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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 12, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures nice and mild. plenty of 60s across the board. temperatures are great. we have some fog and drizzle out there i want to let you know about that and of course that weekend forecast coming up. >> the weather conditions could be affecting the boats in america's cup racing getting ready to get back out on the water. we'll be there taking a look with a live report from the bay coming up. >> look at this. traffic stacking up into downtown oakland, another problem getting out of the city. we'll show you what's going on. >> awaiting the sun's arrival. taking a live look outside over the south bay, san jose, it's thursday, september 12th, this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. we start with the story you'll see only here on nbc bay area, the man held for sunday's deadly
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shooting on the south campus of san jose state scheduled to be in court today. this marks his first court appearance coming as they investigate claims that the homicide could be a case of vigilante justice. marla tellez joining us with more on those exclusive details. good morning. >> good morning. the 62-year-old suspect is in jail now held without bail but i want to point out he has yet to be formally charged with any crime. we suspect that's going to happen today when he shows up for his arraignment. the suspect is 62-year-old craig yuhara. we do not have his mug shot. this case is sealed. sources tell us that he may have been acting on good will when he shot and killed 47-year-old daniel winslow near spartan stadium on university property. though this happened sunday morning, broken glass remains at the scene. sources say he caught winslow trying to either steal or
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burglarize a car. at this point university police tell us they can't confirm nor deny vigilanteism was involved. >> is a complex investigation. i don't have any details on that. if that is part of the investigation, the investigators will be able to put that together for the district attorney's office. >> court record shows the victim has a long criminal rap sheet for car theft, animal cruelty, drug possession and carrying a gun. the suspect is scheduled to be arraigned at 1:30 this afternoon. >> thanks so much. it is 5:02. three years ago today a chile man who moved to the bay area was murdered on the streets of berkeley. this afternoon the search for his killer ramps up. the fiance will visit the site where he died. the couple were at the intersection of add a line and
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everson and men punched the woman and shot and killed him. his sister is also in town today to honor her brother. >> a man who says he was shot by san jose police is about to get a major payout from the city. officials agreeing to pay nearly $5 million to settle a lawsuit by javier gonzalez guerrero. police shot him after finding him passed out drunk in a stairwell after a party in 2011. he was carrying a toy gun as part of his costume. officers thought it was real. the officers involved, they say they told him not to touch that gun, then they opened fire when they saw his hand move toward that gun. the city council is expected to approve the settlement later this month. >> scientists at a bay area university could soon help us know when an earthquake is coming moments before it strikes. christie smith live at the berkeley campus with new details how the warning system would
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work. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. state lawmakers are considering this bill. they are going to talk about it today and basically it would direct the state office of emergency services to work with a number of agencies including uc-berkeley to come up with an early warning system for earthquakes. basically giving people 30-second warning or more that an earthquake was imminent. technology to detect how strong the quake might be and trigger an alert. the bill is offered by senator alex. right now scientists can estimate the risk of a quake but they are trying to hammer down ways to determine when a quake might strike. the usgs has been developing a system on a small scale with the state. federal dollars aren't there yet for construction as it stands. one scotts valley company seismic warning system says it doesn't work fast enough to give
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a use until warning. if approved it would have until 2016 to identify the funding for, this it could be grant, federal funds. the estimates are to put this system in place would cost about $80 million. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> jon kelley tells me he wants a little more morning. >> like 15monds. i'm always intrigued how that works. >> you have to be prepared in the bay area. never know. want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. she's got a look at our temperatures. >> good morning to you. you know why 30 seconds is important? it gives you an opportunity duck and cover. that could save lives. so we'll have to see how that works out. anything that can keep you and your family safe, though, we want to bring it to your attention. we're concerned about patchy fog and drizzle reported over the santa cruz mountains. in the mid-60s, 65 degree, good
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morning to you in livermore. 64 right here in beautiful san jose and temperatures along the coast, nice and mild so. close to the weekend. i'm going to get to the forecast. we stop the clock at 7:00 a.m., mostly cloudy at that point across the greater bay area. by noon lots of sunshine and that's great news for the america's cup finals. we're going to look at that forecast coming up. 86 degrees in the heat of the day, 84 in gilroy, a look at the morning drive. here's mike. >> a look here, these flashing lights going back and forth. we had construction crews going in both directions so that's the reason for all of that. as they are starting to clear we see the jam. high street starting to move more smoothly. we see that the slowdown still happens north of the coliseum. we see commotion, then it clears out.
