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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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the world. but tonight it hits home, the u.s. ambassador who was killed on september 11th in benghazi was honored at piedmont high school tonight, his alma matter. jean ellie was with the family of chris stevens and joins us this evening. >> the school board made it official tonight. the library will be named in honor of chris stevens. his mother hopes his life inspires generations of students. >> we felt his work was important. we really wanted to do that work. and he loves being out there and talking to all the people. >> he was dedicated to his job. he's how his mom describes him. tonight at their home in piedmont, his family honored him by flying the american flag that flew over the u.s. capitol the day of the killing. they attended the paid monts unified school district meeting,
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where the board voted to name the library in steven's honor. >> i hope it inspires kids to do what chris has done. >> stevens graduated from piedmont high in 1978 and followed the school's motto to achieve the honorable. now his life will be part of the lesson plan in social studies. and students will study in the ambassador christopher stevens memorial library about. >> i think he'd be pleased, but he'd rather be alive. >> the death of stevens still has democrats and republicans on capitol hill arguing over what went wrong and who is responsible. his family isn't taking a position. but says stevens would not want the incident to be politicized. >> he was not partisan at all. and never discussed political issues. so i think if he were alive today, he would be agast at the political discussions that followed his death. >> it's now part of stevens story that will be taught in his old classroom.
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piedmont high school students say his service and style are worth learning about. >> seeing someone like steven have such a big impact is definitely -- can definitely be said it's inspiration will. >> there will be another special tribute to stevens on friday at piedmont high school's football game. reporting live in piedmont, jean ellie, nbc bay area news. >> today, people living in benghazi said that city is more dangerous than a year ago, when the ambassador and three other americans were killed there. the city has seen a spike in bombings and assassinations by rebels against former gadhafi army officers. just this morning, a car bomb exploded outside the libyan foreign ministry building. a number of countries have moved their consulate out of this city. >> it was a night of remembrance across the country as we stopped to think about the september 11th attacks. a live look at new york city, the empire state building lit up in red, white and blue. to the right, beams representing
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the trade center towers honoring the victims. from the white house to the bay area, a series of emotional ceremonies, including one in shanksville, pennsylvania. the victims of flight 93 were remembered. new tonight, san jose held its own annual 9/11 memorial service. it was held at the memorial at the oakville funeral home in memorial park. the memorial was built in 2002. today wreaths were placed to the monuments of first responders. those who died at the world trade center, the pentagon and flight 93. it is important to remember the attacks and what it meant to the country. >> just bringing the country together, all is one. it does make a difference when people come together. i mean, it's a powerful thing when people come together all for the same reason as well. >> that september 11th memorial contains the granite wall that bears the names of the almost 3,000 people that died in the attacks. there were candlelight vigils
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for victims of 9/11 many on duty crews honored the 343 new york firefighters killed when they rushed into the world trade center towers to save the others. for more on how america remembers september 11th, go to another twist in the crisis in syria, the new york times is now playing a role. late today the paper posted an op ed written by russian president vladimir putin. putin warned a u.s. military strike will only cause more violence in the region. in this letter entitled a plea for caution. there's no doubt poison gas was used in syria. he went on to argue it came from opposition forces and not the syrian army. last night you might recall, president obama said if syria does not turn over all its chemical weapons. he wants to launch air strikes against the syrian regime. an overwhelming majority of americans are still against any military action. it's now thursday morning in
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geneva, switzerland in the 8:00 a.m. hour. it could be a pivotal day. john kerry will meet with russian diplomats. the two sides are trying to negotiate a plan of action for how to handle syria's chemical weapons. suspects in san jose's 35th and 36th homicides appeared in court today. the shooting happened friday night in san jose. police say his body was found between two homes. mario chavez was arraigned and the charge of murder, he killed his live-in girlfriend and mother of his children, stabbing her to death saturday night. we're getting a look at the face of the man who police say gunned down a little girl at a sleeveover. oakland police -- et h take a look at this new sketch they released. this man shot the 8-year-old girl when she answered the front door in her pajamas.
