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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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life. >> reporter: and the heroic way that jay's brother glenn, a lawyer and firefighter died. >> he had the skills and the guts and the wherewithal to run into a building that was an inferno. >> reporter: the 9/11 museum will be opened next year. >> sort of symbolizes this notion that in a sense we're all survivors of 9/11. >> reporter: a nation met today that remembers nearly 3,000 that did not survive. jay gray, nbc news, ground zero. >> the planes that were hijacked and crashed 3,000 miles away, but there are several bay area connections, including united flight 93 headed here to sfo.
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nbc's kris sanchez is joining us from a memorial. >> reporter: raj, in about an hour, people will gather here at the 9/11 plaza built about a year after the fatal attacks on the world trade center. here the memorial takes the shape of an airplane and therefore memorializes flight 93 but there are other smaller memorials to the first responders, to the folks who died in the world trade center and the veterans who died in the attack as well. this ceremony will get under way at 6:00 today, one of the many remembrances here in the bay area. >> they say time heals but it still brings you back to that day. just seeing 9/11 anywhere, it remin reminds you of that day eight tragedy of that day and how many lives were affected and innocent people hurt. >> reporter: one of those people
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was carol's brother jason dahl, the captain of flight 93 which crashed in shanksville, pennsylvania. her family finds solace at the memorial. mark bingham was among the passengers that tried to stop the terrorists. >> no, it's not easier. i'm grateful that the event comes around once a year because i'm grateful to be able to express my concern for the things we have not accomplished in america. >> reporter: a former flight attendant says security is not what it should be and that americans must always remember that freedom is not free. in san francisco, firefighters marked the anniversary at daybreak knowing that so many of the people who died on 9/11 were first responders who rushed towards the disaster and not away from it.
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personal tragedy that the victims share with a grateful nation. >> it's not just us. it's thousands and thousands of people. >> reporter: out of the folks that we spoke with in union city and in san francisco and even out here, they say that time has not healed all wounds, that they feel a little bit better but that every time the calendar shows 9/11 or they see that date anywhere, it all comes rushing back. little comfort, though, to know that the nation is suffering on this day. kris sanchez, nbc bay area. >> a difficult day for many. 340 firefighters died on that day. the battalion chief led that call. after the 9/11 attack, beach arrived at ground zero the very next day on september 12th. he spent the next 11 days recovering the bodies of those killed in the world trade
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center. >> i think it's important that we try to keep it personal for them. my son is 14 years old and he was 2 so even to him that's a piece of history. it's important that we keep it fresh. >> beaches currently in the bay area to help honor the victims of 9/11. you can visit our website at right now at the top of the page, you're going to find a link to a behind the scenes tour of a national memorial and tour at ground zero. we haven't seen this large of a fire at mt. diablo since 1977. it's been raging in the east basins sunday afternoon. tonight, containment is an estimated 70%. people who were evacuated are now back at their homes this
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evening. full containment of this fire is expected on friday. so that's a bit of good news. more than 3,000 acres have been charred by the flames. oakland police have released a sketch of the man they say gunned down an 8-year-old girl. here he is. here's the sketch. police are asking for the public's health in identifying this man of the shooting that happened in july. he's described as an african-american man and is 17 years old and has a thin, dark mustache. alyssa was at a sleepover at a friend's house when someone fired a shot through the front door and killed her. >> we're hoping with the media assistance that someone in our community will say, i know that person or i have some information and they will come forward and help our investigation with that next step in identifying who this individual is. >> reporter: alicia was one of four people shot. her 7-year-old friend, 4-year-old boy, and grandmother were also hit but survived. and just in to our newsroom,
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we're getting a first look at a man accused of robbing two mcdonald's restaurants, including one where he worked. officers arrested him five days later after he allegedly walked into a san mateo mcdonald's with a replica handgun and made an employee hand over money from the safe. in both cases, employees were herded into the freezer. no one was hurt in either robbery. >> the richmond city council voted last night to move forward with the controversial richmond cares program. it would help struggling homeowners by buying their mortgages from the banks and use emchl minan domain. >> she's been running yahoo! for more than a year but ceo marissa
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mayer has spoke very little about her job until now. >> scott budman is joining us from san francisco. what was the occasion? >> reporter: well, it's the tech crunch disrupt conference, raj. a chance for a lot of startups with established ceos. among them, marissa mayer who talked about how yahoo! got its groove back and where the company goes from here. in a rare appearance, marissa mayer talked first about the growth. >> you have to get the right people there before you can build the right products and the products have to be good otherwise you don't actually use them and once you've got that usage you can use that especially in advertising business like what we run to actually attract advertisers and grow revenue. >> reporter: and how the once beaten down company will continue to grow. >> we now get 12,000 resumes a week. and the reason that's because we
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have 12,000 employees right now. for every job we have, we get a resume each week which is up dramatically by a five or a six. >> reporter: then, in front of the tech crunch disrupt crowd of startups and ceos, she answered the question, which company did she like better? yahoo! or google? >> and i would say i love google. i was there for 13 years. if you told me i would be as happy anywhere else, i would have probably doubted it. but i am as happy if not happier at yahoo! and so it's a phenomenal experience. i'm not saying it's hard work but i love hard work and i love big challenges. >> reporter: a couple of reasons to be optimistic about the mayer era, if you will, the stock price has nearly doubled since she became ceo and yahoo! is once again a place where people want to work. coming up at 6:00, the other main speaker that people heard from, facebook mark zuckerberg.
