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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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mcgrew in the newsroom with the latest. >> good morning. the details few, jon, just coming in. we can tell you is d.c. police and the fbi say there is a shooter inside the military building at the washington navy yard. police responding to reports of shots fired and fbi spokesman says there's at least one victim. we're not sure on that condition. the navy also confirming on the internet they are looking for a gunman, we're told still on the loose. we do have our affiliate in washington, d.c., that would be wrc, they are doing the same thing we are, we are -- they are covering that breaking news, no pictures out of the washington navy yard just yet. this is the home of the navy system's command in washington, also the home of the chief of naval operations. we continue to monitor this. less listen as wwrc has
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development. >> it's a hub of activity. the department of transportation is there, a number of people who work there, the marine barracks there. a lot of people arriving for work so i can't imagine the scene that unfolded once police figured out what was going on and entered the building to try to support the people who work there and try to track down this gunman. >> as we listen to the wrc, the nbc station in washington, d.c. they are sending cameras, we continue to follow the developments on this breaking news story. a gunman on the loose at the d.c. navy yard after a shooting, at least one victim, the rest of the facility locked down and of course marla, we'll continue to follow this as it develops. >> scott, in the last minutes the navy just tweeted outnew press release, it says that yes, confirming this happened at 8:20 eastern time, it says there is one confirmed injury, emergency personnel are on the scene and also a shelter in place has been
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ordered, issued for the navy yard personnel. it's also saying in this press release as we give you now a live look at the scene in washington, d.c., at the navy yard, you can see plenty of emergency personnel on scene. it's such a new scene that emergency personnel are arriving as we speak. this naval sea systems command headquarters is the workplace for about 3,000 people. so this shelter in place potentially affecting as many as 3,000 people. you can see police whipping on by as this active shooter scene is very real on the east coast. this is breaking news just happened about 5:20 our time. the reporter on scene for our affiliate as he tries to put this, the pieces together. wow, plenty of emergency crews. >> absolutely. tense moments. we'll continue covering this and have information from the navy yard in washington, d.c. reportedly so far one person
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hit, injured, a gunman on the loose following a shooting. at least three shots reported fired out there. you can see there's a lot of activity. they are still searching, hard to find this shooter. we'll keep you posted as more information comes in. >> 6:03. we have also a developing story in colorado where a major air rescue is planned for today in boulder, colorado. rescue crews are asking stranded residents to do anything they can to get attention, use white sheets, reflective mirrors, flares and signal fires. that's according to the daily camera, a local newspaper in boulder president helicopter teams taking advantage of finally clear weather that's in the forecast today. yesterday they continued getting pummeled with more rain, two more inches of rain fell which kept the helicopters grounded and of course complicated the rescue efforts. >> at least five are confirmed
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dead, 1200 people have not been heard from, many likely because phone and internet service is out in many areas. 1500 homes are destroyed by all of the water and more than 17,000 others are damaged. >> meantime, volunteers pouring into the flood zone trying to help out. bob redell has that side of the story including a handful of volunteers from here in the bay area. >> reporter: good morning. correct, right now it is just a handful, just three red cross volunteers from the bay area who headed to colorado to help those people. this is just the beginning of their response so it's quite possible there could be more people from our area headed to that disaster zone to help out. it was a matter of waiting for the call telling what is needed. a sense of what it's like in the areas, what was striking to her,
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just how packed the shelters are, not just with families but lots of pets as well. >> mostly right now the conversation is about loss, loss of possessions and concern about pets was one of the big topics. people are concerned about whether they will be able to go back to their home. and when the roads will be open again. >> reporter: some people were forced to evacuate so quickly they literally had to run out, they didn't have time to grab their identification. if you are thinking of trying to help out these people who are victimized by the floods in colorado they do not need food, they do not need items, they don't have a place to store that, they are asking for donations, cash. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 6:05. we'll have continuing coverage of that flooding in colorado all morning long. coming up at 6:45 we'll go live
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to boulder for an update from the weather channel. we'll talk to mike seidel, and stay tuned for the "today" show, matt lauer made the trip, he will be reporting live from boulder as well. the "today" show for the record, starts at 7:00 here on nbc bay area. >> 6:06. local first responders get ready to take part in a disaster response training exercise at sfo. christie smith is live at the airport now. this morning this training is so valuable especially in the wake of the asiana air crash. >> reporter: absolutely. good morning to you, marla. first responders here do these emergency drills from time to time of course to prepare for the real thing. they conduct aircraft fire fighting drills. also today they are going to have a new tool they are going to be using at the coast card station. that is marine corps's aircraft.