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he's described as a black man between 17 and 24 years, 160 pounds. alicia was sleeping over at a friend's apartment in july. she died in the shooting, three others were hit in a barrage of bullets. we have new details now in the fire burning at mt. diablo. after slowing in intensity today, this fire is about 80% contained, enough for the evacuated residents to come back home. crews expect full containment by this friday, that's good news. this has burned more than 3100 acres since it started on friday. hundreds of firefighters remain on the job trying to put out the hotspots. happening now, another round of fogging in the south bay to stop the spread of the west nile virus. within the past few minutes, vector control started ground fogging the border between the great mall and hoff stetter
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road. they're going to take several hours to spray trucks. mosquitos were found in the area which tested positive for the west nile virus. tonight it is on, the governor's desk awaiting his signature. legislation that would mix the bubble tests your kids cram form leading to a dramatic overhaul in education in california. it also means a potential showdown with the feds in over millions of dollars in funding. george kiriyama joins us with a look at what's changing and what's at stake. >> the u.s. secretary of education says letting an entire school year go by without scores on student performance is the wrong way to go. >> no scores could mean no more federal dollars for california. that's the threat from the nation's top education official after state lawmakers gave the go ahead tonight to suspend all
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the star tests during a one-year test drive known as the measurement of academic performance and progress or math. >> it's a very important bill, because it's going to allow our students, our teachers, our districts to understand what this new testing system is going to look like. >> concord assembly woman who authored the legislation said the state needs the time to give studen hands on experience with a new computerized test, before fully implementing it, in the 2015 school year. >> it's going to remove all confusion and mixed messages that we previously were sending to our classrooms. basically saying, well, we want you to do the new curriculum, but we're going to give you the old test. >> math would replace the start test. gone or the fill in bubble tests, in its place, questions based for the first time on the new common core learning standards adopted by 45 states.
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it requires deeper thinking and problem solving rather than memorization. what state officials call 21st century learning. >> instead of memorization, multiple choice tests, we'll have a deeper you kind of testing that will measure a student's capacity for good collaboration, good problem solving and critical thinking. >> john talked to us about the pros and cons of the bill tonight. some parents may not be happy with taking a year off from getting test results. >> if you're going to discontinue that, you're going to break from the old system. if you're going to give a test, the standardized test, you need to give the individual results to every parent every year, including next year. >> patrick learn heart is looking forward to the change. it will allow teachers to focus on teaching kids to love lrning. >> the way the standardized tests as currently designed have
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driven instruction at all levels is saddening. >> now, the governor who sports the legislation is expected to sign the bill, but bonia is confident governor brown will seek the waver. that will allow the government to go ahead without looking over our shoulders. >> this coming spring, schools can either voluntarily take the english or math portion. the new tests are computerized and for the first time use video elements to test critical thinking and problem solving. the funding component of all this, and how all schools will have access to the computers they need for testing, is still being worked out. i was worried it was going to lap to this lady in front of me. just ahead at 11:00, a medical alert at 35,000 feet.
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the split second decision by this local fire chief that may have saved a woman's life. a new option, the fda officially approving the use of botox for more than just the wrinkles on your forehead. looks like a tornado topped from yard to yard tearing everything up. >> a neighborhood fed up, with wild pigs running wild and tearing up their yards. we're back in a moment with the surveillance video.
