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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 11, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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may have been trying to burglarize cars in the parking lot when the alleged shooter confronted him. >> broken glass remains at the scene of the sunday morning homicide on university property. this woman lives across the street from the shooting and dependent want to give her name. her son dialled 911 saying the bod hi he saw at the scene was very difficult. >> this is a very complex investigation. >> the sergeant of the university police department says the case is under seal, but sources tell me the alleged shooter, 62-year-old craig uhara caught the victim in the act of either stealing or burglarizing a car. sergeant john laws says he can neither confirm or deny the report. >> we hear there may be some vigilanteism involved. >> i don't have any details on that. if that is part of the investigation, the investigators will be able to put that together for the district attorney's office.
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he had a long list for animal cruelty and carrying guns. we were not able to obtain pi churs of both men. >> why can't we see the shooter's mug shot? >> we're withholding that for safety purposes. i'm not able to discus that any further than that. >> few answers in a case where sources say it appears the shooter took the law into what his own hands. the alleged shooter in this case remains in jail here in santa clara county. however, the da has not filed formal homicide charges. ? trujiltrujillo. >> the beams of light behind it
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to the right coming from the 88 searchlights south of the world trade center site. 12 years ago today, this country changed forever. the september 11 attacks were felt coast to coast. united flight 93 from new jersey destined for sfo crashed into an empty field in pennsylvania. there's a ceremony today for the 40 people who died. a wreath was laid at the wall of names a the flight 93 memorial that's been built on that site. and cal fire crews here in the bay area were here to fight the oñdiablo fire held a moment of silence for the 343 new york city firefighters killed when the world trade center towers collapsed. today is not just about what happened, but how we responded. cheryl herd is tracking the changes in the bay area's emergency response. we begin with chris sanchez who joins us live from the 9/11 memorial in san jose. chris? >> we just showed you the images of how these two communities mark this day.
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we're here where there was a 9/11 memorial and there's a ceremony planned here. this particular memorial takes the shape of united flight 93. the outline of that on the ground b. and then there are smaller memorials to the first responders, the veterans and other people who died in the twin towers. again, they all take different shapes but the sentiment is all very much the same. >> in honor of those who gave their lives. >> reporter: so many of the people who died on that day were first responders like them who rushed towards disaster and not away from it. from/fruz first memorial today o the first 9/11 memorial ever built, a grand tribute in union city. >> not so much remember the tragedy, but just remember the people that were involved. because human beings were involved. i think that's great. >> one of those granite pillars buries the name of the pilot of united flight 93 which crashed in shankville, pennsylvania. the captain's sister says it
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makes the day easier and harder. >> just kind of takes you back to that remembering how deepp(4 affected our nation was that day. >> mark bingham of san francisco was one of the flight 93 passengers who tried to stop the hijackers. his mother marked the 12th anniversary of his death at ground zero in new york city advocating, as she has for 12 years for safer america. >> we should have even more mortified cockpit doors. we need to make sure the motives of people who have unfettered access to airplarafat planes op grown have our best interest at heart. >> it isn't just us. it's thousands and thousands of people. >> now, this is not just a day of remembrance and tribute.
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a lot ofolks have tried to take back 9/11 by turning this day into a day of service and certainly, there are a lot oof folks who commit on this day to making their community a better place. chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> here's the question, though. how would first responders cope with a 9/11-type emergency here, especially in oakland where the city has struggled with a spotty radio system. >> it's a complicated issue. i make it even more complicated being live in piedmont. why am i live in piedmont? this city along with oakland are refusing to join the regional communication system. why are they standing alone? it's not about money. some believe it could be about
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power. oakland built this communication system three years ago. the system is here, but it's no first reresponders could not talk to each other over the radio. now they can. >> we definite will had growing pains. but during that time, it works. that's a good thing but there's more to this story. >> the city is trying to decide what direction it's going to take. our current system is serving the city well.