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you'll hear from him in about an hour. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> that will be interesting. thanks, scott. the controversy is building m still to come at 5:00, why governor jerry brown says the bay bridge should not be named after willy brown. also -- >> military clip boards, white boards and backpacks designed to keep your child safe. the latest trend in school supplies next. fox who live in the san ramon neighborhood say yards are under attack at a ferocious rate and you may be surprised at what's responsible. i'm jodi hernandez. a live report coming up sf. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. it's about the america cup sailors and their boats but tonight it's about the mega hyper super yacht docked here at 27 and 29.
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we'll talk about this gin norm mouse activity and also, of course, the weather forecast in just a few minutes. [ maragno ] if the car was invented today,
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it's a nightmare for anne et bay neighborhood. pigs are on the loose and destroying lush lawns. neighbors say it's costing them big money and they are finding out they can't do much about this. let's bring in jodi hernandez is joining us from san ramon. it's a pretty unusual story, jodi. >> reporter: it is very unusual. what is usually well-manicured lawns looks like a rototiller passed through but it's not manmade. san ramon's henry ranch neighborhood is mobilized to
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ward off vandals. but this gives dirty a whole new meaning. >> every night they come. >> reporter: these are the critters causing so much damage. hefty and hungry wild pigs. one neighbor's surveillance camera caught them in action just two nights ago despite a trap put on the front lawn to catch them, they devoured their midnight snack of insects and grub unphased. >> they don't even go near the phase. they just go, not interested, and tear up the lawn. >> reporter: his brand new landscaping turned upside down. >> it only takes them a few minutes to do this much damage. they are just extremely efficient, put their snouts down into it. >> you try to maintain your yard. >> reporter: the pig feeding
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fre frenzy has left a dozen neighbors under attack. >> they are destroying and doing tens and thousands of dollars to our neighborhood. >> reporter: she's called every agency she can think of for help but has seen no action. recently a trapper was hired but so far no luck, the pigs continue to go hog wild. >> you can see from the damage that they are extremely powerful. i don't know if you've ever tried to dig up a lawn, it's hard but these guys make it look very easy. >> reporter: rear back here live where you can take another look at this widespread damage. it is everywhere here. now, i just got off the phone with a manager of the homeowners association who says he's been in contact with the department of fish and game and he's hoping to get them involved but in the meantime he's hired a private trapper. we're told that ten traps have been set up throughout this neighborhood and in the nearby hills but so far the pigs seem
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to prefer the grub and insects found in the lawn and not for bait. jodi hernandez, ncbc bay area news. today as the nation remembers 9/11, they are also remembering the death of ambassador chris stevens. the east bay native was killed on this day in benghazi, libya, a year ago. his high school library will be named after him. here's a picture of what it would look like. he graduated in 1978 and went on to uc berkeley. the attack killed him. today a car bomb exploded outside of a government building in libya. people living in benghazi say the city is even more dangerous today than it was a year ago. there has been a spike in bombings against former members
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of the gadhafi regime. >> back to school supplies are to help kids stay safe from clip boards to bulletproof backpack inserts. army manufacturer makes armored gear for the military but after the massacre in connecticut, the ceo said he had to act. >> if you find yourself in the defense mode, this is the fire extinguisher for gunfire. >> for many parents it's a welcome trend but just because kids feel safer doesn't mean they are safer. the state assembly has passed the state standardized testing overhaul. the bill will go on to governor brown for his signature. the move will cancel the annual s.t.a.r.t. test and replace it with a map test. that focuses more on meaningful
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learning than memory rye zags. the change will leave the state without test scores for a year which is a violation of federal requirements. california senate is expected to vote tomorrow whether to name the span of the bay bridge over san francisco mayor and state assembly speaker willy brown. the proposal has cleared the state assembly and now the state senate is going to take the final vote on the name change tomorrow. some san francisco politicians are speaking out about the idea saying that brown is too controversial of a figure and the state rules call for a person to be dead before a structure can be named after them. some say it's a fitting name given brown's colorful career in state and local politics. >> for him to have served as speaker of the assembly for 14 years, bringing democrats and republicans together to craft
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legislation, that does require a consistent builder. >> governor jerry brown has also come out against the idea. however, if it passes the senate, the measure does not require his signature to take effect. let's turn things over to our chief meteorologist filling in for larry ellison. jeff ranieri, take it away. >> reporter: that sounds so good, doesn't it? we're out here on the bay but just not at america's cup park. we're actually on a superyacht today. this multimillion dollar fine piece of luxury. it is just exquisite. it's called the tahri. this is where the rich and the famous have come to hang out and just soak it all in. you may wonder why we're on a super yacht. there are tons of super yachts docked out here and they are part of the action in the
