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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 13, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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marriott possibly waiting for a passenger, maybe waiting to pick up someone. shots were fired and a stray bullet hit the cabbie. no one else was injured. once the cabbie was hit, the shooter took off. he was detained two blocks away on martin luther king boulevard. oakland police spokesman jonna watson picks up the story from here. >> we have one person detained who may be connected to the shooting and that's largely in part to witnesses who stayed on scene when they heard the shooting. they stayed and worked with the police. >> reporter: he was an ohio state fan and they're from sacramento. they say they take the good things about oakland, they also take the bad things about oakland. i also talked to a staff member of the team. he said he's heard things about oakland, knows it a tough town but says, hey, things like this happen in columbus, ohio.
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crime is everywhere. but it's not a good impression to leave for the people who have traveled all the way here to go to the bears game tomorrow. now, the cab driver, meanwhile, is okay. he's suffering nonlife threatening injuries. reporting live from downtown oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. we're following developing news regarding wells fargo banks. customers across country are saying credit and debit cards are not working. in an e-mail response, wells fargo confirmed to nbc bay area they are aware of the situation and they're trying to resolve it. it's not at every wells fargo location. nbc bay area was at a wells fargo in north san jose within the hour and said there were no problems at that location. students excited for the first dance at one san francisco high school have to wait. the lowell high school dance was supposed to happen a few hours from now. instead it's been pushed back to next week. complaints came in that it was the same night as the jewish
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holiday yom kippur. we have more on how the students may lose some big bucks. >> reporter: here at lowell, some seniors may miss their last first dance of the year, a dance dedicated to their class. >> if the majority of them can't go, the point of the dance is kind of wiped away. >> reporter: this 17-year-old senior worked on planning the dance for four months then got just one day's notice that it had been pushed back to next friday. right before a.c.t. testing. this high school ranked by u.s. -- a good number of students will likely miss the dance. >> we face the student body. the majority of which is extremely angry about this decision, and we face a huge, huge revenue loss. >> reporter: the san francisco unified school district says this week families complained that the dance was set for the
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same time as the jewish observation of yom kippur. >> yom kippur is one of our major holy days in the year. >> reporter: she is with the relations council in san francisco. parents approached the group to ask about what they should do but never asked for the school to cancel the dance. >> the school took it upon themselves to push it off another week to all students could take part. >> reporter: it gives principals a list of religious holidays each year and plays no role in scheduling or approving events like a dance. >> it was an honest mistake that they didn't make that connection so now they're correcting that mistake. >> reporter: this lowell seniors says the problem isn't about one high school dance. she has a problem with a much bigger picture. >> everybody knows christmas and the trees and everything and nobody would ever have anything on that day, but it seems like sometimes jewish holidays are overlooked. >> reporter: now, some students had said they were upset because
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they felt that religion should have nothing to do with a public school event, but we did speak with the principal at lowell today off camera. he said he made a simple mistake, overlooked the days and wanted to be sensitive to everyone. meanwhile, the district says no money will be lost for the senior class. everything that was going into the dance tonight will go into the dance next friday night. live in san francisco, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. after nearly two decades of debate california lawmakers passed a historic bill that allows undocumented imgrants to a get a driver's license. they have to pass the same test as other licensed drivers. there's one big difference. the driver's licenses will have a marking on them saying it's only a license to drive a motor vehicle. it does not establish eligibility for employment or public benefits. >> i think it is significant in that it is representing a movement by a few states, oregon and utah have similar types of legislation. where states are saying essentially, look, we have several million undocumented