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>> not only is oakland not a part of the regional communications system pln, piedmont is not a part of it either. >> the issue sr. piedmont is since we lease from oakland and they have not moved to ebrics and we are 100% surrounded by oakland from an officer safety and community safety standpoint, it only makes sense for us to follow oakland's lead. >> oakland's system is a lot better than it was during two bay area disasters more than two decades ago, but some believe joining ebric would make it stronger. last year oakland's system was having periodic meltdown, but david cruz says those problems have been fixed. >> i spoke with the alameda county sheriff. and also alameda county supervisor scott haggerty. they both want oakland and piedmont to joan the system. oakland says that they will make
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a decision possibly in november. reporting live in piedmont, i'm charles herd. >> oakland police have released the sketch of a man they say gunned down a little girl 8 years old who was at a sleepover at a friend's house. police are asking for the public's help in identifying this man. the shooting happened in july. he's described as a black man between 17 and 24 years old. he's about 5'7", 160 pounds. the girl was at a friend's house when someone fired through the front door of an apartment, killing her. she was one of four people shot. her 7-year-old friend, another 4-year-old boy and their grandmother were also hit but survived. >> the man who fell and died outside of candlestick park on sunday was supposed to be the best man at his brother's wedding this weekend. 32-year-old kevin hayes' parents talked to the associated press. they're denying reports that he was so drunk he couldn't walk straight. his younger brother was with him
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at the time. he told his parents he walked up a ramp and was turn into a staircase where the rail was lower when he slipped anticipate fell. >> this was a story we rarely cover because it rarely happens. an east bay neighborhood is being torn up lawn by lawn by wild pigs. the neighbors are frustrated and shelling out some big money to pay for the damage. nbc bay area's jody hernandez joins us from san ramon with the dirty details. jody? >> and it is a dirty mess. just take a look at this front yard. it looks like a bulldozer rolled through here. and it is the same picture up and down this street. but this mess is not man made. it is the work of hungry pigs plowing through here nightly. >> oh, no, no, please, please. i walked out here and you can see it, right. it's not just a little bit of damage. it's really torn to sh reeds
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reds. the surveillance camera captured the culprits in action. pigs going hog wild. >> it only takes them a few minutes to do this much damage. they're just incredibly efficient. they put their snouts down into it and they just tear it up. >> but it's not just christenson's yard being targeted. the critters are holding some say are sloppy pig parties nightly. creating widespread damage all over this san ramon neighborhood. >> it looks like a tornado topped from yard to yard, just tearing everything up. >> carrie spur lock says she's seen no action. the home evener's association recently hired a trapper, but so far no luck. >> it does feel like we're under attack. we've done everything that we know how to do to deter them from being in our neighborhood and they keep coming back. >> the pigs seem to know what they like.
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despite a trap filled with corn and fruit, this surveillance video shows the critters continuing their midnight feeding frenzy unscathed. >> the trap was sitting right here, huge trap. they walked around and around it. they completely avoided it and dug the lawn up. >> we're back here live. you're looking at the widespread damage. i talked to the manager of the homeowner's association who say they have problems with pigs every year, but nothing like this. he says they're hoping to get help from the department of fish and game. but in the meantime, they've hired a trapper. they put out ten traps so far. they've been up here for about a week. those traps are filled with bait, but so far, no takers. reporting live in san ramon, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> that looks a little scary. >> hard core damage. thank you. still ahead, killing a protected species. why a common sight across the bay yeah could be putting one animal in the crossfire. >> and a decision that has feds
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threatening california. and it impacts students across the state. >> i'm scott budman. coming up, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg on reaching a billion users and what come next for his company. >> and good evening. i'm live in san francisco at america's cup park on the multimillion dollar super yacht. we'll talk about america's cup plus some of the hot fashion items you won't want to miss. and your weather forecast as well. that looks like it's going to be cooling off right into the weekend. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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on breakfast. honey bunches of oats is only $1.88 a box. arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. make it a triple scoop. dreyer's ice cream is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> let's bring in our business and tech reporter. scott, this is a big deal with a hoodie, of course.