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it can be used to provide humanitarian aid and disaster relief. it can take off and land like a helicopter but flies more like an airplane. san francisco firefighters, paramedics, emts and others will practice fire fighting, extrication and casualty evacuation. this comes as there is new information into this deadly crash that involved asiana airlines. the south korean carrier says it will expand training for all of its air crews and have an outside review of its safety standards and procedures. pilots will be getting more hours and flight simulators. they are going to start at 9:00 a.m. this is a preview to exercises that will continue and run for a week starting october 7. reporting live at sfo, christie
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smith, "today in the bay." >> 6:07 now. mt. diablo state park reopening this morning just over a week after a large fire forced to the shut down. park workers will spend the coming weeks remayoring, doing a lot of fixing to restrooms, trails, and camp grounds all damaged by this fire. the so called morgan fire was contained saturday. it burned a little more than 3100 acres. investigators, they say they -- that target shooting started the fire. >> vthe u.s. forest service say cooler weather helped them get a grip on the rim fire. the rim fire is 84% contained. it is the third largest fire in state history. you and i were talking about the fact it started one month ago tomorrow on august 17. >> finally the weather cooperating. it was so dry, all of that fuel
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and dry push made it tough to fight as well. christina is here to talk about our weather. >> you know what, the envy of the nation again. we do have major changes headed our way into this week. final week of summertime. a live look at san jose, plenty of low clouds, good air quality out there. so feel free to open up the windows later on this afternoon, the winds pick up, 63, 61 oakland, at 59 in san francisco. your hour by hour forecast, today in the bay, 75 degrees. up to 85 in the heat of the day. as we head through the next few days tomorrow we drop like a rock. we're going to shoot back up to the 90s. and then some major changes including rain showers in the forecast. i'll show you your seven-day. first let's check on your drive. good morning to mike inouye.
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>> good morning. over my shoulder things look fine. there is an issue, a sigalert down in toward mission we're looking southbound 880 at thornton a. crash blocking two lanes. the two left lanes are blocked past thornton. there may be debris and distraction. getting on farther south you're okay. backing up dakota or north of there we have a backup, sigalert means the chp thinks it will take 30 minutes or more. slow out of hayward and a problem for the caldecott. the power is out in the center bore. big backups to the caldecott. >> thank you, mike. we are following breaking news. we'll have an up date.
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an active shooter is reported in the nafby yard in washington, d.c. these are live pictures. plenty, dozens of emergency personnel at the u.s. navy yard, a shooter opened fire. the navy confirms there is at least one victim. >> the authorities looking as we speak. it's a headquarters for the savy, about 3 thousand work in that building. we'll tell you what's happening as authorities are searching for a shooter out in d.c. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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we want to update you on news out in washington, d.c. we can tell you an active shooter reportedly in the navy yard out there, they do have you can see all kinds of emergency
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crews on hand. this reportedly happened at 8:20 a.m. eastern time, about an hour ago. one person confirmed injured. emergency personnel on that scene and a shelter in place has been ordered for that navy yard personnel. the navy seal command headquarters, this is a work place for about 3,000 people there. and give you an idea of what happens in this area, they engineer, build, buy and they maintain ships, submarines and combat systems that meet the fleet's current and future operational requirements. an active shooter on scene. the police and emergency personnel there currently searching for that active shooter, one person reported ìáhp &hc& we'll continue to monitor this. and bring you new information as it comes into our newsroom. >> here is a look at our other top stories. rescue helicopters are flying again in colorado trying to reach more than 1,000 people stranded. at least five people have died in the waters there.