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persons here. and we need to figure out ways of thinking about public policy that makes sense with regards to those people. >> the bill got bipartisan support and was passed within the final few hours of the legislative session. two bills dealing with new safety standards for limos are on the way to governor brown's desk. regular safety inspections of all limos as well as emergency exits and safety briefings for passengers. it will impact limos in southern california. the senate majority leader from east bay introduced the bill after a limo fire killed five women in may on the san mateo bridge. governor brown has until october 13th to sign the bills into law. what's the next stop for the possible b.a.r.t. strike, proposing a plan b. to keep trains running if no agreement is reached and workers strike yet again. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us in oakland this evening with details. jodi? >> reporter: raj, part says it hasn't made much progress at all
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with the union here at the bargaining table and fears a lengthy b.a.r.t. strike could be heading our way. so they're making some backup plans, plans that include possibly turning b.a.r.t. managers into train operators. >> i hope they can resolve it. yeah. without the strike. >> reporter: alex depends on b.a.r.t. to get to work every day. he says another b.a.r.t. strike would hit him hard. >> when they were striking, i wasn't able to get to work. i lost money. >> reporter: but he's not exactly on board with b.a.r.t.'s plan b. b.a.r.t. says it's preparing for the worst and is looking at having managers operate trains if workers go on strike. >> and we feel that we have at least an obligation to see whether or not it would be possible to run some type of skeletal b.a.r.t. service in the event that we find ourselves in a long strike. >> some are train operators, that is correct. they haven't operated trains in years. >> reporter: union president bryant says tapping managers to
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run trains is absurd. she says train operators undergo 16 weeks of training and must get recertified each year. she says it would take far too long to get managers up to speed. >> they don't know how to troubleshoot, don't know how to evacuate. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. riders we talked to seem skeptical, too. while he doesn't want a strike, he wouldn't want managers to take the helm of the trains, either. >> operators know the lines, know their work. they're trained. managers should just manage the operations, not the trains themselves. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s assistant general manager says if they do turn to managers to operate the trains, it would be a very limited service. basically a lifeline into and out of the city. now, ultimately it will be up to the b.a.r.t. board of directors to approve such a plan. meanwhile, both sides are gearing up to go back to t
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bargaining table on monday. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. we want to know what you think. should b.a.r.t. managers be allowed to drive the trains? you can vote by going to our website or tweeting us @nbcbayarea or call 408-300-9222. vote 1 for yes and 2 for no. we'll have the results later many this newscast. an expert in california trail restoration died. killed in a fall from a helicopter. 57-year-old shane crogan was working in the sequoia national forest cleaning up an illegal marijuana farm. he was seen here in a previous interview founded the high sierra trail crew which restores lands damaged by marijuana growers. crogan was in a harness being lowered from a chopper when he suddenly fell. it is unclear why, but an investigation is now under way. well, this brought traffic to a halt in downtown san
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francisco. look closely. window washing scaffolding, there it is, came loose on a high-rise in the financial district during the morning rush at clay and battery streets. the 2,000 pound scaffolding hung precariously from the 41st floor for 2 hours. firefighters shut down the streets and evacuated three floors. >> everybody was looking up. i thought maybe something worse. i mean, this is worse, but still, fortunately there's nobody on it. so a little bit shocking, you know? >> thankfully, like she said, there was no one on that scaffolding. a window washer right there scaled the building and was able to secure the scaffolding. it was hoisted back up. cal osha is investigating. >> one brave window washer. still ahead at 6:00, an unlikely pairing to fight climate change. a significant step california is making that could have an impact on the world. i'm marianne favro live in hayward where one mom says her 3-year-old autistic daughter was
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stranded when her school bus failed to pick her up. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. i started out as a secretary in the bay area. literally. i would never have predicted that i would become a ceo someday. >> but she did become a ceo. tonight the exclusive and candy interview with carly fiorina. she speaks out about her ouster from hp, her cancer and her future. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. not a bad friday to end the workweek for a lot of you. we have a lot of big changes in store. not only some milder temperatures but, yes, no question mark here, rain is on the way. details in that seven-day forecast in just a few minutes.
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$4.5 million cost the state of california to fight the morgan fire near mt. diablo park.
