night or how difficult the day. ♪ >> reporter: and in a rural pennsylvania field to make sure
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12 years later the country and the world never forgets. >> my father paul. daddy, i miss you so much. ♪ >> reporter: construction on the 9/11 memorial suspended today. it will resume tomorrow. it's expected to open in about six months. jay gray, nbc news, ground zero. >> thank you, jay. so many powerful words and memories there. well, right here in the bay area, a ceremony was just held honoring passengers and crew members aboard united air flight 93, which was bound for san francisco. nbc bay area's christy smith is live right now in union city with much more on a very touching tribute. christy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, the service just wrapped up a couple of minutes ago, and there are a number of family members here, including the family of pilot jason dahl. i spoke with the sister and also spoke with her husband. what they're saying is that over the years the sorrow has disbursed, but on this tragic
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day the memories come rushing back. they tried to fight hijackers before it crashed. the flight was bound for san francisco, and that fact meant veteran michael emerson to build a memorial here in union city in 2007. since then he has gone on to credit many more. the family says that pilot jason first became interested in flying when he was just 13 years old. the san jose native, of course, life was cut short on september 11th. each stone monument has a name, age, and the person's hometown. dahl's sister says it's important to be able to come right back here. >> there are some things -- there's a lot of, you know, people that were from this area aboard the flight. it gives us a place here. i have been to new york. i have been to shanksville, and
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it's just so important that we have this spot here too to honor the victims. >> to me the reason i build these memorials is to honor them, remember them, but also to connect to history. i want to make sure that kids in the future, people m future remember what happened here, remember what happened on 9/11. >> he said he just came to an agreement with the city a couple of days ago. he tried to raise money for it now. he is also launched a website to try to get the word out about it. he says that if all goes as planned, it could be finished by the year 2015. reporting live in union city, christy smith, nbc bay
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>> the ceremony took place around 7:00 this morning at all 43 fire2íñ stations in san francisco. >> last year we had a similar class, and i think it's very fitting that they come out and commemorate and honor those lives that were lost as they begin a new career with the san francisco fire department. >> now, these are just one of many 9/11 ceremonies being held across the bay area today, and nbc bay area's bob is live tip mount diablo fire command post in dublin with reaction from a battalion chief who actually worked ground zero. i'm sure he had a story to tell. >> reporter: he did. good morning to you. remember, 343 new york city firefighters died on 9/11. no surprise that they were on the minds of many of the firefighters here in dublin fighting this week's fire on mount diablo.
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at the start of this morning's 7:00 a.m. briefing, cal fire called for a moment of silence leading that call, battalion chief beach of riverside county fire. he arrived at ground zero on september 12th and spent the next 11 days recovering the bodies of his brothers who were killed in the collapse of the world trade center towers. he brought upt( an interesting point this morning. children too young to remember 9/11 are now old muff to learn and talk about that tragic day. remember, it's been 12 years. to the children september 11th is a piece of history to them. it's not at all permanent. >> i think it's important that we try to keep it personal for them. my son is 14 years old, and he is two. to him it's a piece of history. that's not reality for a lot of us. it's important that we keep it fresh. something to carry with you forever.
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it's pretty emotional. >> unfortunately we lost bob's audio, but we appreciate that. thank you very much for the emotional story. moving on here, talk about pulling off a robbery that's just so wrong on so many levels. with firefighters from contra costa out battling nonstop against the mount diablo fire, someone was busy ripping them off back at the station. while they were out protecting lives and property, a thief broke into station seven in walnut creek. that burglar pride in past a locked door and then proceeded rip off personal belongings, including wedding rings, watches, and ipads. firefighters are stunned. >> somebody came into the fire station and stole from us after we are out there helping people. it's devastating. >> police believe that a burglary happened sometime on sunday night. then early monday somebody tried
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to break into station three on rothmore parkway, but a firefighter woke up and scared that thief away. walnut creek police are right now investigating, but truth be told, without a description, it does not have much to go on. contra costa fire now considering how it can enhance security at their station. >> we should also mention that the mount diablo fire is 70% contained. they hope for full containment by friday. overseas now, a powerful explosion overnight has left libya's foreign ministry building in benghazi completely gutted. the blast comes exactly one year after militants stormed the u.s. consulate in that city. an attack that left four americans dead, including u.s. ambassador and bay area native chris stevens. officials say today's blast was the result of a car bomb that went off at dawn. so far, though, no deaths have been reported. some passer-byes were hurt. the explosion also damaged the benghazi branch of the libyan central bank. no one has wret to claim responsibility. now, regarding last year's
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deadly attack, counterterrorism officials are saying today they have determined several extremist groups are responsible. one of those groups ansar al sharia, which is an alias for laid and the arabian peninsula, still no arrests have been made, and no one is in custody. just into our newsroom, oakland police have released a suspect sketch of the man they say shot and killed an 8-year-old girl. x take a cloe look at this sketch. they say this man was the trigger man behind the shooting back in july. alicia was at a sleepover at a friend's house when someone fired through the front door of an apartment. her 7-year-old friend and a 4-year-old boy were also hit, but survived. >> well, a bay area mcdonald's manager could soon be facing criminal charges for, well, ripping off his own restaurant. police say felix gonzalez actually held up two different mcdonald's last month, including the one he manages. officers arrested him shortly after his last hold-up at a san
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mateo mcdonald's. he walked in with a replica gun, and then made employees hand over cash from the safe. both of those cases employees were herded into freezers. good news to report. nobody was hurt in either robbery. a former school district leader is expected to return to court today accused of embezzling more than $100,000 to remodel his home. timothy handran is thegnp form superintendent of the portola school district. prosecutors said he turned in fake invoices for solar panels and then used it to remodel his home in woodside. a restitution hearing is scheduled for this morning. coming up, a fremont car thief's unexpected discovery. we'll let you know what the thieves left on the side of the road. plus -- >> saved my life. i had to thank him. i had to shake his hand or something. >> a south bay police officer jumped into action and saved this guy's life. our cameras are there for the emotional reunion.