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the nsa got a lashing today from mark zuckerberg. zuckerberg said that the government's job is to protect its people, economy, companies
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and freedom. the government blew it on communicating its spy policies, facebook by the way is under several companies under pressure. zuckerberg will meet with republican leaders to discuss a broad range of issues related to facebook. facebook stock hit a new high today. it jumped to $45.09 a share this afternoon. breaking the previous high of $49 set on its first trading day in may of 2012. it's been down for months until this summer. stocks sored more than 70% since july. compare that to the last day, last year, this time last year, when it traded at 19.43 a share. >> on the flip side, we have apple, the bright colors and new fingerprint security not enough to get investors excited. open el stock fell more than 5% a day after the coopertino based company unveiled their new
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iphone. the company's stock has been in free fall over the past year, in september 2012 it traded at over $600 a share. today it closed at $400 a share. palo alto's fire chief answered a call for help mid flig flight. flight attendants made an announcement they needed help from anyone with medical training. he helped a woman with abdominal plane. it happened last month as he was returning from chicago. the plane needed to make an emergency lands to get the woman proper medical attention. >> any firefighter would step up and do that and help out. but you do feel pretty isolated up there at 35,000 feet. >> the woman is okay. american airlines gave chief nickel a $250 voucher, he turned that over to palo alto, since he was on official city business. whether wild, ill tempered,
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and are amazingly good at avoiding traps. we're talking about feral pigs. homeowners are devastated by the damage they're causing. the homes are located in the henry ranch neighborhood in the hills above san ramon. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez with more on the pig problem. >> san ramon's henry ranch neighborhood is mobilized to ward off prowlers. the vandals wreaking havoc in the past two months give dirty a whole new meaning. >> every two or three days now, every night they come. >> these are the krillers causing so much damage many hefty and hungry wild pigs. one neighbor's surveillance camera caught them in action just two nights ago. despite a trap put on the front lawn to catch them. they devoured their midnight
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snack of insects and grubbs unfazed. >> they look at the trap and tear up the lawn. >> his brand new landscaping turned upside down. >> it only takes them a few minutes to do this much damage. they're just incredibly efficient, they put their snouts down into it and tear it up. >> it looks like a tornado from yard to yard tearing everything up. you try to maintain -- >> the feeding frenzy has left the yards a total mess. >> it does feel like we're under attack. we've done everything we know how to do to deter them from our neighborhood and they keep coming back. >> reporter: carrie has called agency she can think of for help. but has seen no action. homeowners association has recently hired a trapper but so far no luck. the pigs continue to go hog-wild. >> you can see from the damage, they're extremely powerful. i don't know if you've ever
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tried to dig up a lawn, but it's hard. and these guys make it look easy. >> huge population of wild pigs in california. >> you're an expert? >> so they're not the cute little pigs? >> no. >> these are some real ugly guys? >> they're not the most attractive animals either. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. >> was he on a yacht? >> he was yachting. >> now back to reality. forget sea legs, i'm trying to get my land legs back. a little dizzy still. we're going to have more coming up in a few minutes. current temperatures in the mid-60s for the most part. it is a little sticky outside, that humidity looks to be staying around here as we look throughout tomorrow's forecast. even though we have that fog at the coastline. we'll see the southerly flow moving in from the south. that should be good enough to keep the dewpoints in the 50s to low 60s as we head throughout tomorrow. live look outside of our sky
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camera network. you're going to be able to see clear skies in san jose. and off to the north here in emeriville, we're looking at clear conditions at the new span of the bay bridge, looking fantastic this evening. as we get a look at our forecast, we're going to find a cloud corner to start at the immediate coastline, and also, right up into the interior valleys for tomorrow. we're trying to get our master to switch with us, folks. you're going to have to bear with me as we try to get this to move on. looks like my computer might be a little stuck in this position at this point. so we're going to have to tell you to check out nbc for more on the weather information. we can't get it to switch. we're going to look into that and get back with a with you. >> we can ask jeff tomorrow in terms of temperatures? >> we're going to be pretty much in the 70s to low to mid-80s inland. 60s by the coastline, it's going
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to be great there for tomorrow as well. no rain in the next couple days. temperatures staying near our seasonal averages at this point. apologize again for this remote, we'll get it handled. >> the computer wants to go on the yacht. >> yes. >> full on protest. >> exactly. >> one of the biggest marine salvage opportunities in history is about to take a step forward. engineers are expected to roll the costa concordia's cruise ship to an upright position next week. the ship has been stuck on the rocks since it ran aground in january of last year. 32 people died and more than 4,000 passengers and crew members were forced to evacuate. the captain is being tried for manslaughter and abandoning ship. in health matters, it's finally official. even though people have been doing it for quite some time. the fda gave the okay to use botox to treat crow's feet.