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it broke out on sunday, forcing the evacuation of 100 homes and prompting air quality warnings in three counties. calfire says the cause has been traced to people who were target shooting. full containment, the fire is expected by this evening. a mother in the east bay says the first day of school was traumatic and dangerous for her 3-year-old daughter with autism. she says a mixup with the school bus could have also put other children in danger. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us from hayward with the story. >> reporter: alicia gonzalez says two things went horribly wrong. first, the bus picked up her daughter and took her to the wrong school. she had to get off the bus, on to a different bus to go to the right school. then she says after school the bus failed to pick her up and take her home. when alicia gonzalez put her 3-year-old daughter on a durham school services bus wednesday in hayward, she expected the company to take special care of caitlyn who has autism. instead, she says the bus never
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picked her little girl up from school. >> i was, of course, very concerned. i had her arranged for an emergency contact to pick caitlyn up and take her home. when caitlyn got home, you know, she was safe, but you can tell it had been a really rough day for her. she was definitely traumatized by the situation. >> reporter: now she says her 3-year-old is afraid to get on the bus. durham provides transportation to all of the special needs students in the hayward unified school district. the interim superintendent admits the district has had other issues with durham and is trying to work with the company to make sure kids are safe. >> we also want to coordinate with the south county transportation agency to challenge the contractor accountable for these types of incidents occur. >> reporter: the general manager for durham school services would not comment on what happened with alicia's daughter but did say the company is committed to safety. >> our team is committed to getting students to school safely. on time and ready to learn.
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and we promise and we look forward to delivering on that service promise. >> reporter: alicia says it's not enough. >> i am not buying it and i'm asking other parents to speak up and to not buy it either. because your children deserve better. >> reporter: durham's contract is up in june of 2015, but the superintendent admits it's the only local transportation company that can handle the high number of students. reporting live in hayward, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. an important court loss for former giants slugger barry bonds. he lost his appeal in federal court. the three-judge panel ruled his 2011 obstruction of justice conviction should remain in place. bonds found guilty of being evasive and misleading when he testified in 2003 before a grand jury investigating the steroid scandal. bonds was sentenced to a month of home confinement and 250 hours of community service.
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the sentence was delay while he appealed. well, 6:15 on a friday, it's always one of our favorite times of the week. we bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> yeah, can't argue with a friday, and the forecast that we had today was stellar. we had 86 in livermore. got you in on a brief warmup. 83 in san jose. 79 in san rafael. napa, 79 out in the sun. it felt like the low and mid 80s. san francisco in san francisco. 80 in los gatos. no matter where you went, a 10 to 15 mile drive from each location, you did have drastically different weather. this on-shore flow remains persistent now, helping to filter in the fog throughout the bay and back across the east bay. so you guessed it, that fog is going to be staying put. we'll have more on that forecast coming up. let's take you outside on this friday night. if you were stuck in the office all day long, this trip is free. courtesy of me. and the weather center. all right. san jose has clear skies right now. excellent air quality. pollen a mod ferate levels.
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if you suffer from allergies, this weekend it will be tough for you. the golden gate bridge, it's fog free but not clear everywhere. mid and southern peninsula, we're starting to see areas of clouds moving on across the bay. so with that said, the onshore flow in place. it's going to be another morning with that, well, cloud cover to start but great to just kind of sleep in on your saturday. take it easy there. at 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning, everyone will start off with cloud cover. by 11:00 a.m., it will be slow to burn off at the coast and also by the bay. look at this. sunny skies if you're doing anything across the interior north bay, east bay or south bay, it's going to rebound quickly for you. we're looking at a nice saturday coming our way. let's get a look at airplane delays. major problems this morning. right now, one-hour delays. with more low clouds lingering for tomorrow morning, we are expecting them to go to the major category as well. going to be hard for the air traffic to catch up. otherwise looking good here. at all the other major airports. chicago, green is a go. also green in atlanta.
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los angeles clear and also boston as well. so no airport delays at any of the other major locations. otherwise in that three-day forecast, we'll keep with this trend of numbers gradually going down throughout sunday and also monday with a mix of some clouds and also some clouds. i do want to fast forward things to our next largest change. and that is the possibility of rainfall. not until late, late next thursday and also friday. our first decent storm system that could bring potentially a quarter of an inch of rainfall is on the way for the bay area. more coming up in that seven-day forecast. music to my years, you guys. >> we like it, thank you. it's a big night on the peninsula. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh will be topping by his alma mater, palo alto high school. it's the season opener for the football team. they play san bonito high. it's the team's first game in its renovated stadium. coach harbaugh graduated from palo alto high in 1982, will be the honorary captain and do the
6:19 pm
coin toss at the pregame ceremony. the coin toss coming up at 7:00. another delay. the new snag for a bay area sports stadium that's under construction. also remembering one man with one goal. the special tribute today for a man who brought music to san francisco. we're asking you this question. should b.a.r.t. managers be allowed to drive the trains in cases of a strike? you can vote by going to our website or tweet us @nbcbayarea or call 408-300-922 2. vote 1 for yes, 2 for no. we'll have the results later on in this newscast.