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>> yeah. the dress code hasn't changed, roger. absolutely right. but i'll tell you, the attitude, especially when it comes to facebook really has. you think about it, last year here at tech crunch disrupt, mark zuckerberg leaded a company that was struggling. but today, facebook is firing on all cylinders and it has a much more confident chief executive. in time when mark zuckerberg took the stage, he did so with a company on a roll. >> you know, the sforry of facebook has really been about, you know, we started at one college and then we spread and kept on growing to the next thing. and i think the reason why we're here today is because we've just cared more about this mission than anyone else has. >> now able to talk about what it's like to reach a billion users. >> for a while inside the company, getting to a billion people was this big rallying cry, right? and when we actually started getting closer to it, it became
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pretty apparent, no one says i want to get 1/7 of the people to do something. it's a nice round number. it happens to be bigger than anything else. >> now focusing on how to reach the next 5 billion users. >> now the focus for us is actually retooling the company in a lot of ways to go take on a lot of harder problems that fulfill this mission. >> yeah, invest tors also very happy with facebook these days. if you think about it, in the early days of september 2012, facebook stock dipped below $20 a share. today it closed at an all-time high above $45. scott pudman, nbc, bay area news. >> some education headlines for you. the state is on a collision course with the obama administration. just a short time ago, the assembly followed the steps of the senate voting 51-22 to pass the bill.
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the move cancels the annual start test and replaces them with mapp tests. the measurement of performance and progress trasds memory morization for more meaningful learning and testing. that bill now goes to governor brown for his signature. however, the u.s. education secretary arnie duncan is threatening to withhold federal education dollars for the state because the changeover will leigh the state without test scores for a year which is a violation of requirements. california is one step closer to regulating a controversial way to drill for oil. today, the state assembly passed a bill which would require permits for thrillers who want to frac. this comes after our investigation where we first expose there had's no regulation in this industry. fracking, as you might know, involving breaking up shale rock using a cocktail of highly pressurized water and chemicals. the bill now moves to the state senate. it's expected to make it to the governor's desk within days.
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the governor's office says, quote, he looks forward to signing it. environmentalists say it doesn't go far enough. >> firefighters in the east bay are still gaining ground against the morgan fire. containment now is 70%. evacuated residents back in their homes tonight. now full containment of the fire is expected on friday. more than 3,000 acres were charred by the flames which broke out sunday afternoon. is it thurston howell iii out there. hello, lovie. >> hello, how are you? that was bad. that wasn't even proper enough. i even managed to get the barbie going for us back here. do you like the yacht i'm on? >> we heard it's $12,000 a day. so don't mess it up. >> it is amazing.
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>> the things you want to watch for is the super yacht regatta. it happens on the says of the america's cup. we're going to talk about the fashions. why don't we go ahead and get started. let's tell everybody who the first person is out. >> this is porsche from the san francisco bay area. she's wearing oracle team usa wran jackets, which is wind and water resistant. >> looking good. >> and number two. >> justin from agora hills. the oracle team usa soft shell jacket showing his support. >> and number three, wally from no missouri in the soft shell jacket made from recycled water bottles?
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that is unreal. then coming up, new york city fashion week has nothing on us, folks. who do we have here? >> all the way from wellington, new zealand. and she's a team new zealand fan wear. >> so we should say all the things, we can have you walk on over this way, all these items are available at the america's cup park? >> america's cup park and america's cup marine. >> i sprung the model walk on jem and you guys did excellent. cocktails right after this weather hit. let's go ahead and get you the weather maps. you're going to see as we continue throughout tomorrow, the temperatures. they're going to stay on the cool side. throughout 11:00 a.m. for tomorrow, temperatures in the upper 60s and also low 70s.
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so a nice jacket. plenty of price points you can check on out. definitely not as expensive as this multimillion dollar yacht we're on. we are looking at wednesday with waves, one to two feet and temperatures for speck taiers in the 60s. live on nbc bay area. if you have a tv on your desk at work, lucky you. and did you know, san francisco is only the eighth city to ever host the america's cup. so few cities have actually hosted it, because the u.s. held a 132-year winning streak from 1851 to 1983. so oracle again, trying to keep this, well, in the united states here. on a seven-day forecast, you can see the temperatures heating up here on friday. we'll have some mid 80s coming back. and more of that fall weather as
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we head throughout next week. i've got my models up here, our awesome outfits. ready for some drinks soon. we'll be sure to save a little bit of the party back for you guys at home. >> who can we call? >> like we said, $12,000 a day. so don't mess it up. >> i've got to tell you one thing, i know you guys love little things that happen to me in the live shot. i went to use the bathroom, couldn't figure out how to get out the handle was so fancy. >> tmi, tmi. >> i managed. >> i'm so relieved. >> i think he's more gilligan than thurston howell. >> what's in a name? apparently everything. what to name the western span of the bay bridge. >> and could the clues to male behavior and health lie in a female hormone? researchers are calling a blockbuster break through. unbelievable.