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over the last couple of minutes we heard that the tube getting you has reopened after maintenance so that's better news into and out of oakland, a little better than it was about five minutes ago. looking toward both bridges. clearly at the limit. no problems to the peninsula side. the north bay, this is where things will build but so far a smooth easy drive. might find fog and low clouds but not a big deal. >> 5:07. time take you out to the waters. team oracle usa hoping change will do them good, looking the get back in the competition that the year's america's cup sailing. >> they need. bob is live in san francisco with a unique view. >> our skipper.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, jon and laura. oracle, team oracle, they are down by four. 0-4. the final races six and seven take place today. there are other races going on. that's the super yacht regatta, late to is one of the competitor, that's a 289-foot super yacht. tomorrow is day three of the super yacht. these are plift owned and they bring their sail boats and yachts out to compete against other owners. good morning to you. >> good. >> you have boats from 82 feet to of course this monstrous 289. compare that to what we're seeing with the america's cup to the super. >> it's completely different. the regatta is much more the classic sailing, the beautiful old sailing boats you are used to seeing. you get the 18-foot skiff, so
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sailing. >> nothing is going to compare but what are the ranges in knots? >> it varies from boat to boat, 10 to 14 knots depending on when. they are certainly not slow but not as fast as the 702. >> the crews could range from how many? >> it ranges again from beat the boat, about 20 to 40 people. some of them have three masts, so they have a lot of -- >> i imagine more are in awe of the size and how pretty they are and start thinking i wish i had one. >> what's nice is having them out there. you see the crews cleaning them all day, 10 to see them out and sailing. >> you can come out to america's cup park tomorrow what would be the best time before they head to the water.
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>> they come back in about 3:00. so before that and even during the racing the park is open to the public so you can see all of the crew. >> if you slipped them a 20 they might let you help out. oh, 40, 40. a third final day of the super yacht regatta tomorrow early afternoon again you come out late morning tomorrow, pier 27, 29, before they head out. >> good day on the bay. good, >> beautiful to watch. >> because of today's races days of our lives airs at noon, "bethenny," followed by ellen. then nbc's bay area news at 5:00. >> 5:10 now. coming up plans to raise california's minimum wage a step closer to becoming a reality. >> plus we'll show you the man police say is responsible for shooting a young girl.
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make it a triple scoop. dreyer's ice cream is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. netflix is bringing more programming. starting today it will stream the seven episode first season of "derek." that stars ricky gervais. recently netflix began airing new episodes of arrested development. >> netflix, come a long way since that flickster debacle. every loss. >> hitting all time highs this week. two years after proposed splitting its business into two confusing businesses. netflix gave back a bit down to
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308 after a high of 314. still better than the 304 it saw about two years ago. apple nowhere near all time highs, headed the wrong direction after investors punished that stock. their concern the so-called cheaper iphone is too expensive for the market it is designed for. mostly china. yesterday we were talking about preorders of the iphone c which starts tomorrow. a viewer pointed out the way i spoke it sounded as if the iphone s would also be available for preorder tomorrow. apple is not taking preorders on the s. both will be in store as week from tomorrow. a check of the markets. kye la tauschy is live. good morning. >> good morning, scott futures are lower after a mixed close to the markets on wednesday. the dow posting its third straight triple digit gain and the s&p 500 rose for the seventh day. the nasdaq fell weighed down by apple, it dropped a day after
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launching the new iphones. analysts downgraded the stock on those concerns that it may be too pricey for emerging markets like china. we get data elsewhere on unemployment and import prices. the dow jumping 135 points to 15,326, the nasdaq slipping 4 to 3725. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you much. it's 5:15. we'll look at what marissa mires said. two big names, zuckerberg and meyers speaking out. >> i heard a few excerpts. >> we'll look forward to that. they are looking forward to relief in colorado, they are having a tough go. we are awaiting a news conference to update us on the flash flooding that's happened in that state. we're hearing word of a second death connected to a flash flood emergency in the boulder county area. days of heavy rains have closed streets, prompted evacuations.