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sfwlimplts and a day after that big apple announcement, the stock under a lot of pressure. we'll take a look at why coming up. >> i'm meteorologist christina loren, and we'll look at the golden gate bridge. still mostly cloudy here. we are getting into our last days of summer tooum. fall just around the corner. you might be thinking about the weekend. i've got that forecast coming up when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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some car burglars in fremont to pick up unexpected cargo during a heist. somebody found a box of human ashes on the side of the road near an apartment complex yesterday. police say the ashes were stolen during a car burglary and then just tossed out on the road by the suspects. police say those ashes were labelled and fortunately they were able to return them to the family they belong to. as the city of richmond is moving forward with a plan to help homeowners with underwater mortgages. the city council voted last night to take the next step in the richmond cares program. this program would help struggling homeowners by buying
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their mortgages from banks and then restructuring the loans. the goal? to reduce the city's foreclosure rates. the state of california=k3 demanding the city of santa clara return $279 million in bad transfers. state comptroller john shane says they -- including property and cash. he is now orderingzfd santa cla to pay back that money and then use it to pay off debts and fund local programs through santa clara county. he has set up a special board to decide where that money will go specifically. a number of cities made the transfers when they learned the state planned to do with away the agencies. some of santa clara's redevelopment money was supposed to go to the 49ers' brand new stadium, but it was taken away when that redevelopment agency -- agencies were dissolved. according to the san jose mercury news, the team recently reached a deal with santa clara county schools to try to get some of the money back.
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under the proposal, the 9ers will receive more than $35 million in redevelopment property tax, and that revenue will be coming through 2017. we are learning new details this morning about what will happen to the 15 fresh and easy stores throughout the bay area. owner tesco sold the stores yesterday. the new owner says most of the stores nationwide will stay open, but we can expect some closures in the bay area. the bay area news group reports two stores will close, including the one on third street and carol avenue in san francisco. a san jose store is also slated to close, but no word yet on which one. tesco says it will take a few months before the sale becomes final. we'll check things out on the stock market. shares in apple down this morning. that's following that big-time announcement yesterday. >> but scott mcgrew, you told us to expect that. >> yeah. good morning. we talked about this yesterday. right? traders sell apple after a big announcement happens all the time. it's much bigger this time
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around, hoe. apple shares are down better than 4%. there is some concern that the color, the cheaper i phones may not be cheap enough. four different analysts have downgraded apple stock this morning. the "wall street journal" says go-go internet will build new towers and technology to feed virgin america and jetblue airlines with much faster in flight internet, fast enough to watch netflix, for instance. i think we've all seen the clip from louie ck on the tonight show taking us to task about griping about on board wi-fi. he says, listen, if you are getting the internet on an airplane, you should be happy with that alone. i, for one, would welcome much faster internet. back to you. >> i would too, scott. i also would welcome much cheaper prices. that's another story. drivers in the east bay, they have a greener way to get around. san francisco bay's city car share launching an electric car sharing service in pleasanton. that will be happening today.