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rain and mudslides wiped out phone service in many areas so families have no way of communicating. >> less than three months since the crash of flight 214 at sfo first responders get hands on training to help kiel with airplane fires. crews will work with the u.s. marine corps in a disaster response exercise that will take place today, drills, they will include airplane fires, extracting pilots and rescuing victims. >> salvage crews in italy stay the operation to right the "costa concordia" is going smoothly. this was the scene a few minutes ago. you can see the water line slowly rising. the ship has been resting on a reef since january 2012. >> also new this morning there could be potential unity in the strained relations between north and south korea. for the first time since april, south korean workers crossed over into north korea to reopen
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kaesong industrial pork. the two countries did agree to reopen this on a trial basis. the north seems softened its tone after threatening south korea with nuclear attacks earlier this year for what it calls joint exercises with the united states. >> just in, u.n. inspectors say there is clear and convincing evidence chemical weapons were used in syria to attack civilians. a report on the investigation is being made public this morning. the report was compiled by a chemical weaponnessspection team investigating whether poisonous gas was used on an attack. a separate commission is investigating who was responsible for those attacks. >> secretary of state john kerry in paris this morning talking to u.s. allies about how to put an end to syria's chemical weapon program, meeting with:m top officials from france, britain,
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turkey and saudi arabia. over the weekend u.s. and russian officials reached an agreement to tore syria's chemical weapon program. >> it's 6:17, looking more likely a bay area woman will be the head of the federal reserve. >> that is correct. scott mcgrew, that would be an historic appointment if the president chooses janet yellen. >> it's if. that's looking more likely. the president clearly wanted to appoint former treasury secretary, former harvard president larry summers to the post but summers withdrew his name from nomination over the weekend. summers was incredibly well quauled but many were of prepared to stand him away of his confirm agency. janet yellen the strong choice for many in the liberal wing of the democratic party. her appointment would make
6:18 am
history which is perhaps one of the reasons that president obama has been resisting. the position is not supposed to be political or historic. she is qualified, the vice chairman of the fed already, she is former san francisco fed governor, former professor at the hoft school of business, the dean there weighing in. >> she sympathizes, a terrific thinker, very clear minded. all the judgment i've seen over the many years has been terrific. >> wall street very enthusiastic about the idea of janet yellen as the next fed charm. she is considered a dove, that is she will continue some of the policies that have caused easy money to flow into the markets. the same sort of policies we're seeing. summers was seen as someone who would draw down those more quickly, more worried about
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inflation. as far as easy money, janet yellen is wall street's pick. >> sounds like a great candidate. thank you. it's 6:19. christina loren is back and one of those days you want to break out of work and go out and chill out. >> most every day. >> good point. i guess the weather can help. >> seriously now. you got to work, you got to work for the weekend. we have a beautiful weekend shaping up. it's the last weekend of summertime. half summer, half fall. saturday the last full day of summer. sunday we kick off the autumnal equinox. temperatures comfortable. divide the bay area in half. bay bridge, north of it plenty of 50s to start the day. lots of 60s in the south bay. mid-60s in san jose. we stop the clock at 8:00 a.m. at that point low clouds span inland. mostly cloudy start. by noon a mostly sunny finish.
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comfortable readings and cooler tomorrow. then the interesting weather arrives as we get into the end of the week and the first weekend of summer. we're talking about the potential for showers and the best chance now looks like in the north bay, i think the best chance is going to be over the course of saturday to sunday. the models are differentiating what they think. what i think and i've been looking at everything is late saturday night into early sunday morning we're going to get maybe a tenth of an inch of rain with showers as far south as san jose. otherwise, a bit of a roller coaster ride. 84 today in livermore, 85 in -- excuse me, 84 degree, trying to get to the breaking news. save you time. sorry. ahead of myself. 85 inland, bay side 77, 68 at the coast, basically livermore and gilroy about the same temperature as we head throughout the day. here is the deal. we're going to drop like a rock tomorrow. and from 79 degrees on tuesday, shooting right back up to 90 degrees by wednesday.
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mid 90s for thursday. and then showers move in. we have a slight chance friday t best chance saturday into sunday. >> we'll take heert because we have the backup at the bay bridge. all of your lanes are backed up past west grand avenue. normally that's the worst we were at but look at the maps. the east coast, that moves the volume is starting to build. it's approaching the caldecott tunnel. highway 24 is jammed because one of your westbound have two tunnels open. only one is open right now because the middle tunnel has no power. they had to shut it down for safety. this caused a backup all the way over through orinda to the caldecott tunnel. you saw the backup at the toll plaza. it's huge. southbound 880 also a big backup in through union city, the dumbarton bridge more clouded.