5:16 am
our nbc affiliate in denver reported one person was found dead in a collapsed home while another body was found in flood waters. university of colorado in fact, closed today, completely, because of flooding. about 400 students have been forced from their homes. a number of areas also dealing with large mudslides so they are really getting inundated. >> sheets of rain out there. you pointrd out all of the hot weather, probably dry. >> some of the surrounding areas there, i have a friend her basement completely flooded. >> it's all monsoonal moisture wrapping around a big ridge of high pressure. it's been a rough monsoon season, also nevada and southern california especially in the palm springs area it has been rough for them. we have more of that in the forecast for today and tomorrow. in the bay area, onshore flow persists a good looking day shaping up. especially if you are headed out to the america's cup race. it will be breezy, a nice ocean
5:17 am
breeze, low clouds hugging the coast, all of that ocean air moving inland. if you liked yesterday you'll love what we have this afternoon. let's look at what we are expecting. winds will likely remain below criteria when it comes to the race. but it will be breezier than what we saw earlier this week and that means we might see more action. remember, catch that broadcast here on nbc bay area. and word on the street next week i'm going to be throughout live so hopefully i'll have a good opportunity to show you how rough it can be. we have ocean currents and when you couple those winds it makes that race exciting. 78 in san jose. i want to be able to explain to you next week. as you head through this week temperatures are going to be comfortable. upper 80s friday into saturday. as we head through the end of the weekend and yes, i know i
5:18 am
keep saying it because i want you to embrace it, the final full weekend of summer, sir. >> all i hear is weekend. doesn't matter, it's weekend. good stuff. we are looking at the interchange for 880 and 280 where we had construction, that just reopened and we saw crews move out. a good deal on our sensors. didn't see any problem. good stuff. also lighter volume but starting to build. we're looking at 84 coming down. the folks comes out of the pass. looking at oakland, a difference a couple minutes make. by the coliseum, we had traffic jammed up. they cleared the crews and now a smooth recovery from the coliseum. a couple spots below the speed limit. a live look showing folks coming
5:19 am
westbound, low clouds down through richmond and berkeley on the drive itself you're okay but low clouds might be an issue and certainly on the golden date with bridge. be careful. back to you. >> it's 5:19. oakland police need help finding a man accused of gunning down a girl. this man shot the girl when she answered the door. three other people inside the home at the time they were also caught in that gun fire. alyssa's friend and a boy and their grandmother all survived. >> a former 49er will be talking about concussions. ronnie lott will be the keynote speaker on sports concussions. during his time lott was considered to be one of the hardest hitters. among the topics up for
5:20 am
discussion, the settlement with former players who say the league should have done more to prevent head injuries. this is the fourth year the university has hosted the event. >> good to have ronnie lott. good stuff. jerry brown throwing support behind a bill to increase the minimum raise, it would raise the wage from 8 to $10 an hour by 2016. governor brown says the minimum wage has not kept pace with the rising cost of living. opponents say it will force business owners to cut jobs. the bill must pass tomorrow to go to the governor's desk. >> some people are trying to save two dozen trees. they are asking the city to reverse its decision of issuing tree removal permits. the condo is on chelsea way off
5:21 am
woodside road. the board wants to remove 32 red wood trees saying they could cause damage to the area. residents contend its unsays tear. >> coming up we'll tell you about the miss america contestant trying to change the way the world views beauty. mom?
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welcome back everyone. it is 5:23 now. the miss america contest wrapped up this weekend, one of the contestants wants to change the stereotype many have of women. during the swim suit portion of the competition on tuesday miss kansas, theresa vail, revealed two tattoos, the first to do so. she says she would abhypocrite
5:24 am
if she offered the ink. one is a u.s. army dental corps insignia, she is a member of the army national guard training to become a military dentist. >> there are new details on why palo alto's fire chief is being hailed as a hero. last month the off-duty chief jumped into action during a return flight from chicago responding to a call for help from a flight attendant. the chief helped that woman who was having abdominal pain. he figured out that the plane needed to make an emergency landing to get that woman the medical help she needed. >> any firefighter would do that and help out. but you do feel pretty isolated up there at 35,000 feet. >> he did a great job there, that woman we can tell you is okay. american airlines gave chief nickel a nice $250 voucher i guess for helping out. he turned that over to palo alto since he was on city business.