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richmond is using constitutional power of imminent domain to seize some mortgages. the city would then offer banks fair market values and allow homeowners to refinance at lower rates. richmond is the first in the country to use imminent domain in that way. >> here's the request -- pay the money back. the state controller is ordering the city of santa clara to pay back millions of dollars earmarked for redevelopment. state controller john chung says the city inappropriately transferred $279 million worth of redevelopment assets. they want to use it to pay off debts and fund local programs through santa clara county. he set up a special board to decide where that money will go. a number of cities made these transfers when they found the state planned to do away with these agencies.
6:26 pm
>> good for power. apparently bad for birds. wind farms in california kill more eagles than any other state. that's according to a new study. government biologists say at least 27 golden eagles dpied at wind and turbine farms between 199 97 and 2012. altima reportedly kills between 60 and 75 eagles each year. the trend is alarming while wind industry leaders say far more eagles die in other ways. >> still ahead here at 6:00, a tribute fit for a hero. what's in the works for a member u.s. ambassador in the east bay who was killed while serve his country. >> and is the military strike on syria on hold? the president pushing diplomacy. and this just in, a new response from russia's president. >> the world's largest food distributor admits it was storing food in sheds for years, across the u.s. and canada. our investigation goes
6:27 pm
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>> we first broke in story in july. >> cisco foods keeping raw chicken and milk in outdoor unrefrigerated storage sheds across the bay area. >> investigative recorder vicki
6:30 pm
wynn joins us with more on what she's found on an international scale. >> after our investigation, we received tips from dozens of cisco insiders throughout the u.s. and canada. they told us what we found here in the bay area was standard practice by the $billion dollar corporation for years. now for the first time these employees are speaking out about a cost-cutting measure that put public health at risk. >> i come to a fence and i look at it and i'm like this is a freakin' storage shed. >> an unsupervised, unfridge rated outdoor shed. >> i mean, it was nasty. i second guessed actually doing it, but i have a kid and, you know, a family to provide for. i was like if i say no, i mean -- >> har land said he left the job after eight months, disgusted by the company's shed.
6:31 pm
>> i remember dropping off, you know, chicken and beef and stuff that was perishable items. >> back in july, we showed you how cisco stored fresh meat, milk and produce on the floor in 14 sheds across the bay area. they were convenient spots for small orders not profitable enough to be delivered to customers in a fridge rated truck. we recorded food left for up to five hours in hot weather, food that was later picked up by sales people in their personal cars and delivered tokn+ restaurants and hotels. >> are you storing food in these sheds? >> are we? >> yeah. >> oh, i'm not allowed to talk, sorry. >> reporter: now we learn the problem is even bigger. from utah to tennessee, new york to d.c., sources told us about sheds operated by cisco nationwide. and it goes beyond the u.s. sources say cisco also used sheds throughout canada.
6:32 pm
>> m asked to remane anonymous. faring repercussions from the food industry. but they all confirmed the sheds had been around for years. >> it had always been the method of operation. >> this man worked for cisco in spokane, washington. >> western montana, north idaho and eastern washington and a little bit of northern oregon. >> he said the sheds had fridges and freezers, but those were always full. >> most of the time there was extra cases of frozen and refrigerated food on the floor outside of those refrigerators. >> and because they were hidden from health officials coast to coast, they were never inspected. >> did you ever see a health inspect inspector? >> no, never. >> how hot was it in these sheds? >> it gets to 105. >> they know that's a violation of basic food safety requirements. to do that intentionally really is quite appalling.