6:22 am
over toward thornton. chp says industrial the sigalert and don't know when they will open the lanes. it's slow down to mallory. stevenson, you're okay into the south bay. some might be bailing instead of heading to the dumbarton bridge head to the san mateo bridge which is moving and not a big deal. that's a pressure for 92. if you have to said south 880 into the mess. looking at the south bay, smooth flow into the south bay. traffic flows nicely. north 88 and 101 showing a little bit of slowdown. so that's a nice gentle start. back to you. >> 6:22. coming up we'll update you on breaking news in washington, d.c. an active shooter reported in the navy yard out there. it's at the navy seal system's command headquarters about 3 thou people work in that building. so far one confirmed injury and
6:23 am
emergency personnel on scene. a shelter in place order. >> this is in washington, d.c. and the u.s. navy just tweeted out that more base police are entering this building. you can see s.w.a.t. teams on scene. approximately 3,000 people work in this building. so, very much an active scene as police and s.w.a.t. crews look for this active shooter.
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updating you on breaking news in washington, d.c. a very tense and active scene out there. active shooter reported in the# navy yard in washington, d.c. this happened at about 8:20 eastern time so just about an hour ago. so far one confirmed injury, multiple shots have happened there. emergency personnel they are on scene. they have put a shelter in place order that has been issued for all navy personnel out there. >> about 3,000 people work in this building that has been issued the shelter in place so it's affecting thousands of people. initially when this call came in at 8:20 eastern time it was just that three shots had been fired. one person injured. but now we hear there may be more shots fired from our affiliate in washington, d.c. that's not confirmed yet. but you can see the s.w.a.t. teams arriving. they have been arriving since the scene broke out more than an
6:27 am
hour ago. >> major situation, you can see the cars there and the s.w.a.t. team truck. they are in place all over and trying to handle this. again, a large navy seals command. they have to be aware of what's happening but they are in pursuit of this active shooter trying to find out where he is and what is going on. we can tell you again, this is a system set up where they build, buy and maintain ships and submarines for the navy. >> we're going to continue to follow this breaking news. more coming up after the break.
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back out to washington, d.c. a live look at the police presence there where a shelter in place order has been issued for the navy yard as authorities are currently looking for an active shooter. >> we want to go live to tracie potts in our nation's capital.
6:30 am
we're hearing new reports of shots fired, possibly an officer down. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we heard reports of an officer down, possibly shot in both legs being removed. this is from one of our colleagues on the scene. they are being moved back now because police told them they were in the hot zone and they did not know where the shooter s. let me specific what we know and think we know. initially about just under an hour ago, over an hour ago, there were reports there was a shooter, a lone gunman, possibly armed with a rifle and a shot gun, who entered building 197 at the navy yard. this is a huge area south of here in southeast d.c. where a number of naval operations and law enforcement operations are headquartered. we got reports there were multiple shots fired, maybe as many as three, at that point, and that one person was down. since then our crews on the scene and we have another on the
6:31 am
way, tell us that there may have been two people inside and one on the roof who was shot, possibly including the officer. and they have also found a victim nearby several blocks away. there is a metro station nearby, one of the entrances has been shut down, it's been closed. there is an elementary school nearby. that as you might imagine is on lockdown. for the thousands of people who work in the navy yard they have a shelter in place order in effect. essentially they want everyone to stay put. at last word they didn't know where the shooter was. >> tracie potts, thank you for that update. again on a fluid situation out there. we'll continue to monitor this story all morning long and bring you updates as it happens. at least one person down, possibly an officer has been shot. we'll continue monitoring this and bring you information as we get it in. >> back to our developing story in colorado where a major air rescue is planned today in
6:32 am
ñ there is a clear weather in the forecast so that's good news. this means helicopter teams will look for people trapped since last thursday. at this point here are the stats, at least five are confirmed dead. 1500 homes are destroyed and more than 17,000 others damaged. >> the university of colorado is reopening. we have video showing students trying to deal with the rain last thursday when the campus was shut down. the provost office says it's asking acyou willty members to be flexible with students impacted. the university right now warning students and employees not to take dangerous risks trying to get to the campus, wait until this subsides. the students there, they have started circulating a petition on hein and on social media criticizing the university's decision to reopen so quickly
6:33 am
after this major disaster. >> time to check the weather. locally we're in for yet another treat. it's been nice and more nice weather on the way. >> hey, good morning. we have pretty significant changes through the next couple days. pretty much stratus kuo, 6:33 now, a live look, plenty of stratus over the golden gate bridge. i can tell you is enough fog here to force flight delays out of sfo at an hour. happy to report for back to business monday we're the only major airport across the nation with these delays. we're trying to get to new york city or atlanta. temperatures are going to climb into the 70s, take you through your hour by hour forecast, 74 at noon, 70 in fremont. rounding out the day with mid 80s, not getting too hot.