5:25 am
so keeping strict to the rules. >> i'd say. >> he is a hero now. >> 5:24. want to check the forecast. >> we love all our local hero, firefighters, police officers, thank you guys. and women for what you do. temperatures right now looking good, in the 60s across the board. 63 in san francisco. take you into your lunch time hour. might be getting hungry. this morning 66 degrees in oakland. as you break for lunch, 63 in san francisco. and another gorgeous day. basically taking temperatures from yesterday, bump them up 1 degree, maybe 2. 74 in fremont, and 67 degrees in san francisco. i have your full weekend forecast coming up. first i want to check on your drive. >> very busy right now at the truck scales. a lot of folks lining up to get trucks weighed. as far as the traffic moving
5:26 am
smoothly. you see on the map also the same area. the northbound side that is fast truck scales. we're picking up the volume but not a big problem. 880 and 101 moving and connected to two, the dumbarton and san mateo bridges at the limit. the taillights away from the hayward side. you can see the high rise so it's clear here but low clouds around the bay. >> 5:26. coming up keeping an eye on that fire in mt. diablo. the new estimate for complete containment. we'll have that coming up. >> plus, take you live to colorado this morning. authorities now saying two people have died because of flash flooding in boulder county. take a look at all of that water. university of colorado is shut down today. we're going to continue to
5:27 am
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the man held for sunday's homicide on state property is scheduled to make his first court appearance. this as sources tell nbc bay area the entire murder could be a case of vigilante justice. i'm marla tellez with the story only on nbc bay area coming up. >> how the community is coming together to try to help bay area firefighters burglarized while they were out battling the mt. diablo fire. >> i'm meteorologist christina loren. you made it to thursday, so close to the weekend now. a mild start. we've got plenty of patchy fog and drizzle. the action heating up on the water. we'll have the america's cup forecast. >> as traffic starts to pick up in the east bay a new crash on the peninsula. we'll show you the problems you might encounter for highway 101. >> right now a live look outside spanning the south bay. how is that for a beautiful look
5:30 am
at san jose. lights twinkling for you on this friday eve, that's right, one day closer to the weekend. thursday, september 12th, this is "today in the bay." big fan of thursdays. one day closer to that weekend. 5: 5:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we start with a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. the man accused in the deadly shooting on the campus of san jose state is schedule forward a court appearance. there are new claims he may have been taking the law into his own hands. marla tellez joins us live from the you county court house with the exclusive information. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the 62-year-old is in jail being held without bail but i should point out he hasn't been charged with any sort of crime. the d.a. has yet to charge him. we suspect that's going to
5:31 am
change this afternoon. the suspect is 62 yaerld craig yuhara. he may have been acting with the best of intention when's he shot and killed 47-year-old daniel winslow on humboldt street on university property. though this happened sunday morning, if you head out to the scene you can still see broken glass on the concrete. sources say yuhara caught winslow trying to steal or burglarize a car. police are tight-lipped. they tell us they cannot confirm or deny vigilanteism was involved. >> this is a complex investigation. i don't have details on that. if that is part of the investigation, the vet gers will be able to put that together for the district attorney's office. >> reporter: court record those
5:32 am
is the victim has a long criminal rap sheet for car theft, animal you'llty, drug possession and carrying a gun. the suspect is scheduled to be arraigned at 1:30 this afternoon. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> 5:32 now. that man accused of running naked on a b.a.r.t. platform and attacking people he is expected to be court today. he is facing charges of false imprisonment, battery and sexual battery. he is believed to be the man in this cell phone video taken may 10 showing a naked man grabbing a woman in the 16th street b.a.r.t. station in san francisco. he also stands accused of attacking a b.a.r.t. employee. >> crews expect to have full control of the fire by tomorrow. firefighters say the morgan fire is 80% contained. a little more than 3100 acres have burned. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the chronicle reports that
5:33 am
neighbors in the area hurd what sounded like target practice gun shots shortly before the fire broke out. the community coming together to help out the firefighters victimized while they were battling the fire. firefighters returned to their station to find a burglar made off with items including ipads and wedding rings. a san francisco jeweler is now offering to replicate and replace the stolen wedding bands. the fires district is looking at ways to improve security at its fire stations. >> a bay area university now playing a key role how scientists predict earthquakes. christie is live with more details on the technology used to figure out and locate tremors. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. today state lawmakers are going to vote on what's next in trying to develop a system to detect
5:34 am
earthquakes and alert californians that they are coming. if approved the office of emergency services would be working with institutions like uc-berkeley, to try and come up with a system. the system would give californians a few precious moments alerting them that an earthquake was coming. it's envisioned by the senator's bill, this would require a series of sensors along fault lines throughout the state, plus the technology gauges how strong that quake is and lets people know they are coming. right now the usgs is developing a small scale system. the government hasn't put up the money to fund it yet. the state technology doesn't work that accurately to give fair warning to those closest to the epicenter of the quake. if approved it would have until
5:35 am
2016 to identify the funds and the to come up with them. it would cost about $80 million. reporting live at uc-berkeley, christie smith. >> thank you. intriguing stuff. >> got to love a bay area morning. let's see what we're in store for. >> good morning to you laura and jon and you at home. happy thursday. temperatures looking really good. i want to start with this live picture of the golden gate bridge. a steady drizzle. the highway getting on the slick side. we're going to get all of the details with mike. right now temperatures in the 60s and mid-60s. as we head through the day the fog will play a factor. i think we're going to see mostly cloudy conditions. getting into this afternoon, so we stop the clock at 8:00 a.m. san jose, we're not going to see a lot of fog this morning here.
