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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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of preschool, it was supposed to be a milestone. now it is a day this mother would like to forget. >> at 11:30 i get a phone call from the school saying nobody has come to pick up my daughter and the bus driver didn't return. my daughter slept for 14 hours straight after this ordeal. she was completely exhausted by the process. the following day she did not want to go to school as you can imagine. she was terrified to get on the bus. >> reporter: the superintendent for the school district admits the district has had other issues with durham. >> we're in the process of reviewing the contract and previous concerns with durham buses. we are asking durham to develop
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a system and track concerns about durham. >> our top priority is the safety of the students we transport. we work closely with our district partner to address issues that arise and have worked out a plan to improve communication and coordination going forward. >> reporter: he wouldn't say what that plan was or address alicia's concerns. she says they deserve more. there are more than 2,000 special needs students in this district. now the district contracts with the south county transportation authority, which actually holds the account with durham. that contract is up in june of 2015. the superintendent tells me durham is the only game in town because there is no other bus company that can adequately provide transportation for that
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high volume of students. now to an nbc bay area followup. barry bonds lost his appeal in federal court. the three judge panel ruled his 2011 obstruction of justice conviction should remain in place. bonds was sentenced to one month of home confinement and 250 hours of community service. new details now on the bard strike. the transit agency has proposed a plan b if no agreement is reached. workers decide to walk off the job again. we are live in oakland with the surprising solution. >> reporter: it's definitely raising eyebrows, especially here at bart union headkwaquart.
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it is a proposal that is stopping some right in their tracks. bart and its union still have 28 days to reach a day and avoid a strike. bart says it is preparing for the worst and is looking at having managers operate trains if workers go on strike. >> we feel we have at least an obligation to see whether or not it would be possible to run some type of skeletal bart service. >> reporter: the general manager says they're going through a cleaning exercise to determine how many of their 200 managers have the necessary qualifications to run the trains. while managers can't do hands-on training exercises before a strike is called, they can undergo classroom training in the meantime. >> if we did attempt to run service, if we came to the
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conclusion we had enough people that were qualified to do so, it would be skeletal service. >> some are trainers operators, but they haven't operated them in years. >> reporter: tapping managers to run trains is absurd. she says train operates have lots of training. >> they don't know how to troubleshoot. they wouldn't be able to evacuate. this is seriously a problem if they're talking about doing that. >> reporter: while they don't want a strike, most say they wouldn't want managers to take the helm of the trains either. >> operators know their work. they are trained to run the trains. managers should just manage the operations. not the trains themselves. >> reporter: barts assistant general manager says it will be
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up to the board of directors to approve such a proposal. it is simply a planning exercise. both sides will be back at the bargaining table on monday. >> we want to know what you think. should bart managers be allowed to drive trains? you can call us at 408-300-9222. vote one for yes and two for no. let's take a look. this was no publicity stunt. a window washing skcaffolding ws hanging. firefighters evacuated three floors of this building why they tried to get it under control. >> that thing weighs almost 2,000 pounds. i talked to the guy who was the
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engineer in charge of it. i asked him if it was in danger of falling. by the look on his face, i was able to tell it was. >> you can see him do it right there. finally it was lifted back up. the big fire that scorched the east bay has a big price tag. it forced the evacuation of 100 homes. cal fire estimated the cost to fight this fire will top $4 million. this fire started by people who were targeting shooting in the area. after years of discussion and debate, state lawmakers have approved a bill that will allow undocumented immigrants to get a driver's license. the bill was passed late yesterday and governor jerry brown says he will sign it into line. we have the message the governor hopes this move will send.