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it prevents muscles from tightening, so wrinkles are less prominent. turns out men who develop a spare tire around their tummies could be low on estrogen. researchers in boston found that low estrogen levels in men can lead to the accumulation of body fat which in turn raises the risk of heart disease and diabetes. the lack of estrogen are linked to low testosterone levels and sexual dysfunction. experts in the field are calling it a mind-bender, that could revolutionize the way hormones are prescribed. that study came out in the new england journal of medicine today. for a store near you go to
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jeff has got his groove back. we're heading back to him. >> please work. please. we have some motion, you guys. sorry about that, we have all the wires connected properly.
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82 in san jose for tomorrow, 84 in sunnyvale, 79 in palo alto. low 80s in the extreme south bay. at this point for tomorrow, with the humidity moving up from the south, these mid-80s will feel a little hotter for you. again, it's a bit sticky out here as we head through the thursday forecast. 84 in president anton. 79 in the cass droe valley. 69 if you're heading out to america's cup. 65 in pacifica, 75 in sun omaha. for the america's cup tomorrow, we're going to have some wind. you may have a little bit of problem out there on the water. overall, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. if you're headed to pier 27 or 29 to catch the action. it's absolutely free. we're going to have some good weather here. light jacket needed with breaks in the sunshine. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. you can catch the racing at 1:00 p.m. on the seven-day forecast, temperatures stay average through tomorrow. a little bit of a heat spike on
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friday. with 90 degrees inland. sunday, monday and tuesday next week, clouds come back, temperatures stay seasonal as we get closer to fall. nothing like redemption you guys. >> it's like the shawshank redemption with the clicker. >> i'm feeling good. jeff ranieri up next. so what can i get you? we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey!
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let's bring in ahmed fareed from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. i notice he has both of his eyebrows tonight. >> every a's starter had a hit rbi scored a run, i think you know what happened. a's, twins, before the game, cespedes -- get that out of here. bases loaded, jed lowrie, that one is called foul of conferring. talk about it, talk about it. they end up calling it fair.
11:27 pm
lowrie with a double and two rbis. they didn't need the benefit of any calls. later in the evening, two-run home run, a's scored ten in the fourth, they win 18-3. >> i mean, it's fun. that's the number one thing, the big thing was, we were getting pitches to hit, we weren't missing them, it's contagious when that goes on. we did a great job of piling on, we didn't let up. >> i didn't know i could do that, i'm looking forward to watching on the video. >> up three in the west. >> virginia smith from santa rosa, the catch of the year in the ninth inning. they're unable to get virginia in the laneup today. how about that, the first foul ball she ever caught in a major league game. that ball may have caught her. rockies and giants, rockies up one, not any more. singled to right, brandon crawford scores. game tied, next batter, brandon bell, he's been a hero multiple
11:28 pm
times this week. he is again. giants win final score 4-3. 49ers receiver anquan boldin named nfc player of the week. he led the nfl in deceptions. 208 yards, that's more than 36 yards, the highest receiving total in week number one. you probably heard by now you can kaepernick and wilson for this upcoming sunday's game. they made a bet while shooting the commercial. the loser would have to shave an eyebrow. kap had a lot to say about the situation today. >> two brief conversations in between shooting. >> no. i don't know, not my idea. >> i'm going to let you ask russell about that one. >> he wasn't very talkative after all. wilson did talk about it, the bet was not really serious. looks like they'll both have their eyebrows after.
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>> it wouldn't have made a difference, he wears that beannie so how. >> it does take a long time to grow back an eyebrow. i don't blame him at all. >> does he know from experience? >> i don't know fp afraid to ask. >> thank you you can ahmed. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way.
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mid-80s inland. for friday, we'll see a heat spike with 90 degrees expected for the east bay. by saturday, sunday and monday, gradually temperatures start to push down, it's going to feel a lot like fall for next week. the one caveat, doesn't look too hot. the humidity may be with us. >> someone's going to have to ask for a hair straighter in. e , very relaxing. are you sure you can't make it? but you come every year! you could be playing bingo right now! woooo! and there's movie night -- you love movies! [ laughs ] sorry honey, can't hear you -- bad connection. love you! [ laughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] bold flavors for the bold hearted -- progresso heart healthy soup.
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