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the program is being called dash, and it gives drivers access to more than two dozen electric cars and charging stations. drivers must be members of city car share in order to use the service. a kickoff event is set to be held today at 11:30, so just about 13 minutes in pleasanton. now branching out now offering owners a chance to power up in texas. the bay area car company now has a charging station in the city of waco. it chose waco because it is a halfway point between austin and dallas, so you can get your juice. the charging station features eight stalls, and it's located in the parking lot of a bakery. nice. you can pick up some rolls as well. tesla plans to open four more charging stations in texas later in year. earlier this week he almost died, and now he gets to say thank you for saving my life. 43-year-old frank nunez's heart astopped at the san jose airport on monday. officer robert dales earnings
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saw what was going on. he jumped into action with his automatic o[defibrillator. >> he needs to get his heart started again. i pushed the button. it delivered a shock. >> he saved my life. i had to thank him. i had to save his hand or something. >> give him a hug. he thanked officer dale. the men exchanged gifts. nun ez gave the officer a personal coin. dale gave him a police department mug. snoo no wonder what he is miling. that's a real life hero, and he proved that the wax handle bar mustache is still in style. what's is it style for outside today? what do we need to be wearing? >> you want to make sure you're nice and warm out there. i, too, am a fan of officer dale's curly mustache. good morning to you. taking a live look here. san francisco, want to show you a couple of things here. camera shaking a little bit. we still have the breezy conditions, and you are also seeing the sun break through, and that's good news. it's not completely cloudy out
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there. we have a giants game happening in just about an hour. get to that forecast in just a minute. 72 degrees in livermore. right now you're 67 in oakland. 68 degrees in san francisco. right now mostly uniform temperatures. not seeing a whole lot of differentiation between your microclimates, and that's later on today. cool ocean air is the reason for those uniform numbers right now. coming right off the pacific. it's nice and moist out there, again, and that's really been helpful when it comes to battling that morgan fire on mount diablo. let's get to. giants taking on the rockoa/# . the game on our sister station. it's okay to change the channel. make sure you change it right back to nbc bay area when you're done. 57 at 12:45. wind likely playing a factor in today's game. could pick up that ball and carry it out. highs today look like this. 85 for livermore. 82 in concorde. a nice comfortable day right here in beautiful san jose. 79 degrees. here's the deal. it is our last full weekend of
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summertime next saturday. not this saturday. the following saturday. we kick off fall. 89 degrees on saturday. here sunday, 8 of degrees. temperatures still nice and comfortable on the beach. 70 degrees on the coast. pretty close to it all weekend long. get on out there. pretty soon that pasty white bay area look will be back. a couple more days to get your tan on. back to you. >> i need that sunshine. >> i'm a little worried about that too. >> uh-huh. very funny. still to come, the giants -- >> we highly recommend you stick around for this one. she's a grandma, but she looks like an all-star on the diamond. we'll show you that coming up. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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a long summer off for shark fans. it's time to come. tim tito getting back into
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action. training camp officially started up this morning. the players won't actually get out on the ice until tomorrow. a number of these players already in san jose. taking part in informal practices like this one. the sharks for the record start up the regular season officially on october 3rd. that will be a home game against vancouver which happens to be the very team they eliminated from the playoffs last year. go sharks. the men's u.s. soccer team is headed back to the world's cup. landon -- >> score! >> that was john kelly, if you couldn't tell. landon donovan had a goal and an assist in last night's game to lead the team over mexico 2-0 with a win. the u.s. clinches its seventh straight world cup appearance. the world cup will begin next summer in -- >> i love those. i have the fever. how about this? from at&t park, call her the granny with the magic glove. stabs it right in the air. that's out at at&t park. they should at least sign her, i don't know, maybe to a minor league contract. >> she didn't even have to stand
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up to catch it. >> no, smooth. just cool. watch it again. bam, and without even missing a beat with the laser sharp hand-eye coordination. bang, zoom. looks like she's celebrating st. patrick's day.& they're ready to go. the big hug. i love the love that's shared here. the crowd goes nuts. she gets a standing ovation. worth a third look. she is the mother of nine. grandmother of 16. if her kids have genes like that, we might see her and her kids in the majors. the unfortunate thing is the giants didn't play so well. they lose 9-8. that was absolutely worth it. >> she's the coolest grandma around. >> signing autographs. still to come, are you ready for the brow bowl. >> the what? >> the brow bowl. the friendly wager between this guy. colin kaepernick and qb russell wilson this is ae get ready for sunday's big game.
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>> gun up a little football.
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what could be a preview of a crucial matchup playoff getting ready for the brow bowl. >> eyebrow. colin kaepernick and seahawks qb russell wilson have reportedly wagered an eyebrow on sunday's game. >> they want to give up one eyebrow. >> the two apparently met this summer while filming an ad for e.a. madden nfl 25. they got talking and somehow ended up making a wager. to shave off an eyebrow. >> wilson said yesterday they were jokinglp around, but something could happen digitally to full i will the bet. >> it's a big-time tease. a cliffhanger. >> by the way, you can watch the 49ers sunday night football game right here on nbc bay area. one eyebrow, two eyebrows, colin, i'm not looking at your eyebrows. eyebrows and keep the muscles flexed up. >> no eyebrows, right? >> probably. >> stay with us for the next newscast at 5:00.
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