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>> reporter: the governor is hoping this is a step towards federal immigration reform. before agreeing to sign the bill, he told lawmakers it must adhere to federal standards. that bill was tweaked until it finally passed. >> it is a benefit for everybody to know when you're driving on the road that you know the driver next to you has been tested, has been trained, and understands the rules of the road. >> reporter: she's the executive of siren. >> the reality is they have to drive to work. the reality is they have to take their children to school or to the doctors. reality is they were driving without a license and they were very fearful about that. >> reporter: the passage of the bill paves the way for those
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illegally in the country to get a driver's license. it will enable millions of people to get to work safely and legally. hopefully it will send a message to washington that immigration reform is long past due. it is only an id for driving. it does not establish eligibility for employment or public benefits. >> what you're seeing is states starting to push the federal government in ways suggesting to the federal government that it needs to think about the population that is unlikely to leave the united states and public policy needs to fit to realities of that situation. >> it shows california has come a long way in approving policies that help improve the lives of immigrants. >> reporter: if governor brown does sign the bill, california will be the tenth state in the nation to allow undocumented immigrants to apply for driver's
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licenses. a pair of limo safety bills introduced by bay area lawmakers are on the way to the governor's desk. it requires regular safety inspections of all limousines. senator jerry hill, who represents the peninsula, and allen kor bet introduced these bills after that limo fire killed five women back in may on the san mateo bridge. to the crisis in syria. talks will continue for a third day on what to do with syria's chemical weapons. secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign pminister wrapped up day two of talks. both sides have been very constructive. they're trying to determine how
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the get rid of syria's chemical weapons. russia remains -- >> the negotiations in geneva bear fruit. any agreement needs to be verifiable and enforceable. >> 58% of americans are against a u.s. military strike. crews search for survivors in the wake of massive flooding in colorado. >> a major airline reveals whether it will honor free and highly discounted tickets after a glitch. >> plenty of sunshine this afternoon. we're going to be talking about some rapid changes that include rain in that seven-day forecast.
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now to a developing story. rescue after rescue. right now crews in colorado are searching for survivors who have been trapped in their homes for days. the best way to reach them is by boat. one neighbor used his pickup truck. this resident used a horse to get to safety. >> this rainfall started on wednesday night. the hardest hit area right next to denver in boulder county. leann greg joins us with the latest on the rescue efforts. >> reporter: it's been sunny for much of the day today. welcome sunshine and a little bit of rain, but nothing like we saw earlier. this is what is left of the flash flood area.
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yesterday it looked like a raging river. the president has promised some federal disaster aid. there are still a lot of problems. with rain finally subsiding, help today from the national guard. military personnel delivered badly needed supplies. >> i didn't think we would be here right now. >> one step at a time. i have got a lot of faith. i'm a builder. it doesn't scare me too bad. we just have to wait until the water subsides. >> reporter: holly says her 81-year-old father has been missing since early thursday. >> he was a boy scout leader for many, many years. he knows what to do if he got stuck in the house. we're putting our faith in that. >> reporter: hundreds of roads and bridges are damaged or
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destroyed and many areas still underwater like in es pes park where a pond from flash flooding now covers what was a popular amusement park. saturated soil is contributing to shut downs of major highways. >> we are still in a critical condition. >> reporter: across colorado, people are assessing the damage. like craig, whose distillery business is underwater. >> as bummed as i am about my business, we suck it up and move on and help everybody else. >> reporter: recovery is not expected for days, possibly weeks. recent wildfires damaged the landscape. this ground, the topsoil that would have absorbed a lot of the rain. over on the east coast, the
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devastating fire at the jersey shore is still smoldering. the fire started in a frozen custard shop yesterday. it spread quickly and destroyed 32 businesses along five blocks of the boardwalk. that same stretch had just been rebuilt after superstorm sandy destroyed it last year. chris christie says the community will come together again. >> they don't think twice. they come to help. >> reporter: the atf has joined local investigators to determine what caused this fire. it does not appear suspicious. would you believe 10 bucks for a flight to hawaii. united airlines will honor those flights after a glitch. united tweeted it would honor the massively mispriced tickets.