6:33 pm
>> dr. john ryan is a food safety expert. his company certifies and trains distributors. >>çw% i think they are gambling with public shelt. as soon as the food gets to over a 41 degree level, bacteria is going to double every few minutes. >> 48 million people get sick each year in the u.s. from eating bad food. >> people are now paying attention. >> after our first report in july, cisco said it stopped using the sheds in california and replaced its division. we again asked for an interview about the sheds we since discovered throughout the u.s. and canada. the company declined. but cisco said, we have directed companies to cease dropoff at all sites. we deeply regret the concern this has caused and we pledge that we will use this to both improve our oversight and to lead the industry in improving food safety practices. >> there's mold growing in some of the trailers. >> meanwhile, eric har land says
6:34 pm
the company owes more than an apology. he wants to see monetary finds levied to send a message this is unacceptable. >> they did something wrong. they should be accountable. if it costs them millions to fix the problem, so be it. that's everyone's safety right there. >> cisco had no answer for how many sheds it used or how long this practice went on. but we have new developments to tell you about in the state investigation. investigators tell us they found seven more shed locations for a total of 21 in california. not a single shed was registered with the state as required by law. cisco has purchased refrigerated vans to deliver food properly now. the cdph says it's closely evaluating distribution information for each shed to understand the extent of the violations. in the meantime, canadian health officials have opened up inquiries into cisco after our reporting. unfortunately, though, the fda has not. the agency's latest comment today is that it cannot confirm
6:35 pm
or deny if it is investigating. we will certainly be flowing up with the federal regulators, but cisco tells us as of today, no one from the fda has contacted the company. >> a lot of layers to this story. >> if you have a tip for vickty or anyone on the investigative unit, give us a call. or you can send vicki an e-mail to the unit at now the crisis in syria. a surprising op-ed piece written by russian president vladimir putin was just released. it's titled a plea for caution from russia. it warns a u.s. military strike will just escalate the vie resistance from syria and surrounding region johns. he said there's no doubt poison gas was used in syria but believes it came from op is igs forces and not the syrian army. meantime, john kerry is on his way to meet with russian diplomats. they will try to work out a deal for syria to turn over it chemical weapons and put them
6:36 pm
under united nations control. >> this is going to be a complicated process. we'll have to identiedentify whe chemical sites are. there will probably need to be a cease-fire so inspectors can go in and inspect the sites and remove them for destruction. >> last night, you may have seen it here, president obama addressing the nation saying no deal is reached -- if no deal is reached, he still wants to launch air strikes against the syrian regime for use of chemical residents. the ma jo considerty of americans and law makers are still against any action. >> we seeing international diplomacy playing out in real time. president obama and the rest of the world playing a very cautious hand here. larry, not even president obama knows the answer to this question. what happens now? >> we know this much, however. another a minimum, obama has bought himself some time. the chance proposal has not emerged. at least for now.
6:37 pm
the president was facing mere certain defeat in congress. that defeat not only would have limited the president's options, but in all likelihood relegated obama to the sidelines quite possibly for the rest of his term. even some of obama's critics worried about the collateral damage of the presidency as an institution. >> you talk about time, that's what everyone seems to gain here. what's the upside here for the president. >> several things come to mind here rog. he gives diplomacy a chance. the longer they take, the more it will appear as a charade. if they move swiftly, however, the immediate crisis may be ave averted. second, obama gave badly needed time to court congress and public opinion. if syria uses chemical weapons again or delays handing over the cache, obama will be able to use those events to reinforce his case. and third, it give os bama time
6:38 pm
to work the international community. over the next few months, if he can persuade key partners to go with him, to go along, he may be able to go back to congress with a stronger hand.+wé >> this is the nature of his job, plenty of criticism. how much is deserved here in your opinion? >> the perception by many is that the president has botched this thing up from beginning to end, you know? almost a new beginning right now will be better than anything else that's happened so far because of the disaster that's gone on to this point. it's not been managed well. of course some people will be sympathetic to the rebels. they'll be calling for action, like interventions such as john mccain, lindsey graham. most of the nation is breathing a sigh of relief. we don't exactly know how this is going to play out. but through a strange set of circumstances, the president has an opportunity to start anew. and he needs that opportunity. >> larry from our news room, certainly it will play out in the next several days. thank you, larry.