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there's another setback and it's pushing back the san jose earthquake's new stadium opening to 2015. this is the second delay in three months for that facility which should be located across the street from the international airport. quakes officials expected to play in the new $60 million stadium at the start of next season. when builders began excavating the site in june, they found
6:22 pm
concrete vaults which slowed their progress down. the day's over but now comes the nighttime. the really scary part. friday the 13th. oh, that's the tower bell at the winchester mystery house in san jose. every friday the 13th it tolls 13 times on the 13th hour to honor the spirit of the notoriously superstitious creator of the home. as halloween draws closer the estate will get into the season's spooky spirit with this. a new mystery maze created from 5,000 bales of hay. if you can handle it, it's open until november 11th. >> looks like the inside of the house, too, going all zigzag ways. at 6:00, a store known for its health conscious fairs but whole foods is in trouble for allegedly selling toxins. live pick hers out of colorado as crews are wading through floodwaters searching
6:23 pm
for survivors trapped in their homes. evacuations going on at this hour. we're going to bring you the latest. plus -- >> it's always different if you're different, and women in positions of leadership are still different. >> a rare interview with carly fiorina. the former boss at hp talks about women in business, and is she planning a comeback? that's next. there are so many things that we do on a daily basis.
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it was one of the nastiest
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breakups in bay area history. it happened eight years ago but it's still talked about to this day. hewlett-packard continues to struggle. the ceo who they forced out is thriving. tonight the interview with one of the most influential businesswomen in the country, carly fiorina. >> i started out as a secretary in the bay area. literally. i would never have predicted that i would become the ceo someday. i wouldn't have predicted that i was a cancer victim. >> reporter: for most of us, there's no such thing as a fairytale life. through all the smiles and magazine covers, the highs are usually matched with some lows. >> she was a groundbreaker in the fortune 500, that is until she was fired today. >> reporter: that was eight years ago. a lifetime for carly fiorina. >> i honestly, during the final two weeks of my time at hp, was sort of caught off guard by how
6:27 pm
human and petty certain board members could be. >> reporter: since then, the 59 -year-old has overcome best cancer and a failed bid in the 2010 u.s. senate race. >> think about that. >> reporter: nowadays she's still the boss but this time the chairman of one of the biggest non-profits in the country. good360. they get excess merchandise from corporations and donate it to charity. >> when you're on the call and calling companies for donations, you get a response pretty quickly. carly fiorina waiting on line two. >> well, yes, but, you know, this is not something that i, alone, do. we have a wonderful organization of people. we have a great technology platform. a lot of credibility. great logistics and warehousing capabilities. so the truth is most of our corporate programs come together because groups of employees at good360 and the company design them together. >> was there a lot of bitterness leaving hp in such a scandalous way? at least, you know, in the press?
6:28 pm
was there bitterness? were you vilified unfairly, do you think? >> well, there wasn't bitterness on my part. look, the board at hp led by two board members who subsequently were fired was completely dysfunctional. the board, sadly, remains dysfunctional. all these many years later. i think it's a lesson that boards actually are incredibly important organizations in businesses. boards can destroy value. the hp board has destroyed value over time, and they're not the only board that's destroyed value. >> marissa myers, sheryl sandberg, do they get a fair shake because of who they are or an unfair shake bauds they're women? >> look, it's always different if you're different, and women in positions of leadership are still different. despite all the progress we have made, and we have made huge progress, as i just indicated. it's still true that only 16% of board members are women in this kpun tri, and that number hasn't budged in 20 years.