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everyone was frantically purchasing tickets to hawaii until the airline caught the error. power ball fever is spreading. just one month after the multistate jackpot broke the $3 million mark, it is the fastest power ball jackpot payoff. the odds of winning with a single ticket is 175 million to one. a bay area treasurer is on the verge of extinction. the road to preservation begins in the county town of boone vil. >> reporter: you know you're on the road to the middle of
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nowhe nowhere. you might get lost. grab a dictionary. because you're definitely going to get lost in translation. i want to put the subtitles on this time. that was funny. it is called -- a dash of english mixed with a whole lot l lot of boon. now one of two only home grown languages remaining in the united states. it is on the verge of extinction. what's happening to your language? >> the valley is changing.
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>> reporter: a majority of the town used to speak this lingo. the school stopped teaching it. >> we try to keep it alive. >> reporter: natives can just not interest the younger generation in this even though it is relatively easy to pick up. a tinkler. >> an alcoholic is a tinkler. >> reporter: this is one language that could end up piking to the dustings. >> if we could slow down the
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video, i might could understand it if they speak slower. >> it is very interesting. let's check in with what is going to be like this weekend. >> you got that marine layer offshore. it is pretty strong. not go to go anywhere. what we're really pushing ahead towards are some major changes. we're currently dry. stay tuned. that seven-day forecast is going to look a lot different. saturday forecast, that weekend just around the corner. cloud cover here at the coastline. also by the bay and inland throughout tomorrow, temperatures in upper 50s and lower 60s. 11:00 a.m. still clouded in. let's get you outside right now on this friday. you can see clear conditions here in san jose right now.
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looking great. we take you off to the north. there's that fog moving across foster city. that will produce some airport delays at sfo. a first look at that forecast throughout saturday. we'll find temperatures her in the low 80s for san jose. 77 in palo alto. definitely about 2 to 3 degrees cooler here for saturday in the south bay. east bay, going about 3 to 5 degrees. still very comfortable, but not megahot like we had lost weekend. 82 in walnut creek. 81 in pleasanton. 67 in san francisco. oakland also at 75. let's transition into those much larger changes next week. that storm track is going to go far to the south that it
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actually looks like some rainfall is going to mix in with that cooler area. next thursday, we'll start to get some rainfall at about 5:00 p.m. on friday. a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch expected. by next friday, upper 70s inland. upper 60s to near 70 by the bay. we're looking at a 35% chance of showers so far on friday. as we get closer, the confidence will continue to build. >> mother nature right on queue in time for fall. still ahead, getting your beauty sleep. the treatment that could have you looking better. >> facebook tests new video technology.
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if you use facebook, you might like this. they're getting ready to roll out a new way to watch videos. when you see videos in your news feed, they'll start playing with no sound. if you want to watch, you'll tap it and it will be full screen with sound. you keep scrolling if you don't want to watch. facebook is doing a limited test to start. it is no secret how important a good night sleep, but what if it can make you look better too? these are before and after
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pictures. tap therapy is used to also sleep apnea. university of michigan researchers took pictures of people before and after the treatment and people looked more attractive after only a few months. i'm going to tell you about an eerie house in the bay area. stay with us.
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how's your day been so far? it is friday the 13th. that's very scary. not that bad. that's the tower bell at the winchester mystery house in san jose. now we're getting a little eerie. every friday the 13th it tolls 13 times on the 13th hour. the estate gets into the spooky spirit with this mystery maze created from bales of hay. >> it took me about 20 minutes. there's a lot of twists and turns. we're going to have pumpkins for sale there. there's going to be haunts to scare people at night. >> some people have been lost in
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the maze. >> it's not a full moon. >> opening november 11th. have a great weekend. >> good night. evening starting with the disaster in colorado. dramatic rescues from record flooding, evacuations, people stranded and more rain coming. burned down. the inferno that wiped out a famous part of the jersey shore already knocked down once by sandy. now facing a huge struggle to come back yet again. is in syria. a developing story about the potential use of force as the u.n. gets ready to deliver a verdict on the chemical massacre. and fast and loose. america's most popular spectator sport is dealing with a cheating scandal heading into its equivalent of the super bowl season. "nightly news" begins now.


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