6:34 am
77 in san jose. 84 degrees in gilroy. tomorrow a 5 to 10-degree drop-off. i'll show you how that works out including showers on the way. seven-day forecast in my next report. >> good morning. we're looking at this backup here at the bay bridge toll plaza. all lanes are filled but this is not worst. the approach even the east shore freeway, that's looking okay. it might be lighter because look, all of these people held up, only one westbound bore is open. what we understand it's closed down for safety sake. half of your availability for your commute out of orin da. folks come off 680 and walnut creek. another problem, south 880 is slow, hayward, union city into
6:35 am
fremont, the crash at thorton may be clearing. only half your freeway, two oust four lanes get past the area. slowing clears by the time you get to mallory. a lot of cleanup is slow as you head to the dumbarton bridge in the southbound direction. we're looking here toward sunol, 680 southbound so. slowing. we'll give you a look at the camera. see if we can see it evidence from the golf course. we'll look that the low down out of livermore and out of pleasanton, the traffic builds counsel to the scene of1#ly tha crash. distraction on both sides of your commute. the build off 580 and 84 that's going to had to traffic through sunol into fremont. back to you. >> thanks so much. authorities in san francisco are trying to identify a human foot that washed ashore on ocean
6:36 am
beach over the weekend. this grim discovery was made yesterday morning on a section of the beach. the medical examiner says the foot was inside a running shoe and had probably been in the water some time. there were no signs of the rest of the body. the shoe was a green and black puma running shoe, a size 11 half. >> confirnl-of-fikted killer expected to return to a courtroom today for the final phase of his sentencing. closing arguments will be give for the penalty phase of naso's murder trial. naso was convicted of killing four northern california women in the 1970s and 1990s. they is eligible for the death penalty. >> it's 6:36, an update to the breaking news we're following. an active shooter situation in the navy yard in washington, d.c. as we give you a live look.
6:37 am
three shots reported firesed about 8 between eastern time. now nbc news reports that several people have been wounded. >> nothing confirmed but we saw video and photos of a person being tended to but we'll continue to follow this from the navy base in d.c., a shooter on the loose.
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right back out to washington, d.c. updating you on breaking news that active shooter reported in the navy yard located in washington, d.c. we can tell you right now reports are changing, a fluid situation. nbc news has not confirmed but some reports ranging from three to five, possibly seven injured. we talked to tracie potts out in washington, d.c. she is saying it's possible an officer may be down, may be shot in both legs and also a potential report of one person away from the scene also injured but we again, this is very fluid and a lot of changing information so it's not confirmed but a lone shooter is loose on the naval base. a shelter in place order is in effect for all navy personnel. >> about 3,000 people are said to work in the naval systems command building where this is all taking place so this is
6:41 am
affecting thousands of people potentially. military pleas are responding, u.s. capital police responding and washington city police on the scene. we're notified that the capitol has stepped up security efforts on the capitol grounds and i did a quick search and this is all about 3 1/2 miles from the white house, from pennsylvania avenue so very close to the white house. we can tell you that elementary schools in the area are on lockdown so a very scary scene for students. this all broke out about 8:20 this morning eastern time. it's going on for about an hour and 20 minutes. still, the shooter not in custody and at least one person injured. several said to be wounded. >> scott will be up after the break with more information on the active shooter loose in washington, d.c. it's halloween time my frightful fiends,
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we begin with breaking news in washington, d.c. that is where authorities are on the hunt for an active shooter at the the washington navy yard. >> a lot happening out there now. let's go to scott ming grew. >> we are monitoring a number of things including our reporter from wrc in washington who is standing right about at that street corner as you look at pictures from near the navy yard where we understand a number of people have been shot. exactly how many is tough to say. pete williams of nbc news is saying as many as seven victims now. originally we heard three, now we're hearing seven. two of them could be officers or
6:45 am
security guards. d.c. city police confirm one of their officers has been shot. we have no word of fatalities, again this is a shooting a lone gunman we understand, shooting at 8:20 eastern time. so about an hour and a half ago. at the naval shipyard. a lot of the news crews have been moved away from the scene because authorities not sure where this shooter is. schools in the area in lock down, active scene as you see, fire trucks as well. this is really, jon and marla, a big facility. it has a huge brick wall. we heard of some fleeing over the wall. 3,000 work there. they call at shipyard. it used to be. it's military offices in the southeast corner of washington near the department of transportation, several schools in the area as well as well as naval command. we continue to monitor this, again the numbers are fuzzy.