6:29 pm
it's true still that women are the most underutilized resource in the world and that women are the most subjeugated human beins in the world. >> a couple names you're impressed with? >> marissa, sheryl, they're all fantastic. one of the great things about the valley is it attracts tremendousal l tremendous talent and gives that talent the opportunity to go for it, to take the risk. to fail sometimes, succeed sometimes. of course, this is a hot bed of great talent and great personalities. wonderful. >> what's a typical day for you now? >> depends on the day which is why my life is interesting. today because i'm out here and have a slightly more relaxed schedule this week than normal, today i got up and walked to the golden gate bridge and walked across the bridge and looked out at that, one of the most beautiful views in the world and thought how fortunate i was to be able to do that because three years ago when i was battling
6:30 pm
cancer, i couldn't make it two blocks. so every time i can make it across that bridge, i feel very blessed. >> fiorina and her husband sold their home in los altos many years ago and bought a boat. they live in the washington, d.c., area, but come back to the boat fairly often. it wouldn't be surprising at all if she takes on another high-profile role in the tech world. watch this interview on historic moment in san francisco tonight. governor brown signing a memorandum of understanding with china's top official on climate change. the agreement between california and china's national development and reform commission to fight climate change and promote clean energy. governor brown says climate change is is the greatest problem facing mankind and says all nations need to work together to reduce greenhouse gases. california, by the way, is the first state in the nation to sign an agreement with china. the governor is hoping the move will help shift u.s. and global
6:31 pm
policy. a break in the weather has given crews in colorado a chance to catch up. more rain is expected. not good news for those literally under water. nbc bay area's janelle wang is here tonight with our world tonight. >> right now the search is on for survivors who have been trapped in their home for days. many hard to reach because they're surrounded by water. crews are using boats to wade through the floodwaters that washed a away bridges and roadways and some cases swallowed up entire towns in boulder county outside of denver. rescue after rescue is going on right now. one neighbor used his pickup truck as you see here to help out. another resident used his horse to get to safety. the catastrophic rainfall started on wednesday night. three people have been killed. 20 others are unaccounted for including an 81-year-old man. >> he was a boy scout leader for many, many years. he knows what to do if he got stuck in the house, and we're just putting our faith in that. >> we are not out of the woods
6:32 pm
yet. we are still in a critical condition. and that's something people need to keep in mind. >> rain is expected on and off through the weekend. the devastating fire at the jersey shore is being called suspicious. it's still smoldering at this hour. not much left of the boardwalk in seaside park, new jersey. the fire that started in a frozen custard shop yesterday spread quickly and destroyed 32 businesses along the five-block boardwalk. that same stretch had just been rebuilt after superstorm sandy destroyed it last year. the ats has joined local investigators to determine the cause of this fire. overseas now where talks will continue for a third day on what to do with syria's chemical weapons. secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergei lavrov wrapped up their second day of talks in geneva, switzerland. both sides say they have been constructive, trying to figure out how to get rid of syria's chemical weapons. president obama remains hopeful. >> the negotiations that are
6:33 pm
currently taking place between secretary of state kerry and foreign minister lavrov in geneva bear fruit, any agreement needs to be verifiable and enforceable. >> in the latest nbc poll, 58% of americans are against any u.s. military strike. the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack on the u.s. consulate in western afghanistan. the insurgents set off a car bomb then got into a gun battle with afghan security forces. all five attackers were killed as well as two afghan soldiers. u.s. officials say all of the american consulate staff members are safe. the attack, though, highlights the ongoing violence plaguing afghanistan. even though u.s. prepares to withdraw all of its troops. raj, jessica? >> janelle, thank you. buckle your seat belts. obama care is coming to california in less than three weeks. >> it starts october 1st and many people are worried they have more questions than the so-called experts have answers.
6:34 pm
in tonight's reality check, sam brock starts with basics. a fact check of what options are really on the table for consumers. >> good evening. in thefection few weeks we'll look at claims of obama care in california and mixups and confusion over basic functionality. how will the system work? tonight we look at the number of insurance companies actually available to you come october. and how there are dozens, plural, of options at your disposal. we're now talking about a matter of months before the affordable care act kicks in. and a matter of just weeks before enrollment in california's health care exchange covered california opens its doors. will you be ready? >> people need to understand that they only can buy coverage in california between october and march of next year. 2014. otherwise they won't be able to purchase coverage until 2015. >> reporter: charles's trade group the california association of health plans represents all insurance companies in california.