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regatta. bob riddle will have more on that coming up for tomorrow but it's a site to be seen for sure. no matter what is going on, it's constantly bigger. we have our studio sort out here this afternoon and we are joined by ryan greenberg with the san francisco giants and the giants always like to get involved and many organizations and you guys are involved with the america's cup park and also the races. tell us a little bit about some of the can't miss areas at america's cup park. >> so we're here at america ds cup park at pier 27 and 29. it's the best place to see the boats and the teams up close. america's cup village at marina green is a great location to watch, great view of the start line. we have reserved seating in our grandstand areas. tickets start at $40. >> the start line? >> right at the start line. the boats come right up to the shore so you have great shoreline viewing. they are selling quickly so we
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encourage everybody to come out and join us. >> real quick, one last spot, it's an historic ship where you can view the racing action? >> that's correct. it's located at pier 45 and it is a historical world war ii liberty ship. >> wow. >> you can view racing from the deck and cheer on oracle team usa or new zealand. >> reporter: i never thought i'd be doing an interview on a yacht. it's testing our skills with rocking back and forth. we did pretty good, i think. >> i think we did. >> reporter: let's look at the superforecast and what you'll be able to find is that temperatures have been influenced by the coastline. it dropped 20 to 30 degrees from what we experienced this weekend. let's look at the thursday forecast. temperatures start in the 60s. areas of cloud cover and low 70s
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inland. definitely not a hot day for tomorrow. you'll see daytime highs in the low 80s in the south bay, 85 in livermore. 83 in walnut creek and 84 in santa rosa. humidity from the south will make it feel hotter. as we head throughout friday we'll see waves from one to two feet and temperatures in the mid-to upper 60. live broadcasting of this on nbc bay area at 1:00 p.m. a quick fact, the ac 72 catamaran is 72 feet long and 46 feet wide and 13,000 pounds with a wing span of 140 feet. temperatures heat up by friday but then notice sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday will cool off as we start to head more into a fall pattern. janelle and raj, it's getting dangerous out here. now that i know how to walk and
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talk on a yacht, it's choppy out here, i've managed to let the captain get me behind the wheel. i'll try to make it by 6:00 but no promise. >> anchors away. have fun, jeff. hopefully we'll see you at 6:00. we're back in a moment. stay with us.
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well, one of the most well known officialles officials in is calling it quits. >> after 30 years, dr. marty will retire this february. some are calling him the mr. rogers of public health. >> that's right, janelle. his co-workers called him that
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because no matter how complicated a public health threat appeared to be, he talked to people as if he were their neighbor. that compassion and clarity has been instrumental in guiding us through everything from the aids epidemic to fears about west nile virus. dr. marty first came to the santa clara county health department in 1984, at the beginning of the aids epidemic. >> i actually was the first person in the health department that gave results to people that were hiv positive. the test in 1985 was first introduced a nobody knew what to do. we tested people and nobody wanted to give results to people that were hiv positive so i did. >> now 30 years later, as he prepares to leave his post as the county public health officer, he says he considers establishing clinics for hiv and aids one of the highlights of his career. one of his biggest challenges,
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responding to the h1n1 virus, also known as swine flu. >> no vaccine and people were getting sick and we had reports of people around the world that were dying. >> the doctor and his team sprang into action, holding the first mass h1n1 vaccination clinics in the country. more than 4,000 people got shots in one day. he preached prevention, working to get kids to exercise more and eat better. >> he's like the mr. rogers of public health, really. the person who is everybody's neighbor and everybody's doctor. >> reporter: other describes him as a visionary and made sure that the department prepared for bio terrorism threats well before 9/11 and just last year he mandated that all public county health workers get a flu vaccine. >> over 90% of health care workers were vaccinated and
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those that weren't were wearing masks to protect patients. so this is all about putting patients first. >> on friday the doctor retires leaving behind a legacy of putting patients and the public health first. >> before he worked at the santa clara county health department, he worked as a pediatrician in san francisco. more news after this.
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cats have nine lives but
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we're talking about the immortal jellyfish. they have a remarkable ability to go from child to adult to child. they can live forever. on our broadcast tonight, what now? first the u.s. was poised to attack, now that's on hold. will diplomacy really work? and is there really any way to control those weapons in syria. and a surprise at the vatican. is this the start of a big shift for the catholic church. and dead calm. is it going to stay that way. and making waves, diana nyad who faces her critics. and a night we will always remember for how it changed everything. nightly news begins now. from nbc news


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