5:36 am
or low clouds. nonetheless, a beautiful afternoon headed our way. we stop that clock at noon, that's when we expect mostly sunny conditions. you can see two very different sides. bayside, sunny, at noon still mostly cloudy on the ocean beach side. however, you want that sunshine for america's cup. a look at the forecast coming up. today's highs it works like this. expecting 86 in livermore, 85 for fair field and so not quite that warm in your inland cities. we'll see 70s around the bay and 67 in san francisco. >> we're looking toward the decline if you look toward the commute, the direction of the orientation, westbound with the headlights and a lot more coming off of that high rise. a smooth drive across the san mateo bridge. we'll look at the maps. we do have a little blip, that yellow going east.
5:37 am
no slowing, might be lighter traffic. as you pass sfo reports of a minor crash. all the activity in the slow lane so one car was involved that car was swerving before he that. we don't see slowing but the flashing lights will be a distraction. fog and mist and slick rods for folks out or into the north bay there is limited visibility. in the south bay traffic moves we'll look at 101, just picking up the volume action we've seen a big increase to the flow. >> the time is 5:37. are you ready. >> are you ready? >> time for us to hit the water. our own bob redell. he's out there in the bay getting an idea what it's really
5:38 am
like. he'll have a live report. >> plus, keeping things calm. what the seahawks are telling their fans as seattle gears up for the big game. ♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you,
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the crisis in syria a. key meeting is happening today between the secretary of state john kerry and russia's foreign minister over the syria chemical weapon program as . good morning, tracie. >> good morning. the u.s. official who confirmed to nbc news that we are supplying arms says they don't think it will tilt the balance in syria but they do think it may help the situation. what they want to do are those military strikes but that is off the table today in switzerland. secretary of state john kerry is in switzerland today to hold
5:41 am
meetings, hold talks with his technical team and russian -- the russian foreign minister, and his technical team, to get down to details. how can they ensure that these chemical weapons are taken out of syria, turned over to an international force and then destroyed. they are talking timeline, talking security, they are talking monitoring, and verification today. meantime, in the united states, in "the new york times" today an op-ed by russian president vladamir putin talking directly to the american people, condemning the possible airstrikes, he says it could throw the entire system of international law out of balance. we'll continue to watch it for you. >> excellent. thank you, tracie. >> wounded military veterans and some victims of the boston marathon bombings join forces tonight for a fund-raiser. this in boston for the patriots' opener against the new york jets, part of an effort to raise money for both groups.