6:35 pm
including the 12 with certified plans on covered california. now for the whole state of california, there are 12 insurance companies offering health care plans on the exchange. you can see them in the list on the right hand side of your page. that doesn't mean there are 12 companies in your region. in fact, that number tends to vary quite a bit. there are 19 regions in the state of california. in san francisco, for example, there are five different companies offering plans. they range from hmos to ppos. we'll explain all that in a later story. in alameda county, there are four different insurance companies with plans and in the santa cruz/monterey region, there are three companies. so where you live will determine how many companies you can choose from but typically it's going to be between three and five different companies. once you've narrowed down a plan you like, it's important to remember you still have plenty of choices. now, each plan comes with an option of four different tiers. platinum, gold, silver and bronze. now, keep in mind, the only
6:36 pm
difference for all of these is how much you're paying upfront in premiums versus how much you'll pay later in co-pays and medical bills. that's it. for example, the platinum plan will cover roughly 90% of your medical bills but in turn you'll pay more money in premiums upfront. on the other hand at the other end of the spectrum, the bronze plan covers the lowest percentage of your bills, 60% or so. for those who don't think they're going to get sick or aren't worried about bills, premiums will be significantly lower. >> all the benefits are the same depending on which level you're at. bronze, silver, gold or platinum. and that allows customers to make what we call an apples to apples comparison. so that no longer are they trying to figure out what benefits am i getting? now they only have to figure out what they're going to cost and is my hospital and doctor within that plan? >> and that's the key question. which plans, if any, will have the doctors and the hospitals that you're familiar with? some of those details i'm told are still being ironed out. but when the site launches on
6:37 pm
october the 1st, there will be a way to view all the providers within each plan. next week, we'll look at available subsidies and how you can get the best bang for your buck. i'm sam brock. that's today's reality check. >> thank you, sam. our 5:00 newscast and throughout this newscast we asked should b.a.r.t. managers be allowed to drive the trains in event of a strike in october? the results are in. 76% of you say yes. 24% of you say no. still ahead here at 6:00, how about a $10 airfare to hawaii? seriously. the big mistake by united airlines and their response today. stay with us. >> that sounds good, raj. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we have a nice cool breeze this evening main want to get outside and enjoy it. we're going to be looking at big-time changes on the way. even including some rainfall. back with your seven-day forecast in a few minutes.
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california is suing whole foods for selling pesticides that the state says is not safe. they want an explanation as to why whole foods is selling various bug sprays and cat litters. if the judge finds whole foods sold unregistered pesticides, the state could fine the grocery store. find the names and information on our website at we have travel news for you. a crackdown of a different kind. this one from southwest airlines. no more refunds if you miss your flight. beginning today, passengers who
6:41 pm
fail to cancel in advance will lose their money if they don't show up. customers who buy nonrefundable tickets must cancel at least ten minutes before the scheduled departure time. how about hawaii? sfo to hawaii for 10 bucks. united airlines today is prove if something is too good to be true, it probably is. united, though, will honor all those free flights and discounted flights they accidentally offered because of a computer glitch. yesterday some very lucky customers were able to purchase flights for 10 bucks or less after the flights were listed with the wrong fares. today united tweeted that it would honor the massively mispriced tickets. one lucky buyer said, from the east coast, said everyone in his office was frantically purchasing the united tickets to hawaii until the airline caught on to the error. united isn't saying how many tickets it gave away or how much the mistake will cost the airline. >> no one in the office thought it was a mistake that they were buying those tickets. >> clicking the whole time.