6:46 am
but we know there are victims, at least one of them is a police officer and the gunman is still at large. >> a lot of action out there with the emergency crews in force. scott mentioned what this is used for. this is located about, give you perspective, about three miles from the capitol area so again, there's enforcements put up. we'll continue monitoring the situation. again, a gunman, armed shooter is on the loose, authorities continue to pursue them. we'll continue covering this and have it as soon as we we get into the newsroom. >> now to the developing story in colorado where a major air rescue is planned in boulder county. crews are asking stranded resident there is to use white sheets, reflective mirrors, flares and signal fires to alert pilots to their location. teams are taking advantage of clear weather in the forecast today. >> it has been a deadly
6:47 am
situation we can tell you at least five people now confirmed dead because of all of this flooding. 1200 people have not been heard from and many likely because phone and internet services have been knocked out. a total of 1500 homes have been destroyed by all of that hard rain and the flooding. more than 17,000 others have been damaged. mike seidel is live in boulder with a look at the toll this flooding is taking on all of the property and also the lives of the people living there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the scene repeated all across the front range where there was flash flooding. and the debris piled up from the house. this came out of their house. they got back here on friday and saturday we have dry weather, friends and neighbors from the church dug them out. can you imagine coming home to this. the owner thinks there's about 30 tons of mud and silt in the
6:48 am
house. the creek coming through the front yard. there is the side of the house. you see the high water mark. the water continues to run right through the driveway and over here to the break. this creek nine months of the year is dry. it's come(a down from the floon thursday. this area in boulder had 17 inches ever rain. their annual rainfall tot sl 20 so that puts it in perspective. you get that much in several days you're going to have flash flooding. some of the scientists say some of the folks saying in spots this could really be a once in 1,000-year event. more than a once in 100-year event. even east in the plains we have flooding around greeley as the water comes out of the hills and heads east of i-25.
6:49 am
we've got a lot of towns cut off from the foothills and as you mentioned, earlier, we're going to have the airgift back in place once we get overcast out of here. we've got a mist. the rest of the week sun we the 70s and 80s. >> mike, thank you for the update. a monster storm, 17 inches in days. >> we're enjoying nice weather. >> we are. i was talking about why it has been so damaging out there. as you know, that region used to taking heavy snowfall and accumulating snow at that. but when it comes to the rapid water it's difficult, the roads are not equipped for that. here we have a chance for showers as we get to the upcoming weekend. we're in the 60s for the most part. winds are going to play a factor. we head throughout the afternoon, take you to futurecast. in the evening hours, temperatures and that wind
6:50 am
combined will be perfect for your outdoor plans. not too hot, not too cold. you notice on the key, 20 to 30 miles per hour wind speeds. and them they are back at it. i'm talking about america's cup and wind will play a big factor. this is what we are expecting. you can catch it here on nbc bay area. the afternoon winds pick up. mostly sunny, in the mid to upper 60s. we thought it might be all over, but it is not. oracle got back into the race and we're looking goodxe throughout tomorrow. i'm going to be throughout live with a preview here on todd. 67 degrees today in san francisco. 84 down inm$á gilroy. temperatures are going to be all over the place. today 85 inland, tomorrow 79, up to 90 by wednesday. one last blast of summer heat.
6:51 am
you might need your ac thursday. then the natural ac friday to saturday, talking about showers. so the first rain of the m)se. >> even if the it's not a lot of rain enough to race the oil up there. slik conditions. not slik, just slower conditions for the south bay. getting down in the south bay is an issue. we look toward fremont, see if my maps will start. southbound 880 things are slow down toward thornton there was a crash. that sigalert should clear in the next half hour. we're not sure to the status because there is another approaching dakota. and passing alvarado nils. heading down to the scene. very slow out of hayward and 238 down to the seen.