6:39 pm
>> in other news overseas now, a car bomb exploded outside a government building in libya today. no one was hurt, but it happened exactly one year after an attack at the u.s. consulate in benghazi in libya that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. people living in benghazi say the city is even more dangerous today than it was a year ago. the capital city has seen a spike in bombings and assassinations against former members of the gadhafi regime. now, in the wake of last year's bombing in libya, an east-based city is honoring chris stevens on the one-year anniversary. piedmont high school is formally expected to name the library after stevens. >> coming up, it's not just for women. why men could need estrogen even more than you first thought. >> and good evening. i'm live at america's cup park. 27 and 29, exclusive access to this multimillion dollar, we're
6:40 pm
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>> in health matters tonight, a new study shows the female hormone estrogen is more important for men than many doctors first thought. researchers at massachusetts general hospital found that low estrogen levels in men can lead to sexual disfunction, low testosterone levels and the accumulation of body fat which raises thes aring of heart disease and diabetes. other experts in the field are calling it a mind bender that could revolutionize the way hormones are prescribed for men. 400 men took part in the study, which is published today in the new england journal of medicine. >> let's bring in jim. nice to see you earlier this
6:43 pm
afternoon. take it away. >> thank you very much. it was pleasant to have you come touch the masses here in the sports department. we move it forward. nfl week one in the books. well, you never know what you're going to get in this one. colin kaepernick and the 49ers. they're getting ready. will he and anquan boldin continue their performance against the seahawks? that's next. [ male announcer ] at sizzler... it's back for a limited time! fire grilled steak and golden all-you-can-eat shrimp for an incredible $9.99!
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only at sizzler!
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how the famous politician is again back in the spotlight. >> what's in a name? san francisco has left the
6:46 pm
bridge. the peninsula has the dumbarton bridge. now the state senate is set to vote on whether to name the western span of the bay bridge after former san francisco mayor willie brown. >> willie brown has been throughout his career a superlative example of bridge building. >> amos brown says the two-time mayor and veteran state assembly member deserves the honor. >> if i served as speaker of the assembly for 14 years, bringing democrats and republicans together to grab legislation. that does require a skins builder. >> they edge closer to a final vote. some politicians are sounding off. >> certainly in politics, he's iconic. but he's not cherished the way
6:47 pm
the bay bridge is cherished. the person generally is deceased. and willie brown is alive and continues to be alive. >> brown may be alive, but he wasn't returning calls for comment today. still, some have other ideas altogether about naming the bridge. >> this is a picture of his majesty. >> in 2004, robert chandler convinced san francisco's board of supervisors to pass a measure calling for the bridge to be named for the city's once celebrated and eccentric amber norton. he called for a bridge back in the late 1800s. >> back in hawaii, they only had kings and queens but we can trump them with an error. >> the state senate is set to vote on the measure tomorrow. nbc bay area news. >> we shall find out tomorrow.
6:48 pm
>> jeff has the yacht. hi, jeff. >> that's right, you guys. we're out here on the super yacht, this multimillion dollar pinnacle of luxury. you can see, well, there's a lot happening up here in the bridge deck. this is where all the controls are to the boat. this is one of three control panels. a gps plotter, a radar and also something that would enable the auto pilot to engage. i also heard from some of the experts who know a lot about this boat. things like this, that look, you know, relatively hidden, when you open up this panel, it's actually a little bit of a cook top and somewhere to get a nice cold drink. there's plenty going on in this yacht. but we're also joined tonight by jane eagleson with the america's cop and the concert series. for those of you concerned about it coming to an end, there's still plenty of action, right? >> that's right. we created the america's cup
6:49 pm
concert series in partnership with live naix nation. with eeve had a range of acts. and there's still a few left. it's not too late to get to one of the shows. next week, we have hometown favorite journey. edward sharp, the magnetic zero. >> and we want to be clear that tomorrow, there's still some sort of free music anticipate a lot of headliners do cost some am the of dollars. what can people expect real quick? >> tomorrow is the sounds of san francisco presented by dockers. we have a local band, the frail which will be on the stand. free to the public from 3:30 to 5:30. we've given this stage to local emerging bands to get this opportunity. so come on down and enjoy it. >> that's awesome. thank you so much. this is quite the studio today. thank you so much for accommodating us. we love it out here on this yacht. >> what you're going to be able to see are temperatures