6:42 pm
>> 10 bucks, must be a special. >> all the press they just got out of it, maybe balanced it out. >> maybe it's a good thing. jeff, you said there's going to be changes this weekend? did i hear you say rain? >>. not this weekend, but as we look ahead toward -- >> i cannot be outside in the rain. >> i know. i know. we're going to have more in the seven-day forecast on when, yes, rain returns in just a few minutes. it is a huge football weekend for the bay area. headlined by colin kaepernick and the 49ers taking a trip to seattle for sunday night football. now we've all become accustomed to seeing colin kaepernick in the national spotlight. up next, find out what is happening in his hometown that will increase his exposure even more. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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s san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood is known as a haven for the down and out. one residential hotel is also known for its music. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. with the music and the man who believes it's everyone's right.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: looper, father of the tenderloin. in this gritty neighborhood of down and out, looper saw just people. >> leroy never believed that people needed a hand. he just felt they needed the opportunity to move up. >> reporter: looper knew they needed homes so he and his wife kathy took over the tenderloin's cadillac hotel in the '70s and created the area's first residential hotel for the poor. >> he started a whole housing movement for low-income housing and it's just taken off since them. >> reporter: along with homes and job training, looper felt there was something else the poor were entitled to, music. ♪ with a donation of a rare 1884 piano, the cadillac began hosting free concerts for neighborhood residents several years ago, looper talked about the importance of music. >> i feel that music is the soul of people. whether it's jazz, it's concert music. >> reporter: looper died two years ago this week, but his gift of music to the
6:46 pm
neighborhood continued. ♪ today, musicians gathered in the lobby of the cadillac to pay tribute to looper on the anniversary of his death. >> one of his great passions h music and he wanted the people of this community to be able to experience the music. >> reporter: music, looper said, should transcend money and status. >> he want people to feel this was a neighborhood that they, a livable neighborhood, not just a neighborhood for people that was cheap. >> and it gives people a chance that wouldn't have it otherwise to get some exposure to some really good music. >> reporter: kathy looper says the concerts are symbolic of her husband's lifelong hope to leave people better than how he found them. >> i think what makes it even more special is when people leave, they have a smile on their face. they feel uplifted. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news.
6:47 pm
>> sounds really nice. >> always brings a little smile to your face. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. >> i do what i can, you guys. look at the doppler radar now. a lot of you probably happy with the forecast today. within the next week, big-time changes that does include rainfall. you may not be happy when you see that in the seven-day forecast. either way you look at it, we need the rainfall across the bare area. as we get a first look at our saturday forecast, drizzle mixed in. temperatures in the upper 50s. by the bay, locked in with the clouds and patchy areas of fog back for the interior valleys with low 60s to start. 5:00 a.m. on a saturday is way too early for you. look at the cloud cover lingering through 7:00, 8:00. 11:00 a.m. for tomorrow, we'll have sunny skies for the east bay all the way down to san jose. temperatures in the low 70s just before the lunch hour. let's get you outside to high definition view. see very clear skies in fremont as we look off toward the east. of course, those hills extremely
6:48 pm
dry. so as we mentioned, any kind of rain drops will be great news after one of the driest calendar years on record. also severe drought conditions for most of california. and palo alto, the marine layer up to about 1,000 feet right now and is going to produce delays as we have been mentioning at sfo, continually throughout tomorrow morning. we'll take you off here to the north. you can see in emeryville right now, not much left of the san francisco skyline. as those clouds begin to envelope downtown. so let's bring you into the forecast here for saturday. it's going to be comfortable right down across the santa clara valley. just a slight wind off the bay. we'll have 77 in palo alto. also double 7s. 82 in san jose. not too hot for morgan hill and gilroy. definitely think you can handle this just fine. for the east bay we had low 100s on saturday. last week. but for this weekend, a lot cooler. 10 to 20 degrees cooler for you. 83 in dublin. 83 in livenmore.
6:49 pm
83, pleasanton. 70s from the castro valley toward alameda. san francisco is expecting to stay in the 60s for tomorrow with that cool foggy breeze right up against the immediate coastline. and that, of course, is going to stay into place all the way down to half moon bay and we'll get heat into sonoma and napa with low 80s and berkeley and also oakland in the 70s. what's going to happen next week? the jet stream. the conveyor belt of storm activity is going to sink way off to the south across california. not only the cooler weather coming in, but also the possibility here with some showers. mainly late, late thursday, also into friday. we'll start to see that rain spread on across most of the bay at this point. we could see anywhere from a tenth of an inch to maybe a quarter of an inch. we're still a little bit aways out from this, of course. timing still may change. i think it looks really good for that as we head throughout next friday on that seven-day forecast. also notice those temperatures, again, mid 80s this weekend all the way down to the 70s. this may actually go, this 79,
6:50 pm
to about 75, too. we're going to hold the right to reserve the edit on that as we get closer in the forecast. >> does he have that right to reserve the edit? >> hello. chief meteorologist. >> yes. he does. >> he'd be the one. >> let's get to sports. we're joined from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. you're our chief sportsologist. >> we hold the right to edit all of our predictions, too. we're going to start with the biggest series in all of baseball right here. the oakland athletics are hot. they've won five of their last six and head into texas with a 3 1/2 game lead in the west for a showdown with the rival rangers. let's get to arlington. check out the early action in this one. already in progress. a's fans making the trip. they really enjoyed seeing cespedes bat in the first. two guys on. everyone can walk home. a three-run home run. cespedes hitting .432 in
6:51 pm
september. 3-0 a's right away. a lot of scoring in this one already. bottom first, two on, one out. adrian beltre. rbi single. make it 3-1 a's. here's josh donaldson. 22 home runs on the year. that is number 22. it is 6-2 right now. a's with a four-run lead currently in the fifth inning. >> we had a very surreal moment at dodgers stadium last night. the giants face their old closer brian wilson to make matters worse, wilson -- got a win in the dodgers' 3-2 win over the giants. two teams tangoing again tonight in about nine minutes. the 49ers head to seattle this weekend for a huge game with the seahawks. the red and gold know they'll have to run the ball effectively to be successful. >> reporter: the 49ers offensive line heads to the seattle with one thing on its mind. >> in all games, run blocking is huge. i think the one thing we have to do is just be ourselves. not go out and get fancy.