5:42 am
before tonight's coin toss on the field veterans and the victims, they will be joining the players there at midfield. that will be very cool. organizers say they hope this will teach fans the human spirit cannot be broken by tragedy. the 49ers, they hit the road for this big game in seattle. this is a major conference bash. and the seahawks, the organization there, sending a special warning out to the home crowd to have country throughout but please, stay cool. seattle taking a hardline stance telling fan they fight or even threaten a 49er fan, they will get booted from the stadium and season ticket holders will have the tickets revoked. they will be putting undercover officers out there wearing 49er jersey to catch unruly behavier. they will have to complete an on line course that cost $75 and have to do this before they
5:43 am
return to the stadium. by the way, a little programming note for you. you can catch and watch the entire sunday night ball game, that action here on nbc bay area. time to strike up the band, we're happy to get up early for this, more fun on the water in san francisco. the america's cup sailing race is back in action this afternoon. >> and oracle currently losing two new zealand. an inside look at the super yachts regatta race. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. what's unique about the super yacht regatta, you see one of the yachts there, 289 foot, beautiful sail boat. you don't see these too often here. they don't come here often. but you've got seven of some of the nicest yachts, tomorrow the third day of the super yacht ra
5:44 am
dwa ta. hair jett here with the america's cup. good morning to you. i'm looking at this going wow. if it was 290 feet it would have been perfect. you've been on board. >> she is beautiful, yes. >> what is it like being on sfwhoord. >> think the interior design is incredible. i think it's that brand of luxury whether it be a wine cellar, a mobile bathroom, they can -- >> they look nice, they are luxurious. how do they race? >> they are pretty good. they are incredible to watch. it's all sails up it's a spectacle. >> you you have these crews more on the america's cup final of 20 to 40 people. what's it like watching these people on the deck from the shore? >> it's incredible. just to see 40 people moving in sync working together. they aren't running around as much as the sailor, they have
5:45 am
power but it's still a lot of mainpower and team work. >> of the seven entry, the only qualification is that you have a super yacht to enter. >> yes. we have the program here. >> are the owners good racers or do they hire people to do the racing for them? >> it varies. they will get in some sailors but a lot of the owners sail. they have the tuv of sailing. >> what time does the tour start? >> right now. >> so come here late tomorrow morning is when they are going to be taking out to the bay, and then the race is around 12:30 against seven of the finest. a quarter of the speed of the ac-72 which are going to be competing. later this afternoon out on the bay, for america's rup final
5:46 am
races. >> a lot of fun out there. >> thank you. >> we should tell you because of today's races days of our lives will air at noon, "bethenny" at 3:00. that great new show. check it out. followed by "ellen." then nbc bay area news at 5:00. >> it's 5:46 a.m. meteorologist christina loren telling us the kind of weather that captain bob will be seeing. >> i thought of him more of a gilligan. we love our bob redell. temperatures are really comfortable everywhere right now. later on today, if you can get out there make sure you bring the sun screen, bring those shades. lots of sunshine on the bay side. you'll likely be socked in with fog on the ocean beach side.
5:47 am
we expect temperatures on the water to end up in the upper 60s. might even touch on the low 70s. depends. we don't have much throughout, nothing in terms of a sun rise. it's so foggy. foggy enough to start with flight delays. the temperature is 63 degrees, with the fog, it's serving as a blanket and you know what, you might be trying to get out of down. no flight delays out of any other major airport. we'll keep you updated throughout the "today" show. 65 in livermore, 64 san jose, 64 in sunnyvale. your hour by hour change, stop that clack, bump the time up to around noon when you get out there it's going to be kind of warm, 76 degrees is tolerable. when you consider we were in the triple digits to kick off the week, 86 degrees is refleshing in the tri-valley.