6:50 pm
throughout tomorrow. they're going to remain comfortable in the 60s to start. a little bit of cloud cover rolling on in with areas of the fogs that could produce airport delays. otherwise, temperatures in the low to mid 70s as we head out tomorrow. 85 in livermore, 83 in walnut creek and also 75 in oakland.÷ now, the america's cup gets back into action on thursday with racing on the water. we are expecting for spectators, temperatures in the 60s with a mix of sun and also clouds. and if you're headed out there, you can also get a little quick preview there also on nbc bay area at 1:00 p.m. if you're running late, we have all that live action for you. and did you know, the ac-7 ac-72 catamaran is 72 feet long. that's what the 72 stands for. it's 46 feet wide and is 13,000 pounds. capable of speeds up to 57 miles an hour. .on that seven-day forecast, you can see things start to cool off
6:51 pm
as we head flougt next week with plenty of mid 80s in the forecast. so we're out here on this yacht. i hear they're going to be cooking up on the barbie, getting things firediññ up. i have my team oracle jacket on. come on, oracle, we know you can bring this home. they're down but they're not out. >> we know larry ellison has all the tools to make this happen. come on. >> just don't fall overboard, jeff. thank you. >> did you say go overboard. >> no, i said don't fall overboard. >> do you have your yachting suit on? >> i was going to say, if anyone was ever given the right assignment, it's jeff on a luxury yacht. no one is more comfortable than where that guy is right now. well played, jeff. the day began for the a's with a two-game lead in the american league west. but with the rangers losing 7-35 to the pirates early in the day, that grew to 8 1/2 games against
6:52 pm
minnesota twins, looking to extend their advantage to the highlights we go. game two, a's-twins, bottom of the first, no score. sit down, chump. one out. next batter, off to a good start, bottom of second. runner on second. that's an rbi double. scores 1-0 at the time. it's 10-1. bottom of the fourth, the a's have the lead. to the gridiron we go. anquan boldin, your nfc player of the week. 13 catches for 208 yards in the season opening win over the packers. but to boldin, colin kaepernick against a physical seahawks team. >> our receivers have to be more physical. as an offense, we have to be more physical. they're a great defense. >> i think you have to do what you do best. you know, some guys are smaller guys. usually quickness, that's your bigger guy.
6:53 pm
use your physicality. it varies from receiver to receiver. >> i get a kick out of every week watching our teams compete. our team compete. you know, very much looking forward to this game, big game. >> all right, let's head to the ice. there are new unis, but mostly the same faces. that's probably a good thing. the sharks lost in the second round of the playoffs toth kings in seven games. the team officially opening camp tomorrow. but they did have to report today. >> i want to avoi complacency this year. i don't want the players to take the easy route and slip back into what they were before. it's pretty evident that the organization is prepared to make changes so that we do live up to the identity that we want to establish. and the players will be told that. >> now, it's time for us to take that next step and bring it for a full games and make sure we have that stanley cup run we've been wanting for a while. >> third and king, a little
6:54 pm
matinee today. rockies bases loaded. pushes one to the right side. that's in there for a hit. brandon crawford scores. this one is tied at 3-3. next batter brandon bell. hero or free baseball. hero. singles to left. come on down, giants lead it and they win 4-3. that's going to do it. i'm just ready for sunday, everybody. 49ers and seahawks. it's going to be right here. >> i thought you were going yachting with jeff. >> i know. i -- wait, i do actually. wait. i don't know -- >> no, he doesn't. >> i'm not that limber. i can't -- sorry about that. >> stretch it out, jim. stretch it out. see you later. >> thank you, jim. >> back in a moment.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
>> finally this evening, take a look. cats have nine lives but one creature has unlimited lives. they're called the immortal jelly fish because they have a remarkable ability to revert from adult to child form and then grow back into an adult again. wow. >> i've seen lots of adults do that. >> yes. there are surgeries for that. no creature, though, could do that naturally speaking. >> very interesting. and that's going to do it for us. hope to see you tonight at 11:00. >> have a great evening. > bye-bye.
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discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. robin thicke depends his raunchy performance with miley cyrus. we knew what we were getting into. >> now on "extra." robin thicke's first interview about the vma scandal that rocked the world. >> with he kind of knew we were in rehearsal, okay, if you touch me with your foam finger -- >> did it go too far, in robin's eyes? matt lauer speaks out about matt's new interview about ann's exit the "today" show, who he's ripping as he takes on all the backlash. dina eastwood officially files for separation. what she is demanding from clint. khloe and lamar, the anatomy of a breakup.


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