6:52 pm
let's not try and be cute with it. let's two ogo out and run. >> it's important to be balanced. go out and run the ball and establish some kind of run game. >> reporter: sunday san francisco enters what could be the loudest stadium in the country, and offset the lack of communication, the o. line is relying on chemistry built from playing together for a period of time. >> we kind of know each other's thi thinking. when you can't hear each other, you have to rely on i know he knows what i'm think. >> once we see the front, guys are able to adjust. we're already kind of on the same page. just from having the experience of plague togethying together h. >> reporter: seattle allowed panthers running back deangelo williams over five yards a carry last week. with defensive tackles jordan hill banged up, the seahawks could be vulnerable against the run. expect to see the 49ers exploit that on sunday.
6:53 pm
in santa clara, nbc bay area. >> thank you, erin. packers linebacker clay matthews fined $15,000 for his late hit on colin kaepernick last week. 49ers lineman alex boone has another punishment in mind. >> he got fined $15,000 today for the hit. if you could fine him, what amount would you give him? >> probably just punch him in the face. >> no monetary -- >> no, i don't want his money. >> simple. probably effective as well. all right. we've seen what kap can do on the football field. we've seen him on magazine covers and national commercials as well. we're taking the exposure a step further. a colin kaepernick corn maze. september 28th you can visit the colin kaepernick corn maze in turlock. the maze covers 25 acres of land with 5 miles of path in the maze. $1 of every ticket sold will go to colin kaepernick's favorite
6:54 pm
charity as well. i know you guys are as pumped about the 49ers/seahawks game as we are. catch all the action on nbc bay area sunday at 5:00 and raj and jess, i recommend not getting caught up in a corn maze before that. i don't know how long it takes to get out of something like that. >> i didn't see tattoos on that corn maze. >> you're right. you're right. >> or eyebrows either. >> details. >> exactly. thanks. for a full half hour of local sports coverage, watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back. ♪ five
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it again. it's expected to climb to $317 mil for tomorrow's drawing. this is the fourth time this year it's going to go above the $300 million mark. here's the important stuff. odds of winning with a single $2 ticket is about 175 million to 1. >> that's why i say office pool. they always win in office pools. >> yes. >> we need an office pool. >> we can do it. >> i will manage the money for all of us. >> i have an idea. we can take my seven-day forecast, jumble up the numbers. >> there we go. >> you never know. we have a pretty good combination here, guys. seven-day forecast, temperature in the mid 80s this weekend. by next thursday and friday, quite a bit cooler. upper 70s, low 80s. yes, that is rain by next friday. it's not your eyes deceiving you. >> with all the money we make, it will be fine. >> yeah. >> who cares. >> thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. >> see you at 11:00. ♪
6:58 pm
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shocking new video, nicole kidman mowed down by a photog. now on "extra." nicole violently knocked to the ground in her designer dress. the moment-by-moment disaster all caught on camera. lindsay's mom, dina, busted for drunk driving. how loaded was she and did lindsay bail her out? >> more on the seaside heights inferno. >> we were just on that boardwalk and it is just crazy. now trending, where we just spottem


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