6:52 am
the san mateo bridge as an alternate. we're tracking that shift. we have the issue here, 680 passing by sunol. the second crash here so those might be adding to the slow down. still slow for 580, another crash bogs things as you come out of the altamont pass. then here as you come off of the walnut creek interchange you jam up. slow over to the caldecott tunnel where we have one of y r your -- that should help. there is it new good alternate than b.a.r.t. through the area. the east shore freeway by comparison looks great. look at this shot. crowded buti-ñ at least traffic flowing an it's not unexpected. richmond into university avenue,
6:53 am
down to the bristol serve. back to you guys. >> thank you. an update on the breaking news happening an active shooter in the navy yard in washington, d.c. emergency crews on scene. police pursuing an active shooter. multiple shots have been fired. this happened about an hour and a half ago. we're getting different reports right now, very fluid situation. >> nbc news is saying that seven people have been shot including two police officers. and pete william, he is on scene and according to him he says that it's either five victims, two police officers. another from a federal agency. also military officials say this gunman may have been armed with an ar-15, a military style assault rifle.
6:54 am
this broke out at 8:20 eastern time. about 90 minutes ago. capital police are on scene, washington city police on scene and military police on scene as well as plenty of fire department personnel. >> the facility housing about 3 thousand dollars people from the navy and also law enforcement agency headquarters so we'll keep you posted as more comes in. >> at home local first responders are raeting ready to take part in a disaster response training exercise. christie smith is live at the airport. this training is especially torrent in light of what happened in july. >> reporter: that's right. good morningo2bñ to you. first responders do these type of disaster drills from time to time to prepare for the real thing. they will use some new equipment. one of the first big drills back
6:55 am
in jowl. these training exercises help the first responders prepare. they select the fire fighting extradition and evacuation. it is something they do regularly. today they will do this with the marine corps' new mv 22-osprey aircraft. it can take off and land like a helicopter but fly like an airplane. this happens just as asiana airlines is saying that it will boost pilot training and start an outside review of hits safety standards and procedures. pilots -- airports that do not have guidance systems, responders training at 9:00 here this morning at sfo at the coast
6:56 am
guard station. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 6:55. in the east bay a two-alarm house fire leaves three people dead. and fire officials say those would have possibly been prevented. this is close to highway 4 and railroad avenue. fire officials say the three women who died in the home likely had no warning since there were no working smoke detect detectors. firefighters found 3 on the counter that were uninstalled. the 3 women were likely asleep and then over come. the cause remains under investigation. >> a grief counselors will be on hand at a high school after a car crash killed a popular student. it happened friday night on hill cress avenue.
6:57 am
17-year-old deer fal high school student died after being thrown from the vehicle. the 19-year-old driver remains hospitalized in serious condition. a second vehicle was involved and the driver of that car is cooperating. ant wok police say both cars are speeding at the same time but police don't believe they were racing. the vehicles did not hit each other and alcohol does not appear to be a factor. >> keeping both eyes on washington, one on the fed fed, the other on the situation in the southeast part of the city. >> scott mcgrew. >> good morning, the tow industrials are up 130 points despite all of the chaos in washington, we've had live coverage. it's because of good news coming out of the fed. larry summers has withdrawn his name for nomination as the next fed chairman.
6:58 am
there is larry summers there. former treasury secretary and former president of harvard university as well. this should clear the bay. we will continue to watch this but wall street vastly prefers her, she is continuing sort of the easy money plan we've seen in place. >> she is known as the dove. >> the dove. more worried about with economy and the inflation as opposed to the opposite. >> thanks so much. >> 6:58. an update to the breaking news, the active shooter in washington, d.c. this is -- has been going on since about 5:20 water. helicopters above this navy yard.
6:59 am
this is only about 3 1/2 miles from the white house. nbc news is reporting that seven people have been shot including two police officers. the president, he is being briefed now, urging all sin sense to listen to the authorities from the first responders. we have gotten word that the u.s. capital, it's so close this is an isolated incident at this navy yard. >> you can see the emergency crews out there taking care of business looking for this shooter. this happened about 8:20 east coast time. a building that houses 3,000 information. and the shooter may have been armed with an ar rifle. >> of course this is something we'll continue to follow and no
7:00 am
doubt that the sthod will pick up with coverage. the shooter on the loose right now. we're there live. stranded. major rescue efforts expected today as officials try to reach the nearly 1,200 people in the colorado flood zone. will the rain hamper the search? and unprecedented. crews working to raise the costa concordia 20 months after it wreck.


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