5:48 am
79 in los gatos and 67 degrees in san francisco. i know what you want. taking a look at the weekend. we're so close to. 89 for friday, temperatures creeping up a touch. but really we don't have major fluctuation in terms of our numbers. all the way through the final full weekend of summer. you got to work for the weekend. mike knows how to get you there. >> follow those orange squares. that's what they are, the weekend there. looking at a smooth flow throughout the south bay. in most cases under 60 miles per hour. here north 101. the arrow points in the direction. the key reports at the on ramp. this is counter commute and before you get on the freeway. shows you the volume of traffic. there is our first burst, you see traffic creeping here where
5:49 am
there is that merge. then past 880. we'll look at 880 south bound into the area. big increase over the last 15 minutes. close to -- 880 approaching, southbound or northbound you see all these lights. on the fob action the trivalue. coming through livermore. not a problem as you approach the maze. the east shore freeway shows a gentle build. in the upper 50s past the race trok. a look at the toll plaza. we're back to our standard backup. it's starting to build again. >> thank you. the bay area man who was killed in benghazi will be remembered. the piedmont school district voted to rename the high school library after cities fer
5:50 am
stevens. he graduated in 1978. in addition to naming him, there will ablesson plan in part of social studies. his mother says he would be pleased. >> i hope it inspires kids. >> there will be a special trib put tribute at halftime. >> very appropriate honor for christopher stevens. 5:50 now. the new effort to make a prominent south bay church a national landmark. >> it's not every day you hear tech ceos talk about with treason. ♪
5:51 am
5:52 am
♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars. i want to update you on the flash flooding in colorado. that is the boulder, colorado
5:53 am
area. torrential downpour, a second death has been reported out there after heavy days of rain in that area prompting evacuations, some buildings have been collapsing. 400 to 500 undergraduates forced out of their homes. we've been told 13 undergraduates from a couple of the resident halls had to get out as well. so a big problem. we'll keep you posted. a second death connected to the flash flooding in boulder, colorado county. a catholic church in east san jose could become a national historic landmark. the roman catholic diocese dominating our lady of guadeloupe to the national park service. the church was frequently worshiped by civil rights leader cesar chavez when he was starting as a community activists. the church hosting a fund-raiser tonight at 6:00 to help raise money for a restoration project
5:54 am
to increase its chances of receiving that national historic landmark status. congresswoman also spear heading an effort in washington to try to get this designation. 5:54. the head of yahoo! explains she has no choice when it comes to cooperating with the federal government as it asks for users' secrets. scott mcgrew, not every day you hear a ceo use the word treason. >> a small part of her talk but the concept of treason did come up. she was asked about national security letters and the nsa surveillance of internet users and said quite reasonably she couldn't say more because talking about classified information was treason. and would land her in jail. meyers spoke in san francisco, so did mark zuckerberg who says the government, quote, blew it by not properly communicating with the american public what was going on with its domestic
5:55 am
spy program. "the new york times" says this morning the federal trade commission is taking a closer look at facebook's proposed changes to its privacy policies. it can't make changes without user approval, part of a court ordered settlement. what it's doing aren't changes, just clarification of existing policy. amd facing strain after news it's kicked off the s&p 500 index. because it's not big enough. amd was 500 on the list, now it's 501. this comes a couple days after hewlett-packard was remofed from the dow 30 industrials. big in the days of the computer, amd makes the chips but analysts predict this morning by next month the number of tablets shipped to stores outnumber computers for the first time in history. >> isn't that amazing. >> how things have changed.
5:56 am
remember the good old typewriter. >> classic. relics now. >> no kidding. >> it's nice to reminisce. the olden days back when we were young or -- you're not even around when i was young. 5:56. let's check things with christina loren who is also very young. probably -- >> look at him cover. >> i know. keep on digging this morning, mr. jon kelley. good morning to you. that's why we love you. 86 degrees, 77 at the coast, 68 degree action we've got some fog, we've got some drizzle. mostly cloudy conditions to kick off your thursday but don't forget those shades. a nice sunny finish. mike inouye, good morning to you. >> good morning. i'm going to take you out to our maps. we have a new crash southbound 880. you see the slowing. this crash just came in. south 880 approaching dakoto. that's the dumbarton bridge exit. this is in the right two lanes as you make that approach.
5:57 am
that could be an issue. they called on an ambulance. we'll track this. you head through the area there is also a mooth drive. we'll end with this. you might have trouble getting there. >> thank you. >> coming up new video in of a big rig crash near san mateo bridge. the fuel spill that tied up traffic for hours. we'll let you know whether it will affect your commute. >> an environmental disaster after molasses smiles into the waters off honolulu. >> that sounds like a rough sticky situation. how about a beautiful live look at the bay bridge. the america's cup boats will be sailing through that area. we've got that and more after this break. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways
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breaking news. two people dead, towns evacuated and a university campus shut down as flash flooding drenches the colorado county overnight. new details just coming in, next. >> and the next step says the cries is in syria continues to unfold. we'll tell you about the high profile talk that has secretary of state john kerry touching down in geneva. >> and only on nbc, was a homicide near the san jose state campus vigilante justice. what one source is telling us what may have happened moments before a deadly shooting. >> i'm meteorologist christina loren. thick fog forcing flight delays out of sfo. we'll let you know what that means for your morning drive and more importantly, i've got your weekend forecast coming up in less than five minutes. >> in addition to the weather we have a couple of crashes to report now. one coming in to fremont, another through san jose. we'll show you the shake-up for 101 and


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